Five Books That Will Set Us Free

I am in BOOK MODE right now – something that doesn’t always happen. There is a reason.

The GREAT AWAKENING is coming, and I’m trying to GET THERE as an EARLY ADOPTER. I have made HUGE strides of late, thanks to THESE FIVE BOOKS. Only TWO of which I’ve actually READ.

Yup. That’s right. Just the SHOCKER TEASE REVIEWS of two of them, and prior information about the third – as well as personal experiences which MESH WITH THEM ALL – tell me that THESE ARE BIG.

And while I’m likely getting a bit ahead of Q – maybe on an ongoing basis – I hope to drag a few INDIAN SCOUTS with me, into that DANGEROUS TERRITORY. I may end up lost in the “60% that won’t be revealed”, but who knows – I already have so much unfortunate knowledge in that segment, that I’m already there, so to speak.

So all that being said, let me repeat more explicitly.

I believe that it is possible to see the Dawn’s Early Light ahead of us RIGHT NOW – maybe even HIGH NOON – and these FIVE BOOKS together are the LENS through which I can see it coming.

I am going to introduce these five books in roughly the order of my becoming aware of their subjects and importance, and in each case explain the book, the author, the subject, and HOW the subject is going to IMPACT THE FUTURE.

We begin with a book which is not yet published. You can, however, pre-order it NOW.

1st: Dreamland: An Autobiography by Bob Lazar

I have to thank Harry Lime for not just alerting me to this book, but turning me on to Bob Lazar. While Bob’s YOUNGER face seems somehow familiar to me, possibly from television, I don’t think I ever paid SERIOUS attention to him until Harry posted THIS VIDEO by body language analyst Derek Van Schaik:

This video absolutely stunned me. Not because of the “way out” stuff – but because of the SCIENCE.

As Bob talked about Element 115 – an isotope of which is supposedly used to power alien spacecraft – I suddenly realized that Bob and his Area 51 colleagues were likely WORKING with some of the THEORIES I once believed were MISSING from public science, back when I was a young scientist. And beyond THAT, an exo angle would sure explain how the CIA would have gotten involved with my utterly domestic case, which would explain how I got sucked into an ABUSE of MK ULTRA technology, and….

OK – that’s a bit of a side issue – let’s just wait until we get to BOOK FOUR for that discussion.

The main point is, what we have here in Bob Lazar is a kind of “limited leak” – not an authorized disclosure. He’s not even really a whistleblower, in my opinion. In fact, what he did is a bit like what Jim Comey did – a “defensive leak” – except I actually BELIEVE Bob Lazar.

And by the way – I think that Bob was probably SMART to leak enough to make killing him not worth it. Again, more on THAT when we get to BOOK FOUR.

IF what Bob is saying is true – and he has ENORMOUS credibility with me for scientific reasons – then it changes the nature of what is happening right now in an EXTREME but also very SATISFYING and LOGICAL way.

I had suspected, both by the NATURE of what “the Swamp” has been trying to do, and by various dead ends in my political analysis – that there has been a big, invisible element that drives much of the current political turmoil. That element – IMO – is most likely EXO.

Bob Lazar not only confirms this – he fills in much of the details, and connects many of the dots.

Watch the video. It will answer all your questions – and raise ten times as many MORE.

And because of Bob, while looking for more information about him, I picked up a DIFFERENT book, which I thought might have more “reality-based EXO information”.

Tighten your seatbelts and grab the rails. We are accelerating in ALL DIMENSIONS.

2nd: The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso

This is an old book (1997), and yet it reads like it was written and published yesterday.

This book covers what I now regard as a limited 50-year disclosure of Roswell by somebody who was involved with “farming out” technology from one or more crashed alien spacecrafts. The fact that Col. Phil Corso was clearly a very loyal and patriotic soldier, and the timing of his highly circumscribed “whistleblowing”, lead me to believe that he had an “orphaned” standing order – likely presidential or from his boss, General Trudeau – to make a limited disclosure of his own role at the 50 year anniversary of Roswell, absent a fuller disclosure already having been made.

His thusly presumed order was presumably carried out, and it certainly helped ME to see see the world more clearly.

“Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.”

Davy Crockett

Read the book. You’ll understand.

Col. Corso handled the ASSIGNMENT of reverse engineering tasks for a variety of technological artifacts recovered from the Roswell spacecraft – as well as pursuing OTHER technologies NOT found, but IMPLIED by the findings of the craft.

The INTERSECTION of these technologies with our own, similar, technologies – which seem to have developed in perfect timing from them – is just too remarkable and correct to be anything but serious reality. Consider this one more shoulder-bump disproof of both the fake news media and its accessory before the fact – the “fictionalizing”, “normalizing”, and “alibi-creating” fake entertainment.

Corso gives a good and very SELECTIVE general recollection of what HE HEARD about the Roswell crash, over the years, in his professional life, as well as what HE himself saw in the shipment of artifacts from the crash which was housed at his fort. Corso is obvious a really good WITNESS – observant, careful, self-understanding, and self-critical – but not too much.

One of the best parts, however, is the degree of political insight Corso shows. Col. Corso had a clear window into not only the real politics of America, where hidden communists and dupes figure prominently, but also into what is often called exo-politics. Not so much between “exos” or “EBEs” (aliens) themselves, but between aliens and humans, and between different nations, militaries, and agencies. Corso reveals very careful and limited knowledge, and THAT is why it is so valuable. When Corso speculates, which is very rare, he clearly labels it as such. Otherwise, he is quite good about sticking to what he actually KNOWS, or was told – all properly differentiated.

Every time I re-read ANY section of this book, I gain a deeper understanding of the past, the present, and the future. I could talk about this book all day, and at some point, I will. But before I do get into it deeply, I STRONGLY urge everybody to read this book. It, like the Bible, will bear RE-READING.

But now lets’ come back to earth, and look at a POLITICAL GUN MURDER – one which I believe is very subtly but DEEPLY connected to exo-politics – a connection which remains just a bit murky for the moment, but will likely be exposed in crystal clarity, sooner rather than later.

3rd: Why Meadow Died by Andrew Pollack (and Max Eden)

You will find no UFOs, communists, or mad scientists in this book – but you will STILL be shocked out of your gourd by this highly revealing work of citizen journalism.

And that is precisely why I can fit this piece of the puzzle so NEATLY into the bigger picture. There are QUESTIONS by the dozen, just WAITING for ANSWERS.

Andrew Pollack – aggrieved father of Parkland shooting victim Meadow Pollack – was able to put together all the evidence needed to prove a shocking and unsettling reality – that there were forces which ENABLED – with what seems like great intention – the Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz. People just did the WRONG THING – over, and over, and over. And your mind adds the following: as if they wanted an even BIGGER wrong thing to INTENTIONALLY HAPPEN.

Andrew Pollack is and has been very smart. He never goes “over the line” in trying to speculate as to “why” people in Parkland did what they did to – quite literally – create the drama of #Parkland. Thus, everybody else is left to figure it out. This is the PERFECT WAY for a public researcher to interface with the issue, because it is utterly unassailable. Nobody can call him a “conspiracy theorist” because he puts no tag on the evidence – and yet – well – for any sane person looking at the bag of evidence he has collected, it’s very clear.

SOMEBODY wanted what happened, to ACTUALLY happen.

Here is another opinion of this book – a “tweet review” that should be heeded. Note that Brian Cates is likewise careful not to speculate openly on causes, despite his own remarkable ability to so speculate with broad accuracy and frequent precision. He doesn’t “go there”, even though we all know he could.

Don’t you just LOVE the way Brian leaves those questions open?

We are DIVIDED in picking up any of the array of partially true, chaff answers to WHODUNIT and WHYDUNIT – chaff that we all suspect is laid out by the very people responsible.

We are UNITED in simply asking “WHAT THE FUCK? Why didn’t they close off every one of these obvious-as-hell “enabling” dysfunctions, instead of AFTER-THE-FACT asking America to disarm?”

You gettin’ me, brothers and sisters?

Are we 5:5 on this stuff?

Yeah. Pick up that sword that Q laid down for us – the one that says:

“The QUESTIONS slay them before the ANSWERS they want us to grasp at like straws on water.”

Now – I’m going to leave you with a VERY specific question.

If somebody wanted #Parkland to turn out the way that it did – to provide a sure thing and a fitting finale to ALL of those YEARS of extraordinary and curious enabling – who are the TWO PEOPLE whose irrational actions would need to be GUARANTEED?

And HOW would you guarantee them?

Oh, let me tell you – I’m the expert on this shit.

4th: Poisoner in Chief by Stephen Kinzer

This right here is the nuclear trigger for our NUCLEAR FUTURE VISION MACHINE.


It has taken 72 years for the “night vision” windows of the Roswell spacecraft to appear in the iPhone 11. Something Col. Phil Corso did not live to see, but which I hope to discuss with him at some point.

It has also taken 72 years for the truth about human programmability to reach a point where we are faced with two choices – admit the truth, or suffer an endless series of social, political, historical and (IMO) extraterrestrial manipulations – supposedly in our own interest, but always in the interest of HIDDEN PARTIES more than WE THE PEOPLE.

Well, let’s just say the INDIANS found a CRATE OF GUNS and want a RED NEW DEAL.

Think of Wolf Moon as the universe’s spontaneously triggered antiviral programming, guarding against this garbage, and you will see the beauty of SMART DESIGN.

I am not going to tell you about ALL of the “people” who tried to fuck with me on this, because ultimately that part is unimportant, and all of their sins are forgiven before mine, anyway. In the context of too-hidden truths, people act on hidden orders and end up bumping into other people with hidden orders, or people downstream from them. People who act loyally on old orders, fight with people who act loyally on new orders. None of that is important now. What is important now is REVELATION.

You can be a part of it, or you can fight it. But as Q says….


So let’s begin.

I have only read TWO REVIEWS of this book, and I am already WAY AHEAD of everybody.

Why would that be? Probably because if there was ever a secret technology that was OVER-USED and then ABUSED, to the point that some guy like me would know about it, it would be “mind control” of various kinds. “Advanced mental science”, let us call it.

You cannot “un-invent” mind control, any more than you can uninvent programmable interfaces to computers. You can PRETEND that individual back-door programmability of computers doesn’t exist, but that is not possible if you actually want to CLEAN STUFF UP.

And there is no “Draining The Swamp” without “Cleaning Stuff Up”. Let’s just be clear about that part.

This book is ALREADY being spun – furiously – by NPR and GOOGLE and the usual CABAL JOKERS, to preserve the Swamp’s moneymaker fiction – part of FAKE HISTORY – that MK ULTRA was not fabulously successful.

Well, that’s news to me, having accidentally remembered an induction and part of a programming session, which enabled me to figure out – almost 40 years later – that Sidney Gottlieb was a WHOLE LOT more successful than he let on. He FOUND HIS HOLY GRAIL – and the system kept it a secret, while USING IT LIKE CRAZY. Including the doing of a lot of very bad stuff, albeit much of it having been done in the name of “good”.

Rather than wasting time HERE trying to convince the FIVE RANDOM PEOPLE I need to convince, I’m just going to leave them some links that will open doors for those who WANT to walk through them:

The key “Wolf Lazar” post:

Archive key post:

Recent discussion (Barb Meier):

Recent discussion (Daughn):

Left-Anglo-Quasi-Truth-Seeker Review:

NPR Shiny Object Cover-Up Review:

Failing NYT Classic Cover-Up Review:

Failing NYT Report on Sidney Gottlieb’s Death:

What is ironic about the NYT review, is that the totally unwarranted conclusion about the failure of the guy whose technology was used to “torture” me, makes me angry enough to DEFEND HIM.

Don’t tell ME his shit didn’t work.

Let’s put this all in perspective. Sidney Gottlieb did the dirty job that he was assigned to do, in the scared-as-all-fuck LAST PLACE position the United States found itself in, relative to both scary aliens and post-Nazi world socialism, in regard to “advanced biological programming sciences”.

Which sciences I will just call “MK” for short. This includes both “control of minds” and “control by minds”. And if you think about things that way, in a very technological fashion, knowing what we know now – as in future proves past – you will see that the whole subject comes STRAIGHT OUTTA ROSWELL. Although some aspects of it are much older. It’s been in use on this planet for a long time. ASK WHY.

The absolute scariest thing found in the Roswell crash was not the astoundingly meager propulsion system. Nor was it the laser tool, nor the particle beam, none of which seemed to be weapons grade, IMO.

No. It was the “headbands” that basically allowed people, used broadly, to share their thoughts. WITHOUT all the CRAP we use now. That allowed the people on the crashed craft to project – in the wrong language and broken speakers – some garbled version of their thoughts to the humans trying to both help and – unfortunately in the confusion – hurt them.

None of this crap should freak us out now. Our scientists all over the planet – even at Mind Control Facebook – are desperately working on this stuff with a gleam in their eyes. The ALIEN bloom is off that rose – LONG AGO. It SEEMS utterly human at this point.

But FAKE NEWS like the Failing New York Times continues to SHILL for the CIA’s FAKE UNIVERSE, pretending the alien origin of this stuff isn’t REAL and that the tech doesn’t halfway WORK now.

I can tell you – based on a desperate attempt to shut me up, that we have the SPEAKER PART working reasonably well, although only a nebbish would think that the result – which is categorically distinguishable from any kind of endogenous “voices”, such as in dreams, is anything but a Model T version of a communications technology.

But this stuff – our weak emulation of the Roswell tech – is not the real Holy Grail of espionage. It’s early, baby Ethernet – it’s not hacking root. No. THAT was discovered by Sidney Gottlieb, and he needs to get credit for what he did. MK ULTRA works FABULOUSLY – within the limits of what it CAN do – something that I personally experienced. And it is enough. ENOUGH TO FUCKING CHANGE HISTORY.

You don’t think they TRIED IT when they HAD IT? Give me a break.

MK ULTRA amnesia is what was used on Barney and Betty Hill. THAT is something we apparently had – thanks to Sidney Gottlieb – working very nicely in 1981. But we also had more – much more. We could alter people’s choices. We could INSURE certain choices. It’s actually quite startling. Particularly if you experience it – and then have creeps of every kind trying to figure out if you accidentally remembered it when you didn’t die, without PROMPTING you to remember it, and then doing something about it anyway.

Trust me – “Wolf” ain’t the cleaner. He was the thing to clean up.

Read the links. You’ll see. MK ULTRA explains not only the stuff that happened to ME and other people – it explains everything that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her FBI / DOJ friend Monica McLean were up to, trying to send the latter – presumably a CIA asset – through an FBI polygraph undetected.

Like I said, I have not even read the book yet, and the REVIEWS are confirming everything I suspected – and MORE. Just knowing from these reviews that the REAL story of Sidney Gottlieb was MIND CONTROL and what we would otherwise call TELEPATHY – not mere LSD – fills in all kinds of blanks in the REAL story of MK ULTRA – how it was a phenomenal success that got us caught up to Soviet brainwashing, and even got us a scientific foothold in terms of understanding the mental programming sciences of the EBEs.

NOW – what do we do about dealing with the FACTS of MK ULTRA technology?

For that, I recommend the next book. In MULTIPLE WAYS.

5th: The Bible

Whether you approach what is happening now from the viewpoint of “The Cabal” – our loose term for the corrupted, even SATANIC power-mongers of the world, in loose league to preserve their own riches and control – or whether you approach that part as being [somewhat] downstream of exo-politics, which adds a new level of useful complexity to the known manipulators of humanity – you need the SAME source of understanding to get ahead of ALL THESE JOKERS.

Why? Because, EVERYTHING – even CULTURE – even EXO – is downstream from CREATION, and if you don’t believe that the descent of logic from creation is REAL and CONTROLLING, then you are fighting without a plan.

One of the beauties of the AND LOGIC which these enemies of truth consistently DENY US, is that we can listen to other people holding ONLY ONE REFERENCE FRAME and understand them as “speaking the same TRUTH in a different LANGUAGE”.

That is not just a “higher” specialty. That can be OURS.

This is relativity – which is a much different thing from mere relativism. Relativism is a PROBLEM, whereas relativity is a SOLUTION.

So when people say that SATAN is behind it, I understand. When others say THE CABAL is behind it, I understand. When others say NATURE is behind it, I understand. When others say WE are behind it, I understand. When others say ALIENS are behind it, I understand.

It’s actually rather hilarious, but the character CHURCH LADY is weirdly smarter than the people who created her. Once you can actually SEE THIS – when you can see intelligence in a whole new framework above what THEY tell you intelligence is – you are on a level that not only FIGHTS BACK against those who want to keep humanity down on THEIR farm.

You are on a level that can WIN.

Wake Up People! See Through Their Division Tactics
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This talks about Amazon recommending the Gottlieb book and how it’s part of the narrative control.


Been trolling Geddes twister threads for tidbits. He seems to curate good fringe stuff.


It’s a blitz.comment image


Wolf very interestig topic specially about Telepathy. I have that with my dogs but I think most people do.
I had some personal instences while leading a contemplative prayer group. Over the years I have experienced many what normally would be unexplained experienced. Each time after the experiences I met with a psychology friend to make sure I was not going crazy.
I can see how CIA though training could refine the gift and expand the technique that comes to some of us naturally though spiritual guidance. I remember in meetings reminding myself to be careful what I say because people listen. I had an experience in a group when I spoke that scared the wits out of me when I became aware the power the words had on others..
Bible is powerful.
You are really going deep in your topic and I am not sure I grasp fully.


Wolf yes there are dangers so true.


A past leader in the church in China, Watchman Nee, wrote of the “latent power of the human soul.” (Going from memory here.) He warned against exercising it.
Lately I’ve been pondering if he may have been building a fence around something powerful because he didn’t trust us to use it with the understanding that it was given to serve the King and the Kingdom. There are many who use their gifts to serve themselves and advance their earthly kingdoms.
I’ve encountered some of these small time wonder-workers. Their lack of Heavenly connection keeps their influence so much smaller and less life-giving than should be possible. How this must grieve the heart of God.
Before power much come character. Before character comes alignment with the Light.

Gail Combs

On the subject of Telepathy. I had it with my Mother. It was reliable enough that I never used a phone to call home from college (A major pain and expensive) Instead I would ask my Mom to call me… AND SHE ALWAYS DID
Another time it was the middle of the night and my new husband and I were driving. I suddenly made him stop and INSISTED we call my parents. Mom had just had her first heart attack.
When we practiced one night, when I was in Jr High, we even found we could send each other ‘blurry’ simplified pictures. (Really scared us.)
So is it possible? I think so. I also am very good at ‘reading’ my horses. My first horse would actually do what I wanted without any signals. I always figured he was just reading very subtle body language.


Look up Rupert Murdoch & telepathy on YouTube. Also his morphic resonance theory. Extremely interesting.


Do you mean Rupert Sheldrake? His book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home is very interesting.


Crap yes. Sorry. Caffeine is not just a nicety in my home….


Oh, you mean Rupert Sheldrake.

Plain Jane

Microchimerism may account for some of the telepathy between mother and child, but I certainly doubt very much of it.
Gail, I do get what you are saying. I don’t believe we are using even half of the gifts God gave us. We seem to have those gifts when a baby, but lose them by non use as we get preoccupied with worldly things.

Plain Jane

I’ve mentioned before that we are watching the Person of Interest series. I’m convinced their writers are somewhat knowledgeable in what you are talking about, although they use phones. But in one of the episodes, communication was between computer (fully AI evolved) to person without the person even talking or using the phone. It just needed to be in proximity. Those script writers don’t just have active imaginations…

Plain Jane

I get your reasoning Wolfie. It is sound reasoning. For normies though, it seems to open the door to questioning the legitimacy of motives and operations of the ruling class alphabet soup of the government. At least I hope it works to awaken normies.

Plain Jane



“Telepathy” is not far removed from “Remote Viewing”…..
Where a “Viewer” can sit in say, LA and mentally visualize what is going on in Miami.
IIRC, The C_A was exploring this technique some time ago…. maybe still does?

Sadie Slays

There’s a reason why forming words is called SPELLING.


Blessings to you for having the gift of words 😘


I’m with you, Wolfmoon. I believe.
I am working on the Corso. I have a boatload of work right now, so not enough time to read. But I am getting there. Reading your links above, too.




I’m working on the Corso book as well. Started reading the intro…thought no way can I get through this. Read the jacket twice, then I made it through the intro and all of a sudden my mind opened, I was able to keep going and am now excited to read this book. My own little Great Awakening! Thanks wolf 🙂


Thank you for this post, Wolf. I’m really interested in reading Dreamland. I just checked Amazon, and it won’t be out until October 1st, but that’s just around the corner. Whenever I hear about exo stuff, I think about fallen angels/nephilim and secret nazi experiments and Operation Paperclip. But you’re right that in some sense we could be talking about the same thing from different perspectives. I think of extra dimensionals, not extra terrestrials. Quantum physics has pretty much proven there are 10 dimensions, not 4, so there is plenty of room for all this to be real. I recently read something about a Jewish scholar way back in the middle ages who believed that after the fall back in Genesis, man was reduced from perceiving 10 dimensions to just 4 (yes he actually believed there were 10 dimensions that long ago).

Gail Combs

“I’ve always been a staunch defender of evolution….”
Same here. I never saw why it would conflict with the Bible especially if you consider the elegance and logic of science.


Evolution? As in Amoeba => Fish => Frog => Lizard => Cat => Dog => Cow etc.
Or: Ape => Man?
That kind of “Evolution”?
WAY too many problems with that “Theory”
If Man came from Apes, Why are there still Apes?
There has NEVER been a Cow turn into or give birth to ANYTHING other than a Cow.
Same does for ALL species….. Goats don’t birth sheep… People don’t birth Apes etc.
Or this type of “Evolution” (normal change over time)
Now, people get taller, horses get bigger etc.
But that is not the same thing as species jumping.

Gail Combs

There has NEVER been a Cow turn into or give birth to ANYTHING other than a Cow.
Careful with that thought.
For one thing yes Cows do give birth to non-cows called Beefalos.
For another you have ‘SPORTS’
Thus Grizzly bear ==> Polar bear because a WHITE COAT is more useful in polar regions.
In upstate New York you have a herd of WHITE DEER. Again a ‘sport’ buck was able to pass on his genetic ‘defect’ In an enclosed army Fort the white coat was not a disadvantage so the trait ‘multiplied’
We know that DNA will change esp when hit with radiation. Most changes are lethal or not useful. Some however are advantageous and there for are passed on giving those who have them an advantage.
You are not going to see these changes in your lifetime with out using gene manipulation, but the ability to use DNA to trace movement and also to DATE is well enough known in science that I a chemist am aware of it.


Linda, that is interesting. Would like to know who that Jewish scholar was.


I’ll try to find where I read it and let you know. I read so much that sometimes I forget where I read something.


A lot of falsehood was brought into judaism during the Babylonian captivity.


Wolfie,I agree antisemitism is evil, but much as I abhor it, I don’t believe any group should be singled out for special protections, nor should it ever exempted from being critiqued by others. Jesus was born on earth as a jew who fulfilled the law in every point, yet he was not afraid to call out the leadership of his day. True antisemitism should be condemned, but every criticism of aspects of judaism or particular people who happen to be jews should not be labelled as such. Doing so denegrates the seriousness of true antisemitism.

Gail Combs

I will agree with you on that.
I really hate the ‘chip on the shoulder’ always looking for a fight mentality. It gets in the way of finding Truth.


I agree, Gail. It makes me think of “thought crimes” and people can lose freedoms of speech. It is just dangerous to pit groups against one another. Group identity politics is very dangerous.


So true, and that’s amazing about Trump’s statement being impossible to find. And how anyone could claim he is in any way antisemitic when he is such a friend to Israel and his children are married to Jews–it’s just an easy accusation.


The Israelis have a policy concerning the decision-making process. If there are ten people tasked with coming up with a solution to a political/national problem, and they all agree, then one of them is picked to be the contrarian.
The contrarian’s job is to destroy the choice of the other nine. He/she is to develop arguments and evidence that shows why the chosen plan will not work and/or will cause more damage than has been estimated.
This is their version of ‘it takes a committee to really go insane’. Simply put, they don’t trust a ‘rush to judgment’ (no matter how sensible it seems) unless it is challenged.


There is a movie which illustrates this principle in action: Twelve Angry Men. If y’all have never seen it, you are intellectually deprived beyond what you can imagine.


PGroup, thank you. Very interested. That Israeli technique makes a lot of sense to me.

Gail Combs

A company I worked for used a similar technique. Once a new product had gotten to the pilot plant point everyone associated with the new product came together in a large room and tried to tear the project to shreds. We were encouraged to think up any and all criticisms. It saved the company a bunch of money.


Or…on the other hand, the Challenger can often be the Lone Voice of Reason in the midst of a ‘groupthink situation’.


That Israeli policy was featured in the movie ‘World War Z’…and I had never heard of it before I watched that movie.
I usually avoid the zombie movies and shows.
But the production values and general theme of that one piqued my interest…so I watched it.
Glad I did.
It is actually quite good, IMHO.

Plain Jane

Wheatietoo, I have always been scared of Zombie stuff. I recently read a book, hoping that I was over my near life long fear. (I saw a comedy movie with Zombies when I was much too young.)
Scared the heck out of me.
Question: Is this a scary movie or is it sanitized and just tactical and political? It sounds interesting, and I would like to see it – maybe.


‘World War Z’ is more suspenseful than scary, IMO.
It depicts a fast-moving virus as the cause of the zombie outbreak.
So that part of it is kinda scary…because it is so plausible.
Within minutes of being infected, the victims become crazed, violent cannibals that cannot be reasoned with or even communicated with.
Which is a departure from the traditional ‘zombie’ condition of being the undead.
It features how the world comes together to fight this virus.
The ending is rather ‘hopeful’ as it shows the survivors regrouping in safe places to develop a cure.
I think there is a sequel movie being made.

Plain Jane

Thank you Wheatie. I usually thrive on suspense. It’s the undead stuff that freaks me.


Yeah, me too.
And also the gore and carnage that is in most of the zombie stuff…yuck!
This movie is a departure from that.
There is no ‘supernatural’ undead theme in this one.
It is done from a scientific angle:
A fast-moving viral infection.
I don’t want to give away any spoiler stuff…
You could get that from the Wiki on the movie, if you want.
But the movie is centered around Brad Pitt and his family.
He’s a retired UN guy who is pulled out of retirement and sent around the world in search of a cure.

Plain Jane

ThankYou Wheatietoo, it really sounds interesting. Will pit it on my to watch list.

Gail Combs

I feel like we’re part of original Don Siegel’s “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Few people are what they seem. I can’t imagine the horror experienced by MK subjects who manage to become aware of the waking nightmare of having one’s free will totally co-opted by others.
But then on a lesser level, citizens of the USA are being co-opted just as surely as if all are under MK’s spell. Gaslighting, after all, shares the same goal as MK techniques; usurpation & redirection/ misdirection. If normies don’t want to hear about it, is it any wonder?!
The misdirection and redirection of our educational institutions, media, Government is so comprehensive that it’s a testament to the resilience of truth and goodness that anyone can find a way out much less forge a “plan” to bring us back from the brink. Pray for PDJT and those who share his goals.
Great movie, by the way. The fear that the characters experience with each successive discovery is palpable.


Ya know Wokf, all youre dooing is making my book stack on my nightstand taller than the table!!! I heart books. Maybe Ill get to read more… thx for the book club. 🙆‍♀️

Gail Combs

comment image
My room…


Great post Wolf. I need some facebook, which means put face in front of book 😉

Gail Combs

Just heard this from a friend:
Water Vapor Detected in the Atmosphere of an Exoplanet in the Habitable Zone
“The planet K2-18b, about 110 light-years away, could have swirling clouds and falling rains of liquid water droplets…”

Gail Combs

I thought the TIMING was rather interesting.😘

Gail Combs

Sort of fits right in with THE GREAT AWAKENING


The New York Times.comment image


Bad airplanes. No soup for you


Should I lie to you honey?


Would . It should have been would


Is anyone here planning on going to Area 51 for the September 20th “Storm”?

Gail Combs

HEY! I got shooed away from NORAD on my first trip out west. Hiked right up to the gate as a teenager.

Harry Lime

…and if you don’t appreciate Wolf’s book recommendations you must be here…comment image


Or you ate at this Portland restaurant….comment image


Epic post, Wolfie!
I’ve been a consumer of SciFi, UFO and Ancient Alien stuff for decades.
So I have watched a lot of stuff about Lazar over the years…and concluded that he was for real.
You’ve hit on something that I have wondered about for a long time:
What if the MK Ultra program was a product of research into ET Alien capabilities and technology?
Also…we are all familiar with event that took place in Roswell.
But what if there were previous events where our govt took control of crashed Alien vessels?
Roswell got away from them…and the cover story was so ridiculous it didn’t ‘take’.
But what if there were other events in the past, where the govt was able to totally control the news of it?
There may have been a treasure trove of Alien Technology that was warehoused…until our own level of technology progressed to the point of being able to understand it.
It makes me look at the whole amazing Timeline of our Industrial Revolution in a different light.
There is an episode of Ancient Aliens that goes into the sightings of ETs during the time of Founding Fathers.
Some of them wrote about the ‘encounters’ that they had had, with strange “light beings”.
I thought it was verrry interesting.


There actually are some good things that can be mined from the Ancient Aliens series.
It is also worth noting that the regulars on the series Do Not attempt to negate the existence of God.
Quite the opposite, really.
But they do delve into events in the past where people described ‘gods’ from above, that could have been sightings of extraterrestrials.
As Eric Von Daniken says…
“I believe in God our Creator, and He doesn’t need space ships to get around.”
There was another episode about Evolution…and the question of ‘How Did We Get Here’.
They delve into the fact that we humans possess a gene for Language that primates do not have.
They also assert that there is not enough time lapsed to account for the evolution of Humans from Primates.
“We shouldn’t be here.” …one of the scientists said.
They concluded that either “God did it” or ancient aliens were responsible for the giant leap.
And who’s to say that God didn’t direct the aliens to do it.
Some of the episodes are full of fluff, used to fill out an hour long episode.
But I like how they have curated and presented Clues from around the world, to support their Theory that we have been visited in the past.


Maybe the “aliens” were here all the time and rose up from the deep, created by all the nuclear testing that occurred in the late 40’s and early 50’s.


Definitely inviting Wolfm00n to book club with the girls!

Plain Jane

Thank you. A few weeks back I asked about wanting to know more about MKU, Wow, didn’t realize for what I was asking. This could keep me busy for months.


Hi again, Wolf.
I read/watched the above links. Still working on the Corso. But I have some thoughts.
1) So glad you are alive.
2) Glad I am, too.
3) About Gottlieb’s spiritualism, and the mention in the “Poisoner in Chief” review in the NYT (first paragraph) about R. Gordon Wasson going to South America for a “ceremony,” I believe they are talking about ayahuasca.
Ayahuasca is a combination of two plants, the mixing of which, and supervision of the taking of, is left to a shaman. I actually have a family friend, now about 40, who went a few years ago to South America for this ceremony. He came back very changed, in some pretty good ways, actually. He dropped all social media, became much more “spiritual,” and just seemed to focus more on the important things in life.
Now, it’s not for me, for sure. I have never done LSD, mushrooms, or other hallucinogens, because I can’t stand vision disturbance of any kind. I mean, I don’t even like when the lighting is weird in a room, and heaven-forbid fluorescent lights! I drank absinthe once, and it freaked me out. And that’s mild, apparently.
The discussion of telepathy makes me question whether they actually did do something to me I don’t remember, because (can’t believe I am going to tell this) I am quite able to “communicate” with people remotely, especially if they are emotionally close to me. I also experience the “knowledge” of events as they are happening elsewhere, as if a “signal” is broadcast when they occur (there’s a disturbance in the Force, Luke!). Star Wars, and its depiction of the “Force” resonated for me on such a deep level I can’t tell you how it felt. Weirdly like extreme relief, that someone knew about it.
I believe deeply in the existence of God, but I also think science is the tool God uses, as we understand it. I am certain God made other creatures than us, that they know we are here, that they have been here many times, and that their appearance is explained in many cultures, including the Bible. I myself have seen in the desert Southwest, 1000-year-old carvings in rock showing what almost have to be aliens. Wandering around in that desert looking at that stuff was one of the most deeply affecting experiences of my life.
I am considered something of a “kook” by many of my friends, but this is just me. Weird is normal at my house. I can’t believe I am “outing” myself, but what the hell, you only live once, right?


“Things are getting extremely strange.”
Aren’t they just?
Lol, quote of the day!


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