Selection.Code Movie

My one-line review: "This movie is terrible in so many ways, and yet it's awesome, fascinating, and needs to be seen, so I highly recommend it." I think this is a Mike Lindell movie. It's like an Amazon movie without Amazon. It was clearly made on a shoestring, and the people who made it, clearly … Continue reading Selection.Code Movie

Dear KAG: 20220920 Open Thread

Cover image: Wheat Harvest in Salt Lake (1911), by Lorus Bishop Pratt. Now that the Queen has been buried, and Meghan and Harry are more firmly out of the family, we move on. First up is BioClandestine: The Great Information War: State Dept and CIA At Odds with US MIL Psychological Operations The US government admittedly … Continue reading Dear KAG: 20220920 Open Thread