The Infamous “Process 2” Manufacturing Method for the Pfizer-BioNTech modRNA COVID-19 “Vaccines”

The image above is a still from Just Imagine, a 1930 movie about what life in New York City would be like in the year 1980.

This series of pieces on the disaster of COVID-19 (the virus and the modRNA “vaccines” for said virus) is dedicated to the memory of Yours Truly’s cousin Bill, who “died suddenly and unexpectedly” in September, 2023. May he rest in eternal Peace.

Three prefatory notes: One, that what is presented here is only “scratching the surface” regarding the substitution of “Process 2” for the original “Process 1” manufacturing method for the Pfizer-BioNTech “flagship” COVID-19 “vaccine”, BNT162b2; Two, the exact and complete details of “Process 2” are likely a “trade secret” to the company (except that a full description may be in a document given by said company to the FDA, and which was “redacted out” in case it ever got published under FOIA); and, Three, that every Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 “vaccine” since October, 2020, has been made using “Process 2” — including the “latest” version, the “2023-2024 Formula” version for use against the (now basically obsolete) XBB.1.5 Omicron variant.

The trail in regards a discussion of the sudden change from the original “Process 1” to the substituted “Process 2” for BNT162b2 can potentially begin in several places; for purposes of today’s presentation, it will begin here:, a letter to the British Medical Journal by Josh Guetzkow, a senior lecturer at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, in response to the BMJ article, “Covid-19: Researchers face wait for patient level data from Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials.” Prof. Guetzkow points out that the initial clinical trials doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech modRNA COVID-19 “vaccine”, BNT162b2, were made using what was called “Process 1”, from May to October, 2020; but that the company suddenly changed to a new method, called “Process 2” [by 29 October 2020.] He also points out that the “Process 2” batches of BNT162b2 were found to have “…substantially lower mRNA integrity.” It appears that “substantially lower mRNA integrity” includes evidence of what may be termed “fragments” of DNA appearing in these “vaccines”, where they should never be.

Please bear with Yours Truly, this may get a little “technical”, but it is necessary to the whole.

So, what exactly happened by October 2020 that led Pfizer-BioNTech to change to “Process 2” for BNT162b2? One hint is found on Page 54 of the “Protocol Amendment 9, 29 October 2020” document that the company gave to the FDA (; scroll down to “Protocol PDF” and click to get the entire document):

Another hint is found on Page 3 of the same document:

It would appear, then, that Pfizer-BioNTech decided, sometime between 1 May and 1 October 2020, to, One: add an “additional exploratory objective” to the C4591001 clinical study of BNT162b2;, and, Two, to support “increased supply” (of BNT162b2, presumably after securing Emergency Use Authorizations from the European Union medicines regulatory agency and from the FDA in the United States to use the “vaccine”, which did happen) — both, by changing from “Process 1” to “Process 2” to manufacture the product. Prof. Guetzkow states that there appears to be no analysis of comparisons between using these two methods. It is also, from what Yours Truly has been able to find, not known exactly when “Process 1” was stopped as a manufacturing method for BNT162b2 and “Process 2” was approved as the sole method.

We now turn to Page 4 of the FDA-issued “Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for an Unapproved Product Review Memorandum” of 23 June 2023, related to the EUA the agency granted for the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech “2023-2024 Formula” COVID-19 “vaccine” on people ages 6 months to 5 years old in the United States ( Page 4, in Yours Truly’s opinion, is a tacit admission that this “vaccine” is indeed made according to “Process 2”:

Finally, there is the following hint in the description of the manufacturing process for the Pfizer-BioNTech “vaccine” against meningitis, called PENBRAYA, in the 11 DESCRIPTION section of the company-issued document (

The work of Dr. Kevin McKernan, Dr. Jessica Rose, and other researchers, has shown that there are numerous serious issues with the integrity of the process of manufacturing BNT162b2 — the “Process 2” that was used to make billions of doses of this Pfizer-BioNTech modRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” — and which process is being used to manufacture the company’s latest modRNA COVID-19 “vaccine”, the “2023-2024 Formula.” These two scientists, along with other colleagues, published a paper on this situation last month. It can be found here: The paper also has some more details of the “Process 2” method — and, by the way, also stating that Moderna also came up with a similar process for its modRNA COVID-19 “vaccines.”

One suspects that the integrity problems with the manufacturing of the modRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” is a subject that will have much more investigation. This is aside from the accumulating evidence that the ingredients of said “vaccines” are themselves dangerous.

Peace, Good Energy, Respect: PAVACA

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Brave and Free

i really appreciate the work you put into this. Where else would we find this amount of information? Definitely not from anyone in the Pravda news.
I am seeing the latest vax from Moderna, the “Spikevax” there calling it pushed a lot now. Wonder how they came up with that name???

Gail Combs

After reading the following and noting the DATES, I want to add some useful background.

It would appear, then, that Pfizer-BioNTech decided, sometime between 1 May and 1 October 2020, to, One: add an “additional exploratory objective” to the C4591001 clinical study of BNT162b2;, and, Two, to support “increased supply” (of BNT162b2,…. both, by changing from “Process 1” to “Process 2” to manufacture the product. Prof. Guetzkow states that there appears to be no analysis of comparisons between using these two methods. It is also, from what Yours Truly has been able to find, not known exactly when “Process 1” was stopped as a manufacturing method for BNT162b2 and “Process 2” was approved as the sole method.

When going from concept to mass distribution, there are three different steps. As I have found out thru my career, skipping step two can have dire consequences, like blowing up a full scale chemical reaction vessel. Luckily I was on vacation when that piece of idiocy happened. I am going to use that bit of stupidity, by a PhD chemist as an illustration.

These are the steps:


During this phase several different formulations are produced for testing. Generally we are talking grams up to maybe a pound of product produced by highly trained people with very good control over the process. For example, if the process is highly exothermic — produces massive amounts of heat — the chemist can stick the flask in a dry ice and acetone bath to keep it from exploding (I did say idiocy above, didn’t I?)


This is the step bean counters LOVE to skip because it costs a LOT of money. This is where the engineers get involved. They are the ones who will see cooling down a highly exothermic process when it is producing 100s of pounds of product is going to be an engineering nightmare. Essentially you are trying to cool down a BIG BOMB.

The engineers during this phase come up with the actual method factory workers will be using to produce the consumer product. This includes not only the design of the equipment, written instructions, but also the ‘check points’ and the needed tests and the test methods used to produce a consistent product. They also determine the specifications & tolerances.

This is the critical step where all the bugs get ironed out IF YOU ARE DEALING WITH A WELL RUN COMPANY.


Generally the first few production batches are watched very closely by the Chemists, Chem Engineers, Quality Engineers and others. It is the final check on the new process and product to make sure everything is going as planned and the Product is as designed.


Now that you have a bit of background on how chemical/pharmaceutical plants operate, we can look at “Process 1” and “Process 2” Any bets that “Process 1” produced the better more consistent product BUT WAS NOT SCALEBLE TO PRODUCTION QUANITITIES?

“Process 1” produced the material used for all the lab/FDA testing. It was probably a Lab Bench or very small pilot plant process. I have not done vaccines but I do not think you would need more than about 10 to 20 pounds of material for a vaccine. I was producing about two hundred pounds for FDA testing of a codeine cough medicine.

Remember they were having stability problems early on and the vaccine had to be kept very cold? That may have been “Process 1” material.


I’d bet Process 1 is still in use for “special batches” of vaxx for elites. Just my humble opinion.

Valerie Curren

or just saline decoys to fool the sleeping masses

Gail Combs

I vote HCQ/Ivermectin PLUS Saline injections..

Valerie Curren

Good guess!

Valerie Curren

excellent, real world insights! TY

Gail Combs

I added the title & URL of this article to the previous article The COVID-19 Virus and the modRNA COVID-19 “Vaccines” Induce Accelerated Aging
I will continue using the older article to archive as much of the Covid Vaccine Info that I can.


Pavaka, thank you for your dedication and hard work to get the information out there. Also thanks to Gail.


It’s amazing that all this information can be kept up with in the glut of information being tossed about.

As always, getting the important information here at Q tree, plucked from all the muck and mire of the cabals deceitful labyrinth and cleaned up presentable like for our examination.

Thank You Pavaca.
Now we wait for the next twists and turns for what’s to be revealed next, by those best able to keep up, like yourself. 👍😁👍

Valerie Curren

TY I was wondering. You are doing Amazing Work as you continue to dive into the weeds & expose the truth about the genocide jabs–Thank You!!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

YES – I think you got that right.

PF-07963164 is almost certainly the modRNA which is encapsulated into lipid nanoparticles which are made up of 4 components that are listed, and potentially other “trade secrets” which could include, potentially, PEGylated graphene oxides, etc., as a secret 5th or higher component of the lipid nanoparticles.

Here are the 4 components of the (mixed) lipid nanoparticles:


The mixture is buffered by two substances:

Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane hydrochloride (which is just tromethamine HCl)

Then water and sucrose.

What’s fascinating is that I can find absolutely NOTHING about PF-07963164. It is as if that has NEVER been on the internet.

I did run into ANOTHER link that people may find interesting.

Last edited 8 months ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

What a treasure trove of information on the subject. Great work, PAVACA and Gail. Thank you.

I am going to get some good mileage with folks on this with the increased understanding and information. They are going to be spinning their wheels to get away from me. 🤣

Adding this one in that was forwarded by Dr. Malone today. Statistical analysis.


Just going to mention NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center for any who would like the information. It was founded by Barbar Loe Fisher, who had a vaxx injured son. They are being highly sensored at the usual places, and they need our support. Maybe someone would kindly post the link.


Hey, Barkerjim and Kalbo, thanks so much for the help, and hi, Wolfmoon and everyone who sees this.

Valerie Curren

Nice to see you at the best Tree Zoe! God Bless YOU Bigly  😇 


Pavaca, I am well, thank you. Hope you are the same.


Valerie, God bless you, also. So nice to have you as a sis in Christ.

Gail Combs

From GA/FL

We know about
+Zinc and D3
and now:
The Vigilant Fox @VigilantFox
This Nobel Prize-Winning Drug Is Now Quietly Under Attack: It’s Not Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin Enter Artemisia Annua (Artemisin, Sweet Wormwood), a cheap, safe, ancient herbal medicine and anti-malarial that also treats COVID-19. But that’s not all it does: • broad antiviral activity against viruses (Herpes, HIV, Hep B&C, EBV, CMV, Zika) • binds Spike protein of SARS-COV2 more strongly than hydroxychloroquine • has immunoregulatory effects to decrease cytokines, cytokine storm, ARDS, organ damage and lung fibrosis in COVID-19 infection (blocks NF-κB signaling) • Anti-cancer affects (via blocking NF-κB) for prostate, cervical, colorectal cancers However, papers on the drug have been retracted. Herbal products recalled. Why is it under attack? This information was compiled by an article written by Dr. William Makis – * * 

Gail Combs

The article by Dr William Makis:
Artemisia Annua (Artemisin, Sweet Wormwood) – NOBEL PRIZE WINNING top anti-malarial that also treats COVID-19. Papers retracted, herbal products recalled. Quietly under attack. WHY?
you get a few days free and then you must subscribe.
He does have this info for free:

Source: NOVARTIS – “In China, Novartis works with about 100,000 farmers who cultivate Artemisia Annua, a crucial plant in the production of our antimalarial treatment.”

Papers reviewed:

  • 2023 Oct.11 – Baggieri et al – Antiviral, virucidal and antioxidant properties of Artemisia annua against SARS-CoV-2
  • 2023 Oct.30 – Agrawal et al – RETRACTED: Artemisia Extracts and Artemisinin-Based Antimalarials for COVID-19 Management: Could These Be Effective Antivirals for COVID-19 Treatment?
  • 2022 Feb – Farmanpour-Kalalagh et al – Artemisinins in Combating Viral Infections Like SARS-CoV-2, Inflammation and Cancers and Options to Meet Increased Global Demand
  • 2022 Jan – Iftekhar Ahmad et al – Artemisia annua L. and Its Derivatives: Their Antiviral Effects on COVID-19 and Possible Mechanisms
  • 2021 Sep – Fuzimoto – An overview of the anti-SARS-CoV-2 properties of Artemisia annua, its antiviral action, protein-associated mechanisms, and repurposing for COVID-19 treatmen


Artemisia Annua, Artemisinin & 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine – A Cancer Fighting Plant

For us this is important

(PDF) Cultivation of Artemisia (Artemisia annua Linn.)

PDF | Artemisia (Artemisia annua) is an aromatic herb widely distributed in the cool temperate and subtropical regions of the world….

Plant part used in artemisinin / aromatic oil extraction

Whole herb at full bloom stage…

Characteristics of strain(s) for cultivation

Artemisia is a large, diverse genus of plants, consisting of between 200 and 400 species comprises of mostly herbaceous plants and shrubs, which are known for the powerful chemical constituents in their essential oils. Artemisia genus includes notable species like A. vulgaris (Common mugwort), A. tridentata (Big sagebrush), A. annua (Sagewort), A. absinthum (Worm wood), A. dracunculus (Tarragon) and A. abrotanum (Southern wood). Most species have strong aromas and bitter tastes from terpenoids and sesquiterpene lactones, which exist as an adaptation to discourage herbivores…. A. annua is a highly cross pollinated crop. Hence, the crop exhibits large variation in maturity, leaf biomass yield and ‘artemisinin’ content.

Many recently released varieties like Asha, Jeevanraksha, Suraksha and Cim-Arogya are recommended for commercial cultivation….

Then follows instructions for cultivation and harvesting.

This is interesting. A group working with and for Africans

Feedback Regarding The Use of Artemisia annua With a Wide Range of Health Problems