DEAR KAG: 20211119

Welcome to Wolf’s Pub! We are awaiting the verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. It should’ve been a slam dunk acquittal, but an emasculated judge and a feckless prosecution have allowed things to spiral out of control. The traitorous press has shaped the narrative. Let’s take it back.

According to Jack Posobeic, there are a couple of scared jurors. This is looking more and more like a hung jury. What a mess.

Keep praying, everyone. Prayer changes things. Our prayers get answered. It is demonstrable (at least to us Christians) that the Father was protecting Kyle during that fateful August night. He will not let Kyle down now.



I’m sensing that regular folks, peace-loving folks, have had enough.

You cannot push people forever. At some point, pushback happens.


In solidarity with our Aussie brothers, let us support their struggle to be free of globalist masters:


Regardless of the mRNA clot shot, the DNA in the people of the west has not been diluted. It’s been attacked and subverted, but it cannot be destroyed. We are winning. Klaus Schwab and his ilk will not take away our freedom.

Just ask our National Guard in Oklahoma. The governor isn’t messing around. This is America. We will be free, come hell or high water. FTA:

“Still at issue, however, is whether the Pentagon has the power or the means to force members of the National Guard — who take their commands from state governors in most circumstances — to get vaccinated. More than 400,000 Americans serve in the National Guard.”


According to Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers:

It sure as heck hasn’t been easy. Steve Bannon warned us:


It’s time for a Red Royal. The holidays are coming up and we don’t stand on ceremony here. A nod to Canadian whiskey, the Red Royal is usually made with Crown Royal, but just about any Canadian whiskey will do. Here’s the recipe, and the video that follows is of the shot version of the Red Royal. Bottoms up.


Not standing on ceremony, but we do stand on civility here at the Q Tree. To review the rules go here. Otherwise, any royal battles belong at the Utree. We can also reconvene there if needed, or here if all hell breaks loose.


First off, a little music:

Here’s some updates on what is happening on the Covid Front:

Young athletes dying

Island of Gibralter cancels Christmas due to Covid

Leading public health threat is the “vaccines”

Interesting resource for Covid 19 info here:

Why does the FDA want to hide Pfizer clot shot data until 76 years in the future?

The Aussies have gone full on Anti-vaxxers. Do click and listen to the banality of today’s Nazis:


This is the place we give no place. This is the hill we raise the flag and don’t back down. If the election of 2020 isn’t fixed, nothing else matters.

Whistleblower comes forward, and it’s damning


The Luciferians are hard at work. I can’t get the Travis Scott Astroworld concert out of my thoughts. Something evil this way comes.

Speaking of evil: The dystopian meta universe

There’s something odd about all this smallpox talk

Here’s a life hack. I bet some of you have heard of Chlorhexidine. Readily available at feed stores and online, it’s an antiseptic that you can get for about $12 a gallon. It’s on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines, and is an excellent source for both human and animal use. Eminently worth having in your arsenal of preps.

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If anyone’s wondering why tomorrow’s thread was there for a while and now is gone, I goofed and thought for a moment tomorrow was the 19th even though the title said otherwise.

It’ll be back at the proper time.


With what you’ve been going through, it’s surprising that you’re able to identify and use a computer at all. Relax. Recover. Get better.


I’m reasonably lucid today, but I think I’ll go watch some entertainment soon.

Deplorable Patriot

Dude, if you need one of us to pop one up, shout.


No problemo…I just scheduled early…which means, of course, it’s DONE.

Deplorable Patriot

Excellent. I couldn’t come up with the formula for gravity right (meters per seconds squared, or something like that) now let alone full blown physics.


Even “failure” would have been a post with an apology about no physics this week. Not a requirement. (And we are WAY past that formula (dimensions of acceleration, often used to express gravity) anyway…)

Cuppa Covfefe

Set phasors on pun; and try not to be too tensor… 🙂

Anyway, hope you’re feeling better, and take it easy!


Much, much better! I’d say I’m at 99.5% compared to Monday Night.

Deplorable Patriot

You and the Couch Commando with the doggone puns. Well, men in general.


(I actually said that so much one year, I got a gong for Christmas.)

Cuppa Covfefe

Gong with the wind 😀
Gong but not forgotten?
Here today, gong tomorrow 🙂

(A friend used to abuse chide me saying that a pun is two thirds of a joke – P U … 🙂 )….

I prefer the point of view that puns show a mastery of language and the sounds/meanings thereof…

As Bennet said, Cerf’s up…
(He was on “What’s My Line” and other shows)…


Many of your puns work off the spelling well, but very poorly on pronunciation.

I tend to work the other way.


So very pleased with the verdict and the jury. I hope the town has their backs.
saw rosenbaums family as verdict read out. They were devastated. I may be a hard cunt but whilst I would mourn my son, I would recognise justice and in my heart know the world was a better place with him out of it. He was a child rapist ffs. They looked a typical lefty family. Multiple piercings etc. prob also missing a chromosome


If one of mine raped a kid, I would never have anything to do with them again. Ever.



Cuppa Covfefe

GMT, how about that as next Friday’s drink? 😀

Cuppa Covfefe

“A chaser, followed by many, well-deserved shots.”

Dos Equis and then some Tequila shots? And Habanero Salsa and unsalted Tortilla Chips and Nachos to warm things up 🙂  🙃  🍸  And a pitcher of Margaritas to top it all off…

Don’t forget salt and lime for the shots…

Last edited 7 months ago by Cuppa Covfefe

Oh, that is SO good!



The chaser is Mad Dog, of course.

Deplorable Patriot

Word is that the video itself is from a South Africa v somebody else World Cup game, but it’s pretty much what Americans who get it felt today.


What a grin.


I saw that same thing used for when the UK flag was folded up in the EU capitol building.




A true event, or staged lunacy?

Last edited 7 months ago by Itswoot

fake! Wasn’t it last year that ‘protesters’ were routinely doing seizure theater in the streets pretending that they were knocked to the ground by police ?

Wolf Moon

Yup – totally agreed. The party of hoaxy lies is lying. At all times.

Cuppa Covfefe

A sleazure…

Will get a lot of hempathy from the left, no doubt…




Must have just gotten a Clot Shot?


Right ?!?

Deplorable Patriot

Question of the day.

Brave and Free

Excellent question, I am sure there’s plenty of videos to be “seen” as evidence at the trial.

Deplorable Patriot

Deep breath.

Here we go.


If that’s true and they’re used..that’s full on the authorities. Nothing happens without LE ignoring it until it gets out of hand.
The community itself should stand up and demand protection

Deplorable Patriot

comment image

Wolf Moon



Natalie Harp


ICYMI: Videos Show Alleged Election Law Violations in 2020 Presidential Scam:


Rittenhouse’s Acquittal Is A Great Moment, But It’s An Atrocity Things Ever Came This Far – Revolver

Only Gaetz and Gosar stuck up for Kyle, and candidates J.D. Vance, Blake Masters, and Joe Kent. That’s it… and Tucker.

Wolf Moon

Speaking of which…..

Yes. Un-friggin’-believable…..

Black Rifle Coffee Puts on Cross Dressing Fashion Show Rather Than Apologize to Rittenhouse

comment image

Jordan Epperson
Nov 19, 2021

I told people they were CIA!

Last edited 7 months ago by Wolf Moon

And they still have prominent displays at sporting stores.


He’s on Tucker Monday night, according to Jesse Watters.


comment image

Cuppa Covfefe

Suprised Oakland (CA) and Portland (OR) aren’t on that.

Bye,Dung is the most useless slimeball to ever enter the White House. Carter and Øbløwhøle must be happy that there’s someone there who’s worse than them.

TIME FOR THE DIAMONDS TO BE RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Portland was on it.

Cuppa Covfefe

Oops. Seattle then…


Angry and concerned about what, you douchebag?

That Americans have the Right to Bear Arms and defend themselves against a lunatic mob of out-of-control rabid animals in human skin? Concerned that a jury couldn’t be intimidated into destroying a young man’s life to appease said lunatics and rabid animals? Concerned that We The People will not tolerate this leftist insanity any more?

Please elaborate your concern, you illegitimate prick.


This is going to spread.

Cuppa Covfefe

This is the Satanic Globalists at work.

Kurz was shoved out due to a faux scandal – he probably said that he wouldn’t do the dirties that they wanted him to do… fortunately he didn’t suffer the fate of Schäuble (got shot and crippled, almost killed) or Haider (Fast and Furious-type death)…

And 02.2022… probably 02.02.2022 … lots of meaning in those numbers, and not just Groundhog day…


The vaccinated are the Jews of today. Unfortunately many people do not put 2+2 together.

Wolf Moon

I think you meant “the unvaccinated”, but either way. If the vaccinated are ever discriminated against, I’ll be in THEIR corner.


Ups yes you are right.
Correction : The unvaccinated.

Valerie Curren

Well the “vax’d” are the Jews herding their own selves into the cattle cars AND “showers” & apparently quite happy about it!!!


That is so astounding and heart breaking.

Valerie Curren

Yes. I keep hoping to awaken from this fresh horror, but it seems here to stay. I still cannot believe that Israel has vax’d themselves into near oblivion, absolutely boggles the mind!


Hard to understand

Valerie Curren


Wolf Moon

Good. The wheat/chaff sorter I have been waiting for is here.

Wolf Moon

Biden may try to use that here to create conditions to mess up the 2022 election. I’m sure they’ll use “disease/etc.” PLUS violence again.

They are NOT going to allow Republican victories. Don’t even begin to think this will be a fair election.

HYNPO-TURTLE and PIGLIOSI will be retained, IMO.

An artful bullshit commie configuration will be “crafted” through fraud.


So four weeks and done? Or can they arrest you again three months later for still being unvaccinated?

For that matter…well, I won’t go there, on the very slim chance they haven’t thought of what I’m thinking.


Oh my, I haven’t seen that name since they locked up that guy in England, Tommy.
comment image It was actually a very good book if you like Dystopian novels! She wrote it with her twin sister but they never did the sequel. Her sister got married and had a baby. Book was written in 2016. By the cover you might think it was a bit prescient but it’s not but in small ways, though in some ways those small ways do seem to be growing larger.


That gives the good people of Austria about 2-1/2 months to overthrow their tyrannical Nazi government.

Nothing like a deadline to focus and concentrate one’s attention.

Or an entire nation’s.


Kyle’s boat may be bigger than Nick’s. 😁

Wolf Moon

Authority misinformation is a greater danger than popular misinformation.



Authority SMEAR.

Propaganda News SMEAR.

Big Tech SMEAR.

Almost as IF they CONSPIRE against Freedom.


I remember the days when news organizations were very careful to say “alleged” when referring to charges against someone. Now, with opinion journalism and people sitting around tables and talking on TV, as well as posting on social media, they apparently feel free to call names and spout opinions that are better left to the dinner table.


With the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.
I think the lefty assholes expected a not guilty.
they then set about making lemonade from lemons
first ensure the not guilty with a grossly incompetent prosecutor
then punish Kyle, the jurors and the town for their temerity in standing up for the rule of law. They would have been agonising over that deliberation time as much as us.
note they dgaf about their foot soldiers. Just how they can be used to shape the narrative


first ensure the not guilty with a grossly incompetent prosecutor”

So that they can blame the incompetent prosecutor for letting a “clearly guilty” person off the hook? Interesting thought!


Every way they win

Wolf Moon

comment image


Good thread on exactly how the MSM fanned the flames of hate against Rittenhouse:

“It’s time to revisit the coverage of Kyle Rittenhouse.

“With the news that he has been acquitted on all counts, don’t forget the ways that Dems and the corporate press came together to craft a false narrative in his case.

“Let’s break down how we got here.”

Thread here:


Medical tyranny, with a life at stake…

GoFundMe Shuts Down Fund-Raiser For TX Deputy in ICU with COVID – Family Loses Court Battle Over Ivermectin — YOU CAN HELP THEM HERE!

On Wednesday, we reported on a Texas deputy and father of 6, Jason Jones, who is hospitalized with Covid and on a ventilator. His wife, Erin, has been fighting the hospital in court for the right to have an outside doctor treat him with Ivermectin. That outside doctor happens to be Dr. Mary Bowden, who we reported Thursday had her admitting privileges revoked from a Houston hospital. Her crime? Spreading “disinformation” about Ivermectin even though she’s treated hundreds of patients successfully with the medication. Strange that the hospital took this action right after Dr. Bowden testified on Mr. Jones’ behalf.

Thursday, the court ruling which would have provided Dr. Bowden to treat Mr. Jones with Ivermectin, was overturned. The hospital, Texas Health Huguley, had appealed the court order on the basis that Dr. Bowden (mentioned above) did not have admitting privileges to the hospital. The hospital argued that the court did not have the authority to circumvent its policies by ordering admitting privileges without the doctor going through the standard process. The appellate court agreed and overturned the order of the lower court. The decision is significant because Ms. Jones would have to start all over again, but also find a doctor with admitting privileges at Texas Health Huguley, who’s willing to prescribe and treat with Ivermectin.

It must be said that Ivermectin is an FDA approved medication that has a safety profile to which even Tylenol cannot compare. It has been prescribed off-label to treat Covid in India and other countries with miraculous success. Prescribing a medication off-label is a common practice doctors use frequently to treat a condition with a medication that is intended for something else. For example, doctors prescribe Aspirin to those at risk of heart-attacks, even though it was not made for that purpose. Doctors are being restricted from practicing medicine as they were trained to do. Sharing their findings and experiences is considered “spreading “disinformation”.

** A new account has been set-up to help the family at GiveSendGo

** Click Here to Help This Family **

I’m sure they could use donations, but IMO someone needs to intervene and get the man the therapeutics he needs. Time is running out.


The hospital:

Texas Health Huguley
11801 South Freeway, I-35W
Burleson, TX 76028

Phone: 817-293-9110

Link to email them:

comment image

I am filing a JCHO complaint now, through email, and will be contacting them tomorrow.

How to file a JCHO complaint:

How do you file a complaint?



Fax: 630-792-5636

Mail: Office of Quality Monitoring

The Joint Commission

One Renaissance Boulevard

Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181

What happens to your complaint?

We check for other complaints about the organization.

We may write to the organization about your concern.

Sometimes, we visit the organization to see if there is a problem in meeting the standards that deal with your concern.

We will not share your name with the organization unless you say it is OK.

They “check for other complaints about the organization.” They need to hear from a lot of people.

Last edited 7 months ago by TheseTruths

Way to go T2!!

Wolf Moon

Never go to the DEATHSPITAL with COVID – treat at home with IVERMECTIN, where there is no chance you’ll be put on a DEATH VENT.


H/T Insty —

comment image




In other news, Joe Biden characterized the Harris Administration as “a completely embarrassing pain-in-the-ass…..or maybe that was the colonoscopy.”


A question for Wolf. I got a newsletter from Martin Geddes today, and in it he states the following:

“It is noted that these injections have the same schedule and storage processes as those for porcine zone pellucida vaccine (PZP), which sterilises mammals with an 80-90% effectiveness rate. This kind of hormonal tinkering has already been silently and secretively done with tetanus vaccines, so such outrageous behaviour should not be seen as new or unexpected.”

We all suspect that part of what these vaccines do is sterilize a certain number of people. But is he right to say it has the same mechanisms as a porcine vaccine that sterilizes 80-90%? And I’ve never heard the information about the tetanus vaccine. Have you?


War Room with Matt Gaetz. This quick interview is much needed cleanser to get people back on focus with priorities. Wish I could take you straight to the vid, but alas it’s a skill I don’t have. Recommends punching through the story to watch the vid.

Matt Gaetz ON FIRE: “We Don’t Demonstrate Our Worth by 8-Hour Speeches that Don’t Change Outcomes” (VIDEO)

To put things in context now that the great but important Rittenhouse distraction is done and the dust is settling we find that House has passed Build Back Better. McCarthy gave an important and good 8 hour speech last night that finished up at 8AM this morning. The speech while great, great enough to play for Thanksgiving meal guests if you wished, was not backed up by actions throughout McCarthy’s entire tenure as the Republican Leader. Essentially McCarthy has been fumbling the ball since he’s taken leadership and the eight hour speech was an attempt at salvage. Adding: Sadly as best I know, (only watched 2 hrs) he never brought up the great steal, though he did manage to bring up every other angst we are all quite familiar with).

Anyway, take a look at Gaetz to get some prospective on where things sit now.

Last edited 7 months ago by para59r
Wolf Moon

BOOM. Exactly. Smoke and mirrors. The GOP are intentional bumblers who both cannot and will not defend us. But they’ll take that corporate money in return for pretending to defend us.



Nothing worse then being on a plane that gets pushed from the gate then needs a tow back. About to try it one more time. May need a push start.


It’s certainly not encouraging….but I can think of a few worse things.


Almost as bad: Arriving and sitting 100 feet away from the gate for an hour and a half because there’s a major thunderstorm in progress. No physical reason the plane can’t move. But there is a very good safety reason: The guy with the guide wands would risk a lightning strike standing out there with his hands up in the air, and the plane cannot actually “dock” with the gate without his guidance. Understandable but frustrating! It make one wonder if there’s possibly some way that job could be automated.

Happens a lot at DFW, I’m told (quite likely, inaccurately).