Department Of Jussie

Sorry, boys and girls and TWITTER CENSORS - yes - that's something called a MEME - namely of OUSTED Swamp Rat "Jussie" K. Liu..... .....but the REAL ONE IS FAR WORSE (hint: read the caption carefully)..... .....So now where were we? AH, YES..... .....How the DOJ Became Terminally Infected with Criminal Communist Democrats, and Needs … Continue reading Department Of Jussie

20200214: Dear KMAG Open Thread

Happy Valentine's Day, QTreepers! Welcome to Friday and the Daily Open Thread. Special treats for Valentine's Day! Volume UP! Expanded holiday version! President Ronald Reagan jumped out of his limousine to stop in a local pharmacy to buy Nancy a Valentine's Day card. It's tough to shop for your sweetie when you're the leader of … Continue reading 20200214: Dear KMAG Open Thread