Back In My Day: From The Hills of Tennessee and Coal Country – Bad Boy Brings It While Working on Being A Better Man

Country Music Star Morgan Wallen

The way we remember him around these parts…

One of the contractor friends I mentioned in the Scott Stallings BIMD is also good friends and worked with country music star Morgan Wallen’s dad, Tommy, for many years in the construction industry. They lived near each other until recently as well. The Wallen family are just normal country folks from east TN – hillbilly Appalachians. Morgan and his musician buddies played everywhere that would have them for years around the Knoxville and the east TN area while developing a big following. Most all of us knew or knew about him, probably saw him at city wide events, clubs, etc. Many of us suspected he would break through at some point, he just has the “it” factor. Sort of a ‘I don’t give a rip, this is what I think and am’ type delivery, which is valued highly around here. Prolific composer of songs for others as well as himself.

My friend told me Tommy left their former employer recently. He and his wife, Lesli (Morgan’s mom), needed to spend more time in Nashville to help care for their young grandson. So, Tommy earned his CDL license and drives a rig commercially now, but may have plans to take over the driving of his son’s tour bus in the near future. That could be a positive, stabilizing influence Morgan can use in his life again. He knows what he should do, if he can pull it off without messing it up. I believe he will as his heart is good.

Morgan, Lesli and Tommy. Not shown are his sisters, Mikaela and Ashlyne.

Seems like an appropriate place to insert this recent lyrics version of a song from the self proclaimed momma’s boy, Morgan, to his mom. He had some help on the songwriting from Miranda Lambert on this one. It’s obviously spot on and funny at times.

Morgan has recovered from the stupid TMZ racial remarks ambush and controversy from 2021 well enough that he had the top selling country album on Billboard by any country artist – ever. He is selling out his concert dates well in advance. He did the right thing by making amends publicly and shutting down the naysaying leftists with his actions. The lefties and woke in Nashville tried to shun him, run him out of the business. He just put his head down and went to work. Country music fans knew better and showed the dumbazzes just what they thought. We all say and do stupid stuff at times, especially the first stone throwers. The incredible response caused the lefties to change their tune. Now they want Morgan to headline again. Of course it took having their crap shoved into their faces by the people to make it happen, because they do understand money and being left out of making it. There are good reasons he and Eric Church are tight now. They view the music industry the same way.

Yeah – #1 of all time. Sounds like something that We the People should take note of and do more often to the woke and cancel culture supporters. Respond this way to others like the government, politicians, woke POS corporations, cancel culture warriors and other azzhats who want to step on people and crush their spirits and lives.

Morgan’s sisters were pretty outspoken about the whole mess.

On a more personal note about the young man, my friend told a story about watching Morgan’s dad wear him out once with a PVC pipe after he smarted off to him as a 16 year old. Morgan’s dad has also been a Baptist preacher in a small country church for many years, so preacher’s kid (PK) type stuff. 😂 My friend and I have Morgan on our prayer lists for him to keep growing and maturing as a man; to take a step back from the party life that seems to get him in trouble from time to time. He has that son from the relationship with his former finance that he needs to consider before doing stupid things.

With a message to the world, who really should take to heart what he says in the first song. The second song is obviously to his former on again, off again fiancee baby momma.

If there is anybody who can identify with Morgan as a young man doing his thing the way he wanted without regard to what Jesus (and others) may have thought, it was me. So that first song in the Billboard video above is a big deal in my experience. It can all turn quickly. You can go from the top of the world to the bottom in a nanosecond. Yet, you can also go from the bottom to the mountain top with Jesus even faster. His mountaintop is where you will always want to stay if you will simply do things His way and follow Him no matter what the world does to try to change your focus and bring you down. That’s the part I’m sure Morgan’s parents want him to get as do the rest of us who care about the young man.

For those who don’t know, Morgan tried out for The Voice back in Season 6 at around age 20 and never made it out of the playoffs. He said he had no clue what he was doing back then, but learned a lot.

I do know this song describes where I was in 1984 when somebody’s problem walked into my life. Over the next ten years I went from the deepest valley to His mountain top to stay and she walked every step of the way with me.

Thanks for this one, Morgan.

The only differences from the song are that her eyes are green and it was a Pontiac Grand Prix. It was over the moment she put her arms around me.

My best friend who was our best man in the wedding actually did tell me not to “F” it up, I had a winner. He was the same guy who stood by me as my world fell apart after the decision to divorce my ex. My father also approved of my green eyed hillbilly rock star and told me, “She a keeper, son.” He would know after all of the years dealing with my mother’s mental illness and witnessing the idiocy of my first marriage. It was really good to have the confirmation from the two men I respected most in the world at that point.

We both felt good that our future together would be blessed when her conservative, traditional SBC pastor agreed to officiate the ceremony. He had counseled her through her previous marital problems and I met with him prior to his agreement so he could examine my heart and mind. SBC pastors rarely wed previously divorced folks. Thanks again, Kyle. Your blessing meant the world to us along with the congregation’s willingness to let us use the church sanctuary for the ceremony. We look forward to being with you again in Heaven.

So, as a result of all that, somebody’s problem became mine…thankfully. What a treasure.

I wish the same for Morgan and his son. His mom and dad would approve.

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Brave and Free

I can relate to finding the one.
Divorced then remarried the same one after two years apart.
Life is a roller coaster, much easier when you let God direct your steps though.

Wyoming Knucklehead

Thanks TB for another good story. Glad you and your second wife found each other. Sorry about being late to the party.


You have quite the connected rich history inTN. And good family stories.
We just dont have that in socal. Only the connected or old wealth.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

What an awesome post!  😢   😍 

NOW I know who this guy is – I’ve heard him a thousand times and never knew who he was, because I didn’t catch the name.

He’s extremely talented. I can totally believe that he’s a songwriter – these songs sound authentic country.

Country music is one of the most REAL things out there, and this is why I’m unable to deal with the heavily Marxed-up crap. I don’t mind outsiders writing great country – some of the best country songs were written by people who are not country at all, but admire the genre from outside. But don’t try to change the soul – let it be authentic.

I’m with Morgan – we all make mistakes – we learn from them – it’s good. And success despite being cancelled – all the better.

I retired the “N word” a long time ago, as a kid. Interesting story for another day. But by the same token, I’ve never held it against other people who use terms like that. It’s funny, but I know people who don’t use it, who are racist as hell, and others who do use it, who are among the least racist people I know. It’s all crazy. But whatever. The reason I don’t use it, is so as not to accidentally hurt the feelings of whoever might be hurt by it, because those are usually quiet, decent, and good people. The angry, racist, cancel people – I WANT to offend them and let them hate me, but there are better ways.

“BE OFFENDED.” -Matt Gaetz