Polonium-Level Triggering: Why Fake Conservative Bolsheviks Are Now Absolutely Freaking Out About Woke #NeverTrump

The very fact that fake conservative Jennifer Rubin published the below article (paywalled)….

The descent of the GOP into authoritarian know-nothingism


(WAIT BEFORE READING THIS – we’ll do it together later in the post.)

… on February 17 tells me who is living rent-free in her mind. February the Qth was no accident. And yet – at this point – her little deniable taunt has almost no effect. Rather, it smacks of desperation.

We “know”. We simply know. No amount of calling us “Know Nothings” will save the coup. It’s that simple.

Ah, yes – that would appear to work both ways, for as Thomas Wictor once pointed out, Donald J. Trump may in fact be the most revolutionary President this country has had since EITHER Washington or Lincoln – take your pick.

And they’re TRIGGERED.

The anti-Trump embedded Soviet Democrat apparatus – of which Jenn Rubin is now a painfully, even humorously obvious member, is at this point in an all out war with something they can’t even admit exists, because THEY were the ones who backed themselves into a corner of “know-nothingism” about the QAnon psy-op.

And when I say “psy-op”, I’m really minimizing, because it’s becoming quite clear that the QAnon “anti-coup” is much, much bigger than just the simple world-wide deniable psy-op that it presented on its earlier surface. In fact, “the Q we knew and they loved to denigrate” was like just a single coronavirus spike on the total package, but one with UNDENIABLE, LOGICAL, and FORENSICALLY IRREFUTABLE modified features that pointed with great certainty toward its ORIGIN and TRUTH.

Yes Jenn – you lose TWO TIMES on THAT exact point. ENJOY THE SHOW.

Q is so big, when you understand its true extent and magnitude, that it becomes quite easy to see why it simply scares the HELL out of these people.

The irony is particularly rich here, and of course absolutely exemplary of the fact that the LEFT – of which Jenn Rubin is a “card-carrying” member – is all about accusing others of what THEY either DO or ARE.

NO – the leftists, both the open ones on the left and hidden ones on the fake right, are ON THE ROPES NOW – quite authentically – after having been ROPE-A-DOPED by the one guy who totally got Muhammad Ali at a Sun Tzu level – his authentic friend, Donald J. Trump.

As the electorate is gradually and continuously – as in “nothing can stop what’s coming” – wising up to how the Washington sell-out elite has sandbagged us for well over a century – more so since the advent of FAKE NEWS – the old reliable WEAPONS of the left are simply falling apart.

It’s rather glorious.

Of these weapons, DUPES are among the greatest prizes that Trump has liberated from crypto-Bolshevik worldview captivity. Speaking from my own experience, there is NOTHING – and NOBODY – like a wised-up DUPE to take down communists.

The greatest example, IMO – the great Whittaker Chambers.

Whittaker Chambers offered a rare “view from the inside” of the core communist conspiracy here in America. If you are not familar with his case, you can look, for instance, here.


The fact that I’m bringing Whittaker Chambers up at the same time as Tom Cotton and other former #NeverTrump, or maybe even Jenn Rubin and Alger Hiss, is not due to the inherent similarity of their VERY dissimilar cases, but rather because I want to make an incredibly important point.

DUPINGDECEPTION OF UNDERLINGS, TARGETS, THE OPPOSITION, AND EVEN BYSTANDERS is a CONSTANT across all levels and reaches of communist conspiracy. The duping of Whittaker Chambers and Alger Hiss by their masters differed only from the duping of Jennifer Rubin and Tom Cotton in the type, nature, and specifics of the lies used to get them to behave as desired.

Even within the hierarchy of committed communists, an extraordinary amount of deception occurs in EVERY interaction. It is a nearly, if not exactly, Luciferian economy of lies – not unlike the “carbon economy” that the “climate commies” almost imposed upon us through THEIR army of dupes. One cannot even begin to unravel communist conspiracy without, at every turn, considering whether a player is KNOWING, UNKNOWING, DECEIVED, or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Indeed, Senator Joe McCarthy’s greatest mistake was – in my opinion – failure to sympathize with the dupe – or – more specifically – to sympathize with the dupe in every player.

If you can’t see yourself as a communist pawn, as McCarthy eventually became, you cannot see what they’re doing. It’s a battle with THE LIE itself, and everybody loses a little in the process.

When you understand that the most diehard opponents of communism can easily become its most reliable and predictable marionettes, ready to jump through the right hoops in the left’s next false puppet show (Sea Island conservatives, anyone?), THEN you understand what we are truly up against.

So have a little sympathy for Jenn Rubin – she’s gonna need it. She – like all the rest of us – has been a dupe of the left.

NOW – it’s time to talk about another player in the larger drama – both a DUPE and a DUPER – namely Bill Kristol.

Yes, that Bill Kristol. He might be described as the EPICENTER of the #NeverTrump movement.

LINK: https://twitter.com/BillKristol/status/933074207637991424

Look right there, folks. Both the deceiver and the deceived are on display. A DUPE of the left, just passing on the DUPAGE in new ways.

But where does this come from?

The very TOP of Bolshevism – a long time ago – would be my answer.

Deception is a way of life for these people, and it’s not pretty. Bolsheviks – the deepest of the politically deceived, embrace it with every part of their body.

So where does Bill Kristol, the ringmaster of NeverTrump, fit into Bolshevik deception? In my opinion, somewhere down at the hoodwinked Menshevik, CIA tool, familial Trotskyist, “conflicted conservative in a progressive Reform temple” level (the latter being the LITERAL description of similar NeverTrump “conservative” Michael Bloomberg).

I have a LONG, OLD Twitter thread on Bill Kristol and his “pink diaper” background, something critically necessary to understand his essential nature. Sorry if this FIRST enigmatic tweet of the thread does not make immediate sense. Twitter suspended the amazing researcher who I am referencing here. Which brings up a very important point. Twitter bans researchers only in part to remove them. Much more importantly, Twitter does this to hide THOUGHTS, EVIDENCE and KEY REASONING.

This Twitter thread, taking a long and fascinating route, explains WHY we saw the bizarre event of Bill Kristol’s NeverTrump BullWanker Boys defending Kamala Harris and Russian red diaper hoaxer Jussie Smollett from a bad joke that ended up backfiring when taken literally by MAGA Twitter.

I can sum up where the thread leads very simply. Self-deceiving dupes like Mensheviks are CRITICAL to “sell the goods” down the line, and thus FAKE CONSERVATIVES like Kristol, Rubin, and assorted Merry Mensheviks are created, promoted, and amplified to feed the Soviet Fake News with America’s version of Pravda and Izvestia. Whether it’s to promote sabotaged memes like free but unfair trade, used to support world socialism, or to protect core players like Heels-Up Harris and Cryin’ Jussie, fake conservatives have profound uses to the radical left – they are NECESSARY.

Check it out if you’re interested – otherwise, let’s “move on”.

It’s time to RETURN to Jenn Rubin’s paywalled Washington Post opinion piece.

First of all, there is NO WAY that I’m going to ask you to subscribe to that Soviet Fake News monstrosity, the Washington Post, just to see one bogus opinion piece by Jenn Rubin. Ridiculous! And yet – well – you would do well to read it, just to see how the screaming has gone up by an order of magnitude. SO – if you DO have a subscription to this horrible rag, then here is that link again:

LINK: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/02/17/descent-gop-into-authoritarian-know-nothingism/

If you DO NOT have a subscription, then I will give you two choices:

(1) Do a web search on these words:

The descent of the GOP into authoritarian know-nothingism

You will find some full texts of the article.

(2) Take a look at one exemplary article resulting from such a search – one which, for the moment, has a full text copy of the piece:

LINK: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=153868786

The article starts off like this:

When Ivy League-educated, formerly sane politicians spew conspiracy theories, debunked talking points and contempt for science, the question often arises: Do they believe this nonsense (i.e. have they become thickheaded by listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching all that Fox News?), or are they cynical purveyors of claptrap designed to woo unsophisticated voters? (Disclosure: I am an MSNBC contributor.)

That query came to mind when Harvard Law school graduate Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) descended into sheer quackery and decided to perpetrate conspiracies about the origin of the coronavirus. The Post reports:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) repeated a fringe theory suggesting that the ongoing spread of a coronavirus is connected to research in the disease-ravaged epicenter of Wuhan, China.

Cotton referenced a laboratory in the city, the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, in an interview on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” He said the lab was near a market some scientists initially thought was a starting point for the virus’s spread.

This is unadulterated nonsense, one step removed from anti-vaxxer rubbish and UFO-spotting. (“In response to Cotton’s remarks, as well as in previous interviews with The Washington Post, numerous experts dismissed the possibility the coronavirus may be man-made.”)

Jenn Rubin, Washington Post, February 17, 2019

Nasty! And it gets worse.

Notice how “The Post” is layering opinion onto their own biased reporting, but keeping them separate, to keep the accusations of – well – WHAT THEY ARE CLEARLY DOING – in check.

Jenn Rubin is resorting to Alinsky ridicule here. Of course the Alinsky press – her employers – are not going to call her to task for being proven WRONG during the following week, as China indeed began to back off strongly on the origins of the virus, as scientific evidence is now CLEARLY showing human manipulation of the protein sequences – changes which simply could not occur though normal evolution. TAMPERING is clear. I don’t particularly care what China’s NEXT excuse is, just like I don’t particularly care what Jenn Rubin’s next attack on our side is.

Listening to Fake News FIRST is almost always the FIRST MISTAKE at this point.

Yes, look at that. Just FIVE DAYS LATER and Jenn Rubin goes under China’s bus of continually restated LIES. Nobody had to wait 28 days.

Jennifer Rubin, not only LIKE Communist China, but ALONG WITH Communist China, has simply lost credibility.

You want the news on the coronavirus?

READ OUR THREADS and follow along as we SLOWLY and PAINFULLY figured it all out, gathering honest thoughts on it from all over the web, and coming to the same conclusions gathering NOW, that the science actually started to show at the beginning.


Yes, let’s put it very plainly. She’s enabling the Chinese Communist lies.

SOME conservative SHE turned out to be.

LATEST CORONAVIRUS THREAD: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/02/18/20200218th-29th-coronavirus-update-thread/

January 25th, Our first thread:  https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/01/25/20200125-coronavirus/

January 27th, Our second thread: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/01/27/20200127-coronavirus-update-thread/

February 1st-9th, Our third thread: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/02/01/20200201-coronavirus-update-thread-3/

February 10th – 18th, Our Fourth Thread: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/02/10/20200210th-19th-coronavirus-thread/

Yeah, one might have to use their brain to sort through all that discussion and discern the emerging and evolving consensus, but hey – that’s our WHEAT-CHAFF SORTER. Jenn can’t do it, because she’s a PERSON OF THE LIE. AWAY, CHAFF.

Yeah. It’s complicated. “Know-nothingism.” Sounds a bit like “old scientific skepticism”. I LIKE IT.

Just because you don’t UNDERSTAND IT, Jenn, doesn’t mean it’s not REAL. You may have to do some adapting to the new world.

Now if you want to see WHY Tom Cotton has earned the IRE of the “bio-blood-hoaxing socialist set”, with their Soviet/Maoist biowarfare schemes disguised as “whoops”, just check this out:

Archived as an image, because socialist Twitter is likely to suspend Tom Cotton and delete his content at some point.

Daughn’s reply to this is SPOT ON. In a sane world, WaPo and Jenn Rubin would have to answer for their tiresome and pathetic ass-covering on behalf of China, WHO, and the damned virus itself. Daughn would have a column in a truthful WaPo, and Jenn Rubin would be LEARNING how to make those blueberry muffins from Daughn. And not very well, I suspect.

Now, it may be that Jenn Rubin doesn’t have a TASTE for what China and the rest of world communism are resorting to right now, and is having some difficulty facing the truth of a NEW HOLOCAUST of her own side’s making, but, as Whittaker Chambers could have told Alger Hiss when he decided to come clean….

“That’s too damn bad. It’s time for the TRUTH to be told.”

Kinda funny. Q said these folks wouldn’t be able to walk the streets. Between their own crimes and their own damn virus, it sounds about right. But we’ll wait for a court to tell us the truth. We’re patient, and we believe in rule of law.

Maybe Jenn Rubin will have her own Whittaker Chambers moment.

But she does seem kinda nervous now, doesn’t she?

And now, we get onto the final part of this response. A teaching moment about American Bolshevism, so that people can actually get a flavor for the degree to which American Bolsheviks can and will sell this country out.

It is much easier to convince you of Jenn Rubin’s mild, almost funny sell-out, when you see REAL sell-out like this guy. To go along with “Uranium Girl” Hillary Clinton, we once had “Polonium Boy”.


When you read about THIS:

You usually think about THESE people.

Sometimes, you think a bit more modern, too.

The person you DON’T think about is George Koval, because you never heard of him.

Koval is MUCH more embarrassing than the Rosenbergs, because he exposes a lot of history you’re not supposed to know about. That history includes a deep schism in Judaism between Zionists and Socialists – one which is either EXACERBATED or SMOOTHED OVER as a kind of historical transistor, creating a massive “handle” on Jews for manipulation by Bolshevism. Moreover, if you follow the Koval story, you will see how LONG AGO the Bolsheviks learned to weaponize fluid borders, human migrations, persecution as cover for spy insertion, and all kinds of nastiness which is NEVER, EVER covered in American leftist public schools or academia.



When the Soviet Democrats finally took complete control of media, education, and even history itself, you stopped hearing about the Rosenbergs, but you NEVER EVEN heard about George Koval.

Koval was a far less “glorious” traitor than the left-romanticized Rosenbergs.

I mean – I have a strong INTEREST in nuclear history, and I didn’t know about this guy until just recently. But this guy was GOOD. Very good. Bad for America, but VERY GOOD for Soviet Russia.

Here is Wikipedia’s quick synopsis of Koval’s significance.

George Abramovich Koval (Russian: Жорж (Георгий) Абра́мович Кова́ль, IPA: [ˈʐorʐ (ɡʲɪˈorɡʲɪj) ɐˈbraməvʲɪtɕ kɐˈvalʲ] (listen), Zhorzh Abramovich Koval, December 25, 1913 – January 31, 2006) was an American who acted as a Soviet intelligence officer for the Soviet atomic bomb project. According to Russian sources, Koval’s infiltration of the Manhattan Project as a GRU (Soviet military intelligence) agent “drastically reduced the amount of time it took for Russia to develop nuclear weapons.”[1][2][3][4][5]

Koval was born to Russian Jewish immigrants in Sioux City, Iowa. As an adult, he traveled with his parents to the Soviet Union to settle in the Jewish Autonomous Region near the Chinese border. Koval was recruited by the Soviet GRU (military intelligence), trained, and assigned the code name DELMAR. He returned to the United States in 1940 and was drafted into the U.S. Army in early 1943. Koval worked at atomic research laboratories and, according to the Russian government, relayed back to the Soviet Union information about the production processes and volumes of the poloniumplutonium, and uranium used in American atomic weaponry, and descriptions of the weapon production sites. In 1948, Koval left on a European vacation but never returned to the United States. In 2007 Russian President Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded Koval the Hero of the Russian Federation decoration for “his courage and heroism while carrying out special missions”.[6]


Yes. THAT Manhattan Project.

I urge you to read the ENTIRE Wikipedia article, because it will open your eyes to a reality which American communists – AMERICAN BOLSHEVIKS – have gone to ELABORATE PAINS to hide from us.

You have undoubtedly heard about a nation called Israel. Well, that one wasn’t the problem. It’s Stalinist competitor, in the Soviet Union, on the border with China, where George Koval was INCUBATED and then SENT BACK TO AMERICA – that was the problem.

Oh, the face-palm of Stalin’s attempt to compete with Israel by creating a socialist alternative does NOT end with the rainbow flag. His first pass at “excuseniks” in the late 1930’s – which was again used to send all kinds of deep red diaper into the US and Israel in the 1970’s and 1980’s – was simply to go into the region and crack down on reactionary religious Jewish practice, so that he could provide persecutory cover for all the deeply atheistic and communist spies to “flee”, which he then sent out into America AND British Palestine.

“Excuseniks” was one of the most brilliant and diabolical ideas the Bolsheviks ever came up with.

George Koval didn’t just magically decide to betray America. A LONG, SLOW process of exposure to AMERICAN COMMUNISTS prepared both Koval and his family for his eventual betrayal of this nation.

NOW – here is the big take-home point that is not going to be easy to digest.

This shit did not end in the 1940s.

It CHANGED, but it did not end.

People are going to have to get used to the idea that when McCarthy was “removed from relevance” by the FAKE NEWS of the early 1950s – manipulated into an idiotic collision with the military and then media-marginalized into a dismissal narrative – that was only the beginning.

Bolshevism then began a slow and steady march that was UTTERLY unlike the straw man of “red scare” communism which the Bolshevik elements in media used to falsely ridicule their opponents.

History is not what you thought it was. FAKE HISTORY – the result of decades of FAKE NEWS and FAKE ENTERTAINMENT – was used to take choice, freedom, and knowledge away from you.

Slowly, carefully, but surely.

Start with George Koval and Jenn Rubin. Study them. Then and Now. Compare and Contrast. Note the differences. Note the similarities. Note the purposes.

Just take some time, because you will need it simply to realize how LONG Fake News has been herding this nation toward the Old Russia Ranch, and now the Same Old China Slaughterhouse.

One was a spy. One is a modern propagandist. Both of them, however, pretended to be things that they clearly were NOT, in the interest of advancing socialism.

Trust me – FAKE CONSERVATIVES are going to be one of the very first classes who are not going to be able to walk the streets. And if you want a historical model for how this works, look at Nazi collaborators in post-World War II France. They kinda kept a low profile to avoid getting their heads shaved, in vengeful concentration camp style.

I will be straight-up here – I don’t even wish a good head-shaving on the American Soviet collaborators. Not even jeers on the street, although – well, it couldn’t happen to nicer communists. However, I do hope that the SPOTLIGHT OF TRUTH shines rather strongly on WHAT THEY DID, and maybe there are some – COUGH – retirements.

Remember. And not just THIS.

They tried to pull a COMMUNIST COUP on us.

Using reverse-blame LIES.

And they KNEW they were LIES.


If these coup inciters, enablers, and PLOTTERS can’t actually walk the streets, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.


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I have read somewhere that the father of Bill Kristol, Irvin, was a Trotskyite (i don’t have the link anymore).
That would make Bill a red diaper.


The truth behind the managed narratives of the mainstream celebrated news figures is shocking and would be shocking to the public.
PDJT is leading the majority of Americans little by little to the truth about fake news.
Preparing the public to accept the indictments of these people and the prosecutions and punishments to come.
It is shocking to learn how vile some of these fake conservatives really are – Rick Wilson for example. Still haven’t figured out where Ann Coulter, Raheem Kassam and Will Chamberlain stand on the scale of ‘conservatism’ ranging from Trump to the Bush/Romney/McCain/McMullen/Kendal Unruh.
Very telling list from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Trump_movement when ‘conservatives’ tried to prevent Trump from being the GOP nominee and foist Ted Cruz on the USA.
“Republicans who left the party in opposition to the Trump administration[edit]
Several prominent Republicans have left the party in opposition to actions taken by the Trump administration.
Joe Scarborough (host of Morning Joe)[50]
George Will (conservative columnist)[51]
Max Boot (conservative columnist)[52]
Richard Painter (Bush ethics lawyer)[53]
Steve Schmidt (Republican Party strategist and top George W. Bush aide)[54]
Jennifer Rubin (author of the Right Turn blog for The Washington Post)[55]
Bill Kristol (neoconservative political analyst)[56]”


Oh for an edit button or more self-control to review before posting. Sorry for the incomplete sentence in line 3 – it should have been joined to line 2 by a dash. I’m not a great grammarian – which irked my honors English major daughter no end.


With some – it might be just money or fame/notoriety/ambition.


I think thats because our loss is really their win. Great post!! I can remember when I first read a Diana West article and saw the blow back from certain Republicans. I realized then the history I thought I knew was false and those complaining about her work were on the other side.


I actually now think everything we are “told” is fake, a story line they are pressing. I have to spend time in a very rich SJW population area and I am constantly surprised at how little they know. They only know the story line which makes them very easy to plant a truth nugget in their thinking. The ignorance is fertile ground, they cant believe that is true!!! And then you say do the research and they are honestly shocked but now the door is open a crack….. And then they come back for more 🙂


Yes!! It was a lightbulb moment when I realized they totally don’t know any correct details. They are just ignorant and can be informed. I had a Warren volunteer come to the door a while ago. We had a great time, two grandmas solving the worlds problems. She left to do her research and I bet she quit the campaign. 😉


Ha, I enjoyed it so much. I am more of a shy person than a extrovert. It was just after the town hall where the guy asked Warren if she was going to pay him back for paying for his daughters university seeming she was going to pay off the loans of others. I mentioned that to this gal, she looked like she had kids prolly in university. She did! And was paying away. I said how is this fair? She was gobsmacked. turned out kids had huge loans, couldn’t get a job til just lately. She had a masters in climate something or other! I said well whether you like the guy who’s in now or not the kids are getting jobs and manufacturing jobs are coming back that you can live on. She agreed and said she was applying for one cause she couldn’t find a job with her degree aside from starbucks! We had a nice moment and then I said I also disagreed with the Indian claim, Liz took another Indians spot, even if it was a mistake, she never made it right. The lady said but she does have Indian blood you know. I said yes, 1/1024th! We prolly have more. Her mouth was open wide, lol. I said good luck with your canvassing, nice you are doing it for free. I hear Liz is cancelling ads n running out of money. I watched as she left and she didn’t go to any other houses. So, thank you Wolfie for all the info from you and the wonderful peeps. I knew so much and could guide the convo and I’m sure she looked it all up. She was a kind woman who was misinformed.


One last comment. This is a area in the PNW that is very blue. A older farmer spray painted TRUMP 2020 on his hay bails and someone set them on fire, he saved his house but I believe died a few days later from stress. That being said, the neighbourhoods I see that used to have all the “cute” political signs that were all weathered and old (black lives matter, be kind, planned parenthood, rainbow stuff everywhere)but still up in many yards are now down and not replaced with new ones!!! And the old weathered Trump signs ,3 of them, are replaced with shinny new ones and i now see 8. Things are slowing seeping into consciousness and changing minds.

Sue Mcdonald

Agree Wolf, the thing that I keep coming back to is sedition,treason even .Ann Coulter is a spy among us as are the rest of the never trumpers.all of these people need to be indicted .EVERY LAST ONE. Q has reminded us forever it seems that our history is false.and I have been wondering about the bad Jew good Jew thing it’s been driving me bonkers,thank you for clearing this up for me. And America not even winning world war 2??? WTH??? How in the world do we get all the stolen history back so our kids and grandkids even understand what happened.


I still do not trust ol’ Glenn Beck either.


I don’t trust him, either. In the past, he let his mask slip.


I think Beck is more the manipulatee than the manipulaTed.


Beck is a showman, an actor–all that crying stuff. I do think he is a master at it, but, as someone said, once you see it, you can’t unsee it.


And I’ll add that if I were in the same room with Beck, I very well might fall for it–get spun up with all that manufactured emotionalism.


Wolfie, I have a story to tell you about a series of strange coincidences which brings us together, here, at this moment in history…… and it all comes back to Jennifer Rubin.
1. I was a dutiful Repub, worked for and contributed to every campaign, federal and statewide. It was a family thing, I was the baby kissed by Congressmen, the high schooler who worked for Reagan, canvassed for both Bush Presidents and even worked for Dole. I called and sent money for McCain ……. and the crash hit in ’08.
2. First and only protest I’ve been to in my life was the Taxed Enough Already rally on April 15, 2009. I even took the kids……. and homemade cookies.
3. On July 5, 2011, I sat down and wrote Donald Trump a long letter, begging him to run against Obama. I’ve never seen an episode of Apprentice, only familiar via business and construction. I’ve been close to him twice, once when he went out of his way to be kind to wait staff. Speaks volumes about the character of a man.
4. When Trump announced June 16, 2015, I was out of my mind, elated, jumping up and down, on board immediately, and joined a little Facebook group to support him…… Remember how we all felt so alone, knowing something was wrong, until Trump came along?
5. By late summer, The Toronto Star began a list of 25 “Lies told by Trump”. My little Facebook group was furious. Someone mentioned we need to fire back a rebuttal and take apart their charges. So, I sat down and did the first 15 of them…… it was my first foray into political writing. And yes, the Toronto Star started the list but it’s the same bogus list being kept by CNN and WaPost as of today……… still worthless.
6. I worked my way up, posting a lot of content, becoming an admin, and our groups grew bigger and bigger. We worked on immediately debunking the logic of what became “Fake News”. We worked as an ad hoc rapid response team, but at the time…….. still had no idea about the real threat, those hidden within our own party and working against us.
7. By November of 2015, we dealt with the 180 degree turn from Erik Erikson whose payments traced back to the Ricketts of Chicago, and Mark Levin, whose “book sales” were purchased by those loyal to Cruz, and our eyes were opened to betrayal of pundits who only disseminate their opinion based on who writes the checks.
8. We dealt with the fake “Muslim ban” and the fake “disabled reporter” as we worked our way into January of 2016, and the Iowa caucus…….
9. Mid January, middle of winter, late on a Friday night, somehow……… I got into the midst of a conversation between Tom Nichols and Rick Wilson. It was almost midnight and they had been drinking, obviously. It was one of the strangest conversations I’ve ever been part of, and foreshadowed much to come. Big T was also awake and following our conversation. It was a “Twilight Zone” kind of experience. Nichols immediately blocked me. Why would lil’ ole me be a threat to him?
10. One week before we went into Iowa, FOX tried an all out assault on Trump’s candidacy. He refused to participate in the debate and instead held his own veterans rally where he raised 6 million dollars. Through that rally, the world learned about 22 vets we lost every day to suicide…. far more important than any debate.
11. The SAME WEEK, National Review took their entire issue and devoted it to essays written by “conservative writers”, who all tried to talk us out of voting for Trump. Somehow, that magazine entered our home. I read several of the articles……. my anger rising……… until I came to the article written by Jennifer Rubin.
And I came undone.
Jennifer Rubin lit my fuse in January of 2016 with her essay in National Review, one week before the Iowa Caucus.
I stomped around the house for an hour, slamming cabinet doors in the kitchen.
Unable to get the anger out of my system…….I was sputtering.
I sat down…….
And started writing….
For hours, I took Rubin’s essay apart.
Line by line.
Attacking her with my pen.
I ripped into her false logic, tearing her to shreds. Her arrogant presumptions, condescending blather…….. I saw red that day.
I was pissed, and refused to remain silent any longer.
Yet, following my own 24hour rule for angry emails, I sat on my essay for a day, reluctant to publish it.
The following morning, I reread it, and didn’t change a word.
I made up my mind, eyes narrowed, jaw was set. Everything had changed. Hell, I was more angry the following day than I was on the first day.
I published my little screed to my few Facebook members, and surprisingly, they took the time to read it.
They all felt the same way, I just took the time to write it down and use words like a knife. Together, we found our voice.
That point, that day, was eye-opening for me. It was long before the charge of “fake news”, before the Dossier, before we all truly realized what we were up against. Yet, that day, I knew Jennifer Rubin was my (verbal) enemy, She is bad for America, everything we hold dear, and NEVER AGAIN would Jennifer Rubin speak for me.
And for that reason, I will always be grateful to Jennifer Rubin.
Her mask slipped, and I saw the Medusa if only for a moment.
She drew the line in the sand and I (along with an army of Trump supporters) stepped across.
Jennifer Rubin is not worthy of the position she holds.
She’s destructive, intentionally.
We want our country back.
It’s what led me to you, Wolfie.


Thanks for all you did then and do now, Miss Daughn.


You know, Ga/FL, the worst thing they ever did was piss off the mommas and real men!


The devil always overplays his hand.
Just like Golgotha…he and his henchmen thought they had won.


Rubin is a Berkeley grad who grew up in a Jewish household in dem oriented South Jersey. Zero chance she is conservative. Amazing how many people fall for her schtick.


good stuff wolf.


NY Guy…do you happen to know where Rubin grew up?
Another South Jersey native journalist , perhaps about the same age, is Michelle Maulkin.
And, of course, Kellyann Conway.


not sure….


I’d like to read your response email, Daughn. Any chance that you could find it and publish here?


I’m already looking for it.
It’s in a different computer.
I would LOVE to dig it out and see how it held up under retrospect of a few years.


I think that I have seen This Rubin chick on Crissy Wall ASSes show before?


lol….. ALL of Chrissy’s shows are “shill shows”
Can’t even watch him.
Just look for pertinent excerpts here. 🙂


Intolerance of ….. LIARS?


nah….. just keep him (and his kind) out of our house!


I call Burny’s supporters:


This is article provides nuclear Blast level , transparent exposure .
Chillingly Good


Great article Wolf.


Newt’s new book cover…..fits with your storycomment image


Spot on, wolf and daughn. Keep the fires stoked. I am ready for some serious House cleaning. Khrushchev said, “We will take America without firing a shot.” MAGA and We the People beg to differ. Time for turning over the tables and driving out the moneychangers in the temple. We the People know the enemy, most have been flushed out.
However, we need to see something from PDT and the patriots leading the movement. We are getting impatient and restless even with the silent victories. If Durham produces more cover-up, it’s going to get ugly.


I think it is worse, the Muslims and Communists are trying to take over US and disrupt it.
The original USSR is no longer then we knew our enemies. Today they are hidden because they spread out.
We opened hospitality after USSR fell and just like West Germany they borrowed themselves into our culture but many still communists.
The Muslims and communists join to defeat us and when both defeaed us the Muslims are over.
Putin is a dictator and oligarch who is not a true communist any longer but just as dangerous.
The first to go are all those stupid people who see communism as a goal.
I am not saying you are wrong because I could be wrong. I hav seen how communism operates .


I’ve never heard us called:
“People of The Lie”…..
I thought the muzzies called us:
““People of The Book”?


Gotcha….. Thanks.


Last night I played bridge with a group of women I have known for more than a decade. As any wise social group, we normally do not talk about politics…more on travel plans, family, etc.
Although this is an overwhelming a conservative County, there are a few die-hard liberal Democrats in our bridge group and at one point last night I was at the table with them.
Our hostess, much to my shock, knowing that one of the women’s husband is a in-your-face, obnoxious liberal, said to his wife..”well, what does xxx think of what’s going on in the Party? (This is a retired attorney that almost ruined a dinner party…thought DH was going to leap across the table and punch him out.)
My dear bridge friend replied he was not happy and actually very stressed. Hostess asked…”He’s not a Bernie fan?” She shook her head no…and I commented that he indeed must be upset and she nodded.
End of conversation, but it was a glimpse into the turmoil within the Party.


Regarding Kristol, Rubin, et al,….if you’ve ever seen a cornered animal, you see how fierce and ugly they become, trapped and making what might be their final stand. They’ve been “cornered” with literally no way out so the claws come out, the teeth are barred preparing for the end.
This is how I see people like Rubin, Sullivan, Haberman, Wallace, Brennen whose very careers are in jeopardy of being shredded, and they like the old animals have no choice but to double down and fight to the end.
Do I feel sorry for any one of them? …not a chance, and you will probably see me in the crowd throwing rotten tomatoes at them and others when they are led off to their fate.


Great post, Wolf! I see evidence of this everywhere. The devious plans of “pretend” conservatives.
We have got to BEWARE of candidates who we KNOW are wrong somehow, but look “right,” or are being pushed on us. My best example of this is Ted Cruz. How many people wanted Ted as the nominee over Trump? MANY. And he COULD NOT be President, because he was not a natural-born citizen. I hope, but don’t know whether Cruz was in on it, or just power-hungry enough not to care, because he is smart enough to know better.
Once he was the nominee, of course, everyone would AGREE, oh so reluctantly, that well, yeah, the Constitution (which they don’t give a shit about, really) states that ole’ Ted can’t run, because, you know, natural-born and all that, and it’s all screwed up. And then we get Hillary.
That was the plan, I’m 100% positive. Any high-level so-called Republican who was pushing Cruz, no matter WHAT they say now, is suspect.
So, not just in the Presidential race, in every race, we have to be VERY wary of WHO is pushing candidates at us. Because whomever “they” are pushing, they have some insidious plan we don’t know.


I keep my eye on Mark Levin for this very reason.
He was the biggest supporter of the Cubanadian Cruz and was 100% AGAINST Trump during the campaign. So much so that my Tourettes syndrome (Super cursing – I do not really have the syndrome) made me turn off his radio show almost every evening until he turned.
I also keep an eye out for Tom Cotton (SINator from my state)…..
He attended the “Sea Island” conference of Never-Trump CONservatives.


All true….
I remain watchful though.
BTW…. if Levin is such a great “Constitutionalist”….. How does he give the ok to Cubanadian Cruz to be eligible?

Valerie Curren

Perhaps for the same reason that so many “main stream” conservatives refused to deal with that morass regarding the Obamanation (dual citizen, Indonesian, Kenyan, FMD spawn??? ID theft, Barry Soetoro, Soebarkah, Harrison Bounell it all never ends)…so if the Dems got away with it why not the RePubes?


2 wrongs still don’t make a right……. right?

Valerie Curren

Wright (Rev that is) 🙂

Deplorable Patriot

Given the emphasis on Soviet Bolshevism so far, I’m beginning to wonder how the Austrian school fits in with the mass communication aspect of psy-ops. To put it plain, modern psychology, and taking whisper campaigns to a propaganda level came out of Austria. Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays along with a New York reporter by the name of Walter Lippmann pretty much wrote the classics on appealing to the reptilian part of the brain to shape public thinking and behavior. I mean, the Austrian school are not named as Bolsheviks, but read their material, and all the destructive ideas are there as examples and “for instance” sorts of things.
My question is how does this dovetail with Bolshevism if the two were not developed together. We do know that the adherents of the Third Reich used Bernays’s communications methods to a science which is why propaganda is associated with Josef Goebbels and not its distiller. Some things were pioneered by Ivy Lee for the Rockefellers, but the bulk of the written theories came from Lippmann and Bernays.
I seriously wonder where and if they cross before 1920 or so.


Freud was quite the devil and betrayed his sexually abused/traumatised patients.
There is some fairly substantiated rumor that he abused his own daughter Anna.
Freud invented his ‘theory’ out of whole cloth and it was fomented by the press and pandering science community for a long while.
Same tactics (hypothetical constructs, etc.) have been used to foment the LBGT/gender garbage.

Deplorable Patriot

Exactly. Freud is very much – and I use this term only because it fits this scenario – the Trojan horse of the Bolshevik debauchery. Just because he was Austrian, doesn’t mean he wasn’t one of the club. Not being labelled “Soviet” his ideas went to the fashionable set which part of the reason I think they were accepted as readily as they were.
He was also a cocaine addict, but we’re not supposed to mention that.


Freud…. Fraud….
same thing?

Deplorable Patriot

I agree that archival level research – if the papers exist – is needed to find any links. It certainly is not going to be online. BUT, there are too many variables in common for the potential of a link to be ignored.
It could just be coincidence, especially the pushing of sexual ideas that were very much out of the mainstream, but….
Just throwing that out there.
Also, I found a free PDF of Lippmann’s “Public Opinion” from 1921. Just in the first chapter, he talks about the difference between public knowledge, and private, and that no man is a hero to his valet.
It’s all very interesting for someone who has collected a whole lot of “real stories, not the one that was given to the public” over the years.


‘Scientology (Hubbard, basically) created a fake dossier type publication on Beria’s “psychopolitics”.’

‘Hubbard was clearly onto this stuff, but was not interested in truth – he was using the same deceptive techniques to both build his own cult and propagandize against the communists – just more chaos of lies.’
So Hubbard formed an opposition to the Communists? I wasn’t aware of that aspect of his work.
By any chance, was it a CONTROLLED opposition?


I knew several who joined scientology. It was a money-making scam cult.

Gail Combs

From my old notes this is from G. Edward Griffin who is a member of the John Birch Society.
As an aside, according to Wiki “Roger Stone said that Trump’s father Fred Trump was a financier of the Society and a personal friend of founder Robert Welch.”

…There are many powerful groups in the world today dedicated to collectivism for the simple reason that collectivism allows them to exploit mankind, or a significant segment of it, for their own aggrandizement. It is hard to say which one of them is the greatest threat.
I consider such concepts as Left vs. Right, Liberal vs. Conservative, Socialist vs. Capitalist, Communist vs. Nazi, and a host of others like them to be meaningless. In the Western World, there are only two coherent, definable ideologies. They are collectivism vs. individualism. Socialism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism, and Neoconism are merely variants of Collectivism. Their similarities are great. Their differences miniscule. While most self-described Liberals and Progressives would complain bitterly to be lumped together with Fascists and Communists, so would most Neocons. Yet, when we analyze their underlying ideology, we find that they are much closer than even they realize. They believe in government as the ultimate solution for most problems. They believe that rights are granted by the state. They believe that the group is more important than the individual and that individuals must be sacrificed if necessary for the greater good of the greater number. They believe that laws should apply unequally to different classes of citizens to accomplish objectives they consider to be beneficial. And they believe that people should be forced to do what is right rather than be given freedom of choice. These are the hallmarks of collectivism, and Liberals and Progressives typically embrace them all. Oh, yes, so do Neocons….
What are the elements of collectivism that are common to all of these seemingly opposite forces? Collectivists on the so-called Left and Right agree that:
1. Rights are derived from the state;
2. The group is more important than the individual;
3. Coercion is the preferred method to bring about reform;
4. Laws should be applied differently to different classes;
5. Providing benefits (redistributing wealth) is the proper role of government.
These principles themselves that cause injustice, scarcity, and freedom’s demise. History has already shown this truth in the form of despotism under Nazism (the so-called Right) and Communism (the so-called Left). It is sad that intelligent people with knowledge of this history still cling to the myth that they are opposites when it is so clear they are merely different manifestations of the same ideology…..

The Chasm
The Future Is Calling (Part One) (revised)
Part 2: Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas
Old dead links: These were really great ‘Red Pills’ I think they may be available for $$$ from
Part 1: Different Ideologies
Days of Infamy
Part 4: The War on Terrorism

Gail Combs

Yes, There is much wisdom in Griffin. I really wish the other articles were still available. They were superb and you would enjoy them.
Days of Infamy especially.
It goes into the psy-ops used against Americans to get us into WWI and WWII….
I really disliked history in school and took none beyond 9th grade. Now I do not have to UNDO all the brain washing. 😁

Gail Combs

Wolfie, I put it a different way:
There are only two forms of government.
1,. A government BY the people formed to protect the RIGHTS of the individual no matter how weak or poor.
2. A government FOR the Elite formed to exploit and enslave the general population for the EXCLUSIVE benefit of the chosen few.


“…by LURING intellectuals into its seductive but broken reasoning.”
Thereby demonstrating that they are not, in fact, intellectuals at all.
They’re just idiots stuffed with false pride and arrogance.


Self-government or government by corruption and tyranny.
Those are the two choices, ultimately, because no one is immune from the corrupting influences of power.

Valerie Curren

saved nearly 2500 times…so lots of stuff to be found there probably…


Gail, excellent resources, and so true about neocons, socialistsnazis, and commies being on the same side. They really are all on the left, in my opinion. We were all lied to in school about the nazis being on the right–commie propagand, which I believed for years.

Gail Combs

Glad you liked the references. Griffin is very good writer and speaker and makes a lot of sense.
There is also:
The Fabians, the Round Table, and Cecil Rhodes and the Rhodes Scholarships
They are a different group but have a lot of information you will not find in a history book.

Gail Combs

Happy to help Wolfie,
The modern history project has a lot of information and they document it.
It is a nice counter to the crap they now teach in school.


Commie ratf@$# bastards.
I need to work on the whole “pray for your enemies” thing. Doubt I’ll ever get the hang of it.

Gail Combs

I am afraid I am in the same boat FG&C
People who deliberately hurt children get a wish that they see judgement ASAP


The “pray for your enemies thing” is not supposed to preclude them from seeing justice. It’s as much about preventing the righteous from degenerating into a pit of vengeance where that becomes the reality unto itself.


“If these coup inciters, enablers, and PLOTTERS can’t actually walk the streets, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.”
And if they can’t walk at all, maybe that’s not such a bad thing, either.


“It’s time to RETURN to Jenn Rubin’s paywalled Washington Post opinion piece.”
MSM Pay-walls are great, I wish they ALL had them, it’s a public service.
It’s like an extra help to keep that trash from getting into our consciousness and polluting our thinking.
For MSM propaganda companies to use a ‘pay wall’ is like Hanoi Hannah and Tokyo Rose putting up a ‘pay wall’ so that only people who really wanted to hear their propaganda (by paying for it) would ever be affected by it.
I certainly won’t pay for it.
I won’t even read that trash for free.


Two ways to bypass paywalls:
The second one allows you to paste a URL in order to archive it. If someone already has archived it, the webpage will tell you it’s already done and do you want to update it. Never update with a paywalled URL. I have never used this where someone has not already archived and thus the entire article is there for anybody to read.

Valerie Curren

“… on February 17 tells me who is living rent-free in her mind. February the Qth was no accident.”
How fun, now I have a new way to describe the day of my own nascence (aka my birthday)! Thanks Wolfie 🙂


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