Is History Destiny? Maybe So, for Dianne Feinstein

We all know Di-Fi-Chi-Spy, the villainous Senator from California, had a Chinese spy as her office manager/driver for twenty years. But did you know her ties to China may have started before she was even born?

The genesis of this research was a posting scott467 made on 08 May 2020, here:


May 8, 2020 at 03:15

Just saw this at NeonRevolt… if true, hard to believe it was a secret until NOW!

Ho-lee crap on this one, Anons!!

Dianne Feinstein’s mother was born in Harbin, China

The thing Anon doesn’t realize, however, is that Harbin is basically a border city with Russia. I know because I visited there once, and the people there are something of an admixture, by and large, with Russians coming down pretty regularly.

Given the timeframe and the name – I wouldn’t be shocked at all to learn that Betty Rosenberg Goldman were a Russian spy.


The Findagrave memorial page for Dianne Feinstein’s mother Betty Rosenberg Goldman, does indeed list her birthplace as Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

The problem with Findagrave is that ANYONE can add information to it, pretty much. It’s kind of like the Wikipedia of the dead! I never trust information I can only find there. In this case, on top of all the other strangeness I discovered, the listing for Betty Goldman is managed by someone/thing that goes by the acronym FOIA (Freedom of Information Act?). The way Findagrave works is people go out and photograph in cemeteries and make listings for the graves they find. Anyone can sign up and do it. You can USUALLY contact the person who “manages” the listing for any grave if you need further information. BUT, FOIA at Findagrave is shown as “Not Accepting Messages.” Why would that be? Who is FOIA? FOIA maintains almost 24,000 listings. Who knows what I would find if I could research them all?

Since Findagrave can have information from anyone, unaccompanied by references or documentation, it has to be confirmed with other more reliable documents, so I went looking. And whoo-boy, I found another origin story full of strange! None of the dates add up, places of birth are different on just about every document, and names were Americanized, which is not uncommon, but it does make tracing a family harder. Something about this story made the hair stand up on the back of my neck, I have to say.

I got this message from Wolfmoon after I posted in a comment a few things I found in a quick look into this origin story:

“Take your time – no immediate rush – and better if it becomes authoritative b/c zero errors. There is obviously a bunch of BS, lies and cover – very expected – but WOW. Top commie has top lies.

I’m also interested if there are ties to the Autonomous Jewish Region [Oblast] near the border with China. This is where the Rosenberg’s (Julius and Ethel’s) silent partner George Koval came from, when he returned as an “American” to infiltrate the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge and Dayton (polonium triggers).

Is there a “Rosenberg” connection? Unlikely, but who knows. Still, there may be a BIG PICTURE that comes out of this stuff.

Pinning down her past may explain a lot. Even if she wasn’t strong diaper, choosing an anti-diaper cover story says a lot.”



There was an obit for Betty Goldman in the NY Times in 1983:

“Betty Goldman, the mother of Mayor Dianne Feinstein, died Tuesday at a nursing home after a long illness.

She was 76 years old. Deputy Mayor Hadley Roff said Mrs. Goldman had been “gravely ill” from a chronic brain syndrome for seven years. The daughter of a Czarist army officer, Mrs. Goldman was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. The family fled during the 1917 revolution by driving a haycart across Siberia to Shanghai, then emigrating to Eureka, Calif.”

There is definitely some weirdness here, and storytelling going on, as there is documentary evidence which disproves almost everything in this short obituary. I am not going to speculate on the meaning of any of this information; I am just going to give it to you straight as I found it. I report, you decide.

The Rosenberg family immigrated to the U.S. in 1910. This contradicts information found in Betty Rosenberg Goldman’s obituary, which claims the family fled the 1917 revolution. But immigration papers don’t lie, and before the “story” in the obit, comes the actual record:

Rosenburg passenger list 1910-b

The family is stated in the record to have emigrated from VLADIVOSTOK. The family was originally listed as Russian, but there is a strikeout of that, with “German” written over it. The “Last Permanent Residence” was originally “Harbin, Manchuria” but it, too, was struck and replaced by “Vladivostok, Siberia.” The “Nearest Relative in Country of Origin” is a brother-in-law in Ussury, Siberia, which is right on top of Vladivostok on the map. It is unclear whether there was some misunderstanding of where the family had come from, or if they were only transiting through Vladivostok on their way to America, but I would speculate that they were not in Vladivostok very long.

As Wolfmoon asked, I looked but didn’t find direct connections to the Oblast George Koval came from. It was formally established in 1928, and is about 300 miles from Harbin. However if, as I suspect, Betty Rosenberg’s father traveled along with the Trans-Siberian Railway as it was being built, it runs through the Oblast to Vladivostok. A spur line runs to Harbin, when Betty was born. Koval’s family immigrated to the U.S. from Belarus in 1910, the same year the Rosenbergs came to America from Vladivostok. David Rosenberg, Betty’s father, is stated to have been born in Riga, Russia, which is confirmed by his headstone. This is on the far western (European) side of Russia, about 200 miles from Belarus. Riga is 5700 miles from Vladivostok.

Every male on the immigration page with David Rosenberg was stamped with the occupation “farmer,” but many were struck out and something else written in. David’s was not, but I don’t assume that means he actually was a farmer. Was he a Czarist Army officer, as Betty Goldman’s obituary claims? The obit is full of falsehood, so there is some reason to doubt he was.

Since the listed relative in Russia was a brother-in-law in Ussury, Siberia, it is reasonable to speculate (but uncertain) that his wife, Efenia on this document (later Americanized to Helen), was born in Siberia. How David got from Riga to Ussery is unknown, but many Jews migrated along the path of the Trans-Siberian Railway, begun in Vladivostok in 1891. It was completed by working from both ends, the other end being Moscow. There are still today Jewish settlements all along its path.

The family left Russia to immigrate to America, arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii aboard the Tenyo Maru on 30 April 1910. They continued on to California, arriving in San Francisco in May 1910:

Name:                       David Rosenberg

Gender:                     Male

Birth Date:                abt 1870

Age:                          40

Arrival Date:             2 0 May 1910

Port of Arrival:          San Francisco, California

Ship Name:               Tenyo Maru

Port of Departure:     Hong Kong, China

The National Archives at Washington, D.C.; Washington, D.C.; Customs Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at San Francisco; NAI Number: 4478116; Record Group Title: Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1787-2004; Record Group Number: 85

David Rosenberg died in 1914 in Eureka, California, only four years after arriving in the U.S.:

David Rosenberg headstone

Efenia changed her name to Helen sometime after arriving in the U.S. The family appears in the census in 1920

1920 United States Federal Census

Name:                                Helen Rosenberg

Age:                                   42

Birth Year:                         abt 1878

Birthplace:                         Russia

Home in 1920:                   San Francisco Assembly District 21, San Francisco, California

Street:                                 Missouri

House Number:                  293

Residence Date:                 1920

Race:                                  White

Gender:                              Female

Immigration Year:              1909

Relation to Head of House:     Head

Marital status:                     Widowed

Father’s Birthplace:            Russia

Mother’s Birthplace:           Russia

Native Tongue:                  Russian

Able to Speak English:       Yes

Home Owned or Rented:   Rented

Naturalization Status:         Alien

Able to Read:                     Yes

Able to Write:                    Yes


Household Members:

Name                                       Age

Helen Rosenberg                     42

John Rosenberg                       22

Phillip Rosenberg                     19

Bessie Rosenberg                     15 (This is Betty)

Anna Rosenberg                      14

Nellie Rosenberg                     19 [daughter-in-law] (John’s wife)

Year: 1920; Census Place: San Francisco Assembly District 21, San Francisco, California; Roll: T625_132; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 9

In the 1930 census, Betty Rosenberg lived with her mother Helen, in San Francisco. She again stated she was born in Russia. Don’t get hung up on the estimated birth year, all the names from the Findagrave for Betty Rosenberg Goldman, including the siblings appear here. Son Phillip has disappeared in this census. He doesn’t appear on the census in California that year. He may have moved out of state, or left the country, but I can’t positively locate him:

Name: Betty Rosenberg
Birth Year: abt 1904
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birthplace: Russia
Marital status: Single
Relation to Head of House: Daughter
Home in 1930: San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA
Map of Home: View Map
Street address: 28th Ave.
Block: 240
House Number: 655
Dwelling Number: 217
Family Number: 356
Attended School: No
Able to Read and Write: Yes
Father’s Birthplace: Russia
Mother’s Birthplace: Russia
Language Spoken: Russian
Immigration Year: 1910
Naturalization: Alien
Able to Speak English: Yes
Occupation: Model
Industry: Cloak and Suit
Class of Worker: Wage or salary worker
Household Members:
Name Age
Helen Rosenberg 55
John Rosenberg 32
Betty Rosenberg 26
Annie Rosenberg 24

THEN, in 1940, Betty claims she was born in CALIFORNIA, and Dianne Goldman, who will become Dianne Feinstein, appears:

Name: Betty Goldman
[Betty Rosenberg]
Age: 34
Estimated birth year: abt 1906
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birthplace: California
Marital status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Home in 1940: San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Map of Home in 1940: View Map
Street: Fillmore
House Number: 3672
Inferred Residence in 1935: San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Residence in 1935: Same Place
Resident on farm in 1935: No
Sheet Number: 62B
Attended School or College: No
Highest Grade Completed: College, 2nd year
Weeks Worked in 1939: 0
Income: 0
Income Other Sources: No
Household Members:
Name Age
Leon Goldman 36
Betty Goldman 34
Diannne Goldman 6
Yvonne Goldman 3

The Social Security Death Index lists Betty Rosenberg Goldman’s date of birth as 25 Jun 1907, as do other documents where she would have been the declarant. This doesn’t match her headstone. It states she was born 25 Jun 1906. We’ll assume SHE knew her date of birth, and the headstone is incorrect.

Curiously, the Findagrave listing for her husband, Leon Goldman, states that the couple divorced in 1963. However, they are buried together:

Betty Goldman headstone

Leon Goldman died in 1975, eight years before his ex-wife.


So, that still leaves the question I began my quest with. Was Betty Goldberg born in China, Russia, or California? All of these places have appeared somewhere in her history. BUT, her naturalization document tells the tale:

Betty Goldman Naturalization

This document CONFIRMS Betty Goldman’s birthplace as HARBIN, CHINA. Betty was THIRTY-THREE when this document was filed, so she absolutely knew what year she immigrated as a child. If she told her own children otherwise, it was deliberate, not accidental.

So now we know for certain. Dianne Feinstein’s connection to China began before she was even a thought in her mother’s head. Who knows how this family connection influenced her over the years. Did it make her merely soft-hearted toward the Chinese, and easily fooled, or complicit in their treachery?

I know what I believe.

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Very impressive, Aubergine! Genealogy takes a special kind of intelligence, intuition, dedication. Not everybody can comprehend 2nd cousin once removed, etc.


Betty/Bessie was called Paraskovia in Russia/China. Wonder if that name has any significance or meaning?


Meaning & History
Archaic Russian form of PARASKEVE and older transcription of PRASKOVYA. In the Russian Orthodox Church, Paraskovia is the patron saint of cloth as well as of spinning and weaving.


Paraskovia is a place – in Ukraine, Kharkiv Oblast, Kehychivskyi district
Weather in Paraskovia today –


Paraskovia was also the only wife of Ivan the 5th – and mother of Empress Anna – name of one of the Rosenberg siblings.
And the name of an Orthodox and Roman saint.

Afternoon with St. Paraskovia Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Downing Alberta

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Ooh, Empress Anna, who basically reigned through the 1730s.
Not fondly regarded or remembered…ever.


And, just reading those old records (almost impossible to read!) is a feat in itself! Great research, Aubergine.




Fascinating. Great dig, Aubergine.


Well done Aubergine! Nice sunlight 🙂


Great sleuthing, Aubergine.
So technically, Dianne Feinstein is not really a US citizen, if her mother was an alien and lied about her birthplace on the Census.
So much for being a valid US Senator…


Was Dianne’s father American?


Heritage, that I know…


Wow, lots of incoming immigrants here. I wonder if HIs parents were naturalized when he was born?


So, at least Dianne’s father was legit. Her mother, not sp much.


You’re being picky. She’s just a poor child trying to make good.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. And if she’s undocumented, erm, multi-documented, well, it’s her right (to be wrong)…
GREAT DIG, Aubergine!
Wonder if the ChiComs knew about these discrepancies, and pwned her because of it? The Chinese have a HUGE influence in SF and SF politics. They’ve basically driven the Irish, Italians (‘cept Piglosis), Russians, and other (Scottish, etc.) groups out. Even the Japanese had problems putting up “Japantown”… And the LA/SoCal water wars were, interestingly enough, quasi-documented in the movie “Chinatown” (LA’s one)…
Oh, what a wicked web they wove,
which now is become a treasure trove…
[OK, archaic usage, but it fits]




WSB – Her mother Paraskovia/Bessie/Betty became a naturalized US citizen – see papers above.


I went right past that. TY!
So, if the mother was naturalized after the children were born, do the children become naturalized? If so, then Dianne Feinstein would have paperwork as well as her siblings, right? There would be a birth certificate, but what would be on it?


They are!!! I would be interested in Dianne’s fraternal grandparents’ moves!


I think I just anwsered my own question. If the father was American, they may have accepted citizenship with just the father’s status.


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Great job, Aubergine — very interesting!

Elizabeth Carter

This information is interesting. It explains a lot of what has been happening to America. These people are loyal to their own people and we are not their people.
Di Fi has been very quiet lately. Can we just return her to China and get our money back?
Maybe we could return O to Kenya for a refund also.
It would be nice if they had to return the money they have stolen from us.
After all the years Di has served her country in our senate, no one ever noticed she was not American.
17 intelligence agencies are not enough. We must need 18 if we want to actually gather new information. The 17 seem to spend their time covering the tracks of the bad guys and dolls and covering each other’s backs.


Reblogged this on Gilsbranch and commented:
Feinstein’s loyalty and curious Family History


I love when you do these Aubergine!
I bet no one except Feinstein herself has done this.


She does now…


Thank you for doing this, Aubergine!
This is some great research…well done!
This explains a lot about ChiFiDi.
She could very well be a ‘sleeper’.
If not a sleeper…then she is a predator who uses our freedoms against us.
I she is exposed!
With the Dems still spewing their Russia-Russia narrative, it would be delicious to see how they might try to spin this!


….* I hope she is exposed.


I think there is some confusion. Dianne was born in the US and her father was a naturalized citizen so she is a US citizen. It doesn’t matter that her mother was an alien when she was born.


The family had Russian names before adopting English names. Their ties to both China and Russia were pre-communist revolution, right?
Have you found any connection to communism – Chinese or Russian?


Just thinking out loud here,
Marx’s ideas did not appear from whole cloth, also his ideas where widely shared well before any real revolutions. In 1848 the pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto, was published and the three-volume Das Kapital later between 1867–1883.
The thoughts behind this were so proliferate that even the obscure Ingersoll Lockwood of the Baron Trump stories and The Last President wrote the “Laconics of Cult” in 1910, a book very much not like the others, which was an oblique attack against organized religion using Marx’s doctrine.
Point being that Communist ties could well have gone back well before the 1910 date.
What might be additionally useful would be if any of her or family associates published things of a Communist nature. Not that you should check, this was more than fine 🙂


Some claim that Lincoln admired and exchanged letters with Marx….but that was the WaPo and a few other leftist sources.
The Federalist says no!


Very interesting history and you have a gift for digging in the archives!


Thank you Aubergine! I almost missed this with everything else going on!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Me too! Glad I checked the sidebar this morning!!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

WOW. This is awesome! Amazing research – and exactly what I was hoping – DEFINITIVE. Nobody is going to “oh, no, it’s a conspiracy theory” their way out of THIS.
I even did my editor job on this – fixed a bad link and flipped a direction (Riga in WEST), because I want to trumpet this one bigly. Excellent work!!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Here you go – I blasted it out on Twitter….

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I don’t think it would be possible to be more authoritative than this, without access to documents in Russia and China!!! This is the stuff!!!


I’m going to repost here two replies I made today to Wolfmoon’s comments on the May 8 thread referred to above:
“if there are ties to the Autonomous Jewish Region [Oblast] near the border with China.”
Yeah, Wolf, I was reading down the thread looking for a place to stick that in. There are still Jews and Communists of Jewish descent there today, and it is not far at all from that part of China.
I read about it decades ago, and watched a French documentary about it last year.
It may not be relevant, due to the earliness of these dates (pre-WWI = pre-Bolshevik putsch.) But, otoh, these origin stories are already known to be FAKE, so the pre-Soviet aspect of the dates could just possibly be fake as well.
As far as I know, prior to Stalin, or, at least, prior to the Soviet Union, there weren’t already any unusual number of Jews there in what was to become the Communist East Asian fake Zion.
The center for Communist radicalism in China, pre-WWII, was Shanghai, mentioned in the fable of the transcontinental hayride above. Mao’s wife was active there, both in the city’s Chinese opera and in Communist subversion, in the 1930s.
If you read _Spycatcher_, you will see the author suspected his MI-5 superior of being a Soviet mole, and that superior as a young man had been stationed in Shanghai, a “red flag”, so to speak, in evaluating his biography.
A lot of that in biographies of Brits, Europeans, Americans, who lived in China in the 30s. The ones who lived in Shanghai, which was a fair fraction of them, sometimes became, or already were, committed Communists. They then returned to the West as infiltrators in intelligence, counterintelligence, diplomatic, academic, or other circles. Something to keep in mind when thinking about all this “conventional wisdom” or “received opinion” of old China hands in government and/or in think tanks.
In the post-Berlin Wall era, folks there on both sides of the border, if the French documentary team wasn’t gaslighted about this, do pop back and forth regularly, like Steve said. [correction: it was Scott467 who said it, not SteveInCO]
Except for right now, of course, where their cross-border visits have been kicked to the curb by Kung Flu.