2021·12·11 Joe Biden Didn’t Win Daily Thread

Yo, Brian Stelter!

When I was a kid, I got nicknamed “Bald Eagle” because I actually was getting notably thin “up there.” Of course today “Bald Eagle” might be a cool nickname, but in Junior High School, it definitely was not a cool thing.

Fast forward to today, and now here I am over twenty years older than you are, and even in spite of that poor start, I have better hair than you do.

And I am not a piss-guzzling, shit-gobbling communist “journalist” (what a sick joke) either.

On both accounts you must absolutely hate looking into the mirror.

And Oh By The Way probably more people read my physics posts than watch you bloviate on air.

RINOs an Endangered Species?
If Only!

According to Wikipoo, et. al., the Northern White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum cottoni) is a critically endangered species. Apparently two females live on a wildlife preserve in Sudan, and no males are known to be alive. So basically, this species is dead as soon as the females die of old age. Presently they are watched over by armed guards 24/7.

Biologists have been trying to cross them with the other subspecies, Southern White Rhinoceroses (Rhinoceri?) without success; and some genetic analyses suggest that perhaps they aren’t two subspecies at all, but two distinct species, which would make the whole project a lot more difficult.

I should hope if the American RINO (Parasitus rectum pseudoconservativum) is ever this endangered, there will be heroic efforts not to save the species, but rather to push the remainder off a cliff. Onto punji sticks. With feces smeared on them. Failing that a good bath in red fuming nitric acid will do.

But I’m not done ranting about RINOs.

The RINOs (if they are capable of any introspection whatsoever) probably wonder why they constantly have to deal with “populist” eruptions like the Trump-led MAGA movement. That would be because the so-called populists stand for absolutely nothing except for going along to get along. That allows the Left to drive the culture and politics.

Given the results of Tuesday’s elections, the Left will now push harder, and the RINOs will now turn even squishier than they were before.

I well remember 1989-1990 in my state when the RINO establishment started preaching the message that a conservative simply couldn’t win in Colorado. Never mind the fact that Reagan had won the state TWICE (in 1984 bringing in a veto-proof state house and senate with him) and GHWB had won after (falsely!) assuring everyone that a vote for him was a vote for Reagan’s third term.

This is how the RINOs function. They push, push, push the line that only a “moderate” can get elected. Stomp them when they pull that shit. Tell everyone in ear shot that that’s exactly what the Left wants you to think, and oh-by-the-way-Mister-RINO if you’re in this party selling the same message as the Left…well, whythefuckexactly are you in this party, you piece of rancid weasel shit?

Justice Must Be Done.

The prior election must be acknowledged as fraudulent, and steps must be taken to prosecute the fraudsters and restore integrity to the system. (This doesn’t necessarily include deposing Joe and Hoe and putting Trump where he belongs, but it would certainly be a lot easier to fix our broken electoral system with the right people in charge.)

Nothing else matters at this point. Talking about trying again in 2022 or 2024 is pointless otherwise. Which is not to say one must never talk about this, but rather that one must account for this in ones planning; if fixing the fraud in the system is not part of the plan, you have no plan.

This will necessarily be piecemeal, state by state, which is why I am encouraged by those states working to change their laws to alleviate the fraud both via computer and via bogus voters. If enough states do that we might end up with a working majority in Congress and that would be something Trump never really had.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

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5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

While We Wait…and Wait…and Wait, for The Storm

Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony is called the Pastoral symphony, because its theme was a day spent in the country. The fourth (of five) movements depicts a storm, and is subtitled ‘Thunder Storm.’

The fifth is subtitled “Shepherds’ Song. Happy and Thankful Feelings after the Storm (Allegretto).” The fifth movement is the first thing I listened to on Thursday before Thanksgiving as it appeared that the wretched “poo flu” was finally going away. (It finally was gone a day later.)

Beethoven’s Fifth (dah dah dah daaaaah….) and Sixth symphonies both premiered at the same concert on 22 December, 1808 in Vienna. The entire four hour program was filled with new Beethoven music, conducted by Beethoven himself. It’s an almost infamous moment in music history as the whole thing bordered on being a fiasco. The orchestra was lackluster, and one of the other vocal pieces suffered by being sung by a teenager with stage fright. The original performer had quit after Beethoven insulted her. Fellow composer Antonio Salieri (the same Salieri depicted so unfavorably [and unjustly so] in Amadeus) was holding a benefit concert the same day, and he and Beethoven nearly had a falling out over the schedule conflict.

Purism Phones–Do NOT Purchase

I know for quite some time I have been looking forward to the Purism smart phone, entirely open source with hardware kill switches for the camera, mike and other things. They’re basically Linux boxes with call capability. I’ve touted them on this site. I now wish I had not.

Alas they have been slow coming onto the market, and their main page says “Shipping Now” (for the USA version of the phone.

The implication is that if you order your phone it will be shipped soon.

Multiple people, me among them, have been waiting over half a year for the phone that is “shipping now” and, candidly, I don’t expect ever to receive it. Unfortunately the fine print in their order policy says you can’t get a refund until they’re ready to ship the phone. So I am out the money as well.

I don’t expect anyone ordering today will get their phone any faster.

I can no longer recommend this company, even though I’m happy with the laptop they sold me three years ago. Their technical people are solid; their sales/web people, on the other hand…

Spot Prices

Last week:

Gold $1774.20
Silver $22.61
Platinum $940.00
Palladium $1900.00
Rhodium $14,850.00

This week, 3 PM MT on Friday, markets closed for the weekend

Gold $1,783.20
Silver $22.27
Platinum $950.00
Palladium $1,852.00
Rhodium $14,800.00

At the end of the week: not a lot of movement this time, and all in different directions.

Part XXX (and the last)
Acceleration! Surprise!

A couple of go-backs and review

This is a video I should have included a couple of weeks ago.

Especially starting at 1:43, this is of interest because it lets you see how a nearly-uniform early universe “clumped up” over time. You focus on the same volume of space, and your field of view expands with the universe, so what you are looking at is basically the same matter following the history of the universe.

The filaments and lumpy areas contain millions of galaxies.

This is a computer simulation, of course, but at the end they compare it to what we actually see when we survey the universe. It’s a pretty close match, so this simulation (unlike climatological models) is probably pretty close.

(Even though the simulation has a much, much bigger physical scope, the system is mathematically a lot simpler than a good climate model should be.)

And some reminders:

The critical density is the overall density of the universe that would be necessary for space to be flat (large triangles–and I mean large triangles, millions or billions of light years in extent–have inside angles that total to 180 degrees). Higher than this, and those triangles have total angles higher than 180 degrees, lower than that, the angles are less. Generally this gets set up in such a way that 1 equals the critical density and you’ll often see a ratio quoted. Judging from the matter and dark matter we are able to detect, the density is Ω = 0.3; i.e., the universe is at 0.3 times the critical density.

Energy also makes a contribution since it is equivalent to mass. But in our current universe, there is far more mass than there are photons, once you do the conversion. We live in a matter-dominated universe. Once upon a time, it was actually dominated by photons. But when the universe doubles in size, the amount of matter per cubic meter is 1/8th what it was before (because the volume is 2x2x2=8 times as much). But the same thing happens to the photons, when you count photons. But, because their wavelengths have stretched, each individual photon is now half as energetic as it was before, so the amount of energy from photons is 1/16th what it was before. If you run that tape backwards, and go back far enough, eventually photons dominate over matter.

The critical density also determines the ultimate fate of the universe. If Ω > 1, the universe’s expansion will eventually halt, reverse, and there will be a “big crunch” at some point in the future.

If Ω < 1, the universe will continue to expand forever, and the expansion velocity will always exceed zero. At time infinity the expansion velocity will still be some positive number.

If Ω = 1 exactly, as time goes to infinity the universe expands slower and slower, and the speed of the expansion will go to zero at time infinity.

(These cases are analogous to a rocket being fired at less than, greater than, and exactly at escape velocity.)

The cosmic redshift, Z, of some galaxy or galaxy cluster, will be some number greater than zero. It’s directly related to the ratio of the size of the universe back when that galaxy emitted the light we are now seeing, and the size today (which is set to 1). [See part 27] If a galaxy’s redshift is Z=1, then just add one to that number (getting…let me see here…where’s my calculator? Ah!) 2, and you know that today’s universe is twice the size it was when that galaxy emitted the light, or alternatively, it was 1/2 the size then that it is now.

OK, now on to new stuff.

The Quest to Plot the History of the Universe

I mentioned recently that actually plotting Hubble’s Constant versus time has been an important preoccupation of astronomers and cosmologists.

As it sits right now, near our own galaxy space seems to be expanding at 70 kilometers per second, per megaparsec distant from here. Galaxies one megaparsec away are receding at 70 km/sec, those two megaparsecs away are receding at 140 km/sec, and so on. That’s the speed due to the expansion of space itself, the so called “comoving speed.” Galaxies might also have some additional velocity because they’re gravitationally attracted to some other galaxy; this is how it is that M-31, the “Andromeda Galaxy,” is actually moving towards us (and will collide in about 5 billion years, about the same time CNN finally broadcasts a truthful news story, probably by mistake).

This was actually used, for a while, as the next rung on the cosmic distance ladder. If you couldn’t see any Cepheid variables in a galaxy because it was just too darn far away, you could measure its redshift, compute its velocity, and divide by Hubble’s Constant, and get a rough estimate of how far away the galaxy is.

The problem is, no one actually thinks the Hubble Constant is, well, constant. They usually call it the Hubble Parameter, and its current value is labeled H0 to denote “Hubble’s Parameter right now.”

It’s expected that it was higher in the past, and will drop in the future, because the galaxies all attract each other, which puts the brakes on the expansion. One of the big questions has been whether the galaxies will eventually stop receding, then reverse and start coming back together into a Big Crunch, or whether their speed will reach zero as the separation reaches infinity (just barely not a Big Crunch, like being exactly at escape velocity), or whether there’s extra speed and the galaxies will always be moving apart from each other.

So if we can measure the red shift (easy–in fact it’s the only easy thing to measure), and the distance to the galaxy, we can determine what H was back then, or equivalently, be able to plot the scale factor versus time.

What we know to start with is the scale factor of the universe (by definition, it’s 1) and today’s Hubble parameter. And the time can be set to 0, arbitrarily. Negative times are times in the past, positive times, are in the future.

We can set up a graph like this and plot the one point we know on it and (since the Hubble parameter is a rate of expansion) the slope of the line it’s on, right now:

But now we don’t know what the rest of the line is.

If the density of the universe is Ω>1, the slope should decrease rapidly in the future (and should have decreased up until now, quite rapidly); we can draw a notional line for that case, and as you can see the universe expands (distances between galaxies increase) up to some time in the future, then it shrinks again. But this line must cross through our one known point representing the present time and present size of the universe; and where it crosses through our point it has to be at the same slope.

We can add two more lines for Ω = 1 and Ω < 1. And even a third for Ω = 0, in which case the expansion rate is constant–the same as our original slope. In all three cases the conditions for “now” have to match what we actually see.

One thing to notice–the faster the universe’s expansion is slowing down, the closer in time to today was when the universe had zero size…in other words, the more recent was the Big Bang.

In other words if we can plot the scale factor versus time, we know how old the universe is and we find out what the Hubble parameter was at different times in the past…and because we will now know for certain what Ω is, we can extrapolate into the future.

Although we can currently see back to fairly low scale factors, we don’t know where in time those scale factors are, so we don’t know the shape of the line we want to plot.

And in order to know the time, we need to measure the distance. Because, with light carrying the image, the distance is proportional to how long ago the light was emitted. A galaxy a billion light years away is being seen as it was a billion years ago–and the redshift it has represents the universe’s scale factor, a billion years ago. This is called the lookback time and it directly correlates with distance.

So we need, for every galaxy, a scale factor and a lookback time.

The scale factor relates easily to the redshift, and the red shift is easy to measure.

Lookback time relates easily to distance, but distance is, as I said a few weeks ago, a cast iron bitch to measure. For very distant galaxies, all of the methods I’ve mentioned so far are useless. Even the Cepheid variables are unusable, because at those distances they’re too faint to pick out from the rest of the galaxies they are in. (And simply extrapolating the current Hubble parameter–well, that’s the gross approximation we’re trying to replace.)

We need a new standard candle, one much brighter than a Cepheid variable.

Once we have that, we can fill in the lines, and it’s pretty much expected it will look like the green, blue, or purple lines.

As it happens, we do have a brighter “standard” candle, but it’s rare and evanescent. If one is in a galaxy now, it’ll be gone in a year and it might be decades before another one appears in that galaxy.

The Other Kind of Supernova

A few weeks ago I talked about supernovas. Specifically, I talked about core collapse supernovas–ones that result from a large star finally losing its battle against gravity as it begins trying to fuse iron to generate energy–and it turns out that reaction consumes energy.

But those aren’t the only type of supernova. There are two major types and core collapse supernovas are actually labeled Type II. What’s Type I, then?

Consider a binary star. One of the stars is a white dwarf–basically a star smaller than or maybe just a little bit larger than the sun, having run out of hydrogen and helium, now shrunken down into a very dense ember that will take billions of years to finally cool off.

The other star is, perhaps, a red giant, because it’s a star that hasn’t quite reached the end of its life…yet.

The outer layers of the red giant may very well be so close to the white dwarf that the white dwarf strips them away and adds that material to itself.

The only problem is, there’s an upper limit to how massive a white dwarf can be; about 1.44 times the mass of the sun. (This isn’t quite the same thing as Chandrasekhar’s limit, but it is related.)

If enough matter gets pulled into the white dwarf, it could cross that limit. A star that exceeded that limit in the first place would have become a neutron star (or perhaps even a black hole if it really busts that limit). In this case, though, it’s a bit different and what ends up happening is a large proportion of this “dead” white dwarf suddenly undergoes a chain reaction and the gas from the other star, plus the carbon and oxygen already in the white dwarf, fuses.

All at once.

There’s a big explosion, known as a “Type Ia Supernova.” (That’s supposed to be a Roman numeral I. Sans serif fonts can be stupid sometimes.)

It turns out that every Type Ia supernova is identical in brightness. If you see two of them, and one looks a quarter as bright as the other, you know that the fainter one is twice as far away. Also, they follow the same luminosity curve. So even if you don’t catch it at its brightest, you can watch it fade for a while match that curve to part of the full curve for a Type Ia, and then figure out how bright it had been.

(And I need to be clear, you can tell from the spectrum what kind of supernova it is–no one will mistake a Core Collapse for a Ia.)

And a supernova of either type can outshine the galaxy it’s in. Very easy to see, as easy as the galaxy is.

So if we look at a galaxy and happen to catch a Type Ia supernova in progress, we can measure the distance to that galaxy by measuring the brightness of the supernova, and match that distance with the redshift.

As I indicated before, though, these are fairly rare occurrences; any particular galaxy might not have a Type Ia supernova for decades. But for our purposes, we don’t need to measure every galaxy’s distance, just a representative sample of them.

And there are a lot of galaxies. The usual estimate (based on the Hubble Deep Space Field, a photograph taken by Hubble where it simply “stared” at one part of space for months, to bring up even the faintest objects in that direction) is 100 billion galaxies that we can see from Earth. I’ve even seen some articles go ten times higher to an even trillion.

What we want to do, then, is hunt for Type Ia supernovae in distant galaxies, and use those to get a distance and redshift reading for those galaxies. We do this by photographing thousands upon thousands of galaxies, then going back later to look at them again. If we see a new “star” there, it is a candidate supernova. Further observation will hopefully establish it’s a Type Ia supernova.

This project was undertaken by two separate teams in the 1990s. When they spotted a Type Ia supernova, they’d look again a while later to see how much the supernova had dimmed. They could then figure out what part of the fading of the supernova they were witnessing, and know how bright it had been originally.

Here’s just one example.

At lower left, a type 1a supernova.

Often when they show pictures of a supernova, there will be two arrows pointing to it, added in post-processing, so they often joke that all you have to do is look for arrows in the sky to find one.

The two teams were the High-Z Supernova Search Team led by Brian Schmidt and Nicholas P Suntzeff, and the Supernova Cosmology Project led by Saul Perlmutter.

The rivalry was friendly.

Schmidt and Perlmutter

Both teams were actually glad the other team was doing the same thing; they would thereby serve as a check for each other. But that doesn’t mean the wanted the other team to be first.

In 1998, Adam Reiss from the High Z Supernova Search Team published his team’s results; and shortly after that, the other team published as well.

Was the expansion of the universe slowing down rapidly, indicating that we’d end up in a Big Crunch someday (Ω>1)? Was it expanding in such a way that it’d never quite slow down to zero, indicating the amount of “stuff” in the universe was at the critical density (Ω=1)? Or did it have excess energy and would never slow down to zero (Ω<1)?

Scientists were fairly confident that Ω=1. Because we seem to be close to that value by every measurement ever made, and calculations indicated that we had to have been much, much closer to 1 in the distant past. At some point, if Ω really is 0.3 now, in the distant past it would have been Ω=0.99999999999. Why would it not just be at 1.0 in the first place?

Well, thanks to those two teams, we know the shape of the curve. And the answer is:

None Of The Above


(This is why we check theory against reality, folks!)

The expansion of the universe is accelerating. And has been for a few billion years. Before that, it was indeed slowing down, but now, some unknown factor was becoming more prominent and starting to give the universe a big push.

Here’s what’s actually going on, shown in red:

This was very, very surprising, to say the least.

(This is, by the way, the sort of moment a good scientist lives for: finding something totally unexpected that forces a re-evaluation.)

Something is pushing the universe apart, something that became dominant over gravity a few billion years ago.

What is that something?

We don’t know.

That doesn’t stop us from giving it a name, and that name is “Dark Energy.”

We know it’s some form of energy. And we believe that it’s absolutely, uniformly distributed throughout space.

And we know that when we add it all together, its total mass-equivalent is 0.70 Ω.

Which means Ω = 1.0 and space is flat…which is what we’ve been measuring. So even though the blue curve isn’t right…we have the Ω value it was supposed to match with.

So now we know, at a very high level, what the universe is made of. About 70% Dark Energy, 25% Dark Matter, and 5% ordinary matter and photons.

That means that we really don’t have even the most basic understanding of 95% of the stuff in the universe!

Science is far from done with this!

Notice something else too: With that history, the universe is slightly older than it would have been otherwise. That solves the nagging problem of those old globular clusters that turn out to be older than the universe was thought to be. And so now the best figure for the age of the universe is now: 13.787±0.020 billion years.

And there are a couple of other nagging problems that are neatly solved by this, which is why it’s pretty much accepted by astrophysicists and cosmologists today, even though it was a total “WTF!!” when it was first announced.

So what does the future hold? The universe will continue to expand. Eventually, many billions or even trillions of years from now, future astronomers will only be able to see the local group of galaxies. Those are gravitationally bound to each other and therefore don’t move apart as space expands.

Some speculate that the repulsion is going to grow stronger and stronger as the universe expands, so that the local group will get ripped apart, then the individual galaxies, then even stars and planets…and perhaps even molecules, atoms and nucleons, and that those last few phases will happen very quickly when they do get here. This is called the “big rip” but I hasten to remind any reading this, that it is speculative.

We’d sure like to know what Dark Energy actually is. Then we could at least speculate more intelligently.

Some think it might be “vacuum energy,” energy inherent in quantum fluctuations in even totally empty space. The only problem is when we try to calculate how much vacuum energy there ought to be, it’s something like 10112 joules per cubic meter. Which is to say 1046 times more energy than has been released by all the stars in all of the galaxies throughout the entire history of the universe so far (note: that’s from a quick back-of-the envelope calculation I did, but I shouldn’t be off by more than a factor of a billion–puny by comparison to these numbers). Whereas dark energy, whatever it is, would have to be about 10-8 joules per cubic meter to fit what we are seeing.

That’s only an error of a factor of 10120, which I will write out, The theory gives a value for vacuum energy


times as high as it “ought” to be, to fit dark energy. This seems to just about everyone to indicate that the theory of vacuum energy might need to be polished just a bit, since it is even more wrong than Critical Race Theory.

There’s an idea of something called “quintessence” which would be a sort of energy inherent in vacuum, though the amount of it per cubic meter is allowed to change over time. (It’s absolutely uniform at any given time, but that amount can change with time.)

And finally, there’s Einstein’s cosmological constant, which he called his greatest mistake ever. Maybe not!

Einstein used the Greek letter Λ (capital lambda–that’s not an A, and if it was, it’d be missing the crossbar) to represent this constant, and he used it as a “fudge factor” to prevent the universe from collapsing when he first tried to apply general relativity to the whole universe. That’s because everyone back in the late 1910s thought the universe was static. Hubble and Lemaitre had not yet discovered the universe was expanding under the impetus from the Big Bang.

Even if dark energy doesn’t turn out to be Einstein’s cosmological constant, it’s often symbolized by Λ anyway.

Since Λ is uniform per cubic meter of space, and space is growing, the total amount of Dark Energy is increasing as the universe expands. The total amount of matter remains the same (though it gets spread thinner and thinner), and the energy in photons is actually decreasing with time. So it stands to reason that at some point dark energy becomes dominant, and indeed it already has since it is already over half of the stuff in the universe.

So we have a universe which consists of dark energy and cold dark matter (cold because dark matter moves a lot slower than the speed of light). The ordinary matter we are made of is insignificant by comparison.

The model is called the ΛCDM (“Lambda Cee Dee Em”) model.

And now for my editorial comment: Λ will be uniformly spread throughout space. When we find out what it is, it probably won’t be very complicated. Cold dark matter will likely be more complicated, but not very complex in structure; after all it only reacts weakly. (That is a double meaning: it reacts weakly in the usual sense, and it also reacts with the weak nuclear force.) Regular old matter, on the other hand, has a vast variety of structures. That is, after all, what chemistry and more broadly, material science is all about, and of course you are made of it too. So the complexity will probably turn out to be almost entirely in that 5 percent of the universe that is “ordinary” matter.

Where To From Here?

I’ve brought us up to the present day. Yes, this is the last part of the “physics posts,” at least so far as the historical approach goes. If you’re still with me, go buy the “I survived SteveInCO’s Deplorable Physics Posts” bumper sticker. (If on the other hand, you just scrolled over them…you ain’t earned it! No stolen valor, please!)

Theoretical physicists are trying to figure out what dark matter and dark energy are. On the dark matter front, they’re trying to come up with coherent predictions of new particles, everything from string theory to supersymmetry and even membrane theory. All of this is entirely speculative; nothing has been detected, and many of the theories aren’t even refined enough to make a prediction that can be checked.

And dark energy, being much more recently noticed, is completely off the wall.

Which is not to say that absolutely nothing has happened since 1998. But it’s stuff I’ve already covered, like the top quark and the Higgs boson.

How about astrophysics? Thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope and various very large telescopes on Earth (Palomar is still doing excellent work, despite being built in the mid 20th century–what a feat of engineering–but it has plenty of company now, much larger telescopes using adaptive optics to cancel out the turbulence of our own atmosphere), we can see things thirteen billion light years away–just barely. Why no further? Ideally we’d like to get back past those last six or seven hundred million years, maybe see back to shortly after the Cosmic Microwave Background, which was a mere 300-400 thousand years after the big bang.

The very faintest and reddest dots in this image are galaxies 13 billion light years away.
This is a false color image, those red dots are actually infrared.

Because further away than about ten billion light years, things become so red-shifted that we do not see any visible light at all; it has all been stretched to infrared wavelengths. If you have infrared sensors, this can be dealt with, but there are enormous practical problems that limit what can be done.

Visible light has wavelengths 380-800 nanometers (billionths of a meter). The short wavelength/high frequency light looks violet, the longer/low frequency light looks red. The cosmological red shift at extreme distances pushes all of the light from galaxies out past 800 nanometers.

Hubble’s sensors can’t see anything longer than about 2400 nanometers, and earth’s atmosphere blocks things at that wavelength, so we’re currently limited as to how far into the infrared we can see. If we want to see the very oldest galaxies, and better yet, the individual big stars that we think formed very shortly after the big bang, we’re going to need a bigger telescope, and one that can see deep into the infrared.

We don’t have one. Not yet. That will be a topic for next week.

One Loose End

One of the 1894 mysteries hasn’t come to complete closure even yet, but we know the outlines of the answer.

How was the solar system formed?

Well, we know what happens. The Hubble Space Telescope has looked into the Orion Nebula and can actually see stars and their planetary systems being formed, and it is indeed by accretion from nebulae.

The bulk of the mass ends up in the star, but there’s a large disk of gas and dust (and that “dust” is all stuff that formed in prior generations of stars) that eventually starts to clump up into small bodies, which collect into larger bodies called “planetesimals” which in turn combine into planets.

What we don’t understand is how some of those stages of growth actually happen. For instance, a B-B sized particle of stuff colliding with a 1 meter boulder will likely ricochet off of it, rather than sticking to it. Gravity just isn’t strong enough for objects of that size. So even though we can actually watch the process happen–which settles a lot of things–we still don’t understand it.

If just seeing it happen is good enough, check that one off; if you want a full understanding, then don’t.

What A Ride, And It’s Not Over

There’s so much we know that we didn’t know before Galileo did his first experiments rolling balls down inclined planes, a bit over four centuries ago…but there is also so much we don’t know. The hard sciences seem to have gone through a golden age already, but I suspect the best is yet to come.

We are humans, we use our minds as our primary means of survival. That comes with curiosity, a desire to learn what makes the universe ‘tick.’ And then inventiveness to put it to use. It’s our unique legacy, but it’s also our future. We press on!

NOT the end. The story is still being written.

Obligatory PSAs and Reminders

China is Lower than Whale Shit

To conclude: My standard Public Service Announcement. We don’t want to forget this!!!

Remember Hong Kong!!!

If anyone ends up in the cell right next to him, tell him I said “hi.”

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Since Wednesday, January 20 at Noon EST, the bought-and-paid for Joseph Biden has been in the White House. It’s as good as having China in the Oval Office.

Joe Biden is Asshoe

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But of course the much more important thing to realize:

Joe Biden Didn’t Win

乔*拜登没赢 !!!
Qiáo Bài dēng méi yíng !!!
Joe Biden didn’t win !!!

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There ain’t no justice!!!

— Little Fish


Paging Brian Stetler, who is still a potato…..


So, where do you get these bumper stickers?


This is how the RINOs function. They push, push, push the line that only a “moderate” can get elected. Stomp them when they pull that shit. 

They are purposefully dishonest to keep us down and themselves in power. They are not our frens.

American RINO (Parasitus rectum pseudoconservativum)


Thanks for the Purism tip. And for the Beethoven. Listening now.


Buying a Purism phone now is like me buying a $1500 laserprinter or $1400 19-inch CRT monitor 30 years ago. Someone has to pay for the future, and it’s generally the early adopters.


Epic series, Steve. Thank you.




For parents who want to stop vaccine mandates in schools. Awesome materials!


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Very professional. These people know what they’re doing!


+Great start.
-Start? We only have 3 minutes!
+Coordinate and Tag team. Where one briefing ends another picks up. Floor these bastards with the truth!


Follow-up on DP and tornadoes….

There are real risks — a nursing home at Monette Manor, AR with a capacity of 90 beds had 20 occupied when hit. At least two fatalities and five injuries, and they’re still lookin’. An Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, IL, became a convertible with people taking shelter inside.

These tornadoes do not seem to be multi-mile-wide monsters that leave tracks of plowed dirt through occupied areas, but the best tornado to hit your house is NONE.

The actual front seems to be traveling from west to east, but the energy of the front runs up the front from south to north. The biggest hassle from the main storm seems to have passed STL by, but there’s another lump of it blowing through soon.

It should also be noted that Zoe is somewhere northeast of STL but is probably far enough north to be relatively safe.


This is, BTW, supposed to be Winter Storm Atticus.


The Amazon warehouse is ~23 miles east of STL.

Update on the nursing home — everyone has been located; coroner says ONE fatality, not two, but many injuries.

Zoe may live due north of STL.

One very small town on the northwest corner of TN got hit pretty bad, but there may have been no one there at the time.


There were people there and being recovered. City is Samburg, TN.

Sadie Slays

Thank you for the update. Hope DP and any other Q Treepers in the affected areas are safe.


I’m gathering that it may be a while before we hear from DP, as power may be out.


On the good side of things, the storm seems to have moved through and away from the STL region. She may have damage of various sorts, but there should be no appreciable risk for more damage at this time.

Deplorable Patriot

The worst of it here will be tree limbs down. Although, all of that should have been cleaned out with the last bad thunderstorm. It looked like a war zone around here.


Yay!!! Communications are up!!!


Glad to hear you are ok. I have been right in the middle of several tornadoes in my lifetime, and hope never to be again. Terrifying.


Any word on our girl in Oklahoma?


Well, we’re not tracking tornadoes through her vicinity, so that‘s a plus….

I haven’t seen any real news since last Monday. There have been prayers up, but not very focused ones.

In other blogs that I’ve spent time at, there were backchannels between authors. Not being an author here, I can’t be sure about this….and, with Wolf’s attitude toward emails, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if there isn’t one beyond the ability to see posts in draft.

I think it’s probably up to Wheatie to have a status report…….or not……


Someone’s house drew the short straw near Route 94 and Highway F in MO. They’re getting people out, but no word yet as to their condition.


Three out, all to hospital, one in “life-threatening condition”.

City name is “Defiance, MO” (but may not strictly be within city limits).

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Deplorable Patriot

That’s a bit on the rural side. St. Charles County, I think.

Deplorable Patriot

Zoe is, IIRC, in Champagne, which is really far north.

Last night’s little band stayed north up along one of the usual routes. The one I would be worried about is KEA. I’m not exactly sure where she is, but I get the idea she lives north of me.

It’s still pretty windy out there. All afternoon yesterday, we were nervous as the temps were up and it was just pre-tornado weather. There’s a feel to it.

Gail Combs

glad to hear you are OK.


Loved the Cosmic Web video, Steve! Fascinating and beautiful.


Torba is all over Rumble:


“Why move to a platform that has the same rules as Big Tech? Why move to a platform that is beholden to Canadian law? Why move to a platform that markets themselves as a free speech alternative only to ban “hate speech” and send their lawyers after a competing company over a tweet?”

Sadie Slays

In Rumble’s defense, they’ve already announced that they’re moving their HQ to Florida. Source

In Torba’s defense, it’s possible that he missed the brief headline about Rumble moving to Florida. I do share his pessimism that Wall Street doesn’t dump billions into anything that truly threatens the agenda.


They need to move their HQ to someplace like Panama. An offshore privacy haven.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

My opinion – Torba makes all kinds of great points, but Odysee’s accusation may be both WRONG and DEFAMATORY for TECHNOLOGICAL REASONS, and Odysee should not have made the accusation unless they can PROVE that Rumble is LYING, which may NOT be true.

Why is this?

Rumble has THE BEST custom embedding capability, IMO – FAR better than Gab, easier to find than Odyssee or BitChute, and made more convenient than ANY of them – including ALL of big tech, which are only auto-embeddable due to long-term support by every platform.

Thus, people who use Rumble tend to EMBED it rather than link it, and VISITS are low, because the ratio of embeddings to links is high.

Most of my visits to Rumble are not to watch, in my experience, but to get the embed codes and to then POST videos elsewhere, so people can watch on whatever other platform.

And even if this is NOT the reason, there could be a DIFFERENT technological reason.

I have had no reason to believe that Rumble has been anything but scrupulous, and their embeds work better than Gab’s, which have a serious problem with UNWANTED AUTOPLAY – one of the most ANNOYING bugs in video.

Don’t throw stones, you glass house folks!


Yeah, I wish Torba would fix all the glitches with Gab before criticizing everyone else. Take that beam out of your eye, Torba!

Brave and Free

Agree, I don’t use gab much because of its glitches. Maybe it’s just me IDK, personally I like Getter better. Much easier to send a post from there.

Last edited 2 years ago by Brave and Free

I’m over Torba. He reposts constantly but never, and I mean NEVER, anything by Dr. Zelenko. And I’ll just leave it at that.


He’s published some not traditional Christian views on eschatology too. I was reading through them last night.

Apparently the Second Coming has already happened…like soon after the Resurrection.


He thinks the appearance to the apostles was the second coming? Does that mean after the ascension we’re just on our own? 🤔


Basically. Waiting for the fifth installment on it. Not authorship but published on gab.news.


This — along with his general snarkiness, and his looking at things through the prism of his own view of Christianity — is exactly the reason why I run when people say we have to have “Christian” this or that. Because usually the people pushing that idea have their own very specific agenda about how things should be, that taken to its logical end would go against our Constitutional principles — which are right in line with Christianity. The last thing we need is a leader(s) who want to rule rather than lead.


Taking the Christian part out of it. The Democrats and Mr Global have so wrecked the Constitution that it is going to take an Autocrat to reassemble and fix all that is wrong in just this one year alone.


Excellent info. Thank you.


Wolfie does the embedding of Rumble videos now work in the comment section?
I haven’t tried this for a long time.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

It may not work for non-admins, but if not, that is a problem of wpDiscuz or WordPress code, IMO, because both of them support automatic embedding of YouTube and BitChute URLs, so they should support manual embeds of Rumble, Odyssee and Gab.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Which is also to say that I can do them – it appears that I can do any competent provided embed code manually.


The fact that sites work better than Gab is a red-flag to me, not a feature.

Gab is less-tech because it has less money and support from the people who have the money and want the power.

I’ll stick with Gab and Torba. I want FREE SPEECH. I don’t care if it involves a stump instead of a castle balcony.


Happening up North.


Getting serious in Brussels. MOAR if you please.


I thought Korea had given up. Seems there are still some brave souls.



Canadian quarantine camps in scarcely occupied areas in midwinter…..I sense a book….

“The Covid Archipelago”, by Alexander Balzarfreezin.


“Alexander Balzarfreezin”


Good one!


I’m not sure I want to be friends with Israel any more… If they want this much control they can just invite in the Muzzies. Meanwhile Mr Global must be ecstatic about the level of control he’s going to have once they get this passed around to all their hatchet men.


They must of forgot their mask mandates when they opened back up the pubs. Yeah Ireland!


What kids is she talking about? Silly despot. She can vax her own kids if she’s so worried.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Jazis are worse than Nazis, because they act under historic cover they neither respect nor deserve.

Gail Combs

They also are working WORLD WIDE with the intent of eliminating most of humanity and enslaving the rest.


Insert here on Israel. They already chose to not believe Jesus was the Messiah. So they are secular using everybody who does for their now benefit, just like everybody else. Go look at the polling of their own people about their real views of YHWH.

Might want to read this post if you need clarification on some things.

I am neutral on Israel. Israel is in unilateral cooperation with SA and Egypt as well as other Gulf states to counterbalance the Iran led Shia that has Muslim Brotherhood, Russia and China backing. America is split in support – Dems and RINO’s for Iran and their comrades, Patriots with SA and their comrades. The Abraham Accords happened, it’s real. Before that the Gulf Cooperation Council formed and put in place a counter terrorism military using arms primarily supplied by us (PDT). It’s at a half million men and they actually teach us highly effective urban warfare methods. How do you think war essentially ended in Iraq, Syria, between Kurds and Turkey, etc.? It wasn’t us or the neocons. It was PDT cutting a deal with MBS right off the bat to get us out. That’s why the $85 B in military equipment was left behind for the lefties’s buds in Afghanistan by Brandon/Soetoro along with some blood sacrifices of innocents. It was a master stroke of PDT genius that he left as a legacy. He knew that once Pandora’s box opened with SA being cleared for runway that there would be no turning back, but that the Neocons would forever be on the attack against him.

When Brandon and cronies stole the election SA went to Russia for a recent arms deal. Being the double dealing hypocrites they are, they immediately made a deal. There was still a contract or two that had to be fulfilled by America, which is being done. There are no white hats in this. Only black hats countering other black hats. The Patriots are on the sidelines for now, but aligned with the GCC. They are taking a low profile until the elections and the rest of the movie kicks in. Which leads to…


Do not be deceived. This is unlikely to be what they claim it is and probably the opposite. The white hats will twist it to patriot use when back in control.

Trust no alphabet. period.


There are no white hats in this. Only black hats countering other black hats.

^^^ Almost as if one were describing, American politicians.


Oh that made me laugh!


Very interesting post and link.


Maybe they got the wrong script?


If your from AUS your not supposed to see this one, so just pass it by and move on.


Ooops. Okay, if your from AUS just shut your computer off right now.

Last edited 2 years ago by para59r

Have we seen Ozzy post recently?


It’s been a long while, but he’s been gone a long time before.



Cuppa Covfefe


Hope she’s OK, and able to post… though there are Aussies posting over at chiefio’s (e.g. another ian)…


She did look dangerous to you too, right?


Must of gotten back from a little pep talk with Mr Global about how to handle the chattel.


That Human Rights Act is likely where the UK reflects the Nuremberg Code. We have the Nuremberg Code reflected in Code of Federal Regulations Title 45 Part 46. Need to keep an eye on it. Heck it might be in Build Back Better we wouldn’t know until we read the bill.



comment image

Cuppa Covfefe

That demo where the old woman was dropped (and others) had nothing to do with the clot shots… the greens and leftards are protesting building projects near Berlin, and also in a forest where they want to dig coal… Almost every new business or new plant that is going up has protests like this by the greens and the Antifa, who are funded by the left wing of our government, which is just about everyone…


Damn it Tommy you gave up your guns.


Not sure you want to tell people this. Doesn’t exactly seem like a confidence builder.

I have no idea???



That fish reeeeeeeeeeeally swallowed the hook, didn’t it?

Gail Combs

Sure puts the truth into the Blond jokes doesn’t she? 🙄


That’s a hell of a sorry ass way to live … scared shitless .. why’s she out in public?!

live free or die hard …


She either hits bottom and bounces back or she’s toast.


Snowflake Karen


That girl in the elevator is one of the saddest, sorriest indictments of this screwed up world I have ever seen.

God help humanity. It may not survive past that generation.


But it will be difficult because of…social distancing.


GOOD sex might help. The soy boy teeny-weeny WON’T.

Cuppa Covfefe

This popped up months ago… IIRC it was staged…


The fact that you can track news in nearly real time across a number or information sources is one of the things that shows benefits from the internet. Especially when it can be done from a time zone that is more awake.

A few years back, the Fiancee had a business trip to Greensboro, NC. Greensboro is part of the “Piedmont Triad” of NC, along with the cities of High Point and Winston-Salem. [High Point was originally the highest point of the 1856 North Carolina Railroad between Charlotte and Goldsboro, thus its odd name. The cities of Winston and Salem merged in 1913, after Salem had spun off what became Winston in 1849 to be the county seat. For some time, this was the HQ of RJReynolds tobacco, which is why “Salem” and “Winston” are cigarette brands {it is now the HQ of Krispy-Kreme Donuts}.]

About a hundred years ago, High Point was the center of American furniture manufacturing. Nearby towns such as Thomasville were famous for their furniture lines, and Burlington manufactured upholstery fabrics. Local lumber mills provided maple, ash, hickory, and other fine hardwoods — and the local workforce were exceptionally skilled at making it into all sorts of furniture.

The city of High Point started having two tremendous trade shows each year — one in the spring and one in the fall — where everyone who was anything in furniture would show up, exhibit, and book orders. This included the New York crowd, and the Paris crowd, and the London crowd. It was THE place to be.

Even though Perot’s “giant sucking sound” from NAFTA destroyed the manufacturing in the area, the trade show still exists.

And the Fiancee’s business trip was to land in the Triad during “Furniture Mart.” And, of course, her plane landed late and she dragged her stuff off into her rental car and headed for her prepaid hotel, late at night…..and they’d given away her room. Her fully paid-for with late-check-in room at an extended-stay place in Greensboro.

About an hour-and-a-half later, we managed to find her a room in a motel in Asheboro, about 50 miles away. It was their last available room.

But if we hadn’t had the internet and cell phones, she may have had to sleep in her rental car that night.


Good for her.

Needs no introduction



Vax passports will absolutely end human liberty in the west.

That is exactly the purpose and intention behind them.


Thanks for another interesting and enjoyable Saturday with Physics and Astronomy.

And reading about the wavelengths of 2400 nm, or 125 THz, it is somewhere near the edge of that territory between light and radio, where the two overlap. There is a lot of interesting research going on in regions further into this area from the low-frequency side, 1 THz, and even the so-called sub-millimeter area, which is above 300 GHz. But the applications look to be terrestrial and short-distance — on the order of millimeters as compared to billions of light-years.

Last edited 2 years ago by slowcreekno


comment image



Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.

comment image


Catholics Protest Berlin Archdiocese Banning Unvaccinated From Attending Mass (Pictures)


Certainly not the Christian thing to do.


Vaccine apartheid


^^^ First thing that went through my mind.

Then, What Would Mother Theresa Do?




For some reason German Catholics fail to stand up against dictatorship and be counted. his will not bode well as we have seen from history. Faithful will not forget how they were shun by the church because they did not take the experimental jab. History seems to repeat itself they have not learned maybe another walk through the desert is needed.
I hope that Protestants leaned from Bonhoeffer and do the right thing.

Cuppa Covfefe

Many Protestants are resisting the jab, and there is only one Protestant church in Germany that is following the 3G (Geimpfrf, Genesen, Getestet), with small groups being 2G (Geimpfed, Genesen) and that is the EMK (Evangelical Methodist Chuch),

I still think of Luke 18:7-8:
And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?
I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

We need more John Macarthurs, and fewer (i.e. none) Heinrich Bedford-Strohms (former head of the EKD, Evangelical Church of Deutschland). Current head of the EKD is Dr. h.c. Annette Kurschus, yet another political appointment to the head of the EKD, who would also make Paul furious (as well as many of us today).

It was quite an adventure on the EKD site trying to find her name; the site seems like a “woke”, “seeker-sensitive” (or should I say, fluchti-sensitive) hodgepodge of political-correctness. Barf. It’s here if you want to see just how bad it is (also in English, as well)(or as bad…)… https://www.ekd.de

Seems the EKD is only interested in saving the Refaugees, The Planet, and the Animals, and cares NOTHING about SAVING SOULS…

Thank GOD for the free churches… (though the EMK have lost their way)…

Looking at Strohm and Kurschus, one could say we’ve gone from a “Stro(h)m-Ausfall” [power failure] to a Kurzschluss [short circuit].

Then again, how can you have a short circuit with no power? Seems the EKD have figured out a way…

Here’s hoping and praying for a new movement of Bekennende Christen…


Independent churches is the way to go because hierarchy have lost their way and separated themselves from the common men /women and service to God. Soul tending is a lost art.

Deplorable Patriot

Please, remember, most of the wackiness in the Church in the last three hundred years had its genesis among the German bishops.

They haven’t changed, apparently.

Cuppa Covfefe

You seem to have forgotten a lot of the reformers.

SMH… but not surprised.


Gail Combs

Time to teach your kid to sing:

Stick your vaccine mandate up your arse

Stick your vaccine mandate up your arse

Stick the needle up so high, it comes out your F…king eye

Stick your vaccine mandate up your arse


You can stick your vaccine mandate up your ass

Go ahead please do the same thing with your mask

You can stick your vaccine mandate

Cram your vaccine mandate

You can shove your vaccine mandate

You jackass


Germany is repeating humiliating children in every generation or should I say each time dictatorship is implemented in Government. Nothing new it was like that under Hitler , under communism and after WWII. Just showed idiotic mentality. All I know I never fitted in German mentality.

Cuppa Covfefe

It’s the left; not ALL Germans… mostly north Germany, sort of like the left coast and the Eastern left coast in the USA…

The “Neue” Bundesländer” (former East Germany) in particular aren’t having any of this, as they’ve seen it all before…


I know East Germans know what it is about. They suffered enough under two dictators from USSR and East Germany communists.
North Germans I grew up their . We were refugees from East Germany and the government relocated us to a small city that had no work.
There was one school run by Nuns. Their was one male teacher and once a week kids had to come forward to tell the class if their father had work and what it was. My father was without a job for several years he worked on the side no one could know about but it did pay very little. The 24 DM a month from welfare no one could live on. There I was 6-9 telling every week that my dad had no work. The kids clapped for the parents who had a job and booed me and some others .
After couple of times of this I did not care.

Cuppa Covfefe

Die Welt is by no means the equivalent of the Grauniad, though I would better state that as the Grauniad can only hope to match the quality of Die Welt.

Grauniad are playing fast and loose with the truth, just like they do with Gore-Bull warming. The places shaming the unvaxxed are flaming liberal hellholes, like Berlin and cities in NRW (Nordrhine-Westphalen). The coffee-shop thing cheesed-off most Germans, and the BMP sought to gain some political mileage and clickbait by their action…

Yellow Journalism (urinalism) lives on, sad to say. The “shaming” exercises are an old tool of the left, and not just in Germany (have a look at Kalifornistan and New York, etc.)…

The ones really unhinged are the Austrians, who are firmly under control of the WEF and Sauros. Kurz, although an up-and-coming WEF young leader (who obviously disobeyed them), has completely retired from politics, probably with a number of threats attached. One only has to look at the spectacular and tragic death of Jörg Haider (think of fast and furious) to see what happens to those who don’t comply with the WEF dictums…

Deplorable Patriot

Reading this, America’s left and right are splitting into parallel universes, led me to this.
John Malone says WarnerMedia-Discovery getting rid of CNN would be the ‘coward’s way out’

There’s a place for CNN in the proposed $43 billion combination of WarnerMedia and Discovery, billionaire media mogul John Malone told CNBC in a recorded interview that aired Thursday.

“I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists, which would be unique and refreshing,” said the cable TV pioneer and longtime chairman of Liberty Media, which is a major shareholder in Discovery. “I do believe good journalism could have a role in this future portfolio that Discovery-TimeWarner’s going to represent.”

Back in May, AT&T announced a deal to combine its content unit WarnerMedia with Discovery. Under the agreement, AT&T will unwind its $85 billion acquisition of TimeWarner, which closed just about three years ago and form a new and separate media company with Discovery. It will bring together AT&T-owned CNN, HBO and the Warner Bros. studio and Discovery’s channels, including Animal Planet, TLC and its namesake Discovery Channel. At the time of the announcement, the parties had said they hoped to close the transaction in the middle of next year.

“A coward’s way out would be to sell [CNN] or spin it off and then sell it,” Malone said, in response to a question from CNBC’s David Faber on whether the cable news network would fit into the video streaming ambitions of the merged company, which will be named Warner Bros. Discovery.

Who is John Malone?

John Carl Malone (born March 7, 1941) is an American billionaire businessman, landowner and philanthropist. He was chief executive officer (CEO) of Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI), a cable and media giant, for twenty-four years from 1973 to 1996. Malone is now chairman and largest voting shareholder of Liberty Media, Liberty Global, and Qurate Retail Group (formerly known as Liberty Interactive), and also owns 7% of Lionsgate and Starz Inc..[1][2][3][4] He was interim CEO of Liberty Media, until succeeded by former Microsoft and Oracle CFO Greg Maffei. By most estimates, Malone is the largest private landowner in the United States, possessing upwards of 2.2 million acres (3,437 square miles), more than twice the size of Rhode Island.[5]

Is the MSM trading one overlord for another one?

Deplorable Patriot

comment image


.. 😮 .. 😶‍🌫️ … 😟 … 😒 … 😞 … 😖 … 😷 …

Deplorable Patriot

Mark Meadows Drops Bomb on Jan. 6 Committee: Sues Pelosi and Every Single Member

On Wednesday, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sued House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all nine members of the U.S. House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 incursion into the Capitol, claiming that they are exceeding their constitutional authority.

The committee has subpoenaed Meadows to testify and his cell provider, Verizon, to turn over phone records for the months leading up to the end of former President Donald Trump’s term until the end of January.

Meadows’ attorney sent a letter to the committee chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, on Tuesday, saying his client would no longer cooperate with the committee’s investigation, given it appears to have “no intention of respecting the boundaries concerning Executive Privilege” and the “wide ranging” subpoena of his phone records would include “intensely personal” and potentially “privileged” communications.

According to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, “Executive privilege is the power of the president and other officials in the executive branch to withhold certain forms of confidential communication from the courts and the legislative branch.”

Thompson responded to Meadows’ attorney Tuesday, noting his client’s failure to appear to be deposed and writing, “There is no legitimate legal basis for Mr. Meadows to refuse to cooperate.”

“The Select Committee is left with no choice but to advance contempt proceedings and recommend that the body in which Mr. Meadows once served refer him for criminal prosecution,” the congressman concluded.

As the swamp turns.

Gail Combs

Mar Meadows — “I will take the Clinton Defense – I don’t remember. Also my phones and black berries encountered several hammers.”

Deplorable Patriot

The reality is that the January 6 Special Committee is all about getting their hands on Trump administration privileged communications and documents. They’re fishing, and the big tunas are essentially ignoring the lures and biting through the lines.

Gail Combs

Oh, I realize that. Just saying he should give them a bit of their own back.

On the other hand Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon are handling the mess very well. Now if they can turn the tables and SHOW Jan 6th was a SET-UP by the DemonRats, Pence, Rinos and the FIB, it would be the icing on the cake.

Deplorable Patriot

Total system fail. A sign of devolution in action maybe? We’re talking complete collapse of all branches of government. This would do it for the judiciary.

Chief Justice John Roberts warns Supreme Court over Texas abortion law
Dec. 10, 2021, 1:36 PM CST
By Rebecca Shabad

WASHINGTON — The chief justice of the United States, John Roberts, warned Friday that the Supreme Court risks losing its own authority if it allows states to circumvent the courts as Texas did with its near-total abortion ban.

In a strongly worded opinion joined by the high court’s three liberal justices, Roberts wrote that the “clear purpose and actual effect” of the Texas law was “to nullify this Court’s rulings.” That, he said, undermines the Constitution and the fundamental role of the Supreme Court and the court system as a whole.

The opinion was a remarkable plea by the chief justice to his colleagues on the court to resist the efforts by right-wing lawmakers to get around court decisions they dislike, in this case Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that made abortion legal in the United States, within limits. But in this case, his urgent request was largely ignored by the other justices on the court who were appointed by Republicans.

His point to them was that the court system should decide what the law is, and it should resist efforts like that of the Texas Legislature to get around the courts by limiting the ability of abortion providers to sue.

It is a basic principle, he wrote, “that the Constitution is the ‘fundamental and paramount law of the nation,’ and ‘[i]t is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is.'” He cited as proof the landmark 1803 Marbury v. Madison case, which established the principle of judicial review, allowing the court to nullify laws that violate the Constitution.

“If the legislatures of the several states may, at will, annul the judgments of the courts of the United States, and destroy the rights acquired under those judgments, the Constitution itself becomes a solemn mockery,” he said, quoting the 1809 U.S. v. Peters case, which found that state legislatures can’t overrule federal courts. “The nature of the federal right infringed does not matter; it is the role of the Supreme Court in our constitutional system that is at stake.”


Maybe Roberts should look at the constitution itself, which enacts separation of powers.
One of them being that judges do not make laws.

The idea that a decision of court is law is ridicules in that context. A legislative body has the power to overturn a judicial presedent, as long as that law is not itself a violation of the constitution.

Marbury v. Madison only establishes the principle of judicial review, which does not mean that that review cannot be overturned.

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Federal sovereignty does not include federal error, federal corruption, and federal overreach.


Where did Roberts go to law school? What B.S.

Here’s 12 Cases where the Supreme Court has over ruled themseleves.


  1. Abood v. Detroit Board of Education (1977)
  2. Baker v. Nelson (1972)
  3. Lochner v. New York (1905) and Adkins v. Children’s Hospital (1923)
  4. Chisholm v. Georgia (1793)
  5. Adler v. Board of Education (1952)
  6. Bowers v. Hardwick (1986)
  7. Pace v. Alabama (1883)
  8. Austin v. Michigan State Chamber of Commerce (1990)
  9. Oregon v. Mitchell (1970)
  10. Wolf v. Colorado (1949)
  11. Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857)
  12. Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)


Some of those were huge decisions.

Meanwhile this wouldn’t even be a complete reversal. The slave states will still be allowed to have their abortions while the free states allow life.


Some states rights guy you are.



Forcing state legislatures to abide by the letter of a standing SCOTUS decision by not allowing them to pass and enforce laws that are in accordance with what their constituents want seems to give the judiciary branch power over the legislative.


To my knowledge, Dred Scott was NOT overturned by SCOTUS. Amendments to the constitution (and a war) were used to sidestep its inflammatory dicta.

What was the holding of Dred Scott?

It held that slaves did not have standing because slaves are(were) property. Essentially, standing in fed courts was limited to free men, although Taney wrote the opinion in a segregationist manner so that it would appear to the casual reader that skin color was the determining factor.

Deplorable Patriot

That means it must of been good. Wonders if it left any cosmic debris we can check to see what it was about.  🤓 


Welp, looks like the system stopped playing pattycake when it got to Kentucky.

Deplorable Patriot

Yeah, but Kentucky is south of here.

Several states got it last night. Mother Nature does not recognize state lines, that’s for sure.


Liz Harrignton posted this on her Telegram and Twitter account.
Up to now Twitter did not mark this as false information, maybe there is some light in the tunnel or the AI bots did not get there yet.


This right here is why Trump endorsed Perdue. Many people are upset by the endorsement.

Trump KNOWS the only way to go forward is election integrity. As Steve always tells us, unless 2020 is fixed, 2024 is useless.

“Fixed” could mean many things, however. Simply proving, and having it acknowledged in the courts, the media, and the government as a whole that the 2020 election was a fraud would do it, if future elections were conducted in a completely legal manner, with laws and guarantees were in place to protect them. I like one day to vote, and a finger dipped in blue ink myself.

I have given up believing that Trump could be “reinstated.”


Agree completely. JMO. This is about destruction of the existing cheating system, rebuilding the system in accordance with Constitutional intentions, and not the return of PDT to power. I see this as producing a path for DeSantis and others of his type to lead the country in the future while We the People primary out the RINO’s and take total control of our states with an election system that does not cheat for either side. The later point being the most important. We have Dominion in states controlled by the GOP and it has not been removed since 2020. Probably because of contracts. Contracts that could be easily terminated if fraud was revealed. So, undoubtedly they cheated as well. Which is why the RINO GOP did not work to overturn 2020. Their hands are dirty.

This means it has to be changed gradually over time with less attention on it with less judicial involvement. Target the cases like by Perdue and others who have standing and were personally impacted. Trump Media kicks in and the people have a voice to drown out the fake news machine. Perdue is a perfect choice. Time to neuter the RINO’s in GA.

PDT has become the king maker of the new GOP. Hunting season is open 24/7/365 forever for RINO’s.

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Need one Sabbath day per every leap year to ask forgiveness for causing any collateral damage. 😂

BTW, great thread today, Steve. That was a good read.

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Cuppa Covfefe

And 24*7*365 is just over 49 years 🙂

(Yeah, I know, that’s the expression when 52 is meant)….
(and that only adds up to 364… sigh…)…




I think it could be done, but it won’t be. There is no precedent. It would be completely new, because what to do in the face of proven massive fraud to win the Presidency was not addressed by the Founders. Not a surprise; they were actually honorable men for whom the possibility didn’t even register.

It won’t be done, though. Too much for the RINOs and cowards running the government.


Or at least a new government, being as they weren’t using the Constitution anyway.


Forwarded from 
Zev Zelenko
Please watch this excellent new documentary that I am featured in. I strongly believe it will be worth your time.

Rumble — Doctor’s Orders
A documentary by DefendingTheRepublic.org

Gail Combs

Defending The Republic PAC, was founded in 2021 by Sidney Powell to amplify the voices of the countless Americans who feel abandoned or betrayed by their government and both political parties.




 By the design of our superpac, and our skilled team, we can do virtually anything to independently support or oppose candidates including advertisements on radio, television internet, print and billboards including social media, and we will also work to develop ground games to identify voters and get-out-the vote.Unlike traditional federal PACs, a Super PAC may accept unlimited contributions from corporations and unions, and unlimited amounts from individual contributors so long as they are U.S. citizens or green card holders. Note, many states allow a federal Super PAC to make expenditures in connection with non-federal elections, although some impose registration and/or reporting requirements…..



Are you implying that making documentaries like the one above, is unethical, because they got unlimited funds from corporations?

Anyway they openly say that this is allowed by federal law and are transparent about it.


I thought it was about fixing the 2020 election.


That’s a good video to pass on, especially to people who have taken the jab. It covers the main facts without going too deeply into the great dangers of the jab which could cause them to switch off.


comment image?resize=518%2C505&ssl=1


Sorry for the supporters of Lin Wood, I have to say this: “He is out of control.”
Claims to be a Christian.


When will this type of accusations stop? It is out of control – Attorney Lin Wood said that he believes that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is under the “influence of the devil” https://www.yahoo.com/news/trumpworld-lawyer-lin-wood-attacked-122517409.html


Yep. He’s lost it.


Not a close follower of Lin Wood, Flynn, Sidney… Rabbit holes bore the hell out of me.

SERIOUSLY. Has Lin Wood accomplished anything significant, beyond SUING folks?

Yea, I know Lin Wood makes lots of NOISE, but what good has Lin Wood accomplished.

I have no respect for people whose primary function in life is, SUE others. Smells like an ambulance chaser.

Truly, looking forward to learning the great things Lin Wood has accomplished in the past thirteen months.

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Really? You’re going to make such a comment about someone who went up against the deep state and won years before it was on our radar?

You’re going to negate a 45-year career of a lawyer who was touted and respected for decades…by everyone…before he decided to become a Christian and support Donald Trump?


I’m glad you admit you don’t really follow Lin Wood.

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Really? You’re going to make such a comment about someone who went up against the deep state and won years before it was on our radar?

Well, yea I did, make such a comment.

Good Lin Wood supports Trump. Makes lots of headlines. Still missed why Lin Wood was touted for 45 years and respected by everyone. (I remain a no one).

MORE IMPORTANTLY AND MY FOCUS IS the past thirteen months.

Not trying to be rude. I do NOT care what Lin Wood did for the 44 years prior to 3 November.


Well, what has he done in the last 13 months to deserve your scorn?


Just look at the net effect. Flynn, Powell and now
“Marjorie Taylor Greene is under the “influence of the devil”
What ever is happening is clearly dividing the base.

Deplorable Patriot

What ever is happening is clearly dividing the base.

Which is exactly the point of why several of us are sitting back and waiting for this all to play out.


“Whatever is happening…”

As Lin always says, do your own research. Connect the dots.

It’s not good to be in unity with those who have opposite agendas.

Interesting that the one who has exposed the division is being blamed for it.


Interesting that the one who has exposed the division is being blamed for it.

Exactly. There’s a lot more to this story than “Wood called so-and-so a name. Wood is mean.”


Wood significantly benefitted KR in his acquittal. There very well have been NO acquittal had KR been incarcerated and not free to assist in his defense. That was an actual accomplishment, and it benefitted ALL of us.

Wood vindicated Sandmann. That was an actual accomplishment which benefitted ALL of us.

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He’s so good at his job that the DS actors have been working hard to deprive him of his law license.


but what good has Lin Wood accomplished

— Raised money to get Rittenhouse out of jail.

— Personally guaranteed a $150,000 loan from Rick Schroeder to help KR get out of jail. (In other words, took a $150,000 risk for KR.)

— Founded Fight Back for Freedom:

We fight back for forgotten America. We stand ready to protect and defend the constitutional rights, livelihoods and property of people and businesses that are being targeted and destroyed.

We are prepared to fight back and confront big tech executives, who have abused federal lawsuit protections by censoring truthful speech.

— Provides a list of freedom-loving companies as well as those to boycott. Allows patriots to list their businesses: https://strikebackforfreedom.com

— Has allowed MAGA leaders to use his estate for retreats and strategy meetings.

— Has made multiple appearances and has campaigned for MAGA candidates, to fix election fraud, and to support MAGA: https://fightback.law/media/
And unlike some, Wood doesn’t charge $50,000 per speaking appearance. I don’t know if he charges anything at all. A few of his appearances:

Lin Wood at the Fix 2020 Now Rally with Dr. Kandiss Taylor
Lin Wood at the Audit The GA 2020 Vote Rally | September 7th, 2021
Lin Wood at the Audit The SC 2020 Vote Rally | August 30th, 2021
Jarrin Jackson at the Audit The SC 2020 Vote Rally | August 30th, 2021
Seth Keshel at the Audit The SC 2020 Vote Rally | August 30th, 2021
Lin Wood & Kandiss Taylor Rally 07/17/2021
Bikers for Trump | Win With Lin | Mike Lindell Rally | South Carolina (Mike Lindell) May 9, 2021

His website provides videos of the appearances of Wood and others (some listed above) so people can view them.

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Who gets money and who does not is a factor to be considered.

Part of the enemy’s brilliant success is in getting money to people and groups who have done nothing but advance the Cabalist goals. Our money, used against us.


It bears watching. I believe speakers should get paid for their time, effort, and travel. But we are in a war, and we are all patriots fighting for the same thing (supposedly). It is a little bothersome for someone to charge a lot of money to make an appearance when we’re all fighting. We don’t have the same amount of clout, influence, or even money as the “big guys,” but we are united in a cause.


There are good reasons to believe he is mentally ill IMO.


Really now. Please provide the good reasons so we can all be informed.


Agree to disagree, Grandma. I know this is a sensitive subject for you. I hope he proves me wrong and to be the finest human being on the planet.


So his three former law partners were all in the wrong and he is in the right? Nah.

All the other grandstanding stuff on the election fraud…


We may agree MP appeared to be a traitor. Does he have evidence he was? If he does Lin should provide it for all to see in the court of public opinion. If it is not defamatory and indeed factual, he is free from personal liability. If he does it will never be seen in a court as we already know.



The system is set up to make even the most qualified and highest character people look bad if they go against the DS. Most of the things he claims and the conspiracies he has stated were openly stated by patriots and conspiracy theorists everywhere before he stated them – even on here. He has not provided real evidence of his claims in any court, even in more friendly appeals courts. Nothing has made it to even SC review stage.

If PDT is still in charge of the military I sincerely doubt he would allow the debacle in Afghanistan.

Will see.


The article about the law partners only provides their point of view except for one statement of denial by Wood.

Losing in court over challenges to the 2020 election has happened to just about everyone. As you say, the system is set up that way.

I don’t see what PDJT being in charge of the military has to do with Lin Wood.


As you said, the DS loves assassinating the characters of good people…😘

If you only follow MSN and Yahoo and Newsweek (as it pertains to Lin Wood) I can imagine feeling as you do.

If you care to know the truth I suggest reading Lin’s Telegram and that of Professor David Clements and that of Wendy Rogers and Jarrin Jackson. There are others, too. Even Mike Lindell has publicly defended Lin.


These links will allow you to read their accounts. You can scroll up and down. You might be surprised at what you read. Hope you are more invested in truth than a false unity, in truth more than in military “heros.”

In truth more than your personal comfort zone.

Do the research. Connect the dots.


BTW, Lin’s Telegram completely refutes…with evidence…the crap his ex-partners have been selling. They refused to be deposed by him. Their case is in shatters.


Uh, not sure why you referred to Newsweek. Heck, we have lots of people here who believe and have commented about Pence, McConnell and so on as being traitors. That is legal political speech.

Are you indicting us here, too?


The attack on Wood’s law license is part of the bureaucratic state’s attack on Lin. He has ably answered those accusations on his Telegram account.

Hmmm…I wonder why the msm never let’s Lin Wood speak? I wonder why he censored? 🙄


Meh. Jovan is questionable. MTG went on the attack against Lin along with Bingino, Tucker, Charlie Kirk.

In fact, she called for him to be jailed.

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Those people attacked him on the basis that he was trying to steal bail money from Kyle Rittenhouse that his organization is legally entitled to have returned.

They haven’t a legal or moral leg to stand upon. They have not retracted yet. Mr. Wood will make sure they retract because he knows the law and is on the right side of it.


I have stated and believe – – jmo – – that Wood was done a grave injustice by KR’s accusation and by those who amplified it without even discovering the facts. And the alleged facts as given by Wood, which so far have gone completely unrefuted, not only exonerate Wood but are evidence that he accomplished a VERY good thing for our side, something rarely done.

At the same time, I have also said I do not like his (hyperbolic) style.

Fortunately, people on our side know that Trump and DeSantis are the only ones who have proven themselves to us by doing actual things. The dozens, scores, hundreds of other celebrities and would be celebrities can be admired, not admired, disdained or worshipped with zero effect on what is happening.

What we get from the latter, ranges in quality all along the continuum, and as knowledgeable people ourselves we can decide what is valuable or not.

And something I have noticed: as sharp as our disagreements may be in our “subsidiary” judgments (so to speak), we are in almost total agreement in our judgments about what is going on in the world beyond personalities.

OT but related: my hero in high school was William F. Buckley III. I quite literally might have been the ONLY high school student in America whose hero was Buckley (well, some members of YAF, maybe, but he was not their hero). If it were not for Buckley, my life might have been very different. He gave me inspiration to oppose conventional thinking.

Today, although grateful to WFB, I see him in a completely different light. From what I have seen and learned about WFB, he has inspired me in a different direction completely, which is to be wary of heroes.


Wood makes hyperbolic statements that probably don’t help his cause. His logic is that “A” is communist/unchristian/etc., and person “B” said something in line with that, so therefore person “B” must be “A” — heretical, communist, etc.

He has done the same with Mike Pence. He says it about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Wood says that anyone who is not actively fighting for justice regarding 11/3/20 is communist (or something to that effect). When you think about it, we had a criminal takeover of our system of government on 11/3/20, which is treasonous. And many are talking the talk (some not even that) and slow-walking things so they can appear to be doing something as the status quo prevails. So yes, it could be said to be a communist course of action to not be trying to fix 11/3/20. Wood says hard truths.

What I know about the Wood situation is that Kyle Rittenhouse told lies about Wood. Tucker Carlson, who ran the interview, did not contact Wood before or after it to ask for his side of the story. Major red flag 🚩; that is journalism 101. Then other conservatives piled on, believing the new conservative darling, KR, and not asking Wood anything. Another big red flag 🚩. Why would they do that? So of course Wood is suspicious of them. I need to hear their explanations and evidence. The only person who has presented evidence that I’ve seen is Lin Wood.

Even before the KR interview, Wood was posting concerns on his Telegram account about the people who were influencing Kyle and his mother. We now know that’s David Hancock, who has a chequered past and who is influencing KR against Wood. Why would he do that? Why aren’t other conservatives looking into that?

Wood has asked Greene to talk with him and she will not. He asked all the players in this to talk with him, and they will not. That would be a perfect opportunity for them to tell him to back off with the rhetoric and to hash things out. Apparently we have very cowardly “leaders” in the conservative, supposedly MAGA, movement — people who ridicule Wood and say he is mean, when he has some valid points and is sounding the alarm about a number of things. The fact that they won’t heed the call is extremely suspicious 🚩to me.

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LW, to me, is not a significant person in achieving our goals. But he is a person who has actually accomplished some things in achieving our goals.

That puts him in front of many other persons, people who are “heroes,” who merely talk pretty words but have ACCOMPLISHED nothing.


comment image?resize=580%2C434&ssl=1

Cuppa Covfefe

One more booster shot and he’ll probably look like a burrito… especially if they mummify him (OK, then he’d be the whole enchilada…)…. unholy enchilada?

(Or Noro Contendere in Engrish?)…

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I want to profoundly thank you for the lessons in physics and science that you’ve penned for this blog.
You’re the only presenter (including all the way back to my high school biology teacher) who helped me to understand at least some of the concepts that you wrote about.
Kudos and Blessings upon you, and all good wishes for continued health.


Who is this guy? Oh wait people here warned us.

 🙄  He’s kidding right?
 😆  Yeah.. not happening. Sorry Mr Global!
 🙃  Wonders where all the exercise videos are at?


Looking a bit shrunk, must be off his feed.


I know. I’m wondering, too.

Why give him grief for losing weight, too?

Deplorable Patriot

I hope he’s not sick, and it was a purposeful effort.

Deplorable Patriot

Exactly. He’s been away from the WH for, what, ten months. That is enough time to significantly drop a few sizes.


Don’t forget the body armor….


It’s not what he said, its the intent. He’s setting up for a run against President Trump.


Someone here brought it a couple of weeks ago. We discussed such. Looking around I see your not the only one who missed the conversation.


We don’t know for sure. But Trump is the only one that can draw the crowds and galvanize the vote given what he stands for. Also he hasn’t been allowed to finish what he started out to do. At this point I’d think he’d be going for it, but it’s still early, we’ll see.


Being conspiracy minded here’s my take.

a. first this would be the testing the waters phase. Expect him to get a lot of air time in the near future.
b. either Trump put him up to this so he’d have someone to run against in the primary. (but siince he went to the trouble to loose the weight he’s likely going to try to make himself into a serious contender.)
He’s the status qou RINO candidate called for by Mr Global.
c. Highly unlikely he can’t beat Trump in a primary unless something happens to Trump.
d. If something happens to Trump before the election look no farther than this guy as being involved.


Is that Pompeo? Compared to the Trump years he looks like an AIDS patient.


Stress maybe.


He lost that weight in less than 10 months. He came from a stressful job. Most likely some sort of surgery, band put in place. Highly unlikely he could drop that much weight that fast at his age. Of course he could show us his work out. Lots of people should be asking to see it.

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Deplorable Patriot

I’ve seen that kind of drop with a change in medication.

He wasn’t large enough for weight loss surgery. I mean, the people that have that done are far more obese.

Elizabeth Carter

When I was 73 in 2015, God made it clear to me that I needed to cut out sugar.
I was alone. Everyone closest to me had died, including both of my children by Feb, 2012. I had never been overweight before. Nothing I tried helped me to lose weight.
I cut out sugar. A few days later, I found dietdoctor.com at the same time Trump came down the escalator. In 6 months, I lost 50 pounds.
I gained part of it back a few years later and lost it and 20 pounds more again in a matter of months.
No exercise is required. NONE.
I have not been to a doctor since 1993. I take no medication.
LCHF is what works. There are 3 kinds of food: Saturated Fat, Protein and everything else is Sugar. All carbs are sugar. ALL CARBS ARE SUGAR.
Increase the fat and protein. Reduce the sugar and your body fat goes away. You are healthier and feel great. You are never hungry because you eat saturated fat. The website is free. http://www.dietdoctor.com. Follow the science.
It costs you nothing but changing your mind and following the science.


This ^. Well done, Elizabeth!

I found my way after a lot of years on my own. Sugar and sugar from bad carbs, especially processed, are the problems. Eat lean protein and good carbs. But never trim away all the fat. I eat real butter with olive oil and have shifted to using it as the oil of choice. Eat all the good veggies and fruits I want with a serving of multi-grain bread or a good low carb/high fiber tortilla. Cut the deserts and such unless healthy like a cup of high protein lower carb Greek yogurt.

Add in some exercise and good to go.

Cuppa Covfefe

That’s what I was thinking. We have an ex-football (soccer) coach here, Rainer Calmund, who had bariatric surgery and lost an enormous amount of weight, almost 50% of what he weighed before (from 180kg/396lb to around 90kg/198lb). I saw a picture of him a couple of months ago, and couldn’t believe it. And he did that between January and December 2020… pretty fast, and pretty impressive, too…

Calmund had a stomach band (I think that’s what it’s called) as it was removed in 2021, and he’s still down at 90kg…


comment image?resize=576%2C600&ssl=1


This article is well-written and hopeful.

“Hell, we didn’t start the fire, but now that the inferno is blazing, the globalist oligarchy is about to find out why “unintended consequences” have a tendency to send even the best laid plans up in smoke.  All these presidents and prime ministers in the West robotically responding to every question with some regurgitated oratory offal promising to build back better won’t know what hit them if the suffering public decides it prefers demolishing the whole wretched system into rubble to taking a knee for a future of obedience and indentured servitude.  For whom are those bells tolling off in the distance?  Why, they may well be ringing for the West’s “elite.”

And why shouldn’t they?

We humans don’t like being manipulated or pushed around, yet every day our political “leaders” do both.  What we have today in the West are a bunch of bought-and-paid-for autocrats who constantly tell us to be afraid…about absolutely everything.  Fear is what they use to seed their lands.  Fear is what they mine and reap.  Fear is the currency upon which their power rests.  

What the West needs are new leaders who remind us we are capable of achieving anything, no matter how difficult the struggle.  What we need is the return of rugged individualism and an end to State-sponsored conformity.  What we need are people who remember the importance of fighting not for their governments, but for their countries.  We don’t need to depopulate the world with pandemics, abortions, and economic carnage in order to claim victory and “save it.”  We need to dream such grand dreams once again that the Earth becomes our most important home base on our journey to colonize the solar system.  We need to stop believing that every problem has a government answer and remember that unbridled innovation requires no mandates.”



Great Clencher for a school board meeting after the first three in tandem go down a laundry list of COVID BS getting shoved down our throats. Just add a last sentence to turn it back toward the school board et al. “Are you listening hatchet men!”

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The real Sharpie Gate explained:

Jovan Pulitzer Releases Video Describing 300,000 14th Amendment Violations in Maricopa County, Arizona (thegatewaypundit.com)

Jovan Pulitzer Releases Video Describing 300,000 14th Amendment Violations in Maricopa County, Arizona

By Joe Hoft

comment image

Jovan Pulitzer provides a video where he discusses 300,000 ballot issues identified in the Maricopa County audit. He points out the way in which ballots were adjudicated. He also presents for the first time the exact way the 2020 general election in Maricopa County, AZ violated an unforgivable amount of its voters in the election. Moreover, the majority were minorities!


comment image?w=600&h=494

Deplorable Patriot


Original Antigenic Sin is a Real and Very Serious Reason to Stop Vaccinating Everyone

And the studies prove it.

We now have a second, higher-quality study from researchers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, confirming and expanding upon these results.


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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thank you! This is a great article!


comment image


Mark Meadows’ Lawsuit Could End the January 6 Committee
the lawsuit is a serious threat to the existence of the committee.

the January 6 committee violates the terms of its own enabling resolution.

The resolution, H. Res. 503, provides that the committee “shall” consist of 13 members, five of which “shall be appointed after consultation with the minority leader.”

But the committee only has nine members, seven of whom are Democrats, and only two of whom are hand-picked anti-Trump Republicans. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejected the five members chosen by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA), an unprecedented step to ensure a one-sided inquiry.

Furthermore, Meadows’s lawsuit points out that while the chair of the committee can order subpoenas, that authority is not absolute. H. Res. 503 requires the chair of the committee to consult with the ranking member before issuing a subpoena for a deposition. But the committee has no ranking Republican member, which could make the committee’s subpoenas invalid.

If Meadows’s lawsuit is successful, he could not only block his own subpoena, but could see the entire committee declared invalid. Pelosi and the Democrats would have to start over — this time, obeying the rules, with five Republican members.

And Meadows drove home the point by naming every member of the committee as a defendant, not just Pelosi and the committee as a whole.

Each of the members — including the two Republicans, who are posing as defenders of the rule of law — is going to have to answer, and explain why they are participating in a Star Chamber that violates not only the principles of the Constitution, but the explicit rules authorized by the House Democrats in a supposed effort to protect democracy.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy