Back In My Day: Scoundrels and Heroes; Scoundrels, Part 2 – Agriculture

In Part 1 of Scoundrels I discussed the historical background of the criminal network of the region that extended from the depths of human depravity to the White House. There was a trail exposed from the man who made the call to destroy hundreds of thousands of people with two atomic bombs to end a war that had ravaged half of the earth killing millions of people. That trail would also eventually lead to the deaths of another POTUS from the same political party as well as other iconic social justice leaders. The criminal underbelly of politics, cults, vices, government, law enforcement, judiciary, business and so on was exposed in middle America; which existed then and exists now to an even greater extent nationwide.

I give a special thanks to our faithful patriot host, Wolf, for providing this forum.

The choice to read and acceptance of the content is now entirely in your court. I left literally dozens of rat holes to dive into with more to come if you need something to do with your time. I am not going into them anymore. I have too many scars from the experiences. I am more of a macro guy anyway, an explorer, I need to explore the next hill and move on. I will leave it to those who are called to dig for the treasure. However, I urge others with the skillsets of investigatory curiosity and research to do so who want to advance the cause of truth and justice for the billions of people of this planet who have and continue to be severely damaged by the evil.

Part 2 and Part 3 are primers about some of the methods that the underlying criminal system in power used BIMD and still use today. In this part I will discuss the plantation approach in farm country BIMD. This will lead to a current day manufacturing example from the same area in the bootheel of MO in Part 3. This BIMD agriculture example is specific to my experiences and observations, but can be applied universally. It is interconnected to Part 1.

How It Worked There (And Everywhere in Everything)

In those days in the delta, the non-overtly criminal, wealthier people were primarily the farmers whose families accumulated large tracts of acreage over time and consolidated it into family business ownership over generations. The wealthier were also those who had businesses related to agriculture that included processing the yields of crops such as warehouses, cotton gins, grain mills, canning, etc. as well as related equipment suppliers, fuel distribution, trucking, barge transportation, bankers, attorneys, CPAs and so on. Add in, of course, the criminals such as politicians who bent the rule of law and principles of fair governing for their collective profit. However, it all worked there because of wealthy farm owners doing their thing. When times became tough on them due to droughts, floods, commodity market price dips, etc.; their hands would go out to Uncle Sam for our tax dollars through the efforts of their “friendly” politicians and legal operatives exerting influence such as Jame Ed Reeves (JER) and the Ward & Reeves law firm.

To operate a large farm you needed cheap labor even after large farm mechanization had kicked in. If the employable people in the area had other, higher paying options they would not work on a farm because it is hard, boring work with zero career and retirement upside. Owners in the farming and supporting roles such as those listed previously, preferred to keep their fellow man in a less educated state of poverty or else they would be forced to pay more for labor. It was and still is the system. As a result they were adamantly against the pro-business GOP and any influx of manufacturing and related distribution related businesses operating in the area that would increase the wage base and benefits to area residents. They just could not broadcast that desire, it had to be kept on the down low.

If you doubt this, ask yourself why a $1.275+ million John Deere cotton picker is operated by a $20 per hour wage earner with no benefits today. BIMD it was a $70 K cotton picker operated by a $5 per hour wage earner with no benefits.

However, the politicians and business leaders at the Chamber continued to tell these same area residents how hard they were fighting for them to have good jobs while adding social welfare handouts to “help” them get by. As an owner/operator of a farm and other support network occupations, it worked to your advantage to keep people in poverty and what better ways are there to do that than to keep them undereducated and untrained without access to higher wage employment as well as enslaved in vices and cults? Bad public schools with other illegal “entertainment” options were your friends. Wink, wink.

It taught me to be more merciful to my fellow man. At least when I understood fully that much of the nation’s economy has become systemized evil foisted on the unwitting to the profit of others. Willpower to reject the systemized temptations alone are not enough for most average people. We need Jesus in our lives or we can easily fall prey. I did not see many examples of true Bible believing Christians in the facilities and gatherings of the criminal machine BIMD. But there were plenty of posers and evil doers who managed to regularly make their way into the church pews on Sunday only to resume their lives of sin and crime on Monday. Only the Lord would know the state of their hearts and commitment because the other days of the week did not reveal the same dedication.

This overall methodology does not just apply to agriculture, as the principles and process still applies to many areas of American commerce, government, etc. today. There will always be a need for controllable, cheap, uninformed, uneducated labor. Robots are not real good at some common criminal activities, yet. The Dems, RINO’s and less scrupulous will always be happy to violate the law to make money off the cheap labor and gain power. The uniparty GOP will always be happy to play their parts as foils to make money as controlled opposition. The globalist elite will always be happy to use all of their services to increase their control and wealth. They have all long since possessed the ability to provide illegals with legal ID documents to cover their tracks. They know the flaws in the American system intimately and take advantage of them with impunity.

Since the controlled economic system went top down, the farm owners knew their place in the hierarchy and how much profit upside was available. As an owner, if you found a guy who was dependable and reasonably good at operating a tractor, cotton picker, combine, gin, etc.; you would pay him just enough to keep him and feed his family. You would probably provide an old farmhouse on your land for them to live in for free or low rent if you had a mortgage to pay on it. You would help them fix it up over time as long as he was an employee. If he was loyal and stayed with you until retirement, you would usually let them stay there at a low rent for as long as possible.

You would become wealthier. The worker and his family would have just enough to live until they died, just like all good plow mules who had enough food and strength to work until they were no longer able. The vices and cults would keep them in a controlled state. Many of their children would likely remain as raised, which would provide the next generation of labor.

You might even make sure the guy had some cash in his pocket to participate in the “fun” down at the county line or in Caruthersville on weekends. If he was into wacky tobaccy you could choose to look the other way and not see those plants along the Corp of Engineers managed flood control ditches and canals on your property. If he had proven to be trustworthy, you might even take a cut of the cash and/or product for him to have an expanded sharecropping opportunity. Even the crop dusters knew where to avoid spraying herbicides and pesticides for a little product compensation. Of course that might mean you need to pass some cash along to the friendly sheriff’s reelection campaign, or in Sheriff Orton’s case, his bookie operation and restaurant. Or perhaps a friend or relative of a key local leader in the machine needed a job or bailed out of whatever mess he/she found himself/herself.

If the farming operations became too much to control, you the land owner simply rented the land out to other farmers who needed access to create more crop production to make the most of their equipment and labor investment. As a farm land owner you would maintain good relations with the county property tax assessor to make sure your tax assessments were reasonable, perhaps with a little cash or business opportunity available to help them do a good job or toward their coming reelection. You needed to make sure their buds stayed in office long enough to get a good pension, right?

But what would a dumb son-in-law know about such things? Goober played the part well. Sheriff Orton figured out he was not a fed operative for the white hats and ignored him being around. Which is obvious since Goober is not worm food.


But I have since come to the full understanding that there was nowhere to turn to make it stop outside of Heaven. What was clearly illegal and destructive to America was not subject to change by a system that derived full benefit from it. Sort of a key observation and point for today, don’t you think? Which makes what PDT is doing all the more remarkable.

If you did not before, you should now already understand why the invaders are flooding across our border. Far less numbers of American citizens are willing to work in lowered skilled labor roles with zero upside because they have other options that include a lot of government safety nets. Those remaining that are willing are being injured and genocidally murdered by the pharmaceutical and medical industries by the millions. Lest we forget, injury and murder sometimes takes years to accomplish, however, the seeds of same have been planted in tens of millions. Some working class citizens have their personal integrity stripped enough like Green in Part 1 such that they are willing to get into the thieving, drug dealing, human trafficking gigs and so forth as long as they have “protection” for those times when they are observed in the acts and get into trouble. Hello, freemasons everywhere among many other cults.

The unipartyists and globalists also need voters as well as distributors and enforcers for those drug and human/sex trafficking trades that replaced those in bootlegging, traditional sex workers, etc. such as is provided by the cartels crossing our borders in record numbers. Having continued the generally successful crash of the public education and medical systems with an escalation of the depopulation game plan and domestic terrorism; at some point they will no longer be needed and funding will be cut off. With the missions and usefulness of the invaders completed, off they will go back to their countries of origin that serve as safe harbors until the next call and fistful of money deploys them again. All of it performed to help dumb down and otherwise destroy American culture and citizen population, which has led to a nation now teetering on collapse.

Important Observation

When a criminal enterprise in a “line of business” ceases to be profitable or useful, the criminal machine will participate in its destruction to gain public support. Prior to the destruction they will have already planned and implemented replacement(s). The bright, shiny object is displayed and prominently publicized as the “good guys” taking it down. FIB, ATF, etc. enter the scene at the appropriate moment. Politicians then pile on claiming credit using their media lackeys with celebrity influencers chiming in. Entertainment programs come out in television and cinema to build the images of the enforcers.

It is a well designed system. Many American citizens fall for it. Others simply turn a blind eye toward it all. Which contributes to their success. But there is well founded hope for a better future.

What the cabal simply cannot defend successfully is broad exposure of their intentions and deeds. If the masses realize what is happening and resist participation, it ends.

Which is the primary purpose of these stories.


The uniparty politicians and criminal participants did not go to war with FIB and law enforcement over the destruction of the mob operations in the region. Why?

They allowed the uniparty GOP leadership to play the parts of the “good guys” and clean it up to impress those opposed to the evil and crime that resulted from looking the other way with vices and cults all those years. Select criminals were scapegoated and sacrificed for the cabal’s greater good. The law abiding public’s tension about the situations decreased and the new lines of business kicked in. Uniparty members like AG “Saint” Jack Danforth had their images polished for his future bump to Club Senate, while ignoring the new lines of business of the uniparty criminal operatives. He could then go on to play his the uniparty’s controlled opposition role in DC.

When the trigger was pulled to bring the mob’s operations down, the Dems and criminal machine had already begun implementing plans to legalize gambling nationwide, utilize and expand drug dealing instead of booze bootlegging, liberalize and decriminalize sexual activities and perversion, and so on. Basically all of the things we see they are trying to legitimize and build into the American culture today. Always one or more steps ahead.

It is a system. The good news is they realize the public holds the keys to their future success. They know there is a need to deceive or else they would not succeed. Which should tell all of us to not contribute to their efforts. Resist participation and go a different way. Bring the evil to light so others will not fall prey.

You should also now fully understand why Christianity has been under a full scale attack, why stuff like DEI and trans rights are being thrust upon us among many other destructive initiatives. But it gets worse. What happens when you no longer control your own food supply?

Back To The Farms (Plantations)

The referenced big family farm owners were almost exclusively second and third generation BIMD. Their parents and grandparents had the foresight to purchase and clear the flat, fertile lands while working other occupations. Land purchase costs were low in southeast Missouri and NE Arkansas because the Little River Drainage District had not yet developed waterways to drain the swampy ground in the area. It was common to purchase tracts for $10-25 per acre a hundred years ago. Such was the case with ex’s family. The patriarch purchased hundreds of acres at a time of scruffy, wild cypress forested swampland at very low prices as he earned enough money to do so. Over the years he accumulated nearly a thousand acres that only a hunter would want. He had a vision for the land and had heard through his Democrat political cronies that the Little River Drainage District waterway work was planned. After work at his postal service job and on weekends he would do clearing work along with a local guy or two who needed some extra money. Over time he began farming small tracts and learning the business end as the drainage project started and was later completed. The District was eventually turned over to the U. S. Corp of Engineers to maintain.

By the time my ex Father-In-Law (FIL) was an adult and graduated from college, the farm operation had become self sufficient with even more acreage as his father purchased some of the dry and previously cleared land through the Depression and WW II years

The soil is very fertile because it was the former bed of the Mississippi River prior to the great New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812. The quakes were so severe they forced the river to run backwards, diverting its path in the region while creating a new bed, and backfilled an area with water that became Reelfoot Lake in western TN. For over a hundred years that lake has been known for excellent crappie fishing. A link describing the earthquakes and effects is below.

Their family farm began earning enough to plow the profits of the operation into buying even more land. That process continued off and on into the third generation in the family during my time there. The cash crop in that area for many years was cotton and the patriarch had built a gin he and local farmers used. Also during my time there, the family replaced the original with a new electronics driven gin as well as a modern milling operation for the soybeans and winter wheat beans that had been introduced into the area during the 1970s. For more on that year round crop rotation method please read the link below.

By the time of my divorce the family owned over 7000 acres of prime farmland in the SE MO bootheel and NE AR. They reduced their own farming operation to about 3000 acres or so and rented the rest out to other farmers. All of the crop yields from their land were processed through the gin and mill while other farmers in the area would also utilize their services. By all appearances they seemed to have it all.

Problems Under The Surface

With that in mind and now refocusing on the JER interview from Part 1, most of us who were there during the referenced points of time and knew the people involved can easily tell when something JER said in that interview was probably true or just BS. One of the towns mentioned, Holland, I knew well. It was the town of my ex and her family, which had its own criminal electioneering background among other things that then AG Danforth prosecuted. I know because my ex FIL had been caught up in it with Pappy Brown and crew long before I ever met his daughter and moved to the area. The story went that there were around 600 total votes cast with my ex FIL voted to be the mayor of the tiny town of Holland with its total population of about 300 or so. His opponent, the other wealthy, farm owner/operator in town filed a lawsuit. Of course if you had money, you could buy yourself out of many jams and ex FIL did. Democrat U. S. Senator Thomas Eagleton came to his rescue. Yup, the same Eagleton who spent a couple of weeks as a VP candidate on McGovern’s ticket until the GOP and media found out he had once been hospitalized for mental health issues. He voluntarily withdrew his name and remained a Senator in the state for many years.

After the elections fiasco in Holland the family’s reputation took a hit, which affected business. The farmer who was their political opponent stopped using their services along with a number of others in the area and added his own milling and warehousing. The reduction in business impacted my ex’s family finances as well as dealing with significant mortgage debt on the farmland at the banks that continued into the awful Carter years and beyond when interest rates were approaching 20%. As previously described my ex’s parents were bound and robbed at gunpoint in the mid-1970’s. Criminal/FBI Operative Sheriff Orton entered into law enforcement again. Ex FIL’s attorney, George K. Reeves (GKR) with Ward & Reeves law firm had moved from the area to Memphis with another place in New Orleans for his Board work with Middle South Utilities; so he had nobody at the law firm he trusted since Orton was represented by JER. GKR’s obit reveals more information about him below.

Well, would you looky there. They officially acknowledge the “rough and tumble days” (translated – mob operated crime ring) in the bootheel and GKR’s employment for a few years after WW II for J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. Imagine that; the FBI, Hoover, Memphis, Bootheel, and New Orleans all in one long obit bio of a regionally high profile attorney. I am sure it is just another in a long list of coincidences. It was no surprise that soon after moving his family to Memphis to live in 1979 they all became estranged with the divorce of GKR and his wife. For those that remember Part 1, that would be about a year or so after the Congressional committee hearing that Green testified in with FBI #3 Deke Deloach in attendance regarding the truth about the MLK, Jr. assassination. An assassination Ward & Reeves law firm would have likely known details about due to the clients they represented who were involved in same. Of which several of those same clients were likely fed operatives with inter lapping FIB connections.

My ex’s parents were shocked and surprised when they were told of the divorce. The official response from people who knew them was GKR’s ex was just crazy. Crazy as in distancing herself and children from their bootheel past and the line of fire among other reasons. Both of their children, an adult son and daughter, remained in Memphis with their mother.

The tangled webs people weave…

Corporate Farms

Besides the obvious protection provided from “rough and tumble” people in the area, one of the reasons ex FIL was tied into Ward & Reeves law firm and GKR above was because of federal estate tax laws. The tax bite when passing down family farms to the next generation was horrible. Estate tax planning was a necessary, expensive evil that included extensive CPA and specialist tax attorney involvement with the use of complex tax shelters. Guess which political party held control over the federal tax laws in Congress during those days? Yup. When GKR left the area, some of that needed legal assistance fell on junior attorneys who were less competent.

Fortunately for family farmers the laws changed over time beginning with the Tax Reform Act of 1986 during Reagan’s time and strategies developed that made taxation issues somewhat more manageable through the years that followed. As those moderated, however, more long stressed family farmers decided to sell out and receive large monetary nest eggs for their families, which could be invested where? Why the uniparty, globalist controlled Wall Street of course. No point in toiling in the soil when one can let others manage their money and take it easy, right? Which led to more large farming operations owned and controlled by corporate farms as well as the loss of control of the family wealth to the deceivers on the Street. Well, is that not convenient of the already wealthy globalists to provide that avenue? Decades of oppressive tax laws that threatened the ability of many farming families to survive as well as pass down the land to their families that forced them to use many Democrat connected tax attorneys and CPA’s for tax advice and shelters; had been replaced by tax relief that removed the shackles that made it easier to sell out to those same Democrat affiliated corporate elites who benefitted from the previous oppressive tax laws.

From one pocket to the other.

See how that works? Follow the money. A farmer who was called to be a farmer deep in his or her heart and soul would never consider selling out for money if they could remain financially viable. Farmers tend to value their independence far more. However, many less called and less vested second and third generations are happy to do so. The trappings of cash, wealth and elite society that do not involve working the land are far more attractive to many. The cabal knows that truth and uses it to their benefit. They own the entertainment industry that uses movies, shows, books, music, theater and such to glorify the rich and famous that helps create idol worship and envy for their purposes.

With the tax relief, escalating land costs from inflation and corporate farm purchases, along with an improving overall economy; the land prices began to escalate significantly. What once went for $1.5 -2 K an acre BIMD has jumped to $7-10 K subject to location and characteristics today. For example, the link below is for a 140 acres, high yielding tract in the bootheel county of New Madrid listed for $1.117 million today. It is currently rented to another party for $28 K a year and appears to be a good spot for hunting of migratory ducks and geese that are in the flight pattern.

Remember this New Madrid area, we will revisit in Scoundrels, Part 3.

How many second, third and even fourth generation adult children of family farms are going to continue to fight the government entities, supply chain malfunction, excessive equipment costs, climate fluctuations, commodity market manipulations and overall economic challenges that make it difficult to continue to work the land when they can receive a check from big bank financed international corporate carpetbaggers for an amount that puts them and their immediate heirs on easy street? Not many. All of it happening with the industry consolidating while taking more and more control of our food supply and pricing of same. As I expected, my ex and her brother sold out the big family farm not long after their father passed when the prices rose to high enough levels to satisfy their creature comfort desires.

Those called and continuing to work the land regardless of the difficulties and temptations to sell out are American patriots and heroes in my book. We need more of them and less sell outs. The sell outs rarely think about how the money will fly away through the generations through excessive spending, inflation, bad investments, taxes, etc. Wisdom is always in such short supply with these folks. Many are only thinking of themselves not having to work. Rarely do they consult the Lord or think about what they are doing may help sell America down the river.

Scarcity Versus Abundance – Conclusion

There is always a sense of abundance versus scarcity mentalities on full display in these type scenarios. You can tell in what and who that people believe by their choices. Christians are taught to believe in abundance, the existence of plenty that is provided by God Himself to His children. They know that everything they have or receive is a gift and with it comes a desire to be obedient to His will for His people and creation. Father knows best.

The world teaches scarcity, that there is a limited amount of the good stuff and you need to fight or outwit your fellow man to get your share. They believe only the strong survive. Their personal desires are all that matter. The greater good is rarely considered unless there is something in it for them. They believe in the freedom to pursue whatever pleases you.

In both camps, temptations exist that must be navigated or all may be lost. We will discuss this more in the future.

A reminder for some of us…

Scoundrels, Part 3 is on deck. Until then, blessings to all.

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when’s the movie or Series coming out ?

kinda reminds me of Bloodline.


Last edited 1 month ago by smiley2

Excellent read – the rural Ag culture where I live is exactly as described.

Gail Combs

Well that certainly explains why certain crops like cotton, tobacco, & grains get federal subsidies and others like fruit, veggies & meat do not.

Cotton, tobacco, & grains are all great PLANTATION crops requiring vast acreage but little added labor.

On top of that as I explained in my food series, cheap subsidized grains gave Animal Confinement operations the advantage and drove out the family farm grass fed meat.

Is it any wonder the USDA food pyramid had GRAINS at the base? Is it any wonder that SEED OILS were promoted to replace lard and butter?

And I should add. Monsanto’s GMO grains + Round-up is also of direct benefit to PLANTATION OWNERS…

Last edited 1 month ago by Gail Combs
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This part is a key realization. This is something not to be forgotten, ever.

When a criminal enterprise in a “line of business” ceases to be profitable or useful, the criminal machine will participate in its destruction to gain public support. Prior to the destruction they will have already planned and implemented replacement(s). The bright, shiny object is displayed and prominently publicized as the “good guys” taking it down. FIB, ATF, etc. enter the scene at the appropriate moment. Politicians then pile on claiming credit using their media lackeys with celebrity influencers chiming in. Entertainment programs come out in television and cinema to build the images of the enforcers.

It is a well designed system. Many American citizens fall for it. Others simply turn a blind eye toward it all. Which contributes to their success. But there is well founded hope for a better future.

What the cabal simply cannot defend successfully is broad exposure of their intentions and deeds. If the masses realize what is happening and resist participation, it ends.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Goodbye, opium, hello, morphine.
Goodbye, morphine, hello, heroin.
Goodbye, heroin, hello, methadone.
Goodbye, methadone, hello, oxycodone.
Goodbye, oxycodone, hello, fentanyl.

Goodbye, mafia owning drug dealers.
Hello, mafia owning drug companies.
Goodbye, government shaking down drug dealers.
Hello, government shaking down drug companies.

Every time, old one bad.
Every time, new one set up.
Then new one becomes problem.
Then new one becomes old one.
Old one bad.
Money moves quietly to the new one.

Gail Combs

Joe Lange added his bit to that business plan.

The Shadow Game: Pawns … Meant to Be Sacrificed

This is a follow-up to Clowns in America and School of Assassins and Dictators, an introduction into the seedy origins of the CIA….

What is the “Shadow Game”?

To the global cabal of elites, everything is just a game. They don’t value human life at all. Wealth and power are all that matters to them….

As Joe said in a different article, if you have become a liability, the Cabal has ZERO problem in eliminating you. I think that is what happened to McConnell’s sister-in-law. She was the connection between Mitch and Hunter Biden.
This is an example on how the Cabal operates:

School Of Assassins and Dictators: Is the CIA the biggest sponsor of terrorism?

…Bush as president invaded Panama and removed Noriega.
  :wpds_arrow: But why was Noriega removed and arrested by Bush, who had installed him into power in the first place?
According to The Guardian:

Noriega, who died on Monday at the age of 83, was right to be nervous. The October coup attempt marked a turning point in Washington’s attitude to a man whose rise to power it had assisted, who became a valued CIA cold war asset and go-between in Central America’s dirty wars, but who turned into a monster US spy bosses could no longer control. Noriega had outlived his usefulness. Now he was an embarrassment. So Bush made him America’s most wanted.

Bush had trained and installed Noriega as a dictator in Panama for the very purpose of being a conduit for cocaine trafficking through the Medellin cartel. They were using Panamanian airfields to fly weapons to the Contras and drugs into the U.S.

More from The Guardian:

Noriega’s knowledge of US operations in Central America was detailed and highly compromising. He was said to have met Bush in person on more than one occasion.

It is clear that each US government agency which had a relationship with Noriega turned a blind eye to his corruption and drug dealing. Noriega was allowed to establish “the hemisphere’s first narco-kleptocracy”.

The CIA didn’t turn a blind eye to Noriega’s drug trafficking, they encouraged it.
It was only when Congress was investigating the Iran-Contra scandal that 👉Noriega became a huge liability and had to be removed….



This is how the Cabal has managed to exist for so long. The actual Puppet Masters ARE NEVER SEEN BY THE PUBLIC. If digging turns up evidence that leads too close the Cabal has ZERO PROBLEM sacrificing a Pawn, a Bishop or a Knight and there by literally KILLING the connection.

Zorro rides

Wolfs, add guitars and some singing to this poem and we’ve got a hit song.
Hope some one posts a demo version by this weekend.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



The ‘God Father’ is not fiction, IMHO.

The Corleone Family started in olive oil. Generations ago.

They ended up in all of the vices we see today.

Hmmm. This was presented in 1972.

Did 1972 take us here, or were we told in 1972 that we were being dragged to it now?

The new normal conditioning.

Gail Combs

As I stated in my Depop series, the 1970s were a turning point. It was then the Malthusians finally had a WEAPON to use to get world leaders to go along with population control. That weapon was the coming Ice Age. The cold turn of weather and grain shortage in the late 60s early 70s was the facts on the ground they needed to hammer home the findings of geologists.


Thank you, Gail!

Oh, as a kid, I remember the ICE AGE was coming. ’72.

One, grain is bad for EVERYONE. So, two groups…the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

And let’s kill the world. No wonder my mother was so against purchasing my Earth Shoes, Gail! Brava!

comment image


Gail, re-reading your post for a fourth time. World leaders wanted pop control. Kill any way possible.

I remember the ‘Ice Age’ reporting.

How did that turn into global warming?

Gail Combs

My article GREENHOUSE, ICEHOUSE OR CLIMATIC MADHOUSE? goes into whether or not we are looking at an return to Ice age conditions. ANSWER — MAYBE, but Gore Bull Schiff warming is NOT AN OPTION.

ALSO there is NO WAY the Cabal believes the global warming crap they spew. Otherwise they would NOT be buy homes on the seashore. Remember they have information and scientific studies that never see the light of day.

Remember they have switched from Global Warming to !!CLIMATE CHANGE!!

This is what is expected at the end of an interglacial:

Boettger, et al (Quaternary International 207 [2009] 137 – 144)

….Results of palynological studies of all these sequences indicate simultaneously a strong increase of environmental oscillations during the very end of the Last Interglacial and the beginning of the Last Glaciation. This paper discusses possible correlations of these events between regions in Central and Eastern Europe. The pronounced climate and environment instability during the interglacial/glacial transition could be consistent with the assumption that it is about a natural phenomenon, characteristic for transitional stages….

Then the question is whether the Holocene will go long like a very similar interglacial, MIS-11 that was 2 precession cycles long or not.

 Loutre and Berger (2003) used COMPUTER MODELS and predicted the Holocene, couldl last another 50,000 years, particularly if CO2 were factored in. However a more recent paper looked at real data That paper by Lisieki and Raymo (Oceanography, 2005), look at 57 globally distributed deep Ocean Drilling Project and other cores.


“Recent research has focused on MIS 11 as a possible analog for the present interglacial [e.g., Loutre and Berger, 2003; EPICA community members, 2004] because both occur during times of low eccentricity. The LR04 age model establishes that MIS 11 spans two precession cycles, with 18O values below 3.6o/oo for 20 kyr, from 398-418 ka. In comparison, stages 9 and 5 remained below 3.6o/oo for 13 and 12 kyr, respectively, and the Holocene interglacial has lasted 11 kyr so far. In the LR04 age model, the average LSR of 29 sites is the same from 398-418 ka as from 250-650 ka; consequently, stage 11 is unlikely to be artificially stretched. However, the June 21 insolation minimum at 65N during MIS 11 is only 489 W/m2, much less pronounced than the present minimum of 474 W/m2. In addition, current insolation values are not predicted to return to the high values of late MIS 11 for another 65 kyr. 

👉We propose that this effectively precludes a ‘double precession-cycle’ interglacial [e.g., Raymo, 1997] in the Holocene without human influence.”

Lisieki and Raymo


How do I KNOW the Cabal does not believe Gore Bull Schiff warming?

First lets look at the Gleissberg or 80 year solar cycle.

 In 1967 Gleissberg published his Secularly smoothed data on the minima and maxima of sunspot frequency. In 1971 he published “The Probable Behaviour of Sunspot Cycle 21” and “Revision of the probability laws of sunspot variations” in 1973.

Looking at September 1967: Secularly smoothed data on the minima and maxima of sunspot frequency

When I introduced the method of secular smoothing into the study of the variations of sunspot frequency (GLEISSBERG, 1944) I published a table containing the secularly smoothed epochs and ordinates of sunspot minima and maxima which I had deduced from the data published by BRUNNER in 1939.

👉Since then, secular smoothing has proved to be one of the principal methods for investigating the properties of the 80-year cycle of solar activity (cf. RUBASHEv, 1964). 

W. Gleissberg

So they KNEW the chances were very great we would see about 40 years of warming from the 1969-1970 cold. That is it would not start cooling until the beginning of the next century.

👉1972 George Kukla, who first discovered there were a lot more ice ages than previously thought wrote to president Nixon. As a result In 1974 there were two secret papers written that make it clear the Cabal thought we were looking at the eventual return to Ice age conditions.

1974 CIA report: “A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems”

[Page 7]


👉1972 the Intelligence Community was faced with two issues concerning climatology…

… Since 1972 the grain crisis has intensified…. Since 👉1969 the storage of grain has decreased from 600 million metric tons to less than 100 million metric tons – a 30 day supply… many governments have gone to great lengths to hide their agricultural predicaments from other countries as well as from their own people…

[page 9]

The archaeologists and climatotologists document a rather grim history… There is considerable evidence that these empires may not have been undone by barbarian invaders but by climatic change…. has tied several of these declines to specific global cool periods, major and minor,…

[Page 18 talks of coming glaciation.]

Scientists are confident that unless man is able to effectively modify the climate, 👉the northern regions… will again be covered with 100 to 200 feet of ice and snow. That this will occur within the next 2,500 years they are quite positive; 👉that it may occur sooner is open to speculation.

The second paper is the 1974 Kissenger Report or National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 [Excerpts]

This is the key portion:

There is great uncertainty whether the conditions for achieving food balance in the LDCs can in fact be realized. Climatic changes are poorly understood, but a persistent atmospheric cooling trend since 1940 has been established.  One respectable body of scientific opinion believes that this portends a period of much wider annual frosts, and possibly a long-term lowering of rainfall in the monsoon areas of Asia and Africa. Nitrogen fertilizer will be in world short supply into the late 1970s, at least; because of higher energy prices, it may also be more costly in real terms than in the 1960s….

REMEMBER Maurice Strong was Secretary General of the first United Nations Conference on the Environment and Population in 👉1972. In his Stockholm speech he warned urgently about global warming, the devastation of forests, the loss of biodiversity, polluted oceans, the population time bomb.

Maurice Strong got his start working for the Rockefellers in Saudi Arabia. He became President of the Rockefeller Foundation, head of the World Bank, head of the United Nations Environmental Program, a member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum and a committed socialist and globalist….

He was also one of Klaus Schwab’s mentors.

March 12, 2019 Kissinger And Rockefeller: Connections 

comment image
Henry Kissinger and Nelson Rockefeller, January 1975

….I investigated the Department of Defense’s germ warfare appropriations request and learned that the option to develop synthetic biological agents — bioweapons as alternatives to nuclear weapons — came from Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was gradually placed in his position of authority as National Security Advisor under Richard Nixon, the most powerful man in government, by Nelson Rockefeller and his affiliates at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Moreover, I traced where the money went. It went, in fact, to a firm called Litton Bionetics, a subsidiary of the mega-military contractor Litton Industries, whose President, Roy Ash, was being considered as an alternate to Henry Kissinger for the National Security Advisor post.

Instead, Roy Ash became Richard Nixon’s chairman of the Presidents Advisory Council on Executive Organizations, and Assistant to the President of the United States….

You really can not make this Schiff up!


So the 70’s ice age was yet an original scare tactic that just did not hold then?

What was the real reason for the grain shortage?

You realize that grain is the worst thing any human can eat.

Just had a convo today with a friend who is a daily tennis pro. He laughs at anything with grain!!!

Gail Combs

I agree on the grain, esp wheat.


Maybe THEY had not yet thought bought taking away beef?

Gail Combs

They switched ‘models’ in 1972 as far as I can tell. The Malthusian faction thanks to the cold and the findings of geologists got the upper hand. DEPOPULATION and the CONSERVATION OF RESOURCES became the order of the day.

Petrochemicals especially became precious since they can be used in green houses to both heat and release the CO2 needed for optimal plant growth.


about…my apologies.


Thank You for the excellent, eye opening (for me) post tradebait 👏🏻

Gail Combs

It is well worth reading all of TradeBait2’s articles.

Gail Combs

  :wpds_oops:  Thank Q!


Superb, insightful, educational read. Dovetails so nicely with earlier articles.

A couple minutes in, I perceived, intended or not, parallels with life today.

Life across America. Prolly similar to Europe.

All leading to, intended or not, WEF fixated on domination by 2030.

Perhaps, Slow Guy missed something, again.

Thank you! Looking forward to part 3.

Gail Combs

It also dovetails very nicely with my Farm Wars Series:



Mr Global’s Attack on FOOD Part III


I post this article from one of the group involved in the Farm Wars wrote. She wrote this article in 2011:


By Doreen Hannes
September 6, 2011

When the FDA answered FTCLDF (Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund) in the interstate shipment of raw milk suit, they stated four fully repugnant things.

  • That you have no right to, nor does your child have a right to any particular food,
  • you have no right to bodily or physical health,
  • 👉that you have no right to contract,
  • and that they are “rationally” fulfilling their public health mission.

It appears that they forgot to include that you have no right to privacy or free association along with no right of contract. With the recent actions against Rawesome, sting operations against Amish farmers, and the absolute destruction of Morningland Dairy, one can only surmise that the FDA, who pulls the strings on state level equivalent agencies, forgot to specifically deny the right to freedom of association guaranteed us under the First Amendment along with many others.

As many people have been covering these continual affronts to our very right to consume food that we want to consume, I don’t feel as compelled to conduct a full review every time I find myself in the position of covering a new travesty of decency. Maybe that’s laziness in the eyes of some, but the truth is we are against the wall in this country with the most basic of human rights, and it’s too late to be nice about it any longer. If people are still unaware that food is a controlled substance, they are not likely to read this article anyway. Unfortunately, we have another assault that needs to be brought to the attention of those paying attention.

Morningland’s cheese plant has now been shut down for just over one year. They’ve been to court and have filed an appeal on the judge’s order to destroy their wealth, and were taken to court again on June 13th and found guilty on one of three Contempt of Court charges brought against them for not rolling over and dying when the Milk Board suggested they should. They had to post bond again to keep their cheese from the hands of the destroyers until the legal wrangling is complete. Now the Attorney General says they must give up the names, addresses and phone numbers of individuals who are members in their private association. Denise Dixon says she will go to jail before that happens.

At the first trial, on January 13th 2011, the principals of Morningland of the Ozarks LLC, Joseph and Denise Dixon, notified the Attorney General’s office, the Missouri Milk Board, and Judge David Dunlap (although he rec’d his notification via mail) that they had closed Morningland of the Ozarks LLC, and had formed a private membership association that they hoped to be able provide with their own cheese once this issue was resolved. In the interim, they purchased cheese from two licensed, inspected facilities and cut it and shipped it to their membership. The Dixons drove to these cheese plants (one in Wisconsin and one in Kansas) and picked the cheese up. This takes the private group completely out of the accepted realm of commerce.

In his original ruling against Morningland of the Ozarks LLC, Judge Dunlap stipulated that the LLC was the only entity involved in this action. The Attorney General’s office made no move to personally enjoin either one of the Dixons from either making or selling or cutting or wrapping or eating cheese themselves. The Dixons even applied for a tax id number as Morningland Dairy, not Morningland of the Ozarks LLC.

But that doesn’t matter. Trying to make an independent living is now illegal….

Gail Combs

I am also going to add this from Farm Wars: Blog by Barbara H. Peterson 

(C) 2010 Cassandra Anderson





Just out of curiosity, why is there no PART 3?

Gail Combs

Because I was looking at part three… OOPS


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Glad to be of assistance. 🙂

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Thank you, again! Hard to imagine that what you experienced directly was and is being done everywhere all around us.


Thank you so much for this excellent continuation of the BIMD series.
The Chamber of Commerce = Chamber of Cons, ir appears.


Thank you, TradeBait2. Your clarity over all of your essays is remarkable.

The cycle of Feudalism. The hamster wheel.

How do we break the cycle and stop the wheel?

Christian understanding of God-given self-propelled abundance is one…tough road.


Thank you for responding TB2.

I understand your revelation of place in God’s planet is a great multiplier. Many are not aware, or for me…attempting to attain. I have had so many issues in the last years, I now drive myself from devastation to God’s-given wealth.

We were always supposed to be children of God until Adam and Eve broke this promise.

I suppose there is no God-given velocity to attain this understanding and solace, only self awakening.

Maybe a group re-awakening? Maybe President Trump does not quite know how he speaks?

Zorro rides

I am so grateful to meet with all y’all every day, each day. As you know, no other website provides the comprehensive view of our world from above that this wolfdom offers because of you contributors. The eyes of our understanding are open to see the conditions we inhabit. The systems constructed against us are enormous.

I read and learn and discern and am so filled up, yet become more inarticulate, with less to say to anyone. From what I know for now, the acts I may do are on the path of peace.

My spirit has been transformed into life, my soul is protected from death, and I will be united with my astonishingly wonderful body. There may also be some unpleasantness ahead, but maybe exploits and triumphs too.

Wolf, so kind of you to remember ‘those who read but do not comment now’. When authors and commenters see Guest liked what you wrote, it was probably me. I am with you every day.

Gail Combs

Glad you stopped by to comment. It is nice to know we authors are appreciated.


So much, Gail! Bless you.