Happy BIRTHDAY, Q Tree!

Today is our birthday!

One year ago today, our fearless leader, Wolfm00n, took it upon himself to create a another meeting place for Treepers. He showed great wisdom and foresight. Thank God he did it. Little did we know, the dark days of the “Great Ban” were just around the corner, November 10th -12th. Thankfully, Wolm00n planted a new QTree.

Susan Dyer via imgur.com

Although we didn’t know it, many of us had been banned over the years. People whom we admired had strangely disappeared into the internet ether. We thought they drifted away or found other pursuits. No, a good many of them were intentionally silenced. The big purge happened after the midterm elections of 2018 and hundreds of us woke up, oblivious to our crimes and homeless. Some were banned for talking about Q or Jeff Sessions, various reasons, and some of us never knew the reason why we were abruptly excluded.

Well, of course we’re going to talk about it. You can’t tell us what we can say or not say…. or cast us as crazy because we’re asking questions. AND don’t tell me not to look at the pink elephant in the room….. cuz all I want to do is look at that damn elephant….. and it’s a BIG elephant.

That was me, screaming at dear husband, November 2018.

But suddenly, we were alone in the woods.

Like some of you, I assumed something was wrong with my computer, or WordPress, and went looking for help to resolve the issue. We all remembered Wolfm00n from his pivotal doctrine Roller Coaster treatise. I searched out Wolfie, and learned my fate = Banned! Shut out! Silenced! Yet, Wolfm00n extended a hand of friendship, to join a new Tree, this beautiful young and vibrant tree. At that point, we only had a couple of pieces of plywood for our Treehouse, but the view was grand and the potential was glorious.


To be silenced is antithetical to most of us. It’s why we fight the media and big tech attempts to silence conservatives. Therefore, it was a shock when conservatives attempted to silence each other. Felt like betrayal. It hurts. Many of you still harbor resentment to the other side, which is warranted, but ….. after a little time to nurse the wound, I can’t carry the grudge and still admire SD and all the work he’s done over the years. Something happened, something unexplained, and we may never know the reason why. Those who were still angry wanted to cut down all the Trees, but that would mean no voice for any of us, and we can’t stay quiet for too long.


So, we embarked on a new adventure. Wolfm00n had no idea how fast his new Tree would grow. We are forever indebted to Mrs. Wolfm00n and the time she shares her husband with us, here. Thank you, Mrs. Wolfm00n. Speaking of Mrs. Wolfm00n, when the girls showed up at QTree, we were tempted to make the Tree “pretty”, but pink was not the right color for patriotism. We needed RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

Sharyn Richards via CakesDecor.com

We were a little bit bumpy and awkward at first, like a toddler learning to walk, but we’re strong, thriving, and running with the wind, a year later. Our forecast for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020 is excellent, a “strong buy”.

A few days ago, we crossed 250K comments. It was a big moment and personal vindication for Wolfm00n – you were right to do what you did. Checking this morning, we’re over 253K. Our tree is blessed with an overabundance of fertilizer (hehe), plenty of sunshine (We value free speech – “Use it or lose it”.), and an ample supply of water (comments), which are sometimes a steady drip, and at other times…. a great flood. We even have “Butterfly” for our tree, and a church to help us through the rough spots.

Our Tree can be a wondrous and beautiful thing, especially on Saturday mornings when Wheatie posts great pics. The QTree is tended and grows daily with FLEP’s Good News Roundup. Thank you, FLEP. Other members have chipped in to contribute. We learn something new, every day.

Our Tree is still smaller, which is fine with us. We’re more friendly, and far more optimistic. We care about each other (PHC and CrossThread, the daughter to Ga/FL) and many of us have become friends. It’s kind of like we were all kids together, growing up in the same neighborhood, who found each other again.

Magic Treehouse on Pinterest

We’re really just…. normal Americans (with MANY like-minded friends overseas), who represent an unbelievably broad pool of expertise. We have members who can sing like an angel, CPA’s, lawyers, health experts, pilots, engineers, DRILLERs, IT experts, a spelunker, and those who can actually “can” the summer bounty. ALL of them have common sense. Gheez, if our group was rounded up and dispatched to another planet, we could start a new civilization quickly.


But we might need to save our country …… first. As in, America, first.

There are very few absolutes at the QTreeHouse. Yet, one thing is certain, you guys love good food and drink. For our birthday, I looked long and hard for an appropriate birthday cake, but I found as many great cakes as their are opinions and wisdom in the QTreeHouse. I may have to start over again. If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen…… trying to create a masterpiece worthy for our friends.

circa 1955: A young girl licks frosting from a bowl as she helps her smiling mother frost a cake in the kitchen. (Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)
Sharyn Richards for AmericanCakeDecorating.com

Congratulations to Wolfm00n and all the best birthday wishes to Treepers here. Together, we look forward to the Trump/Pence Reelection campaign of 2020.

It’s been the best year, EVAH!

Credits can be found underneath or on each photo, the main top photo is listed below.

The masterful Enchanted Treehouse cake was created by Veena Azmanov: https://veenaazmanov.com/enchanted-forest-tree-house-cake/

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Happy birthday QTree! I’ve mostly been in “lurk mode” lately but still read and love this place. Soon things will slow down and I’ll be able to participate in rally threads and stuff, can’t wait! Thanks for making this home Wolf and thanks to everyone who keep it so nice and tidy and relevant.


Glad you did create a haven for all us ex-OT persons.


GREAT post, Daughn! Many thanks!
Thank you, Wolf, for providing this SAFE haven of free speech and the BEST news source ever!