Don’t Drink The Kool-ADE

Inspired by Wheatie's posted meme. It is my opinion now that not only is there a problem with ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) with the vaccines..... Not only have they been hiding ADE with the vaccines..... The vaccines were created BECAUSE they were expected to show ADE. Beyond that, I believe that EITHER the vaccines were expected … Continue reading Don’t Drink The Kool-ADE

Dear KAG: 20210805 Daily Open Thread

And now, for something completely different. So, over the weekend, when I had a quiet hour to listen to Juan O Savin talk to MonkeyWerx, and the whole exchange of Melania's wardrobe being completely all about messaging commenced, the dress she wore on January 20, 2021 getting off Air Force One in Florida came up. … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20210805 Daily Open Thread