Department Of Jussie

Sorry, boys and girls and TWITTER CENSORS – yes – that’s something called a MEME – namely of OUSTED Swamp Rat “Jussie” K. Liu…..

…..but the REAL ONE IS FAR WORSE (hint: read the caption carefully)…..

…..So now where were we? AH, YES…..

…..How the DOJ Became Terminally Infected with Criminal Communist Democrats, and Needs to Be NUKED with RADIATION and CLEANSED with CHEMOTHERAPY…..

…..How The ULTIMATE MOTIVE for SpyGate and THE HOAX, as Part and Parcel of THE COUP…..

…..Was to prevent President Trump from DISINFECTING the CORONA-INFECTED DOJ in the same way that Bill Clinton INFECTED IT…..

… FIRING all the CRIMINALS who hide behind communist-issued STAY OUT OF JAIL FREE cards of RACE, GENDER and ETHNICITY…..

…..And how you don’t catch the biggest BOTTOM-FEEDERS in the DOJ…..

…..Or The Judicial Branch Itself…..

…..without the STINKIEST BAITS that will STAY ON THE HOOK…..


NOW – some people may not have the stomach for the fight…..

…..But WOLF MOON ain’t one of ’em! So STAND BACK, as WARPATH WOLF is putting his INFORMATION GUNS behind our great COMMANDER *AND* CHIEF…..

…..Sit back and drink it all in, as WOLF MOON argues for TOTAL WAR NOW against the corruption, making DRAIN THE SWAMP our battle cry to clean out every last one of these LEGAL POSERS who have brought SOVIET “JUSTICE” to AMERICA and imposed it on an unwilling occupation populace.

Yes, my friends. Now. RIGHT NOW is the TIME….

To chase these corrupt, criminal, socialist Democrat BERNIE BROS and BERNIE SISTERS completely OUT OF DOJ!!!

OK. Let’s take this a bit slower, for those who don’t understand why NOW is the time to lay waste to the communists and traitors embedded in DOJ.

In the language of fishing, they have TAKEN THE BAIT.

Before I explain what I BELIEVE we need to do next, you have to understand what kind of BOTTOM FEEDERS we are dealing with.

These people are LAYERS OF TRAPS – wicked DIRTY COPS like James Comey and Bob Mueller – BAD PROSECUTORS like Andrew Weissmann – CORRUPT JUDGES like Amy Berman and Tanya Chutkan.

They have been infiltrating DOJ and the Judicial branch for a LONG TIME, often under their favorite cover – as a sympathetic, pliable, pobricito or pobrecita member of a liberal protected class – you know – such as Janet Reno, who wouldn’t hurt a fly…..

…..who ushered in Eric Holder – the communist radical who was most responsible for compromising DOJ during the Clinton administration…..

These people LOOK for opportunities to SET PEOPLE UP and then SILENCE them, CONTROL them, or GET RID OF THEM.

I have been dealing with these people for a LONG time. If you want to BEAT them, you have to BLOW UP THEIR TRAPS. You have to make the entrapment BACKFIRE spectacularly.

The way FISH do this to HUMANS is by nibbling the bait but not actually taking it. Fishing is basically a contest between WARY fish who try to CON humans into giving them food, and HUMANS trying to CON fish into taking an easy meal that turns the FISH into THEIR MEAL.

But if the fish REALLY want to get some JUSTICE, they…..

  • take the bait
  • pull the fisherman into the water
  • drag the rod and reel off into the depths
  • tie the fishing line hopelessly in the underwater brush
  • spit out the hook
  • break water in a huge splash, showing everybody WHO’S THE FUCKIN’ BOSS

And when BOTH SIDES are HUMANS, it becomes more evenly matched, and you can have REAL fishing for the fisherman, as the TRUMP FISH catches the OBAMA-HOLDER-LYNCH DOJ FISHERMAN fishing illegally and out of season, and SENDS THEM ALL TO JAIL.

Yes, you thought fishing was simple, but it’s actually a complicated business.

Something that is very important here is not to react to ALINSKY FEARS.

Yeah, THAT Alinsky.

Alinsky reminded his fellow COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS that “fear of the thing is greater than the thing”, and thus that they should at all times instill FEAR in the other side, even when “they don’t have a damn thing”.

Sound familiar?

Alinsky fear-mongering works really well on people who can best be described as “concernies“. However, it DON’T WORK ON DA WOOF. And I want it to NOT WORK ON YOU, TOO.

One really has to learn to ignore – at an emotional level – absolutely ALL fear-casting by Communist Democrats. Take it all in logically, evaluate it logically, and ACT logically, but…..


Trust me – I’ll take an honest pro-life lava monster that just wants to lay eggs in peace over Communist Democrat baby-killing LIARS any day of the week – PAST or FUTURE.

BUT HARK – let us get back to the question of “WHY NOW?”.

Well, now I have to remind you of my last post, in which I explained how we have these Communist Democrats OVER A BARREL on *THEIR* RUSSIAN COLLUSION, thanks to Jussie K. Liu.

How President Trump Just Obtained Nuclear Superiority Over The Swamp×1251-1.jpg?w=1100

It is now very important to RECONFIGURE YOUR THINKING about what is going on in Washington. They are going to try to distract you with LOOK, SQUIRREL….. when the thing you should really be looking at is the LIU-K, WOLFE! President Trump, in firing (in two brilliant steps) the CORRUPT Jessie K. Liu, has just …

This prior post was based on the great work of SUNDANCE at THE LAST REFUGE, who spotted the most significant Jussie Liu cover-up of them all – the JAMES WOLFE LEAK.

Yeah, she is guilty of a LOT – the Awan Brothers cover-up, the many Stone injustices, and much, much more, but the Wolfe leak and where that leads is a MINEFIELD for Communist Democrats, because it reverses the bogus “first attempted impeachment” charge of “Russian collusion” and – OMG – it makes it REAL.

Only it’s THE DAMN DEMOCRATS who did it!

Notice that I said – more or less – that “Roger Stone is the distraction”, and “Mark Warner’s collusion with Putin’s errand-boy Dirtypasta to set up Trump is what they are distracting from”.

I repeat more slowly.





And this would include the Jussie Liu cover-up of – O. M.G. – the real mission of one Maria Butina from some place called Russia.

Seems I talked about this a while back. WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW.

VLWC 02: Gun-Grabbin’ Vlad’s Gun-Lovin’ Girl

One of THE BEST windows into Russia’s REAL position on the 2016 election is Vladimir Putin’s “NRA spy”, Maria Butina.  Yeah, I will admit that I think this gal is smoking hot, in a Euro-floozy, Moscow-to-Washington-to-Tennessee, mail-order mama, “I fell in love at a gun show” way. But that’s not the only reason I love …

I urge you to read the above post. GOOD GRIEF was I “on target”. I even called out Jussie Liu, and I had completely forgotten about it! (Of course, I didn’t call her “Jussie” back then, because Kamala Harris and Corey Booker hadn’t teamed up with Jussie “Red Diaper” Smollett at that point.) Heck – I even forgot about the Russian asset who tried to work on me after Sandy Hook! [Note that I did NOT mention FACEBOOK’S separate role in the Sandy Hook plot in this article – that’s an interesting story, too. I’ll save THAT for later.]

Back to the “Stone deflection”.

I’m not saying that we can’t beat the Communist Democrats to an absolute PULP over Roger Stone.

We CAN, and we SHOULD.

But we must not forget the REALLY BIG CRIMES – which the Communist Democrats are desperately trying to distract us from.

The reason you can tell they absolutely want to hide the “Wolfe Leake”, is (1) Democrats in the House and Senate ONLY want to talk about Roger Stone, and (2) nobody will even breathe a word of response to the Wolfe Leak cover-up and Warner collusion related to it. It’s TOO EXPLOSIVE. The TALKING POINTS don’t even exist.

Maybe PUTIN and XI don’t have them ready yet. I don’t know – ASK JUSSIE LIU. Maybe SHE knows.

And remember – Dianne “Chi-Fi” Feinstein is only a breath away from that same corrupt intelligence committee (the SSCI) on which she served previously, all the while with a Chinese spy as her OFFICE MANAGER.

As Wheatie always reminds us…..


I have a rule of thumb for FINDING THE FISH now. Including the LARGEMOUTH ASS.

All we have to do is look at all the things that little Jussie Liu covered up, side-tracked, sabotaged, or derailed, to find what it is we need to bring down the Communist Democrat criminal axis in DOJ.

So – we could WAIT for the Democrats to SPIT OUT THE HOOK…..

NAH. I don’t think so.

Oh, do they want impeachment again?



And while we’re at it, SET THE ROD, TOO!!!


PS – I think Schumer is worried.

Yeah, he’s worried. And it goes back. Who were the people who created the deeply Cloward-Piven 1994 Clinton Crime Bill? Schumer, Biden & The Clintons.

Top 10 Reasons I Believe the Clinton 1994 Crime Bill Was a Masterpiece of Communist Revolutionary Subversion

Tell us ALL ABOUT America, Chuckles. ALL about it.

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DOJ Protects The Deep State….Pastor Marty !

latest !


“…lacked candor…”comment image
…did lack, are still lacking and will lack candor into perpetuity.

Brave and Free

Give them hell Wolf! Great insight layed out nicely it’s hard to remember all the corruption that’s been happening for so long. But it all falls into place when you see the big picture. You feel so helpless at times to fight it. Praying daily for PDJT, he’s in the lions den for sure.

tom f

Thank you for this enlightening post Wolf.
I’m having trouble squaring it with this first post I read this evening.
Hang tough.


Which Q post?


Then what the hell is the point? It’s still a two tiered justice system – which is no justice at all. I’m sorry Wolf but this really pisses me off. They’re just going to walk.


Finding the LARGEMOUTH ASS is easy….. you can hear him coming…..
Booty judge?….. SILENT stink.


Wolf, I always thought Newt had some hand in the Clinton crime bill. Am I wrong? I’m starting to calm down a little over McCabe now that I realize it was only the IG referrals that were not taken up, and I hope there will be much bigger charges later–starting to agree with PR and Lady P. Hope I’m not wrong.


No, you’re not wrong. For awhile today, I thought Lady P and I were the only true believers left.


PGroup, I had to calm down, and it took me a while. The news made it sound as if McCabe wasn’t going to be prosecuted for anything, period. Daughn and Wolfie and others make some good points, but I still bel believe there is a plan.

GB Bari

Good review and analysis, Wolfmoon.
We surely don’t get many drops of good news out of the DOJ (Dept.of Jacobins).


Great post, boss. Epic.
And thanks for the shout out!
Yes, you were onto Jessie Liu way back.
That’s why I’ve been thinking you were overly generous to Sd for his recent post about her.