Shut Off Your Electricity for 21 Minutes at 10 AM Washington Time on 10/12 (BFF – Blackout For Freedom)

There is a global medical freedom protest, started in Germany and picking up across Europe, that is being suppressed by the authorities, the media, and social media.

It is very simple to take part. SHUT OFF YOUR HOUSE ELECTRICITY (at the box, if possible) for 21 minutes at 10:00 AM Eastern (Washington) time on October 12, 2021 – meaning TOMORROW.

This is GOOD PREPPER PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAINING. That is actually my MAIN REASON for promoting it.

If ONLY the people on this site do it, we will be PREPARING for what is coming, and that is very important to me. We need to psychologically prepare for disruptions, so that we are VOICES OF STABILITY AND COURAGE when the Biden regime pulls more FEAR TACTICS.

But if this protest spreads, so much the better.

If it helps the pilots and flight attendants, so much the better.

If it helps to publicize what Twitter did to CTH, so much the better.

Think about it this way. We are stuffing toilet paper into the SMART METERS that the regime put into our homes.

And this doesn’t have to be the LAST protest. It can be the FIRST. It can be PRACTICE.

We can do this AGAIN and AGAIN until people take notice.

I will add as much information as I can below. But for now, I want to get this out, so that you can begin preparations.

I can tell you right now, from watching the links for this online, it is trending from invisible to searchable – but at the same time, links are disappearing.


Can we make it trend even bigger? Let’s try.



Text of French Version:

Message de la France.

Le 12 octobre 2021, nous voulons faire un black-out mondial de 21 minutes simultanément, pour montrer notre force. Montrons notre force ! Dans le même temps, nous couperons tous l’électricité et éteindrons les téléphones, les téléphones portables, les réseaux sociaux (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.).

C’est notre protestation contre les règlements, les restrictions des lois fondamentales liées au virus C *.

Les personnes du monde entier qui veulent mettre fin à l’obligation de porter un masque, à la distanciation sociale, à la coercition des enfants ou à la vaccination obligatoire peuvent l’utiliser pour montrer leur résistance. Nous devons éteindre tous les utilisateurs d’électricité, de téléphones portables, d’Internet et d’autres appareils électroniques. Nous le faisons le 12 octobre 2021, nous éteignons tous les appareils entre 16h et 16h21 pendant 21 minutes et nous coupons toute l’électricité. Il n’y a pas besoin de sortir dans les rues, il suffit d’éteindre tout ce qui nous contrôle.

Cette protestation est l’expression de notre force, de notre solidarité et de notre courage moral face aux mesures relatives au virus C *. Montrons tous notre force. Arrêtez le temps et utilisez les 21 minutes pour vous, votre famille, pour vous détendre ou pour vos propres pensées.

Illuminez l’obscurité.

Espèce Lieu de naissance de l’homme ? Orientation politique de la Terre ? La liberté de religion ? L’amour dans le monde entier avant le black-out

« Illuminez l’obscurité »

Heures fixes :

NEW YORK 10h00





SYDNEY 12h00


TOKYO 23h00

SÉOUL 23h00


PÉKIN 22h00






PARIS 16h00

PRAGUE 16h00


MOSCOU 17h00

MADRID 16h00

source : Fan Club Bhakdi (Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologiste et épidémiologiste)

I’ll put up other languages later.

Here are a bunch of relevant links.

CTH Coverage of Pilot Rebellion

Conservative Treehouse Taken Down By Twitter

On WordPress (English):

More English

Romanian (easiest to find, as it slipped past the EU censors!)

French (HTML)

French (as PDF)

Anonymous Picking It Up

Conspiracy Theory Central!

Scheduling Is a Repeat of a 2020 Protest

Del Bigtree coverage of general uprising

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Then it’s a good thing so many patriots have migrated to Gab and Gettr.


That too 🙂


That is a good tell we will see who the traitors are who say all kind of things even baiting and never get taken down . Think about it ?


Interesting connect the dots 🙂


Resist we MUST!
.comment image


I don’t trust ANYONE with a syringe nowadays. Too many “accidental” clot shots being administered.


“Resist we MUST!”


But resist we much. We must and we will much about that be committed….

It’s one of my all-time favorites 😂🤣😂


… 😃👍‼️ … 🧐❓❗️ … 😣🤚 … 😜

..   :wpds_neutral:  ..

Deplorable Patriot

So, just flip the whole house switch in the box?

Good thing I didn’t reprogram the stove after the last time we lost power. Digital on a gas stove is totally annoying.



Deplorable Patriot

The test is good. I refreshed the daily and the splash page came up.

Tomorrow’s daily is scheduled. I may add the Tucker-Flynn interview if it posts before I crash.

Deplorable Patriot

Yeah, it worked for the live pages. The dashboard remained open.

Deplorable Patriot

BTW, has the style of the dashboard and back pages reverted to the old look for you? I’ve got fuchia colored buttons.


Excellent idea! The site should go down.


You might try setting yourself up a “user” account, so you can look at the other sides of things….

Maybe “MoonWolf”.


I think it may be better to switch off certain individual items first especially anything that may be liable to damage from spikes on the supply.
To just open the main switch if it is supplying an inductive load (think motors) can put a spike on the circuit.


Turn off the individual breakers one by one, then the main. Turn on the main, then individual breakers. It can be dangerous to shut everything off all at once if the cicuits are under load. When turning back on individually, you avoid a big amp draw. Do it safely!

Deplorable Patriot

Thank you.


“80% of our pilots are ex-military.”

“We see the tyranny that’s happening.”

“We’re not doing it for us, we’re doing it for America. We swore to defend the constitution against all enemies.”


So then WTF is wrong with the CURRENT military?

Didn’t they swear to defend the Constitution too?

Last edited 7 months ago by scott467

“Yup. But the Constitution says they have to be led by Obama’s White Slave.”


Okay, let’s think this through.

Let’s give the current military the benefit of the doubt, they they are not insane or oblivious.

Retired military sees the tyranny happening. ‘They’ (enemies) are coming for the essential workers first, and for the rest of America next.

Who is ‘they’, the ‘enemies’ who are ‘coming’ for ‘essential workers’, and ‘for the rest of America’ next?

Who is causing all the chaos, and enforcing it?

At the risk of stating the obvious, who is ‘government’?!?

So ‘government’ is the ‘enemy’.

The ‘government’ is ‘coming’ for ‘essential workers’ and ‘the rest of America’ next.

Obviously if the government had not been taken over by foreign enemies, none of this would be happening, there would be no motivation for the government to attack its own population and country, unless the government itself was under the treasonous control of a hostile foreign enemy.

The ‘government’ has defined the American People as the ‘enemy’, and in so doing, declared themselves the ‘enemy’ of the American People.

Retired military see all of this.

Ergo, current military must see it too.

Retired military is apparently fixin’ to do something about it, because they swore an oath to defend the Constitution.

Current military swore an oath to defend the Constitution also.

So retired military and current military both see what’s happening, both recognize that the government has been taken over by a hostile foreign adversary, and both swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

But only retired military have expressed any intention to keep and honor their oath.

Why would this be?

Your comment suggests that current military must follow whatever Hussein’s white puppet says.

But Hussein Sonofadumpsterfire is not the CIC, and neither is [JB].

In order to become the lawful president, one must win the presidential election, and [JB] did not, because election theft doesn’t count.

This is where the ‘process’ people jump in and want to take everyone to court, which of course is pointless, because the enemy could not have taken over the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch without taking over the Judicial Branch too.

All of which is obvious and to the best of my knowledge, not credibly contested by anyone here.

If the enemy controls the courts, then petitioning the court for redress of grievances is quite literally pointless. Even worse, it’s a waste of time and resources which can only ever result in the demoralization of your own side.

Retired military sees all of this.

Current military must therefore see it too.

Retired and current military know that the enemy government is effectively a bunch of unarmed septa and octogenarians who wouldn’t know how to fire a gun even if they had one, which most of them don’t.

There are maybe a few hundred armed criminal FIBs and criminals in other agencies who are so out of their minds that they would go down fighting.

With sidearms and shotguns and AR15s, vs. the United States military.

So it’s a joke. If the military wants to put a stop to this, all they have to do is FLINCH and the criminal political-class Nazi regime folds like a tent.

So what would the military do, if Hitler had usurped Roosevelt and installed one of his flunkies as president?

Would the military have joined the German military and helped Hitler defeat the rest of the world, because the Constitution says they have to be led by Hitler’s puppet?

Suppose King George had stolen our first election and installed his wife as POTUS, and began turning American into a slave client state. No British troops were even present, just American troops.

Would the military just follow Queen George’s Wife (whoever she was, it’s not relevant), aiding and abetting a hostile foreign adversary to destroy and enslave America?

In every case, the ‘answer’ can only be ‘yes’ if the Constitution is a suicide pact.

And it isn’t.

And to my knowledge there is not a single credible legal scholar on the planet who would argue otherwise.

So all that leaves us with is excuses.

Retired military sees what is happening, because they don’t have a bag over their head, which is the only way anyone with a functioning brain couldn’t see what’s happening.

They’re going to honor and uphold their oath to defend the Constitution.

Current military also sees what is happening, because they don’t have bags over their heads either.

They swore an oath to defend the exact same Constitution, but they’re not doing it.

Same Constitution, same oath, one is apparently preparing to honor that oath, and the other is making excuses.

One document (the Constitution).

One oath.

Two groups of people (retired and current military) who took the same oath to the same Constitution.

One group is preparing to honor their oath and defend the Constitution, the other isn’t.

They cannot both be right, they cannot both be honoring their oath to the same Constitution, and be in diametric opposition.

So which group is right?



The military has been taken over, just like the other government institutions.

They aren’t going to save us.

Now, let’s see what we CAN do…


We did it before, so we’ll do it again .. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 …

… ❤️ …


“The military has been taken over, just like the other government institutions.
They aren’t going to save us.”


Very interesting.

Is this not essentially what I have been saying for months now, and all I get is grief for it?

Just this past week even, one of our own in-house impromptu lynch mobs did their usual storm the castle with torches and pitchforks routine, engaging in vicious personal attacks.

I was called a ‘fucking idiot’ by one… I asked for details, but he just ran away. Have you ever had the pleasure of being called a ‘fucking idiot’ here at the Qtree before? I think I’m going to start collecting them. 👍 😁

I have been admonished to ‘shut your fucking mouth’ (by the same gentle soul).

I don’t mind these attacks, I’m not complaining about them, they provide me with the material for some of my best reply posts. I’m just noting that the point you made, almost casually, was previously met with considerable hostility.

Another close and dear friend, practically my sidekick, accused me of being a ‘DS plant’, and actually went so far as to personally ‘disavow’ me from the ‘community’.

Have you ever been ‘disavowed’ before? It’s a treat, I’m gonna start collecting those too, like badges… but you know how that goes… I don’t actually need no stinkin’ badges… 🤣

None of these attacks were in response to an attack. I didn’t attack anyone. Each was in response to a thoughtfully presented point or argument, saying essentially what you just said.

But now that you have said it, I shall be safe.

So thank you for that… I think… 😉


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”


Variation on the theme:

“All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self-evident.” — Schoepenhouer


Doing it. Set an alarm on my phone as a reminder/wake-up. And forwarded this to some frens.


Priceless! I love it. I may have to yell that in my backyard. Followed by the standard Rebel Yell, natch.

Cuppa Covfefe

Rebel yell – I wanna hear that from here! 😆

Cuppa Covfefe

And be sure next April 22, Stalin’s birthday, aka “Earth Day” (Stalin’s Earth Day?) to balance this all out by turning EVERYTHING ON IN THE HOUSE. And then do a BBQ outside (hopefully not in the snow), start up your cars and other fuel consumers, turn on the A/C, and, if you have a fireplace, light up a nice toasty fire to keep the A/C busy 😀

(OK, with the latter, there might be some draft and/or smoke issues issuing)…


We’re in, too.

My fiance had this to say:
See “swing” with power systems. That is, a grid, with a bunch of generation in parallel distributed over distance, all handling a large common load.

See the “Great Blackout of ’65”. A mis-set breaker on a major transmission line tripped, and set off a whole cascade of “event” that brought the whole NE grid down.

The opening of that line altered the flow of power through the system.

What is swing? Imagine you’ve got a big-ass generator, a YUGE synchronous machine with a stator big enough to drive a couple of Mack trucks through. It’s under load. Prime mover (steam turbine) is delivering a YUGE amount of torque. You don’t stop all that on a dime.

Now, load goes to nothing. What does all that torque do? It tries to accelerate the rotor. That is it tries to speed up frequency. We want to maintain dead-constant 60Hz.

Long story, but that tends to set up oscillations in the system. The load on the rotors gets to oscillating. The generators start trying to speed up, then slow down. It’s not stable, and gets worse and worse.

You can read stories of operators shitting their pants as they watched those huge machines start swinging. They were afraid they were going to jump out of their mounts.

After that, transient analysis became a requirement for all power system engineers. They realized that action had to be coordinated at the grid level. You couldn’t have major transmission line control systems acting independently. You had to coordinate, and that meant communication. Stability is the key. Stopping swing before it starts.

Now, I imagine you could stretch that to the breaking point by some careful load switching all over the system. A coordinated action of opening load here, and cranking up load here. You could probably set off a swing event, or at least force the whole grid to go down to save itself.


There are several subnetworks to the electricity grid. The times should be coordinated in order to isolate a subnetwork and signal using that.

Cuppa Covfefe

That’s what went through my mind, too. There are gonna be some folks in the control rooms with, erm, racing stripes when the load goes down and the frequency goes up…

There’s a paper about load balancing, I think it was on NoTricksZone or WUWT that discussed the dances that energy providers now have to do, often daily, due to the load problems presented by unstable sources such as wind and solar… We’ve had some REALLY close calls here in Germany the last two years.. all because of Greta the Greenhearted’s Gang of Grifters…

(And many, MANY years ago, Wirt Atmar wrote extensively about this on HP3000-L, which should be in the internet archives somewhere. He was an expert on power generation, as well as computers)….

Valerie Curren

racing stripes when the load goes down” puke emoji! LOL


Very interesting!


Test looked good!


Another reminder! Perfect!


Several of us were discussing this on Ace of Spades, and I’m definitely in.

In addition, the idea of a general strike came up. December 7th was suggested as a meaningful date. What do you think?


I AM ALL IN on a general strike.


December 7th is symbolic, but to far away. IMO.

Brave and Free

Okay I am in, I had this thought. With all the new electric meters out there and all the gathering of info they do, wouldn’t they very easily “see” who was taking part in the protests?


i read Ace daily. Didn’t know to register. Do you think it’s OK?


Is anyone somehow measuring the impact we had?


I just finished reading my cool story, and the freedom action just now ended ???

sheesh. Let’s do it again! Cmon France, schedule us another one! Worldwide, same time. Let’s Go Brandon!