Q Minus X Minutes

Looks like something big is about to go down. New: Title TBD3010Q!!mG7VJxZNCI9 Mar 2019 - 6:35:12 PMScreen_Shot_2018_09_05_at_8.27.42_PM.jpgIT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN.BE VIGILANT.QQ Post 3010 Will add posts as I can. W Here are more posts for context: New: Title TBD3005Q!!mG7VJxZNCI9 Mar 2019 - 5:54:02 PMw604w86fp3b01.jpgThe President of the United States told you who authorized the targeting.QQ … Continue reading Q Minus X Minutes

The Bruce Ohr Transcript

Georgia Congressman Doug Collins released the Ohr Transcript. The Doc is 268 pages long. Here is the link: Bruce Ohr Testimony Many of you (and great researchers on the twit) are rummaging through the testimony, looking for nuggets. Thought it might be a good idea to centralize our comments in one location. In this way, we … Continue reading The Bruce Ohr Transcript

Why Mueller Is Useful

In predicting how the various players of he Deep State will perform, it is helpful to know what PATTERNS of behavior can be expected from them. It took me years of studying Barack Obama to go from "Obama hopeful" to "Obama needsta" to "WTF, Obama!" to "Obama's not actually gonna - is he?" to "I'll … Continue reading Why Mueller Is Useful

"I'm Going Back to the House to Cook, Come Home When You Get Hungry…"

Preconceived notions get us into trouble. We tend to stay in our lane and avoid new things. Sometimes, it's better to muster a little courage and jump in - "Damn the torpedoes!" Cooking is a necessary skill and provides the seed which, when planted, grows to form the memories of our lives. Hey, everyone gets … Continue reading "I'm Going Back to the House to Cook, Come Home When You Get Hungry…"

Dear MAGA: 20190309 Open Topic

Welcome! The door’s open, come on in. This Comfy Q Tree Saturday open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world. Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become … Continue reading Dear MAGA: 20190309 Open Topic