DEAR KAG: 20211203

“What we’re watching is a war. We’re watching a spiritual war, a consciousness war, a legal war, a physical war – I mean, we are in a war.”

Catherine Austin Fitts

Wolf’s Pub is open for business! Friday could not come soon enough. I can feel the Holiday cheer coming on slowly but surely, even with the diabolical mess the world is in right now.

But first, the business of the world. We’ll be good and ready for a Flaming Rum Punch in no time. Bartenders stand at the ready.


Fitts is one of the smartest “connectors” I know of. She has a deep and wide knowledge about how the world works and who is running things. Here is an hour-long interview with her and Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt. Part One of the interview is here.

Every time I listen to Catherine Austin Fitts, my IQ goes up.

Fitts is able to weave together all the different threads that tell the story of our nation’s downfall. You will find yourself making connections and suddenly things start making sense. Although I hope you listen to the whole interview, if you go to the 20-minute mark you will hear her story of when They decided to “give up on the country” and steal our wealth. Riveting. Infuriating.

If you haven’t read her online book, “Dillon Read & Co. Inc. & The Aristocracy of Stock Profits,” it is available free. Here’s her website: The Solari Report

Here’s a five-minute clip where Fitts gives a stellar definition of the Great Reset:


It’s time to get real about what the Religious Wing of Mr. Global has been up to: Black Magic.

First, Amazing Polly puts it all together in another one of her videos. Smart cookie. We are not just dealing with secularists who desire power.

How about a kids’ book about conjuring demons? Yep. Vigilant Citizen had the goods on it awhile back. Meet Corydon. You can learn about him at the link.



Before we get to the Flaming Rum Punch, let’s not flame out at one another. We can all get testy with one another, but in general we keep things pretty genial here. Head here to review the rules, which are prudent and smart.

If the flames get high enough for a punch, head over to the Utree to finish up. We can reconvene there or here, if all hell breaks loose.

Otherwise, carry on.


A commenter from the CTH

It’s hard to break old habits, but it must be done. The Republicans are not on our side. There is US and THEM, them being the UniParty consisting of both the Ds and the Rs. Those designations can no longer describe the political situation we find ourselves in.

The designations are, perhaps, a necessary evil while we fight to take back our Republic from Mr. Global, aka Communism.

Also from the CTH

Regarding the above comment, I can agree with a good bit of what the commenter says, but I also think President Trump has to work with what he’s got. That, and we all had to see how utterly corrupted the Republicans were, too.

Eight-three Republicans in Congress voted to pass a federal vaccine database. These people are every bit as evil as the worst Democrat.

More on it here.

Those in government use fear to control us.


Yes, Clarence the Angel, Third Class was the inspiration for today’s special: the Flaming Rum Punch.

Apparently, Charles Dickens was quite the fan of Rum Punch, although it was fading from fashion in his time. Here’s another recipe for Flaming Rum Punch that sounds heavenly.

I was very interested in the Oleo-saccharum mentioned in the video. According to Difford’s Guide, “Oleo-saccharum is to punch what stock is to soup.” Recipe at the link.

Now, as someone who uses homemade stocks and broths exclusively, that resonated with me. My Christmas festivities this year will include a Flaming Rum punch. Any suggestions on favorite rums will be much appreciated.

I am not a huge rum fan, so haven’t much experience with them beyond Captain Morgan’s, which I use to make this Christmas Cake from Pioneer Woman, Ree Drumond. I actually got some co-workers tipsy on it one afternoon in December some years ago.


Great gift idea for gun owners here.

FL Gov. DeSantis is all about the citizen soldier.

Oklahoma AG files suit against the Pentagon over the covid mandate.

Watch out for those Covid tests. They be a bit expensive!

Speaking of which, it’s money over patients because The Biden is a doddering godfather.

Athletes dropping like flies is not a good look for the Quackvaxxers.

Is it possible that Omicron has been engineered?  Chief Nerd has an interesting graph.

News from China that another Covid virus leak has occurred in one of their labs. Seems awfully convenient…might take a little heat off Fauci, ya think?

The J6 plotters (aka FIB and Nanzi and company) are looking more and more like the domestic terrorists they are. Their plot is falling apart. They need to free our fellow American citizens. NOW.

Liz Cheney, that heinous wench, is spewing threats against President Trump.

Poland is establishing a committee to investigate the plandemic.

And for Advent:

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That stuff over at VC demonstrates, once again, that most of what is “new” and “trendy” in entertainment is utter garbage.


I watched a few minutes of Catherine Austin Fitts. She is obvioiusly intelligent and knowledgeable, and she also brings very bad news! I feel so helpless about the country’s financial situation and the border crisis because I don’t know what I can do about them. Relying on elected officials is a losing proposition. But it’s best to be informed, so I will watch more of her, as well as Amazing Polly. Thank you, GmainTX, for all the info and links.

The C.S.Lewis quote is spot on.


What she said is undoubtedly true about the time bomb of us baby boomers retiring and them giving up on the country. I think many of us were always suspicious they were going to find a way to screw us out of our social security. But it never would have dawned on me that they’d simply try to kill us all off with a bioweapon, and if that didn’t work, a poisonous vaccine for the bioweapon.


Some things never change
.comment image



Deplorable Patriot

I’m younger than Baby Boom, but people my age are reconciled to not really being able to retire.


Ha! Me too. I’m on the cusp of being an X’er.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Generation names explained

March 15, 2021 10:50 pm by Veronica Thompson

A“generation” is defined as a group of people born in the same time period, and generation names exemplify our human tendency to categorize ourselves. Over time, sociologists and generation researchers usually deem titles for the different age groups based on historical social trends. Below is a brief, non-comprehensive list of the Western cultural generations.

Learning about the nuances of different generations, ranging from the Lost Generation to Generation Alpha, can help people better understand and communicate with one another.

The Lost Generation — born 1883-1900
Coined by author Gertrude Stein, this name refers to individuals who came of age during the First World War, observing an unimaginable loss of life as well as mass immigration. The term encompasses the general sense of purposelessness and aimlessness many youth experienced at the time. These feelings were famously featured in works of expatriate American writers, such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose novels included themes of disillusionment and cynicism.

The Greatest Generation — born 1901-1924
Also known as the G.I. Generation — which stands for “government issue” and “general issue” — this group grew up during the Great Depression and most likely fought in World War II. News broadcaster Tom Brokaw deemed them “the greatest” in the late ’90s because of their moralistic attitude toward the conflict.

The Silent Generation — born 1925-1945
Spending young adulthood in a post-war period, this group is known for accepting government rather than speaking out against it — they are called “silent” because of their lack of protestation and general pursuit of modest careers and secure domestic lives.

Baby Boomer Generation — born 1946-1964
This term derives from the huge population “boom” following World War II. Its members collectively experienced the Cold War, the moon landing, the assassinations of activist Martin Luther King, Jr. and President John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. They are characterized by national optimism and prosperous consumerism.

Generation X — born 1965-1980
Also known as the “Baby Busters” — since their birth rate was significantly smaller in comparison to the Boomers — this generation is characterized by reactionism, rebellion, self-reliance and an overall mistrust of institutional authority. Notable developments of their time include the fall of the Berlin Wall, the first personal computers and a previously unparalleled emphasis on education.

Generation Y — born 1981-1996
This demographic is more commonly referred to as “Millennials” because they became adults at the turn of the millennium. Key distinctions for this group include remembering the events of 9/11 from personal experience, participating in the rise of the internet and dealing with financial struggles as a result of the Great Recession.

Generation Z — born 1997-2012
My generation is also known as “iGen” because most of our lives have been spent using personal technology, such as smartphones. As a whole, Gen Z-ers are more racially and ethnically diverse, better educated and more familiar with non-heteronormative identities than previous generations. With the advent of social media, the exacerbation of the climate crisis and the rise in mass shooting violence, among many other socio-political pressures, Gen Z is seen as the most depressed generation but also the generation most likely to engage in social activism.

Generation Alpha — born 2013-2025
Social researcher Mark McCrindle coined the term for the most recent generation to denote a “new start” after Gen Z. McCrindle theorizes that they will be characterized by more diverse family dynamics, higher racial diversity and higher economic inequality than previous generations.

While generational affiliation shouldn’t necessarily hold a lot of meaning in how we identify ourselves, we can’t discount that world events, technological advancements and social developments influence our personal experiences and can shape the mentalities and attitudes we possess as adults. So, understanding these nuances can help us communicate and relate to people from different age groups.

Generations defined by name, birth year, and ages in 2021

What are the ages of the generations in 2021? If you do some research, you’ll find that dates overlap and names vary. While we hear generational terms all the time, the definitions are not official. However, based on widespread consensus as well as new Gen Z analysis by the Pew Research Center, and the one generation defined by the U.S. Census Bureau (Baby Boomers), these are the birth years and ages of the generations you’ll want to use in 2021:

…………………..Born…………… Ages
Gen Z…………1997 – 2012…….9 – 24
Millennials……1981 – 1996……25 – 40
Gen X………….1965 – 1980……41 – 56
Boomers II……1955 – 1964……57 – 66
Boomers I…….1946 – 1954……67 – 75
Post War………1928 – 1945……76 – 93
WW II…………..1922 – 1927…….94 – 99

We occasionally break up Boomers into two different cohorts because the span is so large, and the oldest of the generation have different sensibilities than the younger. In the U.S., Boomers II are just young enough to have missed being drafted into war.

Last edited 2 years ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎MEGA MAGA GAME ON😎

You and I must be really close to the same age.

I don’t think or act like a Boomer, I am so Gen-X. But the DH is a Boomer, so I get the best of both worlds.




I am not a Boomer.


1944 never thought of it as great generation except those who served in WWII.

Being born when I was it made me strong mentally and spiritually.

Gail Combs

Good to figure out a small business sort of thing you can take up when older. After around 45 the Big Corporations WILL NOT HIRE YOU!

U.S. employers often discriminate based on age, according to AARP. In a 2018 study, 61 percent of respondents over 45 years old said they’d witnessed or experienced age discrimination at work. Some job ads put a cap on the number of years of experience a candidate should have, or asked applicants to select from a dropdown menu that excluded birth years for older people. Age discrimination “is an open secret, and everyone knows it happens all the time, but few people stand up and say it’s wrong,” said Cathy Ventrell-Monsees, an attorney with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


Suposedly there are laws but unlike the discrimination based on colopr they are very very weak. (I took an employment law course)


Listening to younger people I know why no one sees it as wrong. Many young people see it as entitlement to slip into positions older people have many are envious of older people.
The younger one had everything given to them and see themselves entitled.
I even had a young person complaining that baby boomers spend their money and do not leave anything for their kids.
I ask that person “if her parents paid for her college? she said yes”. I said ” you got your inheritance”. I always wondered what her parents thought?

My husband still teaches a couple of classes a semester because he enjoys it. Some of the younger faculty would love to push him out but they cannot he is good in what he does.

Brave and Free

Absolutely true, I saw the subtle age discrimination when working in the industry I was in. And now in retirement I’ve applied for PT jobs I could do in my sleep (exactly what I did for over thirty years) and they won’t even look at me. I get the corporate ” We’ve decided to go in another detection BS.”
Mind you I would show up everyday on time and give them 100%. Not like they will get with most of the young people they end up hiring.

Deplorable Patriot

Office life is not for me. I would go back to shelving books in a library, though.




Yeah. I always figured they’d phase out SS into private accounts by reallocating other people’s 401K’s into them and pushing a sharp haircut. I didn’t see genocide (or geriatricide) coming.


Yes you know.


“Relying on elected officials is a losing proposition”

You hit the problem on the head. officials no matter if they served in the military or are calling themselves Republicans are selling us out. Yesterday 80 of them told us we do not matter. Our privacy does not matter and it is ok to trace us. They told us the y are with the communist democrats tracing us like cattle. This is the beginning of tyranny . Two things 1) they are willfully ignorant
2) they believe it is not going to affect them or their family.
Being willfully ignorant is evil as officials it is their job to know and to be on top of things.
If they believe this is not going to affect them and their family then they know nothing what they are dealing with.
I also believe the republican leadership is so compromised that there is no help for them they need to get ousted. They are totally failing.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Just got an email about Marcus Lamb’s Memorial Service, had no clue he died Tuesday of Covid. Sad. He was 64 and President of the Christian Television Network, Daystar. Went searching for info and naturally it’s a YUGE story all over MSM outlets because he was an anti-vaxxer who believed in alternative treatments and gave a platform to America’s Frontline Doctors, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Tenpenny, and other psychos. 🙄

With a ‘see, here’s another one’ attitude, most every outlet is sure to wrap up their last paragraph mentioning 7-8 high profile media anti-vaxxers who have also died of WuFlu. They all repeat the same 7-8 names straight from the 4am talking points. Makes me boil. I’m like what about all the jabbed athletes dropping dead? Say their names. How bout you do a quick mention of the 16K+ VAERS vaxxers who have died?!? 😡

Lamb was definitely pro HCQ, probably taking the FLCCC protocol, probably got regeneron, but nothing would kick the pneumonia. Finally found one rag pony up that he had diabetes. Sadly, that and his age made him high risk.

Lamb was an Evangelical businessman, loved Jesus, great friend to Israel, and spread the Gospel around the world.

Rest in Peace Marcus. Well Done, thy Good and Faithful Servant. 🙏🙏🙏

Gail Combs

“…Marcus Lamb’s wife, Joni, announced his death on a Daystar broadcast. … She explained that Lamb had diabetes and had been hospitalized WITH Covid when his oxygen levels dropped….” –
Note he was HOSPITALIZED so we do not know if they gave him Remdesivir or put him on a ventilator. As a prominent and vocal ‘Anti-Vaxer’ he would certainly have a target painted on his back.


It does not say if he was a Type I or Type II diabetic.


The most recent science suggests that people with type 1 diabetes can expect to live about 12 years fewer than peers without diabetes….

study found that patients with type 1 diabetes that were born between 1950 and 1964 lived only an average of 51.5 (men) or 54.8 years (women). Recent improvements in lifespan, due to superior diabetes management, have been absolutely tremendous….

He was born in 1957. So if he was Type I he would have had a much shorter life expectancy.

Sadie Slays

I’ve spotted a suspicious trend. Most of the school districts around here shut down the schools this week and moved to “remote learning” due to “social media threats.” A quick internet search reveals that many school districts across the entire country shut down this week due to “social media threats.” Of course, none of these news reports provide any details at all about said threats like who made them, where they were made, and what exactly was said.

Anyways, I strongly suspect this is an organized attack from the Enemy to keep the schools closed, the children’s education permanently stunted, and the parents under constant stress. They’ve worn out the COVID excuse for shutdowns or they’re saving it for Moronic variant shenanigans later, so they’ve switched to intentionally vague “social media threats” that were probably called in by the CIA themselves or their contracted goons. 

Sadie Slays

I didn’t consider the white hat angle until you mentioned it. Maybe there really are credible threats of more Deep State false flags ops on schools. Whatever’s going on, it’s more organized than random crazies running their mouths off on TikTok like the media wants us to believe.

Deplorable Patriot

Interesting. IMO, this is one to watch.

I feel for the people forced to keep their kids in government schools. I’m seeing a lot of commentary on Twitter from parents who chose to homeschool in the last two years, and they’re having a blast.

Gail Combs

I think the outcome of this move by the Cabal is NOT going to be the one they actually wanted.

Moms can take 2nd shift jobs. Home schooling groups will form to help share the burden…. COMMUNITIES WILL RECONNECT — OOPS!

Deplorable Patriot

I would rather see moms stay home, and instill the survival and civilized norms along with home schooling.

In thinking about it around here…there would be multiple groups that would align along political thought, I’m afraid. I know there are people who choose parochial schools based on that. Within a square mile – and this is just Catholic grade schools – I’ve seen yard signs for five different ones, and only two are within walking distance. Personally, I would consider exactly one, and then start to campaign for a better music program.

Gail Combs

home schooling is just that. is the website for NC home schoolers

Gail Combs

2.5 million truckers say they’ll quit over vaccine mandate …

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕦𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕪 “𝕔𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕒𝕤 𝟛𝟟% 𝕠𝕗 𝕕𝕣𝕚𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕟𝕠𝕥 𝕠𝕟𝕝𝕪 𝕤𝕒𝕚𝕕 ‘𝕟𝕠,’ 𝕓𝕦𝕥 ‘𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕟𝕠,'” Spear testified….

Millions of truckers are balking at President Joe Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate, which would be catastrophic for the nation’s supply chain problem if it is enforced, an American Trucking Associations executive told House members this week.

“We’ve tried to be very clear to the administration — I understand the logic behind it — but if you do this, these are the consequences,” said ATA President Chris Spear. “So if you’re trying to solve the supply chain problem, you’re actually compounding it and actually hurting the very problem you’re trying to fix.”

America is currently short approximately 80,000 truckers compared to pre-pandemic levels. If Biden’s Jan. 4 vaccine deadline is enforced, the industry will lose 37% of its truckers, or 2.5 million people, according to an ATA survey….

Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a California Republican, told the Washington Examiner that the supply chain is a disaster because both Biden and Gov. Gavin Newsom are more focused on climate change and vaccinating children. The Los Angeles ports, the busiest in the Western Hemisphere, are backed up with 106 supply ships waiting to unload off the coast, according to the latest figures.

….. LaMalfa said. “Truckers are independent individuals. They are like the cowboys of the highways and don’t want to be pushed around.”

Spear also testified that fining shippers for full containers that linger too long at ports is a bad idea because the cost just gets passed down to consumers. Los Angeles and Long Beach ports implemented such fines last month as a way to clear the backlog…..

We have a lot of power when we stand together and say, not no but HELL NO!


Yup. Been saying THIS since day one of the mandate madness.

Stand Together AND say NO. HELL. NO.

Pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, ramps workers. ANY ONE OR more of these groups says HELL NO, the airline STOPS. Airline capitulates OR goes out of business.

Same thoughts apply to truck driver, rail workers, shipyards medical world, FedEx/UPS…

Auto workers (UAW), Boeing…

We have seen a GROWING LIST of wins Stopping the Injection Mandate Madness.



Side note. The ignorant “fines” created by LA / SB ports has NOT been implemented.

Last edited 2 years ago by kalbokalbs

Remember Postal Service is exempt from jab mandate. They could spread the crud faster than anyone else because they visit every home every community in this country. It is all a farce and power grab by the elites and political establishment.


Yup. The exemptions ARE numerous AND as idiotic as the injection mandates.

Uniparty needs the Postal Service to deliver stolen elections. Would NOT be good to piss off the stolen election enablers.


Sadly so true 🙁


Here are the 19 Senate Republicans who voted with the Democrats:

  • Roy Blunt
  • Richard Burr
  • Shelley Capito
  • Bill Cassidy
  • Susan Collins
  • John Cornyn
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith
  • John Kennedy
  • Mitch McConnell
  • Jerry Moran
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Rob Portman
  • Mike Rounds
  • Marco Rubio
  • Richard Shelby
  • Thom Tillis
  • Roger Wicker
  • Todd Young





John Kennedy? Who got to him? Did any of these “Republican” traitors even read the SYNOPSIS of the bill? (Likely not)


And according to The Hill, Sen. Mike Lee’s anti-“vaccine mandate” amendment failed to pass by TWO VOTES — because TWO “Republican” Senators, THUNE and HAGERTY, missed the vote [so they could leave town]. Of course, EVERY DemCommunist voted AGAINST the amendment.
Apparently, The Turtle pulled off a “FAST ONE” between lunchtime and 5:30PM yesterday, when the final vote on the bill was done.


Thune and Haggarty Failed their constituents AND America.

Likely they conveniently “got out of town”. Fucking cowards.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thune is Noem in a skirt! 😉


Pretty sure her ‘skills’ exceed his.


Kennedy thinks he can keep fooling people by his populist antics that don’t really matter in the long scheme and then stabs the people in the back with the do or die legislation, always picking die when he thinks not enough are paying attention or when it’s crucial for him to do so. The populist antics are good, but should be a matter of course.

Anyway it’s good when we catch these creepy politicians doing something wrong and call them out for it, for then they do more populist antics which is a thorn for the left. However little by little they allow the ball to advance in the wrong direction. Best thing for it is primary them when it comes time.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. And GOP hacks wonder why these toads are getting primaried.




AND, last week numerous R-Cons voted for the Equality Act.

AND, a month or so ago R-Cons voted for whatever Billion dollar bill BiteMe wanted to Fund Socialism in America.

AND, BOTH, yesterday and a couple months ago R-Cons voted to increased National Debt. Asshoe R-Cons NEVER employ the leverage of their votes.

  • R-Cons are Complicit? Cowards? Followers? Tools of Globalists?
  • R-Cons are, ALL OF THE ABOVE.

AND, R-Cons continue to confirm BiteMe’s nominees for Cabinet, Judges…

AND, R-Cons are no where to be seen pushing back against the Across The Board lunacy we are facing.

AND, the J6 Political Prisoners languish. 24/7, approaching 365 for many of them. Forgotten by R-Cons, “conservatives”…

It ALL pisses me off Every Day!
Yes, I acknowledge MAYBE ten conservative Republicans in the Senate and House. They NEED to get MORE vocal and LEAD.

  • Fifty Republican Senators and 200+ Congress asshoes, and this cluster fuck rolling on, day after day, is the best they can do.

Personally, I am so beyond DONE with R-Cons. Have been done with the bastards since they surrendered an election we WON.

Have said and continue to believe we need a third party. Why one may inquire? There is little to no difference between D-rats and R-Cons – THEY ARE UNI-PARTY – JOINING VOTES TO DESTROY AMERICA.

Yea, I know we are going to change it one precinct at a time. Uh huh. Sure. NOT A BELIEVER IN THAT DREAM.

Yea, I know Trump said no third party. Trump is simply working with what he’s got.

Trump already knows, R-Cons ARE as much a Cancer on America, as D-Rats are a Cancer on America.


Deplorable Patriot

The depth of the corruption needed to be exposed. This is part of it.


The problem is getting from here to there, and that is where leadership comes in, something our side is in extremely short supply.


Yup. Conservatives have a huge leadership void.


There are many Federal agencies that seemingly exist merely to raise my blood pressure.

One of these is the Bureau of Land Management.

Its purpose is to manage the lands of the Federal government — encompassing 1/8 of the landmass of the entire United States.

Let’s review that pesky little document, the US Constitution…..

Article I, Section 8, 3rd Paragraph: “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;”

Article I, Section 8, 7th Paragraph: “To establish Post Offices and post Roads;”

Article I, Section 8, 17th Paragraph: “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;–And”

Article IV, Section 3, Paragraph 2: “The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.”

In short, the Constitution provides for the US to hold lands of Indian Reservations, Post Offices, Post Roads, Washington DC, and territories. And, lest ye forget, The Tenth Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

One eighth of the land mass of the United States is held by the United States and managed by the BLM [….there’s no BM like BLM….] in direct contravention of the Constitution. We should sell it off, 5% per year for the next 20 years, and decrease the BLM accordingly, and never allow the Federal government to hoard such assets against the States or the American People ever again.

Gail Combs



I would prefer to fail the debt limit, default on all US notes, and devote land sales to recoveries. We could have NO national debt in 20 years if we set ourselves to it.

Gail Combs

I just want to limit land sales to be to CERTIFIED US CITIZENS with the deeds stipulating the land can never be sold to a foreigner.

Too much of the USA has already been sold off piecemeal to foreigners.

From my very old notes:

 The Department of Homeland Security says 80% of our ports are operated by Foreigners and they are buying and running US bridges and toll roads. (Website scrubbed from site & Wayback)

Statistics (courtesy of Bridgewater) showed in 1990, before WTO was ratified, Foreign ownership of U.S. assets amounted to 33% of U.S. GDP in 1990. Today it is valued at over 70% of U.S. GDP. Foreigners own $2 trillion (19% of U.S. GDP) more in U.S. assets that the U.S. holds of theirs. Foreign ownership of the U.S. Treasury market is over 30%, over 23% of the corporate bond market, and 13% of the U.S. equity market. (Statistics courtesy of Bridgewater, Dec 13, 2002.)

As of 2002 Foreign ownership of U.S. corporations
 ….the percentage of foreign ownership as of 2002 by industrial sector was as follows:[2]

  • Sound recording industries – 97%
  • Commodity contracts dealing and brokerage – 79%
  • Motion picture and sound recording industries – 75%
  • Metal ore mining – 65%
  • Motion picture and video industries – 64%
  • Wineries and distilleries – 64%
  • Database, directory, and other publishers – 63%
  • Book publishers – 63%
  • Cement, concrete, lime, and gypsum product – 62%
  • Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment – 57%
  • Rubber product – 53%
  • Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing – 53%
  • Plastics and rubber products manufacturing – 52%
  • Plastics product – 51%
  • Other insurance related activities – 51%
  • Boiler, tank, and shipping container – 50%
  • Glass and glass product – 48%
  • Coal mining – 48%
  • Sugar and confectionery product – 48%
  • Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying – 47%
  • Advertising and related services – 41%
  • Pharmaceutical and medicine – 40%
  • Clay, refractory, and other nonmetallic mineral products – 40%
  • Securities brokerage – 38%
  • Other general purpose machinery – 37%
  • Audio and video equipment mfg and reproducing magnetic and optical media – 36%
  • Support activities for mining – 36%
  • Soap, cleaning compound, and toilet preparation – 32%
  • Chemical manufacturing – 30%
  • Industrial machinery – 30%
  • Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investments and related activities – 30%
  • Other food – 29%
  • Motor vehicles and parts – 29%
  • Machinery manufacturing – 28%
  • Other electrical equipment and component – 28%
  • Securities and commodity exchanges and other financial investment activities – 27%
  • Architectural, engineering, and related services – 26%
  • Credit card issuing and other consumer credit – 26%
  • Petroleum refineries (including integrated) – 25%
  • Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments – 25%
  • Petroleum and coal products manufacturing – 25%
  • Transportation equipment manufacturing – 25%
  • Commercial and service industry machinery – 25%
  • Basic chemical – 24%
  • Investment banking and securities dealing – 24%
  • Semiconductor and other electronic component – 23%
  • Paint, coating, and adhesive – 22%
  • Printing and related support activities – 21%
  • Chemical product and preparation – 20%
  • Iron, steel mills, and steel products – 20%
  • Agriculture, construction, and mining machinery – 20%
  • Publishing industries – 20%
  • Medical equipment and supplies – 20%


We know that Medical equipment and supplies is now a lot closer to 100% and the precentages across the board are now much higher.

Gail Combs

BTW the old article I quoted: The Value of Money By Greg Pickup January 3, 2003. is well worth the read. It looks at fiat currency, faith in money, inflation, counterfeiting as well as “Foreign ownership of U.S. assets”

…. The United Sates has had its own example of inflationary paper money.

 While it was not the first paper fiat money to be issued in North America, the currency of the Continental Congress is well documented both in issue and subsequent depreciation. 👉The continental currency of 1775 issued during the Revolutionary War competed with, and was convertible into, about $10 million in gold and silver. Despite being convertible, depreciation was swift and severe. By 1779, it had fallen to 12 to 1, and the following year the ratio was 100 to 1. In May of 1781, continentals ceased to circulate as money and was changed only by speculators at anywhere between 400 – 1000 continentals for one dollar in gold or silver.

Within six years of the original issue, the phrase “Not worth a continental” had entered the lexicon. In answer to the obvious question of why the Congress issued fiat money, it is instructive to read the reasoning of one member of that Congress, a sentiment that has little changed in the ensuing two centuries.

“Do you think, gentlemen, that I will consent to load my constituents with taxes, when we can send to our printer, and get a wagon of money, one quire of which will pay for the whole?” (William M. Gouge, A Short History of Paper Money and Banking in the United States, T.W. Ustick, 1833.)

Last edited 2 years ago by Gail Combs

I had no idea you think violating the fed constitution is an attractive alternative.

Gail Combs


The Federal Reserve IS NOT FEDERAL and HAS NO RESERVE. It is nothing but a counterfeiting operation. The USA should do what Iceland did. DEFAULT and then hang the Banksters.


Good with it. Hope they welcome the public like in the good’ol days. Yea, I am serious.


I should also note that a LARGE percentage of it is not really suited for homesteading, being that it’s desolate. Mind you, it can be used for mining, solar energy production, wildlife preservation, and such…..but nobody in their right mind wants to plop a home in the middle of that — especially without a store within 50 miles.

Auctioned to the highest bidder seems more straightforward.


And, BTW, land held for tribes should be deeded over in fee simple for the tribes to organize as they see fit. Having a bunch of bureaucrats in a building half-sunk in an Potomac swamp have more say over it than members of the tribe is just wrong.


Spoken as a civilized city dweller. Sorta like those that look down on “fly over country”. After all, the left and right coast know what is “better”.

Please skip the “solar energy production” BS.

Fully understand, City Dwellers have no use for the desert. City Dwellers should make decisions for cities AND NOT make uninformed decisions for the rest of the citizens.

City Dwellers COULD get out of the cities AND see what goes on in the desert.

  • Get past the “narrative” of what does NOT go on in the desert. STOP ignoring the IMMENSE potential of the desert lands.
  • LEARN WHAT DOES goes on in the desert.
  • HUGE swaths of desert have been converted to farms, ranches, money making machines.
  • Take a drive from civilized cities AND LOOK. It may open a few minds on reality.

IMO, Deserts are far more civilized places to live or enjoy recreation, than shit hole cities.


Antelope Valley, California is a good example.


Yup. Antelope Valley, another great area!

Kern County a great example of productive desert. As we increase distance from cities, more and more emerging areas.

Gail Combs

Antelope Valley….

Oh Brother!!!!

First the city/county coluded to TAKE the land from the homeowners AND MAKE THEM PAY FOR TEARING DOWN THE HOMES using ‘Not up to code’ bullshit.

THEN Warren Buffet made a KILLING stealing from the American tax payer with his solar farm.

Some where in my notes I have the whole story documented.


The point I was making was that such improvements will never be made by the BLM. The potential will never be tapped.

Once turned over to private interests, there is no end to the possibilities inherent in the land, as you say — but having the BLM sit on 1/8 of the country will never make it great.


100% BLM IS a parasite on America’s resource.


A substantial amount of this land has historically been used for grazing — and has run afoul of “the tragedy of the commons” [ ]. It would be far better to sell such lands to private entities who would be invested in maintaining and improving them, rather than let them be allocated by bureaucratic fiat and treated as rentals.

When you start to think about it, could there be any worse owner than the US Government and any worse property manager than the BLM?

Gail Combs

When you start to think about it, could there be any worse owner than the US Government and any worse property manager than the BLM?”

Not at all. I just do not want to see the title to all that land transferred to CHYNA!!!

Actually it SHOULD go back to STATE CONTROL like it was to start with.

The BLM was established in 1946. Before that, the General Land Office was created in 1812 to encourage homesteading and westward migration. 


The United States Grazing Service was a part of the United States Department of the Interior that managed grazing lands and carried out the Taylor Grazing Act, which leased public land for grazing.  It was later merged with the General Land Office to form the Bureau of Land Management.

  :wpds_arrow: The Grazing Service encountered multiple problems, such as very low fees to lease land, which could not be raised due to opposition from farmersbudget reductions enacted by Congress, or unlawful use of the lands. Hoping to better control improper use of the lands, the Grazing Service moved its headquarters from Washington, D.C. to Salt Lake City, Utah.

With so much conflict surrounding the Grazing Service, the Secretary of the Interior combined the Grazing Service and the General Land Office to form the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 1946. The BLM was given the responsibilities of the former U.S. Grazing Service and General Land Office.

The BLM retained control of its laws until 1976. In that year, Congress passed the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA). The FLPMA removed the responsibilities of the former General Land Office. It also changed fees and some regulations in the BLM’s other set of responsibilities, which had been owned by the Grazing Service, and that are still used today.

SO BLM was set-up by a BUREAU-RAT in 1946 — The President in the year 1946 was Harry S. Truman (Truman fired McArthur who wanted to expand the war against China) — And in 1976, just two years after the 1974 CIA Report:  “A Study of Climatological Research as It Pertains to Intelligence Problems.”  Congress officially formed the BLM Gerald R. Ford was president at the time and Carter was elected in November of that year.


History: Established in the Department of the Interior as the Division of Grazing Control pursuant to the Taylor Grazing Act (48 Stat. 1269), June 28, 1934. Name shortened to Division of Grazing, early 1935. Redesignated the Grazing Service by Departmental Order 1416, effective August 26, 1939. Administered, through a regional office system, 60 grazing districts aggregating 142,000,000 acres. Consolidated with the GLO, 1946, to form the BLM. Grazing Service functions subsequently combined with those of the Range Development Service, GLO, to form the Branch of Range Management, BLM. SEE 49.1 and 49.11.


Sell it to whoever, make ’em run it under the same rules as Americans must, and let them pay taxes like Americans…..and they’ll collapse and fold in a few years. See Pebble Beach and Roosevelt Center.

In the meantime, get it out from under the Swamp.


Rockefeller Center….I’m about to sack it in. Freakin’ fridge is being a pain again.

Gail Combs

Ours starts drooling water all over the floor every other day and we have to de-ice the freezer section.

I really hate the ‘New Improved’ appliances!


BTW, there really is little excuse for not consulting the Constitution — it’s only about seven pages long, and you can read from start to finish in half-an-hour.

Gail Combs


To bad the Supreme Court never bothers to read it.

BTW I would not care so much about foreign ownership if the CORRUPT Supreme Court did not give the corporations so much power over our elections and lobbying.


BLM is quite likely the MOST WORTHLESS Federal Agency.

BLM should be dissolved immediately.


By the end of the Obama administration they were pretty much an out of control bureaucracy. I expected them to come out of box in the start of the Bidenese Administration starting up where they had left off, but Trump must of really tied that agency up into knots so that they are only now getting loose enough to use their powers to excess by promoting and enforcing UN/Globalist dictates.


Moving their HQ to Grand Junction, CO was quite amusing.


For Steve:


More student interactions….

Gail Combs

For those who have not taken the time….

I strongly urge you to read: How Trump’s vaccines prevent the Great Reset and save humanity

and watch

and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer on Covid scam


I thought the article was very, very good. It shows a good half of how they intended to box in the US Government against our President, and how he charged through the ambush.

OTOH, it doesn’t really highlight some of the traps along the way — an example being the Twentieth Amendment — Section One of which states, “The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3d day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.”

By setting a date certain, this Amendment enabled those who would commit illegal acts and stall in their rectification to seat a President.

Gail Combs


Twentieth Amendment

Section 1

The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3d day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.

“….terms of Senators and Representatives [end] at noon on the 3d day of January…”

Means that a DEMOCRAT MAJORITY CONGRESS would PICK the President if the swing States did not ratify the electors.

BUT it is ONE VOTE PER STATE and the vote is by party affiliation so I think it would still be a Rebublican majority when figured that way unless the Piglouse could come up with a new twist. (This stuff makes my head hurt!)

comment image


Yep. In hindsight, the 20th Amendment (adopted in 1933) was a landmine.

Gail Combs

Another recommended page with videos.


The Second video is the World Economic Forum STATING THEIR PLANS FOR US. (1:32 min.)

The lawyer starts at 6:00 minutes in the last (third) video.


Watched the 2 hour Beck video last night. Excellent!

Gail Combs

Yes it is very good. That is why I reposted stole it from the Health update page.


I am glad you did, I bookmarked on your recommendation and made time last night to watch.

Highly recommended!



HUGELY REWARDING, to watch the Glenn Beck’s video.



Like 🙂


Nazi always a Nazi. Now we see what they are about they need to be brought to justice.


Well, let’s “out” the bitch —
The EU inked a HUGE deal with Pfizer for millions of doses of the company’s “vaccine.” Remember that PfizerUSA’s CO-EQUAL PARTNER is the German pharmaceutical firm, BIONTECH. BioNTech is the maker of COMIRNATY, the “vaccine” that was “fully approved” BOTH by the European Medicines Authority AND by the FDA in the United States.
Apparently, there are emails between Van Der Leyen and Bourla that members of the EU Parliament requested to be made public — and their request was REFUSED.
Last month, BOTH Van Der Leyen AND Bourla attended the Atlantic Council Leadership Awards conference and BOTH received awards.
comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

FUCKING HELL. This time, the Nazis made sure the Jews were on their side.


Oh my god you see it  😎 


Germany and Austrian politicians need to look in the mirror and need to see Hitler looking back at them.
They know what Hitler was about they know what their ancestors did exterminating the Jews , the handicap and everyone who stood in the way of their purpose.
Every German and every Austrian and every Jew should fight against the totalitarianism.
Now in the US we are ask to fight again and it will be costly just as it was in WWII.
US was reluctant to fight now we are reluctant to fight but when we do God help everyone who enabled this evil onto humanity.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

That is true there is a fine line. I think jabbing the kids will be one step to far !

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Forced jabs are cause for war, as far as I’m concerned.


Lynch the bastards that want to scrap the Nuremburg Code.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

They don’t even hide it any more.

This shows how absolutely WORTHLESS NATO turned out to be.

The very FIRST order of business of NATO was to prevent Nazism from arising again.

The SECOND was to prevent Soviet aggression and subversion.

And NATO and all these Atlantic GOONS couldn’t even keep Nazism from crawling out of the grave. HELL – they HELPED RESURRECT IT.


Just think without the US there would not be a Europe as we know it. US changed the what was in process WWII but Europe has never been grateful.
A culture where religion is prominent is a grateful culture. I know a culture a person how grateful they are.

Gail Combs


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy




Even the Chinee owned WHO says Moronic variant is over hyped.

Normies ARE DONE with endless skeery covid.

Appointment with Cardio yesterday.

Medical tech or whatever they are taking my vitals and playing 20 questions. Reviewed my meds and I added Ivermectin, 20mg twice a week. She looked at me and said what is Ivermectin. I spalined a bit. Like Quecertin it can open up a virus so zinc can zap it. She asked was it ITC, I said, no, i have a script.

Doc comes in and we go through the routine follow up. Any problem with all of my meds. Me, no. no side effects. Asks about Ivermectin script.

Explained to her over two years I have assked for HCQ and IVM on multiple visits. Carson Tahoe (local “health care” system) always says no. Cites CDC and CTH policy.

Explained I did the full disclosure thing and 20 questions with an online doctor. Got the script.

Further explained to her, everything I read, EITHER HCQ OR IVM, along with Zinc are excellent at preventing Covid. I settled on IVM as the least likely to have side effects. She nodded yes, smiled and moved on.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good job!!!


Catholics Worldwide Warn the Cardinals that Benedict XVI is the Pope

Gail Combs


Deplorable Patriot

The schism is already tearing at the fabric of the traditionalist movement. Sides have been taken, and, of course, it’s the intellectually lazy trads who are like, “No, Benedict is not the pope anymore. We just have to live with [Bergoglio].”

Of course, most of them can’t see The Great Reset despite all evidence.

Deplorable Patriot

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This dude seems more profound all the time.

Deplorable Patriot

He is a BRILLIANT man.


I hope this translates to:

”….at the worst possible time for the blasphemous usurpers, who will be totally exposed and revealed for who they really are (agents of Satan), and they will held to account and pay for the deceits and the damage they have caused.”

Deplorable Patriot

One can only hope.

However, historically, the Almighty waits until the last possible moment before intervening. That might be it. It also might be along the lines of attrition shuffling out the heretics from the hierarchy. The younger priests, both diocesan and in the orders, are pretty orthodox. Even in the Jesuits. It’s a refreshing change.

The one parish where I sing, the pastor gets help on any given weekend from the Dominicans and the Jesuits, mostly. Occasionally, a Franciscan. For the most part, they are by the book sorts, and the young Jesuit who is a regular LOVES to chant. Over the weekend, he started the chant on the dialog of the Preface, and I’m thinking, [expletive] I haven’t sung this in years. It worked out.


Please expound for me. I want to know more and better understand. Your knowledge greatly surpasses my own on this topic. Thank you in advance.

Last edited 2 years ago by ForGodandCountry
Deplorable Patriot

Expound on what, exactly? The infighting among conservative Catholics, or the unwillingness of the obedient ones to consider that maybe Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation was fishy?

It boils down to obedience over critical thinking. It’s no different than the people who took the clot shots, and don’t want to admit it was a mistake.



comment image



Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.
I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.

comment image


Andrew Cuomo under federal investigation over sexual harassment allegations

The Justice Department is investigating the sexual harassment allegations against former New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo (D), the latest repercussion to stem from the sweeping report issued by the office of the state’s Democratic attorney general.

Gail Combs


He gets a slap on the wrist and no jail time.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s the Washington Post, mouthpiece for the alphabet agencies.

There maybe something else going on as sexual harassment is the go to when something bigger is in the background.


Either way the most Fredo’s Bro will get is a fine or some other NOTHING punishment.


comment image

Gail Combs

Well, Well Well, this is interesting. I was watch an older War Room:

Episode 1,419 – MTG And Mike Lindell: Unleashed

And it stopped in the middle of MTG speaking @ 13:42 (Now it is hick-upping a few words and then back to dead)

All the Clips of MTG were also dead at least at first, but more recent videos from the War Room play OK as did the Mike Lindell clip from that 48 minute video.

Merrick Garland Is A Liar And He Perjured Himself
It doesn’t play and then hick-ups thru the Merrick Garland video clip, Bannon’s part is OK. Then back to hick-ups thru MTG talking of the FBI whistleblower and school boards VS Moms.

Republicans Need A Good Plan To Save The Country And Stop CommunismFirst part, clips from the Fake news is fine then stops for minutes before hick-upping to another stop after the movie clip and Bannon for several minutes before hick-upping again.

Mike Lindells clip plays just fine.


Is anyone else seeing this phenomenon???


Yes, have seen the inexplicable blank screen, audio probs when certain topics or certain guests get to an important message. Noticed this a lot

Deplorable Patriot

I’ll have to get to the videos later. I’ve taken to crocheting while I listen to various ones with a time limit during the day when the sunlight is optimal, and I can actually see the stiches on dark yarn.

Deplorable Patriot

And since I really can’t see the screen at that hour of the day given the angle of the sun right now….

Deplorable Patriot

Rebellion is in the air.


More good news.

Deplorable Patriot

Incrementalism at work. The calls for ditching the Nuremberg Code begin.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

NAZIS! Now with “inclusivity”! Jews welcome!!!

Deplorable Patriot

Are you kidding me?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Totalitarian idiots.


I hope everyone is doing well.


Doing well. Upright. Feeling good. Temps just went above freezing. Sun is shining with little wind. AND, in many areas we are gaining ground over the evil forces aligned against Americana and the global community.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Gail Combs

I was out working on the fence in a short sleeved tee shirt today.

Deplorable Patriot

Imagine that.

Deplorable Patriot

This is a down to earth article on the sexes that might be useful. There’s no Dogma presented, just commentary going back to Plato and Aristotle.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Rut Roh, Damn that Omicron!! 😂🤣

November Payrolls Huge Miss: Just 210K Jobs Added, But Unemployment Rate Tumbles | ZeroHedge

With the median Wall Street economist expectation of a 550K print, just slightly above last month;s 531K, and whisper numbers of 564K, any number that came at or above (and wasn’t a huge miss) would be seen by the market as validating the Fed’s accelerated taper which could be announced as soon as Dec 15. Alas it was not meant to be, because moments ago the BLS reported that in November, the US added just a tiny 210K jobs (down a stunning 336K from October’s upward revised 546K), and the smallest monthly increase since December!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

US Manufacturing Slumps To Weakest Since 2020 As Cost Inflation Hits Record High | ZeroHedge

October and November have seen US macro-economic data surprise to the upside (admittedly from a depressingly low level overshoot), and flash PMI signaled an uptick in Manufacturing earlier in the month, but that was the end of the good news.

  • Markit US Manufacturing was a big disappointment, tumbling from 59.1 earlier in the month to 58.3 final for November, which is below October’s final 58.4 – the weakest print since Dec 2020.
  • ISM US Manufacturing also disappointed, though only modestly, printing 61.1 vs 61.2 exp, but up from October’s 60.8.

So Markit worst since 2020, and ISM best since March…

Gail Combs

Remember this is the holiday season when companies are adding ALOT of workers to the payroll so these numbers are HORRIBLE!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Uniparty pretending to be on the people’s side. 🙄🙄

Manchin Joins GOP Effort To Nix Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Large Businesses | ZeroHedge

The moderate Democratic Senator from West Virginia announced Thursday night that he would be supporting a Senate GOP effort to resist the mandate, which is supported by all 50 Republicans in the chamber. With Manchin’s vote, the resolution can pass.

“Let me be clear, I do not support any government vaccine mandate on private businesses. That’s why I have cosponsored and will strongly support a bill to overturn the federal government vaccine mandate for private businesses,” he said in a statement, adding “I have long said we should incentivize, not penalize, private employers whose responsibility it is to protect their employees from COVID-19.”

“I have personally had both vaccine doses and a booster shot, and I continue to urge every West Virginian to get vaccinated themselves.”

That said, the resolution would still need to pass the House – and as The Hill notes, would likely be vetoed by Biden.

Republican senators introduced the resolution earlier this year under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to roll back the mandate, with which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration orders businesses with at least 100 employees to require their workers to get vaccinated or undergo regular testing by Jan. 4.

Republicans are able to use the CRA to force a vote to nix Biden’s mandate at a simple majority vote. The resolution is expected to come to the floor for a vote next week and Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.), who is leading the effort, told The Hill on Thursday night that he is in talks with a handful of additional Democratic senators.

Deplorable Patriot

Booster saline, huh.


comment image

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vax Docs | ZeroHedge

The FDA’s excruciatingly slow release of data related to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has already borne fruit, and it’s damning despite a trickle of just 500 pages per month out of 329,000 pages – which will take until 2076 to complete.

As first reported by Kyle Beckerthere were a total of 42,086 case reports for adverse reactions (25,379 medically confirmed, 16,707 non-medically confirmed), spanning 158,893 total events.

More than 25,000 of the events were classified as “Nervous system disorders.”

comment image?itok=zOFF6udr

Since the vaccine has been publicly administered, there have been over 913,000 reports of adverse events in the OpenVAERS global database.

comment image?itok=HLd5tprN
And that’s just what’s been reported.
Meanwhile, Twitter has suspended the account of @iGNORANTCHiMP – who brought much of this to light, and corrected minor inaccuracies within his thread.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎


My husband would be in trouble getting the jab. He has heart condition, diabetics even though it is under control and has some kidney problems that have improved. This shot would for sure be a problem for his health.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

Someone close to the top of thread pointed out what may be a foot soon.

Full text where it gets cut off says: “A number of heart related complications may occur, including heart failure, arrhythmias, heart inflammation, and blood clots.”

Not sure where he got this though, maybe “Mitch” just likes to stir up trouble. Using an image instead of actual searchable text can often be a tell tale sign of making stuff up and as of yet I’ve not seen his highlighted portion anywhere on pages describing symptoms, but I did not do an exhaustive search, while it is the sort of thing you’d expect from devious bastards if they could get away with it. Right now I’m guessing they can’t or it’s too early in the Omicron game to try.

Last edited 2 years ago by para59r
bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Brandon is delusional.


Dopey BiteMe does NOT know he IS making shit up.


He made slip ups all his life except people ignored it.



comment image?resize=505%2C432&ssl=1

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Isn’t she leaving at the end of the month? Will they promote that little black lady who occasionally fills in for her, she seems sweet but dumber than dirt. Can’t pull from da Ho’s staff, she’s lost FOUR in this past month.🤣


Anybody dumb enough to listen to Raggedy Ann shouldn’t be allowed to vote. And whomever they pick to replace her just has to be able to lie straight-faced with a smirk. Intelligence is not a factor.

These people are insufferable.


It’s just like their blaming random things on “climate change.” More crime? Climate change. Drug use soaring? Climate change.


So they all went to the same parties and were in same circles but does not mean everyone knows what Epstein and Maxwell were doing.
I have known a pastor who lead a life know one knew about but I associated with the person . I am sure there are pictures of many people with him but no one knew until the scandal came out. I need to know more.


Yes, the pics don’t mean a thing if they were taken at social events.


Yes but people will spin this because of hate or what ever.


Alec Baldwin, eh?



And Melania Trump?


Zero concern by me. Likely connections from before Epstein was tossed from Mara Lago. Trump has said he only flew on Epstein’s plane for convenience. An East Coast flight. Perhaps Melania did also.


I am going to be careful of assuming just because someone is in a black book there was something unethical going on.
I have people in my black book just in case when I was active in Spiritual Formation for the Synod. People took my number down just in case they needed to reach me.
I wonder how many people are in Epstein’s black book whom they only knew from restaurants or hotel or just in case for business purposes?
Not everyone has to do with sex does not mean they did not try to reel them in?

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Gail Combs

Epstien targeted Donald Trump. Back in 2016 there was a story from his chauffeur. Donald was invited to a party at Epstein’s Florida home. When he got there he remarked to his Chauffeur how nice it was that Epstein let the neighborhood kids use his pool (These were the kids he was trafficking) Donald only remained in the house for about 10 minutes and then left….

SO President Trump KNEW what Epstein was up to.


Good he left. Epstein wanted to entrap him.


Oh I knew POTUS had hitched a ride once from FL to Newark Airport (EWR) at some point on one of Epstein’s planes. What I read said that neither Epstein nor Maxwell were on the flight.


Interesting point.


Donald Trump, Melania Trump. So he had their phone numbers. He used to attend events at Maralago until PDJT kicked him out.


I posted an article yesterday on the tragic results of the first release of 500 pages from the Phizer report on their clinical “vaccine” trials given to the FDA, and ordered released by court order on a FOIA request. The FDA asked for 55 YEARS to release the data, and this judge said NO, this was the FIRST batch of likely hundreds of thousands of pages of data, and just from Pfizer. There was some questions on not knowing the total number of those in the trial that I miss posted. Some have said that 1200 or so out of millions tested or injected would not be “bad” ( ibelieve the control group was @50000)

. Remember, this is JUST the numbers they provided, likely WAY low, JUST for Pfizer, JUST the first 90 days. Who wants to bet the others are equally as bad, AND that MANY more of the original test subjects died or developed complications (“serious adverse effects” AFTER the 90 day report was finalized and sent. The point I was trying to make are as follows

1) this is the FIRST trove of 500 pages, and it is HORRIBLE and numbers likely way low

2) this is JUST 1 pharmaceutical company out of at least 4 that produce this RDNA abomination of a “vaccine” They all have FDA reports and control groups too. Wonder what THEIR numbers are?

3) These numbers are HORRENDOUS, no other drug, despite the benefits or consequences of not being produced, would have ANY shot in getting approved on humans, let alone CHILDREN with these types of results in the control clinical group, even if that group was 1 million, 1200 deaths in just 90 days is too much, especially when they are now MANDATING people take it, 330 million or so. This abomination has likely KILLED just as many as the actual virus has, and that is just death, there are living nightmares WORSE than death like stoke, heart attack, nerve damage, and more. There were tens of thousands of these “adverse events” listed, imagine how many were HIDDEN or developed AFTER this “report”
4) This is the FIRST shoe, there are MANY more coming, and I will bet my gopher suit they are FAR worse than this. You do not give your WORST release first, if this was as bad as it was going to get, why ask for 55 YEARS to release it all, Remember, they are NOT Xeroxing these copies, they are merely handing over .pdf files, it would take about 2 weeks to vet for “proprietary” info related to the drug company practices, and then 30 seconds to release the data. To ask for 2 plus GENERATIONS of time to release it can ONLY mean one thing, the truth is BAD, Nuremberg genocide BAD.  

Sorry to rant, but I was ‘around” for the Fauci AZT DISASTER, and this smells WORSE. At least those poor souls had a CHOICE. They were not MANDATED. Remember, they HID those results too, and there has yet been NO accountability to Fauci et al. I am telling you, this makes AZT and Africa look like a first grade outbreak of the chickenpox, this is going to be EARTH SHATTERINGLY bad in the amount of DEATH and suffering caused by Fauci’s “vaccine” and his heath care protocols like vents and Remdisivir, coupled with the dem Govs putting the elderly in petri dishes. These people ALL need to meet the business end of a 6’ rope over an 8 ‘ hole. The Nazi’s were PIKERS compared to this tragic scam, and it is GLOBAL. 

I personally know of a study on a cancer drug, that got held up, and recalled over 35 deaths in a control group of @10000 that is 10 times less than the control group for Pfizer, and there were WAYYYYYY less “Adverse Events”, oh and the icing, the control group lasted 8 months. I posted on a life saving drug now awaiting approval that has been in waiting for SEVEN YEARS. Trust me, its control group is in the 10’s of thousands, and has nowhere NEAR 1200 directly attributed deaths.

Put it this way, if Tylenol had killed nearly 3% in its control group after 90 days, regardless if the control group was 100 or 100000, it NEVER would have been FDA approved, let alone mandated. This is just what we know SO FAR. The other shoe will drop, mark my words.


I posted the following yesterday in response to some discussion about this. I am reposting with some corrections. I was so wound up about it I made errors!

I think it is relevant. I compared what happened with the Swine Flu vaxx and the Covid vaxx:

There is a table that can be made to show the number of vaccines world-wide for Covid by date.

This is the data up to February 28, 2021 (first number fully vaxxed, second number partly vaxxed, third number is the total), when the Pfizer Covid report was generated:

United States 29.45 million 26.67 million 56.12 million
United Kingdom 19.46 million 20.28 million
India 9.39 million 11.85 million
Turkey 6.87 million
Brazil 6.54 million
Israel 4.73 million
Russia 4.16 million
Germany 4.14 million
United Arab Emirates 3.48 million
Chile 3.32 million
France 3.13 million
Italy 2.99 million
Spain 2.57 million
Mexico 1.89 million
Serbia 924,683
Hungary 685,247
Uruguay 560,191
Bahrain 307,145

These add up to a bit over 130 million total vaxxed (at least one shot).

The estimates I can find of the number of swine flu vaccines given world-wide is around 60 million. This is not quite half of the number of Covid vaxxes given up to Feb. 28. There were somewhere between 30 and 50 deaths from the Swine Flu vaccine. Estimates vary on that.

30-50 deaths from the Swine Flu vaxx is a whole lot less of a percentage of 60 million than 1200+ is of 130 million for the Covid vaxx. And they yanked that Swine Flu vaccine right off the market.


BINGO! And remember, this is just the first 90 days, and ONE of the 4 “vaccine” makers. If they released this info first, what are they HIDING to release later. 55 YEARS requested. This is Nazi level genocide. Remember the “vaccines” have only been out ONE YEAR.

Gail Combs


498,000 to 762,000 people were killed by the Nazis.The Covid bio-weapon + Clot shot will well surpass that when you look at the deaths caused in the next five years.

There are 774,000 covid deaths in the USA alone.


Meanwhile the 774,000 covid deaths are still suspect when it comes to died from and died with. Then for the died with the amped up PCR test comes into play. Revisions to this number will only move lower.

Gail Combs

I realize that. BUT it is becoming more and more likely it IS a bio-weapon AND it was INTENTIONALLY released.

So I just hoist them on their OWN LIE! You want to CLAIM those numbers FauXI? THEN YOU OWN THOSE NUMBERS when it comes to charges of Genocide!

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These are numbers that the other side can’t effectively argue against.

These are the kind of numbers that give US expertise and make THEM the liars.


Sundance can’t find it:

“Unfortunately, the FDA redacted the total number of vaccinations that took place during the three month window, citing national security. However, the FDA did provide the number and type of serious ‘Adverse Event’ reports which took place during the three months.

The total number of vaccinations during the three months is unknown.”

But I did. Tee-hee.

Maybe Sundance should read here. 😉

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Ya done good, sister! 😎


Lol. I’m just being a smart ass!

More, I was making the point that SD really is missing out on some first-class research here every day, and it’s not mine I mean. When he banned most of the people here, he cut off his nose to spite his face.

Gail Combs

prognosticatasaurusrex, ADD this to your news AND YOU KNOW THEY ARE WORRIED!

SHOCKING: In the wake of Austria’s drastic lockdown

SHOCKING: In the wake of Austria’s drastic lockdown of unvaccinated people, EU chief calls for throwing out Nuremberg Code. Ursula Van Der Leyen, the head of the EU commission, told the press on Wednesday that she is in favour of scrapping the long-standing Nuremburg Code and forcing people to get vaccinated against COVID.


Calling to scrap the Nuremburg Code, scrap Human Rights IS, in my mind, an admission, THEM BARSTARDS ARE GUILTY of EXPERIMENTING ON HUMANS.

IF calling to scrap the Nuremburg Code AND force injections, does NOT wake up the masses in the EU, nothing will.


Yeah, now WHY would they want to do that now hmmm. Fear of hemp burns perhaps.


Cannot prove it, but the facts even though suppressed seem to be penetrating into the consciousness of the general population. Information like this so so valuable.


Yep, The more people find out and pass it on the better. I have always said that yes the general American public can be fooled and manipulated, BUT, when they find out they have been played and lied to, well, hell hath no fury. They will not want blood, they will DEMAND it.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Gonna be quick and to the point here! I appreciate and agree qualitatively with everything you are saying – but I still say it’s absolutely critical to avoid glaring mistakes in numbers, because that’s how the other side retains false authority.

Wrongly asserting “3% deaths” destroys our side’s credibility.

Here is an example of what I’ve had to watch – biting my tongue – how our side LOSES by pushing bad numbers that give THEM the obvious “expertise”.

Example: British Ministry of Health data.

On a left-leaning site, I watched this one nice but foolish anti-vaxx dude grab the WRONG TABLE from the WRONG WEEK of the MHS weekly updates – showing more deaths among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated.

The problem was, the numbers were not only from early in the pandemic (the numbers changed) – they were totally unadjusted to actual percentages of vaccinated and unvaccinated in the UK population at the time.

In no time flat, a Nazi apologist jumped into action and made a fool out of the guy, proving that when normalized to the actual numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated in the UK, the numbers really meant that the unvaccinated were dying at a higher rate.

Instantly lost the battle completely to the entire audience of thousands.

In fact, I half-suspect that the “anti-vaxx” guy was actually a PLANT designed to pull a SCRIPTED LOSS.

But what if he would have picked the RIGHT numbers? DIFFERENT WEEK. DIFFERENT TABLE. The population-adjusted numbers, after Delta emerged, were EXACTLY what he was alleging – meaning the VACCINATED were dying at a higher rate, per 100,000. And those numbers are right there in a government table.

MHS actually got embarrassed by those numbers. Not sure if they’ve removed them yet.

Bottom line – we have to be ON TARGET. No misfires!!!


Well I re did the numbers, and the study was @50000 in the control group. There were 1223 deaths so to be completely accurate, it is 2.446% Not 3, but not egregious either. This is not about the entirety of all vaccinations, it was meant as the control group.

My point being if the control group in the first 90 days had 2.446% death, what are the REAL numbers after that group.

As Abergine pointed out they pulled the swine flu for 25-30 deaths out of 60 million or so doses.

I understand your wish for accuracy, and why, I will try to do better with actual numbers.

I think the confusion lied in that I was talking about the control group, not the entirety. We cannot prove the actual numbers because they will NOT give them to us. I guess I did a bad job or the correlations.

The point is simple, whether it is 2.446% of the control group, or “less than 1%” of the supposed 442 million doses given in the US, there are FAR too many people dying from this supposedly “safe and effective vaccine” not even counting the living horrors that are not death to be mandated on ANYONE, let alone children.

By their own CDC numbers 442 million doses up to Nov 20 2021, with les than 1% experiencing Adverse Events” Notice they do not say if that is .99 or .00009 or whatever. We KNOW they are lying because they are using a generalization (like I did) and not a solid number. 1% of 442000000 is 4420000, Adverse effects if even 1% of those is death, that is 44200. I will bet my gopher suit it is or will be revealed WAY higher than that.

The last real figure I can find is 14701 in Sept 13th with an AVERAGE of  pgroup2 per day at that time since the numbers last updated in July 2021. 14701 at 70 more per day is a total 24751. Name me a “safe and effective vaccine” that has killed 1/3 of that, regardless of denominator

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

To be completely clear:

The deaths (1200, 1223, whatever) were deaths from the Pfizer vaccine [which were admitted by Pfizer to be such] during the first 3 months of release.

Although it has nothing obviously to connect it to the trial numbers (which were BEFORE the release), it DOES have something to say about them (wait for it).

Assume Pfizer has some large chunk of Aubergine’s 130 million figure for those 3 months, which I believe is a solid number. Just say Pfizer was half that, in the same way that the swine flu number of doses total was half that.

That makes 60 deaths vs. 1223 directly comparable. We’re talking 20 times as dangerous as the swine flu vaccine that was pulled.

So what does THAT say about the trials?

The same number should have shown up. 20 times as dangerous as the swine flu results. But the vaccine did NOT red-flag during the trials.

Looks to me like Pfizer have have been excluding vaccine death cases somehow.


Yes EXACTLY, and the somehow to me is obvious. They are rolled in as covid virus deaths,.. hence the “2 weeks window” in getting the vaccine and dying.

There is the REAL number. People do NOT count as “vaccinated” unless they have had the “vaccine” for 2 weeks IE SURVIVED.

Again, I will bet my gopher suit that those who got Covid (from the “vaccine” in the first 2 weeks (or so wink wink) and then died, were ordered to be listed AS Covid deaths and NOT “vaccine” deaths.

IF those stats could be obtained, and I bet they are somewhere in the Pfizer FDA reports (just not in the first 500 page release) /I bet the REAL death totals, not to mention “Adverse Effects” are MUCH MUCH higher.

This again is JUST the report of one of the 4 “vaccine” makers. I will again bet my gopher suit that this is following the GIGO methodology liberals use so well (like climate change)

What do I mean? Well think. Lets suppose (educated guess wink wink) that hospitals, heath care facilities, nursing homes et al, are required to report ANY deaths within 2 weeks of “vaccination” as a Covid death, and NOT a “vaccine” death. Plausible right, after all, they “could” (think WOULD) lose the goose that laid the golden egg if Covid funding was pulled due to “bad numbers”

So if your funding, which is WAY down due to fear (less people coming to the facility), less taxes (due to less people working due to the same fear), Covid is your CASH COW. You do not want to do ANYTHING to upset the applecart. After all, these people were sick or old and truly really might have died from the virus and not that “helpful” and “well intentioned” “vaccine” RIGHT?

I assume, knowing of your writings, and knowing my background (alike) you have been involved in either the preparation, reception, or benefit of a federal grant. I HAVE. Let me tell you, most of the studies are NOT going to do ANYTHING that might “damage” that continuing flow of grant money. They will report JUST what the grant giver (in this case NIH or FDA) WANTS to hear. The fact that those that have bucked the trend (and there are MANY, and GROWING) have been excoriated, shunned, and branded as “conspiracy theorists” aids in the continued sham. Good people, being HONEST do NOT want their reputations soiled, they someday do want to get OTHER grant monies, promotions, endowments, etc to further their legit research. Peer pressure coupled with the very real threat of losing your grant monies, reputation, and therefore livelihood, is enough to get most to “go along to get along” After all this is about “saving lives” right? WRONG! This is about POWER and MONEY…PERIOD.

If these people TRULY CARED about saving lives, they would do ANYTHING, including and especially using ALL means available to end this “pandemic”. Especially if they KNOW, and they do that the existing protocols of vent and Remdisivir are doing more HARM, while at the same time DENING things they also know are WORKING like HCQ and Ivermectin.

I have watched over 100000 people take the hypocritic oath. The first tenant is “do NO harm” Either they did not take their oath seriously, or they never meant it in the first place, it was just about making MONEY.

Trust me Wolf, I have talked to MANY in both the research and medical communities, including those that have produced and ARE producing FDA and NIH approved and granted drugs. NONE of them understand what the hell we are doing with this “virus” or its “vaccine” We are IGNORING 300 plus years of proven medical science. REAL science, not pseudo .

It is ALL about power and money, and they will do ANYTHING to keep it. Including obfuscate, hide, and flat lie (alter) numbers to aid in the scam. The virus is real though man altered, the treatments, power grabs and hype are what is being manufactured with VERY real consequences to the people.

THAT is why I am so pissed. 35 years have I been in this industry. I am ASHAMED now to say so.

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Communism destroys everything it touches.


Oh that made me laugh!


Severe aggravation, cause: global evil

Barb Meier

The Facts of Science Prove That Each Human Life Begins at Fertilization by James D. Agresti –








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Check this out!

Fauci demands Fox punish Lara Logan for comparing him to Nazi ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele: Hints at legal action as he calls calls the attack ‘slanderous’ and ‘disgusting’

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci criticized Fox Nation host Lara Logan Thursday for her comments comparing him to an infamous Nazi war criminal earlier this week
  • He called the conservative journalist’s comparison ‘slanderous’ and ‘disgusting’ 
  • Logan compared Dr Anthony Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele during on-air discussion on Fox News Primetime Monday
  • Comments were made in the context of Fauci’s comments about new COVID-19 variant Omicron 
  • Mengele, dubbed ‘Angel of Death,’ was a doctor at Auschwitz death camp who performed hideous experiments on prisoners  

PUBLISHED: 08:27 EST, 3 December 2021 | UPDATED: 11:16 EST, 3 December 2021

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