Heads Up: Personal Health Update – Take A Bow, QTree Friends

Taking a break from all the crazy stuff going on in America and around the world (you go, Tucker!). Some good news is in order, at least from my perspective. It relates to personal health observations, actions and results. I have learned much and want to share how it benefitted me so that it may bless each of you in some way.

Deuteronomy 34:9 states: “Now Joshua the son of Nun was filled with the spirit of wisdom, because Moses had laid his hands on him; and the sons of Israel listened to him and did as the Lord had commanded Moses.”

Some of you have poured out your knowledge and wisdom to me and others on here. I want to express my sincere gratitude as you have been positive influences and forces on me and the lives of my loved ones. We all have much to be thankful of which we are probably unaware. If you are a Christian, somebody prayed for you and influenced you before you accepted salvation. Someone is probably standing in the gap for you spiritually and possibly, physically, for you right now. Someone showed you how to go about praying and somebody taught you to serve others. Someone may have worked on your heart to even care about others besides yourself.

All things the Lord has taught us and did in his ministry on earth. “On earth as it is in Heaven.


I have used my own life and health to be sort of a lab rat for health experimentation QTree style. I have posted progress reports on occasion. I have now come to some conclusions after anecdotal observations over the past few years. I believe they are significant.

I have some qualifying comments about the basis and methods. First, I did not do this using formal scientific methods. To do it in the most valid and conclusive ways requires control groups, placebos, animal testing and much more time. You know, all of the things Big Pharm and the sold out medical industry no longer do prior to getting FDA to sign off without blinking, produce the poison and deliver to unsuspecting patients. Second, as you can tell I started this from a position of total distrust of the medical industry and related governmental oversight. I believe nothing much they say. They earned that distrust over about a thirty plus year period with far too many examples of incompetence and lack of caring for the best interests of the patient to provide here. When it happened against loved ones, it really pizzed me off. Third, I am too old for pointless exercises. My motives for doing this outside of gaining better health are only to tell my story in hopes it helps somebody else. I just want folks to know what helped me and those I care about in an effort to stay upright and actually enjoy spending time on this planet. Your personal experiences using any or all of what worked for me may be completely different. You are responsible for you, although I urge you to seek answers outside the box with everything.

I have been skinny, fat and everything in between. I have been in excellent physical condition as an athlete only to retire as a flabby desk jockey. At times I have used exercise, sports and weight loss programs to attempt to maintain a good weight for my age, build and lifestyle. I have also nearly eaten myself into irreparable health problems to go with long unaddressed chronic sinus issues. I like food and food likes me. I like the outdoors and sometimes the outdoors makes me sick.

A few years after I took early retirement, I also got religion about my health and began paying better attention to my nutrition and physical condition. Something about knowing that grandbabies may be on the way and removing sin from my life woke me up.

Then COVID hit. Wifey and I caught the Wuhan in February/March 2020. Some prednisone and a month later I was fine except for two years afterwards I would periodically have swollen ear canals that muffled my hearing at times. Next, we caught an Omicron variant in June 2022 at the beach. I took four days of Ivermectin doses at the onset and was 90+% well. I followed with weekly doses for two months to build resistance. It was in spring of 2023 I developed tinnitus in the same ear that had the worst swollen canal problems with the Wuhan. About then is when 5G rolled out around here, so who knows? Other than a brief nose cold in December 2023, which Ivermectin doses helped, I have not been ill since the Omicron.

At Aubergine’s suggestion I began taking Nattokinase in 2022. Prior to that I began taking Quercetin when many on here recommended it. For the past year I began taking Quercetin combined with Bromelain. I had learned that Bromelain provides many possible benefits relating to the immune system, sinuses, joints, and cancer prevention primarily. The effects of cancer killed both of my parents in their 80’s, so I have learned to pay attention.

As stated I began taking Ivermectin as a therapeutic during respiratory illnesses after having taken short runs of it as a prophylactic beginning in late 2020. I now take as a prophylactic through respiratory illness seasons. I take a scoop of high quality multi-collagen protein in my first cup of coffee every morning and have for a half dozen years. During this subject period I regularly took the vitamins and some of the other supplements we discuss with Melatonin daily. I try to keep my body guessing about what will be next. I no longer take antihistamines unless ill and just use Nasacort daily for allergies. I take no prescribed meds. I use a Navage every few days in respiratory illness seasons, on high pollen count days , and when in the public for long periods.

It is now time to review what changes were made for 2023 along with results and conclusions.

Health Choices & Results


I went 80+% Keto diet one year ago. I had no desire to lose quickly. A one lb. per week loss rate was fine with me.

Since that point I have eaten a normal diet, albeit sloppy via indulging during the holidays. So eight months of 80+% Keto, four months normal.

I lost 24 lbs. during the Keto period.

Blood tests done near the end of the that diet period revealed improved cholesterol ratios, which held true for two annual exams in a row. This is unusual per the physician’s RN. Most of their patients using Keto had rises in cholesterol.

My cholesterol is now at normal levels and ratios while significantly increasing HDL. It also revealed a significant reduction in glucose in both tests with very good readings for my age in the mid-80s. Everything else was also stable and in range. I did no fitness regimen during the past year and only golfed one time as I have been focused on the restoration of my hips and spinal alignment with the chiropractor.

All of the above was with increasing my intake of eggs, beef, pork, etc. while strongly decreasing intake of processed foods, carbs and sugar. I partake of salmon one to three times per week. Veggies were primarily lower carb that I ate raw, steamed or roasted. Berries were my fruit friends. I don’t drink alcohol or sodas, have not for thirty years, so I just stayed status quo there. No desserts, would have a small piece of dark chocolate if the craving got too much.

In the four months after Keto I have regained 6 lbs. with minimal exercise. So a net loss of 18 lbs. for the year before I restart the Keto after this Valentine’s Day. I will restart with a three week collagen based detox cleanse. My target is a reduction of 15 lbs. by the mid-June. I will then be at my goal, which is what I weighed as I entered college as a student athlete. Subject to God’s will, my intent is to be in the best health possible to be able to assist our family, friends and church as needed. Especially as it applies to our grandchildren.


This one blew me away. As many have read and followed the story, we began taking Grandson #1 to a highly experienced binocular vision disorder (BVD) specialist optometrist, a noted expert in the disorder. Our grandson’s response to the therapy has been nothing short of spectacular and he will be the focus of a future update soon. However, it is now my turn, which led me to utilize his services in January of this year.

I had posted on here awhile back and Wolf responded that after first taking Ivermectin my eyes seemed to dial in very strongly the next day. Everything would be brighter and in better focus. Leading up to that time my eyes had become a primary source of concern with my health. I had been diagnosed with slowly progressing macular degeneration in my right eye and the start of same in the left by a retina specialist. It was the more challenging “dry” form. I had regular issues with floaters and the same retina specialist stated I had early onset of cataracts in both eyes. Randomly a few times a year over about five years I would have “events” when both eyes would lose focus and bright lights would shoot across my vision for a minute or two. All of the above is in my medical chart of the retina specialist.

After each annual exam he would ask if I wanted the floaters addressed with laser surgery, that it would need to be done eventually with the cataracts and that “within five years” there would be a treatment for the dry form of Macular Degeneration (MD). That later point eventually came true if you are willing to spend thousands for shots in the eyes every 2-4 months. Not very appealing if you still have some ability to see. Variations of this dialog with him went on for a decade.

Since COVID I began taking Ivermectin more routinely as a prophylactic and maintained the vitamin and supplement regimen described on here since my last visit with the retina specialist in January 2023. In the same period was the weight loss from the Keto nutrition changes. However, during the year I noticed that I only experienced two short eye focus events earlier in 2023 and noticed over the last half of the year I was also not seeing any floaters at all. So, no more lights flashing events and no more floaters for over six months for Mr. Anecdotal.

I went to Grandson #1’s BVD specialist this past week. He is a man in his late 70’s with nearly 50 years of experience. A down to earth farmer who does optometry when he isn’t farming (his words). It was the most thorough eye examination I have ever experienced.

I am going to cut to the chase.

The results were that I no longer had any evidence of MD in my left eye at all and only a small stable amount in my right eye in the upper right quadrant that I have been aware of for more than ten years. The floaters were gone. I had zero evidence of any cataracts. My eyes had “cleaned up” since my last visit to the retina specialist one year ago. Doc confirmed my anecdotal observations. I cancelled my upcoming annual exam with the retina specialist.

I am not going to trash the retina specialist. I have no doubts he made the correct diagnosis of the conditions of my eyes based upon my own observations of the symptoms through the years. However, those same observations told me something had changed in the past year.

Which is good because by that point after the COVID scam, I no longer trusted traditional medicine’s response to the previous conditions or their observations and diagnosis of the current conditions. As a result I decided to seek out and received a second opinion from the old veteran who has helped thousands of patients with eye problems that could not be helped by traditional medicine’s approach. None of the previous eye, medical, and educational professionals had ever noticed anything different about Grandson #1’s vision problems. Once his eye movements were noticed by an experienced school OT professional who told us what she had observed and how a previous student of hers had been helped, it all clicked.

While there Doc worked on my prescription dialing me in to 20/20 in both eyes.

Having somebody like the old Doc is the difference between having somebody who has a calling for his occupation or just choosing on his own to be in an occupation. After all these years he still has a passion for eye care and BVD issues in particular.

Unlike our grandson and son-in-law I have no BVD issues. He urged me to continue taking AREDS vitamins as he said they are very helpful. Good for everybody to know for eye and overall physical health. I ordered my usual progressive lens with transition shading in gray. As a golfer I had converted to amber awhile back as I found that shade to be much better for depth perception, which is a big deal in golf. However, amber can also cause increased vision issues for those with MD per Doc.

Conclusion – one or more of Ivermectin, Nattokinase, and Quercetin with Bromelain have seriously improved my eye health.

I urge interested readers to find an optometrist who specializes with BVD issues if you have eye problems that do not seem to be resolved by your current provider. At least rule out what a BVD specialist addresses concerning eye problems before moving on to traditional medicine’s response. If you have experienced a stroke or illness with related effects on your eyes, BVD issues can develop that can be resolved with therapy. In fact, many cases of inner ear issues and vertigo actually relate to the eyes.


I have spent my entire life living first in the Ohio River valley, then the Mississippi River valley and finally the past nearly forty years living in the Tennessee River valley. Histoplasmosis reigns in those areas as well as asthma. Sinus and allergy issues have been a hassle to me. I am allergic to a handful of pollens that include ragweed, honeysuckle, crepe myrtles and a couple of trees. In the listed valleys there is higher exposure to fungal related infections. Having experienced the related effects frequently, I sought relief.

Over the years I had many respiratory illnesses. As an example you could set the clock to bronchitis in February. Taking the flu vaccine was a joke – still got it at times. Sinusitis was once in the fall, once in early spring. Summer pollen allergy induced misery every year for over six decades of life. I tried everything I could find other than the shot therapy. I had no time for bi-weekly allergy shots over several years, which did not work for Wifey.

What has worked has been nasal passage cleansing (Navage), use of Nasacort (some like Flonase better), candida cleanses, supplements and Ivermectin. My respiratory health has improved significantly. I can breathe freely again and that is a good thing.


Mother’s side of the family passed down the “flutters” to me, most likely atrial. My resting heart rate has always been in the low 50’s and high blood pressure has never been an issue even in my chubby days. I could exercise hard and still struggle to get my heart rate over 120 and a BP of 140/90. However, I began noticing occasional heart flutters in my 40’s. These palpitations were random and usually noticed in the middle of the night. I used some deep breathing techniques that seemed to calm them, but they were recurring. I had the usual physician’s office conducted tests through the years that revealed nothing. I had no physical limitations and strenuous activities never induced them to kick in. They would appear for a few months sporadically at night, then go away for six months or so.

Yup, they are also gone and have been for over two years. Another Mr. Anecdotal observation. Going to give Nattokinase the award for that one with possible assists from the others.


This one is a no-brainer. The chiro has strongly improved my physical functionality. I only go once per month for adjustments now. Hamstring and calf muscles that formerly would tighten and get sore to distraction are now as they should be all of the time. I no longer have joint pain in my hips or legs. Some of that can be attributed to the collagen and other supplements I take, the rest of it is due to the adjustments. It just makes sense that if your spine and hips are aligned properly it would place less strain on leg joints while allowing your CNS to fire correctly.

Instead of enduring back soreness in the lumbar region, when I begin to feel tighter there I know it is time for an adjustment. The need has been timing well with my once per month adjustment schedule. I feel confident that golf is back in the picture as I will now be able to begin teaching the grandsons the game this spring. I am back to being able to do 10 K steps daily whenever the notion strikes me. I do morning lower body stretches, a few which are yoga techniques. I was not even close to being able to do them four years ago when the back started messing up.

Conclusion – if you have not addressed the condition of your spine and hips with a competent chiropractor, you probably have no idea how something may be off and affecting your overall health. The CNS that supplies your brain with information to process for your whole body depends on it being unencumbered. Our entire family now goes. Our soon to be born granddaughter will go within a few weeks of delivery.

We took the chance the chiro could help our birth trauma damaged grandson and the door opened for all of us to have better health.


We all need to make peace with our world in our own ways. Readers know where I stand – at the foot of the Cross. The peace that passes all understanding when bullets are flying all around is mine now. I desire for all to know and accept Him. Living a life without hope is not living, it is existing. Jesus is our hope. He makes life worth living on this planet while securing our eternity.

I screw up many things and have for many years. Yet, his forgiveness and mercy have made it right for me and everybody else. I pray you experience this peace. He changes everything.

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Gail Combs

Thank you very much for the health update.

However could you please give the long form of each abbreviation.

I too, was told I have the beginnings of cataracts. So after a bit of research I started adding spinach to my diet. I really like a spinach salad so it is no biggy.

What to eat to prevent cataracts and even reverse early-stage eye problems — Natural News

…Spinach is an excellent source of lutein, which helps to promote healthy vision plus prevent cataracts and macular degeneration (read about macular degeneration remedies here). Spinach also contains carotenoids and helps to protect against cancer…

👉Other foods such as carrots (carotenoids), onions (quercetin), brazil nuts (E +selenium), Turmeric, Purslane (carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin E +glutathione)


👉 Glutathione is actually found in high concentrations in the lens of the eyes, where it plays an important role in keeping it healthy. Other than functioning as a protective antioxidant, glutathione also helps to maintain the structure of lens proteins, plays a role in various enzyme systems, plus takes part in the transport of amino acids and minerals. According to Marc Grossman, OD, an optometrist and licensed acupuncturist, “the majority of the cataracts that I see are low in the antioxidant glutathione.”

  :wpds_arrow: One key way to increase glutathione levels is to consume lots of raw fruits and vegetables, as their cooked counterparts contain markedly less glutathione…..

So a salad a day looks like a really good idea. 😉

I never heard of Purslane. Looks like it is a food to consider adding to one’s diet (salad).

Purslane is a dark green leafy vegetable, or you can say a broad leaf weed — Doctor NDTV

The scientific name of Purslane is Portulaca oleracea…

The antioxidant compounds in purslane like betalain pigments and carotenoids are the two most potent nutrients. It has very high levels of omega-3 fatty acids for a land vegetable, all the vital amounts of fiber, essential vitamins like A, C, D and B-family vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium and copper….

Here are some of the health benefits of Purslane:

1. Prevents Cancer: Cancer is one of the most tragic diseases in the world and it can have devastating effects on your body. Purslane has notable levels of both vitamins A and C which act as antioxidants to prevent certain cancers such as lung and oral cancers. The betalain pigment compounds give purslane its unique yellow and red colour. The anti-mutagenic impacts your body in a way that it prevents causing mutations in healthy cells and the development of cancer. It is effective because of the presence of two elements betacyanins and betaxanthins.

2. Healthy Heart: High levels of omega-3 fatty acids are found in purslane, which is higher than some fish oils and are generally recognized as the best source of these profitable fatty acids. Consumption of foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may diminish the risk of coronary heart diseases, heart attacks, stroke and aid to prevent the development of ADHD, autism, and other developmental disparities in children. Omega-3s help in modifying the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol and boost healthier cholesterol stability in your bloodstream. Along with this, the presence of potassium in purslane reduces blood pressure as it acts as a vasodilator which means it loosens blood vessels and decreases strain on the heart.

3. Handles Gastrointestinal Diseases: Purslane is widely used to treat all sorts of intestinal conditions and gastrointestinal diseases, starting from diarrhea to dysentery to intestinal bleeding and even hemorrhoids. The organic compounds that exist in purslanes like dopamine, malic acid, citric acid, alanine, glucose, and many others are the reasons why purslane is advantageous for preventing gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Strengthens Bones: Vitamins like A and D, calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese are some of the elements needed to strengthen bone tissues and speed up the healing method of the bones in your body. This can further help in preventing bone problems like fracture, rickets, osteoporosis, or any other metabolic bone disease which are an age-related ailment that afflicts thousands of people across the world.

5. Better Vision: Vitamin A and beta-carotene are powerful natural antioxidants and are essential for better vision and, is required to sustain healthy mucosa and skin. For preventing eye problems like degeneration and cataracts, purslane is helpful. It helps in eradicating unnecessary germs that attack the cells of the eye and cause these prevalent age-related complications.

6. Weight loss: We go bonkers when it comes to weight loss and surprisingly, one of the most significant benefits of purslane is that it helps in losing weight. Even though purslane is nutrient-rich and bound with high dietary fiber, yet it is remarkably low in calories. This means that you feel satisfied after a meal of purslane, without actually raising the calorie intake, which thereby helps you lose weight and control your diet…

This is what it looks like:

comment image

Valerie Curren

Looks like I might need some purslane salad soon! TY for the great info 🙂

Gail Combs

Thanks for the recommendation on salmon. I like salmon but Hubby is spoiled because he regularly ate ‘Legal Seafood’ in Boston in the 1980s which had very very fresh sea food and he is thus very very picky.

He wants fresh sea food kept on ice and you just do not see that any more. Just like asparagus should be displayed standing upright in water. Local super markets have gotten a lot worse as they cut costs.

comment image

Unfortunately it is now under new management and sold to a bigger chain.

Is canned Salmon an option?

Gail Combs

Good to know. Thanks. I just add it cold to my salads like you would tuna fish. Mix with a bit of sour cream (No salt) and you are good to go. (I do not like Mayo.)


In my efforts to get away from soybean oil I found this mayo,
BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil Mayonnaise

Gail Combs

I use sour cream & olive oil and spices like Turmeric & Curcumin. I now mix in coconut oil with the olive oil

Slide show by a doctor:

Coconut Oil and MCT Oil: Ketones as Alternative Fuel for the Brain in Alzheimer’s and Other Disorders

I am now munching on a spinach and canned salmon salad for lunch.

Last edited 10 days ago by Gail Combs
Valerie Curren

This is a Wonderful & Inspiring report. TY for the details.

I’ve been contemplating going toward a keto diet to help control Type II Diabetes & perhaps reduce weight, which would be a great bonus. Do you recommend a gradual change in eating practices or a radical shift? I probably need to do more research 🙂

I’m experiencing that distrust of the medical profession quite significantly too. I need to see someone soon to fulfill requirements of health insurance but I’ve been dreading it because the genocide games are ongoing across so many systems. I don’t want to subject myself to someone who’s going to try to just adhere to big pharma & big government protocols. It would be amazing to have an old school country doc to see!

I’ve had floaters in my eyes since at least HS. Given how they cleared up for you after consistent Ivermectin use I wonder if there Might be a parasitic component. Back in the 80’s I went on a 3 week missions trip to Liberia & contracted Salmonella & some type of amoebic parasite. I still had Salmonella 9 months later & wonder if there could be lingering parasitic issues that my body has just adjusted to. I’ve only taken a few doses of Ivermectin but we have a supply on hand so may consider a prophylactic use there.

I’ve gotten my husband on Nattokinase as he deals with a decent amount of arm pain related to his current & former trucking job. He’s pretty inconsistent with taking his pills so might only get a couple of doses in a week instead of daily. For a short time he was taking pills more regularly & it seemed that the addition of Natto was helping the arm pain.

What are AREDs vitamins? I did get some vision supplement pills that are in Hubby’s pill regimen, I’ve yet to set up my own, in hopes that they might aide w/ aging eye issues.

On the eustachian tube front I’ve noticed increased issues there where I can feel fullness & use the “clearing your ears” by holding the nose & blowing, as I learned for skin diving & scuba, to equalize pressure. Usually this was mostly an issue if I were dealing with some type of illness but it’s been needed with some frequency in recent months. Sometimes the clearing the ears maneuver is needed multiple times a day & when it’s bad there will even be a high pitched squeal that my husband can even hear if he’s in the room with me. Weird.

I’ve never had allergies or asthma but my version of Long Haulers has meant junk that gathers in my chest, especially during several hours of sleep, & oftentimes chronic coughing &/or throat clearing mostly in the first couple hours after awakening. There also seems to be a heavy phlegm that can gather & is hard to clear to ease breathing. When I had Covid, in late 2020 I believe, the clearing of the thick phlegm was the scariest part of that about 3 weeks of illness. There were times during the night that I wondered if I would suffocate because my breathing passages were so hard to clear. On the other hand, since I had Covid I’ve only been sick a couple of times with just one illness a couple months ago being more involved, like Covid half speed or something.

You’ve given such rave reviews of your multi-talented Chiro I wondered if she would give a recommendation for someone of similar caliber that might operate in the Detroit area?

Thank you so much for detailing these changes & processes in your health & that of your family members. I especially appreciate these details because I know very well the challenges of diagnosing & treating very complex medical, educational, psychological, therapeutic, behavioral, & spiritual conditions. There is a lifelong learning curve involved!

Valerie Curren

TY TB!!!

Gail Combs

KETO –“….Do you recommend a gradual change in eating practices or a radical shift?”

Radical. You want to change how your body deals with food.

“…I’ve gotten my husband on Nattokinase as he deals with a decent amount of arm pain related to his current & former trucking job….”

I would suggest adding Glucosamine, Chondrotin & Hyaluronic Acid (Move Free Advanced or equivalent) Those are the building blocks needed to lubricate & repair the cartilage in your joints. I started taking it 25 years ago and my pain decrease drastically over time. I then added CBD oil.

Since I have an Adrenal gland problem => High blood pressure and loss of potassium, I am now taking potassium chloride salt and recently added Magnesium citrate. My leg and foot cramps have responded very well to the addition. Magnesium citrate also helps with sleep.

Valerie Curren

TY Gail. I have hubby on Glucosamine & Chondroitin but will need to look into Hyaluronic Acid. Thanks for the tip & perspective on Keto!


Thank you for sharing your testimony.

Brave and Free

Thanks TB2 for the updates. I have a question for anyone who may know. What are some things to consider for an enlarged prostate?
PSA levels are up slightly for my age group. DR. says need MIR and biopsy. I don’t worry about mri but the biopsy concerns me. I’ve done some research already, just wondering what alternative treatments are out there.

Gail Combs

“… saw palmetto…” that was the recommendation for Hubby. At the time we did not know about stinging nettle. (I take it every day for allergies)


Hey there. Just saw this question.

If you don’t have blood sugar issues, what you want is Stinging Nettle. It is awesome for the prostate, reducing swelling and urination problems.

It also lowers blood pressure, so be aware of that.

You can buy nettle tea loose, or in tea bags, or harvest your own fresh. If you do harvest it, wear gloves! When they call it “stinging,” they aren’t just whistling “Dixie.”

I do want to say that, while I always monitor for side effects with herbs, unless I am taking a huge amount of something, I don’t worry about it overly much. The question I ask myself is, do I worry this much about what I eat? After all, herbs are really just edible plants 🙂


Thank you once again. Proverbs 16:3
3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.


Great AND informative update. Thank you.

As posted before, based on your previous posts, adopted a hybrid Keto / Atkins. Lost 20 pounds over six months. Gained some back during holidays. Lost most of it, again. Will lose it all and then plenty more. Target weight, perhaps summer or later.

I don’t fret over, did I lose weight today. Rather a steady effort. Body adjust when it is ready. Or so I guess.

Just got back on my weekly IVM. Not sure when or why I started missing, weekly IVM. Complacent or forgetful, dunno. No shortage of IVM here. Spinach. Love spinach in salads. Adding that back in.

Thanks again for sharing. Great, helpful AND inspiring information.

Gail Combs

Do not forget IODINE! It helps speed up you metabolism. Most Americans are deficient in iodine. If you feel sluggish and run a low temp you may be deficient.

The Iodine Deficiency Epidemic
I suggest reading the article.

Bromine, Iodine, Prostate and Breast Cancer by E.M.Smith (ChiefIO)
A really great discussion.

Gail Combs

That discussion at Chiefio’s is one of my favorites!

Lots of great info.


Thanks AND yes. Picked up some iodine, a ways back.

Have another open tab, E.M. Smith link. 🙂

Looking into taking up, Bromine and Iodine. Need to check interactions and all of that…

>>> QTree is a gift that keeps on giving. <<<


I have Lugol’s – is there a recommended # of drops daily, or twice a week? I’ll read the deficiency article later today when I have time. 👍🏻

Last edited 10 days ago by Gingersmom2009
Gail Combs

I use tri-iodine tablets so I would not know.


Depends on body mass.


If concerned about overdose (and partially reacting to Linda’s note above), I did a back-of-the-envelope and the amount I should take if downwind of a nuclear explosion is about 40 drops. The amount I should take just to keep normal iodine levels is more like 3.


Exactly. It really depends on whether you’re taking it for a specific reason – such as cancer or thyroid issues – or whether you’re taking it to improve your general health. I’m taking 50 mg of 5% Lugols, which is 8 drops per day. Most people have the 2% Lugols, though, so you would have to calculate that differently.


I should add that you shouldn’t start taking iodine at a high dosage. You have to slowly work up to it or you’re going to have all kinds of Herxheimer side effects. I started at 1 drop per day and increased by 1 drop every 7 days until I was up to 8 drops. That worked out very well for me. I didn’t have any side effects at all.


I started taking much more iodine after reading a number of articles of women with breast cancer being cured when taking 50 mg or more per day. I’ve been taking it since shortly after my diagnosis and believe that it’s helped a lot. A nice side effect is that I was able to reduce my thyroid meds. One of the articles I read mentioned that breast cancer exploded after iodine was taken out of bread back in the ’70s and bromine used instead.


Wonderful report tradebait! The vision information is of particular interest. Bookmarking the post for when I have more time to delve into it all. Thank you for this!


Such an uplifting AND helpful post ! Thank you. All of the info is appreciated. This day is no different than others at QTree but I have learned quite a few things right now that I hadn’t heard before.


Also like the header!


What a wonderful update! All the work you and your family is doing to get and maintain good health is paying off.

Regarding the eyes, Yours Truly takes a supplement that contains 20mg Lutein + 4mg Zeaxanthin every day, on the recommendation of the ophthamologist.
One also takes a custom-made Chinese herbal formula for the eyes every day, from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner that she’s been using for over 30 years.

Regarding cholesterol levels, Yours Truly knows from experience that panic-anxiety disorder can, and does, of itself raise cholesterol levels, especially the LDL level, no matter what is done with diet / hydration / exercise / medication.
Panic-anxiety disorder can, and does, also of itself raise blood glucose levels, no matter what is done with diet / hydration / exercise / medication.
These happen due to the complex interaction between the “fear centers” of the brain (amygdala and hippocampus) and the vagus nerve (which goes from the brain into the abdominal area.) If the “fear centers” are activated enough times, and at high levels, the resulting hormones that are released (cortisol, adrenaline, and natural epinephrine) will badly interfere with the natural functions and balance of the vagus nerve system. This is along with the “alarm bells activation” of the Sympathetic Nervous System (the “fight or flight” system), knocking the balance between this system and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (the “rest and digest” system) completely off. So, voila! — cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels go up; blood pressure issues can develop where there were none before; eyesight can be negatively affected; and the digestive and “elimination” systems can be impaired.

Yours Truly can also testify that, while there is a real place for counseling therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes to help in getting control of many issues of panic-anxiety disorder, the only REAL source of calming and healing the situation comes from within the patient themself. And that does NOT mean using alcohol or recreational drugs for escape. It means doing the hard work of realizing that panic-anxiety disorder begins and ends in the mind of the patient — THEY have the ultimate control over whether they continue to suffer the effects of the issues, or if they confront and heal them. IMO, there is a real place for belief in a Higher Power / Supreme Being to help in the calming and healing process.

May you and yours have a healthy, peaceful New Year.

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Thank you, you are very kind.


TradeBaite2 thank you for sharing your life-health spiritual journey 😘
I am happy to hear that you are doing well and keto did so many good things for you.
I have MD the wet in my right eye. Yes I take the shots every 8 weeks.
Berries are very good for it and I eat 1 cup a day.
During Lent I begin Keto and intermittent fasting. Keto maybe 2-3 times a year for 6 weeks at a time.
Taking a break is good for me.
An update on my hubby his heart is doing great and oxygen level is 99%. Doc has him take a 12 week exercise program in hospital gym.

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Thank you !
I have thyroid problems loosing wight is a struggle but Keto helps. They say when going off keto one gains up to 10 LB. I tried doing keto long term but after three months I loose nothing.
I do better on and off. My husband can eat anything and is 146 LB 32″ waist. I am well proportioned but not skinny – skinny, I feel sorry for those who are misshapen.

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Great discussion! I am absolutely intrigued by the disappearance of cataracts! I’m interested in all possible agents that might help clean them up naturally!

What do you think it was, TB – the ivermectin, or nattokinase? Or something else?

This is extremely fascinating.


I think it is Ivermectin.

My rationale is the effect of vitamin I on river blindness.

Could floaters and cataracts be caused by parasites? It sure makes me wonder.

I think that the presence of parasites in people in the U.S. has been greatly suppressed for some reason. I remember when I was a kid fifty years ago that an occasional “deworming” was the norm for kids. Do you ever hear about that now?

Are cancers and many other diseases caused by parasites? Do Big Pharma and Big Medicine suppress that knowledge for profit? Could we cure ourselves and largely bankrupt Pharma with Ivermectin?

What I know is, we still deworm domestic animals of all kinds, they live in our houses, we walk in their fields, and we never deworm ourselves. Which doesn’t make a bit of sense, when you think about it.


Thanks, TB! You are so kind to me.



I think that is the *blushing* emoji.

Emojis are definitely NOT one of my gifts!

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Yes, this is infuriating to me.


An awful lot of people think that cancer is caused by parasites, which may be why the Fenben/Ivermectin combo seems to be so powerful against cancers. It shrunk my tumor in half. So that definitely could be a part of it. Others think that cancers are caused by funguses and there have been a few studies that show that certain cancers are.

However, I’m less sure about whether Fenben or Ivermectin would cure all eye issues. I also have cataracts and am beginning to get MD in one eye. Since being diagnosed with cancer, I’ve been taking both Fenben and Ivermectin every day. That’s been since early August. To date, I haven’t noticed any improvements in my eyesight. But I haven’t yet gone in for an eye test this year, so I suppose it’s possible that I just haven’t noticed it.

Aubergine, I think you’re on to something about deworming. I’ve read that in India that they have 2 national deworming days a year. And that cancer rates are far lower in India than they are here. The same with other countries that do regular deworming. Parasites probably cause a lot more diseases than we realize.

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Good news about the tumor! And interesting that you aren’t noticing improvement in your eyes. At least, not yet.

I think parasites do cause many things. And we don’t take care of them anymore.


Great information!


Thank you so much for this personal input. I would like to also add that fasting has been one of the best things I have done for my body. I started out with a 16/8 fast and worked my way to OMAD. (One meal a day). I enjoy the weight loss but the effects of autophagy on my body has been remarkable.

My cognitive ability has improved tremendously (72 years old).
autophagy causes the body’s cells to clean out and recycle any unnecessary or damaged parts. I have more energy and more “Happy”. Less joint pain.

i eat a complete meal and make sure all necessary healthy food components are in place.
It was not hard for me because I worked my way slowly into the OMAD. I had previously given up most “white foods” including as much sugar as possible. This helped with any withdrawal symptoms.

i understand this is not for everyone but I am into my fourth week and pleased with what I am experiencing. The loss of 12 lbs is encouraging because my body had developed (years ago) a set point weight and decided it was not going to go under that regardless of any diet I attempted. Breaking through that set point is enough to challenge me.

Please note I am a person with no willpower…NONE. Physically or mentally so I am proud of myself for sticking to it.

Not suggesting this, just sharing. Also I take Gail’s recommendations for several of her supplements.


Forgot to add that in addition to OMAD I have combined with Keto which is a good program for me. An excellent article is available at http://omaddiet.com/keto-intermittent-fasting/


TY TB2. I did the same when I first started. No processed foods now and I have combated the boredom with preparing my meals now from scratch. Working my way into food prep because I have had too many last minute thrown together meals.


Thank you so much for sharing all of this valuable information that we can use as appropriate for our own needs. It is so helpful to know what someone else has experienced. May you continue in good health!


You’re very kind; thank you.