20200330: CoronaCRISIS/ China Virus Daily Thread

For the time being, given our national emergency, we are switching to DAILY COVID-19/China Virus threads instead of weekly threads. Your comments and updates are most welcome. PLEASE continue to post your valuable information, hard source links, and local observations within these Daily Threads. Additionally, we will try to include links to government and official pressers, so those who no longer have cable can remain informed.

We’ll get through this crisis, together. As a group, there is probably no one better prepared than we are.

For our newcomers: The Q Tree community has been diligent in covering the threat of Coronavirus, COVID19, Wuhan FLU. We started accumulating information about this virus in mid-late January, in what became almost weekly threads. We’ve been weeks, if not months, ahead of MSM outlets to vet rumors and other medical papers, etc.

Primary Update Links:

In our past weekly threads, we assembled information on the following:

  • Primary update links. The dashboard from Johns Hopkins which counts “official” cases all over the world, the CDC, and WHO, and includes the links for our past threads.
  • Hard Data Medical Information- Explanation about testing, reliance on China for drugs, analysis of NE Journal of Medicine results and other published papers.
  • Vaccine and theraputics (new/old drugs to alleviate symptoms) news and updates 
  • Trump Administration response (the timeline and links to various agencies)
  • China Responses, timelines, research, attempt to cover actions, or secrecy in results discovered.
  • An aggregate of info/responses from other countries, listed by country.
  • Economic impact from around the world. A change in economic activity will indicate a “return to normal”.
  • Speculation/debunking on how the virus started
  • Media Bias, political response, and debunking section, like the article from AP News, overt bias from Politico, inflammatory headlines, etc.  
  • Other medical info to boost immune system, herbal remedies, ways to keep your house clean and NOT spread the virus to others. Excellent information to incorporate into daily lifestyle.
  • Hard links for OTHER valuable sources/blogs and a brief sentence or two about what they provide
  • Other news items

Our weekly updates. timelines, collection of valuable information, can be found here:

Please try to keep your sense of humor during this National Emergency, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Love to all!

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I think we all already know this. But it’s nice to see others questioning it as well.


They weren’t burning ganja in those incinerators.


Sylvia Avery

I knew it!


Interesting. Orban is very close with Bibi who is very close with PDJT.


If it doesn’t cure you, at least it helps you feel better about it.
Does the BnB have a sauna?


You can take the potato out of the vodka, but you cant take the vodka out of the potato.

Sylvia Avery

Well, damn, I haven’t tried that and it sounds more fun that what I’ve been doing…..

Gail Combs

He is not that far off.
A certain amount of alcohol in the blood stream within 24 hours of exposure will kill cold/flu viruses per a Chemist I worked with who was part of a study group back in the 1970s. SURPRISE! I can find no sign of that study….
Raising the body temperature via a sauna or bath can also kill an initial infection.

Only $25 million for virus, but $100 million for FAKE NEWS???? SPIT!!


Alternative headline…
CIA clown give money CIA propaganda outlets