Jim Renacci Challenges DeWine: NO VACCINE MANDATES. PERIOD.

As Election Day approaches, THE GLOVES ARE COMING OFF.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s milquetoast stance on vaccines has muddled along, but as we watch vaccine mandates DESTROYING blue states, that tinge of purple in Ohio is looking more and more dangerous, with a WEAK LEADER in the capitol.

The man sure loves his purple ties. Is that ROYALTY, HILLARY, or XI?

Well, today that changed.

Is there salvation? It’s not too late.

Republican gubernatorial challenger Jim Renacci launched a salvo of emails with this message:


There’s not a lot of room there.

But if you’re uncertain about who to vote for, here is the full text of the letter.


You get to decide what goes into your body – not the government.

Giving up your right to bodily autonomy is a slippery slope to losing other rights, like freedom of speechc and bearing arms.

That’s why Jim Renacci opposes vaccine mandates now and forever.

Just like President Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

While DeWine is stripping Buckeyes of their freedom, Jim Renacci is putting Ohio first. Renacci will make Ohio a sanctuary state and protect your right to refuse vaccinations.

The first step to preserving your freedom begins with firing DeWine. Team Renacci is working hard to make that happen, but we need all the help we can get. Please consider donating today.

Halloween is just around the corner, and DeWine is hoping he can trick you with HB 244. Don’t be fooled. It doesn’t prevent school vaccine mandates. Instead, it’s a backdoor that allows approved vaccines, like Pfizer, to be forced onto school children.

Renacci will never deceive or trick you. That’s why his message is clear:


Thank you,

Jim Renacci

Candidate for Governor of Ohio

I went to the Renacci website, and found this right at the top, about mask mandates:

Here is that video:

Digging deeper, Renacci has a statement on vaccine mandates HERE:



Cleveland, OH – Former congressman and candidate for governor Jim Renacci released the following statement on Mike DeWine refusing to protect Ohioans from unconstitutional mandates as other governors like Greg Abbott signed an executive order banning mandates of any kind in his state: 

“It has been 33 days since Joe Biden announced his vaccine mandate for workers and Mike DeWine has still done nothing to shield Ohioans. DeWine continually proves he is a feckless leader who refuses to protect Ohioans’ from overbearing mandates that strip away our freedoms. We have seen throughout the pandemic other leaders like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott govern better than DeWine, who instead chooses to lead like Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom. Every single day we see our freedoms eroded by DeWine’s policies and, if we do not have new leadership in Columbus soon, he will continue to be an emboldened tyrant willing to sacrifice our futures by living under his warped rule of law. As governor, I will protect all Ohioans from these mandates and ensure the government will never intrude on their ability to choose what is best for themselves and their families.” 

LINK: https://jimrenacci.com/news/mike-dewine-refuses-to-protect-ohioansa-freedoms-from-unconstitutional-mandates

There is a way to fight back against this stuff. FIRE milquetoast weakling Mike DeWine.

Every Ohio Republican MUST get out and vote for Jim Renacci. Even the Blystone people need to throw their votes to Renacci now, IMO. Get DeWine OUT. Otherwise, mandates are coming, and millions of Ohioans will be FLEEING Ohio to take up residence in saner states.


(screenshot of above video)


The alternative:

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Love this Wolfie!!! My 007 wears it on the bus..and I picked him up today… I wanted to cry!!!


Hi Wolfie!!! I’m throwing myself in front of the train!! My grands Won’t get the jab! Or I didn’t do my job!!!!
PS–I miss you!!!


Marica is a fighter! yea! NOT GONNA HAPPEN!
Knock knock! who’s there?! I so remember!!!!


No Vaccine Mandates. Period.
^^^ That IS a great throw down by Renacci. NO wiggle room for DeWine. Pick a side to WIN, or stoopidly lose on.

Spoiler alert. Freedom and Individual Rights, FOR. THE. WIN..

AND nailing the stoopid masking of kids.

THOSE lines ought to RESONATE with folks from ALL WALKS of Life.


If not already in play, Youngkin in VA ought to be running similar positions against McAwful.

Americans cherish their Freedom, Rights AND DESPISE the vaccine mandates.

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This makes me think a few things and have some questions.

These people have internal polling. What is their polling showing?

The Mayo Clinic shows Ohio as almost 52% fully shot up. Can that really be true if a politician is comfortable coming out this strongly against mandating it?

I think this is another indicator that we are being lied to about compliance with their clot-shot agenda.


Good luck in Ohio Wolf. The fraud was too severely cemented in CA to get gruesome out, and just look at what he has done to hurt CA and the entire nation since.
Buckeyes dont let it happen to you.


Is there any more info on this Renacci candidate, whether he’s on the ballot November 2nd?

I sent a message to a relative in Ohio about the election tomorrow, and they didn’t know anything about it.

So I searched online for info, and apparently Renacci’s primary challenge against DeWine isn’t until MAY of 2022.

Can that be right?

I can’t find any information on ANY candidates in Ohio tomorrow.

Nothing useful when searching for ‘candidates endorsed by Trump’, nothing on Trump’s website (it’s just a donation website, no info on anything), etc.

It’s incredible. Information about candidates should be the easiest thing to find on the Internet.

Even the Ohio GOP website looks like they just phoned it in: https://www.ohiogop.org

The home page has a “How You Can Help” button, but it’s non-functional.

At the top of the page there is a ‘Get Involved’ heading with a drop-down menu where “Vote” is hidden. Click on ‘Vote’

There are lots of options on this page (registration, absentee ballot, vote early, etc.), including “Slate Card — Learn Who Your Republican Candidates are”.

If you click on that link, it takes you to a BLANK PAGE… https://slate.ohiogop.org/

Another button option is “Voter Guide: All the information you need, handy in one spot”.
If you click “View Sample Ballot” it takes you to a map of Ohio, where you click on a county to get a sample ballot for that county. I clicked on FIVE random counties, and FOUR of them went to permanent ‘hour glass’ symbol in the tab…

Hopefully nobody in OHIO needs to learn who their CANDIDATES are for anything like an ELECTION.

Just incredible.

It should be the easiest, simplest thing imaginable. The Internet was DESIGNED to make things like this easy.

You couldn’t screw this up unless the Ohio GOP did so ON PURPOSE.