Trans Indoctrination Psychology and Methodology Revealed in Startling Transition Regret (“Detransitioning”) Video

In my opinion, everybody needs to watch this video, to understand the viral nature of what is then easily seen as the trans identity error, and how it spreads.

This is a complex subject, but at its foundation is (in my opinion) a very simple, almost child-like error – that a “desired non-self” can be obtained against the will of the universe by changing the self into that non-self. You will see how internet image memes were consciously used to promote and spread this error.

The internet has promoted this kind of immature thinking in many ways, as a byproduct of both the viral-enhancing and spiritual-enabling nature of the internet. At the same time that the internet allows us to reach every human mind, in principle, it also allows new kinds of error to flow and to grow. The spiritual nature of the internet, for good and bad, is REAL.

For every Duchess meme, spreading the Good News which allows us to appreciate what we have and what we will have, there are antithetical memes and meme-spreaders who seek to make us envy the very objects of our desire, and then to attempt to falsely become those things.

Listen carefully to understand that Facebook is seeking to create a future where this kind of error is even more possible, more likely, and more difficult to avoid. Instead of becoming stronger, spiritually, to contain actual error, Facebook, under election criminal Mark Zuckerberg, creates a new world of even more error, which can deceive even more strongly.

This young lady is one of the most articulate and insightful people I’ve ever heard. Clearly she would have been a “win” for the other side. As it is now, she exposes the trans error at levels I never expected.

Please watch the entire interview, and leave your comments and thoughts below.

Thank you!


PS – if this video disappears, look for it on Michael Knowles’ channel on Rumble:

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This is a SPIRITUAL WAR – Good VS Evil





Matthew 19:4

“And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,” 

King James Version (KJV)

Deplorable Patriot

The homosexual demons are Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Lilith. Baphomet is human sacrifice. Together with Baal, they make up The Table, and are Satan’s generals. Apparently, they appear in a specific order, also.


Thank heavens this young woman stopped the transitioning process in the early stage.


Sick shit. Struggled through 23 minutes AND clicked off.

Dysphoria I understand. PART of growing up.

Gender dysphoria, smacks of nonsense. Basic meaning quite possibly alludes me. Don’t get it. Nor am I trying t get it.


Children, too damn much time on the Internet, UNSUPERVISED.


Zero chance, I’d tolerate this shit in my home.

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Body dysphoria is a natural part of growing up — after all, your body is constantly changing from its former form to its future form without your permission. It is leftist cant that bends this into gender dysphoria, racial dysphoria, or radical body modification.


Check this scenario: male identifies as female and has online “romance” with woman who identifies as male‼️😣🤚 .. nukin futz ..

It’s “Majik Kingdom” in full bloom ..

this is totally .. F U B A R …

Deplorable Patriot

IDK, the more I think about it, this poor girl had hands off parents who failed to warn her about predators online.


B I N G O !

Parents gave the teenager an electronic (smart phone, tablet, computer…) pacifier.

THEN Ignored the child.

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Seems to me many of these people are not really gender confused. Their lives are difficult and they don’t like themselves. Gender is marketed as both the cause of and solution to their problems. I wonder how many are truly happier after the switch.


I’ve read that the suicide rate is really high with these people.


They have been systematically removed from religion, their culture, science, their parents, nature, biology, history, love and honor. After being cut away from such support, they are taught to hate themselves and offered a “quick out”, then daily pressed to avail themselves of it.

And, of course, the “out” only leaves them deeper in, further removed from all that is good.


Wow, that was really an enlightening video, Wolf! I’m so glad you shared it. One thing that occurred to me is that it is now a LOT worse than just getting into this because of hours spent on online social media. Kids today are getting this shoved down their throats at an early age in school, often unbeknownst to their parents. I just saw a story somewhere today about a woman who worked at a school in Connecticut being fired because she blew the whistle about the school giving out puberty blockers to kids without the parents knowing. This stuff is going on in schools all over the country. Kids don’t have a chance. They are being indoctrinated into transgenderism everywhere they turn.

The other thing is how they were talking about none of the doctors or nurses questioning giving a young girl a maximum dose of testosterone and not noticing what it was doing to her. This is also happening all over the country. Quite frankly, our whole medical establishment has become unspeakably evil. Look what they did with COVID. And this is just as evil.

This is so evil that you have to know the globalists are behind it. They’ve shown us they don’t care how many people they kill with their death shots. And they obviously don’t care about our children, either. This is all a part of their agenda to destroy our country so they can have their new world order. They can’t have it unless we are first destroyed.

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Deplorable Patriot

The other thing is how they were talking to none of the doctors or nurses questioning giving a young girl a maximum dose of testosterone and not noticing what it was doing to her. 

That jumped out at me also as did that she went to a Planned Parenthood facility and they didn’t blink.





I smell Øbastard – he was the one who pushed taking ‘gender dysphoria’ off the APA DSM list of disorders.

Brave and Free

Well there are the rumors of Big Mike out there…… may just be Zero’s goal

Barb Meier

Thanks Wolf! Helena did a great job explaining her experience. And now we know one of the sources of the big ball of crazy promoted by leftists. Not surprising Planned Parenthood is involved.


These lost children don’t go to church, they go to Tumblr, and other internet sites where they are accepted.

And the “Ten Commandments” of these places include things like “thou shalt change thy pronouns to they/them.” It really IS like a cult religion.

It’s sickening.


Me, too. We all have to stand up to it. They are destroying a generation of people. What will the world be like when these people are in their forties?


Thank you for posting this, Wolfmoon. It’s shocking the lack of appropriate counsel and support this young woman received during every part of her journey. How sad she had to go through such an ordeal to reach the maturity she seems to have now. When the interviewer mentioned cults, I think he was onto something.


I don’t normally watch such things. They tend to be oversensationalized (a la Jerry Springer), they tend to make me angry, and they’re painful. I watched this one because it was linked here.

The interview was handled tastefully and well, and the young woman is putting her life back together. It was still painful, and it still made me angry. But it was probably for the best that I watched it.


I agree with your entire comment. I almost didn’t watch it, but glad I did.


One question that comes to me after watching this……does she feel more sympathetic towards young men and their passions, and appreciative of their self-control and gallantry?

“Take a little trip back with father Tiresias,
Listen to the old one speak of all he has lived through.
I have crossed between the poles, for me there’s no mystery.
Once a man, like the sea I raged,
Once a woman, like the earth I gave.
But there is in fact more earth than sea.”

(Genesis, Cinema Show)

Deplorable Patriot

Good question.

It’s funny. I started reading up on modesty and what attire is modest and now I can’t unsee what women are wearing that simply shows off assets.


D.P., I agree about modesty. Just getting a clearer understand of all that, a little harder being vision impaired or blind. Now trying to decide about giving up wearing trousers, but difficult decision. Wearing dresses involves for me difficulty about shoes, Etc., as I have bad feet, and the shoes I can easily wear look awful with dresses. Well, that’s kind of off the subject. Just saying. …


Adolescence is a turbulent time, physically, mentally, emotionally.

The human body is becoming adult – and it’s quite a shock to the adolescent after 12 or so years of childhood….the change from infancy to childhood was quite different – when each new achievement was welcomed by both the individual and the parents.

The adolescent brain is changing at a rapid rate – cells are being removed and added at the greatest rate in a lifetime. Kind of like a huge brain cell exchange. I’m traveling and my adolescent psychology book is at home, so I can’t site and quote the passage.

Then there are all those new hormones which change behaviors, feelings, emotional equilibrium. The developments make the young person self-conscious and hyper-sensitive, more emotionally labile.

These are likely the reasons for the sense of ‘gender’ dysphoria.

The achievement of Identity and self-perception develops over a lifetime. But in adolescence – it is easier for peers and authorities to sway the young person’s sense of identity or to damage it. Trauma (sexual, physical, emotional abuse, parental absence/apathy/abandonment) can affect and delay the development of identity and emotional/mental maturity.

A child with trauma in their background will be more likely to fall for the trans/gay propaganda and peer pressure.

Sexual predators seem to have the ability to identify the vulnerable child (one who is uncertain, ill at ease, emotionally wounded, unsupported by parents) and target them, starting the grooming process.


They are easy victims/prey for the predators and that’s why this miserable scum are teaching in public schools .. preschools, K-12. By middle schools the kids are messed up plus this gender BS is in vogue … 🤬



Here is another excellent article on the trans cult – posting in full:

Standing up against transgender lies
Conservatives and Christians have to become vocal against the tyranny unleashed by the radical transgender lobby
By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
March 30, 2022
Christians and conservatives must stand up against transgender lies, otherwise they will be drowned in the wokeism swamp. However, it takes courage and fortitude to swim against the LGBTQ tide.
Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman … he is an Olympian gold medal winner.
Lea Thomas is not a woman … he is a college swimmer.
Jazz Jennings is not a girl … he is “I Am Jazz” reality show personality.
Gwen Fry is not a woman … he is a male Episcopal priest.
Luna Younger is not a girl … he is a young child caught up in a political battle over transgenderism.
Laverne Cox is not a woman … he is an actor starring in “Orange is the New Black”
Rachel Lavine is not a woman … he is an
admiral, a medical doctor and the US Assistant Secretary for Health.
God gave all living things, from the amoeba to human beings, the ability to reproduce.
Obviously, amoebas, oak trees and seahorses reproduce differently than people. But the result is the same, the God-given ability to reproduce its own kind.
In humans, the body is created specifically to foster reproduction — the conception, gestation, and birthing of babies.
True, a man’s body parts are different than a women’s body parts. Male and female reproductive parts are designed to complement each other and work together in tandem to create another human being.
No amount of manipulation and mutilation — chemical or surgical — can turn a male into a female. It is just not physically possible.
This is why Caitlyn Jenner, Lea Thomas, Jazz Jennings, Gwen Frey, Luna Younger, Laverne Cox, Rachel Levine and thousands of other transgendered women are not true women. Transgenderism is psychological dysfunction not a physical reality. 
Genetically, even with altered body parts, transgendered women remain all male — men and boys. Their DNA has not changed. Their XY chromosomes have not changed. They have not been genetically altered. Transgenderism is psychological dysfunction, not a physical reality.
The transgendered female keeps the God-given bodily physique of a man even if he has had a sex change operation or sex reassignment surgery or a gender affirming procedure. He is still taller, his heart and lung capacity are still larger, he still has a longer arm reach, his hands and feet are bigger and he has a greater stride. He also has greater muscle tone and natural strength. Transgenderism does not change his physical stature.
When a tall male athlete becomes a tall transgender woman, “she” has a greater natural advantage over “her” shorter female teammates competing on the same sports squad.
At 6’1″ Lea Thomas has taken advantage of his greater body structure to snatch away swimming titles from the female members of his women’s University of Pennsylvania swimming team. Even if his testosterone is suppressed, his naturally larger masculine body leaves his teammates behind and unable to catch up. The swimming world has been thrown into chaos.
But it is interesting to note that in the recently concluded NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division I Swimming and Diving National Championships, Lea won the 500 yard freestyle swim, came in the middle of the pack in the 200 yard event, and dead last in the 100 yard race.
The transgender swimmer, who was a mediocre competitive male swimmer, is not as fast in the shorter sprints, but his masculine physique gives him the needed physical endurance to outpace his female competitors in the longer heats where the women swimmers do not have the greater lung capacity or muscle tone to maintain their swimming speeds for the longest distances. The women tire out more quickly and slow their pace, allowing Lea to swim into the record books.
However, the Ukrainians are not fooled by the wokeness of transgenderism. The news has broken that when a transgendered Ukrainian “woman” was trying to enter Poland to escape the Ukrainian War, he was stopped at the border and told: “You’re a guy … go to war.” As the war grinds on, able-bodied Ukrainian males are being called upon to defend their besieged homeland from the Russian invaders.
Caitlyn, Lea, Jazz, Gwen, Luna, Laverne, Rachael are all unable to conceive. They do not have ovaries, a womb, fallopian tubes and a birth canal. They will never experience a menstrual cycle. They will never suffer menstrual cramps. They are also unable to nurse a child because they do not have milk producing mammary glands. Male lactation is a rare, very rare phenomenon. 
The transgendered — male or female — are living out a head trip and in today’s world the wider society supports them in this delusion and encourages them and gives them legal license and status. Then it celebrates them as they live out their make-believe lives. 
The transgender community is perpetuating the lie that a person can become a woman with male genitalia and that another person can become a man with female genitalia.
Jazz Jennings will never hold his own child in his arms either as a mother, because he is not a woman; or as a father because he has had his reproductive organs sliced away and replaced with an imitation female cavity. He has been rendered sterile for life.
Just as a “transgendered woman” cannot bear a child; a “transgendered man” can, and has, given birth. Because, in reality, that transgendered man physically is not a male, but a female.
How can that transgendered man yearns to give birth if he is truly a man? Men are not equipped to give birth. They have different body parts including the penis, the testicles, the vas deferens, and the prostate which are all designed to work together and deliver sperm to impregnate the female.
The transgendered man, who is yearning to give birth, is actually a naturally born woman yearning to give birth. But for a “transgendered man” to give birth, the transgendered man has to stop her testosterone treatments and increase her estrogen so that her breasts will redevelop and fill with milk and so that she will ovulate and become pregnant.
But her pregnancy is the God-given function specifically given to a woman not a man.
The world is so caught up in the transgendered hysteria, that Caitlyn Jenner is provocatively featured on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine wearing a full length cream-colored bustier. Lea Thomas was allowed to swim on the women’s swimming team at University of Pennsylvania where he was shattering women’s swimming records and dominating that women’s college sport. The NCAA had given him the green light to swim and compete against true women — or as Aretha Franklin would sing: “A Natural Woman.” Rachel Levine is touted as the “first woman” to be named a four-star admiral and has been named one of USA Today’s Women-of-the-Year. The world embraces this insanity and doesn’t even blink. It has become so mainstreamed — more like steamrolled — that it has become socially accepted.
Even Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson told the US Senate confirmation hearing that she cannot define what a woman is because she is “not a biologist.” Being a woman, herself, is no longer enough for Ms. Jackson to define what it is to be a woman even though she has birthed two daughters.
Society is becoming so desensitized to transgenderism that the transgendered, along with the rest of the sexual deviant (LGBTQ+) crowd, regularly show up in commercials, television programs, the news, politics, medicine, the law, sports, education, entertainment, publications, government, movies, church, and every other sphere of common life. Their nontraditional lifestyles are becoming forced upon us as commonplace in American society.
If anyone raises the question about the validity of the transgendered reality, they are shut down. There is a concerted effort to cancel that voice that is crying in the wilderness. That voice that points out absolute reality … absolute truth.
The Babylon Bee, a conservative Christian satirical website, referred to Admiral Rachel Lavine as Man-of-the-Year rather than calling him Woman-of-the-Year as USA Today did. For this cultural sin, The Babylon Bee was booted from Twitter. 
The Babylon Bee is just one such voice crying in the wilderness calling out falsehood and pointing to truth. There are many other culturally conservative voices in the wilderness starting to be heard including: Virtue Online, Church Militant, the Daily Wire, Lifesite News, FOX News, the Family Research Council, Quillette, Albert Mohler, former transwoman Walt Heyer, Candace Owens, the State of Texas and a host of other voices crying in the wilderness forming a conservative chorus declaring truth — you can’t fool Mother Nature or mock God.
Those voices crying in the wilderness must be shouted from the rooftops. They must be proclaimed on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and TikTok and Instagram, even if others try to silence those voices.
Other voices crying in the wilderness and being stepped on by Twitter include Turning Point USA, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and The Christian Post which recently tweeted: “USA Today names Rachel Levine, a man who identifies as a woman, on its ‘Women of the Year’ list.”
The Texas Attorney General simply tweeted “Rachel Levine is a man.” That was enough to get him blocked by Twitter. He also said that Lia Thomas is a “biological man who competes as a woman.”
Turning Point USA’s founder Charlie Kirk was more informational in his tweet: “Richard Levine spent 54 years of his life as a man. He had a wife and a family. He ‘transitioned’ to being a woman in 2011, Joe Biden appointed Levine to be a 4-star Admiral and now USA Today has named ‘Rachel’ Levine as a ‘Woman of the Year.’ Where are the feminists??” 
“Yesterday I stated an irrefutable scientific fact: Rachel Levine is a man,” AG Paxton replied in an official statement following the Twitter censor. “I pointed this out after USA Today named him a ‘Woman’ of the Year. But Levine is not a woman, he has one X and one Y chromosome and other male sex characteristics. I just follow the science.”
Yet those voices crying in the wilderness are considered “hate speech” because they are vocalizing truth. Voices are silenced through fear, intimidation, draconian laws, and societal cancellation because the speaker has the courage and the fortitude to stand up for physical reality.
“Truth is not hate speech,” The Babylon Bee retorts. “If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, then so be it.”
The Christian Post, too, is not backing down to Twitter’s threats of social cancellation.
“The reason that The Christian Post is such a stickler for language, especially when reporting on the developments of transgender ideology, is because we value the truth,” The Post responded. “If we fail to maintain the integrity of what and how we report on these hot-button issues, we do a great disservice to our readers who count on us to communicate honestly.”
The Texas Attorney General said that he is exploring legal options to stop the liberal social media’s one-sided censorship, stating that they are “anti-conservative, anti-truth, and anti-science.”
“I will use all my power to hold them accountable,” he said.
Virtue Online, too, has had its share of social media policing.
“I might get kicked off of Facebook because I use the word: SIN,” David Virtue explained over an Ash Wednesday story he posted in early March.
The reason that there is so much pushback by those in the transgendered community is that they are afraid of hearing the truth. They don’t want to hear the truth — the truth that they are created by God to be male and female as He created them.
Anyone can change their name. Traditionally, women change their last name when they get married taking on the family name of their husband. 
Actors such as Martin Sheen take a stage name. His legal name still is Ramón Estevez.
Pete Buttigieg’s “husband” Chasten Glezman became Chasten Buttigieg when he “married” Mayor Pete during a 2018 same-sex wedding at St. James Episcopal Cathedral in South Bend, Indiana. Now he is teaching children how to say the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Gay Pride Flag.”
Lutherans give baptismal names, Catholics give confirmation names, and nuns get religious names such as Sister Luke Marie in the Pain of the Cross.
Kings and queens take regal names. Prince Albert of York became King George VI in 1936.
Nine years ago, Argentine Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis.
In the Bible, Saul became Paul, Abram became Abraham, and Sarai became Sarah.
So, it is reasonable that Bruce Jenner becomes Caitlyn; William Thomas becomes Lea; Jared Jennings becomes Jazz; Father Greg Fry becomes Mother Gwen; James Younger becomes Luna; Roderick Cox becomes Laverne; and Richard Lavine becomes Rachael. But Caitlyn, Lea, Jazz, Gwen, Luna, Laverne and Rachael are still biologically male even if some of their anatomical parts have been sliced away and their female hormones are suppressed.
What are men seeking in wanting to become a transwoman? There must be a deep, deep need within their psyche which they think is not being met and they think that becoming the other gender is the only way to fulfill that deep emptiness — a spiritual void.
What deep internal emptiness, a soulish wound, can a 5-year-old preschool boy have to want to become a 5-year-old girl? To want to wear frilly dresses and use a girl’s name? That question has driven the young boy’s mother to push her son into becoming her “daughter,” resulting in the case going to court and the father, who supports his son’s boyhood, losing parental custody and rights. 
Luna’s case has been in the Texas courts for more than two years. The now 9-year-old child’s medical health care is in the hands of his mother who is a pediatrician. She supports her “daughter’s” continued transgender transition but her hands are tied because the Texas Court has to consent to any puberty blocking hormones used or planned transgender surgeries. Politically, Texas is a very conservative state.
A woman is designed, by God, to conceive and give birth to a child and nurse that child at her breast. A woman is created to give and sustain life.
Both Rachel Lavine as Richard Lavine, and Caitlyn Jenner as Bruce Jenner, have fathered children. They may have begotten children, but they will never be able to birth a child. That is the God-given designed function of a woman. A transgender woman fails in fulfilling God’s command to be fruitful and multiply, which is the first command God gave Adam and Eve after He created them.
“Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness …’ So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it …'” (Gen. 1:26-28 NKJV) 
Mary Ann Mueller is a journalist living in Texas. She is a regular contributor to VirtueOnline