20200318: Dear CoronaVirus/ COVID-19/ WuFlu, Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19 threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to include your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations on these COVID Daily Threads. Additionally, within these Daily Threads, we will try to include links to government … Continue reading 20200318: Dear CoronaVirus/ COVID-19/ WuFlu, Daily Thread

3-18-20 Midweek Musings

3 rd Sunday of LentMarch 15, 2020 “Complaints, or Trust?” Exodus 17:3-7Romans 5:1...8John 4:5...42 My Brothers and Sisters in the Lord – One of the things we can say about most of us in the Western World is that we are seldom, if ever, truly satisfied. We always seem to want more. We want things … Continue reading 3-18-20 Midweek Musings

Dear KAG: 20200318 Open Thread

Well, withe things the way they are...may as well go with the big guns for a theme song. https://youtu.be/vWVL2Xr1_Mw And now for the obligatory message from our sponsors: Here at the Q tree we believe in the concept of CIVIL open free speech and the discussion that fleshes out ideas. When commenting and participating in … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20200318 Open Thread