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Yes, it’s Thursday again. What’s brewing out there on the internet other than President Trump being prosecuted for crimes that probably don’t exist? Well, Matt Walsh did some actual journalism, it got a lot of attention, and now the state of Tennessee has Vanderbilt’s medical system in the crosshairs.

First, the segment of the podcast that stirred the pot.

Of course, pushback and abuse started.

And then darkness descended.

At the same time, the Governor of Tennessee spoke out.

And action ensued:

This is what happens when journalism works like it is supposed to.

Good job, Mr. Walsh.

Hence why hospitals need to return to being true charities instead of charities in name only, if not straight up profit centers.

On to everything else:

The Walk of Faith in These Uncertain Times

The desert experience is actually a blessing. We don’t want to stay in that place, that’s why the longing is there, the hope… but just because that desire is there, it does not mean we cannot find some level of rest in the tension. God is with you in every step of your journey so fully. He is attentive to you specifically. He keeps close tabs on the flowers and birds. How much more so will He not lovingly watch over you and guide you.

But how could you go back to being asleep or not believing for justice now that you’ve woken up? You are stuck in a rock and a hard place. You are living outside of the Matrix on some level, you are having to live as a wanderer rather than feel at home in the facade that is Babylon. You are Neo living in the barren wasteland of the ship, eating food that does not taste delicious but it is real and you are officially in the fight.

Legendary ‘Cheers’ Actor Says ‘Last People’ He Would Trust With His Health Is ‘Big Pharma and Big Government’

Legendary “Cheers” actor Woody Harrelson told Bill Maher the “last people” he would trust with his own health is “Big Pharma and Big Government” — and he explained why.

During the 61-year-old actor’s appearance on the “Club Random with Bill Maher” podcast Sunday, the TV actor and host discussed the response to the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two-plus years. The two agreed that trusting the pharmaceutical companies and government rather than a person’s own doctor is bizarre.  The host asked his guest would it be that crazy that the pharma industry wouldn’t say advocate for “more boosters than were necessary” for profit?

Gays Against Groomers Permanently Deplatformed From PayPal and Venmo

The Babylon Bee has big plans for Twitter

The Babylon Bee is one of America’s best news outlets. Sure, technically it’s satire, but it has an unerring knack for going straight to the heart of an issue and teasing out what’s important. In my book, that makes it a lot more useful than the New York Times or the Washington Post. Plus, the articles are better written too. Now, we have a new reason to like the Bee: Following the Fifth Circuit’s decision holding that HB 20, the Texas law prohibiting social media viewpoint discrimination, the Bee’s CEO, Seth Dillon, is promising to go after Twitter for banning it from the platform.

The Fifth Circuit accepted the theory that the social media outlets have moved into the status of common carriers because they are the primary means by which most Americans obtain and share information. That means that they can no longer hide behind the claim that, as private corporations, they can do whatever they want.

The FBI may have just made the best case for dismantling itself

Who’s the Real Boss at the FDA?

When Patrizia Cavazzoni used to work at Pfizer, she reported to the pharmaceutical behemoth’s chief executive. Since she started working at the FDA, it’s hard to see what’s changed. As the director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) at the regulatory agency, Cavazzoni knows that Pfizer and its peer institutions keep the lights on at the FDA.

The Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), signed into law during the final months of the George H.W. Bush administration, permits departments within the FDA such as CDER to collect funds known as user fees from drug manufacturers seeking the approval legally required to market their products. For perspective, 65 percent of CDER’s $1 billion annual budget comes from user fees.

Social Media: Where Truth is Censored and Hate is Spread

And yet, it is the digital battlefield.

America’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Problem Is ‘Out of Control’

There’s a really easy and free way to avoid STDs. Yes, it requires self control, but it is foolproof, and the article doesn’t mention it.

Pollster Doug Schoen Says The Democrats’ Midterm Optimism Might Be ‘Misguided’

That might be the understatement of the year.

Video: Even The Democrat Sheriff ‘Investigating’ DeSantis Agrees The Border Is Not Secure

BlackRock CEO says the crisis in the price of energy is accelerating investment in green energy

The CEO of the BlackRock investment firm said that skyrocketing energy prices are shrinking the “green premium” and causing more investment to flow into green energy sources.

Larry Fink was being interviewed by former President Bill Clinton as part of the Clinton Global Initiative when he made the comments in defense of ESG environmental scoring.

“Because of the rise in energy prices, we are certainly seeing the green premium shrink quite considerably,” said Fink.

“And so the amount of investment dollars that are going into new decarbonization technologies is accelerating, and they are accelerating very rapidly,” he added.

Only because it’s a manufactured crisis to benefit [the rat] Fink’s company.

How Catholics became the new WASPs

Fauci Justifies Using School Kids as Collateral Damage for COVID Shutdowns

“Sometimes when you do draconian things, it has collateral negative consequences. Just like when you shut things down, even temporarily, it does have deleterious consequences on the economy, on the school children, you know that, but you have to make a balance,” Fauci said.

I’ll say it again, stake him out next to a nest of fire ants.

Putin’s Address: Approaching the Precipice

“The subject of this address is the situation in Donbass and the course of the special military operation to liberate it from the neo-Nazi regime, which seized power in Ukraine in 2014 as the result of an armed state coup.”

Putin doesn’t beat around the bush. He comes out firing against the “Neo-Nazi regime” and the violent coup started in 2014. A coup that was facilitated by Obama and then Vice President Biden at the time. This is why Biden continues to send hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine. They are protecting their Deep State proxy.

This is why you see China and Russia in the news making joint statements about preventing “Western Colour Revolutions2. Russia are fighting back against the US proxy Ukraine, and now China looking to remove US influence in Taiwan. The East are standing up to the West.

Citadel Investment Boss Ken Griffin Previously Gave DeSantis $10 Million, Today Says He Would Accept Position as Treasury Secretary

Is that all it takes?

Sundance put this out, and what I would like to know is who dug the letter out of the pile of Obama docs. I have a feeling someone knew what they were looking for, and where to find it since the physical stuff is still in storage, and likely has not been archived by professionals or indexed. Whoever found this, knew where to look in the digital documents.

Letter Surfaces of Obama Foundation Admitting in 2018 They Keep Classified Documents in Unsecured Storage at Furniture Warehouse

Hoffman Estates” is a Chicago area location containing an abandoned furniture store and warehouse.  The Obama Foundation leased, then re-upped the lease, to use the facility to store all the paper documents from the Obama administration {Location Link}.

The Obama administration told the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) they were going to upload the documents into a digital form for use in the Obama library.  The paper documents were, still are, held at the Hoffman Estate warehouse while this digitization process took place.  It should be noted, the Obama Foundation has never digitized the records, hence they renewed the warehouse lease….

Once again, to hopefully save the time of responding to DC inquiry, all of this information is open-source discovery.  It exists in the vast space of the internet and this letter itself is found in the archives of the Obama Foundation itself.


The people REALLY complaining work for liberal news outlets.

IDK, it’s always reminded me of this:



And now for the business portion.

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2Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity. 3What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun? 4A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains for ever. 5The sun rises and the sun goes down, and hastens to the place where it rises. 6The wind blows to the south, and goes round to the north; round and round goes the wind, and on its circuits the wind returns. 7All streams run to the sea, but the sea is not full; to the place where the streams flow, there they flow again. 8All things are full of weariness; a man cannot utter it; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. 9What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; and there is nothing new under the sun. 10Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already, in the ages before us. 11There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of later things yet to happen among those who come after.

source of eternal salvation to all who obey him,


Why not….

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Valerie Curren

No clue if this is “real” or logical supposition of where we’re headed…

comment image

comment imageBlompf2020


As long as it is done LEGALLY by a private company!

Valerie Curren

Quickie update. We’re in the process of getting hubby’s insurance situation squared away on the new job & insurance comes through the Teamsters Union. Anyway they sent us a very basic booklet on coverage, including prices, & it was nearly Half of his take home pay taken out Every Week. We were freaking out & thinking we’d have to look through the Marketplace to see if we could find something better.

Today he’s copied on an email from the Teamsters Union Rep claiming that large amount was actually the Total cost of insurance weekly…but the employees are only supposed to pay 20% of that. Thankfully this puts insurance costs more in line with what we were dealing with at his old job…but boy they could have avoided some heart palpitations if the info they’d originally provided was much clearer.

I was thinking that the Teamsters Union was basically ripping off Every Union member of like half their income to provide crappy insurance you were “required” to accept…At least it’s not as bad as all that…at least that we know of–yikes!

Live & learn 🙂

Valerie Curren

Here’s a couple videos that can reflect a bit of our spirit right now…

They might have written this one with MAGA on their mind!

Valerie Curren
Valerie Curren
Valerie Curren

This looks like important info the diggers could examine…

Here’s a couple from within the lengthy gab

comment imageB_johnson1016
Sep 4

TRUMP’s Republic ~ Patriots
Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren’t safe or effective.

1. Dr. Nancy Banks –
2. Dr. Russell Blaylock –
3. Dr. Shiv Chopra –
4. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny –

They list 48 docs there…also

Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren’t safe or effective, in these documentaries….

1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic –
2. The Greater Good –
3. Shots In The Dark –
4. Vaccination The Hidden Truth –
5. Vaccine Nation –
6. Vaccination – The Truth About Vaccines –
7. Lethal Injection –
8. Bought –
9. Deadly Immunity –
10. Autism – Made in the USA –
11. Beyond Treason –
12. Trace Amounts –
13. Why We Don’t Vaccinate –

There are further links to court cases & videos at the original gab post…fyi

Valerie Curren

So this is from a couple weeks back & may have already been addressed, but looks important, in case it was missed..

comment imageSomeoneTookMyCanada
Sep 4

So in effect, Moderna had developed the 19 nucleotide gene sequence containing the Furin Cleavage Site which gives Covid-19 its infectivity to humans by patented gain of function research as early as 2013, 6 years before the Wuhan outbreak took place. Not 3 years, as reported in the Mail and virally elsewhere.
comment imageEXCLUSIVE – Official Documents confirm real reason Moderna is suing Pfizer: Moderna created & patented COVID Virus in 2013 following Gain of Function Research which allowed Moderna to develop COVID Vaccine before World knew COVID-19 existedYour Government has given companies like Pfizer and Moderna immunity from liability if you are injured by their Covid-19 vaccines. With this law, they cannot be…

Valerie Curren
Valerie Curren

Massachusetts Energy Companies Announce 64% Increase in Electricity Rates Beginning November 1st

Gonna be eatin’ a lot of Beans in MA.

Beans and Cabbage Monday
Chili on Tuesday
Baked Beans and Hot Dogs Wednesday
Navy Bean Soup on Thursday
Cod and potatoes on Friday
Pizza on Saturday
Chicken and rice on Sunday


So that was talking about electric rates, it also mentioned natural gas. It didn’t mention oil, which is what many use to heat their homes in the winter and we can well guess where that price is headed. Sounds like taxachucetts has a serious problem.


I know when San Antonio politicians allow utilities to raise rates, they do it with the understanding the energy and water companies will kick back money to the local govt for pet projects. Essentially allowing them to buy votes and pocket what no one can see. Likely the same thing in MA. Greedy all around.


^^^ “Pet Projects” ^^^

^^^ Laundering money to politicians. ^^^


Your meal plan sounds good to me 🙂


In the deep throes of Communist USSR – it was beans and cabbage all 7 days. Any scent of steak being cooked was reported to the KGB. Seriously.


Wow I did not know that. All I know in East Germany almost everyone who had a little garden space had chicken and rabbits. People also went hunting if they had land. Some people even had one pig in the house basement that opened to the backyard but the pig was never let out into the garden. I felt so sorry for the pig because it was alone in a small stall. The cats would visit I guess that was the only company the pig had.


Don’t forget that they’re all served cold.


You’re right – can’t very well cook without energy source.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Update – UCSF, Golsinano, Akron, and Vanderbilt hospitals have all taken down their transgender mutilation pages from the web after Tucker’s program last night.


Hospital administrators that allowed butcher children should be fired. At a minimum.

Every Red state should be Stopping hospitals from butchering children.


I would revoke any licenses people had, including doctors’ medical licenses.


Hiding…but not gone.


Good. Probably not halting the programs, though-?


The Hot White Spotlight of Truth causes immediate scorching.


I’m cautiously optimistic. The treasury inspector general was a George Bush nominee, so maybe he’ll do a fair job (because I can think of only two Dems I would trust to be fair: Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz).


According to the article, there is a documented history of misconduct at the IRS.
(color me “surprised”…)


Federal government SOP is, misconduct.

  :wpds_mad:  Cuz Feds are NOT held accountable.   :wpds_evil: