Dem Impeachment Chaos

Accumulation of activity in the Congress. Note the contrast between Nancy's pressers versus President Trump pressers. Nancy signing ceremony on impeachment, passing out pens, versus Trump signing an historic China Trade Deal. Compare and Contrast: Nancy's signing ceremony will be placed here when available: Never forget what we saw today. One side building, … Continue reading Dem Impeachment Chaos

USA China Phase 1 China Deal Signing.

It's a big deal. Here we go. We will update with clips as we go through the day, trying to keep everything organized, including the 86 page deal and transcripts when released. No tariffs will be lifted until Phase Two. The econ and biz sector folks are celebrating like it's Christmas. … Continue reading USA China Phase 1 China Deal Signing.

Dear KAG: 20200115 Open Thread Today, I thought we could go in a different direction. Something more of the Great Awakening variety. In the last week, President Trump told the world of the horrors the Iranian people have seen at the hand of their own government in the wake of the Soleimani assassination, and in return, the Iranian people … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20200115 Open Thread