EXTRA! EXTRA! Panic in DC!

The “Panic in DC” posts by QAnon have to be my absolute favorites lately.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well, here you go.  THIS was the latest group:
The first time I really paid much attention to these was on 9/11 this year, when the following stream of posts appeared.  These were impossible to ignore.
That stream really told me something – that QAnon was actually “getting the scoops” before the fake news media.  In fact, Q was getting the scoops INSTEAD OF the fake news media.  THIS is when I realized that it really might be possible to just make the fake news media less and less relevant.
Here are a few more examples:

Last but not least, this GEM, where the “Panic in DC” posts themselves are discussed:

“PANIC IN DC” statements start a FIRE?
Twelve moves ahead.
Suicide watch.

WOW.  Pretty serious stuff.  But nevertheless, just incredibly interesting.
Your thoughts?

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Plain Jane

Holeee sheet. I wish I could read this now. Bummer, my next decent window of time is tomorrow evening, Hopefully.


While I’m not 100% sold on Q, I’ve been reading the drops since this February. It is very interesting and the louder they try to prove Q is a fake account the more I tend to believe selective stuff. Some things have not come to pass but others have. Still “enjoy the show” so to speak 🙂



Definitly a good show ystathos and in case anyone misses it…look at the sun in the picture. Picked it up from someones post at the tree house. Lots of folk still talking Q there. Just saying.
btw… meant this for another place, just couldn’t find where that is just now..
So yeah.. this is another one of those sly Q proofs.


Yes, all these posts about “Panic in DC” are encouraging, aren’t they.
That one back on Feb 8 2018 was when a ‘govt shutdown’ was averted.
The next day, Schumer and his clown posse caved in and agreed to the CR that the House had passed.
Q has been rather active lately.
I have noticed that Q goes silent whenever Potus goes on a trip outside the US.
Which is…interesting.
That series of “Panic in DC” posts on Sept 17th were just downright exciting.
There’s that number 17 again.
Sessions and Huber had a weekend meeting? …or meeting(s)?
I hope this means something is about to pop.


Did you notice that time Q cut off the C_A clowns access to the big mainframes that they were using to fk with the 8chan board?
Now *that* was amazing!
Confirmation of it was sparse, as it was spook-on-spook action…but there was confirmation on some spook-watcher sites that had noticed it happened.

A.D. Everard

Things have sure been heating up lately. I think there are some BIG MOABs about to land ahead of the midterms. We are watching avidly and picking up Dobbs, Tucker and Hannity every night they are on via You Tube simply because we can’t get enough. Praying Medic too, of course, and Q. Talk about addicted!
It’s great we can talk about Q here without suffering from backlash. Oh, and Wolfmoon, I know you can’t respond to everyone (without going stir-crazy trying to keep up – there’s a lot of people coming aboard here), but I know you are there and I know you see what we all post. That’s plenty good enough for me.
Cheers! 🙂

A.D. Everard

I think everyone will understand. Maybe make a post about how you are only one person? This blog is too good an opportunity to lose and I’d hate to see you burn-out. You’re going to end up with possibly thousands of people here.
That’s all from me today, I’m about to log off. Catch you tomorrow!