AND Logic: The Conspiracy to Ban Guns

by Gail Combs

title and foreword by Wolf Moon

I have often harped on the idea that the left – and enemies of truth in general – have managed to sneak a considerable amount by us, by using a very generalized kind of disinformation. Rather than corrupting our DATA – our facts – they have actually managed to corrupt our THINKING – our processing of the data. This is a far more powerful and insidious way of dominating us.

Small facts can be hidden by small lies. Huge conspiracies can be hidden by small changes to our thinking.

One of the chief ways this has been done, is by subconsciously promoting the simplistic approach of “either-or” thinking – namely XOR (“exclusive OR”) logic. There is a HUGE difference between XOR and OR, because OR logic includes the case or cases where two or more options are simultaneously true – namely AND logic.

XOR thinking is promoted by many means which appear to have nothing at all to do with it. For example, by simply lowering the quality of discourse from calm inquiry to heated argument, XOR thinking is advanced, and more nuanced AND logic is thrown out the window. Thus, TROLLING is a very effective way to advance XOR logic as a means to HIDE TRUTH.

When I talk about the promotion of XOR logic, I’m frequently talking about non-interacting alternatives, where one idea is HIDDEN from investigation, by simply advancing shinier and easier-to-believe alternatives. This works nicely with Eckert’s Law (regarding the thwarting of Occam’s razor by deception), because DECEPTION allows us to construct unbelievable alternatives as realities, and then protect them from scrutiny by means such as simpler and more plausible chaff alternatives. MILITARY CAMOUFLAGE and INSECT MIMICRY both work on this principle. These are both the work of INTELLIGENCE – in one case neural individual intelligence, in the other case distributed evolutionary intelligence.

Now – here is an interesting thought which Gail Combs had – something which not only breaks down such forms of deception, but helps us to see the bigger picture.

What if AND logic doesn’t just bring a hidden alternative back into play for some cases, but actually explains the TOTALITY of facts BETTER than either explanation alone? What if there is EXPLANATORY SYNERGY? In essence, we are recovering a LARGER AND BETTER ruling by Occam’s razor from not just a more LIMITED ruling, but a more MISTAKEN one.

This is something we should add to our logic arsenal. TWO explanations , or a single larger one, may not simply explain MORE cases. Two explanations, or a single larger one, may actually explain all individual cases BETTER.

When we find such a condition, we need to ADVANCE THE BETTER, LARGER EXPLANATION. And we need to fight back against oversimplifying opposition, like the fake news media, which demands compactness and simplicity NOT when it suits the discovery of larger and greater truth, but rather when it suits their agenda of deception.

NOW – on to the specific case under discussion.

What Gail is presenting here is not merely a perfect example of “finding a better, larger, combined explanation”. This is much bigger.

This thinking actually offers the first really good explanation of what I would call the COMPLETE PICTURE of Eric Holder’s greatest wish:

“a way to brainwash people against guns”.

This post explains how numerous curious Democrat strategies are actually connected by a single larger purpose which explains them all. To be really, really blunt about it:

“a way to MK people against guns”.

What we have RIGHT HERE is one of the GRANDEST uses of MK in history – at all levels from targeted individual to mass global. We can now EXPLAIN many Democrat actions which seemed to lack any coherent purpose.

Oh, no. These actions had a purpose. And when we have elucidated the complete, monstrous, THEORY and EXPLANATION of the entire operation, Eric Holder needs to be confronted with every single facet in a court of law, so we can know the TRUTH.

Wolf Moon

PART ONE: Introduction

I am going to start with the information from Wolfmoon that triggered my new thoughts and expanded my thinking to AND LOGIC. . The following quotes are from his Déjà Woo and The Unbelievable Convenience of Amnesia articles plus his comments within those articles.

As Wolfmoon says: “This is a perfect place to practice AND LOGIC. I have always thought of it as multidimensional thinking instead of linear thinking.

An example of AND LOGIC. is:

Smoking [PLUS] Asbestos = Lung Cancer.

It takes BOTH to get a high incidence of lung cancer but the activists, lawyers and MSM ignored the actual evidence and blamed only Asbestos.

Most people look for the simple logic of If = Then. They do not consider the more complicated If #1 [PLUS] #2 [PLUS] #3 = Then. or as Wolfmoon put it “AND LOGIC.”

The FIRST BIG CLUE from Wolfmoon:

“People will also start looking for MK where it is actually most common and most useful – where it MAKES MONEY and GRABS POWER for DEMOCRATS.” 

…POWER…. Hmmm.

A great example of this is the Global Warming Scam. HUGE amounts of tax payer $$$ have been diverted into the pockets of select individuals. For example:

“Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers’ money to build giant solar power plant in middle of the desert. Obama administration approved $1 billion in green energy loans days after failed Solyndra project due to be completed. Energy Department is ‘rushing’ $5bn in loans ahead of Friday deadline.” link

The SECOND BIG CLUE from Wolfmoon:

“….PTSD, anybody? Think about it. AUTOMATIC COVER. And not just that. Supposedly these [MK] techniques work better in the AFTERMATH of traumatic events….”

Would these techniques work even better on a person who has been given BRAIN ALTERING drugs since they entered grade school? Would the power hungry do that to millions of American children in their quest for more and more power?

The THIRD BIG CLUE from Wolfmoon:
This is the real KEY:

“….People cannot even comprehend this idea of making people do something highly non-sensical and possibly even self-destructive…. They have been programmed by Fake Entertainment to reject this stuff as entirely fictional, or sufficiently fictional that it is no more than a parlor trick.
Nobody will tell them about the mathematics of low wins on high purses – the idea that if 9 out of 10 low-level money-maker MK ops fail, but one wins, it EASILY pays for the failures. Americans have been conditioned to believe that only highly reliable techniques are ever deployed. People fail to understand that failure is an accepted part of statistical wins. 
My prejudices about what is possible in mind control are why for YEARS I never picked up on a person who did something highly nonsensical that resulted in the goals of CA3
 [Conspiracy to Advance Affirmative Action] being fulfilled….
…Spycraft, mission enhancement, obfuscation and disinformation are part of it. Accident creation, crime enabling, and violence are the rest….
Are you starting to see why “MK” and “crazy” go together? Think like a CRIMINAL to see how it’s used. Think like a HACKER who does not want to get caught. Understand WHY discreditation is used to PROTECT technology…”

Wolfmoon was looking at a Conspiracy to Advance Affirmative Action. I am looking at the big one, The Conspiracy to Advance a Complete Gun Ban.

PART TWO: Power grab

The FIRST BIG CLUE from Wolfmoon:

What is the BIGGEST stumbling block keeping the Communists, masquerading as Democrats, from grabing complete control of the USA and thus the world? Our Second Amendment rights to own weapons!

Our founding fathers knew exactly how important an armed citizenry was to the preservation of freedom.

Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence.

George Washington

History teaches us gun control is the first step of the totalitarian dictator. Murder of defiant subjects is the second:

  • 1911 Turkey Gun control — from 1915 to 1917 – 1.5 million Arminans killed
  • 1935 China gun control — from 1948 to 1952 – 20 million killed
  • 1938 Germany Gun control — from 1935 to 1945 – 20,946,000 murdered.
  • 1956 Cambodia gun control — from 1975 to 1977 – 1 to 2 million educated people murdered.
  • 1964 Guatamala Gun Control — from 1964 to 1981 – 100,000 Mayan Indians killed.
  • 1970 Uganda gun control in — from 1971 to 1979 – 300,000 Christians killed, a total of 2 to 3 million murdered.

PART THREE: Change the Conversation and hide the evidence.

Americans are NOT about to give up their guns. This is especially true of Conservatives, who understand our Second Amendment rights are about preserving our freedom and our Constitution. They understand gun rights are NOT about hunting or self defense. For years the Left has been trying to change the conversation and hide WHY gun ownership is a RIGHT and not a government granted privilege. It hasn’t worked well. Now they realize to grab our guns, they must paint Conservatives as ‘VIOLENT Right-Wing Extremists’ so the arguments by Conservatives will be discounted. The goal is not just to have the arguments of the Conservatives discounted, but to make people FEAR Conservatives so there will be no shock, only relief when these ‘VIOLENT Right-Wing Extremists’ are slated for ‘re-education’ or extermination.

First paint the opposition as the devil incarnate, then take them out. After all the technique work very well for the Nazis and the Soviets and other totalitarian regimes. Why argue with success?

It wasn’t until I was doing the research for this article that I realize the implications of what I had seen on Election day, 2018. A friend and I, wearing Trump/Pence 2020 T-shirts, were handing out flyers at our local polling place. I am close to 70 and under 5′ 4″ while my friend was a short male, perhaps 5’6″. We were talking with a couple of Democrat ladies who were over 50, when a woman in her twenties came towards us. She stopped short, stared at us, and made a wide circle around us. She was clearly SCARED TO DEATH of us!!

This young lady was an example of just how well the propaganda about ‘VIOLENT Right-Wing Extremists’ was working.

Wolfmoon: “…Like I always say, 99.99(numbers)% of MK is done openly – mostly by the Mind Control Media, but also by individually tailored psy-ops through social media….” This young woman was a perfect example of a victim of the Mind Control Media’s psy-ops. She acted as if she truly believed we would actually get violent and hurt her!

Since the goal of the Left is to paint Conservatives as THE ENEMY and the only enemy, the last thing they want is a competing narrative out there. Therefore, ever since 9/11 the Left has been trying to shift the narrative from Islamic Terrorists to Homegrown Extremists’ aka VIOLENT Right-Wing Extremists.

Here are news stories that show the slow morphing of the focus and the narrative.

First step – shutdown Department of Homeland Security targeting of the REAL Terrorists:
After all you can not have the Sheeple realize you are importing Islamic Terrorists into the country by the bus load.

SYNOPSES of Breitbart Article:
Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Philip Haney, was a founding member of the Passenger Analysis Unit,(PAU). It was established as a stand-alone agency in 2003 after 9/11. He was moved to the National Targeting Center and tracked Tablighi Jamaat, a Salafist Muslim fundamentalist group. Haney discovered a large number of Tablighi Jamaat members were entering the United States on the visa waiver programs often on E.U. – UK passports. They were proceeding to locations known to be part of the extremist networks in the USA Haney had been piecing together. Haney and his fellow investigators found links from the Tablighi Jamaat network to Hamas, al-Qaeda,and global terrorist funding. But his initiative was deemed politically incorrect under the Obama Admin. and shut down by the Department of Homeland Security’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties division. — link
Even Politico talks of The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook “…the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States… Hezbollah turned to trafficking cocaine and laundering money through used cars to finance its expansion.”

Meanwhile the media continues to bury the evidence linking any shootings TO Jihad. Unless the person is a White Conservative and/or Christian, color, nationality and religion are left out of the news stories. In one case the Judge even blocked the prosecutors from using evidence to explain the motive of the Fort Hood shooter!

Next STEP – Start shifting the blame

Napolitano stands by controversial report

April 16, 2009
“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she was briefed before the release of a controversial intelligence assessment and that she stands by the report, which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S…..”

The actual report? Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment 

Note the phrases: “Threats from white supremacist and violent antigovernment groups during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts.” because you will see them again in the January 18th, 2018 Politifact article where the term Far-right extremist groups “include white supremacists and anti-government militias, among others.”

It is worth at least skimming that report because it hits on many of our concerns, NAFTA, China, “Proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans …
…the perceived loss of U.S. jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors, and home foreclosures. … extremists attribute these losses to a deliberate conspiracy conducted by a cabal of …“financial elites.”
…the perception that illegal immigrants were taking away American jobs through their willingness to work at significantly lower wages….”
 (After all those concerns are all in our heads and not real right?)

Napolitano: terror threat may be highest since 9/11

February 9, 2011
Washington (CNN) — The terrorist threat to the U.S. homeland has continued to “evolve” and may now “be at its most heightened state” since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told members of Congress on Wednesday.

There is an increased reliance on recruiting Westerners into terrorist organizations, she told the House Homeland Security Committee. State and local law enforcement officers are increasingly needed to combat terror, and the focus must be on aiding law enforcement to help them secure communities, she said….

LAST STEP — Show Muslims are NOT terrorist risks, but that VIOLENT Right-Wing Extremists ARE!!!

November 7, 2018 one day after elections there was a shooting that made the headlines.

Given Wolfmoon is correct and the Deep State can orchestrate some of these shooting, I think the TIMING of this shooting was off. Perhaps the guy was strong enough to fight the ‘directive’ for a few weeks. I think it was supposed to occur a week or more BEFORE the elections and be another “George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin” media circus to drive voters TO the Democrat candidates. However it is interesting to read what was written, to see the MK Psy-ops embedded in the story because it sticks out like a sore thumb.

The story is not just about an unfortunate shooting, it is all about BLAME CASTING. The story echoes the same type of blame casting seen in the Zimmerman – Martin media circus. In that previous case the media was banging the drum about a ‘White on Black’ crime;. Or as Wolfmoon put it the Conspiracy to Advance Affirmative Action, and stir up blacks to vote for Obama.

Note it also falls right in with Wolfmoon’s proposal: “….PTSD, anybody? Think about it. AUTOMATIC COVER. And not just that. Supposedly these [MK] techniques work better in the AFTERMATH of traumatic events….”

The Left Narrative Engineering from Fortune Magazine:

Last night, a gunman opened fire in the Borderline Bar and Grill last night in Thousand Oaks, Calif. At least twelve people are dead, including Ventura County Sheriff Sgt. Ron Helus, and up to fifteen more were injured.

The shooter was Ian David Long, and he was a Marine Corps veteran. He was found dead at the scene. He seemed deeply troubled…..[As Wolfmoon said, very useful to have a killer, with PTSD, who ends up dead as cover. Almost all of these shooters end up dead because dead men can’t talk.]

we’re in a period of time when this kind of mass violence fails to shock for very long…. And a meaningful political conversation about guns, one that reflects the true concerns of all constituents…

But we’re also in a period where hate speech and the violence it inspires has been on the rise. [ Yea Think?Breitbart Rap Sheet: ***639*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters ]

Here’s one data point. White supremacists and other far-right extremists have killed far more people in the US since Sept. 11, 2001, than any other type of extremist group. By far. According to the Anti-Defamation League, some 71 percent of the extremist-related fatalities in the United States between 2008 and 2017 were committed by members of the far right or white-supremacist movements, compared to just 26 percent committed by people associated with Muslim groups.

And yet, official counter-terrorism efforts focus only on potential “jihadists” and not on the white supremacists who are now organizing in similar ways.….

“We’re actually seeing all the same phenomena of what was happening with groups like ISIS, same tactics, but no one talks about it because it’s far-right extremism,” P. W. Singer, a national-security strategist with the New America think tank tells Janet Reitman in a deeply reported piece for The New York Times. Even before the Trump administration, he says, “we willingly turned the other way on white supremacy because there were real political costs to talking about white supremacy.”…..

BOY, they sure are cranking up the volume!

Fartacus [Cory Booker] also jumps in and keep the new narrative in the limelight…

“In American history since 9/11, we’ve had 85 major attacks in our country, 73 percent of them have been by white nationalist hate groups.” — Cory Booker on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 in an interview on CNN

Of course you have to have the ‘Controlled Opposition’ chime in to MUDDY THE WATERS to keep the Sheeple from thinking for themselves. The key is to tone it down some but still leave the impression ‘far-right extremist groups’ are numerous and dangerous.

Polifact on the Booker quote:

Among those incidents, far-right violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 incidents (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 incidents (27 percent).

Booker used the term “white nationalists,” but that’s not exactly the same thing as far-right extremist groups….
The GAO report (see page 29) shows that a subset of far-right incidents — about 38 incidents — were committed specifically by white supremacists….

Cory Booker Uses Misleading Terror Data To Attack Trump — Daily Caller
WELLlll, they got it part right at least.

“…One of the particular points of contention for Booker was how the White House allegedly ignores America’s white supremacists, whom the senator argued were more dangerous than Islamic militants….

In Booker’s dramatic monologue, he claimed that all of these attackers held “bigoted, hateful ideas about minorities” and implied he wanted 73 percent of the DHS’s time spent tracking down these far-right extremists.

However, there are serious issues with the GAO report that Booker used to argue white supremacists are the biggest terror threat to the nation. One of the major problems with the study is what incidents it lumps in with right-wing terror.

The biggest error in GAO’s data on white supremacist terror was caught by National Review’s David French last April. The Umpqua Community College shooting, one of the deadliest shootings the GAO attributed to a white supremacist, was actually committed by an African-American with no discernible ideology outside of hatred for religion.

Anti-government activists who appeared not to have been motivated by hate for minorities committed a good portion of the violent incidents the study categorized as right wing terror — contrary to what Booker argued on Tuesday. The GAO study also includes prison slayings carried out by white supremacist gangs as cases of domestic terror.

Another problem French found with the study was its glaring omission of left-wing terrorism…..

Of course BOTH articles blow it, leaving the basic impression behind that there ARE far-right violent extremist groups who are more of a problem than muslim jihadists just as the Deep State planned.

So what is the truth? After all we need the truth to counter the Media’s Psy-ops.

PART FOUR: Lie with Statistics

The Left LOVES to lie using false statistics or fudged numbers. With luck I do not mess up my math. So here goes.

The problem with the narrative that far-right extremists are more dangerous than radical Islamist extremists is it does not take into account population or to be more precise incidence per 1,000,000 people.

Scrounging around the internet I found these numbers:

The US Population is ~ 327 million.
The White, non-Hispanic or Latino population make up 61.3% of the nation’s total, with the total White population (including White Hispanics and Latinos) being 76.9%. — WIKI

65 percent whites leaned right in 2016 per a Washington Compost article by Joshua N. Zingher, an assistant professor of political science at Old Dominion University.

Calculating the white, non-Hispanic, population:
61.3% of 327 million is 200 million

And if you want to get picky, and count only the right-leaners:
65% of 200 million is 130 million

A Pew estimate of Muslims in 2017 is that they are about 1.1% of the total U.S. population. A Pew Forum report on American religion found that Muslims accounted for 0.9% of American adults in 2014, up from 0.4% in 2007, due largely to immigration. (Wikipedia) Note that during the BHO administration the population of Muslims more than doubled.

1.1% of 327 million is 3.6 million

So what are the number of incidents per million people?

There were 62 incidents, assuming that those are by white right-wing people, and NOT ANTIFA or Anarchists, whom we may call white Commies.

Total White Population
62 divided by 200 million = 0.31 incidence per million

(or the picky number)
62 divided by 130 million = or 0.48 incidence per million

23 incidents by radical Islamist extremists
23 divided by 3.6 million = 6.4 incidence per million. That’s 20 TIMES THE RATE.

So Fartacus is Farting PURE Pig feces yet again!

But that leaves the real question. HOW do you GET ‘VIOLENT Right-Wing Extremists’ in the first place, when Conservatives are generally more peaceful and law abiding than the Left???

PART FIVE: Producing VIOLENT Right-Wing Extremists.

This is where WolfMoon’s insight and experience comes into play and the light bulb went off in my head.

“Nobody will tell them about the mathematics of low wins on high purses – the idea that if 9 out of 10 low-level money-maker MK ops fail, but one wins, it EASILY pays for the failures. Americans have been conditioned to believe that only highly reliable techniques are ever deployed. People fail to understand that failure is an accepted part of statistical wins.”

With the media providing cover and a corrupt government fudging the statistics, all you need is to INCREASE VIOLENCE among white males and then place the selected stories all over the news.

But HOW do you increase violence? DRUGS! Not only street drugs but carefully selected drugs administered TO the target —>WHITE MEN<—… or the little boys who will grow up to be white men.

They KNEW the drugs they are forcing on school children would turn them violent. THEY KNEW DECADES AGO! 1973, psychiatrists were giving amphetamines to volunteers in order to observe their reactions. The reactions frightened researchers, who noted that several of the subjects expressed “a desire to kill” or to do something “bad or destructive.”….” (This and the following quotes are sourced in my “Thursday comment” mentioned below.)

So they came up with a ‘new disease’

“…it was not until the late 1960s that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) formally recognized ADHD as a mental disorder….”

Prior to that, in 1957 Laufer et al….“found that “children with the hyperkinetic impulse disorder… had a lower threshold for clinical responses in EEG to the administration of metrazol than children without the hyperkinetic syndrome. Following the administration of amphetamines, however, the threshold was similar to that of children without evidence of the syndrome…”

If you want the history: *

So now you have a reason to administer amphetamines to school children without an evidence of even ‘minimal brain damage’

PART SIX: Next step is to make sure the Kids HAVE THE SYMPTOMS!

Well that is easy:

1. NO discipline is pushed: The Hand that Rocked the Cradle: A Critical Analysis of Rockefeller Philanthropic Funding, 1920-1960

2. Mom is pushed out of the house via Feminism: How The Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women

3. Change the diet to a high carb, high sugar diet and put candy and soda machines in the schools.


You should see my lambs when I let them out of the dog crate in the morning. They buck and kick and run and jump… And yet we expect to CAGE little children, ESPECIALLY BOYS all day long in daycare or school without them rebelling?

And when they do we call it a ‘mental problem?
And people swallow this?
Are you effing kidding me??

There are 73.7 million children in the USA. And According to the CDC “More than 5 in 10 children (53.5%) aged 3-17 years with behavior disorders received treatment.” AGE THREE???

This is a short summary of my Thursday Comment It included the links for the following quotes.

“In 1996, 10 percent to 12 percent of all American schoolboys were taking the addictive Ritalin.”

“A study released this month by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia found that the number of teenagers who admit to abusing prescription medications tripled from 1992 to 2003, while in the general population such abuse had doubled”

“…Among elementary students, 17% of all students and 33% of white boys had been diagnosed with ADHD and the vast majority had been medicated for this condition at some time during the 1997-98 school year…. Ninety percent of all identified cases had been medicated for the disorder at some point …”

Think that is bad? It gets WORSE!

“… These findings suggest that as of 1998, school-based studies of ADHD prevalence captured approximately half of the cases treated in the community. Preliminary data from a follow-up study suggest that as of 2002, school records capture as few as 25% of ADHD cases (LeFever, 2002)….”


… there are now over 5 million school kids in America on psychotropic drugs, most of which are prescribed and administered by the schools themselves. ….December 1996, there are four million kids on Ritalin alone, one of the most powerful of the drugs now being given routinely to children in American schools.

What is most disturbing, however, is the growing awareness that the increased violence among school children may have more to do with the drugs than with the guns they use to carry out their violence. ”’

NO Sh…T You think??

So there you have Wolfmoon’s “low-level money-maker MK ops” They only need 0.0001% of the White boys they mess up to go violent. The added benefit is it is the mostly highly intelligent ALPHA males who are likely to rebel and have their brains permanently messed up. A real Win-Win.

So you have the stage set.

There are 73.7 million children in the USA, 14.7 million are boys and about 1/2 are white or ~7 million. If 10% to 33% are drugged, that is at least 7,00,000 to 2,310,000 possible ticking time bombs. Even if only 1 in 10,000 go violent you have 70 or more artificially created incidents.

Remember Booker is citing a GAO Report about incidences from from Sept. 12, 2001 — the day after the 9/11 terror attacks — through Dec. 31, 2016, or fifteen years. “In 1996, 10 percent to 12 percent of all American schoolboys were taking the addictive Ritalin.” So plenty of time for those boys to grow up and kill people…

…. there are now over 5 million school kids in America on psychotropic drugs, most of which are prescribed and administered by the schools themselves. ….December 1996, there are four million kids on Ritalin alone, one of the most powerful of the drugs now being given routinely to children in American schools.

What is most disturbing, however, is the growing awareness that the increased violence among school children may have more to do with the drugs than with the guns they use to carry out their violence.

Eric Harris, 18, who, with his friend Dylan Klebold, murdered his fellow students at Columbine, had been taking Luvox, one of the new antidepressant drugs approved in 1997 by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, among children under 18.

…. T. J. Solomon, 15, who shot and wounded six classmates at Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga., on May 20 was on Ritalin for depression.

Shawn Cooper, 15, who fired two shotgun rounds, narrowly missing students and teachers at his high school in Notus, Idaho, was also on Ritalin, for bipolar disorder.

Kip Kinkel, 15, was on Ritalin and Prozac. He murdered his parents and then went on to school where he fired on students in the cafeteria,…

Mitchell Johnson, the 13-year-old student at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro, Ark., who mowed down several children and a teacher with his friend Andrew Golden, 11, was on some sort of medication since he was being treated by a psychiatrist…..

Then all you need to do is use the media to drive home the narrative ‘WHITE-SUPREMACISTS are TERRORISTS!


To Those Behind This Conspiracy:

-Wolf Moon
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I wonder if Stephan Paddock was MK’d.
He seemed to have a glazed-over look, in the photos of him.
If so, then that would explain Why he brought all those guns up to that room…which never made sense to me.
There are sooo many better places to set up a gun deal — secluded places, with no security cams.
It’s like ‘someone’ was staging a scene, and Paddock had been chosen as the lead actor.
Great article, Gail and Wolfie!
I just barely skimmed the surface and will now go back and savor a slow read of it!


Ack…*Stephen Paddock

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I definitely leave open the possibility of individual MK in Paddock’s case.
One of my top theories is that Paddock was tricked into bringing his gun collection as COVER (fake gun sale) for a chump operation of shooting the fuel tanks, and he was then killed to take the blame for the concert attack, that being a cartel, jihadist, CIA, commie, or other hit job on Trump, gun control agenda, etc. Trump was supposed to stick up for the bump stocks that Obama had quietly allowed, or betray the base on major gun control.
This theory explains all the preparations made by Paddock to get away. They make sense for what he THOUGHT he was going to be doing there. Also the over-sized gun collection is explained by a sale, but the fact that it was kinda wrong on individual pieces is explained by it being merely a FAKE sale.
It’s very “CIA” – bring MORE guns to construct an alibi. Yeah, sounds good – except it was a betrayal alibi.
The idea of bringing guns for a fake sale to anonymous Saudis is one of the best alibis one could have. Utterly believable, non-violent, and possible to WALK ON IT.
The Las Vegas op was like Khashoggi. Very sneaky and cynical pincer, almost air-tight, uses deceived players for max protection, very blame-casting, very political against Trump.
It has BRENNAN written all over it.

Tired Mom

“It has BRENNAN written all over it.”

Harry Lime

If one of our own intelligence agencies was involved…might be why PDJT called the shooting a “betrayal”.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

WOW. Yes. Seen from his perspective, it would have been EXACTLY that.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks!!! And great points. Yes – it really stunk.


Bump stock only added to the mayhem.
An AR with a scope is more effective, than bump stock uncontrolled spraying fire, as Paddock did.
As Gail pointed out above, maintenance guy, MS13 security guard and so many more gaps and contradictions.
Some day we may get the rest of the story.

Harry Lime

We can all relax…I’m sure Ellen will get to the bottom of this on her TV show.


Some brilliant satirist needs to be writing the great American novel, part of which shows how so many American cultural “icons” are just stock figures, not truly original or special, just compliant and reliable.

Harry Lime

…yes…and oh so malleable. On their deathbeds…all that shiny stuff they got will no longer matter. How sad. At least they can cheat on behalf of their spoiled children and get them into an elite university…keeps that elite status alive through the generations…


I hope whoever was involved are included in all those indictments. They need to be locked up for 20 lifetimes or executed.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



This is BRILLIANT – a copy, print and study post for sure!

Deplorable Patriot

I honestly think Paddock was the narrative cover for what REALLY happened as based on a lot of online evidence that was scrubbed as fast as it was put up regarding the shooting at the Tropicana down the street and the fire fights out to the airport. And, of course, material witnesses dying in car accidents for the next few weeks.
But, that was never reported by the national legacy media.
The alternative theory, given everything that was going on at the time in Saudi Arabia in October of 2017 – and what came in the weeks following when they cleaned out the criminals in the House of Saud in November – makes a lot of sense. All was not what it seemed. And if the dopey prince really did try to take out his cousin the Crown Prince with multiple assassination teams while he was getting in some R&R in Vegas, the whole thing was a cabal operation.
However, the narrative was all about Paddock, so the idea that there was MK involved is definitely in the cards.


Yes, all of the info-scrubbing that went on in the days afterward is pretty much a dead giveaway that we were being fed a load of bs.
I’ve seen/heard the theories about it being an ‘assassination attempt’ on Prince Salman.
It just doesn’t track for me…that out of all of the luxurious places on the planet, Prince MBS would choose to go to Las Vegas for R&R.
And especially given what going on at the time in the KSA.
If Prince MBS actually *did* go to Vegas, it is highly unlikely that he would stay at the hotel which was partially owned by his nemesis, dopey Prince Alwaleed.
There is a Trump Hotel there, too…which would have given him the royal treatment that he is accustomed to…as well as being the most secure place in town.
The most likely scenario to me, is that it was done to add to the narrative of ‘Must Ban Guns’…and also to send a message to PDJT:
“Back off or we will kill your supporters.”
I think whoever did this was also hoping that it would have a chilling effect on people going to Trump Rallies.
Q has been curiously quiet about the Las Vegas massacre.
I think the reason for this, is that the Q-team/Potus do not want people worrying about something like this happening again.
“You are safe”…has been Q’s message.
And I think they are working very hard to make this so.


Has there been any evidence of this, though, Gail?
All I have seen as ‘evidence’ is that video of what looks like a VIP with a ‘security team’ surrounding him, walking through a casino.
People said that that VIP was Prince Salman.
But it wasn’t.
That video has been debunked…it was taken of the ‘drill’ that happened the day before the shooting.


Yeah, there were ‘drills’ going on in all the casinos up and down the strip, in the days before the shooting.
That video was one of them.
Did you notice how all the people in that scene ‘put their hands up’ as that VIP & security team walked through?
That was part of the simulation.
You could even hear the guy making the video say “Hands up don’t shoot”, in a laughing way, as he filmed the scene.

Jan Phillips

Thank you Gail and Wolf!!!


Off topic here I know…..
See my post(s) (links) to 2 important videos in the previous Artilce about the DemonicRats seeing the writing on the wall.

Harry Lime

I can only imagine what kind of chemicals they were shoveling into Adam Lanza…IF Adam Lanza even exists.
I would imagine that list of young shooters on some kind of prescription mood altering drugs is longer than we will ever know.
Great article, Gail. This is why the MSM is suffering a rapid demise…independent journalists like the ones we have here at The QTree make them look pathetic.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yeah, this is a mind-blower. The idea that they were MORE cynical – MORE evil – that they would actually push all these social manipulations – drugging entire generations not needing it – for a combination of money-making and socialist sneaker strategy – it’s just jaw-dropping, but it really explains things.
Meanwhile, they are using the fake news to PROMOTE murder-suicide memes – to PROMOTE a “death culture” – it’s just all making sense now.
Q is right. They’re SICK. They’re EVIL.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I agree. They will do ANYTHING. They will KILL people – maybe willing to go up to the millions – if that is what it takes.
Removing civilian gun ownership in America is necessary for World Socialism. It’s just that simple.

Deplorable Patriot

The other issue aside from diet is starting with school before the brains are developmentally ready to absorb the material. Watching that now with my nephews. We’re one of the only developed nations that starts kids in school so young.


I spent an entire year watching every Sandy Hook video on YT.
SOMETHING bothered me, and I am not referring to the obvious phoniness of aspects or to the logical absurdities. I am referring to the very “choice” of having to decide if it was “real” or not. That very unsettling feeling was a big part of why I kept watching.
I am simply amazed at my own limited “all or nothing” thinking. Was that thinking self-imposed? Was it “imposed” some other way? Was it both and something else?
AND-logic suddenly resolves Sandy Hook for me. It is the actually “simpler” explanation for the apparent contradictory anomalies.
And it is infuriating that those contradictory anomalies are a brilliant and essential part of the “story.” They are intended to confuse. They are intended to divide. Each “side” furiously, bitterly battling, partial truth versus partial truth, partial falsehood versus partial falsehood, confusion against confusion.
You saw it, Wolf, you saw it. This is the “culture” which has been made inescapable for every one of us.
The lousy, fucking bastards.
Q now takes on new meaning. They want us divided, and they keep randomly applying this ingenious taser to our culture, day after day.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG – Sandy Hook! This is where I first applied AND logic and didn’t even realize it. I think I picked it up from a comment some beginner researcher made.
One of the pairs of parents who was continuously interviewed seemed extremely phony. At that point, I noticed that many parents were NOT interviewed. Somebody commented that they didn’t know if the other parents were REAL, but that this one pair in particular seemed FAKE.
That led me to theorize that the people behind Sandy Hook were AUGMENTING the actual parents with one or more pairs of “propaganda parents” to push the psychological memes. That further led me to thinking that SOME of Sandy Hook was real – and SOME was fake. That settled nicely for me – I didn’t have to dig further at that moment – I could put it on the back burner.
Flash forward to Las Vegas. Same thing. By analyzing lots of video and using some amazing tells (which I keep secret), there is absolutely no doubt that real bullets were fired at those people. Real people DIED.
Eventually, I got a very consistent picture of what happened.
HOWEVER, there were media interviews that screamed false testimony – and particularly with one “relative” of a patient – who hammed it up just a WEE bit too much. The information was clearly FAKE. What he said could not be true.
That is when it hit me again – AUGMENTATION.
BOTH WERE TRUE. Las Vegas was REAL AND it was FAKE.
I encountered EXTREME opposition trying to get this information out at the time.
I believe that Trump and Q know this stuff about these incidents.
I believe the people behind these incidents are piggybacking on drills on purpose, not only as cover and confusion, but also as a form of DEMORALIZATION for a variety of audiences.
I believe what is going on is so heavily classified, that there is NO WAY it will ever be declassified in our lifetimes, unless there is a massive social pressure to declassify it, and THAT will only occur if there is OTHER declassification which leads to it over the course of years.
Nevertheless, we are ONTO THEM.


Wolf, you saw through all of this. Maybe more importantly, you gave it a name which WHEN UNDERSTOOD makes it all comprehensible and relate-able: AND-logic. The yin to the XOR yang.
VSG understands that he cannot demoralize the country by making all of this known.
But to those who are listening closely, we now can figure it out for ourselves (mostly).
And knowing how thoroughly and CRUELLY it has been foisted on innocent people in an odd way is energizing and generates an intense determination.
There is a ton of stuff which NOW makes complete sense through A-l. And it makes complete sense ALSO when seen through the false XOR because the XOR, knowing it is simultaneously false and “persuasive,” makes the irreconcilable and bizarre understandable.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Well said.
It’s extremely explanatory. And watching people start applying it and identifying it everywhere – upping their game – is very gratifying. But I think you said the most important part – GIVING IT A NAME. Now we can SHARE THE IDEA (and the counter-idea) with a common language!!!


IF Adam Lanza even exists. Agree Harry. My thought from the very beginning before the internet scrubbing started.


In light of Gail’s post, I see Lanza’s existence or not as a deliberately false choice. We will never know the details. He is Schrodinger Lanza, he exists and he does not exist. That is what he is intended to be, a finely drawn and balanced paradox, to put us at loggerheads, and to obscure what really is going on, which is far more brilliant, subtle and evil than any of us comprehended.


he only exists in the minds of those who are completely bought into the whole dog and pony show.
people that still think the governent or our own agencies/law enforcement/military would never kill an american for one, and who then cry over it, who live in fear over it, etc. their minds are bought and paid for.
AND never ever try and talk about this kind of stuff with people who believe it’s all real – but i am sure you probably know that already.
i think DP does some work on another site that has some pretty neat stories on that and connections… one of many places, but that is the last place i read a bunch of the stories.


NOW IMO I see this famous photo for what is was, one of the “natural” every day MK influencers. Put it out there.
How about you and some stranger fight over it?
This is a photo of Schrodinger Lanza, the guy who may exist, the guy who may not exist, and the guy who may or may not exist.
But you guys figure it out.


RE: the eyes.
It is VERY weird, isn’t it? All of these people with the eyes you can see the whites all the way around.
It makes me wonder if there is some drug or process that is being given/done to them which causes it. Hyperthyroid function causes the “staring gaze,” so if there was something affecting thyroid function, that could be it.
Is there some MK drug or process which gives these people the bug eyes? Who knows?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Interesting ideas.
After coming to the conclusion that Skripal’s poisoning was an ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE, and that the real goal was “low-dose neurological poisoning”, I would not doubt for one second that this technique (probably using different drugs with different effects) is being used by KGB (whatever they call them now) and KGB-CIA on prospective agenda shooters.


And on people like AOC. And Adam Schitt. And the crazy-eyed woman (can’t remember her name) spouting off in an interview about gathering information about Trump before he was in office, because people would know how they knew it. And there are others. Triggered liberal women look this way a lot.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Evelyn Farkas!!!comment image


Great read. So much detail, this slow guy will need to read it a few more times to fully grasp it all.
It has always bugged me hussein administration played up the bad white guys, Vets potential terrorists, Right Wing crazies with guns are terrorists… The whole lack of solid logic was glaring, yet the media blasted it out and politicos simply accepted the reports as gospel.
The linkage to shooters on prescribed drugs is huge. It needs some steady loud play in the media.
Please help me with this…
Quote from above:
“So you have the stage set.
There are 73.7 million children in the USA, 14.7 million are boys and about 1/2 are white or ~7 million.”
What am I missing? 73.7 million children. 14.7 million are boys.
So, do I deduce 59 million are girls?
Where did I drop sync?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great point. I think it must mean school-aged boys in a certain range.


Got it. Makes sense. Thanks.
Now to go back and increase comprehension.
This article great stuff!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Gail was very excited when she realized that this stuff was all tied together.
She didn’t have to convince me. I know how nasty these people are. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. They would do this stuff NO PROBLEM if they thought it would work.
But I never actually confronted the thought that DRUGGING KIDS is a statistical MK winner. Yet it makes absolute sense. They HAD to have done this. DRUGS are a key part of individual MK. So how do they do it? How do they pull off MASS DRUGGED MK?
How do they get the people drugged early, often, and without giving up the plan?
Exactly the way they did it.
NOW my child’s doctor REFUSING to medicate makes sense. Clinton administration education bureaucrats were PUSHING school admins to PUSH teachers to PUSH parents to medicate.


Another “tell” for me in the article, something to the effect schools prescribe and administer”.
WTH is going on? I’m dumbfounded on that one.
On a happy unrelated note, another Nevada County declared itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.
That makes 15 of 17 Counties have made the proclamation or are in process.
Lots of Pissed off 2A Rights folks out here in NV and a number of Western States.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yeah, the administer part is very interesting, but makes sense, as in all those complaints that kids aren’t allowed to bring ASPIRIN to school. That means that the frigging SCHOOL is giving the kids the drugs.
Think of how many ways THAT could go wrong, or be subverted.


If a bright young kid is asking questions and ‘challenging’ what a teacher is spewing…then Medicate Him!
Declare that that kid is a “trouble maker”!
That kid has an ‘attention deficit’!
He’s not soaking up his programming!
Medicate Him!
It really is diabolical, Wolfie.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Oh, you don’t have to convince me! They would have surely medicated me!
I had a teacher who could not deal with my questioning attitude, independence, and unprovoked interest in things – but the NEXT teacher knew how to channel it, and it all worked out.


another point about all their medicating and psychiatric tricks – and it’s not just BOYS almost all girls these days are on medicine also (not the hyperactive diagnosis of course – that’s how they mainstreamed it but it’s moved way past that)
anyway here’s the point – once they get their law to not allow guns to people with mental health issue how many people in the future will actually be left to own a gun?
and parents are to blame. sorry parents. i mean, i am one too who had to succumb to a child going on medicine. i mean, yes, i was not consulted or asked since i am divorced and her mother just does what she wants, but we did allow it all to happen.


Kalbo, when the fundamental implication hits you, you will see things differently.
And if I am correct (I may not be), this is what Wolf has very patiently been explaining to us for a while now, something I thought I got but did not.
Wolf in some context previously had used the phrase “better explanation” and that stuck with me. And he had indicated how VERSATILE the MK techniques were, and how 99% of it was everyday stuff, and that stuck with me.
And I thought I knew what he meant, but I did not.
Now I see what he meant, and with apologies to everyone else who “got” it long before me, I am so impressed and excited.


Great article Gail & Wolfie. The number of children being labeled autistic, coupled with those who are drugged at early ages for ADHD and depression, is alarming. Our public school system is the most insidious assault on our mental health – whether it is the dangerous failing urban model or the preppy suburban diversity-loving fallacy – our children are at increasing risk of harmful manipulation.
Your thoughts on gun confiscations are spot on. It makes sense that there have been zero ‘terrorist’ killings, because the new ploy is the right-wingers. If we can just disarm the right-wing nuts (aka normal law-abiding citizens), all will be well. (Vomit)
I don’t know where this fits into the span of Occam’s, MK, and the other brain-washing techniques you mentioned, but this one is ringing HUGE alarm bells for me … one of the ways I think the Dark Forces are utilizing Ocasio Cortez is to alter the climate change hoax. They haven’t been successful at convincing people it’s real. So they are using Ocasio to zoom right past the ‘is it real or not’ argument.
Notice she’s not spending time trying to sell her New Green Deal. Instead she’s saying “Here’s my plan. Either accept it OR come up with your own plan” as if it’s settled that we need a plan, and the only disagreement is which plan is better. It’s a false decision because We Don’t Need A Plan At All !

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I agree about AOC. By the way, I feel like she didn’t even write that tweet – I think it was her Indian guru boy! 😉 But in any case, YES – that is what she’s doing – just skipping past stuff that is GUARANTEED to make her look idiotic.
She’s LEARNING how not to look as idiotic as she is.

Tired Mom

That AOC bit you just wrote truly helps me get the false XOR logic! Thank you!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great catch!! 😎


I wonder how many of these spree-shooters were also into playing the ‘First-Person Shooter Video Games’?
Personally, I think that this is another ingredient in their recipe to create spree-shooters.
The original ‘first-person shooter’ video games, were developed for the Military…as interactive training videos.
There was a bid put out by the Military, for interactive training vids where the trainees could be in a ‘first-person shooter’ position.
In other words…Simulators.
For shooting people.
The game-makers who didn’t get the job for the Military, then released their video games out into the marketplace!
The Big Difference between the military use of the first-person shooter games, and the public use…is that in the military, there is a gruff Sargent standing over the trainees, telling them Who The Enemy Is.
So we’ve had drugged impressionable boys, playing first-person shooter games and becoming ‘desensitized’ to killing people.
What could possibly go wrong!
Great article, Gail!
And Wolf, too!
Thanks to the both of you for connecting the dots on this!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think you’re right about the FPS factor.
Years ago, in my BB Disqus and early Treehouse days, I pushed the idea that TEENS with mental problems getting DRUGS and using First-Person-Shooter video games during their hormonal rage days was DEADLY.
I think it’s a huge risk for teens who are not in good mental health to play first-person shooters.


And not just ‘teens’, boss…there are little boys as young as 7 or 8 yrs old, playing the FPS games.
Who knows…maybe playing those games at a young age, contributes to their malaise that becomes worse into their teens…?
It’s like what happened to HAL the super computer…
A conflict in programming.
It messed with HAL’s brain and caused him to go homicidal.
Little boys sitting for hours, killing people on a screen…then they are also told that “killing people is wrong”.
It’s a conflict in their ‘programming’.
It messes with their heads.
I know it dates me…but I grew up in a time when little boys brought their rifles to school for show and tell!
Boys would also bring their rifles to school and park them in the back of the room with the coats…so that they could do a little hunting on the way home!
Nobody thought a thing about it.
It was normal.
And we didn’t have any school shootings, either.

Tired Mom

Here’s something: every single one of my son’s friends who were on Ritalin also ended up in rehab before they graduated high school. They were addicted to alcohol, pot, other drugs. Several OD’d on various drugs, ended up in the hospital, and that was the catalyst for rehab.
Is Ritalin a “gateway drug?”

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I remember those days, too. I remember. That was before communists took over the schools using atheists, quite Frankly.


I also remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer…at the start of every day.
With hand over our hearts for the Pledge!
But this was in the early grades, though.
It stopped as I got older…and I didn’t even stop to think of ‘why’.
Such was the stealthiness of the programming when it began!


Yes exactly, Gail.
That was the goal.
The military wanted lethal ‘killing machines’.
And the first-person-shooter simulators were envisioned as a way to do this.
It was in the early 80’s.
And the recruits that the military were getting, had been programmed to be ‘sensitive’ and ‘caring’.
This was a problem.
At least…for the military, it was a problem.
So how do you turn a crop of ‘sensitive and caring’ young men into lethal killing machines?
You plunk them down in front of a computer screen and turn killing into a game!
Before long…the recruits were bragging about their ‘scores’.
It became a competition!
But the problem is:
High scores = high kills.
That said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing…in the military.
In the military, you have trained officers who have passed their psych evaluations, in charge of these lethal killing machines…and telling them Who The Enemy Is.
But out in the general public…
Letting children play these FPS games, with no supervision at all…is a recipe for disaster.


Great post Gail and Wolf! I agree with the schools pushing the adhd etc.. When my sons were in grade school both at different times as their was an age difference of 12 years. The school tried to convince me that my oldest son was ADHD based on a questionnaire given to the teachers and myself. But I was not one of those parents who took a schools word for anything. I had my son tested by a psychologist not a psychiatrist and my son was not ADHD. of course the school was not happy. When my youngest attended grade school they tried to tell me that he was ADHD and when that didn’t work they tried to tell me that he had a reading disability. I ended up going round and round with that school and then pulled my son out of the school.
When I’ve seen the school shootings my first thought goes to the medications that are pushed for ADHD etc..
I’ve done my research on Ritalin, Aderol and the others that are prescribed and it’s heartbreaking that parents are allowing their children to be put on these. They’re not told how bad these medications are and what the long term effects are. If I’m correct, the schools make money off of the children who are ADHD etc.. so they push it.
The fact that teachers are making these decisions based on a questionnaire is total bs!!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Wow. Questionnaires! Holy crap! That is way worse than I thought.


Yes questionnaires! I now wish I’d saved them. My kids are now grown adults in their 30’s and I didn’t think to save them. I’ve always been of the thinking that if you put a little boy in a chair for 8 hours, he’s gonna be restless and fidigity and yet this is some of the basis considered for ADHD. When my boys were little I couldn’t get them to sit in a chair for longer than a half hour! Little girls are different and that’s why more boys are considered ADHD etc.. Through the years when I’ve met a Mother who’s child is on these medications I ask them to please do their research on the medications and it’s effects and long term effects. When they have, they’ve had their children taken off of the medications. I wasn’t always successful but even one child taken off to me is a blessing.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG – you just brought up something amazing. The BOY-GIRL difference. That smacks of the idea that they are having multiple goals and operations REINFORCING each other – their “economy of events”, as I like to call this phenomenon.
DRUGGING BOYS to be more like girls is an evolutionary pressure to make naturally feminine boys “succeed”. It’s part of their “neutering” strategy, too.
THAT reinforces the proof that they’re doing this for MK, too, because “economy of events” is an overriding principle in their operations. They ALWAYS prefer a two-fer to a one-off, and a three-fer to a mere two-fer.
They are literally transforming our boys using mental drugs and hormones to make them more like girls. Some of the boys, however, are diverted to act like human bombs, to further the whole agenda.
They want social insect feminine neuters. Failures are recycled as shooters to further that agenda.
They literally use us – and our children – to CHANGE US.
Socialism is a lot more “social” than we ever thought!


You’re right now that you put into perspective. Not to mention, if you take a good look at the young boys today especially the older boys, late teens to twenty some years old they are physically different. They seem to be smaller physically not height and I’m wondering if the medications have anything to do with it. The young men today are thin so to speak. I work with a lot of them and most of them are thin. There’s no masculinity. I don’t know it’s just a thought.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Much of that is cultural. “Thin is in.” remember “Twiggy”, too. The introduction of thin models and the phasing out of the “volutptuous” model seemed very calculated. I’ve often thought that removal of Marilyn Monroe had “tangential culture motives”, too. In any event, she really was not replaced, nor were the other “big curvy women”.
Look at male heroes in TV and movies. Demonization of foods that make people bigger. Make people GUILTY about meat, about protein, about muscle. But that ends up being CHEMICAL, because if you don’t eat and exercise as a youth, that growth won’t happen. The MIND is one of the fastest ways to inhibit growth.
But the drugs ASSIST that. Less energy to “burn off” means less exercise.
They know what they are doing. It all works together.
You are absolutely right – I’ve seen that physical difference myself.
They want us WEAK.


What I’m gathering from everything I’ve been learning about MK Ultra that it’s not just what we see in the news as to the FF’s but there are things that they’re doing behind the scenes that are right under our noses. For example the use of our children and the schools. How much more is out there that we haven’t even come to realize yet. It makes you start to question even the simple things in life that one normally wouldn’t question.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly!!! They pull stuff in PLAIN SIGHT and people don’t catch it until years later, and that is only after cutting off the fake news.


“Socialism is a lot more “social” than we ever thought!”
Absolutely right, Wolfie!
That’s why I hate the way the word ‘social’ has been used against us.
I hate the term…’Social Media’.
This was done to make us think that it is all funsies.
Make us think it’s not ‘corporate’.
Nooo, anything ‘corporate’ is bad.
It is really just Corporate Internet Media!
It is used as much for business advertising as it is used by people just being ‘social’!
In reality, it should’ve been called:
Internet Media.
Or, E-Media.
Who came up with the idea to call it ‘social media’?
It wasn’t that long ago.
So I suspect that it was a part of the programming to get us to accept Socialism.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great point. I think you’re absolutely right.


You’re right Wheatie, that explains why a lot of kids today think socialism is socializing. I never looked at “social media” that way. Another way of dumbing down society.


deplorablebcootz ,
..word press didn’t leave me a’ reply ‘ button 5 comments up , but just to clarify , so I follow..
“ffs ” = falseflags ?? ..sorry, it’s early for me…


Average testosterone levels are sharply down among men all over the Western world, and maybe the whole world.
Allegedly medical researchers don’t know why this is.
Something has changed in the environment. It makes one wonder if the globalists’ school ops are causing it.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great points.


Wow…talk about “expand your thinking”! Great article…from great minds!


wow- Fantastic article, Gail and Wolf! Am just Gobsmacked at it all and will reread it to get more details. It really makes me sick to my stomach. The amount of gaslighting that is done on these children and families is horrendous. Makes me very proud of my mom, an elementary school teacher (now retired for many years) who would advocate that kids need to ‘get outside and play’ instead of popping medicine. In fact, growing up, our TV time was super limited and it was always called the b**btube…and we were sent outside to get fresh air. Disliked it then, but totally appreciate it now.


Gun control, speech control, thought control…’s all about control.
PC really means Punitive Conformity – say, think and do what we want or else – no job, no money, no life.
Political Correctness is a means of control.
What PC really stands for:
Punitive Conformity – speech/thought control
Propaganda Conspiracy – information/narrative control
Power Consolidation – government/finance control.
Protecting Corruption – covering up crime, sin and perversion.
They use a victim/bully tactic, pretend to be victims, then intimidate, threaten, assault. Works well – sort of like Good Cop/Bad Cop.
Mohammed, Hitler and Stalin did it, Alinsky wrote about it and now it’s the Standard Operating Procedure of the left.
They started with bullying beauty contestants, cake bakeries and churches.
Now they bully everyone, political candidates, nominees, business owners, workers, and the whole US military.
They tried to take down Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and Tucker Carlson, but they have battled the bullies and won.


Bad editing – Sorry! Need more coffee!


Excellent work GC !!


Gail (and Wolf): absolutely brilliant! TY for your hard work and clear analysis.
Perfect example of XOR:
Paddock was a heavily addicted gambler, addicted to heavy gambling (for years, exclusively on SOME video poker machines, where he had figured out a way to win), AND to the perks casinos accord a whale.
Paddock’s bank account was severely depleted in the two years preceding the incident. It was reasonable to infer, maybe MOST reasonable to infer, that Paddock had become the most degenerate of degenerate gamblers, in a state of fury at the imminent end to his beloved addiction. And like so many angry people, he blamed those who IN HIS MIND were “truly” at fault, the casinos.
So he got revenge by “stealing” back many billions of dollars, the 100% predictable loss to Vegas in the wake of the event, AND he got the god-like thrill of taking innocent lives before he ended his own miserable existence.
That is a sufficient and “simple” explanation (and one I held EXCLUSIVELY until very recently).
That explanation may very well be true in most part, and probably is true in most part, BUT it does not have to be, and probably is NOT the only explanation. Gail’s article and Wolf’s ongoing insights created a moment of satori. The mind was RESISTING, and it was resisting because the insights contradicted the deeply ingrained Occam default.
Degenerate gambling is an adequate but somehow dissatisfying explanation; MK pawn and unknowing patsy is an adequate but somehow dissatisfying explanation; but degenerate gambler AND MK pawn/patsy are together BOTH adequate and (IMO) a far more reasonable/satisfying explanation.
(No one wants to be tin foil, “paranoid,” or a nutty conspiracy theorist! So powerful.)
Lol … maybe there IS a valid use for the bogus word “non-binary.” It is VERY humbling at a relatively advanced age to realize that one’s binary thinking was a manipulated glass ceiling.
Say it loud, and say it proud: “I am non-binary”! AND-logic for me!
Gail, your post like every thing you do, is simply awesome and eye-opening. Somehow I feel better that you are only 5 feet tall, you might be scary if you were 6 feet!


Sorry for the effusive posts.
Gail’s post and Wolf’s insights (ongoing for a while now) have been liberating (and humbling).
Now a question like “does Adam Lanza exist” can be seen in an entirely new light.
Something exists, or it doesn’t exist, right?
Not if Adam Lanza is Schrodinger Adam Lanza, someone who does AND does not exist.
ALL of us have had the deeply unsettling conviction that SOMETHING is wrong, something is not right, something is going on that we know is happening but we cannot put our finger on it. And “it” has been going on for many, many years, shifting but there.
And so we struggle to explain to ourselves, and our minds force us to accept what seems to make the most sense, and is most congruent with what we know. And every human being is prone to believe what we WANT to be true.
We have a much discussed, much posited, widely accepted (as it ought to be) concept called “confirmation bias.”
But, even though we are on guard against confirmation bias in ourselves, it is always the other guy who is constantly affected by confirmation bias, right?
But what if it IS confirmation bias, AND something else?
These lousy fucking bastards. I have never hated another human being in my life, but I am very close to it now.
Q is right, right, right. They want us divided, and they have succeeded wildly.
These lousy fucking bastards. They have made me actually see AOC in a sympathetic light.


Sorry again, but I see Sundance far more differently now.


Sorry again and again, but now The Matrix has been resolved for me. These lousy fucking bastards.
Why would they permit a movie which “exposed” their existence?
Answer: they did not.
There are red pills, blue pills, green pills, purple pills, yellow pills, chartreuse pills, mauve pills, rainbow pills and many more.
The red pill and blue pill is a false dichotomy ingeniously, brilliantly, cleverly, powerfully “imposed” but not imposed.
Who in their right mind does not see our “struggle” as either a red pill or a blue pill? Right?
But in fact, the red pill OUGHT to be showing us an entirely different movie.


Sorry again and again and again, but I have to say this.
Q is the good and true Neo, I see that now.




Do you remember the VERY striking father from Sandy Hook who was all cheerful seconds before he stood behind the podium and showed us his “grief”?
People say he was acting. And they were right.
He was acting like he was acting, on purpose.
He wanted us to see his acting. But that does NOT mean his daughter was not killed.
And he did NOT even know why he was doing what he was doing, he was just doing it. He just knew he was doing SOMETHING useful, or was maneuvered into doing something useful.
These lousy fucking bastards.


“Maneuvered into doing something useful.” That’s it!!!
We are all constantly being conditioned and maneuvered into doing what the overlords want us to think and do. I need mental simplicity and this is it for me, so thank you Tonawanda for this!!
Whatever one thinks about SD, I do recall more than once his posting that the battle was for our minds.


i can tell you this, probably doxxing the hell out of me but whatever – the public school system is 99.44% compromised and is complete junk.
i say 99.44 because i know some people here might be a teacher, or people “know” teachers who are good and honest and pure… i am leaving room for those few people.
the company i work for offers a service to school districts. and i have two relatives who work in public schools. the whole entire system is corrupt.
their unions are corrupt.
they all hate america.


Yes, climate change is a scam, and even absurd. Idiots like AOC are sent out there with the message.
But the point is NOT to convince anyone of “climate change”.
The idiots who are stupid enough to believe in climate change will never be persuaded otherwise.
And the people who fully understand the absurdity of climate change will never be able to unknow what they know.
But notice how the idiots get the “benefit” of having the us called “deniers”.
The sheer propaganda absurdity of it all is irrelevant.
The chief point is not policy or prudence, the chief point is what Q says, divide us.
When the Deep State goes away, the climate change scam will go away.


Great summary.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

More AND logic. Chinese malevolence against Boeing STRIKING at the third world pilots who can’t recover.


China is acquiring Africa, so, to the Chinese, it would make sense.


Friends and I have long had discussions over the appearance of adhd + bi-olar disorder not being a part of our lives during our school days (seems so long ago)
Was it due to ‘advances’ in medical diagnosis, or something more else, has been the topic in general , and all to quickly, moved past.
I, alone, have favoured the sinister (conspirary nut) side of such conversations, without much evidence to present, in the limited available time span, besides my gut feeling.
This article And Logic, and the comments!, are astounding to me (in an enlightened way)
Decades of uncertainty are now clear (unfortunately most i know will not make time to read this article with an open mind)
‘Joining the dots’ is a phrase favoured on the web of today.
i am privileged to be on this site, that not only ‘joins’ the dots, but also keeps them in a straight line, so I can understand (i have read many comments that help to clarify my own confusions before posting)
This is not only ‘The News Now’ This site’s authors, and the rest of Ya, are required daily reading, time permitting.
My long winded way of saying Thank You 🙂
ps. glad i found my way here from ot

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

And thank you for the compliments, on behalf of ALL the authors here, and the many contributors who post here daily!!!


just think of all the millions upon millions of autistic people that exist now.
slightly off topic – but the vaccine thing…i am not making a statement, but fakebook made their stance recently to remove all anti vaccine content.
radio stations i listen to have 8 to 10 vaccine commercials an hour.
my rule is – the more they shill for something the more skeptical i become.
when my daughter was born the anti vax stuff was sort of in it’s beginning and it really really started to make you think – and by that i mean, never before had anyone really questioned it, so why WOULD you think about it…that’s how that works…
so we had a child and suddenly it was like “holy crap what about the vaccines? are they safe?” so we had to wrestle in our minds about that…
now again, i am not saying anything but if you’re a conspiracy theorist type, then everything you think about has a way of making you think long and hard and not just “accepting”…
since my child was born the amount of bi polar, general anxiety, depression, adhd, OCD, autism, childhood diabetes, and now transgenderism, etc has been out of control.
LIME disease is another one. see where that came from…
they’ve been killing us for a long time.
flouride, alumuminum in the air and deodorant, heavy metals from all the overseas products, all of this has a way to poison us. all of this effects our pineal glands. pineal gland seems to be something they are targeting with the new microwave controls also from electronic devices (wifi, bluetooth, smart meters, 5g, etc) but they have been selectively targeting some people all along.


So, one has to wonder, andrew: is your daughter in good health? Is your wife as interested in these topics as you are?


TY. Will do as my schedule (gotta work etc) permits


YW! The pleasure and education (at this late stage of life) is mine


reminder – the great mandalay bay shooter steven paddock had all those guns and ammo…he was an avid shooter.
later, after he was identified and the FBI went to his house – they left it and then someone else broke in!
ELLEN – watch for her and find all her networks. there are many and she is tied to a LOT not just the vegas thing.
paddocks girlfriend shows up off a plane wrapped in a blanket and a wheelchair and then we hardly hear a peep about her again after they made her sound like such a suspect possibly.
vegas was a set up.
and folks – if you do not have a weapon right now do yourself a favor while you still can.