Drudge Report Replacements – Find Yours From Our Top Ten

Ladies and Gentlemen.


If you actually look at Drudge any more – if you can stomach the relentless negativity – you can see that it’s simply not the same.

Or later…..

And of course with the “Heroic Bernie” artwork you will see below.

There is some interesting history on the downfall of the Drudge Report, which may explain things. Once you hear this stuff, you will realize that there is NO HOPE for the Drudge Report.

Indeed, I regret to inform you that the DRUDGE REPORT is DEAD.

You are hereby STRONGLY ADVISED to FIND A REPLACEMENT. And WE are going to HELP.

Hey, it’s not like I’m the only person who noticed…..

What’s Going on With Drudge? Rasmussen Claims ‘Matt’s Not There Anymore…Word Is He Sold’


Drudge Report has hemorrhaged 28% of its traffic in four months

When you go left, you go down.


Another from the same site:

Drudge Report highlights ten anti-Trump, zero pro-Trump articles

Has Matt Drudge lost his marbles?

LINK: https://noqreport.com/2019/11/08/drudge-report-highlights-ten-anti-trump-zero-pro-trump-articles/

One can even go back to the late 2018 and see that an author at the wonderful site Fellowship of the Minds could see something was VERY WRONG over at Drudge Report.

Has Drudge Report Joined Fake News?


This Author did a SECOND piece about ABANDONING Drudge.

Why we shifted from Drudge Report to Whatfinger News

LINK: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/why-we-shifted-from-drudge-report-to-whatfinger-news

Now – a third piece (link also below) was published still later, and it is the biggie. Note that all three of these were published AFTER Fellowship Of The Minds was TAKEN DOWN by WordPress, before being restored later, without apology, and with total damage to most if not all previous links.

In the third post, Dr. Eowyn of FOTM recalled the site history on Drudge, and put together a fascinating timeline. This timeline points out that prior to FOTM being taken down, Eowyn had noted the problems with Drudge, only to be suddenly abusively attacked by a previously sugary poster who denied any such change in Drudge’s site. Let’s just say that it sure seems like a “ROLCON” taking action to me.

DETAILS: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/why-drudge-report-went-to-the-dark-side

I believe that I may have even been one of the commenters who left a rare comment on one of the two earlier FOTM articles on Drudge, which Eowyn mentions in the THIRD article, regarding rumors that Drudge had a new left-leaning boyfriend.

It turns out that Eowyn investigated this claim, and found what appears to be some sort of relationship change which happened around or before January 2016.

A couple of our readers speculated that Matt Drudge turned to the dark side because he’s gay and has a new boyfriend. The never-married and childless Drudge has consistently denied the rumors of him being homosexual, but in January 2016, Southfloridagaynews.com reported that he had given away half of his real estate holdings to Juan Carlos Alvarado, his roommate of eleven years.


THIS then figures into some kind of combined BUSINESS PLUS FAMILY relationship change, which Eowyn discovered in the following article and the video it references. You can read about it in the FOTM piece, the article below, or just check out the video.

ARTICLE: https://newswithviews.com/drudge-sells-out-trump-helps-democrats/


The bottom line here is that PERSONAL CHANGES in Matt Drudge’s life brought him back into the company of leftists and Democrats, so that is very likely a factor, in addition to BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP CHANGES.

Allow me to dump some links that are helpful for getting even finer details:

Now – there is ONE OTHER LINK that I think is VERY critical to look at. I believe that this connects to Dr. Eowyn’s earliest observations that Matt Drudge was getting “wobbly”.

Matt Drudge Might Have Sold Drudge Report or Just Sold Out

By M. Dowling -December 8, 2019

There is something in this article that shocked me. See if you can pick up on what that was.

Some are reporting that Matt Drudge has moved left politically to please his new owners. Allegedly, he signed up with Google recently. Google had purchased his father’s website, RefDesk.

Others say a former Weekly Standard writer — a never Trumper — bought Drudge Report.

Wikipedia writesDaniel Halper is an American political writer. In 2017, he became an editor for the Drudge Report where he has steered the news-site in an Anti-Trump direction.[1] He previously served as the online editor of the cosmopolitan, country-club conservative news publication The Weekly Standard[2] and is the author of an unflattering 2014 biography[3] of the Clinton family titled Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine.


What was that? Somebody from the Weekly Standard named “Halper“?

Oh, it’s real.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Halper

Archive: https://archive.fo/iw7hg

Matt Drudge, the founder and editor of the influential site DrudgeReport.com, has hired Daniel Halper, two sources familiar with the move confirmed to POLITICO.

Halper was most recently Washington bureau chief of The New York Post, a position he held for just under a year. Halper was previously online editor at the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard and in 2014 published the book “Clinton Inc.” It was not immediately clear what his new position will be at The Drudge Report.





He’s out there, and he does have some interesting comments that show he’s maybe a Weekly Standard kinda guy, although probably not a communist spy like I suspect his namesake may be.

Check out this video.

LINK: https://www.c-span.org/video/?327190-3/washington-journal-daniel-halper-2016-presidential-candidates

Is this guy related to FAHT BASTAHD? I have no idea, and I’m not sure it actually matters.

Drudge Report simply ain’t the same anymore. I think it’s safe to say at this point that Drudge Report was GOOD WHILE IT LASTED.

One of the problems with the “Drudge model” of extreme privacy and isolation from his fans, is that the mystery of the site allows for silent decapitation and replacement. That has a lot of effect. So naturally, if an adversary wanted to take over Drudge report AND not indicate WTH was going on, that would work very nicely to mislead millions of voters. So thus I find it kinda interesting that Drudge got wobbly BEFORE 2016, and then descended to new depths of wobble before 2020.


Do I Need a Drudge Replacement?

The answer is most assuredly YES. Every minute that you hang out on Drudge, you are exposing yourself to what amounts to communist propaganda, forwarded to you by sad tools of America-hating globalists and Trotskyist Kristol-family CIA puppets. You are letting #NeverTrump decide what you need to be reading.

I mean, COME ON. Chris Christie on a BICYCLE.

Now, there are people who are going to tell you stories about how you “need to hear both sides”, and that it is therefore not a problem that Drudge is “leaning left”. They will tell you lies that “you need balance”.

There is a problem with that – the ASSUMPTION OF SYMMETRY.

Consider that you have an idea that is very close to the truth. Some LIAR comes along. He says “you need to hear both sides”. “The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.”

You see where this goes? Right?







Are we good? Do you see?

You really need to DROP FAKE NEWS like a RED HOT STEAMER!


Drudge Replacements

We now turn to the problem, of who to turn to, to replace Drudge.

Not everybody needs the same medicine here. So I’m not going to recommend ONE. I’m going to recommend THEM ALL, and give you the tips that will help you pick the right one FAST.

All of them have great features. I’m going to point them out. And what I DON’T like as well.


The Liberty Daily is probably my favorite, because it keeps as much of the Drudge Report as possible, but it has an outraged sense of humor which has really grown on me. Almost every reference to nasty Democrat Jerome Nadler prefaces his name with “Stomach-Stapled Stalinist”. Likewise, “Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik Adam Schiff” is seen almost daily.

The famous Drudge format is kept – albeit with too many ads. Red text, columns, simple underlined text, and one or two big items, probably with a picture.

This is an excellent option for those who LOVE Drudge for its simple, familiar look and feel.

Check it out: thelibertydaily.com


What if – instead of trying to STAY with Drudge – you went to an aggregation site that was MOAR? What if the site tried to be almost a SUPER-AGGREGATOR – to aggregate the aggregators?

THAT is whatfinger.com

This site is highly recommended by Dr. Eowyn of Fellowship Of The Minds. It is also highly recommended by ME. If I wasn’t so hooked on some of the stupid features of The Drudge Report, I’d go STRAIGHT to Whatfinger.

Check out the MIX of styles that Whatfinger uses to provide a wide variety of information. Also, the text is very BIG for us oldsters.

Very nice.

There are then PAGES AND PAGES down, just like that, with TONS of items in three columns.


And it just keeps going on – TONS of information – WAY more than a typical Drudge Report.


You can tell how effective Citizen Free Press is, by the fact that WordPress sends their links STRAIGHT to the SPAM BUCKET – if not simply deleting the posts as “KNOWN” SPAM, so that I never see them, even in the spam bucket.

People here are frequently 100% UNABLE to post links to articles with CFP URLs.

That is, any URL from HERE: https://www.citizenfreepress.com/

I’ll be blunt – Citizen Free Press almost certainly has a case to SUE WORDPRESS – or more specifically their parent company, Automattic (automattic.com). In particular, the spam control vendor Akismet is almost certainly involved in this censorship. But no matter who is at fault, for a few thousand dollars, an IT forensic firm could EASILY prove that Citizen Free Press is somehow being blacklisted. (HINT – you want a JURY TRIAL).

Note that I generally like WordPress – but that “like” does not extend to not pointing out that they or their spam operation Akismet are interfering with our free speech by limiting the speech of CFP. Yes, we can use “tricks” to get around a SMALL part of the censorship, but not most of it.

Valued members of our community who persist in posting things that WordPress does not like, but that WE DO, risk being nearly PERMA-BANNED to the SPAM BIN.

Sorry. We are NOT putting up with this.

Note that it would be dead easy for WordPress to provide baseline tools to keep people out of spam – but they DO NOT provide these. Nor does Akismet. Likewise, there is no machine learning of who gets liberated from spam, to KEEP THEM OUT. Oh, this is HIGHLY intentional. It would give the PEOPLE control.

Like I said, easy lawsuit.

Now – back to our regularly scheduled article.

Citizen Free Press is like a . . . . . L – O – N – G – E – R – , – S – P – A – C – E – D – – – O – U – T . . . . . version of the Drudge Report. Each section is LONGER and H I G H L Y _ S P A C E D and in RED, WHITE, AND BLUE.

I will only give you SAMPLES of each section.

Personally, I just don’t like the look and feel of CFP. All that space makes me very uncomfortable. However, MANY people love the site.

My thinking is, if you are still on Drudge, TRY THIS. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Here goes. It’s YUGE and there’s MOAR! I’m cutting a LOT out here…..


The Bongino report – like everything else about our lovable fellow patriot Dan Bongino – is DRAMATIC.


That’s just his schtick. Bongino does DRAMA. He does TICK-TOCK. He does BOMBSHELL, and EXPLOSIVE, and HANNITY and LOVELY SARA CARTER.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. SIGH. But still, if you LOVE THE EXCITEMENT (and we all need to feel that TRUMP RALLY EXCITEMENT of POLITICS AS ENTERTAINMENT), then you may want to try a WRITTEN version of Dan Bongino – a kind of TEXTCAST instead of a PODCAST.

One of the things I REALLY like about the Bongino report is that it has a nice mixture of TEXT and VISUALS.

I also like that it’s SHORT and SWEET – a lot like the Drudge Report. Maybe even shorter.

The Bongino Report is slick and professionally produced. A lot of folks like that. It’s very “Fox News without Paul Ryan”.

Give it a look. If you’re on Drudge and the other alternatives look too primitive and amateurish, even by Drudge standards, then consider The Bongino Report. It’s CLEAN and ATTRACTIVE.

The following is an example of the Bongino Report IN ITS ENTIRETY.

Option 5: GAB TRENDS

There is no Drudge replacement option that is more rebellious than Gab Trends. While there is commenting on some of the other sites (such as CFP), Gab is the leader in free speech commenting, and Gab Trends is infused with that capability.

Again, the basic format is standard 3-column Drudge, but there is deeply built-in voting and commenting.

Give it a look. You may like it – especially if you already like Gab. Like Gab, the commenting leans more toward young, anon, alt-right, non-boomer, etc. Could be exactly your thing!

Option 6: NOQ REPORT

The NOQ Report is a little like all of them – something like a mixture of Whatfinger, Bongino Report, Drudge, and Citizen Free Press. It’s a nice average, and you may like it.

One of the best features, for those who like categories of special interest, are the categories of special interest that float at the top of the page, and are shown in some of the images below. Each menu item in the menu bar has a nice menu of popular alternatives (LIKE GUNS!) underneath it.

Check it out. NOQ Report is very no-nonsense. They also don’t give out much information about themselves – PROBABLY A GOOD IDEA – so I can’t really say much more.

Option 7: NEWSAMMO

NewsAmmo is beautiful simplicity, and I think a lot of Drudgies would migrate here if they knew about it.

NewsAmmo is almost “more Drudge than Drudge”. The site is clean, simple, and designed to be easy on the eyes. They don’t even have those “upper left corner” headers like Drudge – the title is right at the top. No excess frills.

IMPORTANT: It’s specifically intended to be good for mobile devices.

You’re gonna love it, even if you ultimately choose something else. It is the work of anonymous patriots in Texas and Nebraska. It has a very comfortable feel for that reason. Folks just like you.


Zenith News (https://zenith.news) is ALMOST a Google replacement. Imagine Drudge Report designed around SEARCHING through it. That is what Zenith News is – DRUDGE SEARCH.

It’s best to take this one TWO WAYS.

First, look at the SEARCH PAGE which serves as the homepage.

Now you can click directly in the top menu to go to different news categories and functions, but let’s look at a SEARCH first. Let’s say you are going to “Drudge” specifically for news about something. Well, try searching HERE instead, and you WILL get results – like these.

I searched on “elise stefanik impeachment” (no quotes). Here is what I got.

Alternatively, the same search terms, but clicking on images, gave me these:

Now, if instead you go to the top and click on “Z-News”, you will get a “Zenith-curated” selection of news, a bit like the Drudge Report, but in one column with pictures:

Likewise, clicking on World News will give you PLAIN OLD NEWS about everything, in two columns.

There are MANY other functions here that veer away strongly from the rest of the pack, and I’m not going to cover them. There are ways to SUBMIT ARTICLES. There are ways to register and log in. Zenith is much more than just an aggregator – it’s like a fledgling alternative news agency.

Check it out. VERY interesting. A proud product of WYOMING.


Infogalactic is a bit like Wikipedia, but it has a news function – Infogalactic News – that is a LOT like Drudge Report.

Infogalactic News seems a bit youngish and “alt-right” to me. It’s almost like the Twitter Banned Alt-Right built their own Wikipedia, Google, and Drudge Report.

Not necessarily a bad thing. Will you like it? Take a look!

The list of articles is a bit shorter than what you get with any of the others, BUT there are a few interesting differences:

  • every article cited is ARCHIVED (with a link)
  • for every article, a link to an Infogalactic SEARCH is provided
  • two pages are issued per day (AM and PM for that day)
  • links at the top lead to the prior and next page

At the bottom of the page is a list of people (and links to their sites) which gives a flavor, IMO, of the content chosen for the site. Do you like those people? If you do, Infogalactic News may be just the right thing for you.

Infogalactic News in a meme!

(Hint as a LINK: https://voxday.blogspot.com/2019/02/burn-unit-20.html)

Option 10: RANTINGLY

We finish our roundup of Drudge alternatives with one that feels a LOT like a conservative “super-Drudge” – known as Rantingly.

If none of the other options seem appealing, try this one.

Rantingly has good coverage of Twitter pundits and Twitter threads. It’s also more visual than Drudge, yet the link text feels very much like Drudge Report.

SO – my recommendation?

Give them ALL a try!

And do you know what?

I’m just betting you can find one that brings back the magic of the old days!

So it’s time to…..



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Deplorable Patriot

Will this post be put under “Key Posts”?


I would second the inquiry bc it should be, please.


Terrific timing for this thread, Wolf!

JW in Germany

Definitely a key post!


NOQ opens slow even on my newer OS Mac. Wondering if it means No Q.
Their lead article is interesting – but won’t open for me: “Utah’s H.B. 217 could help Utah voters recall Mitt Romney”
Flep’s Round Up is my favorite go to news source.
Bad Blue is also pretty good.


INTERESTING – someone removed Director Blue and the link to Bad Blue.


Wrong – I posted it down the thread.

CM in TN

I tend to read the News Roundup!, Zero Hedge, Tennesse Star, Steve Quayle, and All News Pipeline. I check RT sometimes, even though the are full of lefties, and also check into Infowars/Newswars.

Deplorable Patriot

I want to make a comment about CFP. In my other blogging life, I use their stuff, and I don’t know that we’ve had a link problem. my colleagues have never said “don’t use it because we can’t use the link.”
It might be a traffic issue that trips something.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s on WP, but set up differently. I don’t think we use Akismet on that one.

Deplorable Patriot

I’m not the administrator, but he looks at them. It’s mostly bot stuff. The emphasis of the site is different and we attract bots and spammers. We always have, even on past sites that are now inactive.

Deplorable Patriot

No, they land in the spam bin/folder/thing. New posters have to be cleared.

Deplorable Patriot

No. Not that I know of. But, we don’t have that many people commenting and I’ve been pretty strict about not being explicit about Q and conspiracy theories. Present the information, but don’t reference it as part of the movement.
I’m sure some of the readers get it, but I’m redpill without saying that I’m doing that.


WoW WOLF, no wonder it took so long to put together. H3lla post. Agree with DP on making this a Key Post


All those images really helped. Some ppl are more visual anyway.
I abandoned Drudge a long time ago. Not a huge fan of CFP. I like Whatfinger a lot better.


What is this drudge you speak of? Drudge, dirge, its all swampish negativity and suspect!


Heck, he made $$$ and can retire…maybe that was his plan all the time.


Wow. I used to follow another conservative blog actually and in late 2018 it seemed to turn to the dark side, preaching doom and gloom. It was almost like a full Psyops. A lot of the really good commenters stopped posting too. It was really sad. Also strange that site would never allow discussion of the LGBT angles or stories.


I was only a Drudge reader when he had polls.
For any additional aggregates other than Flep’s RoundUp – I go here:
*http://directorblue.blogspot.com – daily news compilation
and maybe here:


Epoch Times
Pro Trump News


Epoch Times great. I also like Noq some of the time.


I just found this one – National File – https://nationalfile.com


National File broke the story on Ashley Biden thru a “whistleblower”

Brave and Free

Thanks wolf for keeping an eye on the den for us. I’ve probably tried half of your suggestions, guess I’ll try the rest too. And flep is the best for a quick overview!!


Will this comment post or go to spam? Posting from home network.


Log it with Akismet support, suggested at the end of the thread I logged:
Final entry from a WP engineer:
‘Hi there,
‘If you suspect your comments are going to spam on that site, please contact support at our spam filter provider, Akismet, directly for help:
‘There’s an option on that contact form to indicate you’re contacting them about your own comments being filtered into spam.’


Here’s a test post from my phone on Wolf’s post using cellular data.


Wolf, thank you for another excellent post.
I wrote the following to bfly above, but will repeat here so that you can direct users to Akismet support. This was from the thread I logged the other day. Final entry:
‘Hi there,
‘If you suspect your comments are going to spam on that site, please contact support at our spam filter provider, Akismet, directly for help:
‘There’s an option on that contact form to indicate you’re contacting them about your own comments being filtered into spam.’

Sadie Slays

I dumped Drudge a few months ago when the impeachment garbage started. I don’t miss it at all. I encourage anyone still reading Drudge to give one of the alternatives a try for a few days. Chances are, you probably won’t miss Drudge all that much either.


hey Wolf…this is a gift of great value.
I have many acquaintances who are seriously interested in reality contact, yet do not react to time/investment in the blogs we all love.
Constant requests: where to go?
I am a whatfinger fan, and admit to not adequately sampling other viable aggregate offerings.
I have forwarded this your post to a whole raft of people, and am still working on my list!
Thanks a Million for ALL the work you herein invested!!!


Testing for the WP admins…


Ha! It worked!


Still working?
My posts on the Brexit Day thread did NOT go through, and a previous post on the Brexit Day thread has now disappeared.


I’m checking. Gosh, we have missed you.


I missed everybody too 😁


That’s really not very nice of them 😁


Gonna see if I can comment….on a Wolfie …Post….🤷‍♀️


I………………………CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖


Marica, Wolf mentioned earlier that I am only able to post on articles that he has started without going into the spam bin. Is that the same for you?


Same Scott!!! I haven’t… tested a wheatie post! she’s up at midnite!!!..I go to Spam at Daughns, Fleps, and Trumpismine…so far…! I can post a U tree too…🤷‍♀️


Was wondering why you haven’t been around! This SPAM BS needs to stop yesterday, 3 years ago!!😡
I can’t post on Wolfie, you can’t post on others…it’s really….pi$$ing me…OFF!!
This will probably go to Spam, LOL!!
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Butterfly!!! …I loves you!!! Forever!!! Keep ..Fighting my darlin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..🦋🦋🦋🦋🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️😘🥰


WP support says to contact Akismet support.
From a thread I logged with WP the other day. Last entry:
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‘There’s an option on that contact form to indicate you’re contacting them about your own comments being filtered into spam.’

Rodney Short

Freerepublic.com is one of my go to sites and Presscalifornia.com california actually has a cool site lol
Awesome post Wolf I hope your day was grand.

Rodney Short

The show is just beginnin Wolf, I am gonna have to take stock in Jiffy Pop popcorn.


Thanks Wolf!
I gotta admit, I am guilty of the looking to see what the other side is saying crap, but it has gotten really old.
I like the look of News Ammo and Rantingly, so I will go there first. I tried Bongino, and Whatfinger, and they were ‘meh.’
I really like the Epoch Times. Articles pop into my email from them.

Valerie Curren

Is that the Pierre Dilecto (a Francophiled dildo perhaps?) visage???


testing for WP admins again…


Double-checking now…


For whatever reason, THIS thread (Drudge Report Replacements) and the WQTH test page are working, but the Brexit thread and the Open thread still are not (last time I checked).


Huya Wolfs, TY for working for us all. I dumped drudge months ago and have been scrolling Citizen Free Press. Pretty good. What I’d really like is a site that reveals the core of the story in the headline . If “Alexander, Murkowski are NO votes” is the headline- – – well I might not read the story because headline tells me what I want to learn.


Thank you so much for this thread post, boss!
This is great!
I ditched Drudge a few months after the 2016 election, when he stopped being positive about our President.
Switched to CitizenFreePress then, and it has become a daily habit to go there.
Kane does a good job with CFP…but he has made some negative remarks about Q.
He’s gotten pushback from his commenters, though…and seems to have changed his opinion about Q now.
It’s wonderful to have so many choices for News Aggregate sites!
Thank you for making such a thorough List of them for us.
And I agree with others who hope that this will be added to the sidebar’s Key Posts.
This is a keeper!


I was the first one to start recommending CFP over at the CTH, right after Kane started it.
He was nice enough to thank me, back then.
Kane is still loyal to the CTH and posts some of Sd’s articles from time to time.
I don’t think he is aware of the change in Sd that happened in 2018.


wheatie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can comment……..on a Wolfie POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤗😊💖💖


I don’t think your comments have landed in the Spam bin on my thread posts, either.
At least, I don’t remember any…do you remember any?


It just started last night on the Rally thread!!! Are you going up tonite? I get spammed in Fleps too! And TIMs too… ( Last night…when I couldnt post….anywhere on Wolfies…I actually thought…Am I banned?–Why?–I thought…WP…Not Wolfie…was playing games…but…I literally…had a few tears…) Like…RIGHT WHEN ………THE STORM…had arrived!!!! How could I NOT…be with you guys?!!!!!!😱😥💖💖💖


Yep…got one scheduled to drop at midnight.
I’ll be standing by, to watch for any of yours that might land in the bin!


Thanks Darlin!!!! Sending up a prayer…that..I get to a bin pass at Wheatie’s!!! …I finally… get through the holidays, get a bunch of Authors and now I have time to visit with you guys….and BOOM… Spam bin…..They fightin Patriots But…………WE WIN!!!😘🥰💖😎


Wolfie!!! You… My hero!!! (And Mrs Wolfie too) Mr M.. used to say..”have fun blogging”… then “you are wasting your life” …NOW…What happened today?!!!! LOL!!!! We… keep #winning!


He.. did!!! taught us (and Ms Lyndsey) to say Bullshit!!!! LOL!!! and NOT…apologize!!!! Lovin it!!!🤣🤣🤣


…and thats…Where SD…1st..opened..our EYES!!!


…I don’t have a SD loyalty…But…I will always have a Wolfie…LOYALTY!!! so……I getcha!!!💖💖💖


Great to see you back here!
If you have continued problems, contact Akismet support, which is what one of the WP support staff told me to do if I have problems again. I posted all the info three times now (see above), but, you can read their last reply in the following link:
This is where to contact Akismet:


Yep…lurker, occasional poster.


Posted as “Citizen Kane”, iirc.


Good find!


By the way, I thought everyone pretty much assumed Drudge sold out a long time ago… at LEAST a year ago, maybe TWO years ago?
Maybe even since before the 2016 election, I can’t even remember how long Drudge has been in “opposite land”, sabotaging Conservatives instead of being a news aggregator for Conservatives.
So I guess Drudge is such an enormous sell out, that he actually sold out TO THE ENEMY, and one of the conditions of the sale was that he never mention the sale, so that the enemy could then use Drudge Report as a subversive weapon.
Thanks, Matt.
I hope the money was good.
P.S. You can’t take it with you, Matt. Only your deeds follow you to the grave, not your money.


Scott…I brought flowers to Wolfie’s bin—Any requests… next time I go?!!! Are you a Doughnut guy? Lol!!!🤣🤣🤣


Sure donuts are great, who doesn’t like donuts?
But if we’re going to be stuck in here for a while, I’m going to bring a stereo, a Blu-ray player and a big-screen TV.
And some photos or paintings of the beach to hang on the walls… brighten this Bin up a little… 😁


I’m… gonna bring…freakin ….jello shots too!!!😂😂 and…Jenga!!!


Drudge knew that if Hillary won…he was toast.
HRC still wants Matt’s head on a spike, because he was the one who first reported on Monica’s Blue Dress.
Which broke through the gag order that the rest of the media was observing at the time…and blew the story wide open.
So Matt Drudge was very pro-Trump during the election year.
Once Trump won, though, Drudge started his left turn.
It got worse by the day.
By February 2017…I stopped going there.


It wasn’t just Drudge. A lot of sites were hit HARD. Especially the ones being financed by big donors.


“Drudge knew that if Hillary won…he was toast.
HRC still wants Matt’s head on a spike,”
He’s probably secretly dating her at this point.


This post is overdue! 🙂
A bunch of people have already captured some of the hidden gems I have in my bookmarks…
Informational only – these are not endorsements but provided as potentially useful:
Disrn – Christian themed
The Pearcey Report – Christian Worldview by Rick and Nancy Pearcey (may not be maintained now)
The Empire Report – NY State News
Capitol Report – Connecticut State News
Drudge Report Archives – important, whether you like Drudge or not, especially to track where he’s shifted over time
And of course my favorite – the only one I try to make a point to read daily:
^^^ Be sure to follow this WordPress blog. If anything happened to WQTH this will be the source of truth while everyone finds their rally points!


Forgot Lucianne . . .


I transitioned from Lucianne to CTH after getting booted for questioning using lib rags on their daily…then ended up here thanks to questioning their having booted our favorite cowboy


This was a message I sent out to my contacts a couple of years back. Portions redacted as some outlets have proven untrustworthy.
~ ~ ~
Note: My original draft for this message was written on December 31st, 2017. I’ve added some additional observations for the first two weeks of January 2018 beyond the main body of text.
Hello friends,
I’ve long maintained that the daily news cycle makes us dumb. The ceaseless pursuit of the novella to the exclusion of wisdom has in effect caused a death of wisdom in culture.
In the year since the election, the major media outlets have been engaged in a constant effort to undermine the present administration, in what appears to be a heated competition of media companies to try to out-do themselves making wildly embarrassing errors in reporting. 2017 was a hard year to be a major news organization.
While we have known of the political biases in ostensible “neutral” media for many years if not decades, which were particularly evident during the term of the prior U.S. President, the 2016 election marked the moment when a national figure loudly, publicly, and boldly shouted for everyone to hear “The Emperor is Naked!” And since, the term “Fake News” entered the national lexicon.
Less well noticed is that the intent to engage in widespread deception is not new, despite recent unprecedented advances in cyber-warfare. Sun Tzu famously spoke of disinformation campaigns designed to confuse and undermine the will of an enemy to fight, speaking to what would become known as psychological warfare or PsyOps. In the 20th century this evolved into widespread campaigns of propaganda warfare, manipulating the methods of media – primarily press and radio in the beginning – to confuse and undermine the enemy. Today in the business world these techniques are referred to euphemistically as “public relations” where “campaigns” (note the use of military terminology) are used to manipulate public opinion. In international relations however, particularly in the recent example of the antagonism of Ukraine by Russia, they have become known as “hybrid warfare” – a means of accomplishing strategic objectives by extra-military means and stretching the limits of international treaties governing warfare and military combat.
Meanwhile, despite the incredible technological revolution of the internet, the self-appointed internet gatekeepers are pushing their weight around to stifle viewpoints they oppose. Search engine providers continue to tweak their page ranking algorithms to bury and down-vote sites they want to suppress while social media companies filter out or outright ban points of views that don’t meet their preferred worldview or political narrative. For their part, politicians have gotten into the act by accusing these companies of not doing enough to stifle and filter out unwanted points of view (which they laughingly refer to as “fake news”) and allowing parties to purchase hyper-focused political advertising while challenging or blocking the efforts of their opponents.
These calls took on an Orwellian tone in 2017 when the FCC deemed to correct a regulatory scheme instituted under the prior administration deceptively named “net neutrality”. This massive land-grab basically stripped regulatory oversight of the internet from the FTC and its limited regulatory approach and handed it over to the FCC with carte blanche to make arbitrary and crushing rules governing ISPs and what kind of access they were or were not allowed to provide. The so-called “edge” providers – the major search engines, social media companies, and streaming providers – were giddy with anticipation, because they would now have the upper hand over ISPs, while any new-comers to the internet market (who must rely on ISPs for service) would have to abide by a regulatory regime they were by definition immune from. No new company would be allowed to grow or become as powerful as the Internet titans again, thanks to the unholy alliance of political favors, super-wealthy Silicon Valley elites looking to protect their fiefdoms, and a politicized FCC willing to bring the regulatory hammer down on anyone who dared challenge the new norms. The new FCC chairman has – for the moment – put an end to the dreams of those who seek total political control of the internet.
This is the perfect storm for the rise of a new generation of independent journalists to rise up and challenge the status quo. New websites are emerging every day giving better insight and fuller transparency into our national institutions than ever before, without all the fluff stories and distracting novella that serve no purpose but to generate noise to distract us from the truly important and generate higher ad revenues. With the high levels of “yellow journalism” leading to widespread media distrust, and the high volume of noise, media aggregators have launched to allow the best reporting to rise to the top, making them the first stop for news, to the chagrin of the old media companies. Media and news aggregators have become the 21st century equivalent of the traditional news stand paid by clicks rather than quarters, with electronic headlines replacing the old chalkboards and news boys shouting “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!”
For years, the #1 news aggregator of choice for those looking to break out of the Internet Titan bubble and cut through the chaff of the MSM noise machine was not Google News, or Twitter, or Facebook, or Reddit, but Matt Drudge. Regardless of where you lean on the political spectrum, it has been well understood that the Drudge Report was the place to go to get the pulse of the news. The simple and boring layout of headlines has become iconic with many imitators, earning a great deal of respect and a loyal following over the years. Third party sites like DrudgeReportArchives have popped up to provide an archive of Drudge headlines that anyone can review.
However the Drudge Report is far from perfect, as it still leans heavily on promoting stories of cultural morass, sensationalized headlines, click-bait links, and frankly a lot of weird non-sense like aliens, robots, and perversion. When confronted with his supposed links to Russian propaganda, Drudge pointed to the high level of links to the well known U.S. propaganda outfit, the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to promote his political worldview. Sadly an increasing number of linked stories have a heavy bias, with nothing on the original link to hint at the work of journalistic ideologues and hacks. On top of this, of late Drudge is increasingly failing to highlight the right stories and headlines when major news breaks, essentially taking more editorial license to build his narrative than the events warrant.
There are, of course, alternatives to Drudge. For example, The Liberty Daily mimics the look and feel of the Drudge Report with a much stronger focus on hard news reporting, while retaining much of the tongue in cheek style of Drudge. Headlines at Liberty Daily are properly selected for their importance rather than whether they help with a particular narrative. The result is a much fuller and deeper insight into events, without having to spend time picking the meat off the bone.
Another alternative, Whatfinger News, has a growing following many independent media sites are taking note of. Seeking to become nothing less than the best news aggregator on the internet, Whatfinger is run by former U.S. military who unashamedly love their country. Independent media websites are seeing substantial increased referral traffic from a website whose growth has been almost exclusively by word of mouth.
For now alternative aggregators are helpful, and in my opinion deserve a prominent place on our bookmark bar, but the internet landscape can become toxic in only moments. Based on this I recommend making sure that you are subscribed via email to the sites that regularly provide the best and most helpful analysis.
I was extremely skeptical of [REDACTED] in 2015 when it outlined a detailed strategy by the GOP establishment class to sabotage Ted Cruz in the Republican primaries, only to find the dark horse candidate Donald Trump totally upended their game. Now I’m subscribed to the email list and look forward to updates. Preferably with a bag of popcorn.
Only by being on a site’s mailing list can you be sure that you are bypassing the internet gatekeepers of social media: Don’t rely on Facebook likes, Twitter follows, or Google+ to be the source of your news. For certain, don’t rely on TV or cable news reports. RSS feeds can do the same as email but be wary of web based RSS aggregators: Google’s own RSS app has famously dropped in quality over the years, as the company has financial incentives to drive traffic back to search and their own news aggregators.
Most important, however, is to beware of what you read. Realize that mainstream media is all too happy to run news stories to give cover or distract from real problems of corruption or government malfeasance. Large organizations like the New York Times and the Washington Post are not only not above this, diversion is increasingly their modus operandi. Realize that many stories are propaganda, what reporters want you to believe, and that in many cases the stories are contain elements of psychological warfare, designed to make you despondent or hopeless. Narratives of triumphalism, or speculation of an coming electoral tsunami that will “inevitably” change the political map are designed to gin outrage, despair, hopelessness, fatalism, in other words whatever it takes to make sure that YOU don’t engage, vote, or frankly make a meaningful social impact. Don’t succumb to the 21st century voices of Tokyo Rose.
Since I drafted this, there have been a number of notable changes in the media landscape:
* Michael Wolff’s book “Fire and Fury” has provided massive media distraction. News coverage of the book serves primarily to feed confirmation bias. I find it helpful to take note who/which outlets are being bamboozled into taking the gossip seriously. This is a prime case study of propaganda in action, with many lessons to learn.
* Resulting from the above, Stephen Bannon has stepped down at Breitbart. [REDACTED]
* Google has updated their search results with a new fact checking module. It has been demonstrated that the module only activates on sites that Google has pre-selected for the treatment, primarily websites that are politically conservative. Even worse, Google uses 3rd party sources for its fact checking module but does not verify them for accuracy. In many cases it has been shown that the module links to fact check articles for claims that the original site never makes. One option is to simply use the module to indicate sites Google doesn’t want you to visit – this is similar to Facebook’s failed effort with publishing content warnings, which only resulted in higher click-through traffic. However, given Google’s methods of burying search results, a better recommendation is to switch to the DuckDuckGo search engine. My experience over the past few months is that Google’s results have grown demonstrably poorer over the past few months, while DuckDuckGo’s are richer without burying key articles.
* A major expose of Twitter by Project Veritas demonstrates on video that the company has drifted far from its original free speech orientation, and is actively developing methods of hiding content and “shadow banning” users. MRC’s Brent Bozell describes this as a “sinister threat to free speech” and has written an open letter to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey requesting public clarification of their platform policies. The takeaway here, as I said above: Do not rely on social media as your source of news. [REDACTED]
All of this to say, keep your thinking caps on, and be wary of the messages you are receiving.
Thanks again,


Awesome info!! Glad you are keeping it. I decided a while back that drudge was what you do to clear the sludge of the floor of the swamp


Sometime referred to as the “Argument to moderation” or the “Middle Ground Fallacy”.
“An example of a fallacious use of the argument to moderation would be to regard two opposed arguments—one person saying that the sky is blue, while another claims that the sky is in fact yellow—and conclude that the truth is that the sky is green. While green is the color created by combining blue and yellow, therefore being a compromise between the two positions—the sky is obviously not green, demonstrating that taking the middle ground of two positions does not always lead to the truth.”
The Hegelian Fallacy
This fallacy is committed when it is assumed that the middle position between two extremes must be correct simply because it is the middle position. This sort of “reasoning” has the following form:
*Position A and B are two extreme positions.
* C is a position that rests in the middle between A and B.
* Therefore C is the correct position.
comment image
This line of “reasoning” is fallacious because it does not follow that a position is correct just because it lies in the middle of two extremes. This is shown by the following example. Suppose that a person is selling his computer. He wants to sell it for the current market value, which is $800 and someone offers him $1 for it. It would hardly follow that $400.50 is the proper price.
This fallacy draws its power from the fact that a moderate or middle position is often the correct one. For example, a moderate amount of exercise is better than too much exercise or too little exercise. However, this is not simply because it lies in the middle ground between two extremes. It is because too much exercise is harmful and too little exercise is all but useless. The basic idea behind many cases in which moderation is correct is that the extremes are typically “too much” and “not enough” and the middle position is “enough.” In such cases the middle position is correct almost by definition.
It should be kept in mind that while uncritically assuming that the middle position must be correct because it is the middle position is poor reasoning it does not follow that accepting a middle position is always fallacious. As was just mentioned, many times a moderate position is correct. However, the claim that the moderate or middle position is correct must be supported by legitimate reasoning.
1. Some people claim that God is all powerful, all knowing, and all good. Other people claim that God does not exist at all. Now, it seems reasonable to accept a position somewhere in the middle. So, it is likely that God exists, but that he is only very powerful, very knowing, and very good. That seems right to me.
2. Congressman Jones has proposed cutting welfare payments by 50% while Congresswoman Shender has proposed increasing welfare payments by 10% to keep up with inflation and cost of living increases. I think that the best proposal is the one made by Congressman Trumple. He says that a 30% decrease in welfare payments is a good middle ground, so I think that is what we should support.
3. A month ago, a tree in Bill’s yard was damaged in a storm. His neighbor, Joe, asked him to have the tree cut down so it would not fall on Joes new shed. Bill refused to do this. Two days ago another storm blew the tree onto Joe’s new shed. Joe demanded that Bill pay the cost of repairs, which was $250. Bill said that he wasn’t going to pay a cent. Obviously, the best solution is to reach a compromise between the two extremes, so Bill should pay Joe $125 dollars.
4. There is “Being,” and there is “non-Being,” and the Synthesis of these is what I call “Becoming.” This triadic formula is the logical representation of “Truth,” which can be understood metaphysically as the Spirit’s outworking of the Idea of History. (This is my made-up example of some of the Hegelian doublespeak that is fobbed off as philosophy).


Jesus warning about being lukewarm comes to mind.


You’re right! Very much the same point. It’s the path to compromise.


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Yes, I fully agree.
Keep pushing for an answer, Wolf. (Thanks in advance.)


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When an event like a school shooting occurs – I go to Bing News which has a live feed of major outlet stories on events. That has been a helpful way to get the latest despite it being mostly MSM outlets.
It would be great if there was a similar way to follow the same stories that include both MSM and reliable social media sources in a live feed.


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Well, Wolfie – I tried NOQ again and it opened quickly and smoothly! Maybe they were working out some glitches.
AND – I found out what NOQ stood for – and it’s not (like OT) No Q – it stands for News Opinion Quotes! That information was on their Twitter page: *

Thanks for putting up all this information about news resources. WQTH MAGA troops need reliable, sincere, careful News Sources – You and Flep are our primary models!


At Wolfie’s suggestion, I am calling y’all’s attention to a blog called the Sayfie Review. If you visit, there is also a daily morning email digest of the blog site to which you can subscribe. Also, if you subscribe to the daily email you also get an Afternoon Update which highlights the most popular morning stories, the interesting tweets of the day and any stories that broke in the past 9 hours.
It is a Drudge-like compilation of all the stories in all the newspapers in FLORIDA! From Pensacola to the south tip. Justin Sayfie puts up links to all the good stuff every 24 hours. In an election year it is particularly awesome but it’s good almost everyday.
Highly recommended!


Why did I just now learn about this post from a VC tweet reply to the Great One?
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It could be worse, could have missed it altogether 😉