I Was A Teenage Communist – Hilarious Once Again For All The Right Reasons

Springtime for Hitler just went full Bolshevik.

Never go full Bolshevik! Most of all, in CHINADA.

This is actually a lot of fun, in a kind of sick / maybe not so sick way. It’s complicated.

Stay with me on this and you’ll see.

SCTV had an old (1982) skit, I Was A Teenage Communist, making fun of 1950s conservatism and anticommunism, which for context aired during Reagan’s first term (right after the deep state failed to kill him). It was originally hilarious, being what we didn’t realize at that time, was actually communist propaganda from Hollywood, mocking 50s anticommunism, to keep those progressive gains of three post-war decades fresh.

Anticommunism! What a hoot!

Yeah, add a few decades, multiple internal communist “auto-coups” by the deep state (JFK, Nixon, Reagan, Trump), and a generation old enough, smart enough, and WISE enough to finally see through multiple generations of leftist deception and language games. Add young kids today, who now SEE the crooked communist past clearly, though NEW EYES.

The bankruptcy of American Sovietism, dying on the vine, is there for all to see, but particularly for those with historical perspective.

With time, this SCTV skit became very unfunny as one watches all of the following things:

  • communist foundations laid in the 50s obvious now
  • Hollywood’s lulling communist propaganda of the 70s obvious now
  • anti-communism of the 50’s not properly dealing with communism
  • complete duping of Americans during the 70s by Hollywood
  • absence of anti-communist warning in the 70s and thereafter
  • the horror of what good people missed all the way along

Indeed, if you have CUT THE CABLE, then this skit will almost certainly seem VERY unfunny now. THAT is proof that you’re destroying their programming.

BUT there is a silver lining, and if you watch this with the right frame of mind, it’s hilarious once again – this time as Hollywood (or Iciclewood, or whatever you call these people) self-indicting as Marxist tools. In a sense, they make fun of themselves, by history having validated all the stereotypes that they themselves use for false mockery.

It’s JAW-DROPPING – in a Springtime For Hitler way – as dupey, dopey, Marxist tools mock awareness of their true selves, proven over time.

If you watch very closely near the end, you will even see very calculated mockery of subtle old warnings we have now resurrected as TRUE WISDOM.

At first it’s kinda horrifying, but then it becomes SO unfunny, it’s once again laugh-out-loud funny at the brazenness, the stupidity, and the WRONGNESS of it all.

If you catch the (hilarious (not hilarious (hilarious))) part, it’s sly patriot fun. Just keep saying the word “ghastly” as you watch it, and you’ll get it.

They’ll be studying this clip in propaganda discussions for centuries.




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This is an amazing post. I suggest everyone watch the skit.

It shows how DUMB our government was in the 50s, trying to scare us ‘capitalist’. It was silly then.

And by the time we were in the 70s it was so perfect to mock.

But I agree. It is all being exposed now.

Let’s 💃🕺!

Brave and Free

I suppose the 50’s set up the 60’s for the radicals which then set up the hippie drug culture of the 60’s and 70’s. Leading into the 80’s and 90’s head in the sand about everything culture, better know as we dont give a shit about anyone except ME culture. It’s always been about getting the youth. Same thing going on today.


Apparently we were both smug and stupid, because they were fighting like hell against McCarthy and they basically destroyed him in the 50s.


Brave and Free

Definitely we went from Leave it to Beaver and Andy of Mayberry to Archie Bunker. Funny yes, but it sure set the tone for what everyone was supposed to think what a conservative was like ever since.

Brave and Free

Just wanted to let you know Wolf you’re doing great work on multiple fronts.
Keeping you and all the others in my prayers.

Deplorable Patriot

Now go back and watch the Disney offerings. Keep an eye out for God, and let me know if you see/hear of Him other than in Fantasia when the Ave Maria is played.

Brave and Free

Absolutely correct, seems like there was always an underling meaning in all there movies. The whole Theme Park is woke now.

Cuppa Covfefe

There’s a great book out there, called “Disney And The Bible” which explores this very theme. A friend of mine went to Uni with the son of one of the founders, and used to meet him from time to time, so I asked if he’d (maybe) tell him about the book. He did mention it, and his classmate said, “yes, we know, and we’re trying to put things back right”. The original families weren’t really in (total) control since Walt died…

One thing to note is that almost all of the families presented are broken in some way. Kind of reminiscent of the episode of “Wild, Wild, West” “The Night of the Puppeteer”, where all of the puppets are somehow maimed or injured, just like their Puppeteer, Zachariah Skull.

Seems that Disney reflected his early years in a way, too….
Another thing he did was to take classics, make them “his own”, and then copyright them… the tortured copyright laws in the USA are in part due to the Disney Company’s practices and pressure…

Our extended family here have Disney+ (or whatever it’s called). It’s a SEWER… and then some…


The Rural Purge needs to be cited.



Hey! Not bad! 😄


I’m like a foreigner looking in from the outside.

We didn’t do TV – too worldly. The neighbors let me visit when there was coverage of a major event, like the Gulf War.

I took a couple adult ed courses on Movie Classics.
The Great American Western was so wonderful, I stopped there.


I feel a bit the same way. We had a TV but my parents were both workaholics and very project-oriented, so I spent my time outside of school raising/showing sheep, cooking, baking, sewing and teaching younger girls to cook, bake, sew (all 4H projects), practicing for choir and orchestra concerts, and various other things. I was happy and it sure kept me out of trouble but I never had much time for movies. (I guess I still kind of live like that.) Then off to Germany and parts unknown right after college – from which trip I never returned – and I am WAY behind in this part of american culture. I tried watching some movies on german TV years ago, but I didn’t much like the german films I watched and just couldn’t deal with John Wayne speaking german. 😂  Slowly catching up a bit via internet since the kids are all grown and out of the house.

Cuppa Covfefe

Ahh, the old days in beautiful downtown Deutschland with 2.5 channels, and they roll up the sidewalks at 10 (OK 22:00)…

ARD, ZDF, and the Dritte Kanal (HR3, BR3, SW3, etc.). Now it’s €18,50 per month for recycled crud and container shows. We used to get DVDs at the library, as they’re often Deutsch/English, but we bought a “crash and burn” player just in case the DVDs were dirty, etc. Often there are cuts made when they show stuff on TV here. The funny, flip side of that is that some episodes of series aren’t dubbed because of, erm, “culturally sensitive content”, e.g. some of the Macgyver shows relating to the NAZIs…

YouTube has an amazing amount of stuff (to sift through), even if a lot gets yanked now and then…


Testing, testing

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Thinking about you earlier, where ya been?


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bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Oh Noes!!


Quite possibly back in the sin bin.
I may need wolfs permission to enter the house
heads up – that’s a sign of a vampire

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



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I was thinking about you as part of a discussion of time zones around 1-2AM today!

GREAT to see you!!! Whatchabeen doin’?

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

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Deplorable Patriot

Eugene Levy in Vladimir Lenin make up was entertaining as was Rick Moranis as any thing but the nerd in Ghostbusters, but really…not funny.

By the time the 1950s had rolled around, as I’m beginning to read it, the communist infiltration had been underway 60-70 years. Through a whisper campaign coupled with marketing efforts, women were targeted first and convinced that they were unhappy, and not content. (Some really weren’t, but they would not have gone on the fashion change crusade without help.) This was passed on to men, but that lagged by a few decades.

Public relations/advertising/marketing was involved. In that period (1930 was the turning point although the movement had been building), the start of demonic oppression of the culture began which is part of the communist infiltration. It’s not popular or politically correct to voice what actually starts the process, but Planned Parenthood’s original purpose is evil. That starts it all. By the time the 1950s rolled around, demonic communism was already entrenched. Rock ‘n roll, etc., were by-products.

Thanks for bringing this as I was young enough to not understand it all at the time, but now I totally get the dumbing down and selling the people on being unhappy while living in luxury compared to the rest of the world. The one thing in all of it missing: GOD.


I used to love the movie The Way We Were. I mean a classic. And to see the Streisand commie started in college and moved theough hollywood and the Mccarthy era, yet shes a bug ol commie already. Plus others involved im sure see themselves as heroes but are still commies.

Martin Short is a nasty piece of work. He has more than once verbally berated conservatives.

Deplorable Patriot

I feel that way about “The Philadelphia Story” and some other films from back then. Katherine Hepburn was cut from the same cloth and it was covered up.

Didn’t know that about Martin Short.

Deplorable Patriot

What…about the Philadelphia Story? It was a stage play originally. There were a number that were.

Communism and seeding unsatisfaction was in play for a long time before that.


Very. And the royals stuff…not surprising really.


Hmmm…I’m skeptical of this article.

There has been a concerted effort in the gay community to turn everyone of significance into a homosexual/ lesbian.

I might have been inclined to believe Scotty except for the fact he said the studios set up the relationship between Hepburn and Tracy.

The facts are quite different. While Tracy was a terrible alcoholic, he was also a Catholic and remained married to his wife until death.

That would have been enough of a beard. The scandal of an extramarital relationship was NOT something the studios would have used to give Tracy a beard.

He and Hepburn carried on a long term love affair, including basically living together, for decades. She was devastated at his death. Basically stayed in permanent mourning until her own death.

Deplorable Patriot

I read about them both being homosexual long before Scotty Bowers wrote about it. Yes, Spencer Tracy stayed married to his wife, but the affair was a cover.

That comes from multiple sources.


Theres wierd things all around. This isnt the only article out there, but it does have a reference or 2.


Ive read that hepburn and tracy , as much as they were lovers, were both bisexual and significantly so.

Cuppa Covfefe

That explains the old (I thought it was a) joke about Hollywierd that the saying “I’ll be by later” was really “I’ll be BI later”… yuck… I lived near there for a while, and it was sleazy, to say the least…


Yeah. The stuff ive read about natalie wood, as a victim, is awful. Then about kirk Douglas is sickening.

Deplorable Patriot

They were both more homosexual and their “relationship” was set up by the studio to hide that fact.

Cuppa Covfefe

I have a feeling “Yentl” makes Orthodox Jews furious. And Streisand should just read the lines she’s given. When she speaks out on some things, it’s no wonder “The Streisand Effect” is named after her.

She was on a TV show in France with Michel Legrand, and somehow was asked to sing “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life”, and she couldn’t remember the words! Legrand had to spoon feed her the lyrics… apparently there’s not enough room in her noggin’ to keep many pieces in…..


I went to palm springs years ago, decided to get my nails done. I was the only person in at the time. The gay man who did them told me she was a regular client. Would make multiple associates cater to her, bc they did more than nails, and ut was a many hours long event. She refused to tip. And that is her routine. Pays, but no tip. And a very nasty personality. The man told me that if any business complained about “stars” and their behavior they would be blacklisted. And regular people wouldn’t be enough to support the business 🙄 i guess they prob meant not enough to support their lifestyle theyd become accustomed to.


Just to show what YouSchmoob thinks of me, they suggested this as a follow-up video —



This was perhaps the greatest incarnation of the band, with both Bill Spooner and Vince Welnick on board.