DEAR KAG: 20211231 – New Year’s Eve – The Pub is OPEN / The Clot Shot Casino is CLOSED / Christmas Spirit / Trump Calendars / How to Hide a Histaminimus / Nick Perry, Percy Sutton, and Obola / Minion Meets Master / General Flynn on Exposing TRUTH

The Pub is OPEN!

Of course we’re open on New Year’s Eve, for goodness sake!

However, the crooked and despicable Clot Shot Casino is now CLOSED (more details later), for outrageous offenses like THIS.

Colorado casino customers prosecuted for playing abandoned slot credits

Prepare to be outraged, even though this story is from over 5 years ago.

A guy who found $2 in credit left on a slot machine, played it before he put his own money into “his” machine, and was PROSECUTED for “fraud” with a big fine. Yup. Any credits left on a machine belong to the house, if a person leaves them. The house then MONITORS this crap on security camera.

So they don’t let the guy pay the $2, but shake him down with arrest, booking, charges, and ultimately a PLEA BARGAIN and a CRIMINAL RECORD. Everybody in the FAKE LEGAL SYSTEM gets rich except the CHUMP, who should have taken it to court, even though there was probably a dirty judge on it, too.

Clearly the whole thing is a SCAM set up with dirty law enforcement. In fact, it would not surprise me if CHUMPS were being set up by the casino (intentionally left machine credits) to take these falls.

Meanwhile, FBI goes after patriotic Americans.

Gambling. It’s just DIRTY. That’s why you won’t find CLOTTERY TICKETS here in WOLF’S PUB.

Meanwhile in Amateur Bartender Land…..

While our beloved REAL bartender takes a needed break of unknown duration, we will ENDEAVOR TO PERSEVERE.

Because we did alcohols last week, including menthol, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine, we’ll try some amines this week.

Alcohols begin with the structural moiety -OH whereas amines begin with -NH2. The familiar ethanol is CH3-CH2-OH. Replacing the H on the oxygen of alcohols turns them into things which act completely differently (ethers, esters, etc.), and are no longer called alcohols. In contrast, the H atoms of “primary amines” (-NH2) can be replaced (-NH-, -N(-)-, -N=, etc.), and much of the chemical behavior frequently remains, in which case the substances may still be called amines.

This classification scheme for organic substances is complicated, historical, and sensible, but it is also admittedly very obscure.

Think of amines as nitrogen horning on on oxygen‘s act in the alcohol world. Compared to the very familiar ethanol, other alcohols are different enough, but amines create a whole new ball game. For over a century, amines were possibly the biggest act in the world of pharmaceuticals.

The following three amines are second generation antihistamines.

More on these substances later!

Christmas Spirit

As we are going to keep the Christmas spirit going into 2022, you will note that ornaments are still up – including various old favorites from Christmas Past.

First lady Melania Trump tosses an ornament to a child across the table after he tossed one to her as she visits with children in the East Room among the 2017 holiday decorations with the theme “Time-Honored Traditions” at the White House in Washington, Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

We will get that tree up, no matter how much flak from the cultural Marxists!

And there will be GIFTS for all, both NAUGHTY and NICE!!!

How did you like those pictures of Trump and MELANIA???

PSSST! Hey, kid! I’ve got some pictures…….

Trump Calendars

People – it’s getting close to the time to make a decision. Do you want a TRUMP CALENDAR for 2022?

I’m going to let you know about TWO of them that you can get. They ship VERY QUICKLY, too!

Official Trump Calendar

This is a GREAT calendar – heavy on military photos – plenty of Melania.

I can vouch for this one – easily worth the $45 minimum donation to SAVE AMERICA – meaning 90% goes to TRUMP’S CONTROL.

This is a great way to make an end-of-the-year donation and not feel stiffed by RINOs!


Jon McNaughton’s Trump Calendar

I love this guy’s art. Had I not gotten the official Trump Calendar, I might have gotten this one.

Still time to buy, I think, but I have not tried to put an order through.

Please let us all know in comments if you order either of these and encounter either success or failure.

And now, the rules of the pub.


God bless us, every one! Tiny Tim had such a beautiful soul. He hadn’t a mean bone in his body…unlike most of us. But in keeping with Christmas, we promise to honor Wolf’s rules and keep Scrooge at bay. The Utree is where the Ghost of Christmas Present will conduct you should you need to rattle some chains. Another option, should all hell break loose is here.

Now, back to business.


Current Art On The Wall

First a bit of pub introspection…..

…..and then some comic relief on the wall in the john!

The Clot Shot Casino is CLOSED

The “ever-mouthy” Karl Denninger has just pointed out some numbers in the Danish Omicron data that really change my perception of relative risks and benefits of vaccination – particularly in light of what we now know about common H1 antihistamines as a class essentially preventing death from COVID.

This is less about SIDE EFFECTS (adverse events – whatever) and more about IMMUNITY STRATEGY.

Let’s Make It Simple

Multiple questions are now answered by this fresh data for a new variant.

First, it’s very clear that the “Wuhan vaccines” are rather BADLY protective against Omicron. While I would not call it a “pandemic of the vaccinated”, the vaccinated ARE over-represented in Omicron cases, and the unvaccinated are under-represented. At least one analyst has speculated that Omicron might have escaped from a laboratory, where it “gained function” in the serum of vaccinees.

The recently boosted have a risk comparable to the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated as a whole are actually MORE LIKELY to get Omicron, which is weird. Combined with the fact found elsewhere, that almost 5% of Danish Omicron patients already had COVID-19, then “Wuhan natural immunity” is suffering its own form of breakthrough as well.

Fine. So the vaccines need boosters, and risks accumulate. The disease is also risky, and not as protective as we had thought.


Let’s look at that fact – that the VACCINATED (overall) are being hammered harder than the unvaccinated, relative to their proportion in the population.

One explanation is that the “unvaccinated” include a bunch of people who were “vaccinated” by the disease, and have SUPERIOR natural immunity.

Another explanation is that the current Wuhan-variant vaccines are immunizing against the now-absent Wuhan variant, but are LOWERING immunity to new and changed variants- perhaps after some initial immunity, but then waning. And THAT is not an unknown phenomenon.

And, of course, there is the third option, that it is BOTH of those two things.

No matter which way it is, this is not good news for the vaccines. This DATA says that – in real life – “natural immunity” / “no vaccine” is a solid form of protection, and is about as good as “boosterism”. Worse than that, for the vaccines, it appears that “missing the booster” (“2 shots” in the table) leaves one EXTREMELY VULNERABLE to the disease – much more so than being totally unvaccinated.

THIS is starting to explain why the CDC is playing WORD GAMES with “unvaccinated”, where they call people who just got vaccinated “unvaccinated” to blame-cast adverse events as disease, tinkering with THOSE numbers, but they ALSO call people who got two shots “unvaccinated” after some time, when those people are actually “vaccinated but now in vaccine failure”.

Don’t play those word games with me, Dr. Fauci. Those “unvaccinated” people TOOK THE JAB. They’re “vaccinated”. And with TIME, vaccination looks to be a LOSER unless you get REVACCINATED.

How about we use the word “revaccinated”? It’s a bit more honest.


Thanks to this recent data, and some other earlier thoughts, two things have become CLARITIN CLEAR.

(1) – Nobody needs to die from COVID, because, if the murderous media would simply tell people, there ARE in fact some common, cheap, easy-to-get, over-the-counter drugs that essentially make it impossible to die from the disease, while in the process obtaining superior “natural” immunity.

(2) – Even if one wants to GAMBLE with the vaccines, which offer less “disease” but also less “immunity”, the vaccines seem to make people MORE susceptible to sufficiently mutated coronavirus variants. That is, unless one gets a booster. Thus, they’re ADDICTIVE, just like gambling and smoking, making one DEPENDENT on the vaccines.

For a deeper discussion of vaccine dependency…..

How Vaccine Addiction Slavery Works

Wherein we explain – at three different levels of scientific and political understanding – how ADE-mediated vaccine slavery works. This post is to PREPARE YOU to watch what the other side is doing RIGHT NOW, so you can spot the deceptions. Right now they are DESPERATELY trying to make a FAILING PLAN work. Their plan …

Is that GOOD? Seriously – is that good? Is it “good” to be dependent for your VERY LIFE on vaccines?

I, personally, don’t think so. It’s like making everybody an insulin-dependent diabetic. And look what Joe Biden (really that asshole Obola) just did to diabetics! A thousand dollars a month! Ridiculous. Recombinant insulin was supposed to FREE our diabetics – not make them slaves!

Because of this, it is not really possible for me to recommend the vaccines as anything more than a RISKY CONVENIENCE – a GAMBLE – by which one avoids a biannual, triennial, or maybe (if you’re lucky) decennial cold or flu, but one also becomes dangerously dependent on the vaccines.


You are welcome to gamble elsewhere, but we cannot support gambling in this pub.

So let me state this VERY clearly.

If you are aware of the simple CURE for hospitalization and death from COVID itself, then the addictive, immunity-decreasing vaccines make no sense. This is true EVEN neglecting side-effects, which are substantial AND cumulative.

Now – let me be very clear. But I may have to whisper. And you probably won’t believe me, even after I explain it.

How to Hide a Histaminimus

When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was How to Hide a Hippopotamus.

It was a great lesson in concealment. It was the beginning of understanding.

So what does that have to do with today?

Well, I have a theory. And if that theory is right……

The true “cure” for COVID was never hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

These were silver-plated shiny objects – “real” distractions – that allowed the con-job vaccines to move forward. This is why the con-job shiny objects were SEEDED to us in various ways by the other side, who are tricky as hell. They needed to make sure we reacted in a predictable way.

Remember this one?

Or how about THIS ONE?

See what I’m saying? That episode makes far more sense as a PLANNED DISTRACTION than a real “WOO WOO” tell of the drug they were afraid of.

Hollywood WANTED us pointed in a certain direction, by which our PRE-PLANNED OPPOSITION would proceed according to THEIR timetable.

They KNEW how we would react.

Hydroxy and ivermectin were “working shiny objects” that we would predictably glom onto, while missing the REAL fast and easy solution. Missing the real solution, and glomming onto THEIR crippled partial solutions, controlled and denigrated by the other side, would allow THEIR disingenuous solution – injected spike protein toxin – to move forward unopposed.

The real “cure” – the one that the Spanish doctors and the South African doctor found – was simply to take H1 antihistamines and STOP the second phase of the disease.

That’s all. That’s all that’s needed to make COVID-19 a COLD again. Treat it LIKE a cold used to be treated.

Both first and second generation over-the-counter antihistamines work for this. They attack the ROOT of the deaths from COVID, which is the spike protein hypersensitivity reaction that Dr. Chetty describes, and with which everybody is familiar, although perhaps under a variety of immunological descriptions like “cytokine storm”.

Now I’m not saying that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are not effective treatments. Indeed, they are. The other side HAD to oppose those, precisely because they work, and because they diminish hospitalization and death in a very significant way – especially if started EARLY.

BUT those solutions are controlled and media-deniable by the other side. They were never a threat. They are not something the other side had to HIDE. They are something they had to effectively OPPOSE.

That is why the other side used two different approaches. For hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, they used psychological seeding, media denunciation, and institutional opposition and control. For antihistamines, they used diversion to other drugs, media silence, and institutional delay.

The deeper truth is that, had we learned about over-the-counter antihistamines effectively ending death from COVID in early 2020, it would have cut off their vaccine plot AT THE KNEES.

Imagine, if you will, some intrepid journalists being alerted in early 2020 that the Spaniards or Dr. Chetty had something IN HAND that would prevent death by COVID, and it was something a lot of people were taking already for colds and flu. In fact, most families ALREADY had the cure in their houses, because ANY of the H1 antihistamines will do. Imagine what would have happened to vaccines if a “home cure” would have been a worldwide rumor – and then CONFIRMED by the people themselves – and then trumpeted by the frightened media, should they “defect” from the narrative.

THAT is the secret that could not get out.

But if everybody chased the RIGHT drugs – the ones that THEY could control…… – the ones that THEY could denigrate, and fund studies to “disprove”…….

No problem. For THEM.

Marxist Tedros with communist Agnes Buzyn, who stopped prescription of hydroxychloroquine in France.

Do you now see WHY – at a very deep level – Agnes Buzyn made a show of restricting hydroxychloroquine?

THE MEDIA was the real weapon. There was no “walking back” the cure that was already out there, everywhere. They had to make sure we followed the cure that they controlled.

I’m not saying that Agnes Buzyn KNEW this, any more than President Trump KNEW that hydroxychloroquine was a calculated proffering to conceal a more critical weakness. People are led, misled, ordered to do things, and ordered not to do things, knowing that they will respond in certain ways.

I do think the liar Fauci may have known about antihistamines.

In fact, I suspect that VERY FEW people knew the truth about antihistamines, before the COVID release. Maybe only the TOP cabal actors.

Sometimes we have biases on the treatment side. Some folks like hydroxychloroquine. Some folks like ivermectin. Some like fluvoxamine. The list goes on.

The other side did NOT have a BIAS in opposing, controlling, silencing, or otherwise negating the threat of ANY and ALL of the treatment options.

They had a STRATEGY.

Now, I have a similar approach. I like ALL the treatment options, because they all save lives.

Right now, though, I favor bringing attention to antihistamines for a STRATEGIC reason.

It is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to kill us with COVID if we have FOUR THINGS.

  • A thermometer
  • An antigen test kit
  • Antihistamine
  • Azithromycin (doctors prescribe this easily)

It’s that simple. This is a simplification of the Spanish study into an “at home” cure.

  • People monitor their temperature
  • If a fever, then use an antigen test kit
  • If positive for COVID, take the antihistamine
  • If pulmonary complications, take the azithromycin

This is simply too easy, and everybody can do it.

Jo Nova has a great blog post on the Spanish study.

There would NEVER have been a push for the mRNA vaccines, or vaccine passports, if enough people – a critical number – had known about the Spanish results in – say – June of 2020.

Even when it was submitted as a paper in September of 2020, if it was big news, it would have complicated the vaccine roll-out. Vaccine passports would NOT have been realistic.

That is why the Spanish study didn’t really see the international light of day, until the vaccines were rolling out, in January 2021.

Received 16 September 2020, Revised 29 December 2020, Accepted 11 January 2021, Available online 16 January 2021.

Are you seeing where this goes?


Speaking of Actual President Obola

You will recall that – because Obama and Obama’s people are essentially running the Biden administration – at least until Kamala and Hillary take over – I am blaming the insane and inhumane pricing of insulin squarely on the REAL acting President…..


Now – I used to call Obola “Obola” all the time, back during his cavalier attitude toward Ebola, back in the day.

Little did I realize that the Ebola crisis was all a PSY-OP of the GRANDEST order.

We can now see that Obola was priming the right to run like a bull at the red cape of “airborne Ebola” which was used to deceive us about the lethality of COVID-19.

Obola’s cavalier attitude toward Ebola virus was 100% intentional. That’s easy to see, now.


Thanks to Deplorable Patriot, J.P. Sears, and Holly, we now have additional proof that the Ebola psy-op was definitely part of the COVID plot.

Let’s start here.

For now, just understand that A.416 was a BILL that would have empowered “Cuomo in a skirt”, Kathy Hochul, to have almost limitless dictatorial powers.

Let’s just save that tweet image, since COMMIES love to hide evidence.

We know this guy Nick Perry is a commie, because Aubergine did research tying him to the reelection campaign of Percy Sutton, one of the BIGGEST communists of the MASSIVELY communist, red diaper, Sutton family, which – again – Aubergine has deeply researched.


A while ago, Wolfmoon mentioned the name Percy Sutton in a response to my inquiry about what type of material he wanted for the site while he was away. Wolfmoon stated: “I also have an interest in “red diaper theory”, so the genealogy of all “red diaper lineages” is of interest. I have some projects …

Oh, Percy Sutton was one of the KEY communists in New York City. If Nick Perry was close to this guy, you can COUNT on secret membership, and very likely a DIAPER, too.

Sutton was BIG and he was CONNECTED.

So what, exactly, would A.416 have done?

For a humorous yet very serious take, I give you Mr. Magnesium himself!

Yeah. So a guy strongly connected to a notorious NYC communist proposes a BILL during the phony Ebola crisis, over 5 years ago, which languishes until it’s needed NOW, in the phony COVID crisis, for New York State to go FULL COMMIE.

You know what……..

And if you’re wondering where communism REALLY comes from…..

Minion Meets Master

I don’t get clear demonstrations like this very often, of something which is a strong signal of SATANIC ACTIVITY. Thus, it’s important that I share it with you.

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that the Kardashian world of “people who are famous for being famous” is more than a little connected to YOU KNOW WHO…..

In fact, let’s remind ourselves, who the latest “famiac” in the Kardashian-Jenner tribe happens to be.


I won’t spend time unraveling the twisted relationships in “Kardashian World”, but between the Jenner klan, Kanye West, and Travis Scott, it’s 200 proof Hollywood.

For those who want to dig into the relationships (not recommended), start HERE.


If I had to describe the post-Travis Kardashian vibe, it would be “cultural Satanism”. They’ve gone well beyond cultural Marxism at this point.

I consider this viewpoint validated by THIS NEWS:


KARDASHIANS BUSINESS MANAGER MURDERED AT 55 …Boyfriend Charged, D.A. Claims Killing Was ‘Sadistic’

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS 19.1K 12/29/2021 1:41 PM PT

From what I read elsewhere, she was more of an “ex” business manager, but she was actively working that bunch and others.

I will spare you the gruesome details, but not my conclusion – that this was the evil one collecting his due.

Do NOT – I repeat – DO NOT get involved with this stuff. Keep it at bay. STAY AWAY.

A certain amount of AWARENESS is good. “Wise as serpents” is a survival skill in spiritual warfare. We need some folks who train to see the traps. But it helps not to get jaded, familiar, or worst of all comfortable with the dark side. Periodic REVULSION is necessary.

What you are seeing here is the CONSUMPTION of those who make deals with the devil. They are CONSUMED IN THE FLAMES of the EVIL ONE when their usefulness is over.

I am sure this talented lady was well-rewarded for promoting the people she promoted, but she was likewise promoting everything at the top of Satan’s wish list for humanity.

In the end she was consumed, Ninth Gate-style.

I will skip the image of Frank Langela consumed in flames – and stick with this one.

Don’t make deals with this stuff – even small ones.

Are y’all good? AMEN! So STAY THAT WAY.

General Flynn on Exposing TRUTH

After Gen. Flynn’s “misunderstanding” (at best) or misrepresentation (at worst) of that rather culty Christian prayer in the name of the angel Michael as being “Catholic”, when it was clearly at best “small c catholic” (meaning under the umbrella of all Christianity, multi-schismatic or not, and even including “weird AF New Age”), I honestly feel a bit of a chafe under my very loose collar to be quoting Flynn on ANYTHING related to the subject of “exposing truth”.

I mean, the guy is a spy. Disinformation has to be a huge part of the job.

However, none of that diminishes what he says here. So just take a listen.


This is a big deal!!!

The inspection [of dominion machines] had been scheduled for earlier this month but the [PA] state attorney general and secretary of state oddly sued to prevent any such move to affirm the accuracy of the 2020 election results.

[per the court] It’s now set for Jan. 10.”

While everyone is fighting back on the covid insanity, watching the results of the Maxwell trial outcome, still reeling from outrageous illegal and massive border crossings, the lies and deceit of the 1/6 insurrection crucifixion (read Revolver and follow Darren Beattie), etc, etc…

The truth will always rise to the top. Those that live in the darkness will be destroyed by the light of the truth.

Keep doing all you can to expose the truth…I know it is not easy and it takes time to discover, research and read or listen to the various interviews, but do it for the good of our country and our kids.

Elements (elected and unelected) within our USG are so corrupt, it is disgusting. However, with the right attitude, leadership, discipline, and focus, much of this corruption can be cleaned up.

Get involved! Make Local Action your thing and do more for your community and our country 🙏🏼🇺🇸

Wolf again. I think he’s got that right.

The truth WILL rise to the top.

Sometimes, that truth may make US sweat a little bit – like when I have to admit that I was a cheerleader for the vaccines before they became the “clot shot”. But that’s OK. We can’t always be RIGHT. But we CAN always TRY to be right. Even after we fail. Maybe ESPECIALLY after we fail.

And – ironically – that is both SCIENCE and – for some of us – RELIGION.

New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year, y’all. Please STAY SAFE. Don’t drink and drive, yada, yada, yada.

If you DO go out and party, and you’ve not had COVID recently (Delta or later), then spend the next FOUR DAYS (incubation period) collecting everything you need to get through a wonderful case of the traveling vaccine, OMICRON.

(Or OBOLA, as I am starting to call it.)

Assuming you don’t have ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, you need:

Wolf’s COVID Care Package

  • Thermometer (thermal digital is easiest)
  • Antigen test kit(s) (yeah, good luck finding one)
  • Antihistamine of your choice (Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra are the easiest – 1-2 a day)
  • Aspirin (regular, or low-dose if your stomach doesn’t like it – 1 a day)
  • Listerine or Betadine mouthwash/gargle for mouth and throat
  • Vitamin D, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Multivitamin including Selenium.
  • Quercetin (including natural sources) or Green Tea
  • Saline or other nasal spray, rinse, or wash of your choice

The thermometer tells you when to use your precious test kit – when you suddenly have a fever and a sore or tingly throat.

The test kit gets you a positive diagnosis that opens doors for things like antibodies, or an official test.

A positive test means you can BEGIN TREATMENT at THERAPEUTIC DOSES.

The antihistamine insures that YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY NOT DIE, because it stops the second, allergic, inflammatory stage of COVID in its tracks.

The aspirin makes doubly sure you won’t get clots, but be careful – don’t take it if you’ve had trouble with aspirin. Talk to your doctor if unsure.

The gargles (Listerine or Betadine) massively reduce viral load and speed time to recovery.

The saline and nasal washes lower viral load, and maintain nasal breathing.

The quercetin and green tea help zinc’s antiviral action by increasing cellular zinc levels.

The vitamins and mineral supplements keep you at antiviral levels of these things. In particular, zinc and vitamin D3 need to be at non-deficient levels.

Please consult authoritative sources from TRUE medical doctors like the ones at

Now – THAT is your physical health.


Your SPIRITUAL HEALTH is – in my opinion – what really matters. I strongly recommend DAILY readings from the Bible. Doesn’t have to be much. Whether it’s Duchess’s comments, or a daily reading from a pocket devotional, if you get in the habit of thinking about the Bible EVERY DAY, you will do GREAT.

Thank you all for being here. Have a wonderful 2022.


In the first year of Darius son of Xerxes[a] (a Mede by descent), who was made ruler over the Babylonian[b] kingdom— in the first year of his reign, I, Daniel, understood from the Scriptures, according to the word of the Lord given to Jeremiah the prophet, that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years. So I turned to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and petition, in fasting, and in sackcloth and ashes.

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Deplorable Patriot

Before I head downstairs to cook, I must give a ground report of Mid StL County on New Years Eve in the grocery stores, which are all open tomorrow.


I mean, nuts. It was like Saturday afternoons out there. I was taking my life in my hands in the stores let alone the parking lots.

So, the county has been ordered by a court to stop the mandatory mask nonsense. The stores have signs that say, “Per CDC guidelines, masks are strongly recommended.” And here in the place where the Democrat primary is the election, essentially, the majority of the sheep are taking that seriously. I did see a handful of fellow resisters at both places I stopped, but the majority are submitting.



New Years Eve is NOT a good time to go food shopping.

People shop like they expect civilization to collapse at midnight, and this has been true at least since the 70s.


It was like that on Christmas Eve too. Wierd.


My latest ground report. 33 year old nephew comes home for a few days for Christmas to visit his parents in a nearby town. Parents have not left their home in a week, since the siblings/spouses all met for a Christmas lunch at a local restaurant. They are fully jabbed, not sick, not positive per self administered antigen tests. The nephew got his booster a week before he left to go visit his parents.

Nephew stays a few days and goes home and starts feeling sick the next day. Goes for a test and it is positive. Tells his mom who has several co-morbidity issues so they can test again and quarantine. He said, “Mom, i feel exactly like I did for a couple of days after I had the booster.”

Yeah, just anecdotal. Nobody else around him or at work where he lives has it, his parents don’t have it, but he gets it one to two weeks after receiving the booster. Nothing to see here, right?


Amen – don’t do it. Just say no and don’t bother with the thank you.

Yes, it was a PCR test from a testing center when he returned home. Yes, it was in the 7-10 day range, will have check on the date certain.

On a side note – Nephew had his mind twisted by his liberal college friends, flaming leftist ex-wife, and parents who went with the flow. His dad has since been firmly red pilled recently by me. Hate to say it but the nephew getting divorced was the best thing that could have happened to him because he has a really good soul that was being used and abused. No children thankfully. Reclamation project underway. He moved to a different state (Alabama) and has a good career underway. Can play a jazz trumpet with the best of them when not at his day job. Had a one night gig playing with Doc Severinsen locally 6-7 years back. Hope this stuff does not mess up his respiratory system permanently.

Thank you for the follow on this, Wolf. I will keep paying attention on the ground. This is important.


Just listening to Rogan/Malone interview – they said the shots/booster make it more likely one gets the coronavirus. Also can increase likelihood of getting other virus infections like shingles.

Cuppa Covfefe

Just want to say (as the bombs [I mean BIG fireworks!] are bursting in air around here) to everyone, HAVE A BLESSED AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  🍾  🍾  🍾 

Any may 2022 be a MUCH better, happier, healthier, joyful, successful, and MAGA year than 2021 was!

(OK, probably that’s setting the bar a tad low, as 2021 was an abysmal year, but now it’s gone… hope that all the lies, liars, and deceivers and crooks are soon to go)…

Gail Combs



I drink to that 🙂


Happy New Year  🎼 


“Guilty”: The Verdict & Fallout of the Ghislaine Maxwell Trialcomment image
The Free Press Report
Dec 31,c_scale,f_png,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/,c_scale,f_png,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/,c_scale,f_png,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty by jury on five of six counts in SDNY Courthouse at 5:05pm Wednesday the 29th of December. The counts (and verdicts) are as follows.

  • Count 1: Guilty = Conspiracy to entice a minor to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity.
  • Count 2: Not Guilty = Enticing a minor (Jane) into illegal sexual activity.
  • Count 3: Guilty = Conspiracy to transport a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.
  • Count 4: Guilty = Transportation of a minor with the intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.
  • Count 5: Guilty = Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors.
  • Count 6: Guilty = Sex trafficking a minor.

Judging by guidelines for each count Maxwell’s sentence is expected to be between 60-70 years in prison.
Wednesday’s SDNY Courthouse proceedings commenced with the jury’s request to receive a text copy of several testimonies (Ms. Espinoza, “Shawn” and Amanda Young) before continuing deliberation. The jury would then later request a copy of testimony given by defense witness Elizabeth Loftus, and former Epstein pilot Larry Visoski. This would mark the last jury request for testimony before they notified the court that a verdict had been reached. Guilty. 
This verdict highlights just how misled Maxwell’s defense efforts were in attempting to smear and attack victims of child sex abuse, a shameless and unconscionable “strategy” (for any human, let alone officers of the court). In retrospect, Maxwell’s defense approach exhibited the same kind of entitled, “out of touch” thinking that can be observed in Maxwell’s behavior and specifically in her statement given to the court.
Large crowds gathered around SDNY Courthouse steps leading up to and following the verdict. As the prosecution and defense teams poured out of the courthouse to provide statements and face inquiries from journalists. 
Veteran journalist Julie K. Brown from The Miami Herald (Author of “Perversion of Justice”, which exposed blatant miscarriages of justice pertaining to the child sex trafficking of Epstein) reported that “federal prosecutors quietly exited the courtroom after the verdict, showing no emotion.” One specifically interesting exchange was shared by journalist Marlon Ettinger; seen approaching Maxwell defense lawyer Bobbi Sternheim to inquire as to how she was previously appointed as counsel for Epstein’s cell mate Nicholas Tartaglione.
Following the verdict, a public statement was provided by Ghislaine’s family “We believe firmly in our sister’s innocence, we are very disappointed with this verdict. We have already started the appeal tonight and we believe that she will be vindicated.” 
It is important to acknowledge that a meaningful measure of justice has been secured for victims who courageously testified in this case against Maxwell. However, the lack of transparency and obtuse indifference shown by the courts and prosecutors towards select information is troubling. A disinterest towards the pursuit of specific information that could provide context as to the extent of Maxwell and Epstein’s operation is observable. Each opportunity to expand on Epstein’s Island, intelligence involvement or other prominent individuals implicated was quickly ignored or deferred. The prosecution’s decision to seal court documents that are already publicly available (that implicate many globally influential individuals) is extremely curious. It’s clear that the prosecution was never interested in exploring the full scope of Epstein and Maxwell’s operation during this case.
plea deal was struck between the prosecution and defense to allow Maxwell’s “little black book” of contacts to remain unrevealed. This is a prime example of the prosecution’s disinterest of pursuing further inquiry into individuals that participated in the Maxwell and Epstein’s global child sex trafficking operation.
Judge Nathan and the U.S Court System neglected their oath to facilitate transparency in the interest of protecting prominent people who are implicated. An extremely concerning display that derides public faith in forthright transparency of the U.S Federal court system. Scrutiny of this subversion is deservedly due.
Earlier today (Dec 30th) cover up efforts continued when federal prosecutors announced they would be dropping the case against negligent MCC prison guards Tova Noel and Michael Thomas (who are responsible for creating the environment that led to Epstein’s death). Prosecutors may have decided to drop this case to avoid renewing focus on Epstein’s strange circumstances of death. They may also be concerned that this increased scrutiny could reveal that Epstein was possibly murdered by cell mate Nicholas Tartaglione.
Trial coverage will continue as developments proceed and the defense’s appeal is processed by the courts.
We will also be covering all political and corporate corruption going forward following the trial. Subscribe below so you don’t miss out.

This is a bit jumbled as I just copied it from a regular email I receive from The Free Press Report. They are suppose to also be on Gab. It’s been a good source through the trial. They will be following other notable events and scams.

What the SDNY is doing is damage control for the elites if the many miscarriages of justice that occurred during the trial are allowed to stand.

And we all know it as well as they do.

Gail Combs

You can go straight to their substack. It is all right there.


Just an enticement for others so they will do so. 😉


And what if Epstein is not dead?



-Epstein didn’t kill himself (and for all we know is alive and well)

-Maxwell case records are permanently sealed

-Prison guard cases dropped (One wonders….are these people even still alive?)

Cover-up operation is complete.















Idle (or not so idle) question:

What might happen if the US public were to learn…and believe…that US intelligence agencies were AIDING AND ABETTING child rape and slavery in order to gain and maintain influence and power??


Gail Combs

I just started watching this. The first four minutes explains WHY Israel is going for the 4th? shot (second booster) SATANIC EVIL (Madonna) @ Tel Aviv May 18th 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Annual event since 1956. [6 months before CCP virus]

it then goes to the Event 2001 [ 5 months before CCP virus]

December 26, 2021 (1 hr 30 min)
How to Wake Up Your Family & Friends to the “COVID-19 / Great Reset Agenda”


Sorry, but I couldn’t watch that black mass that starts the video. Way too disturbing.

Gail Combs

It certainly was, I skipped through it. It is also why I warned people and put the end time at ~ 4 minutes.

If Israel was allowing that crap a venue, I can certainly see why Q said they are a target and why 99% of their people have gotten multiple clot shots.



Apparently they had trouble ascertaining that the sunshield covers had rolled back properly.

They’ve moved on to the starboard boom. If all goes well, I expect it will be done sometime after midnight ET. (And now I’ve got to go update it.)

From The NASA Blog:

The Webb mission operations team has extended the first of the sunshield’s two “arms” – the port (left side) mid-boom.

The critical step of the port mid-boom deployment was scheduled to begin earlier in the day. However, the team paused work to confirm that the sunshield cover had fully rolled up as the final preparatory step before the mid-boom deployment.

Switches that should have indicated that the cover rolled up did not trigger when they were supposed to. However, secondary and tertiary sources offered confirmation that it had. Temperature data seemed to show that the sunshield cover unrolled to block sunlight from a sensor, and gyroscope sensors indicated motion consistent with the sunshield cover release devices being activated.

After analysis, mission management decided to move forward with the regularly planned deployment sequence. The deployment of the five telescoping segments of the motor-driven mid-boom began around 1:30 p.m. EST, and the arm extended smoothly until it reached full deployment at 4:49 p.m.

As Webb’s deployment steps are all human-controlled, the schedule for deployments could continue to change – as today’s activities showed. Shortly before 6:30 p.m., the team decided to proceed with deploying the starboard mid-boom tonight, and the initial steps of that deployment began just after 7 p.m.


It’s actually more exciting to me how excited YOU are by this thing!


I love the picture of Melania she looks so happy 🙂


Good find. She is a classy lady 🙂


How they explain things down under in AUS.
A bit salty but maybe we should give it a try?
And she does manage with great deliberation to avoid at least one profane word, so there is that.


Great message. Delivered perfectly.

My kinda gal.   :wpds_shock: 


Yes, Pgroup2, what if Epstein isn’t really dead? How do we know the Mossad or cia or someone didn’t get himm out of that prison? I say we don’t.


In this substack post, Dr. Malone states that around 170 million people in the U.S. have had COVID – over half of the country. We also know that over half of the country has had jabs. So WHY in the world are we still being locked down, masked, and threatened? This makes no sense if you “trust the science.” It should all have been over a LONG time ago.


Excellent read.


Dr. Malone is also on GETTR –


comment image


Ground Report.

Drove NV, AZ, NM, TX 18-21 Dec. Return drive 27-30 Dec. 

Lots of folks on the road. Restaurant help LACKING. Many had significant number of chairs on tables, limiting seating. Servers seriously BUSY TRYING to deliver decent service. Table bussing lacking nearly everywhere. I assume kitchen help is minimal.
–         On the positive side I didn’t ding on tips. I was grateful they came to work AND were trying mightily.

Before Christmas, my kinda stores busy – Wally World, HD and Costco. I avoid malls all costs and anything that smacks of trendy. 

Hotels quite busy. Help lacking the service skills pre-Covid. Rooms clean.

Masks. Generally 25-50% masked until we got back to Vegas area on the 29th. 

  • Vegas area 80-90% of the folks.  Simply stoopid.
  • Dopey manager at a doughnut shop pointed at his mask. Toying with him, I blankly looked at him. He asked where my mask was, do I need one. I emphatically replied, NO, masks do NOT work. A couple employees literally, laughed out loud. 🙂
  • Northern NV. Masks <50%. Stoopid is strong in NV.

Next. A quick assessment of preps, food and general stuff. Then “top off” across the spectrum. 


Masks are required here but zero enforcement except medical offices. I see a variety of people in all situations with them, but surprisingly I havent met a karen yet.


Fine by me.


ALL good news by me.


Biggest snow so far this season in Denver area. Been super dry which contributed to the fires yesterday. Sort of sureal.


Will they be able to do any clean up or will it have to sit til spring?


Our snow melts off real quick so no issue.


Quick fact, Colorado is high desert. Not uncommon to have drought, heavy snows et al.
A landscapers gold mine, they will always be replacing plant material.




Happy and Safe New Year to ALL!


🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋 🦋
🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩
🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳
comment image
comment image
comment image


JWST starboard boom now deployed.

Tried ro update tomorrow’s daily and couldn’t find it. trying to use a ‘mobile device.’

Hope it’s really there because I know i closed the tab.




Oh noes! It doesn’t seem to be there.


Steve, did you remember to put 2022 on it?


You know being stuck in 2021 might not be such a bad idea. We have no idea if it’s getting worse or better. Maybe let 2022 pass us by as we hide out here? If things do get better we can always slip in and no one will notice. In the meantime we can revisit every day working our way backwards to 2020 to see if we missed anything.


Ikes… sounds like WWIII just started. Continuous explosions non stop!


Cool. That’s not branched off off our home page (yet) so it’s kind of like side path into 2022. Cool… no one will know were here.  🤗 


Just don’t step on any butterflies….


And I’ve copied it.


comment image




Happy New Year, everyone!!!


Happy New Year!
Ive let kiddo stay up to watch back to the future, and im already tired!
Hope you have a nice weekend.

The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) Tweeted:
Report: Celebration That Requires You To Stay Up Past Midnight Far Less Appealing Once You Turn 30


Hope you get some nice rest over the weekend.


Wishing all a Happy New Year ……………. 2022

Has to be better, right?



Cuppa Covfefe

The fool that didn’t listen to the guys who knew better, and blew up the septic tank and everything around covering it in $#!t is a perfect example of the DEMONRATS and the Greens….

It it had happened in the 70s, the brown color would have fit right in 😀
(fake walnut paneling, orange, gold and brown furniture, etc.)…


Laughed for a long time thinking about the guys feces covered wife with a butcher knife chasing him only to turn her butcher knife on them. LOL funny. Wonder if they laugh now.

Last edited 7 months ago by Charlie

You can see my thoughts on the matter…now that I’ve fixed the first fuckup of the new year.




Happy New Year PR!! 🤗😘😍🥰💖💖🥳🥳❤❤


Well this still is accurate for 2022, but yep it better get better!

🔥IT’S GETTIN’ SPICY IN HERE🔥 (@feeltheinferno) Tweeted:
@drefanzor I think this was last year, but still one of my favorites!!


Thanks for sharing that Gil… I had not seen it before. Happy New Year to you and Kiddo and Mr Giloo…




Tomorrow’s thread is right here. Looks like Steve forgot to put 2022 in the date section.


Linda FTW!!! It’s there, it’s readable. Someone will sort it out eventually.


Thanks…will repost.


Okay, was able to copy and paste, except for the China stuff at the bottom, which likes to get messed up.

But I basically just recopied the post from five weeks ago (that’s how I always start) and replaced it with this one…and THAT had a good copy of the China Asshoe stuff.

OH…and I updated JWST too.

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YUP. Year is off to a GREAT start….

and it’s not even midnight yet where I live.


OK, I got it right this time.

WTH happened, I don’t know. I’m positive I set the year right.

But then when I tried to schedule I noticed it had bunged up the minutes part of the time of day; it probably also reset the year on me without my noticing.

Valerie Curren

Well, welcome to the Feet of Clay Club. Blessings on a Better New Year!


I work software.

No one who works software thinks he’s infallible. Or incapable of the stupidest of mistakes.

Valerie Curren

There was no snark in my comment, just joy. I’m always glad to see comments by you here at the Real Treehouse!

Hope you & Darwin are OK w/ the apparent wildfires in the area (I heard of from my son)–knowing Zero about the recent events I wondered if HAARP &/or DEW Might have been involved. Not far from where our Best Man & his wife used to live…


Wildfires are far, far away from here, fortunately!

I went through a scare when the Black Forest fire happened.

Valerie Curren

Glad the current stuff isn’t an immediate threat. May it stay that way! How long ago was the Black Forest fire?


I actually wrote about it on my old blog. It was in June of 2013

A year before there had been a catastrophic fire (Waldo Canyon) that burned 400+ houses in the Rockrimmon neighborhood.

Apparently it took until THIS fire going on right now to wipe out the Black Forest “houses destroyed” record in Colorado.

We didn’t even get to the first anniversary of that before Black Forest topped it.

Valerie Curren

Does your old blog still exist, even in the internet archive?

Is this another situation of building in wild zones & poor forest management (like in CA) leaving highly combustible brush on the forest floor to exacerbate fire issues in habituated areas?


Not really. Just year after year of drought. And some private property owners not doing proper maintenance.

Which reminds me I badly need to cut the weeds/grass here…my lawn mower has been dead, and I haven’t the skills to disassemble and degunk it.

I think I’m going to get a battery operated one this time.

Valerie Curren

I thought those old style push mowers are pretty indestructible, though the blades need occasional sharpening 🙂


The problem is the engine is full of gasoline gunk.

Valerie Curren

That’s hubby’s domain around here, so no clue here 🙂


I can probably take it apart.

I doubt I’d be able to put it back together again.

A guy was going to help me with it, but he basically decided he didn’t have time.

Valerie Curren

Sounds like a “fun” internet video learning experience in the making 😉


If I might suggest….

(a) Harbor Freight might have a compatible engine you could drop in.

(b) there may be a business that refurbs gunked engines in your area.

(c) You may be able to de-gunk it down to the carburetor, pour in some “secret sauce”, and let it burn out the gunk down in the cylinders.

How long has it been dead?

Cuppa Covfefe

In no case, use dynamite to clean out the gunk 😆 (cf the fellow with the septic tank)…

Maybe there are “fixit” clubs around, too… we have those here where you can go in and get advice and help on repairing stuff… Do a little Tim Allen MOAR POWER bit and get the mowing done in seconds 🙂


I have a 5 year old EGO mower (push – not – self-propelled) that hasn’t given me any trouble. The self-propelled mowers had less reliability, more mechanical items to go wrong, so I opted to push – plus I need the exercise/exertion.

At my age, and being a female, I didn’t want to deal with a gas mower, mixing oil/gas, etc. More maintenance than I wanted.

All I have to do is keep the blades sharp and the battery charged. I have a charging stand for my batteries – the mower and Ryobi +1 edger/trimmer and blower. I have a small lot, and centipede grass, so my mower and tools are not challenged greatly.

Last edited 7 months ago by GA/FL

Yeah, I can’t STAND the self propelled ones.

When I was a kid it was my job to mow the grass, and the damn mower would never disengage.

Which meant the part of the job I dreaded most was emptying the grass catcher, because I had to ride herd on the damn thing while I did it; it’d want to keep going.

Shutting it off was not an option; if you shut it off (or it choked on tall grass, tall being more than 4 inches or so) it wouldn’t start again until cooled off.

I hated that chore, and still do.

Gail Combs

This is a 3 hour Joe Rogan interview of Dr Peter McCullough. I have been slowly watching this Interview. It has  LOTS of good info. However this morning I found some MAJOR BOMBS!

Remember that Bye-Done admin IS WITHHOLDING Monoclonal antibodies from Red States and New York is withholding from White people?

Listen to what Dr McCullough says @ around 1: 12 min (STOPPING early treatment)

@ 1:14 hide & go seek for Monoclonal antibodies
@ 1:16 we had already purchased 100 million doses in 2020 on order 5 million
@ 1:19 Monoclonal antibodies were AUTHORIZED BEFORE THE VACCINES!
(Remember POTUS big fanfare for them?)

Then he goes into the covid clot shots.

@ 1:19 VA data showed 96% of the people who took the vaccine NEVER GOT COVID.

@1:19:30 CDC tells us a 146 million people HAVE ALREADY HAD COVID could be more like 200 million. And Can’t get 2nd time. 135 studies support that. (I think that is at least partly based on people, who 17 years ago had SARs which is only 90% similar to Cov-2, show their blood has immunity to Covid-19.)
  :wpds_arrow: 1:22 MAJOR INFO – WRONG departments (FDA & CDC) running Covid Vaccine program . — MUST LISTEN!

1:25 After 5 deaths – Black box warning, after 50 deaths Drug is off the market
 In February he DEMANDED a Safety Review — CRICKETS
  :wpds_shock:   :wpds_mad: 


Brave and Free

Finally had time to finish reading it. Made it back home safely the other day. Just a quick observation from my travels. I believe most people are over the mask BS, saw lots of people at airports not following the “protocol”. Saw a few wack jobs too, dbl masked and safety glasses over their regular glasses. Bwahahaha 🤔
Stay safe all and God Bless we’ll get through this with the great info here at the TREE.