Fake News Dies in Sunlight

Best video in ages. https://youtu.be/-ZOMAv6-GAA Tweet version: https://twitter.com/CarpeDonktum/status/1092422522648199168 "Fake News Dies in Sunlight." Oh hell yeah. THIS is why we're here. W Carry On.

Ralph Northam's Brotherhood of Silence

Alternative title: "A Conspiracy of Silence" Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, made national news last week for two issues: 1) supporting infanticide all the way up to, and including post-birth, and 2) someone revealed his Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook page picturing him as a guy in blackface, or a KKK outfit. There isn't a definitive … Continue reading Ralph Northam's Brotherhood of Silence

Dear MAGA: 20190204 Open Topic

This special GAB MOON A-RISIN' MONDAY Open Thread is VERY OPEN. As the battle to restore FREE SPEECH prepares to go on offense with Gab's coming COMMENT BROWSER EXTENSION, we bring our readers one of the most interesting Q "decodes" yet. I don't necessarily agree with it, but it leads somewhere EXTREMELY INTERESTING. Observe: (1) … Continue reading Dear MAGA: 20190204 Open Topic

20190204 Prayers For Protection

This special Monday, February 4th PRAYERS FOR PROTECTION topic is a place to share prayers for the safety of All those working to Bring Good to the World, specifically in the lead-up to the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, February 5th. ____________________________________________ Our Lion President Donald J. Trump with all of his administration, … Continue reading 20190204 Prayers For Protection