2022·01·01 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

Happy New Year!

I’ll wear both the pessimist and optimist hats.

Pessimist first.

Remember how we thought 2021 couldn’t get worse and got disabused of that idea in only six days?

(Yeah well we sort of stepped into that burning bag of bearded dragon poo.)

A friend of mine, who could be a bit of a wiseass at times (and pessimism was part of his schtick), would tell me something sometimes when I was a bit bummed out about something that had just happened.

And it bears remembering, especially with the usurpatious vacuum skull still in the White House:

“It’s never so bad that it can’t get worse.”

OK, on the optimist side. OK, this is cautious optimism, rather than full frontal unicorns and rainbows optimism, but here it is:

I think both the pessimist side and the optimist side can agree this will be a very eventful year. But if things actually work well in November, even a horrific year might contain the seeds of a reversal of fortune.

Let’s go back to 1979. Carter. Malaise. Soviets surging all over the world. 50 Americans held hostage by a bunch of neolithic barbarians.

The man, I think, might actually have meant well. (I was more certain of that a few years ago than I am today.) But he was not competent in that job.

But then, irony of ironies, there was this song. If you do NOT like 1970s/1980s Swedish popular music, skip the next video. Otherwise, the gratuitous fireworks display ends at 57 seconds and the music starts shortly thereafter.

Happy New Year, by ABBA (1979)

Note the video is set in 1979 New Year’s eve and they actually ask what it will be like in 1989/90.

Quite a bit different, thanks to Ronaldus Magnus! We went from Jimmy Carter Malaise to seven years of economic growth and The Wall coming down! Unimaginable in 1979!

But, we did have to get through the highest misery index ever in 1980, first.

And we have to get through 2022. Which will likely make 1980 look like child’s play. Let’s just hope it doesn’t make 2021 look like child’s play, too.

The Chinese Should Think Before Wiping Us Out As Sometimes They Need Us To Solve Their Problems For Them

Okay you knuckledragging ChiComs trying to take us down…here’s a history lesson for you.

For millennia, you had to suffer from this:

Yep. Steppe Nomads. They laid waste to your country, burned, raped and pillaged (but not in that order–they’re smarter than you are) for century after century.

You know who figured out how to take them on and win? The Russians.

Not you, the Russians. And it took them less than two centuries. And Oh By The Way they were among the most backward cultures in Europe at the time.

You couldn’t invent an alphabet, you couldn’t take care of barbarians on horseback, and you think you can take this board down?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! We’re laughing at you, you knuckledragging dehumanized communists…worshipers of a mass-murderer who killed sixty million people!

I mean, you still think Communism is a good idea even after having lived through it!

By my reckoning that makes you orders of magnitude more stupid than AOC, and that takes serious effort.

His Fraudulency

Joe Biteme, properly styled His Fraudulency, continues to infest the White House, and hopium is still being dispensed even as our military appears to have joined the political establishment in knuckling under to the fraud.

All realistic hope lies in the audits, and perhaps the Lindell lawsuit (that will depend on how honestly the system responds to the suit).

One can hope that all is not as it seems.

I’d love to feast on that crow.

“No Chemicals”

A detailed analysis of the contents of His Fraudulency’s skull was performed.

Absolutely no chemicals found!

(That one’s for you, Gail!)

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system.

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is hopeless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

Political Science In Summation

It’s really just a matter of people who can’t be happy unless they control others…versus those who want to be left alone. The oldest conflict within mankind. Government is necessary, but government attracts the assholes (a highly technical term for the control freaks).

James Webb Space Telescope Update

JWST deployed both booms on the 31st. The first one took quite a long time because some of the sensors that were supposed to show the cover unfurled weren’t working right.

So here’s what it looks like now.

Over the course of the weekend the sheets will be separated and tensioned, at which point the sun shield will be fully functional and the JWST should really start to cool off (though they have been heating things up to ensure they will deploy properly). -370 F is the goal temperature though it will take weeks to get there.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

(Paper) Spot Prices

Last week:

Gold $1810.20
Silver $22.96
Platinum $981.00
Palladium $2036.00
Rhodium $14,975.00

This week, 3PM Mountain Time, markets have closed for the weekend.

Gold $1830.80
Silver $23.40
Platinum $973.00
Palladium $1995
Rhodium $15,300

Now THIS is a little more like it!!!

Let’s see if “they” manage to push it down again. Palladium actually went down sixty bucks Friday, it was over 2000 bucks earlier.

More On Time

(Please note, this is not titled “Moron Time.” We’ve had quite enough moron time, thankyouverymuch.)

[And speaking of morons, I somehow posted the original of this on January 1 of last year…I thought I had checked that but it did somehow goof up the time of day and I had to fix that…it probably took that opportunity to “correct” my year.]

Happy New Year!!!

It’s New Year’s Day. It’s an arbitrarily picked day, based (somewhat) on Ancient Roman (and Pre-Christian) practice. And a suitable day for more information on our calendar.

The Year

Last time I told the story of Julius Caesar’s reform of 45 BCE, and how it ended the practice of entire intercalary months–months added every now and again to keep the calendar roughly lined up with the seasons. This had had to be done because months were true to their origin back then, matching the phases of the moon. But 12 of these “moonths” didn’t make up a year, not really, and thirteen of them was too much. The Jewish calendar has the same issue; they have to add entire months fairly often.

Julius Caesar made the twelve months longer, and set things up to add a leap day every four years to account for the fractional day over 365 in the tropical year. It wasn’t quite right; I told that story last year.

But that calendar has come directly down to us with only the minor adjustment made originally in 1582 by order of Pope Gregory XIII, and eventually adopted by Protestant and Orthodox countries, and it’s pretty much either official worldwide, or well known.

The months and days of the month set by Julius Caesar seem set almost in concrete; only one lasting change has been made to them in the last two thousand years (even if that change wasn’t done at the same time everywhere).

But the numbering of the years–and even the choice of when the year should begin–has changed a lot.

When Caesar was in charge, the calendar year was generally identified by who was consul at the time, which makes modern historians’ lives a bit of a pain, but we do have a fairly detailed list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_consuls and they can generally figure things out.

That list starts in 509 BC because that is when, according to tradition, the last of the seven Roman kings was overthrown and the Roman Republic was established. And the emperors (starting with Octavian/Augustus) kept the office around but they were the real power.

The Romans, however, did sometimes think in terms of something called Ab Urbe Condita, essentially since the founding of the city of Rome, and that was in 753 BCE. Therefore AUC 753 was 1 BCE, and AUC 754 was 1 CE. Were we still using that numbering, 2022 would be AUC 2775.

[Note, by the way, there was no year Zero. 1 BCE was followed directly by 1 CE. Which makes “how many years between” arithmetic a bit hazardous when computing between dates either side of that line. Astronomers, who sometimes have to “backtrack” such things, do use a zero year, then negative numbers, so their year 0 is 1 BCE, -1 is 2 BCE, etc. Archaeologists tend to use “Before Present” but “Present” turns out to be roughly 1950–they fell prey to institutionalizing a “present” by accident (they probably didn’t expect to use “BP” forever) in exactly the same way that “modern” no longer means “modern” because people named a specific time the modern period and we have moved past it, so we sometimes find ourselves using strange terms like “post modern” that shouldn’t be meaningful without a time machine.]

Early Christians actually did not use AD dating. The AD dating schema was first put forward by Dionysius Exiguus in 525. Before that the most commonly used schema was the Diocletian Era used in an old Easter table; he (understandably) didn’t want to commemorate Diocletian, who had instituted the last and worst persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. (The Diocletian era was, in any case, mostly used in the East.)

The year that is now known as AD 1 (or 1 CE), was almost certainly not the birth year of Jesus. Matthew indicates it was in the time of King Herod (Mt 2:1), who kicked the bucket in 4 BCE. Luke indicates that the census requiring Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem occurred while Quirinius was governor of Syria (Lk 2:2) though he talks about other early events happening under Herod. Quirinius became governor in 6 CE. Absent some major historical discovery these two times don’t even overlap; neither includes 1 CE. But it’s certainly close to the right year. Whether it’s close enough for non government work is, I suppose, moot. We’re not likely to change our year numbers right now.

Which is not to say that it hasn’t happened.

The Eastern Orthodox Church and Byzantine Empire used “Anno Mundi,” year of the world. By attempting to fix Year One to be the year of creation, they sidestepped all issues with negative numbers, missing zero years, and so on. So they got hold of their Bibles, laid out a chronology, and fixed creation at 5509 years before Jesus was born. However, they did not at first agree with Exiguus’s dating of when Jesus was born. Their year 1 A.M. is September 1, 5509 BCE through August 31, 5508 BCE. Note their year began (and within the church organization still does begin) on September 1. September 1, of 2021 (i.e., last September) began the year 7530 A.M.

By the way, it’s technically not quite kosher to give a date like that, because the calendar didn’t exist yet on that date–if anything the prior mess of a Roman Republican calendar should be used–if anyone can figure out how it would have worked that year. So they’ll often qualify things by referring to the proleptic Julian calendar; i.e., they extend the Julian calendar back to that date. (In this particular case, remember that it’s not our current Gregorian calendar.)

(Russia switched from this calendar to a January 1 start of the New Year in 1700 CE; they also began to use the AD numbering at that time…but they were still on the Julian Calendar so they were off from the Gregorian calendar by 11 days, then 12 days in the 1800s, then 13 days during the 1900s before and during the ‘October’ Revolution–which happened in November by the Gregorian calendar. The commies switched in 1918, trying to shed the past–they even considered switching Russian to the Latin alphabet.)

You may think that 5509 BCE sounds wrong. It certainly does disagree with the usual Bible-based dating used by many churches here in the United States, which is based on Archbishop Ussher’s (1581-1626) chronology which fixes creation at about 6 PM, on the 22nd of October, 4004 BCE (by the proleptic Julian calendar). This is the chronology most often used by fundamentalists in the US.

That’s a difference of over 1500 years. It’s really difficult to construct an unambiguous chronology from the Old Testament.

I alluded to some disagreement over what date the year started; Russia used September 1 until 1700, one of Peter the Great’s many reforms, the Eastern Orthodox church still uses it internally, but that wasn’t the only difference between past practice and today’s practice. Up until 1752, England (and her colonies, which would include US (as in U.S.) at the time) was on the old Julian calendar; until that time, March 25 was the start of the new year. Not even the beginning of a month! March 24, 1751 was followed the next day by March 25, 1752. In September of that year, things were set to the current January 1 practice; also September 2, 1752 was followed by September 14, 1752; England dropped 11 days there to get in sync with the Gregorian calendar and would follow it from then forward.

If George Washington had had a birth certificate, it would have read 11 February, 1731 (Julian date); unlike many he changed his birthday to 22 February, in other words following the Gregorian calendar, and the year is now given as 1732 to be consistent with a January 1 start-of-year.

There was confusion as to which European gets the credit for ‘discovering’ South America for similar reasons of confusion between countries who didn’t start the year at the same time.

And nothing would astonish me more than to hear that’s a complete list.

What day to call the New Year, is fundamentally an arbitrary decision. But a date has to be chosen and abided by, and today is that date. So get used to writing and typing 2022.

Julian Dates

“Julian Date” means two distinct things. Usually, it’s just a day number within the year. February 3rd, for instance is Julian date 34. It runs all the way up to 365 or 366.

But there’s a different Julian Date used by astronomers. A 365.25 day year is awkward to deal with sometimes, so they’ll sometimes compute the time between two events in number of days. A “day” they can get a handle on; it’s 86,400 seconds and a second is quite thoroughly defined. So they’ll (for instance) compute the period of a planet in days.

Joseph Justus Scaliger (1540-1609) proposed a scheme where days would be sequentially numbered from a start time, then continue counting upward forever. This became the Julian date, named after his father Julius Scaliger. He first suggested it in 1583.

Scaliger chose the day January 1, 4713 BCE as his start date. It was satisfactorily far back in time that negative numbers wouldn’t be referenced often. Why that particular year? It was a leap year, the first year of a solar cycle of 28 years, the first year of a lunar cycle of 19 years, and the first year of an indiction cycle of 15 years. The solar cycle is simply the repeat period of the Julian calendar, the lunar cycle was named such because the moon would undergo the same phases on the same days, every 19 years, and the indiction cycle was an ancient Roman period at the beginning of which taxes would be reassessed. These cycles could be run backward in time, and 4713 BC was the most recent year when all three cycles were in their first year. (Being a leap year was implicit in being the start year of a solar cycle.)

This is, by the way, according to the proleptic Julian calendar, not the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

Astronomers still number their days this way. Their day starts at noon (logical, because that way an overnight period, when they’d be observing, didn’t have a day break in it), so noon, January 1, 4713 BCE was the start of Julian Day 0. (In the Gregorian calendar, this would have been November 24, 4714 BCE.) Scaliger wasn’t familiar with time zones, but the modern definition of this specifies Universal Time (essentially the time at Greenwich without Daylight Saving Time; it’s seven hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time).

And if my arithmetic is right, this post will go “live” on 2459580, almost three quarters of the way into that date; so at 7 AM ET, it will be 2459581. TIme of day is handled as a decimal fraction, so midnight UTC is Julian day [whatever it is].5.

In another common usage, we use a “modified Julian date” that starts at midnight, UT (not noon) and drops the 2,400,000 in front and just goes with 59581. So the Modified Julian Date is the Julian Date minus 2,400,000.5. This will work for another century or so then we’ll have to either restart it at 0 or just start dealing with six digit numbers. It’s handy for computers that might not have the precision to show a seven digit number with multiple digits of precision after the decimal point; we save two digits that way. (This is less of an issue today, with 64 bit computers, than it was with 32 bit computers.)

The following link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_day gives a lot more information including a way to compute the Julian day for any “regular” date.

Holocene Dating

As an aside, someone came up with an idea called the “Holocene Epoch.” The idea was to simply add ten thousand to all years, so that this would be 12,022. 1 CE becomes 10,001, and 1 BCE becomes 10,000. The idea is not to try to find the beginning of the world, but at least all of human history, almost back to the first buildings that survive, would at least have a positive year number attached to it. And 10,000 BCE is very nearly the start of the present geological epoch, the Holocene, roughly corresponding to the end of the last glaciation, hence the name “Holocene.” (That epoch actually began [best estimate] 11,650 years “Before Present” which makes it 11,722 years ago right now, not 12022 years ago. A three hundred year glitch.)

Yeah, that won’t ever happen.

Leap Weeks?

And on a very different topic. File this one under “won’t ever freaking happen” but I include it because you might find it amusing.

Because, as I’ve pointed out, the shape of our calendar–the configuration and sizes of months–has only undergone one slight adjustment in the last 2000 years. I don’t take this seriously–but I find it amusing.

Many are unhappy with the fact that each year “looks” different. January 1 starts on a different day of the week from one year to the next, that of course throws every other date off as well as compared to the first year. Normally, it’s a one day shift, but if a leap day is in between, it’s two days. It sets up a cycle where you can safely use a calendar that’s 28 (or 56) years old, if you want…but don’t go back past 1900 with this. The real cycle is a 400 year cycle before the pattern repeats.

That’s kind of annoying, in some cases it’s really annoying, but we live with it. However some people have suggested reforming the calendar so it won’t happen. But it’s a bit of a challenge, especially now that there’s an ISO scheme that numbers the weeks within the year; this has to adapt to those weeks that straddle years.

And this is because 365 does not divide by 7, there’s a remainder of 1.

Many would-be reformers say this can be handled quite easily: simply have one day (two in a leap year) that do not have a day of the week assigned to them.

OK, I imagine many readers of this would go find the pitchforks and torches (OK, firearms) if this were adopted, because of course it’d throw your church services off; the Sabbath would either have to move around the week, or it wouldn’t be a seven day metronome any more. (It rather messes with the fourth commandment.)

And you’d have a lot of company from both Jews and Muslims.

So it’s not going to happen.

But someone did come up with an interesting alternative. Get rid of leap day. Have leap week. Start January on (say) Monday. The year ends on a Sunday, 364 (yes FOUR) days later. Very soon, though, in order to align with the seasons, you add an entire week at the end of December (371 days), so that way the next year is lined back up with the seasons, but the year still starts on a Monday. The advantage is that the calendar is the same from year to year (an extra week can go at the end of December with an asterisk next to it), and churches, synagogues and mosques would not be disrupted.

This is the Hanke/Henry calendar. It also changes the lengths of some months so that each quarter is 91 days.



OK, it’s at least somewhat clever and thinking-out-of-the-box. But these guys also advocate for everyone on earth using Universal time (i.e., Greenwich time) and that, I think, is ridiculous. It would solve nothing because it will still be midnight in some places while it’s 3PM in others. Worse, the sun would rise here in Colorado at 2PM in December. Almost everywhere on Earth, things would be about that ridiculous. And it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of having to worry about someone else’s time zone, It just changes it to having to know how out of whack their clocks are compared to yours. You’d still have to wonder whether someone was up when making a long distance call, and you wouldn’t be able to look at the time where they were for a clue. [As far as time of day goes, our situation today is pretty optimal. For applications where time synchronization between continents is needed, we have UTC. For everything else our clocks match the time of day pretty well…or only fairly well during daylight saving time.]

The rule for computing leap years actually depends, crazily, on what day of the week the (presumably abandoned) Gregorian calendar begins.

It’s one of those “interesting idea, but no way” types of things, just like the Holocene Era is.

The Day

Enough about years, but there’s a bit more to add about days.

Last week, I posted a graph called “the equation of time.” This one:

The Equation of Time.

It’s the difference between what you sundial says, and what your watch says. (And that assumes you have your watch set to mean solar time for your longitude, which since the advent of time zones, is generally not true. But let’s say you live at precisely 75, 90, 105, or 120 W longitude (or any other longitude that divides by 50). That’s nearly true for me, I live at a bit above 104 W longitude.)

Because your watch is designed to move at a constant rate–whether it actually does so is another matter, and back in the day of mechanical watches there was some correlation between the cost of the watch and how well it did so. But the sundial directly registers the sun…which doesn’t move at a constant rate. So the watch (hopefully) moves at an “average” of the sun’s rate, “mean Solar time.”

[Nowadays even a crappy watch often gets corrected by listening to the “atomic clock” but watch out when that fails…I’ve known two “this is an atomic watch” braggarts to be off the correct time by minutes; but my 1996-purchased Citizen Navihawk keeps plugging away, sometimes even after the computer in it resets.]

The differences are due to two factors: the ecliptic is inclined to the celestial equator, and Earth’s orbit about the sun is elliptical. That elliptical orbit results in the earth travelling faster closer to the sun (Kepler’s second law), which means when the earth is closer to the sun, it has to rotate further to bring the sun to the meridian, more than 24 hours since the last time the sun crossed the meridian.

If noon-to-noon is more than twenty four hours, then, if you’re using a good watch and are monitoring a sundial, you will see it. The watch will be faster (compared to the sundial) the next day as compared to today, because it will get to noon faster than the sun’s shadow will.

In other words, you’re at a time of the year when that squiggly red line is sloping upward, the watch is becoming faster and faster.

As it happens Earth is closest to the sun on about January 6, and the line is really steep there.

During the weeks before and after that time, the time of sunset is changing. You’d expect it to be earliest on December 21, because that is after all the shortest daytime of the year because its the solstice.

But it’s actually earliest a week before that. Check any “sunrise and sunset” table. It doesn’t matter for where, honestly, since you’re looking for the earliest sunset, but the effect is much easier to see the further north the table is for. (And of course this flip-flops in the Southern hemisphere).

So if you’re thinking (like Aubergine said on Sunday) that you’re already “feeling” longer days by the solstice on the 21st, you’re not quite right, but the sun is already setting later by the 21st–the random chart I grabbed showed a two minute difference. (Sunrise is also later but basically forgotten by sunset. In fact sunrise will continue to come later and later all the way through the end of the month and possibly beyond…the chart stops there.)

Another way to visualize this…as well as something else…is a figure called the analemma.

The Analemma (this one computed for London).

Unlike the previous figure, the horizontal axis/direction shows how far ahead or back of the sundial a watch would be. And this time the vertical axis usually shows how far the sun is north or south of the celestial equator, its declintion. (But in this case it shows how far above the southern horizon in London, though it does show the equator line, labeled φ). So an analemma gives you two pieces of information graphically, but you have to hunt for the date you want on the figure 8.

This has a real meaning. People with a lot of patience and attention to detail will sometimes photograph the sun at the same time each day (or every couple of weeks), from the same spot with the camera pointed precisely the same way each day, and you can see it forming a figure 8 in the sky.

[I had to download from Wikipoo, edit (and shrink), save as a jpg, and upload. Taking one for the team…]

It’s an almost perfect figure 8. If aphelion, the closest approach to the sun, actually fell on the winter solstice, it probably would be. This will happen sometime in the future: the equinoxes and solstices, after all, are moving along Earth’s orbit and if I understand right, we’re heading towards that situation. Give it about a thousand years.

For some reason that graph up above really exaggerated the horizontal direction. The photo, by contrast might look familiar to you as that figure eight that gets printed over the southeastern Pacific ocean on some globes. (There is almost no dry land there so it’s a safe place to print things like that.) Well, now you know what it’s for!

I decided to see what would happen with other configurations. The easiest way to do that is to look up the analemmas for other planets in our solar system, where aphelion is nowhere near a solstice or equinox.

Mars has a very similar axial tilt to that of Earth. Its orbit is more elliptical, though, and so we have:

And in fact here are analemmas and equations of time for all of the other planets, and Pluto. Figure 8s are fairly common it turns out, but just as common is some sort of lopsided quasi-egg-like shape. Saturn appears to be a figure 8 with a very small northern loop.

Well, that’s all for this week. Now I am really going to have to think hard about what to do for next week, other than, of course a JWST update.

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

Remember Hong Kong!!!

Whoever ends up in the cell next to his, tell him I said “Hi.”

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

China is in the White House

Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for His Fraudulency Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

China is in the White House, because Joe Biden is in the White House, and Joe Biden is identically equal to China. China is Asshoe. Therefore, Joe Biden is Asshoe.

But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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In the face of moronic omicron, Missouri ends Covid State of Emergency.

EVERY R guvner should CANCEL Covd State of Emergency Orders and Restrictions. Rather sure some have. ALL SHOULD DO SO.

  • D-Rats and Pravda News would absolutely melt down.
  • Would initiate the end of the Covid madness.


Governor Makes Bold Move to End Covid State of Emergency and Lift Other Restrictions, Media and the Left Outraged
The Republican governor of Missouri just made a bold move that will be cheered by residents and is sure to lead to media hysterics and enrage leftists across the nation.

More at the link.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy




Yup. It IS cold and flu season. Get on with NORMAL life.


With Tonic/Quinine cocktails, HCQ, Ivermectin, D3, Quercetin, Vitamin C – and all the rest!

Gail Combs

I have Hubby hooked on a Tonic/Quinine cocktail. 1/3 tonic water, 1/3 Orange Juice & 1/3 homemade lemonade (Splenda not sugar)

It is a lot better for him than soda. He is not fond of tea so this and milk is what he drinks.


I’ll try that.

Gail Combs

I can no longer drink straight lemonade. My stomach doesn’t like it. This combo gives me a nice drink that my stomach tolerates and without the caffeine in the iced green tea.


But of course and …

Personally, it may not even be all that.
You don’t have to catch the “damn cold”, just exposure is enough.
With exposure comes the fight, if your body is strong you may not even notice it to be more than a sniffle. Take the guy working in the grocery store for these past couple of years. He’s not missed a day. Has he been exposed? You betcha! Did he succumb to sickness. Nope, just some sniffles one day, fine the next a few more sniffles when a good whiff came by, but fine the next, and so on and so on, he has his immunity built up a bit at a time. Same with those using supplements? Likely. Such grants even a more modest exposure, so at best just sniffles, so more supplements, and soon scot free.

Gradual exposure or micro dosing works just fine and supplements to be especially safe leads you to immunity.

Now did you get enough immunity? Some times the virus can come in hurtful cloud.
They can over power the immunity you’ve stored up. But it’s not going to hit you near as hard and you can whack it back with more Supplements!

Now do you become dependent on supplements? Maybe. So there’s where it’s a good idea to just use a few, say twenty, or thirty percent of this and that, more if your going into enemy territory, but not so much you can’t keep a reserve to whack the damn thing back into submission and then chill out again with a modest amount of supplements and even taper it down to none at all if you know your going to be in the free and clear for a while.

Last edited 11 months ago by para59r
Gail Combs

Yeah, my ‘cold’ lasted all of 8 hours. Got killed off by three cups of green tea, 50 mg of zinc and a big bowl of Chicken soup — on top of all the rest of the anti-covid protocol.

Started as aches & pains, a sinus head ache, ear ache, sore throat, sneezing coughing and it is now down to a bit of a cough.


Glad you are feeling better.
I slept a lot.
I had mine for 3 days just a little sinus problems but near nothing. Going to take my claritan for a week. The doctor in SA said the first stage one gets over fast and after 7 days it can get worse. So take it for a week see what happens keep taking vitamins and the green tea. I need to drink more water.


What is left is little sinus problems I should have written. Sore throat is gone. Normally I would have said little cold or mild flu. I had a lot of good help from my stash.

Gail Combs

Oh, I am on the anti-covid medications but I do not normally take that much zinc or green tea in one day.

And Chicken soup is ALWAYS good for a cold.


I am making chicken soup tomorrow. Have some bone broth in the freezer can save my canned bone broth.
Toward evening I feel worse but that is always like that with an cold. Go early to bed and slept until 10AM. I woke up a little looked into the forum and fell asleep again.


Get well!


Thank you

Gail Combs

Take care of yourself Singing.

I just had another bowl of chicken soup.


Good . Chicken soup is always good when having a cold.

Gail Combs

I added rice, fresh red onion and fresh garlic. Poor Hubby.


Thanks, I’ll pass that on to my 30 yo son who is in remission (for a year now, praise God). He’s coming down with it today after avoiding wave 1 and Delta. He’s on tons of supplements which includees drinking ceremonial matcha daily. I just recommended that he up it to 3x a day.

I’m glad you’re feeling better!


Don’t forget the Claritin, Zyrtec or Benedryl! Double doses whichever he tries!


Yes, thanks I did mention those very important additions to the arsenal.

Gail Combs

Good, I normally take them if my allergies kick in but the herbals have been doing very well for me for almost a year now. (SOOooo nice not to have to take a one a day antihistamine all the time.)

OH and B12 sublingual — under the tongue, pretty much kills my allergic reactions.


I would’ve never associated B12 with allergies which I’ve suffered mildly with for about 25 years since moving to Florida. About a year ago I started a liposomal multi-vitamin with B-complex and my allergy symptoms have drastically reduced. The product is made by Core Med Science and it’s called Methylated B-Complex, Minerals, Antioxidants – Complete Multivitamin with Bioavailable Methylated Folate and B-12.

Gail Combs

I take a b complex as well. I also have Hubby on vitamin B because of his balance problems.

Nutritional status in relation to balance and falls in the elderly: a preliminary look at serum folate


Background/aim: In elderly persons, fall-related injury is a serious public health problem. We investigated the impact of essential nutritional elements on falls in the elderly.

Methods: Clinical function, balance, gait and disability tests and health and nutritional status assessments were performed. All subjects were interviewed regarding the occurrence of falls in the last year. Blood tests for serum vitamin D, folate and B(12) were conducted among a randomly selected subsample of 54 participants in the same month…..

Results: …. Serum folate was highly and negatively associated with the number of falls and with prescribed medications and was the only protective factor against falls in a multivariate analysis.

Conclusions: Vitamin D was related to most functional and balance measurements. Serum folate was protective against falls. For every 1 ng/ml increase in serum folate the occurrence of falls decreased by 19%.

Pub Med: Folic acid, ageing, depression, and dementia

It is becoming clear that folic acid affects mood and cognitive function, especially in older people. Edward Reynolds draws together the evidence

Folic acid is important for functioning of the nervous system at all ages….

High dose folic acid is a potential treatment for pulmonary hypertension, including when associated with COVID-19 pneumonia


Very helpful info. My FIL is 90 and definitely a fall risk.


That, too! Thanks, I forget that one.

Gail Combs

I would think it would work just fine. All you are doing is making sure you do not head into the cytokine storm.


I worry about Allegra a bit because they advertise the “Allegra-D” so much. It contains pseudoephedrine, and many people don’t react well to that. Plain old Allegra is good, but they seem to push the D one more.



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Xyzal is one enantiomer of Zyrtec, so it’s basically the “better half” of Zyrtec, with less drowsiness from the other enantiomer. It has to work!


What an absolute relief it is NOT to be a scared covidian who now truly believes that any sniffle or headache is tantamount to potentially being on death’s door.
The stress alone has to contribute to their vulnerability to any virus or flu.


Although, I really don’t relish going through all that non-stop, and I mean non-stop except for sleep, medicating for a week. And that’s what it would have to be, as high-risk folks can’t take any chance.


Want my very BEST piece of cold and flu season advice? No kidding?

NEVER, EVER, touch a doorknob with your bare hand.

I will use a paper towel, my shirt tale, of the bottom of a long skirt I happen to be wearing, but from October through Jone, I do not touch doorknobs.

This has kept me mostly illness-free for years.


I think people antiseptic towels in a baggy in my purse to wipe doorknobs.


Good idea!

Gail Combs

Also STAY OUT of the viral exchange facilities aka rest rooms. Most viruses are airborne and E.M. Smith mentioned that a flush sends up pathogens that can circulate for up to 20 minutes.

I try NOT to use public rest rooms or if I do I use Tractor Supply since it is usually used very very lightly…. IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY FIND IT. (Also the personnel all had covid in 2020.)


Good idea. I hate public restrooms for many reasons.


Let your economy loose!

Barb Meier

Very nice post, thanks for sharing barkerjim!


Hmm going main stream now.
Another data point of the end of RONA.

Covid experts warn fourth dose of vaccine may be pointless and Omicron might end pandemic | Daily Mail Online

EXCLUSIVE: Are we on the brink of OVER-vaccinating in the fight against Covid? Experts warn dishing out fourth jabs in spring may be unnecessary – and Omicron may be world’s ‘natural’ vaccine that finally ends pandemic

UK should hold off on a new booster and the wait for data on long term impact of current jabs, experts say

Scientists say giving a booster every 3 months not feasible, and may not improve immunity significantly

Some claim Omicron is now a ‘natural vaccine’, but one expert poured cold water on idea, saying it is ‘bulls***’ 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Fuck that “one expert” on the CHINA-PFIZER payroll.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’m in a MOOD today. Every asshole who deserves condemnation gets it.


I’m in line to repeat whatever you inflict.  😎 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


*sounds of a bolt cycling*

Gail Combs

NAH, Wolfie



(sound of an evil laugh)

Cuppa Covfefe

Better Living Through Chemicals 😀

Gail Combs

When suitably applied. To the CORRECT places.


Deplorable Patriot


Gail Combs


Deplorable Patriot

Has anyone checked on his wife?


Uh, MeThinks that IS the attitude we all need to take.

We Are Mad As Hell. AND, I’m Not Going To Take It Any more. (Me anyway)


With the rough end of a pineapple


Huh? WTF?

A fourth dose may NOT be needed? Beyong dumb as dirt.

Someone needs to tell that dumb fuck, ALL of the injections ARE pointless. Short of a desire to kill or vaccine injure folks.

Ya. Did not read at the link. Went with info in post.

Simply done with ALL of the Covid mania. Life needs to be NORMAL. No more accommodations for hysterical nonsense.


I know two people who just tested positive. They don’t know if it’s Omicron, but their test said they are positive for COVID. They have had sore throats, some coughing, fever in the 99-100 range for a couple of days, and then the road to recovery. In other words, it seems like a cold with fever, and not even the flu.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Sounds like Omicron!


My son from Ann Arbor informed me today he took the booster shot so did his wife.
I said “that is not good”. He had a fit and hung up on me. I am not going to repeat what he thinks of Dr Melone. I guess he believes the smear campaign against Melone.
Maybe one day he will realize I said it out of love not because I do not love him.


I had a similar phone call with my son yesterday. I called to tell him about the antihistamine thing, and ended up in a huge blow up.

I think I have to leave him alone for a while. He has no respect for anything I say. And he thinks he’s a communist. What he really is is a sixteen-year-old boy in the body of a thirty-year-old man.


Oh that is what they are . Yes leaving them alone for a while is good.
Sorry to hear you had a similar reaction. My son changed so much since he married. He married a Druid. I tell you they live in la la land. He was normal until he married at 44.

Gail Combs

I am sorry to hear that Singing. Perhaps when this finishes playing out he will wake up. In the mean time I hope everyone stays safe.


Thank you. I think the covid mess rattled a lot of people. They are all in a brain fog 🙂

Gail Combs

They are now in the denial stage. The world they thought they knew is crumbling and they are now seeing the REALITY behind all the Cumbya crap.
comment image


Yes I think you are right and they get angry when one does not agree with their choices. hey I do not need to be right I just want them to be healthy. I have no control what they do. Just put it in God’s hands.


Most of the problem with mine is the girlfriend. She’s a loon.

A Druid, huh? That’s interesting. I know quite a bit about it. Mostly what I know is that NO ONE knows very much about the actual, historical Druids. The new-age ones are basically pretending.


Yeah, makes me laugh. Wicca is just a made up religion.

I saw a t-shirt that read:

“Wicca: Pretending to be an ancient religion for 75 years.”

Cracked me up.


Now That IS Funny. I Don’t Care Who You Are.   :wpds_lol: 




Lol, true.


Yes pretending to be something they are not.
Real Druids were no cake walk.


No, according to the few historical sources that mention them, Druids were pretty scary.


Yes they were.




Very sorry to read your son had a fit, then hung up on you, his Mother.


In my world. Siblings typically send an annual update on their families. We generally don’t communicate. Them being liberals with no appreciation for this conservative. I got over it years ago.

For whatever reason, they felt it important to tell me they got injection, injection brand. AND how they complied with lockdowns, social distancing within family… Yad. Yada.

Normally I do not bother with annual updates. They really don’t care how I am doing or what I do. I’m good with it.

This year, out of character, On Christmas, I sent an email listing all of the trips we made in 2022. Texas, DC, McCall, ID, Grand Canyon, Texas again, Glacier National Park, Teaxs a third time.

I closed my email with.

We continue to live our lives BC. BC, as in Before Covid (BS). Normal. Not yielding to the lunacy. No ineffective AND unsafe injections for us. NOT interested in the Hamster Wheel of seemingly endless, Covid injections / boosters. 

Certainly respect everyone makes their own decisions. Freedom is a beautiful concept.

No reply from three numskull brothers. Didn’t expect any. Mainly a reply to their getting injected and


Yes you got it they have to tell about their injections. I am wondering that is because they are not sure of themselves.
Good for you living your life as always. We try also live our life but the kids do not want us because we are not jabbed they are afraid they kill us. Maybe they are afraid we give them something.
My family in Germany are all jabbed. I am told even though they can get the covid they will not die but I will because I have no protection , no jab.
I think they are all sick 🙂


Or brain fog from the injections.
They never will tell us they made a mistake because they are perfect. 🙂


Is there any way to prove that the shot ever actually benefitted anyone?

They don’t prevent infection/transmission or hospitalization, nor do they confer immunity.

The side effects, injuries and deaths stats are immutable truth. And the more time passes, the more people in your orbit that are affected.

The therapeutics, on the other hand, work. Proven.

Has anyone else noticed the tendency by vaxxed people to act like being one of those who didn’t have a reaction is some sort of bizarre badge of honor? A first cousin nearly dies from clots, your own daughter miscarries and one of my dumbass BILs is content to remain in the stupor. (“Just got my booster, didn’t effect me.”) Like that’s literally their precious.

Gail Combs

Only way to prove it is like that one doctor did. Check T cells and other immune markers.

person gets shot and check again…. OOPS major change.

Also check micro clots before and after.



Yea, they THINK the injection and booster did not effect them. Cuz they did NOT have or admit to reactions from the injections and booster.

They have NO IDEA what is going on with their immune system.

The good news is, FauXi and his brothers in Big Pharma will have a second booster ready in a few months.

Gail Combs

At least at this point. Five to ten years down the road when the infertility, heart problems, cancers… sky rocket, then WE will know but it will be too long ago and too late for the Clot Shot sheeple.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly. Based on the autopsy results by Bhakdi and Burkhardt, clot shot deaths are almost always ruled as something other than vaccine-caused prior to autopsy, and thus cannot be assessed properly prior to autopsy.


I have been told that “you most likely will die because you did not have the shot”. They will not because they are up to date on their shots. They know they can get covid but tell themselves they will live while non vaccinated die.
That makes them feel better so be it.  😏 


I think we saw this a couple of weeks ago but ICYMI it hits this booster insanity square in the mouth


Deplorable Patriot


Safe and effective

Are we talking about sunscreen and birth control?

I mean, it’s the same nomenclature.

Cuppa Covfefe

Apparently there are “costumes” in England that allow for, erm, covering all bases at once…
comment image

Then again, they rarely have enough sunny days to need it… but it probably protects against anything except muddy shoes…


At the beginning of the WuFlu scare, some people were removing their clothing and shoes before entering the house. That guys’s feet are NOT protected. 😎

Barb Meier

Wearing a full-body condom

Deplorable Patriot

That was my thought.


Those are great!

Deplorable Patriot

Two pages already?


So, it being a Holy Day, I had the downtown gig this am. Five people in the congregation as the obligation is waived this year. It’s a raw, crappy day here with rain we are expecting to turn to snow in the next few hours. I was expecting the Arch to be lost in the clouds, and as I got closer to the river, most of it wasn’t. Just the very top. I had to stop for garlic on the way home (no vampires welcome in this house), and there were more people without masks today. It’s like, do we really have to still do this? Anyway, the people not wearing them are mostly young men. Just an observation.

Deplorable Patriot

Be still my heart.


Rats. Here’s the text for the tweet which is complete with video:


Netherlands https://abs-0.twimg.com/emoji/v2/svg/1f1f3-1f1f1.svg The government banned fireworks so they all set them off in defiance. https://pic.twitter.com/LCfJtOXfPq
Replying to @wakethesheepnow

Last edited 11 months ago by Deplorable Patriot
Cuppa Covfefe

They did that here, too, and the only remaining German fireworks company, WECO, has gone under. All sales are banned, and blowing off anything more than Christmas Crackers is liable to prompt a visit from the “constabulary” if they’re not busy elsewhere…

But the fellow down the hill, who I term “Ali Ulabood, the Moslem bombmaker” continues undaunted, and was firing stuff off until 5:00 AM. Another fellow down the street in the other direction, from the former East Bloc, apparently has/had access to mil-spec ordnance, the likes I’ve not heard in almost 40 years here, sounded like he was mounting an attack on the city west of us…

That’s one thing about living on a hill: we get to see all the fireworks shows for free, be they legal or illegal. So it’s other peoples’ money being flushed away for the show (sounds like Socialism 🙂 )… Still, the stuff the Ossie was lighting up was downright scary…

Makes me think of the poor pyro-engineer a couple of years back who had a software malfunction and a two-hour-plus (IIRC) show went up inside of five minutes (wonder if the music got sped up too 🙂 ).

Fortunately no-one was hurt, but I wonder if he had to change careers after that…

(Sad to say, I think the phrase “only remaining German _____” is going to be heard/read a lot more frequently in the future if we don’t get rid of the Greens and REDs)…

Deplorable Patriot
Gail Combs

In the now that is interesting compartment. I got this on my Barbara Marx Hubbard comment.

E.M.Smith says:

30 December 2021 at 1:08 am


Congratulations! You have won the “MUST be worth reading!” award via the WordPress “Spam” filter flagging your comment here:


From what I’ve been able to tell, when a Normal Person posting goes there, it is because someone got their panties in a bunch over the person, or the people or topics referenced in the comment, and marked it as SPAM for Political Reasons. That usually indicates something that was hitting home a bit hard 😉


That usually indicates something that was hitting home a bit hard

Excellent! Congrats!

Valerie Curren

This means you can now join my daughter on the Wedgie Police team (inside family “deaf” joke). That is truly “fun” & enlightening that spam bots are trying to hide You!!!

Gail Combs

Oh I have been on the ‘hit list’ for years. Jo Nova and EM figured out certain names I used were the trigger just like this time.

Valerie Curren

Very Interesting 🙂


Top Governor’s Races To Watch in 2022

Democrats four years ago rode a blue wave to governors’ mansions across the country, flipping Republican-held seats in the Midwest, Northeast and West alike.

Now, however, many of those governors face Republican challengers amid a political environment that looks potentially promising for the GOP, meaning that contentious races may lie ahead in some of the nation’s most pivotal battleground states.



I’d say VA in Nov. was a good foreshadowing.

Deplorable Patriot

This one is more of a documentary.


Gail Combs

Clif High, mentioned at 53 minutes and in #15 in a longer video, than the one cited, is the one who mentioned Barbara Marx Hubbard and her connection to the World Economic Forum.


Here is one Patel and Clif High interview that was passed my direction.


comment image

I apologize for the size. 🙄

Last edited 11 months ago by Gingersmom2009
Valerie Curren

How would they actually know that such temp sensors would work properly to those temps? They can’t actually test such temps on earth, right?

Isn’t Absolute Zero minus 273 Kelvin? I forget what that is in C or F…


IIRC there’s no such thing as -kelvin. Absolute zero is zero on kelvin scale. -273 centigrade is 0 kelvin. Both degrees are equal.

Valerie Curren

Thank PGroup. My recall (& understanding) is apparently sorely lacking! At least I got the number right (273) 😉

Valerie Curren

Thx Steve for the info–you’re Always a fount of wisdom! I was thinking that Absolute Zero was the absence of All heat so there was no way we could actually approach that on Earth–apparently, yet again, I was wrong 🙂

Valerie Curren

Very Cool–no pun intended 😉

Valerie Curren

My parents had something shipped to them in dry ice when I was a kid. They put it in the bathtub to dissipate. I had to reach out a finger to touch it & it was so cold that it actually “burned”…

Valerie Curren


Valerie Curren

Fascinating–thanks Steve!


Happy New Fellow Qtreepers. Apologies for not posting Christmas Day well wishes, but it is still the Christmas Season – May you all have a blessed and joyful Christmas Season!

God bless you all


Joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!

Valerie Curren

Blessings to You & your family, GC. Always good to see you here in the Tree!

Barb Meier

Great post, Steve! Happy New Year. You made me wonder what bearded dragons eat. I am curious what exactly comes in that bearded dragon poo. Extract of insects? Mostly processed plant matter? Perhaps essence of dead mouse?


Yes, a very informative post!

Last edited 11 months ago by TheseTruths
Gail Combs


I have an Anole who hangs around the porch grabbing insects but he has to watch out for the cat. So far he has survived.
comment image

Gail Combs

Yes, my porch anole will turn brown and even a camouflage dark/light brown.

Right now I am see a lot of them.

Gail Combs

The pet store sold live mealy worms but Charlie, my box turtle would not touch them. He wanted earthworms and lettuce and berries. Hard to come by for a college student in a dorm. I was not suppose to have a pet but I rescued him out of a pit cave and it was almost winter. He ate like he was starving for about a month and then hibernated under the leaves in his box.

Gail Combs

I was just outside at dusk. We had at least 1/2 dozen Fledermaus flying around. Probably Little Browns.


How cool! Do you do anything in particular to encourage them?

(e.g. https://www.amazon.com/bat-house-kit/s?k=bat+house+kit )

Gail Combs

Just provide a good environment without a lot of chemical sprays.

One year we even had a snowy owl show up.


Our place is over run with dragonflys of all different colors.

comment image?crop=1.00xw:0.755xh;0,0.115xh&resize=1200:*
comment image

comment image?width=3200&height=1680&fit=crop


comment image

Valerie Curren


Valerie Curren

Bacon for the win–always!!!

There are scenes in “Alone” where contestants eat bugs & other gross stuff. Hubby & I can barely bear watching–yuck! Or watching Bear Grylls squeeze elephant poop over his face to get a drink of piss–absolutely revolting 🙁



Next up – 1973 gas station lines.


They are crazy and when I say crazy..in the most commonly understood way…insane. Stupid too.



The pollution!


I have no way to know if this is true but it sounds about right


Oh yeah thats real no flu stats in ca either.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The assay shows the 4 weak coronaviruses followed by the new 5th “cold”, SARS-CoV-2.

Very real. They literally called a cold “COVID”.


SUMMARY OF THE ROGAN – MALONE INTERVIEW – https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1477032151493267460.html

Gail Combs



It’s really well done. That is one dynamite interview.

I doubt Dr. Malone and McCullough are the last distinguished scientists being persecuted/silenced/maligned that Rogan will interview and give a platform.

Rogan deserves a prize for this work.

Gail Combs

He is a very good interviewer.

What I find interesting is we are now getting some really, really good ‘amateur’ news people surfacing that make the propaganda readers on the Fake News look like the narcissistic arse-holes they really are.

Joe Rogan, David Clement, Sean Morgan (in that make sense of the madness video), Jan Jekielek of the Epoch Times and even Stew Peters really shame the “A’ List news manglers.


Thanks for the names. I love Rogan’s interview style – he asks brilliant questions – and really listens to the answers.

Gail Combs

I am hoping we actually end up with a completely new set of REAL Journalists. It is such a pleasure to listen to someone who asks a good question and THEN SHUTS UP!!

Alex Jones drives me nutz and Steve Bannon can get bad too. Bannon’s podcasts are more of the ‘headlines’ compared to in-depth interviews like the group I named above.

Gail Combs


Faux news is Controlled Opposition. Murdoch had a Chinese wife and was going to move to Chyna.


You are not just KIDDING. I’m listening to it in segments and he will literally sit silent for a couple of minutes so Malone can string a long thought together.

As opposed to tick-tock Hannity.

So Rogan has turned down a Trump interview in the past? I wonder if he would do it now, or if Trump would?

Well, as you can see I posted before reading the next few comments. 🙄

Last edited 11 months ago by Gingersmom2009
Gail Combs

Give it 6 months to a year.


Here is the crux of the controversy: until 1918 Russia lived according to the (Old) Julian calendar, which lagged two weeks behind the modern Gregorian calendar in use in Europe and North America. Many experts put it this way: Russia’s national team arrived in London two weeks later and missed some of the competitions; luckily enough, the Russians still had 4.5 months ahead of them.
“The Russian national team forgot that Great Britain had switched to the Gregorian calendar 200 years prior… When the Russian delegation started to sign up, it turned out that the Olympics were already very much on, and some competitions had already ended,” wrote the Russian news portal, Lenta.ru.

Sports Illustrated describes the incident as follows, concentrating on the shooting competition that the Russians missed: “On July 11, 1908, the U.S. edged out Great Britain to take gold in the event. The Russians didn’t appear on the standings and were non-competitive. Not because they weren’t any good, but rather because they weren’t present. While they arrived in town a few days before July 11, they did so according to the wrong calendar.”


Am visiting family interstate with much obligatory socialising.
my screen time is waaaaaay down.
seriously I’m in the bathroom even as I type this


Have a good trip  😂 

Gail Combs

Hop everything comes out alright.



[double groan]

Gail Combs

You caught me! SNICKER


The bathroom is camouflage not actual production

Cuppa Covfefe

Hope your New Year is flush with success 😀



Gail Combs

Well at least 2022 has started out with a lot of laughter. That is a good sign.

Someone say SIGN?


And hopefully we will be able to say that (or at least think that) at our liberal relatives or friends before the end of this year.


“seriously I’m in the bathroom even as I type this”

Cracking up as I read your post and thought of…

^^^ Somewhere today there was a meme or cartoon of sorts. It showed a HUGE computer.

The caption read something about in the future, we could hold a computer in our hand while taking a crap. 🙂

Gail Combs

H/T Barkerjim
comment image


That’s the one. Thanks.


I’ve never owned a cellphone.
I’ve always thought they just poop in your hand.
That must be why I see so many get thrown  😂 


Happy New Year to you Ozzytrumpster !


Omicron antibodies protect against Delta.



Yep, so far it’s the only vaccine that works.


Very good point!


Inquiring minds would like to know….

Was Omicron released by the White Hats?

I know. Prolly not. But IF it were, for all the right and proper reasons….and had the intended effects (both medically and politically)….


….that sure would be exquisitely delicious!!

Nom nom nom


THAT, smacks of significant.

Having had Omicron protects against delta. Granted, Delta is waning.

Gail Combs

Let’s Play Connect the DOTS.

Remember Dr Steve Hatfill called Omicron the ‘Moving Vaccine’ …

Read his Bio

….he studied the Ebola Virus at the US Army Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick.

From 1986-87 he served as the overwinter medical officer for the South African 27th National Antarctic Expedition. From 1987-1990 he served as a part-time casualty officer (Emergency Medicine) at a major hospital in South Africa….

There is a Bio-level 4 lab at the tip of South Africa…

Dr Peter McCullough said the Monoclonal Antibodies were part of Warp Speed…

Clyburn Issues Subpoena to Trump White House Advisor Dr. Steven Hatfill on Coronavirus Response
Hatfill showed up on Bannon’s War Room in early 2020 then disappeared only to show up again now….

December 22: Dr. Hatfill: Boosters Won’t Protect You From Omnicron – It’s A Traveling Vaccine

 December 7, 2021: Revealed: Operation Warp Speed’s Vast Military Involvement

Now, an organizational chart of the $10 billion initiative, obtained by STAT, reveals the fullest picture yet of Operation Warp Speed: a highly structured organization in which military personnel vastly outnumber civilian scientists.

The labyrinthine chart, dated July 30, shows that roughly 60 military officials — including at least four generals — are involved in the leadership of Operation Warp Speed, many of whom have never worked in health care or vaccine development. Just 29 of the roughly 90 leaders on the chart aren’t employed by the Department of Defense; most of them work for the Department of Health and Human Services and its subagencies….

Now add in Trump’s Vaccine Strategy with Patel Patriot


Thanks. Very informative.


This Patel Patriot video lines up with my exact thoughts/theory of President Trump’s strategy and why he seems to be pushing the vaccines. Thank you Gail for posting it.

Barb Meier

Part 2: Dr. Peter McCullough on Omicron Realities and VAERS Reports on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths. https://www.theepochtimes.com/part-2-dr-peter-mccullough-on-omicron-realities-and-vaers-reports-on-vaccine-injuries-and-deaths_4188071.html


White House 2025.

il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) Tweeted:
I KNOW.😘 https://t.co/DX3v7Lju9b


Valerie Curren

Omicron unlocked 😉
comment image


Happy New Year to all Q’Treepers after a difficult ’21 – may this year be less worse than the last. This from an Aussie not sitting in the outhouse ….

For Wolf’s perusal – a smaller version (pre-cursor, perhaps) of mass formation – “egregore” as introduced here in a Covid related vid

A while back I promised Wolf a response to the DOJ’s arrest of the father of the schoolgirl who was raped by the fake transgender “person”. My response has been sitting at 95% complete for months – haven’t felt quite ready to post it yet, something’s missing. The nub of it is related to my belief that the “gates of hell” are released and I can just about make the case. Busy January ahead, so should get it done in Feb.

Keep up the good work – still lurking for a while yet.

Last edited 11 months ago by JasonD

Happy New Year Jason!

The Aussie, NOT sitting in an outhouse is, Laugh Out Loud Funny. 🙂


Hey Kalbo! Always good to hear from you. I miss hanging out with y’all. I’ll hopefully be in a position soon to remedy that, at least for a while.


Pleasant surprise seeing your post. Looking forward to your time freeing up a bit. 🙂