20190918: Robert C. O'Brien Named National Security Advisor

The President announced it himself: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1174312984522309633 The Pic in the header comes from the first day of the A$AP Rocky Trial in Stockholm. Robert O'Brien was there. The LATimes article is spectacularly devoid of background on Robert O'Brien, other than the position is the 4th National Security Advisor (we were cheated out of Flynn), and … Continue reading 20190918: Robert C. O'Brien Named National Security Advisor

20190918: Horowitz Testimony Thread

11:00am Eastern Time, the show begins. Michael Horowitz is the Inspector General for the DOJ, FBI, DEA. His testimony (To House Oversight Committee - read as Dems in charge) is supposed to be about progress in oversight over the past 10 years........ however, with all the interest in the FBI/DOJ scandal, we can expect a … Continue reading 20190918: Horowitz Testimony Thread

Happy BIRTHDAY, Q Tree!

Today is our birthday! One year ago today, our fearless leader, Wolfm00n, took it upon himself to create a another meeting place for Treepers. He showed great wisdom and foresight. Thank God he did it. Little did we know, the dark days of the "Great Ban" were just around the corner, November 10th -12th. Thankfully, … Continue reading Happy BIRTHDAY, Q Tree!

Dear KAG: 20190918 Open Thread

Morning, folks. Are we all ready for hump day? Guess what today is.... Give up? It's the birthday of FAKE NEWS! On September 18, 1851, the New York Times began publishing. In honor of their current...uh...status, and this week's kerfuffle, some mood music is in order. https://youtu.be/aoPvtwKU-EE A translation of the text can be found … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20190918 Open Thread