Heads Up: PSA – Health Miracles Update on Grandson, Rock Star & Tradebait

Praise the Lord. That’s all we can say. We have been blessed beyond measure. We give our thanks and praise on this Thanksgiving Day 2022.

Let’s begin.


I will not repeat where we started with our 9 year old grand young’un. His information was last summarized and updated with a PSA on 10/22 if you are not familiar and desire to be.

As of today he has now completed the six month chiropractic program. All previous severe out of alignment areas of his hips, spine and atlas (C1) from the birth trauma are within acceptable ranges. He stands straight, tall and proud of who he is becoming. He has now entered monthly maintenance for a year with another set of x-rays planned at the end of it. He has been cleared to resume golfing with Papaw next spring and I am so happy about it!

His progress has been nothing short of remarkable. This time seven months ago he had no coordination and was severely underdeveloped physically, He could not run normally, dribble or shoot a basketball, ride a bike, etc. His golfing consisted of taking short jabs at the ball awkwardly. Now, he plays basketball and has developed a nice jump shot, rides his bike up and down the street, runs often and like the wind. He no longer needs or receives PT services privately or from the school. He has become a normal 9 year old boy physically and emotionally.

At the same time we went about establishing a new baseline for his absence seizures. We weaned him off the non-effective medications. This resulted in a significant increase in seizure occurrence, but far less severity and duration as his chiro treatments progressed. The frequency scared his teachers, school admin, and a few of the students in his class this fall. His parents arranged for him to be seen by a more accomplished, caring and thorough pediatric neurologist a two hours drive from their home. With his spine and CNS now normal from the chiro adjustments, the neurologist restarted him again on Ethosuximide, which is the safest and most successfully used med for the condition. An MRI, genetics test and EEG have now been completed. They were done and analyzed in an incredibly short period of time that is rare to receive today. We believe God intervened. There are no coincidences.

Our boy’s tests were all negative for serious abnormalities. You could hear the cries of joy throughout the area as our prayers were answered. The EEG revealed the Ethosuximide is having the desired effect even during his sleep. No seizures, no concerning spikes at all. Which matches what observations have been at home and at school since the med was restarted. No seizures, no events. It appears our boy may be in the 70% who tend to outgrow the condition by their teenage years. The neurologist plans to revisit the dosage at his next testing in hopes of reducing it if things continue on this trajectory.

The great thing is the neurologist has provided the actual written reports of results as received and follows with discussion about them – without asking. The previous neurologist would not even return a phone call and it took months to do an EEG test with no reports. She has concluded the diffuse thickening of his corpus callosum in his brain found in the MRI is an aberration that could be related to his allergy condition or recent bout with COVID in August since there were no other collaborating observations, especially after reviewing the genetics and EEG results.

From up to 30 absence seizure events per day to none! Opening his nerves in the affected areas with chiro adjustments enabled the neurons to retrace into the formerly negatively impacted parts of his spine, body and brain. His body is relearning how it should work and is being retrained. The seizure med has leveled the neuron impulses. So, instead of spikes that included sudden bursts of energy, excessive emotions and absence seizures brought on by stress and anxiety; he is calmer, yet active physically and emotionally.

But there is MOAR, much MOAR! His pediatrician had also previously diagnosed him with ADHD. ADHD and absence seizure conditions go hand in hand per both the pediatrician and neurologist. We had initially agreed with the diagnosis, but had bigger issues to deal with first. Again, we needed the new baseline post chiro adjustments to be achieved as well as the absence seizures dealt with before tackling this one. It became time to address once the other areas were addressed. So, after consulting with Wolf on the pediatrician’s med recommendations, we agreed to try Intuniv. The pediatrician started with the lowest dosage possible for a couple of weeks. The teachers and our family agreed there was about a 10-15% improvement in focus. So last week it was increased slightly and we are monitoring. There have been no side effects other that the small weight loss discussed below.

School performance has been good. He even got into a bit of trouble with a buddy for cutting up too much in class and had to do some running in the gym. He loved the running. So they will need to find a different punishment. That’s my boy! Even with that he received a citizenship award for the reporting period.

The side effect of the two meds was a decrease in weight of a few pounds initially even though his appetite actually improved. This could not work long term as he is in the 6 percentile in weight. The pediatrician continued to monitor and recommended the use of a powdered high calorie/fat supplement, Duocal, to be added to some of his favorite foods.

Boom! Gained it back in a week. Guess who had refused to even try Mamaw’s homemade chili and cornbread his first nine years? The same kid who could not get enough of it this past Sunday at our family dinner. With an increased appetite and calmness he is open to trying many more foods that he had refused in the past. Another area on track.

The next issue was sensory related. He was diagnosed with it soon after birth. It related to food textures and touch. The chiro adjustments helped the touch issues immensely. That has essentially disappeared. The texture in foods issue and tongue usage is now being addressed by a local therapist that worked with him on it and communications from 2-4 years old. She is already having success as evidenced by the eating of the chili and cornbread.

We have one more item to address – allergies. He suffers sinus allergy issues like many of us in east TN. It has been interrupting his sleep for far too many nights for far too long. The condition was even observed by his pediatric neurologist during the sleep EEG. He will see a local pediatric allergist to get started on that one next week.

I post all of this to celebrate God’s goodness in opening the channels of information flows that have occurred here and within our family’s contacts. Professionals have been placed in our path at just the right time that led to the next step at every point. It was all just so logical. We placed our total trust in Him and have lifted our grandson up for Him to heal if it is His will.

Which leads to the most important blessing of all. With the open presence of faith expressed in our homes, by medical professionals, teachers, friends, and at church; he has grown to know the Lord better and has asked Him into his heart as his Savior. His journey has strongly impacted his younger brother, who has been concerned and protective of his big brother. His younger brother is so advanced beyond his years. He simply amazes all he meets.

The two are very different. One has struggled from birth and is the most loving and fun kid you would ever want to know. The other came out of the womb running and is as mentally sharp and physical as they come. Yet, the love they have for each other is profound when they are not messing with each other as brothers do. If all of you could hear the adult type conversations those two have with each other about Jesus, Bible stories, their mistakes and sins, concerns for others, and so on; well, you would be in as much awe as we are. It has led to both going to the altar together last Sunday during worship at their church. Both have been talking to the family’s pastor and when he determines it is appropriate they will be baptized at the same time, together, with their daddy assisting.

All glory to God! Miracles big and small right before our eyes.

Wifey – My Rock Star

I reported that my wife and I had started chiro treatments in that same post in October. Wifey was struggling. Her physical abilities and characteristics were deteriorating since her fall and knee fracture a year and a half ago. She had taken recovery as far as it could go without help. She had become frail from losing too much weight to get off BP meds, then the fall through the deck we were repairing happened. It’s hard anytime and especially when you are over 70 to come back from these type setbacks.

Over the years her atlas had moved out of alignment significantly, her head had also shifted forward increasing the bend in her neck and her lower lumbar region showed severe scoliosis. Her inner ear suffering from Meniere’s Disease was worsening. Things were not looking all that promising.

We observed what happened with our grandson and she agreed, finally, to consider chiropractics. Nothing else had worked for her Meniere’s condition; not meds, not therapies, not changes in diet, nothing. Surgery is a last resort, rarely a successful option for Meniere’s. During her chiro x-rays and evaluation it jumped out at both of us. We could see it without the chiro explaining it. Her Eustachian Tube to one ear was pinched by the angle of her skull at the atlas. There was no way for fluid to drain out of her ear, which is crazy bad for people like her with severe allergies. Our chiro, who had studied and treated inner ear issues and Meniere’s previously, felt she could provide improvement in the condition in short order. After beginning the adjustments she was anxious to learn about how wifey would do with the travel to our annual fall frolic to the beach after three weeks of treatments.

It went great! She literally had no inner ear events in a combined 14 hours of being on the road. In the past the trips were miserable for her, but she would endure just to be able to go to our destination. She had none in our local travels since treatment as well. She is as thrilled as I am, telling her friends and family all about it. Some of whom chastised her for even considering going to a chiro in the first place with her low bone density. I know she is thrilled because she is giving me and our daughter the credit for encouraging her to at least get an eval and try.

Her atlas is within .9 mm of being in normal ranges already. The chiro was so pleased with her progress and result. Since she is also a teaching professional in her industry; the diagnosis, treatment, and results for handling this medical condition will be taught nationwide, just like it is with our grandson’s. She discusses each case without names and shows redacted x-rays and any medical reports, blood lab tests, etc she has permission to use.

The impact on my grandson’s and Rock Star’s lives has been huge. The potential impact for others around the country is mind blowing.

The adjustments have also begun shifting the weight of her head back to being over her spine where it belongs instead of leaning forward. Her lumbar region spine angle also improved 35% in just 9 adjustments. This has taken the pressure off her surgically repaired knee. She has become much more active and was able to do two mile walks along the beach, which is something she has not be able to do in twenty years without physical pain in her side caused by the scoliosis. About a mile was her limit. Upon our return, I cannot slow her down. If she doesn’t want to go somewhere she is working all over the house. She is wearing her old man out just watching her!

This progress has enabled her to kick her prescription fluid pill to the curb, her last prescription med. Another dependent is totally off the books of Big Pharm.

Tradebait’s Turn

Yup, my turn. I was always blessed with good flexibility until I hit about 64 years old. At that point my back had reached the point it was either sore or tight everyday. It began affecting my hamstrings and calves with more tightening. That is not what a golfer and fitness walker wants, ever. I discussed what the chiro found with my x-rays and evaluation along with the early results of the treatments in the previous October post. It was clear I needed the treatments badly and I was all in immediately.

I had amazing results with the first 9 treatments that were confirmed with follow-up x-rays. We then left for the beach. There was no elevator and a 36 step stairway to climb to the condo on the second floor with enough luggage and stuff for a two week stay to be lugged. No way was I going to let my Rock Star mess up her progress, so I did the work.

No problems the entire time we were there.

Upon our return I was looking forward to the treatments restarting, the benefits were driving my desire to get even better. It has gone very well. With each program the chiro builds in three “crisis” visits that you do not have to make an appointment to use. Add in she gives you her mobile number to call for questions and medical issues. Neither wifey or I have needed them or to call.

At my age, getting out of bed and immediately touching my toes without pain or a tight back is wonderful. Not only is my back better, my knees no longer ache, including the surgically repaired one. Over the coming months I am fully expecting them to finish moving back into alignment in the preferred position instead of the bowlegged version mine had become.

I have resumed golfing when the weather permits. I fitness walk again. 10K steps a day is a big fat nothing again. I have my life back. I am convinced and will make receiving treatments on a once per month basis the rest of my life a priority after completion of this program.

Medical Observations

The chiro correctly predicted the conditions and recovery expectations on most everything about our grandson. We look back to the beginning with her and just shake our heads. She was spot on from the first week in how it all would go. She did not try to claim her expertise would solve all of the problems, yet, told us what to look for in dealing with the ones that were not in her purview (thanks, Mueller, I could not resist). This included the absence seizures, ADHD, sensory, and allergies. It did not hurt she has an adult niece who suffered absence seizures as well. As a result we have furnished her the results and reports so she can document for the teaching and treatment of others. Our grandson trusts her fully and looks forward to his treatments. We have to remind him they are only monthly now for a year. We will reevaluate then with another set of x-rays.

His pediatrician redeemed himself and was spot on with the ADHD diagnosis and med recommendation. He was also who referred him to the outstanding neurologist who has proven to be another star provider. We are back in sync with the pediatrician, which is good since he is a good man as well as physician. He is another one with family experiences that have been helpful. His daughter has ADD and is severely underweight as well. He knows.

We already had complete trust in the therapist handling the sensory issues. She has a son with a similar disorder and treated our grandson for the issue when he was younger. We will know more about the allergist next week.

Now for the other stuff. His pediatrician has mentioned in the past when we discussed going to the chiro that he used a chiro. He did not mention it then, but not only does he go to the same chiro we use who is located next door to his medical office, his entire family goes to her as well. Busted. I have enjoyed working him over about it. In addition my PCP is a devoted golfer and goes to a different chiro, yet never recommended one even when asked. My dentist is a devoted outdoorsman and goes to that same chiro. At least he recommends them.

Lesson #1: Don’t ever let a traditional medical provider dissuade you from using an accomplished chiro. That has happened to us and loved ones in the past. Odds are they are using one as well and just don’t want anybody to know. In their minds it’s bad for business if they are seen going to one.

Lesson #2: Not all chiros are created equal, just like all other professions. You need one that stays pugged in to the current medical research and advances while seeking to improve their craft. Look for the ones that use holistic methods, that incorporate therapy exercises, massage and yoga. You do not have to use the later two unless you desire. Make sure the chiro uses modern techniques like starting with the less intensive activator method to get you started. It works well and helps you adapt to be able to take the manual manipulation and table work down the road. Make sure they do the x-rays with the evaluations and periodically thereafter. Make sure they focus on all of your medical needs and not just the one thing you think you need. It’s all connected in your body. They need the information to best design a program tailored to your needs.

Lesson #3: The aforementioned accomplished chiros treat children down to babies as well as adults well into elderly stage. Our chiro recently worked on a 6 day old baby who had gone through birth trauma and treats a 90 year old in a regular treatment program that has lasted for years. She has handled many patients with spinal stress fracture issues and worse. Sports injuries, car wrecks, job injuries, age related, illness related – doesn’t matter. If she does not feel she can help you after evaluation, she will tell you and give recommendations. Seek that person. Had we been aware, we would have taken our grandson to her in his first year of life and he may have avoided some of his problems. Same with my wife’s Meniere’s. There have been decades of suffering that could have easily been eliminated had we known.

Lesson #4: Trust God to provide. He always does, He is always faithful. Each medical provider assisting our grandson is a believer. As a family, we did not make that a criteria with any of them. We just trusted God would handle it the way He desired. Yet, as each was visited based on referrals and research, it became very apparent they were. As a result, each truly cared about him and did their best. Their follow-up afterwards have been off the charts. Calls at home, texts, and emails to check on him and his progression. That’s more than we could have ever asked to receive.

Lesson #5: Never give up. Climb out of the box. Break the chains. Break the mold. Do whatever you need to do. Keep working. Trust the Lord, He’s the Great Physician.

Finally, the purposes of my PSAs are always to provide information should you, a loved one, a friend, or whoever be faced with similar situations. Our hope is you will have gained some insights and observations you can share that may prove beneficial someday. We are all in this thing together, we need to help one another. Thanks to Wolf, that what we do here on The Q Tree. Blessings and peace to all of you.

May the recent performance of this song inspire you as much as it did us.


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Such good news all around — and reason to give hearty Thanks on this Thanksgiving.

Gail Combs


Could you ask your Chiro to reccomend a GOOD Chiro in the Pitsboro, Cary North Carolina area?

Hubby has a ‘dowager’s hump’ and has had balance problems since I have known him. I would like to get him to a GOOD Chiro for evaluation. His doctor just shrugs off his balance problem and hand tremors but he is now falling frequently and that scares me.


What a wonderful post of thanksgiving, for Thanksgiving!

I am so happy to hear that your grandson is doing so well, and getting to be a feisty, normal kid!

And your wife! Having dealt with inner ear and Eustachian tube issues all my life, and worse yet, vertigo a few years ago, I have so much sympathy for how hard that is. I am so happy she found some relief. Good for her!

Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for the wonderful update.




There are still good doctors , good parents, and fantastic grandparents out there.
I hope that little boy understands how lucky he is when he’s older.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I love the part about his protective little brother!  😍 


Every good grandparent does that in some way…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great update, and a very encouraging story. There is healing for those who believe it possible! Praise God!  🙏 

This is a great reference for anybody who is thinking about seeing a chiropractor, but is otherwise unsure. I hope people find this one! I may add some keywords……

Gail Combs

A chiropractor, actually two, may they rest peacefully, kept me from the surgeons knife.

I highly reccomend a good chiropractor or osteopath. A caver who was a student at a WV osteopathic college was the first to give me relief from my back injury. I ended up going to a chiropractor weekly for a long time after that. The Boston area doesn’t have many Osteopaths and finding them BEFORE the internet was impossible. (They are also much more expensive.)

A doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) is a licensed physician who aims to improve people’s overall health and wellness by treating the whole person, not just a condition or disease they may have.

This includes osteopathic manipulative medicine, which involves stretching, massaging, and moving the musculoskeletal system.



Not sure all of that was a gauntlet or maze. Seems things could of turned a few degrees toward the worse, but clarity, commitment, coordination, and lots of team work with the Lord’s providence saw you and yours through. Stay steady, your on a good track.


Wonderful news, great story. Thanks.

Gail Combs

A suggestion on the allergies. (From my allergist) If you can have a small CLEAN ROOM he can sleep in it will help immensely. Just a bed with the curtains & bedding washed weekly and the walls floors (NO RUGS) wiped down. NOTHING ELSE if you can manage it.

A Portable Air Cleaner also helps if the problem is not mold.
The name of the game is to remove the allergens for at least part of the day so the body can heal.
My allergist explained it as a ‘glass’ You can add a certain amount of irritants until the ‘glass’ over flows so you want to keep the ‘glass’ close to empty.


Thank you for sharing and that you offered a happy report with us on Q Tree 🙂
God be praised with all heat and soul and our cries will be answered . God has answered with healing and your grandson is on his way to be the boy he is meant to be. God is good !
You are a wonderful grandfather and God has blessed your family.

Last edited 1 year ago by singingsoul1

Thank you for asking 🙂 Yes all is well and my dog is also doing well,

Happy go lucky

God is good 🙏 Thank you for sharing. So happy for your grandsons answering the call to the alter.