They Haven’t Suffered Enough… Trump, the Economy, and Generation Z

As I watched and listened to Trump last night, I was reflecting on what had just happened in the midterms, and what it all means for 2024.

Trump spoke about how voting would be “different” in 2024. That things would change. Those comments led me back to this:

“An Edison Research National Election Pool exit poll showed that 18-29s were the only age group in which a strong majority supported Democrats. Support for Democrats was even higher among Black youth at 89% and Latino youth at 68%.”

This morning, I read more about the Gen Z voters:

“Why did these young people feel motivated enough to go and vote against their interests and keep the country on a downward trajectory? Do they like rising crime, high inflation, mass illegal immigration, homeless encampments, high gas prices, and a shrinking economy? Did they really think Biden would pay off their student loans? Are they just brainwashed zombies who comply with the narratives of TikTok?

Based on my extensive experience as an English teacher, I would say that yes, the average Gen Z American is largely indifferent to important issues that affect the country, even ones that affect their general quality of life. Every day, I witness their lack of reasoning skills and personal drive. This in turn causes them to be disturbingly introverted and handle most of their interactions with people through social media. Many have no real community or deep-seated beliefs and act more on feelings than principle.”

I agree with the premise that most young people are soft, and mostly indifferent to the bigger world. Parents coddle them, and nobody ever calls them out. Well, almost nobody 🙂 There’s me.

My grand kids are smart and pretty conservative. The article above about how soft Gen Z is made me think back to a conversation I had recently with my 15-year-old granddaughter, who now has her first boyfriend. Her Mom had told me about him, so when I say my grand, I asked “how’s your boyfriend?” She gave me the big innocent eyes and said “I don’t have a boyfriend.” My response, which would be pretty typical of my, was “oooh, so now you’re gonna bullshit me?”

She giggled sheepishly, and a few days later when I asked about the boyfriend, she just told me how it was going.

Most of these young people are NEVER challenged by anyone. They never are expected to be forthright, do anything for themselves, or be honest. They are CODDLED by the entire system, and allowed to just drift along.

After reading about Gen Z and their “zombie-fication,” I found another article (inadvertently) addressing another part of the problem with this age group:

“The cause of the election loss is relatively simple — Americans have not suffered enough pain with this economy — yet. 

Inflation hits everyone — it is an indiscriminate irritant that impacts people regardless of class, race, or any other social divider.  It is bad, everyone knows the actual rate of inflation is higher than what the government has reported. Inflation is experienced every day, on every shopping trip. Over a third of the country saw their retirement funds take hits that will require years to recover from as the stock market attempted to react to the inflationary spending out of Washington, D.C. 

The problem is, that while inflation is frustrating, Americans haven’t felt the real pains of a down economy. Inflation is something that people manage.  They purchase less, or change what they spend money on.  Instead of purchasing an expensive six-pack of craft beer, people will buy a less expensive beer.  Rather than buy steak, they will purchase alternatives to ease the pain.  The number of nights eating out is reduced or the restaurants that are chosen are less expensive. The bottom line is that no one is starving as a result of the current inflation. Inflation is a force that can be mitigated — it can be coped with. “

And well, yes, this is true, to some extent.

But this led me to another realization. The Demographics of the midterms reflect not just having “not suffered enough,” but the lack of MEMORY of suffering.

This is from CNN, but it can be found everywhere. In 2022, 18-29 year olds broke +38 Democrat, 30-44 year olds 19+ Dem. But 45-64 broke 10+ Republican, and 65+ broke 12+ Repub.

I think the breakdown above, especially the 18-29 year old cohort, can be explained by that lack of the memory of suffering.

In 2008, the last big American “crash” of major impact, the oldest of this group would have been only 15 years old. At that age, you have no house to provide for, no savings to protect. You may have a part-time job, but no career to save. Your parents are a shield from most of the hard times.

The 30-44 year old group is too young to remember the Carter years and the aftermath. They don’t have the memory of gas lines, 15% interest home loans, or the “put on a sweater” messages, etc. that came with that downturn.

Most people old enough to have memories of what that kind of economy is like voted to get us off this train before we get to that destination.

Of course, there was cheating, as always. But these demographics are important, and are what Trump is speaking about when he says the voting will CHANGE in 2024. He knows how hard the times are going to get. He knows where the economy is headed over the next two years. The layoffs have already started, food continues to skyrocket, fuel is still ridiculous and likely to climb higher. People will get hungry and more desperate as time goes on.

By the time 2024 rolls around, the 18-29’s will be two years older and will have experienced enough SUFFERING at the hands of the corrupt, inept, and insufferable Biden administration to turn to a competent adult for the solution to their pain. Because they ARE old enough to remember the “good old days” when Trump ran the economy and the suffering didn’t exist. Trump is smart enough to make the 2024 election about this excruciating economic pain, and not about social issues like abortion, which is why he didn’t mention it last night.

And that is why Trump will win in 2024.

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG – YES!!!

“Obama youth.”

They were raised under Mr. “Whaddaya Got, A Magic Wand” economic stupidity and daily cabal thievery.

They have almost no idea of competence, other than Trump, and were told by the Fake News that competence was Orange Man Bad.


So they need to understand what they missed, to make the PAIN WORSE.

Oh, yeah. I’m seeing it now.

Last edited 10 months ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy
Brave and Free

Great points, I am just worried about the number of them that will still be coddled by their parents. Well the ones who can afford to anyways.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Watch how Gen Z eats. I was shocked at the waste of food in a nice restaurant.

Many of these people have not lived through anything bad enough to have learned to care about their food.

One will never own a house, or even a condo, throwing away perfectly good food, unless one is born into riches, and then one will likely lose it all, somehow, if inherited.

These people are being prepared for automaton living.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

“bUt LEftOvERs TaSTe bAD, gRAndMA!!!”  😂 


Which isn’t even true, leftovers taste practically identical, the food didn’t change — it’s all in their minds 😂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. It’s mostly just mental. And like Aubergine says, if you take advantage of the opportunity, you can “re-do” the leftovers into something with new excellence.


They’re just not hungry enough.

If you’re hungry, and leftovers is all there is, those leftovers are not bad at all.

And a lot better than the alternative 😁


Hunger is the best sauce.


It’s certainly an appetite enhancer 😁


I like leftovers 🙂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’m sure they’re great! So are mine!

It’s all mental. My mother overcooked veggies, so when she reheated leftover vegetables, they were even worse. But just minimal care (including prompt cooling, proper storage, and smart reheating) makes leftovers taste GREAT.


Yes, reheating is a learned skill, just like cooking.

Not a difficult one, but you have to at least TRY 😂

With the microwaves that I have had (and had when I was a kid), if you reheated steak for more than about 12 seconds, it would start to COOK in isolated spots and turn gray.

So you had to flip and reposition the leftover piece of steak (not mine, I finished my steak at dinner the night before 😁 ) every 10-12 seconds, to warm it evenly without cooking it.

It’s not difficult, but it does require at least a minimal amount of effort, basic understanding, trial & error, etc.


We cook all steak @ medium ,even on the rare and juicy scale. Any left over is intentional and reserved for breakfast, it finishes in the cast Iron skillet for late lunch and served with eggs over easy, onions potatoes and toast with a hot coffee.
Left overs? .. Well yeah !  😄 


I’m coming over!!🥳🥳

Gail Combs

Reheat steak???

I chop it into bite size pieces to take with me in the cooler when we go out.

Actually I INTENTIONALLY cook steak or a roast so I can slice it for trips.
HINT — get ALL the air out of the Ziplock to prevent the yuck oxidized meat taste.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks! Excellent example of a prep principle!!!


& Bacon fat is way more healthy than seed oils. Bacon fat, lard, coconut oil & if not used at high temperature, olive oil is maybe the most versatile.
I’m sure this isn’t news to you, Aubergine.


Another source for rendered fat is the stock pot. After making stock chill overnight then remove the fat layer on top & save.
and of course there’s pricy butter. Stockpile & freeze when you find it on sale.


Pork Fat Rules !
Our Tupperware can of bacon fat stays covered but handy to the stove. Tip: A couple large potato’s scrubbed clean ,slathered with the bacon grease before wrapping in foil and slow baked in the oven, gives them a whole new flavor, and compliments a ribeye wonderfully !
Kitchen aromas are great too.




And they have a dream of becoming transhuman. Not realizing they are already living a bot life. Somehow they do not realize the Great Reset is for the elite and not them. When the elite get comfortable with their stability they are most likely the first thing to go.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

They’ll take the shot that fills the boxcars with corpses.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

We MUST be ready for it. They know they can pull it off now. They KNOW.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Unless we stop them.


I see it in my own extended family.

If I had wasted my food at any restaurant, whether nice or fast food, my parents wouldn’t take me again for a good long time. There was never any shortage of punishment, or threats.

Punishment can certainly be overdone, some semblance of balance would be better.

The total lack of punishment that I see today practically gives me an anxiety attack. Like seeing someone walking too close to the edge of a cliff. I almost can’t stand to be present when a child does something wrong, and the parents either provide no correction, or worse, enable the bad behavior.

And the parents are oblivious to the ramifications, which should be obvious, but apparently, aren’t.


They “redirect”. No, just no – is simply not an option. It’s completely ridiculous.


Zero accountability becomes the inmates running the asylum.


“Watch how Gen Z eats. I was shocked at the waste of food in a nice restaurant.”


One of my nephews gets about an inch away from the fat at the outer edge of a steak, and that’s where he stops.

If I had wasted steak like that when I was a child, I’d have never been given another one.

Not to mention I was always hungry at dinner, because I didn’t have access to snacks all day long, or especially immediately before dinner 🤬

I grew up shaving the steak off the fat, scraping it off the bone, there was (and is) nothing left of that steak when I was finished with it 😁

Being able to do it while using the utensils properly is another lost skill. My nephews and nieces have never been taught how to eat properly. It’s like watching animals eat.

I look at their parents — who I know know better, because they grew up at the same table I did — and there’s just no ‘there’ there.

They’re oblivious.

I don’t know how you grow up in a strict environment, and not have it drive you crazy to be around what might as well be called ‘do what thou wilt’ discipline.

Last edited 10 months ago by scott467

Unless it’s a reaction to growing up in an environment that was too strict, and so they do the opposite with their own children.


I shave fat off my my steaks, and still feel bad. One reason I need to get a dog.


Commonly so much flavor in the fat. 🙂 I also used to enjoy the fat.  😋 

DW grew up dirt poor in the Philippines. Meat a rarity. For many, many years, DW insisted on eating the fat on her meat. ~Twenty years of poverty does that.

Now a days, DW carefully trims most of the fat off. If shit really gets bad, DW is the ideal partner. She’s been there.


Yes, on both.


She needs to marry Jack Sprat.


Okay, saying “It’s like watching animals eat” was unfair and harsh.

Although there was that time one of my nephews picked a chunk of steak up from his plate with his teeth, then sat up straight, tilted his head back, let it drop into his mouth, and then gobbled it down like a dog.

I wouldn’t have survived, if I had done such a thing, at his age, at my parents’ dinner table.

That’s the example I was thinking of, when I made the ‘animals’ comment 😁

Gail Combs

NOT eat the fat???
That is what makes the steak tasty.

If I do not eat it, it goes into the soup pot. No bone makes it out of the house without being boied in ACID! (lemon juice, wine or vinegar added to the H2O to extract the minerals)


“Many of these people have not lived through anything bad enough to have learned to care about their food.”


My Grandma would shame us. Tell us stories about the Great Depression. Tell us about the poor children in Africa who didn’t have any food. Every angle.

It was like reliving A Christmas Carol at every dinner.

If we didn’t eat every last bite, we were going to experience the ghost of Christmas past, present and future… all the unimaginable consequences of not finishing our food… and it was all very BAD!

There was only one escape, one hope for redemption… clean your plate! 😂


You, of all people, didn’t know someone who asked for the address of the poor child in Africa so you could send the food to him?


Wow, does that bring back a memory. I didn’t think to ask for the address, but I think I did ask my Grandma, How do you know there are kids in Africa that don’t have any food?

I don’t remember any answer.

And after that, I don’t think she used that one anymore 😂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good job, Grandma!


Well, this turned into a ramble.

Yea, the wasted food at restaurants set me off more than once. Although my children are in their 40s, I sound off when I figure it is NEEDED. Used to eat out once every couple months. Now a rarity.

Flat told the parent of Grands they are wasting money, worse, wasting food. It’s gotta stop. They hear from me every time I see it. Now, leftovers if any, are taken home and eaten the next day.

The times I am paying, Grands already know, order what they want, but they finish everything. Or take it home and eat it for the next lunch or dinner.

On the road, DW and I commonly split the dinner. Or, we our order own. Eat half and take the rest for next day’s lunch.

At home, left overs are standard fare. We actually plan on having left overs. Cook extra, which go into the fridge or freezer. Leftovers worked into the meal plan, which is a “pick up game” of sorts. This household does not waste food.

Early years of marriage, we had to be frugal to get by. That loosened a bit as I made better wages. But we never forgot, or lost track of where we were, in the late seventies and eighties.

These days, and have posted as much. Two daily visits to Smith’s. Focus is on reduced prices = significant savings. Smith’s digital coupons, points for cheaper fuel. Each script gets points. The damn survey gets points. Mostly, only fruit and veggies are full price.

Also, tightening up on energy consumption, throughout the house.

Adult children know things are getting worse and adjusting, albeit slowly. Grands know something is up, but too young to understand. If When things really go south, they’ll learn quickly, as I ratchet things accordingly.

Roughly three times a week, adult children get info emails from me. Emails contain articles and video from here QTree, our links, and some SD. Topics include Covidiocy, Covidiot Injections, and the spectrum of what BiteMe and his crooks are doing to destroy America…destroy us.


“The times I am paying, Grands already know, order what they want, but they finish everything. Or take it home and eat it for the next lunch or dinner.”


They don’t know how lucky they are!

When I was a kid, rule #1 for going out to dinner was NO APPETIZER. Ever. Don’t even ask, it will only be worse for you later if you ask. Don’t even think about asking. Just pretend like appetizers don’t exist — because they don’t.

You want to see a full table go silent, watch one of my Mom’s grandchildren casually order an appetizer at a restaurant during a family get together, with my Mom sitting at the table. If her eyes were lasers, the whole restaurant would go up in flames.

I just smile… so big… 😂 🤣 😂

Rule #2 was never order anything that costs more than about $10 (this was in the 1970s-1980s).

Rule #3: it doesn’t matter who the waiter / waitress starts with, you don’t order until the person who’s paying the bill has ordered. If the waiter comes to you first, tell him you need more time to decide.

Rule #4: pick out at least a couple of different things to order, and then pay attention to what the person paying the bill orders. Then you pick something that costs less.

Or it will go worse for you later… and you’ll wish you had.

I’d have ordered rare prime rib every single time otherwise… and they knew it 😂


Ah, memories… 😂 🤣 😂


And, then, there’s the fake-out.

You order the most expensive thing on the menu. Your date orders something less expensive. You say, “on second thought, that sounds so good that I’ll have what she’s having….”


When we go to Pleasant Hill KY we bring a cooler. The food at times is to much we get ice and doggy bag. We brought back to eat twice at home and some steak for the dog. We do not throw food out. Often heating food up taste better the day after. Soups, cabbage and kale. I do not overcook veggies so heating up is no problem, My husband’s mother used to overcook that what most people did in her time.
My husband reheats is his job and sets the table. He is the reheat chef 🙂


👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good rant!!!


It should be noted that The Lord’s Prayer contains “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Wasting food is, in a certain respect, turning away God’s Blessing.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Amen! Every day is a gift from God. Never let a day pass without praising Him and being thankful!


Well done, great observations, Aubergine.

Being an older fart, I laugh at young people today. They all assume the world of cell phones, computers and gaming has always existed. Dining out is a requirement, not an occasional privilege. A good old fashioned depression will do them some good. 🤣


It’s hard to imagine they’re growing up in a world so devoid of suffering, that artificially created suffering should be (but isn’t) introduced, in order for them to benefit from it.

Like a child being raised in a sterile environment, so you have to introduce germs now and then, so they develop normal immunity to basic illnesses.


That may be part of the problem. The societal wreckage is going to be so vast that none of us can be prepared for what’s coming.


Always heard of The Grapes of Wrath, but never read it.

Ordered just now. Arrives Friday. Unless Amazon lied again. Which is becoming more common.

Quite likely three adult children will get The Grapes of Wrath for Christmas.


Great article, agree with every word!

Another situation is adult children living with their parents. It’s not because the parents need help. It’s not because the adult kids got fired or lost jobs. It’s not because of close knit relations……it’s because it’s easy. It’s free. Money earned can be spent on fun stuff.

The parents seem to have some strange pride about this. They pat themselves on the back for living multi-generational lifestyles. Both of the families that I know doing this have other adult kids that matured and take care of themselves but each has 1 kid/spouse/kids that mooch off the parents, pay for nothing. The party line is that they’re “saving money”…they aren’t . They’re spending it as fast as they make it.

Neither of the examples of this that I know are necessity driven other than enabling spoiled adult children with their own kids too.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That sounds great!


We are all familiar with the term Third Rail of Politics, normally applying to social security and Medicare. The electrified rail, that if a politician touches it they will die. It’s gotten so for some time now politicians’ are frightened to touch unemployment benefits and have kept extending them and extending them right into 2022. I believe the federal benefits have mostly died off but many states are still running extensions on their programs. I’m not sure to the extent that this a contributing problem with the youth vote, but I’m sure it’s having some effect in their decision process especially as many have been betrayed by the education system and left the government run schools with out a real education and are now in all likelihood ruined for life and now must live a life of crime, drugs and or poverty and will be forever reaching for a hand out.

As Wolf mentioned when checking the FEC data base, ACT Blue and Unemployed seem to go hand in hand.

Last edited 10 months ago by para59r
Happy go lucky

Thanks for the contribution, Aubergine 😊

I have to say, I don’t believe those exit poll numbers. At all. Smells like propaganda: fake it and make it go viral, then this age group 18 – 29 feels powerful and important, now they will go vote in large numbers because they have been told they’re the people who really will change the world, and they’ll vote democrat because they’ve been told that’s what “they” are doing.

I don’t look at 29 as Gen Z, that’s typically millennial in attitude in my experience. I’m Gen X so I’ve worked with and hired everyone, Boomers to Gen Z. But it’s the Millennials who are🙄. I’m pretty pleased with the Gen Z undergrads I’m working with, there have been one or two exceptions, but mostly I find them to be motivated and hustling.

My kid is Gen Z, and all, I mean ALL, of the boys his age were NOT democrat. They loved Trump. And Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, etc. and we live in a blue county. The girls, though, have drank the koolaid.

Valerie Curren

I agree about the poll numbers, which are likely about as fraudulent as the (s)election!


Im an x-er too. I started really late, but millenials got the benefit of the fake housing values and spent crap tons of money on vapid everything as their parents used their homes like piggy banks.
Not every kid is going to be messed up. Remember there are fewer gen x than any other generation, and we are different, as a looking back and forward generation.


“Born the end of November, 1964.”


About six days earlier, actually.

If anyone is counting 😁


Sounds like there’s a bunch of young Scorpios around here….


Not me. Aubergine mentioned her birthday and I thought for a second that I had missed it — I had one of those cartoon moments, where my eyes bugged out 😲😂

Then I checked the calendar and realized it wasn’t here yet 👍


My father was one 🙂 Know all about Sagittarius kind, good with kids, patient and… 🙂


Yes he was and knew all herbs and wild edibles all trees and birds. He loved nature and was hard working 🙂



Last edited 10 months ago by singingsoul1

Happy birthday.


Not me, Aubergine 😉

(but thank you anyway!)


My calendar has an excellent memory, very good with dates.

I just have to remember to check it 😁


Happy birthday  🎂 


Happy upcoming birthday 🎉


I guess that makes me a late Boomer.

(Which I knew already, because the Boomer Horde had already cleaned out whatever I was looking for while I was growing up.)


Latchkey everything. The minute i could do everything on my own i did.


Latchkey everything, but I kept forgetting my key. So every couple of days when I got home from school, I’d break into my house.


Lol. I had to do that 2x. Used to ride the city bus. Dropped in on the seat. My friend found it and gave it back but breaking in wasnt fun.


It does, however, help develop those problem-solving capabilities.


Thank you for sharing your insightful insight.. 🙂


You shared a gift who rejects a gift ? 🙂


Excellent article and insights. Thank you!


This makes mountains of sense to me. Spoiled spoiled spoiled.
But, far too much use of online and gaming devices bc their parents don’t want to parent.
Kiddo isnt allowed video games, period. Nor a phone nor online access.
Its not easy but these 18-29s are willfully ignorant and embarrassing. I wonder what a lot of the parents are like.


Feral electronic children…😳


Oh boy.


My money is on ‘The Misery Index.’

TRUMP 2024

Gail Combs

Very good Analysis.

And yes, doing kids parties my helper (grandma of seven) and I are horrified at the poor manners and even worse parenting of today’s kids.

Churches have the best mannered kids I have seen in my work.

Ulysses Toole

And all media including Fox News will spend the next two years convincing us the Republican congress is responsible for any and all economic problems. Cue the cueball’s “it’s the economy, stupid” James Carville.