Wolf’s Statement on the End of Affirmative Action

I have tried to write this several times.

I have decided to be short, blunt, and to the point.

Here it is, very simply.

I was part of the cover-up of the early failure of Affirmative Action.

And when I say EARLY, I mean it failed during the alleged TESTING – meaning the very first year they put AA students on campus, which was supposed to be a test, but was really an unstoppable, unchangeable, unarguable implementation, that was going to happen, no matter what.

Let me be crystal clear.

Affirmative Action failed RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE.

I was there, and was an integral part of the disaster and the cover-up. And, quite frankly, I’m lucky I’m still alive. But I learned to keep my mouth shut for a very long time, and how to stay ahead of the people who needed me “gone” in some legal, plausible, and useful fashion.

Here is a bullet list of what happened. It’s long, but it gets the point across quickly, how the failure of Affirmative Action became known, and was then covered up.

  • I was working on an advanced science degree at a very fancy university
  • The university was informed that we would be getting Affirmative Action students
  • There were only a few of these students
  • This was supposed to be some kind of test, but it really was more of a “done deal”
  • I was warned by a friendly superior to steer clear of these students, and I did, but I didn’t realize why
  • One AA student in my professor’s class was caught cheating
  • I got the scoop from the teacher involved – the cheating was stupid and desperate – it was almost a cry for help
  • The student was clearly out of their depth
  • The failure was likely to mean the student would fail the course
  • AT THIS POINT, AFFIRMATIVE ACTION WAS IN TROUBLE – if this was really a “test”
  • It was obvious to me that Affirmative Action would require a “fix” to actually work
  • I was an idiot and thought I could help Affirmative Action work
  • I suggested the idea of a remedial program, which had worked for unprepared math students at my previous university
  • That was it – I just mentioned this to the professor
  • TIME GOES BY – we hear nothing
  • The next thing I know, this same student was placed into our research laboratory, as an undergraduate researcher, by orders from the university
  • This was absolutely insane, dangerous, and utterly backwards to all common sense – only the BEST students are normally allowed into undergrad research in any university
  • The professor could not stop this – it came from too high up the chain
  • As one might predict, there was a DISASTER involving this student.
  • The disaster resulted in a lawsuit
  • The next five parts are very important – it’s about LAWFARE
    • (1) The lawsuit conveniently prevented the university from reporting anything about the student to the government, due to “conflict of interest”
    • (2) The lawsuit therefore prevented the university from reporting anything bad for Affirmative Action
    • (3) The lawsuit prevented the university from taking any public position regarding Affirmative Action
    • (4) The lawsuit created leverage on everybody involved, to hide what happened
    • (5) The lawsuit resulted in NDAs on everybody involved, to silence them on what happened
  • Bottom line, the “forced disaster” protected the truth about Affirmative Action from ever being known

However, that’s just the superficial, top-level view.

I was close enough on this sucker, and paying enough attention, that I realized things were EVEN WORSE THAN THAT.

This disaster didn’t just happen because putting a deficient student in a dangerous place is a dangerous idea.


Yes. This was a scam – an engineered accident. And the technology used to pull it off was astounding. So much so, that it was unbelievable, and I had to hide it. I simply could not testify to something that people could not believe.

For a long time I thought that the money of the lawsuit was the driving force behind SOMEBODY deciding to use cutting-edge technology, but the economics just were not there. Nope – it was the millions, and then billions, and eventually TRILLIONS of dollars at stake.

Once I realized that this was really a deep-state thing for billions and trillions of dollars, and not just a lawsuit for measly low millions, it all started making sense.

Now, I don’t want to get any deeper into how they pulled this off, than what I’ve already revealed, because I like keeping a few nukes handy, in case somebody wants to make this into a big deal. They want to go there, I can REALLY make this a big deal.

If you want to know more details than that, just read this earlier post I wrote about the topic.

Déjà Woo

This post is rather long, and it ultimately leads to VALIDATE what Q said about MK. And beyond. WAY beyond. I’m choosing to spill enough now that no matter what happens, or what happens to me, they will no longer be able to keep using MK for murders and getting away clean. People will SPOT …

Now, let me be clear – I’m not saying that all Affirmative Action students can’t handle the rigor of the universities they are pumped into, over more qualified students. But we are lying to ourselves to think that there is no downside to lowering standards of admission. I encountered that downside in the very first Affirmative Action student to come through our department’s classes.

An interesting debate on the topic is this one, which involves Michelle Obama. She was, if I’m dating things properly, admitted in the second year of Affirmative Action.

In my opinion, both sides arguing in the linked article are “right and wrong” about things. There were definitely VERY FEW Affirmative Action students in the first year, and not that many in the second year, if I remember things correctly. Bear in mind – not all black students were Affirmative Action cases. Eventually, though, the effect on the student population was very noticeable. The timing, IMO, isn’t all that important.

Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if Michelle Obama really felt isolated on campus, despite likely being among perhaps a few hundred other AA-admitted students.

But much of what the rabbi is saying is quite right. Students who are not qualified to enter these schools were being prioritized over students who were qualified, due to race, and it was eventually a very big deal, that caused a LOT of problems.

So what’s the point, in the end? We know the Deep State does what it wants. They make their money in the name of some good thing that they inevitably lie about and FAKE.

The Deep State can and will roll over anybody that they need to roll over. We’ve seen what they did to Trump.

But yet, all that is not what matters.

Thanks to all this stuff, I found God. I mean, not like I did when I was a kid. I mean deeply, and in a big way, and as an adult.

It’s DIFFERENT when you walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and you LEARN the hard way that GOD is your only real ally. And it’s not just magic, or the belief in magic, but the reality of how one deals with the universe, and how the universe deals back. God is a very “complex” thing, with both “real” and “imaginary” components. I am grateful for ending up with the understanding that I eventually got.

I lost a lot of things IN THIS WORLD, but in many ways that was purifying. I was stripped of much corruption and my worldly idols, and was left with GOD and the best teacher of all, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the carpenter who dared to speak truth in a world of lies.

Affirmative Action was a noble cause, for those who believed in its truth, just as the response to 9/11 was a noble cause, for those who believed in its truth.

The problem is, neither one was completely true. Affirmative Action was never meant to be a logical reality. It was Hollywood. It was a story. It was Potemkin. It was fake. It was a societal version of “fake it until you make it”. They had no intention of doing it right.

I still believe in the “ends” of Affirmative Action – that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream can and will be achieved. But that end will NOT be achieved through these means – through deception and lies. It can only be achieved through truths. Sometimes those truths will be painful. Sometimes they will be joyous. But in the end, they will be part of the story – the TRUE story – that makes America great.

God bless you, and thank you for listening.


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One thing that jumps out of this …there is a pointed dumbing down of scholarship coming out all of this.
which begs the question…where will TPTB acquire the technical expertise to run their world? They must have already solved that. (I’d say dilemma but it’s not a dilemma if there’s already a resolution.


Makes perfect sense…in their world.


“Covid proved once and for all the truth of “Everybody in science thinks science is in control of itself, but it is NOT.”


Demand for technical expertise, in a world where, 13 of 14 ARE GONE, is manageable.

>>> I never, ever, lose sight of, 13 of 14 gotta go. <<<


Great summary of what happened, Wolf. I think you are brave. Thanks from all of us.


To be able to crawl out from the rubble of politically constructed nightmare with your spiritual soul intact is the real triumph. There may have been close calls with your life that aren’t detailed but it seems that getting tangled up with anything the shadow govt wants to permanently implement at any cost could be dicey for a person with integrity.

In a blue collar setting the relaxation of safety protocol and basic job performance to accommodate alleged inability of minority employees to be expected to be held to the policy really was a pain in the ass.

It’s an honor to ‘know’ you. Godspeed to you.


W.O.W. – oh by the way on mental programing: “Think & Grow Rich” – note the pub date.  😎 


Thank you, Wolf.



Agreement from personal experiences which are touched upon in BIMD with much more withheld for similar reasons.

Their treachery is a cancer in so many sectors of society. Sick, evil devils.

I found exhibiting erratic behavior to be a big turnoff for them. Not predictable, potential to be damaging at times. Yet, they never really felt threatened or I would have long since met my Savior face to face. Freedom from the Arky mafia came from that strategy among other actions I took similar to yours.

Acceleration of understanding as well as protection began when I sold out and was born again per the instructions of Christ. I was then empowered to be a force working to subvert their schemes. The assignments have ranged from community to business to church roles.

Central theme for what I have experienced: For the right thing to happen the diseased tree has to die and its seed planted in good soil.

I could ramble on, but will not.

Last edited 11 months ago by TradeBait2


We play not by their rules. It does not matter that they know we engage using truth as truth is a dagger to their hearts and plans.


Thanks for the expansion on what happened to you with AA. I’ve always wondered about how you tied in to it.

We have been being manipulated by our government so badly for so long, and in so many nefarious ways.


I appreciate you!


And the technology used to pull it off was astounding. So much so, that it was unbelievable, and I had to hide it. I simply could not testify to something that people could not believe.

That might have saved your life. Thank you for revealing all of this. I’m glad things turned out the way they did for you and that your path led to God, and also here!


Very true. Vonnegut got it right in Harrison Bergeron. (Read that story the other day as someone referenced it in regard to AA)
all I can say is thank god for the Supreme Court. I’m reduced to taking wins where I can get them.
i had thought that AA was an example of willfull blindness as in the concept was right or moral so it had to work, but I’m not that niaeve anymore. Its malicious
with big Mike- I think the isolation and the lifelong resentment sprang from knowing how dumb she was, how out of her depth how fraudulent her presence at colleges was. Because her admission essay is ………..well let’s just say she/ he has the dumb


Don’t know if you’ve seen this
🚨TurboCancer: New Study proves Pfizer mRNA induced turbo cancer

In a new Belgian study by Sander Eens et al. they injected 14 mice with 2 Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

2 days after 2nd Pfizer dose, 1/14 mice (7%) died suddenly, had turbo cancer with lymphoma infiltration of many organs: liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs & intestines.

The turbo cancer mouse had shown no clinical signs of illness before sudden death.

This is the 2nd study to show turbo cancer after Pfizer mRNA vaccination. 

These were the types of studies that Pfizer & Moderna should have performed on mice but never did.

Key point: This 14 mouse study was larger than the study done to approve COVID-19 Omicron bivalent mRNA booster shots which were given to 100s of millions of people – that study only had 8 mice!