20190901 Hurricane Dorian. Category 5! "Strongest Hurricane in Modern History".

Update: 8:00pm, Advisory #34 — Hurricane Dorian is a rare Category 5 Hurricane, with 185mph winds, gusts to 220mph, moving west at 5mph, and strengthening pressure down to 915 millibars (seems to have stabilized/no longer decreasing pressure and strengthening). The larger update is from September 1, at 8:00pm Eastern Time. The Landfall Update below is from NHC (12:45pm). The latest report from the National Hurricane Center is dire. Hurricane watches and warnings have been posted for almost all of the eastern coast of Florida. As of 10:45am, mandatory evacuation for Palm Beach County, Zone B. Seven shelters have opened, some are pet friendly.


The Bahamas are going to receive significant damage. The clouds have that “belly of the beast” look about them. Everyone in the Bahamas understands how severe this hurricane will be. Send a prayer


For the US mainland, we’re still not sure where the storm will come ashore but Georgia and the Carolinas are now on watch. MOST of the forecasting indicates the storm will turn north sooner than expected…. or will it?


Sadie finds the greatest videos for this hurricane.

From the White House.

Ken Graham is Head of the National Hurricane Center and I’m in love with this guy. He’s EVERYWHERE on the news. Working hard, no complaints, calm, cool, and collected + extremely informative. He gets a raise!!

Almost everyone who lives in the southeast has a family “plan” for hurricanes. An exceptionally good Hurricane checklist can be found HERE: https://www.surfandsunshine.com/how-to-prepare-for-a-hurricane-with-hurricane-preparedness-checklist/

We can add things like: Make sure you do ALL your laundry NOW and refill all medications. A well stocked, expanded, home first aid kit. An extra set of blades for a chainsaw is a Godsend. Bleach and clean all the tubs in your home and fill with water before the storm hits (if you’re staying). Right now, bake – cookies, brownies, granola bars for a healthy boost…… and share with your local fireman/police. Right now, FREEZE extra water in big containers using milk jugs/2 liter bottles, etc., to make big blocks of ice. Extra propane for the grill and a big pot to boil water.

Best personal hint: We took about 100 dish clothes/wash clothes and wet them with fresh water, added a few drops of bleach, sealed them in Glad Bags and put them in the freezer. In the aftermath, we used those towels everywhere.

Many residents are new to the state and we strongly encourage they prepare and/or rely on neighbors who are a little more experienced with hurricane preparations. KNOW your neighbors, you won’t get through the aftermath of a hurricane without help from a few friendly souls.

Please feel free to add tips, tricks, memes, hints, prayers related to Hurricane Dorian. Thank you for your help.

The President is at Camp David, Pence will travel to Poland. The President will return for a press conference at FEMA on Sunday, about 12:30pm

Take care, God Bless, Love to all. This one is serious. Storm surge in the Bahamas is expected to be 15-20feet high. Waves on top of storm surge, according to Weather Channel are topping 40′ high.

Dark rainy cloud coming towards Grand Turk Island (Turks and Caicos Islands).

Check out the video from the EYE of DORIAN.

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US Dept of Defense put out a THREAD today –


oops, I misspoke, it’s a video …. there are comments, but mostly from Bots

Sadie Slays

NEW CONE – 11 pmcomment image


Bet these folks where wishing they were working It’s A Small World in Disneyland. Hmm, on second thought, probably would take the hurricane.


That song does get stuck in one’s head! But I can’t believe Disney left anyone on the island. We’ve known this was coming for days, and videos of Bahamians begging for prayer are heartbreaking.