Why Did DeSantis Strongly Oppose FDA on Child mRNA COVID Vaccines? He Probably Saw This Video

I had already seen the video I’m about to show you, when I watched the press conference in which Florida Governor Ron DeSantis powerfully chastised the media for mischaracterizing his administration’s position of OPPOSING the mRNA vaccines for kids, as PROHIBITING the vaccines for kids – something which DeSantis reminded the idiot media that he cannot do.

However, DeSantis didn’t “hide” his opposition in the least. He still seemed to be doing everything in his power to get parents to look at Pfizer’s clinical trial data (or lack thereof) allegedly justifying this needless – if not counterproductive – if not downright dangerous vaccine.

Thus, when I saw how STRONGLY DeSantis held his ground, I thanked God that somebody in his administration surely saw the same video that I had seen.


Just watch this. It’s short and to the point.

BOMBSHELL: Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children

Chief Nerd Published June 17, 2022 103,562 Views

LINK: https://rumble.com/v18s66i-bombshell-dr.-clare-craig-exposes-how-pfizer-twisted-their-clinical-trial-d.html

Here is the Ron DeSantis press conference.

In my opinion, it’s very clear that he and/or his people watched this video, or read a transcript.

DeSantis: ‘No Proven Benefit’ For Babies To Get COVID Jabs, ‘We Recommend Against It’

DeSantis said that Florida will not require infants to receive COVID-19 vaccines, and stressed that his government recommends against it

By Andrew White

Published 10 hours ago

LINK: https://valiantnews.com/2022/06/desantis-no-proven-benefit-for-babies-to-get-covid-jabs-we-recommend-against-it/

Twitter will try to remove this tweet from the historical record, so let’s just make a copy.

In my opinion, this Pfizer clinical trial is nearly 100% BAD SCIENCE.

That such bad science is not merely allowed to pass without comment by America’s major scientific organizations, such as the AMA and the ACS, but was in fact used by the FDA to approve utterly needless vaccines – this kind of failure of American science is SOUL-DEADENING.

It’s not just one person here or a research group there. This is multiplicity of large-group institutional failure.

Personally, I blame this shocking failure on the triumph of Chinese ethics over traditional Western ethics.

Pfizer, with its global HQ for clinical trial data in Wuhan (SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!) is now allowing China and the CCP to effectively run all its clinical trials. This horrible, shoddy trial just REEKS of a sick combination of malignant Chinese battered anarcho-capitalism and corrupt Chinese communism. This is typical “top down” forcing of mistakes due to POLITICS and GREED.

I have been telling people that I will NEVER take another drug from Pfizer.

THIS is exactly why.


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If your local community college offers a course on “judicial hanging, theory and practice”, you should consider taking it. There’s going to be a massive demand.


I hope so. I don’t see enough people waking up yet.


And there you have it. Which is why our grandson no longer takes the Park-Davis (Pfizer) anti-seizure med he really never needed. Pfizer = death + destruction of humanity.

As always, thanks for your input and recommendations, Wolf.


Is he still doing well and improving? I hope so!


Yes – I will do an update this week after his adjustment Wednesday. Thank you for caring, Aubergine. This story is amazing and heading toward the proverbial happy ending. Even his pediatrician jumped in the pool with us.


This is such good news! Please keep us all updated when you can.


That’s fantastic! I’m so happy for you all!




Today, I bring you a personally paraphrased devotional and related scripture from Dr. David Jeremiah.

The word “impossible” is found in the NKJV nine times. In five: Matt. 17:20, Matt. 19:26, Mark 10:27, Luke 1:37, and Luke 18:27; we learn the word is not in God’s regular vocabulary. Nothing will be impossible with God.

Except to lie – Heb. 6:18. We also learn it is impossible to please Him without faith – Her. 11:6.

So it seems to me we need to cast our worries and concerns for our nation and the innocents of the world upon Him since nothing is impossible to God when it comes to reversing the situation in which we currently find ourselves.


Wolf Moon!
Thank you so much for highlighting the Dr. Claire Craig video.
It’s also linked via Steve Kirsch’s article on Substack:

Here’s the actual Pfizer “briefing document” that the company submitted to the FDA for the VRBPAC committee meeting on 15 June:
“FDA Briefing Document”
“EUA amendment request for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 6 months through 4 years of age”

Page 39 of the “briefing document” shows the N=numbers that “summarize” the data falsification by Pfizer-BioNTech.

Page 55 of the “briefing document” mentions “Study C4591007“, an ONGOING STUDY of the company’s COVID-19 “vaccine” in children ages 6 months through 4 years of age. Guess what? — C4591007 is none other than the NCT04816643 “clinical trial” that’s ONGOING UNTIL JUNE, 2024 for this age group!

Page 57 of the “briefing document” mentions the “Post-authorization observational studies” that Pfizer-BioNTech will undertake — BUT, get this! —

“Study C4591009” is NCT04368728 — that BEGAN on 29 April, 2020 — and IS ONGOING until 8 February 2024.

“Study C4591036” is called “Prospective cohort study with at least 5 years of follow-up for potential long-term sequelae of myocarditis after vaccination (in collaboration with Pediatric Heart Network [PHN]).”
This “study” is NCT05295290, “to study children and young adults <21 years with acute post-vaccine myocarditis / pericarditis.”
NCT05295290 BEGAN on 15 JUNE 2022, the day of the FDA’s VRBPAC committee meeting — and IS ONGOING UNTIL 13 June 2028. One can posit that Pfizer-BioNTech LIKELY KNOWS that children ages 6 months through adults age 20, CAN WELL DEVELOP these conditions after getting the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 “vaccines”!

Pages 58 – 60 of the “briefing document” is the “Benefit – Risk” discussion regarding the use of the company’s COVID-19 “vaccine” in children ages 6 months through 4 years of age.

And, by the way, the company’s COVID-19 “vaccine” is referred to as “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine” in the “briefing document” — they cannot use the word “Comirnaty”, since it appears that this European ‘version” of the company’s “vaccine” is really not licensed for use in the U.S. (IMO, That whole FDA “full approval” of Comirnaty for use in the U.S. is, at best, well-written legalese; at worst, outright deception).

IMO, any parent / guardian who allows their child (children) to get EITHER the Pfizer-BioNTech OR the Moderna COVID-19 “vaccines” is not only allowing medical experimentation on a child of an UNPROVEN “vaccine” — it appears they’re OK with what can be called “medical child abuse.”

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Sigh, ..😔🥺 .. the tears in Heaven are thunderous .. 😢💔 ..


Que to 3 seconds


Thank you Wolf 🐺 .. 😔🤚❤️ for posting this and God bless you.


So what happened a few days ago with DeSantis and kids’ vaccine doses? From what I’ve read it’s that he had originally passed on even purchasing them, and now has. I assume he has to cover himself by making it available.


While Yours Truly is a little unclear on this, even after listening to Gov. DeSantis’ video clip several times, it appears he’s clarifying that he doesn’t have the authority to prohibit hospitals or doctors from ordering or giving the “vaccines” to persons 6 months to 5 years of age, or for parents/guardians to request it. It may be that he can prohibit public school districts from requiring children of this age group to be “vaccinated” in order to attend school-run daycare, Kindergarten, or for entering the first grade.




AND, here’s the slick, “slide-type presentation” given to the FDA’s VRBPAC committee on 15 June by Moderna:

“mRNA-1273 (Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine) – Request for Emergency Use Authorization in Individuals 6 Months – 5 Years of Age”

This “presentation” by Moderna is based on their company’s “Study 204” for giving their “vaccine”, mRNA-1273, to infants 6 months of age, through very young children 5 years of age.
The “presentation” appears to be filled with “perceived risk data” and “excess mortality rates data” for severe COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and/or deaths, in this age group.
The “presentation” also appears to label any mention of the fact that this age group is NOT readily infected by COVID-19; or, if infected by COVID-19, NOT at large risk of severe infection, hospitalization, or death, as “misinformation.”

“Study 204” is actually NCT04796896, an ONGOING “clinical trial” for use of mRNA-1273 in persons 6 months of age to 12 years of age — a “clinical trial” that began on 15 March 2021, and is ONGOING until 12 November 2023.

CR-53 of the Moderna “presentation” talks about “Vaccine Effectiveness.”
It appears that the company’s own figures, based on “Study 204”, show that mRNA-1273 has a 36.8% “vaccine effectiveness” in young children 2 years of age to 5 years of age; and a 50.8% “vaccine effectiveness” in infants 6 months of age through toddlers 23 months of age.

The Moderna “presentation” also mentions that this age group will be offered a “booster shot” of a NEW Moderna “vaccine”, called “mRNA-1273.214”, against the omicron “variant.”

It is worth noting that in no part of the “presentation” is the Moderna COVID-19 “vaccine” called SPIKEVAX. This is because SPIKEVAX is not being used in the U.S.; only mRNA-1273 is being used as the “general COVID-19 vaccine” product of the company.

IMO, here is another “snow job” on the American population by a company regarding an UNPROVEN ‘vaccine” that’s STILL in “clinical trials.” Let alone the fact that the Moderna “vaccine” is another mRNA product, with the inherent potential for damage to the body of the recipient that holds for the Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, or other mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines.” IMO, using the Moderna mRNA-1273 in any person under age 18 is allowing that person to be used as a “human lab rat” for medical experimentation purposes.


Wolf Moon
There must some good reason why France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have prohibited / greatly limited, the use of the Moderna COVID-19 “vaccine” in people 30 years of age and under.

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What Pfizer is doing is criminal. Set aside all we think and know about the danger, illness, and death related to the vaccines. For them to manipulate data so they can sell more vaccines, using humans (and children!) for profit, is criminal.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

How bout they conduct all these trials on their own offspring first and then we just sit and watch for a century before deciding.