QVC – Q's Valentine's Comms

Not sure WHAT this is yet.... NOTE - there was a RENUMBERING later because an EARLIER "anonymous" post was found later. Here is the "new" 2706: Anonymous ID: 1d2b6a No.5167194 Feb 14 2019 05:31:17 (EST)8BEC63E3-2139-4707-A9AA-9052AA9894F1.pngD4CC01BC-F991-4427-B4DB-6279DFFA096F.pngSequence register.Location active.Q Post 2706 Here is the "old" 2706, now 2707: Anonymous ID: 15e89a No.5167220 Feb 14 2019 05:41:27 (EST)76777D6F-A50B-42B3-A85E-2EDCE61B60F7.png65D96355-BB6F-4C02-A5C9-8C5E0BAAF73C.png27D8B8A8-2DCD-4849-9C7F-A224CB9F6497.pngSequence complete. Target(s) known.Track 7B-DSQImageAnonymous ID: 15e89a No.5167220 Feb 14 2019 05:41:27 (EST)76777D6F-A50B-42B3-A85E-2EDCE61B60F7.png65D96355-BB6F-4C02-A5C9-8C5E0BAAF73C.png27D8B8A8-2DCD-4849-9C7F-A224CB9F6497.pngSequence … Continue reading QVC – Q's Valentine's Comms

Dear MAGA: 20190214 Open Topic

This wonderful VALENTINE'S DAY Open Thread is VERY OPEN. You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on. Keep it civil. Rules much like the Old Treehouse, except of course Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged. A couple of other important things to consider. This here link…. ….contains … Continue reading Dear MAGA: 20190214 Open Topic