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May 29, 2020

From Senator Grassley’s office: Presenting the Flynn-Kislyak transcripts.


May 8, 2020

Thanks to acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, a number of previously withheld behind closed doors questioning transcripts are now available for public viewing. As with many deposition type documents, they can be long, but hopefully will be informative. Here’s the list with live links.

The United States Intelligence Community (IC), at the bipartisan request of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), reviewed 53 transcripts for classification. The IC made appropriate redactions, lowering the classification level of all 53 transcripts to UNCLASSIFIED. Each transcript can be accessed by clicking on the names below.

1. Alexander Nix

2. Anatoli Samachornov

3. Andrew Brown

4. Andrew McCabe

5. Benjamin Rhodes

6. Boris Epshteyn

7. Brad Parscale

8. Corey Lewandowski (Jan 2018)

9. Corey Lewandowski (Mar 2018)

10. Daniel Coats

11. David Kramer (Dec 2017)

12. David Kramer (Jan 2018)

13. Diana Denman

14. Donald Trump, Jr.

15. Evelyn Farkas

16. FBI Special Agent

17. Felix Sater

18. Hope Hicks

19. Ike Kaveladze

20. Jake Sullivan

21. James Clapper

22. Jared Kushner

23. Jefferson Sessions

24. Jeffrey Gordon

25. John Carlin

26. John Podesta (Dec 2017)

27. John Podesta (Jun 2017)

28. Jonathan Safron

29. Keith Schiller

30. Loretta Lynch

31. Marc Elias

32. Mary McCord

33. Matthew Tait

34. Michael Caputo

35. Michael Cohen

36. Michael Goldfarb

37. Michael Sussman

38. Peter Fritsch

39. Rhona Graff

40. Rick Dearborn

41. Rinat Akhmetshin

42. Rob Goldstone

43. Roger Stone

44. Sally Yates

45. Samantha Power

46. Samuel Clovis

47. Shawn Henry

48. Stephen Bannon (Feb 2018)

49. Stephen Bannon (Jan 2018)

50. Susan Rice

51. Thomas Catan

52. Walid Phares

53. Yared Tamene


From the Judiciary Committee webpage as of April 29, 2020:

The Senate Judiciary Committee released an additional declassified transcript between George Papadopoulos and an FBI confidential human source (declassified on April 24, 2020). (document)


Previously, on this page (link to April 16 post):

As of the evening of April 16, 2020, the Senate Judiciary Committee has begun declassifying the documents that we’ve all been waiting for: The FISA warrant applications used to spy on members of the 2016 Trump Campaign for president.

First up on the Judiciary Committee website: documents relating to spying on Carter Page.

  • Confidential human source transcripts related to the Crossfire Hurricane operation
    • Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source (declassified March 13, 2020) (document)
    • Transcript of George Papadopoulos and FBI Confidential Human Source (declassified April 1, 2020) (document)
  • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page and Three Subsequent Renewals
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page (document)
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page, Renewal One (document)
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page, Renewal Two (document)
    • FISA Warrant Application for Carter Page, Renewal Three (document)
  • A July 2018 letter from DOJ to the FISA court alerting the court to some of the significant errors and omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications (letter)

The links are live to the documents that have been declassified. WARNING: most of them are REALLY long, as in over 80 pages, so for those whose bedtime reading is not legal documents, this thread will serve as a place to gather what the anons have been finding and sharing online in addition to what any of us find.

Please, post any findings, Tweets, images, emails, etc., found in the space below, and they will be added to future posts as the documents are made public.

As this declas effort is new, and will likely be dribbled out for proper public digestion, there will be new posts regularly sharing updates. It all depends on the volume of information, and the intensity as to whether or not this will recur daily, weekly, or as it happens.

In the meantime, happy digging y’all.


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Deplorable Patriot

Related thread.

Gail Combs

GAG LOTS of info on that twitter thread!

Deplorable Patriot



This is pretty interesting, on Page 9 (emphasis mine), from 12/29/16:
KISLYAK: I mean heads up, we wanted you to know this. And the third final uh, point, General, is uh, I am entrust to convey through you to Seer- uh to President Elect, proposal from the Kremlin. Maybe to organize a conversation over the secure video line that starting on the twentieth would be available to Mr. Trump. And it’s there, certainly, uh – uh, between the White House and the Kremlin. And our proposal is to have the conversation on the twenty.first between our Presidents. And the idea of Mr. Putin is first of all to congratulate uh, your President Elect or the President, at the time, and maybe to discuss small number~ briefly, of issues that are on our agenda. So his proposal is on the twenty-first of January.
FLYNN: Okay. Ummm
[Fimestamp: 05:20]
KISLYAK: Is by security video. Secure video line.
FLYNN: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I understand. Okay, um, okay. Listen, uh, a couple of things. Number one, what I would ask you guys to do – and make sure you, make sure that you convey this, okay? – do not, do not uh, allow this administration to box us in, right now, okay? Um –
KISLYAK: We have conveyed it. And –
FLYNN: Yeah.
KISLYAK: It’s, uh, ifs uh, very very specifically and transparently, openly.
FL YNN: So, you know, depending on, depending on what uh, actions they take over this current issue of the cyber stutf, you know, where they’re looking like they’re gonna, they’re gonna dismiss some number of Russians out of the country, I understand all that and I understand that~ that, you know, the information that they have and all that, but what I would ask Russia to do is to not – is – is – ifanything – because I know you have to have some sort ofaction – to, to only make it reciprocal
. Make it reciprocal. Don’t – don’t make it- don’t go any further than you have to. Because I don’t want us to get into something that has to escalate, on a, you know, on a tit for tat. You follow me, Ambassador?
KISLYAK: I understand what you’re saying~ but you know, you might appreciate the sentiments that are raging now in Moscow.
FLYNN: I know, I – believe me, I do appreciate it, I very much appreciate it. But I really don’t want us to get into a situation where we’re going, you know~ where we do this and then you do something bigger, and then you know, everybody’s got to go back and forth and everybody’s got to be the tough guy here, you know?

Deplorable Patriot

Some else on Twitter mentioned this, that Kislyak seemed desperate to arrange a private video chat with the president and Putin. Apparently, that never happened.


It looks as if Flynn was trying to persuade Kislyak to not let Obama ruin foreign policy for the Trump administration, and that both F & K wanted a good working relationship between the two countries. Flynn, and everyone in the incoming Trump administration, was in a very tough position with the O admin working against them and the country’s best interests.


EXACTLY. Obama set TRAPS everywhere. Then he went, along with Kerry, on a pre-emptive shadow foreign policy tour to EVERYONE of Trump’s first over seas trips. He and Kerry OPENLY violated the Logan Act that they TRIED to get Flynn on. Including such countries as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy.
Obama MUST pay. For anyone to say, even Rush, that that is “just not done to a former President” I say LOOK at ALL that Obama did and is STILL doing to his political successor. ALL of it is not only unprecedented, unethical, it is also quite literally ILLEGAL.
Obama fucked up the world, and then tried to STOP Trump from FIXING his fuck up. The “man”, and I use that term VERY lightly, needs to meet the BUSINESS end of a 6′ rope over an 8′ sudden drop for his insurrection, sedition, and TREASON.
When this ALL comes out, and it WILL, the TRUE depths of depravity and EVIL that Obama deployed will be in FULL sunlight. The TRUTH will DAMN him, and ALL his Cabal cronies.
Some still think Obama was a puppet, and to SOME extent he WAS, but in OTHERS, like espionage against political opponents, he was ON HIS OWN. Remember, the greatest trick the devil evil played was to convince man he did not exist. Obama’s greatest trick is that he has convinced some that he was a simple Manchurian candidate. He is EVIL, period. He ENJOYED our pain. His VANITY and hubris WILL be his downfall. He THINKS he is smarter and more “loved” than he IS.


Those seem like good calls. Perfectly reasonable conversations. POTUS needs to get Flynn back in, he’s great in these.


LOL, have you NOT noticed? I guess NO ONE has. This is the EXACT same setup they USED on Trump in Shampeachment. Probably the EXACT same players in some cases too. (NSC)
To your point, YES these calls were in FACT perfectly appropriate and INNOCENT, JUST what an incoming DNI SHOULD be doing. Trying to MAINTAIN the peace, deescalate, not reignite the cold war. Flynn NEEDS to be freed, so he can FINALLY tell ALL he knows on Obama. It is coming.


I know. Isn’t it just incredible how long they’ve been able to keep him tied up and muzzled. Also amazing how well their scam setups work, until they finally get exposed and everyone involved has thoroughly incriminated themselves. Hopefully we’re there finally.


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Sidney Powell weighs in:



Reblogged this on RedLegLeader Blog and commented:
Note well for further research and archive.


Margot’s thread.

Even Andy’s cussing mad!

Gail Combs

Worth Following Catherine Herridge for DECLAS Designation(s)
29 May 2020 – 5:01:49 PM

Worth following [DECLAS designation(s)].


Gail Combs

Another good thread by Carlos on the riots:


I thought this bit was…Notable.
It’s about a portion of conversation that was accidentally recorded on Gen Flynn’s voicemail, where Kislyak’s chief of staff is talking to someone on his end.
Basically saying that they weren’t the ones who did the hacking.comment image
It’s from this tweet: