Dear KAG: 20220824 Open Thread

Is it Wednesday already?

Twitter Whistleblower Surfaces Presenting Challenge for U.S. Surveillance State, Enter CNN and The Washington Post

CNN is the national media firm protecting the interests of the U.S. State Dept.  The Washington Post is the national media firm protecting the interests of the U.S. intelligence apparatus.  The latest Twitter whistleblower information originates in,.. wait for it… “an explosive whistleblower disclosure obtained exclusively by CNN and The Washington Post.”

Elon Musk Subpoenas Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The filing with Delaware’s Court of Chancery seeks documents, messages, emails, financial statements, online chat or instant messages, recordings, and other forms of communication from Dorsey, who stepped down as Twitter’s chief executive last year.

Dorsey is asked to produce documents and communications “reflecting, referring to, or relating to Twitter’s use of any other user metric other than mDAU (monetizable daily active users), including but not limited to, daily active users” and any other Twitter metric that monitors active users on the social media website, according to the court filing.

Dorsey has yet to issue a public comment on the subpoena.

More whistleblowers come forward against ‘out of control’ FBI

FBI field offices in Miami, Salt Lake City, Buffalo and Newark face accusations that their upper management coerced agents to sign false affidavits, inflated terrorism caseloads to improve their apparent performance, engaged in illicit sexual activities, or concealed those of others, according to the Washington Times.

“The FBI is completely out of control and its culture and structure needs to change. Not only is the political bias completely out of control and disgustingly obvious, the FBI knows they will not be held accountable for their illegal behavior and misconduct,” said one Whistleblower in a letter to Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Tx) of the House Judiciary Committee. This whistleblower alleged that FBI Director Christopher Wray ignored her allegations of sexual misconduct.

The same eight people have won the Maryland lottery 2,305 times (!!) in two years. Seriously.

Of course, we’re talking about the state-level games here, not national games like Powerball, but it’s definitely suspicious. Plus, there seems to be an art in Maryland of hiding one’s identity behind giant checks, probably to keep family and friends from finding out about the winners’ good fortune, but now it’s looking like it could be to keep lottery fanatics and the authorities from catching on to the repeat wins too.

Oh, hey, that’s fair. NOT!

George Soros, other billionaires flood Schumer’s PAC with millions to save Senate majority

Soros steered $2.5 million from his Democracy PAC to the Senate Majority PAC in July, while hedge fund billionaire James Simons added an identical amount, according to new Federal Election Commission filings. The duo was the largest donors to the committee last month, which is now entering the home stretch of the midterm elections with nearly $73 million cash on hand.

The new Soros cash also brings his total to the Senate Majority PAC to $10 million for the 2022 elections, making him one of its largest contributors behind a dark money nonprofit affiliated with the PAC.

Buying the legislature again.

In California’s water crisis, neighbors turn in neighbors and even celebrities aren’t spared


Important interview.

James O’Keefe deserves a Medal of Freedom in the end.

Liz Cheney’s Agony

Liz Cheney, who sits on the Jan. 6th Committee, has made her political agenda clear from the beginning.  Although an “investigation” is supposed to be a search for the truth, Liz Cheney made agonizingly clear many times that she didn’t need to wait for the results of the investigation.  From the beginning her stated aim was “make sure that Trump never gets near the White House again.”  Permanent Washington also made their aim clear.  The Jan. 6th Committee “investigation” was for her, and many others, mere political theatre to achieve a predetermined political agenda.

Had Cheney been interested in the truth, she might have insisted that the committee seat the appropriate number and type of Republicans to cross-examine the prosecutorial witnesses.  She did not do so.  At every turn she interpreted any testimony in the worst way possible for Trump, e.g., she has recently stated that Trump, “commanded” a “heavily armed mob” to try to stop the counting of electoral votes.  She and her Jan. 6th Committee have, however, given no evidence whatsoever that Trump “commanded” an armed mob to use violence to stop the counting of electoral votes.  Her very strong statement requires that she prove both causality and intent.  However, the committee has only demonstrated a degree (even that not clear) of correlation between Trump’s remarks and the riot, namely, that Trump made some remarks and some people went to the Capitol and rioted.  The committee has not proved that Trump’s remarks caused the mob to riot at the Capitol or that Trump intended that his remarks cause the mob to riot at the Capitol.  Demonstrating causality or intent is never easy in social situations: “Since intent is a mental state. it is one of the most difficult things to prove.” It is certainly not easy given the very murky events surrounding Jan. 6th, events that the committee in their “Star Chamber” has conspired to keep murky.  For Liz Cheney, however, everything about Jan. 6th is as clear to her as her seething hatred of Donald Trump. 

Never Forget that We are America

But Thomas Sowell, in The Vision of the Anointed, reckons that today’s society consists of the Anointed, the Benighted, and the Mascots. He’s right. Our liberal friends and their pals at the FBI are the Anointed. Trump voters are the Benighted, and all the scheduled classes of victims are the special Mascots of the ruling class, displayed in appropriate trophy cabinets in every Anointed home.

Authoritarian Democrats Heart the Deep State

Unlike Garland and Wray, Trump and his Republican allies were elected by the people. It is a peculiar democracy indeed in which agents of the state can break into the home of the opposition leader without controversy. But Democrats fancy themselves enlightened “antiracists,” which they imagine gives them exclusive rights of control over the state in Our Democracy™. 

The righteousness of the Left is a thing to behold. Consider Michael Hayden, a former CIA director who endorsed executing Trump over innuendo about “nuclear weapons” and the Espionage Act. Hayden, as it happens, also believes that the Trump movement is a terrorist threat worse than al-Qaeda. Go figure.

Hayden is not alone. After January 6, 2021, former CIA head John Brennan, another career spy suffering from Trump-induced derangement, gave his own take on Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables”: the Trump movement is an “insurgency” and “unholy alliance” of “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians,” he said.

What do you do with insurgencies? Why, you crush them, of course.

Weaponized Compassion & The Culture War

I subscribe to Fisted By Foucault, the Substack of the right-wing writer and controversialist Niccolo Soldo. Since the advent of monkeypox, Soldo has been revisiting, in a newsletter series, the advent of AIDS, and the culture of gay male promiscuity that produced it. Soldo liberally quotes from official public health sources and the memoirs of gay writers who were present in the 1970s when many gay men gave themselves over to extreme promiscuity and radical sexual practices. He focuses in part on people like gay physicians who were terrified by the fact that so many gay men’s bodies were becoming petri dishes, as well as on people like the gay activist Larry Kramer and the gay journalist Randy Shilts, who were early alarmists about the new “gay cancer,” and whose warnings were quite unpopular. In today’s issue, Soldo writes:

All animal species have a natural instinct for self-preservation thanks to evolution. Those that never developed this mechanism to a sufficient extinct died out a long, long time ago. It is a vital function that keeps us alive.

Despite humans creating civilizations that worked to diminish some of the rougher and more dangerous aspects of nature, this instinct remains strong in our constitutions for the simple fact that societies are fragile, and threats to our lives can appear immediately. How we choose to assess and then mitigate these threats depends not only on how our societies are organized and what resources we have access to, but also how we personally assess these threats. This will often come down to personality traits that are inherent or are developed over time due to environmental factors and/or personal experiences. Some types select social conformity, others will choose gun ownership, and so on. The examples are endless.

One type of personality known to us all is the ‘Alarmist’. This person will warn others in advance of a threat that they see coming, often exaggerating the actual threat for desired effect. We all know this type, as it has saturated our minds in the age of instantaneous communication and clickbait journalism. A problem with the Alarmist is that they can often be wrong, leading to a “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” reaction from the targeted audience. Excessive alarmism negatively impacts credibility. But for those of you who have been paying attention this past decade, these alarmists actually have a pretty good track record. This is why it pays to not completely discount the paranoid rantings of the ‘internet schizophrenic’.

Larry Kramer (whom we have met earlier in this series) was one of those alarmists. Something in his gut was telling him that the hyper-charged sexual activity of gay men in the 1970s posed an existential risk. He had no way of knowing that the HIV virus was already making its way through the gay community (and IV drug users as well), but he could sense the danger. His 1978 novel “Faggots” sounded the alarm, and Kramer became persona non grata on Fire Island because of it, as he was seen as spoiling the party.

Some people will react early, others will react too late. Some people will overreact, others will choose to put personal interests above those of the affected community as a whole. Others still will place politics as the primary lens through which to perceive the threat and react to it, pushing down actual public health concerns. Still others will deny that something is happening, with even more others seeing conspiracies unfolding before their eyes. All of the above took place with regards to those first years of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Anne Heche: Crazy? A Survivor Speaks Out

I understood the secrets and suffering that led her to create an alter ego. Only a survivor of childhood abuse can comprehend the need to find a way to survive the violent physical attack an innocent child suffers from familial abuse. Fantasy worlds and alter egos are common methods used by young victims to live through it. According to an interview in 2001 on ABC, “Heche stated that she created a fantasy world called the ‘Fourth Dimension’ to make herself feel safe and had an alter ego who was the daughter of God and half-sister of Jesus Christ named Celestia.” It was a form of self-protection to hide her shame and suffering.

Her battle was to survive and live beyond her childhood trauma and the haunting memories. Sadly, Heche could never escape them. Her tragedy was that she could not beat the devil. She could not obliterate the horror she suffered as a child. She could not overcome the mental scars of that brutality and did not achieve healing or freedom to live authentically as herself: Anne Heche.

Brian Cates

Gentle reminder:

That one guy that wants to either join your group or start a group and then starts dropping all kinds very strong hints that it’s time to get the guns and start kidnapping/executing government officials?

That guy?


It would really be freaking nice if people would quit falling for this obvious shit.

31.5KviewsBrian Cates, Aug 23 at 11:46

Exclusive: Yelp to flag listings for crisis pregnancy centers

Yelp is adding a prominent consumer notice to crisis pregnancy center listings to more clearly distinguish them from clinics that provide abortion services, in a policy change shared first with Axios.

The big picture: Yelp’s move is the latest tech-company response to a post-Roe world in which abortion information has become a significant online battleground, with both sides of the debate applying intense pressure.

Driving the news: Starting today, Yelp will add a consumer notice to both faith-based and non-faith-based crisis pregnancy centers noting that they “provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.

It’s the latest in a series of moved Yelp has made since 2018, when CEO Jeremy Stoppelman directed the company to make sure crisis pregnancy centers were differentiated from abortion clinics in the company’s listings.

All because crisis pregnancy centers give women options and help to have and keep their children.


They attached themselves to the frame. The cherubim are perfectly safe.

Sure you can.

None of it was catalogued, either.

Spinach salad or bust, baby.

I didn’t think they had alligators in Pennsylvania.

Something is going on with this, that’s for sure.

Too bad, so sad.

Go get ’em, Mrs. Dorn.

Nine minutes? Not much at cruising altitude, that’s for sure.

22 more and he passes Babe Ruth for career home runs.


Have a good day y’all.

(I don’t remember who brought this to a daily in the comments, but thanks.)

And, of course, the obligatory George Carlin:

Per the Boss:

Just ’cause I’m in the mood.

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9Then came one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues, and spoke to me, saying, “Come, I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb.” 10And in the Spirit he carried me away to a great, high mountain, and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, 11having the glory of God, its radiance like a most rare jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal. 12It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed; 13on the east three gates, on the north three gates, on the south three gates, and on the west three gates. 14And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

And…members of the QTree who no longer participate for one reason or another, as well as Gil, RDS, Bakocarl, Nora, Cthulhu (who is getting prayers whether it’s life threatening or not) and any others facing serious health issues right now..

It is quite clear, as per Wolf’s message from July, that we are under spiritual attack. Building up a robust arsenal of prayer and discipline is a must in fighting the enemy and his minions.

In that spirit, the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel from Tuesday’s threads, and the Breastplate of St. Patrick, not to mention the Litany of Humility are favorites recommended by exorcists in spiritual warfare.

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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

“I didn’t think they had alligators in Pennsylvania.”

They have alligators in Colorado. In the San Luis valley–which is ringed by mountains but itself flat as a plate at about 7700 feet altitude.

No, they’re not native (and neither are any in Pennsylvania) but there is a hot spring there, and there’s an alligator refuge.


Well thats interesting. Were they pets?

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I am guessing–mind you guessing–that some of them were.

But they have scores of alligators there.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Unlike alligators, mountains exist in Colorado but not Pennsylvania.


Ha. I told kiddo so he wants to see your gator swimming preserve. I guess its not quite EU rules yet where they cull them all for being non native.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Colorado Gators – Reptile Rescue and Education

On the other hand, if he just wants to see lots and lots of reptiles, he wants to visit Reptile Gardens right outside of Rapid City SD. Biggest reptile collection in the world.


Well thats 1 of the areas we are looking to move to. He’d have fun there.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That place was like Mecca for us kids! I recall begging for years to go there!




I saw my first live alligator from the Deck of the USS North Carolina, on display in Wilmington NC. That was a safe distance  😄  .. was probably 8 yrs old. The waters were teaming with them.
Years later it was routine (and probably illegal too ) for some in the High School science class to make a trip from Md. and bring a baby one back to class where it cold be fed and observed in a special built tank with heavy wire fenced walls.
Release of non-native species pets into the wild is a huge problem everywhere.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Chris – all your posts are dumping into the bin because you have errors in your login. Wrong email (two letters added) and an invalid website (four letters). Remove those six letters and you will log in OK.


I like how FL pays by the foot to capture the constructors. Gators in Penn and CO seems pretty crazy.
NC gas some really neat megalodon and other prehistoric shark finds, regular sharks, purate ships, turtles….mountains, et al. I think my son would have fun(from a distance) too.


H/t American Greatness through Citizen Free Press

comment image


Mush-Mind pooped his depends.  😂  😅  😂 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That’s the WHOLE POINT of that damned drug – to THWART IMMUNITY.




Right! What the hell is WRONG with people!?

Happy go lucky

stupid beyond belief is my best guess 🤷‍♀️

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

People want to believe their doctors, but the whole of medicine has been taken over at the top. People can’t see what’s happening – they can’t reason, even when the truth is staring them in the face. Just like Bezmenov called it.








None of this makes sense in medicine – but people are afraid to speak up, for fear that they might lose their license. THIS IS NOT RIGHT.




Isn’t the obvious (though not necessarily correct) answer that the vaxx suppresses the immune system in some way similar to acquired immune deficiency syndrome…

Therefore an AIDS treatment drug (e.g., Paxlovid) would be a way to treat vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS)?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OK – this creates ONE POSSIBLE THEORY.

  • Paxlovid rebound phenomenon is actually a function of having been vaccinated
  • Thus, worsened immune system cannot fight off virus, and virus bounces back when drug + bad immunity fails to clear it.
  • Virus finally clears after rebound, possibly taking days more
  • Pfizer believes that inclusion of ritonavir can treat VAIDS, without admitting truth about VAIDS.
  • Thus, it’s a cover-up formulation
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Pfizer will then be administering vaccines that cause VAIDS, and drugs that treat VAIDS.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

And that explains a long-term goal of the virus! Getting (V)AIDS into as many people as possible.


The (or a) next question is, if Pfizer is administering vaccines that cause VAIDS, then why not just let the people die, rather than treat them with something that prolongs their life?

The answer could be:

A) living sick people are much more profitable than sick people who die

B) timing is a problem, everybody can’t start dying off too quickly, or the herd will notice and panic stampede

C) a combination of the two

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. There is likely an optimal blend of the two, so I’m going with C. Monetize depopulation. Just like hospitals did.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

But here is the thing.

I think Fauci has been lying about way more than COVID. THUS, I don’t trust any of his AIDS stuff.

We have already seen that he specializes in “cures” that do the SAME work as the disease. Example – remdesivir mimicking COVID organ shutdown.

All of that makes SENSE if he’s depopping and trying to piggyback on the disease, to boost the result.

SO – when he was offing gays and kids during AIDS, I will bet that he was using ritonavir to actually destroy their immune systems over time, letting the disease take the heat.

And THAT then explains PAXLOVID rebound. When people take it, it actually does immune damage, giving us the observed result.


If he’s just murdering regular Americans, the MSM couldn’t care less about that.

But if it turns out that Little Tony is a mass-murderer of homosexuals, they will lose their minds and go after him like he’s shark bait.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great point. Hmmmmm……


Pretty good guess!


“Right! What the hell is WRONG with people!?”


It would appear that the skeptical, suspicious and distrusting group is a much smaller group than we imagined it to be.

And the group who believes whatever people in a position of authority tell them, is a much, much larger group than we ever suspected.

So it may be as difficult for our smaller group to accept that the larger group exists, as it is for the larger group to understand our existence.

Or it could be something else entirely, altogether 😁


Some days I feel like a damned alien.


would you think she is really positive and she is vaxxed, or is this fake result to create fear or what?

Barb Meier

I don’t remember a single puplically known democrat dying of long covid or covid they did not start saying they had covid until they wanted to use it to get out of the media spotlight. Did I miss someone?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think it’s a typical case of Paxlovid doing exactly what it DOES, and what it is supposed to do – which is to suppress natural immunity.

Paxlovid “rebound” has been known from the beginning.

But it’s a very weird phenomenon. AND paxlovid is also a very weird drug. It’s actually TWO drugs, and one is an AIDS drug being given ALLEGEDLY because it keeps the other drug from being metabolized.

I don’t buy that reasoning. Something is wrong here.

I think Fauci has been lying about a lot more than we realized.


“I think Fauci has been lying about a lot more than we realized.”



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Maybe to keep both out of the media. People were wondering who the Joe Biden was who made his remarks today…meds or body double?


“would you think she is really positive and she is vaxxed, or is this fake result to create fear or what?”


It seems that if we conclude the opposite of whatever they tell us, we will nearly always be much closer to the truth. Why should anyone believe anything these pathological liars say?

So if they tell us she’s vaxxed, then she’s not vaxxed.

If they tell us she tested positive for Covid, she didn’t test positive, they probably didn’t even test her.

If they tell us she’s sick with Covid, she’s not sick with Covid.

At first it may seem too simplistic to be useful, but when practically everything they say is scripted to create a Potemkin village, and the Potemkin village, by it’s nature, exists in opposition to reality, then the lies being told in order to support the Potemkin village construct are often going to be in opposition to reality as well.

Sometimes what they say won’t be the exact opposite of the truth of course, but it will nearly always be a lie, so if we are in the habit of assuming whatever they say is a lie, it blunts the initial deception enough that what they say is at least processed as if it was a lie, instead of slipping right past our defenses, into ‘acceptance’.


Another sudden, unexplained death of a young athlete.

16 year-old Philly athlete dies suddenly…No one knows why he died…

Watching this parade of death is like being in the Twilight Zone. We can see so much, and when people finally wake up, there will be lots of anger and finger-pointing. For those who were vaxed (which is likely most of them), why did they get vaxed? Was it a parental decision? a school or work requirement? a travel requirement? etc. Who mandated it? Then those people will point the finger at those above them. Hospital restrictions, CDC guidelines, “corporate” said so, etc.

One problem that I’ve read is that routine autopsies don’t detect the vax as the cause of death.


At some point, whether or not an autopsy found the vaxx as the cause will be irrelevant. There are going to be TOO DAMNED MANY. Too many deaths of young, healthy, but VACCINATED people.

You’re right, it is like the Twilight Zone.


“You’re right, it is like the Twilight Zone.”


It’s been waiting since 1982 for your arrival 😁


Last edited 3 months ago by scott467


Gail Combs

“,,,,One problem that I’ve read is that routine autopsies don’t detect the vax as the cause of death.”


Embalmers report finding long, fibrous blood clots in deceased people who got COVID-19 vaccine. Funeral director John O’Looney of Milton Keynes, England did a video where he showed the LONG rubbery clots they were finding.

Now the same is found here in the USA and embalmers are speaking out.

Embalmer alarmed by mysterious blood clots in vaccinated peopleColleagues in industry also report anomaly in more than half of their cases

Amid indications from many different sources of a dramatic rise in the sudden onset of serious illnesses following COVID-19 vaccination, a veteran embalmer is reporting that he and more than a dozen colleagues in the industry have been noticing strange blood clots in most of their cases.

Richard Hirschman, with more than 20 years of experience in the funeral industry in Alabama, says that in mid-2021, he began noticing odd blood clots in arteries and lungs he had never seen before…..

Hirschman said that last month, he found that 65% of his cases exhibited the clots. He told Kirsch that every one of the 15 people in the industry with whom he has spoken has observed the same alarming trend….

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Unrelated but I found the name “Milton Keynes” for a town in the UK to be funny.

Combining Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes.

Gail Combs

I was thinking the same..


It was originally the village of Middleton, and part of the lands of the de Cahaines family. Being subject to the usual British muddling of spelling and pronunciation, the area was fortunate to escape with “Milton Keynes”.

The “new city” is about 50 miles north-west of London and got the “planned city” treatment in the late ’60’s, when such things were popular. It borrowed the name of its predecessor village, and was finally declared a city in 2022.

The northern border of the new city is the River Great Ouse (pronounced “ooze”).


Emanated from a pub more than likely…really late at night.


“16 year-old Philly athlete dies suddenly…No one knows why he died…


Except me.

I know why he died.

Because my next door neighbor is Rod Serling, and I live in a real life Twilight Zone 👍😁

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Holy crap. This right here proves that the “rush to chump energy” is a planned disaster.

They know what they’re doing. They know it won’t work. They know millions will die.

What the heck is going on?

comment image


“What the heck is going on?”


I don’t want to be an alarmist, or jump to any conclusions, but… could it be something… not good?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think you’re right. Hmmmm.


Zelensky head on tyler durden’s body(Fight Club).
This guy is the 21st century Che.


Only in the ‘collective’ West, as it is now being labeled …

Valerie Curren

Vaccine package inserts:

Covid “vax” related:

Comirnaty purple cap

Comirnaty gray cap


Smallpox and Monkeypox:


Smallpox (Vaccinia):


Here’s who’s running the site, so reassuring!/s

Institute for Vaccine Safety
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205

All rights reserved.

comment image

© 2022 Institute for Vaccine Safety

This website meets the criteria for credibility and content as defined by the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety.

comment image

comment image

comment image


California is no longer American.

California to Ban Sale of New Gasoline-Powered Cars

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

WOW. Elite paradise. No cars for you peons.

So obvious now, how the elite are making their move.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Climate commies are destroying America.


I sure hope they keep the peons updated on the arrival and use of their E limos and personal cars. That should happen well in advance of the mandate…they know how needy and stupid we are..we need to see our betters using these things…amiright ?!


You can’t get anywhere in CA without a car … am I right?


Maybe by then they hope to have the collective commie utopia up and running. If one is of value to the regime and has need to do collective biz, he/she will be given a vehicle. The rest of the people can sit at home twiddling their thumbs until the ebus picks them up for their assigned job ??


Thanks Molly …


LOL, it’s not really funny at all but it’s getting so nutz. A struggling people, knowing full well that economic hard times are going to get much worse and this jackass and his peers announcing their stupid BS ?/

Their Build Back Better pyramid got another block .




That ought to drive out another several hundred thousand in a couple of years.

NYC banning gas furnaces, appliances, etc in new construction 2024

The feel of jackboot on neck must be a rush for them.


What about diesels? How about propane fueled cars?

Exasperated minds want to know.

Also, it violates the commerce clause of the fed constitution.

Last edited 3 months ago by pgroup2

That horse left the barn a long time ago.

One of the peculiar things about scouting around NC and TN is that I went to Home Depot and Lowes….and about 10% of the stuff there said “not for sale in California” (almost anything in the paint aisle, or power garden tools, or….). How does CA get away with this? “Waivers” from their DC commie friends.

Chicken eggs, gasoline, foie gras — there are so many things where CA just runs right over the Commerce Clause.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

How so?

They have the general police power, they can ban whatever they want to in their state as being a health hazard, a safety hazard, what have you.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Gail Combs

DO NOT RUN ANY ELECTRIC INTO CALIFORNICATE… you can stop all the rivers too.


Another thing we see on products is” this product is know to cause cancer in California”
and the standard response is a head shaking ..good thing we don’t live in California  😂 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Chris – all your posts are dumping into the bin because you have errors in your login. Wrong email (two letters added) and an invalid website (four letters). Remove those six letters and you will log in OK.

Cuppa Covfefe

By 2035 (a bit of fear-mongering by the media):

From the article:

It will require 100 percent of all new cars sold in the state by 2035 to be free of fossil fuel emissions.


“…all new cars sold in the state…”

Car dealerships in Nevada, Utah, and Oregon are probably salivating.


I’m wondering how these electric cars will fair during hurricane evacuations away from the coast of Texas. Hours long lines!!!!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Apparently when I-95 got blizzarded a couple of years ago, bringing traffic to a standstill in sub freezing weather, the results were mixed. Some came out all right, others didn’t.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

NOT gonna happen!!!



Too funny for me.

But, BUT, BUT, wut about fast shiny sports cars, limos and toys for politicos, big shot execs, hollyweird…demand as they are pampered or show off status symbols.

Oh. I get it. The new cars, limos will be EVs.
^^^ Bring on the wind and solar power.  😂  😅  😂 
^^^ Wut could go wrong. /s


Speaking of dysfunctional CA…. Been intending to float this.

Guess it IS a coincidence…

  • THIS year CA has had few, if any major blackouts.
  • ^^^ Yea, that one must be a coincidence.
  • AND.
  • Other than the one Yosemite / Big Trees fire, a few weeks back, NO SERIES of HUGE wild fires in CA.
  • ^^^ Clearly another coincidence.

^^^ Could NOT be related to D-Rats in CA, running skeered with November 8 looming.

^^^ And the push for CA folks to buy ~$60K EVs.

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bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Remember my 2 power outages? That was it. My spidey sense tells me it was a Dem stunt. Either that or Abbot in an election year finally put the hammer down. It was much hotter in the weeks after and we never lost power again.


Interesting observation.

Valerie Curren

This place is making my blood boil…so many lies…straight up evil!

an example:

Conclusions from Clinical Trial Data
The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are two-dose mRNA vaccines that are highly efficacious against COVID-19 (~90-95%); the Novavax vaccine is a two-dose protein subunit vaccine that is also highly efficacious against COVID-19 (~90%); and the J&J vaccine is a one-dose viral vector vaccine that is less efficacious but still protective against moderate to severe disease (~67%). Mild to moderate local and systemic side effects are common and should be expected; systemic side effects are more frequent following second doses, and most local and systemic side effects are less common among older adults than among children, adolescents, and young adults. Mild to moderate local and systemic side effects after the Janssen vaccine are less common than after the mRNA vaccines but should still be expected. Other than hypersensitivity reactions discussed below, no associations with other adverse events of special interest were found with these vaccines. Preliminary data have not revealed any safety signals among pregnant persons who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.


POTUS calling out the “Wrap Up Smear”

Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump 08/24/2022 14:21:28
ID: Not Available
Truth Social: 108879235564980127

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Remember – Clinton basically fired all of DOJ and replaced it with “his people” – including RADICAL Eric Holder high up in the food chain.


Texas joins the fray over companies pushing ESG.

BlackRock, BNP Paribas, and Credit Suisse are among the list of firms that Texas has just issued that will now be banned from working with the state due to their hostility to the energy industry.

comment image


The more, the better!


GOOD move Texas.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️


The Russians have said that the Duma will make a “tough statement” tomorrow (The 25th. August)

They will adopt a tough statement tomorrow at 3pm Russian Time
That is 8 am Eastern Time

“The message from the State Duma Council will be addressed to the UN and all international parliamentary organizations.”


The State Duma is one of the chambers of the Russian parliament, the Federal Assembly. It is a legislative authority that consists of 450 members elected for five years.

But but but. . .Biden on several occasions has called Putin a dictator, a murderous dictator who commits genocide. . .how can that be?


“Real dictators wear hats, with wide brims and a close fitting uniform with shiny boots. Nowadays, after eating fast foods, there are very few that can still get in a uniform at all. So Putin must be a dictator as he can take his shirt off without looking like Bojo”. Joe Tzu.


Will be interesting.


Brave and Free

Is it the war he’s fighting against PDJT and the white hats?
Don’t know if I should add sarcasm to that or not?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yeah, I hear you!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Cancel the WuFlu State of Emergency. IT’S OVER!!!
They even said so months ago, it’s the reason they used for cancelling TItle 42. Now to try to use for this? Nope, doesn’t fly.


The cultural diversity is a brilliant addition to England…it’s almost like a medieval faire when they battle.. 😉 


GOOD thing them “Civilized” Brits, have no 2A or guns widely in citizen hands.


Wearing WHITE sneakers? Who the heck wears white sneakers to a machete fight???!!!

Dang, no proper STYLE any more!

comment image


Posted @ MoA:

William Schryver weighs in……

“Unlike the Whore Western Media William Schryver Provides the Accurate Picture of Russia’s Destruction of the Western-trained Ukraine Military:

The “Demilitarization” of Ukraine has been precisely the Russian mentality in Ukraine. Their foremost objective, from the very beginning, as explicitly articulated by President Vladimir Putin in his historic speech of February 24, 2022, was to “demilitarize” Ukraine – to destroy its army.

When the war began, the most capable, experienced, well-armed, and well-positioned Ukrainian forces were NOT in Kiev, but in the Donbass and Mariupol. They had been positioning there for months, with the ultimate objective of retaking the Donbass and Crimea – a goal never far from the minds of Ukraine’s ideological and political leaders.
Indeed, they spoke of it openly and without qualification. They strongly believed the strength of their armed forces, after eight years of preparation, had reached a point where it was capable of actually achieving that objective.

Their benefactors in NATO encouraged them to believe this – for it was also NATO’s fondest dream to raise its banners over the naval base at Sevastopol, and thereby wield dominance over the entire Black Sea and the Bosporus.

Pursuant to this and many other geostrategic objectives – arresting Russian resurgence foremost among them – NATO had been providing arms to Ukraine for years, and those arms shipments were expanded and accelerated dramatically in late 2021.

Tens of thousands Ukrainian troops had been trained in the use of these NATO armaments. And, as was known to anybody paying even casual attention, thousands of western intelligence operatives, special forces, and mercenary contractors (predominantly American, British, and French – and lots of them) were embedded with front-line Ukrainian forces, where several have since been killed or captured, and a substantial contingent still remains.

Many of these western troops are there primarily to coordinate the reception, interpretation, and “actionable” use of highly prized and even more highly classified US/NATO “ISR” (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) data.

The Mother of All Proxy Armies

The army the US/NATO built in Ukraine, by the beginning of 2022, had swelled to become the largest and best-armed land force in Europe. By almost every metric, it was more potent than the combined armies of Germany, France, and Italy.

The Ukrainian military was purpose-built to serve the interests of the American Empire in its long-established goal to cripple Russia and prevent it from ever again being able to wield global influence; to effect its ultimate dismemberment and reduce it to a faint fragment of its former status and glory – to realize the geopolitical objective expressed in the popular cold-war-era board game RISK, which erased Russia from the world map.

The Russian decision to invade Ukraine in late February 2022 was motivated by and predicated upon all of these factors in aggregate, and was hastened by the widespread Ukrainian artillery strikes on the Donbass region that had commenced weeks previously.
To destroy this powerful “Mother of All Proxy Armies” which the United States and its NATO partners had methodically constructed on its borders was, logically and manifestly, Russia’s foremost objective.

There was no other.

The elimination of this substantial threat on their literal doorstep was understandably viewed by the Russians as an existential imperative.

Destroying the Mother of All Proxy Armies

And, in order to best achieve that objective, they effected a classic Russian stratagem to impede the possibility of the forces in northern Ukraine from reinforcing those in eastern and southern Ukraine once the fighting began.

THIS is why they conducted the elaborate “feint and fix” operation in and around Kiev.
And, all things considered, it worked perfectly.

That said, it is essential to understand that the greatest and most effective feints must be convincing. And, to be convincing, they very often risk being costly. The best feints are based on a cost/benefit analysis whose “benefit” often represents the foremost objective of a war.

In the case of the feint and fix operation in Kiev, there was a substantial cost – although it was not nearly as costly as western war propagandists have sought to portray it. This is because much of the feint consisted of demonstrations of intent, rather than concrete actions.

For example, after achieving air dominance in the first few days of the war, the Russians assembled a huge armored column, and casually drove it down the main highway from the north towards Kiev. Then they essentially just parked it there for many days, occasionally pretending to be heading in one direction or another, before eventually pulling back to their own borders, and sweeping around to join the forces preparing to launch the main offensive in the Donbass.

Everything it did north of Kiev was all for show. They didn’t break down; their troops didn’t run away; they didn’t run out of gas. It was just a big “feint-in-force”.

Even Belarus assisted in the theatrics by assembling troops and vehicles, moving them around aggressively just across the border from Ukraine, and making veiled threats to join the Russian assault on Kiev – which, of course, they never did, because no such assault was ever envisioned. And these aggressive Belarusian demonstrations ceased once the Russians concluded the feint operation and moved their forces to the southeast.
The result of this feint operation was that, over the course of several weeks, the Russians effectively “fixed” over 100,000 Ukrainian troops and their equipment in the vicinity of Kiev, took control of key transportation nodes and corridors between Kiev and the Donbass, and simultaneously conducted a major offensive to encircle and annihilate the 20,000-strong Ukrainian army group in Mariupol, a highly strategic port city on the coast of the Sea of Azov.

The forces in Mariupol included the notorious neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion”, whose arming and training had long been a US/NATO priority, and they were considered to be one of the most formidable components of the Ukrainian army.

The forces in Mariupol also included many dozens of NATO “advisors” (CIA, special forces, and so-called “contractors”). Also present were ~2500 foreign mercenaries, most of them NATO veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While potential reinforcements remained idle and immobile in and around Kiev, the powerful force in Mariupol was methodically surrounded and systematically annihilated in an operation I am confident will be studied in war colleges for generations as one of the most impressive prosecutions of urban warfare ever executed.

The Russians completely reversed the generally accepted casualty ratio between attacker and defender, and did so against an enemy shielded within massive and complex fortifications it had prepared for years inside the sprawling Azovstal steel plant.

While all of this was taking place, Russian forces and their allies from the Donetsk and Lugansk republics engaged in “shaping the battlefield” in the Donbass region in anticipation of the next and most important stage of the war.

Bear in mind, the Ukrainian forces in the Donbass had spent eight long years building an elaborate series of hardened fortifications in the region with the objective of resisting a Russian attack and inflicting severe damage upon them when they did.

Of course, the Russians knew all this, and they clearly planned out a course of action designed to overcome the advantages that accrued to the Ukrainians as a result of their fortifications and their reprehensible tactics of using civilians and their dwellings as shields.

As matters stand here in early July, it is now incontrovertible that the Russian operation in the Donbass has been an overwhelming victory. It is, in my estimation, the most impressive management of a quasi-urban battlefield in modern history. The original force, consisting of over 60,000 of the best-trained and best-equipped soldiers in the Ukrainian army, has been effectively destroyed. It has suffered catastrophic losses of its experienced, NATO-trained professional cadres. Its massive losses of personnel have been partially replenished by poorly trained territorial militia troops, but its even more massive losses of heavy weaponry cannot be replenished.

I described the Russian strategy and tactics in a previous post:

Here is a brief summation of the Russian tactical approach to the Battle of the Donbass:

Step #1: Advance reconnaissance units (often in force, with dozens or hundreds of drones overhead) to assess the situation; draw fire; relay to commanders raw video and geo-coordinates.

Step #2: With target-correcting drone swarms overhead, relaying real-time strike video, proceed to savage the fortifications with towed and mobile artillery, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (in gradations of strength and precision), and even horrific thermobaric munitions for particularly suitable targets.

Let smoke clear.

Repeat Step #1.

Still something moving there?

Repeat Step #2.
Repeat Step #1.

Dead bodies everywhere?

Step #3: Send in tanks and infantry to mop up.

Move to next series of fortifications.

And so on and so forth …

This is why Ukraine now suffers hundreds of battle deaths every single day. And why, for months, the Russians have suffered very few casualties – at least a 1 to 10 ratio – and quite likely much lower.

The artillery (with occasional air and precision missile strikes) is doing all the fighting.
The Russian objective was NEVER to “take Kiev”. I’ve heard all the arguments and rationalizations to the contrary. They are demonstrably fallacious. The foremost Russian objective was ALWAYS to destroy the Ukrainian army, the most potent groupings of which were positioned in the Donbass and in Mariupol. And they have done so COMPREHENSIVELY.

I am likewise persuaded that “demilitarization” will continue to be the Russian objective in Ukraine until the Ukrainians beg to surrender, accepting whatever terms the Russians propose.

Only then will the disposition of territory be decided once and for all, and if the map includes at all a toponym for a sovereign Ukraine, it will likely look somewhat like this:

We can only hope desperate #EmpireAtAllCosts fanatics in London and Washington don’t commit a fatal blunder in their futile attempts to retain hegemony in the face of a resurgent multipolar world.

At the beginning of the SMO, Ukraine had the largest and best equipped army in Europe with the exception of Russia & Belarus. It was larger than the combined French/German armies.

Today, the Ukrainian army is a shambles. That is 6 months to reduce the largest army in Western Europe to volksturm equipped with rifles.

NATO is now sending it’s reserve stocks of weapons to Ukraine so the Russians can destroy them. This expressly includes the USA.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Valerie Curren

I really Hope this is true!

comment image

comment imageJason Chambers



Is ANYONE going to do anything about it…..?


Valerie, you can research things like this before posting them.

I searched for this: “Did Robert Kennedy Junior have a case before SCOTUS about pharmaceutical companies?”

It brought up this article:

The article says this:

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The Supreme Court has not issued any rulings regarding the safety of coronavirus vaccines. Kennedy, a lawyer who has advocated against vaccinescalled articles sharing the claim “misinformation.” He said he has been involved in dozens of lawsuits regarding vaccine safety, but none of them have reached the Supreme Court.

So while fact-checkers often have an agenda, this one has a quote from Kennedy himself and a fact that is easily verifiable by anyone (whether SCOTUS has taken up a case that involves Kennedy). Also, the meme is about irreparable damage by vaxes, and pharmaceutical companies being held responsible. But since none of Kennedy’s cases have reached SCOTUS, a case like that has not, either.

From the article:

Dozens of such posts shared over the past week link to blogs that regularly publish hoaxes and misinformation. The undated articles do not list an author and are nearly identical from site to site. They allege the nation’s highest court has sided with a group of scientists and Kennedy in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The articles go on to erroneously claim that the defendants failed to prove “vaccines over the past 32 years have been safe for the health of citizens,” and falsely assert that the court “canceled universal vaccination.” The articles and posts also include a supposed quote from Kennedy.

But Kennedy told The Associated Press that the articles are false, as is the quote. 

“The article about the Supreme Court is misinformation,” Kennedy said. “The quote is fabricated. Clearly somebody made it up and is promoting it because the same quote keeps coming back no matter how many times I deny it. The same article keeps reappearing.” 

Furthermore, there is no legal case that matches the one described in the articles.

My next step would be to look into the person(s) spreading these falsehoods and not follow them.

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Brave and Free

Thanks TT.

Brave and Free

Is DeSantis gearing up for 2024 or a VP spot?
More effective in FL currently for the next two years then leave as VP?

Last edited 3 months ago by Brave and Free

Guessing it is still pounce on DeSantis week, month…

Below from above link.

^^^ Notice the sign behind DeSantis. Clutch the pearls folks. DeSantis IS trying to edge out Trump. /s

Personally, I think it IS GREAT DeSantis IS being BLUNT about FauXi, and so much other BS in everyday life.

  • Where is the rest of the R-Con Senators, congress Schmucks, Guvners, has beens like pence…?

DeSantis is running for reelection in November, so of course he is campaigning. I’m not sure what people expect.

Brave and Free

Agreed, just waiting to see how this pans out.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


And I love the phraseology that DeSantis is using about hurting kids, because it is the perfect foundation for when DEPOP is PROVEN to the horror of all.

Brave and Free


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Hopium memes are typically NOPIUM memes, and sadly are quickly converted to SNOPIUM.


That’s a lot of “opium”! 😅

Valerie Curren

Thanks TT…Most Excellent digging. I very much appreciate this detailed info!!!


I gotta tell y’all a funny election politics story.

I saw the thing from the Lindell summit asking for people to get the Cast Vote Records from their county. You have to file a FOIA request, and explain to the County Election Supervisor what those records even are, which could be, they said, difficult.

I couldn’t find a FOIA request form for my county, so I decided to call up the Election Supervisor and ask her what to do. I’ve spoken with her before; she is a nice lady.

She knew immediately what it was I was asking for. She has had about ten phone calls so far. However, those records are not available, because the way Montana audits elections doesn’t call for them. She explained that the way they work is that the counting machine has to have ink loaded into it, and it “sprays” a number on the ballot. She said she is afraid of it! Ballot spoilage, I guess. I could tell she was expecting me to be mad about it not being available. She said several times “I’m not hiding it, I just don’t have it.”

Anyway, she explained that the way every big election in Montana is audited (which happens every time) is that a group of people from around the state rolls dice to determine which counties to audit, and then rolls again to determine which precincts will be audited. All ballots in Montana are paper, so the audited counties get re-counted by hand. She said every time in thirty years that she has audited, the counts were accurate with the machine count. She said I am welcome to come this November 17 and observe the count, audit, or anything else I want to watch from the coming election.

I then asked her about the software she uses to account for poll workers, and told her about Konnech and their connection to China. She laughed. She said her system is, when someone volunteers to be a poll worker, she writes it on a Post It. If they show up and complete the training, she enters them on her Excel spreadsheet! It lives on her computer.

Sometimes living in Montana is a pain in the ass, but phone calls like that are one of the things that makes it all worth it.


Now, if we could get the other 49 states to follow Montana’s lead.


No kidding.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

That’s exactly what I want to do nationwide.

AUTOMATICALLY recount randomly selected precincts. Rolling dice, picking lotto balls, something like that, not computer “random” (which rarely is truly random). No matter how lopsided the race was. Usually an automatic recount is only for close races…which just means the fraudsters have to not let it be close.


Yes. I like the dice-roll.


When I had my internal auditors running around doing “micro-tests”, they were instructed to first display the population to the document sources. Then they were to roll dice in front of the documentation sources to show how they chose samples.

Whenever I went places on vacation, I’d bring them back dice.


Unless they are loaded, dice are completely random. And it’s fair.

Gail Combs

Let US bring the dice.   :wpds_cool: 


This lady probably would!


I was not able to see the whole thing (two days at 12 hours each I think) as the Rumble video from RSBN would not work right for me, and I am not on .

I am under the impression that Mike Lindell made THREE “Calls to Action”.

ONE was to get ALL counties “Cast Vote” records.

Mike Lindell said that the form for this was available at .

I do NOT know what the OTHER TWO are.


Is anybody on , and able to provide a link to the form ?

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Vote on Election Day

Link to get Cast Vote records.


Calling for States to file injunctions to get rid of machines. Many already have.


TY bfly !
But I’m not on frankspeech !

Is there a .pdf link at that site ?

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I was afraid of that. Sorry, the cast vote instructions are pages and pages and more pages long. If you register they want a phone number. I didn’t mind, they already had mine from mypillow purchases.


OK thanks for the feedback !
(I hope Mike Lindell posts it to his Gab page)


Im gonna say dont get treated by anyone who graduates penn state. Medical competence trumps EVERYTHING else.

Penn Medical School Expands Minority-Candidate Program That Does Not Require MCAT

The University of Pennsylvania expanded a program that admitted minority and other underrepresented college applicants into its Perelman School of Medicine under special criteria, including waiving the Medical College Admission Test requirement.

The program has “officially broadened” this year to include students from Howard University, Oakwood University, Xavier University of Louisiana, Morehouse College and Spelman College, according to a Perelman School of Medicine news release.

The Penn Access Summer Scholars program selects a group of diverse college candidates to complete two eight-week summer mentorship sessions with medical professionals.

Upon completion, students may be eligible for early admission into Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine, contingent upon the successful completion of “three semesters of a roster of rigorous science courses” and completion of AP credit in at least one STEM field or “evidence of strong ability on timed, multiple-choice tests in STEM courses,” according to Bryn Mawr’s website describing the program.

Students must also have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, with 3.2 by graduation, according to the website.

PASS students are not required to take the MCAT, according to the guidelines.


Ouch. “The average MCAT score of Penn medical graduates is around 520, placing the school in the 98th percentile.”

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

If I read that correctly, that’s actually pretty good. It means 98 percent of schools do worse.

But it says nothing about those who get to bypass the MCAT.


Ah ok i misunderstood. I had to look it up. Highest is 528, but not taking it at all….

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’d definitely want to know if my U Penn graduated doctor (if I had one) took the MCAT or not!


Cant use lawn tools w gas, now no cars. People do not let dimms run your state and for God’s sake, dont ever trust any CA democrat.


DAILY scene at Frisco – Oakland Bay Bridge, Oakland side.


Ive only been up there 1x, as a kid in the early 1980s. Was nicer then. Mr gil said we need to go a few places up there b4 we leave CA and cant get out here again. Just not safe even for fisherman’s wharf.


Both Grandmas lived in Frisco. Parents grew up in Frisco. 60s, we visited Frisco a couple times each month.

Several decades ago, I, DW and kids did enjoy visits to Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard, Golden Gate Park, Walking out onto Golden Gate Bridge…
^^^ That was THEN. ^^^

THESE days…>>> Spot On, Fisherman’s Wharf is NOT safe.

(Deleted my rant on horrible, disgusting, perverted…Frisco…) 🙂


Ah i bet it was great. My grandmother lived in santa barbara so thats as far as i went. That changed too.
I bet the rant at least felt good to get out.


Smilin. It did. 🙂


So all the new car dealerships in California will now become used car dealerships,
If someone would like to purchase a New car, they would have to make that purchase in another state, re-register, pay transfer fee, taxes and tags.
sounds legit. /s

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Chris – all your posts are dumping into the bin because you have errors in your login. Wrong email (two letters added) and an invalid website (four letters). Remove those six letters and you will log in OK.


Yep. And gas stations who operate on thin margins will go under. We dont have enough electricity as it is.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

So homeowners and lawn crews use…..Electric??


Theyve made a new law that all gas powered home AND commercial are not to be sold in CA. I believe its to begin next year. Battery and electric only.


Being reported that Biden is giving Ukr another $3 Bn

Defense One reports new spending for Ukraine and says that the US’ Defense Spending for 2022 will reach $1 Trillion

US Details Its Biggest Ukraine Arms Package Yet


comment imageDonald J Trump


The Democrats have Mitch McConnell and his lovely wife, Elaine “Coco” Chao, over a barrel. He and she will never be prosecuted, as per the last paragraphs of this story, as long as he continues to give the Radical Left the Trillions and Trillions of Dollars that they constantly DEMAND. He was afraid to use the “Debt Ceiling Card” in order to stop the most expensive waste of money in our Country’s history, to be spent on the Green New Deal, which will only cause one thing, a Depression. These expenditures are something our Country can never recover from. Mitch McConnell is not an Opposition Leader, he is a pawn for the Democrats to get whatever they want. He is afraid of them, and will not do what has to be done. A new Republican Leader in the Senate should be picked immediately!

Robert Baker

It is not his money so I doubt Mitch cares how much they spend. I am not sure I agree with the Prez that they have Mitch over a barrel. I don’t see him as a pawn but as a collaborator.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think Mitch makes it LOOK like he’s a collaborator, but the fact is, the Dems know that McConnell has been in on multiple attempts to take out Trump by what most Americans would regard as illegal and immoral means. I think that includes the INTENTIONALLY DIVIDED SENATE which resulted from election fraud in multiple elections, using Chinese assistance.

The designed UNIPARTY 50:50 Senate. Mitch is now stuck with responsibility for that. And I don’t think it’s going away – BY DESIGN. I think the 2022 election is RIGGED with Mitch forced to accept a 50:50 outcome or even a loss. Mitch is just putting lipstick on that pig now. So IMO he’s a pawn – he cannot drive anything now.

I repeat. The fix is in to do more thrown races to keep the Senate in UniParty hands.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

His “candidate quality” remarks are designed to COVER for the election FRAUD that Mitch is fully aware is going to happen.

Senate races will be THROWN to Dems to keep the UniParty in power.


I don’t think PDJT is ready to call out the UNI-PARTY for what it is, YET.
But he WILL call someone a “RINO”.

IMO, he’s trying to walk a tightrope.

Last edited 3 months ago by Nor'easter
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. Trump knows he can’t publicly accuse Turtlehead of helping take dives on elections, but that’s the game, IMO.


All in due time…


comment imageThe Bias News


U.S. News
NBC News: An unknown number of U.S. service members were injured in two separate rocket attacks on facilities housing American troops in Syria, according to a U.S. government official.


Short of Embassy Guards, US Military should NOT be in Syria.


Yeah… waiting to here more about this.
(Doubt we’ll get the truth any time soon)


They stealing Syria’s oil…

training and supporting terrorists … have been forever

Erdogan has decided to make peace with Assad (he has election comin’ up next year, and the Kurds in Syria need to be contained etc.

Erdogan has already told (‘suggested) US Mil leave…

Erdogan appears to be getting off the ‘fence’ and moving toward BRICS, may even leave NATO in near future?

Things are shifting big time in the ME


All very interesting.  BRICS makes sense.  And…

My guess AND posted as much, prolly a month or two ago.

  • Erdogan will NOT leave NATO. 
  • Erdogan can manipulate NATO / US, if he stays in NATO. 

His pol opponent leans toward, spends time with Asians …

time will tell, right?

Robert Baker

It could be they are there to train up ISIS version 2.0.


Late on August 24, two bases of the US-led coalition in the northeastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor came under attack.

A number of rockets targeted the Conoco gas plant base in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside as well as the Green Village base in the al-Omar oil fields in the southeastern countryside of the governorate. No casualties or material losses were reported. The coalition is yet to release a statement on the attacks.

Following the attacks, US-led coalition warplanes were spotted flying over both the Conoco gas plant and the Green Village.

The attacks were reportedly carried out by Iranian-backed Syrian and Iraqi forces in Deir Ezzor as a response to the August 23 US strikes on their positions…..”


TY (((PR))) !


You are most welcome (((Nor’easter))) … good to see you …


U2 !



Champion Cyclist Rob Wardell dies suddenly at 37…
Two substories, you can find the links from the link below.

Dead two days after winning Scottish Nationals…

He went into cardiac arrest while we were lying in bed…

First Five Comments, Deadpan humor, not at all unexpected as the media continues to tragically ignore what is going on. (R.I.P Rob and condolences to the wife.)

1 I’m sorry for your loss

2 Spikey jabby

3 Wait…what?…how could that be?

4 I sure hope he was wearing a mask when he died.

5 At least he had the shot because it could have been way worse

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I had to join in the truthfest.

Loved this TRUTH.


In before the ADL gets their victim narcissism woody on.

We’re past the Holocaust in death count and mendacity already – and the government of Israel helped. Suck it up, Israel. You were either part of Team Depop, or the lure of a good deal with Pfizer fooled you as G_d said it would.

My comment…..

Rochelle Alinsky is now saying people who want the latest death jab have to go back and take the originals first.

Scientifically, even by their own warped lies, there is no reason for that – no logic – except this. The original Wuhan spike sequence (used for the original shots) is MORE PATHOGENIC than the omicron spike. SO – if these people are “depopping” us, that would actually make sense – just like overruling VRBPAC’s 17-2 vote against boosters – just like forcing these shots to teens, kids, and then infants, when we already KNEW at the time that the disease itself provides better, longer, and safer immunity in younger age brackets.

Is everybody starting to see? They’re trying to kill and injure as many as they can. A fellow scientist likened them to Terminators, and I’m not saying he’s wrong. Stealthy kills more. Stealthy looks like we did it to ourselves.

Fauci and Walensky are on Team Depop for sure. I suspect that Obama and John Holdren are, too. Look up Holdren and archive all pages on him before they disappear.

These “people” are still trying to kill us, IMO.

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FBI whistleblower claims bureau leaders ordered staff NOT to investigate Hunter Biden laptop and told them ‘the FBI is not going to change the outcome of the election again’

  • Johnson, R-Wisc., sent a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Tuesday bringing forth the new whistleblower claims
  • FBI leadership told employees, ‘you will not look at that Hunter Biden laptop’ and that the FBI is “not going to change the outcome of the election again’
  • Johnson is demanding Horowitz look into the FBI’s handling of the Hunter Biden laptop
  • Horowitz said the OIG would not investigate the FBI’s handling of the laptop so as not to interfere with the DOJ’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs

PUBLISHED: 15:19 EDT, 24 August 2022 | UPDATED: 16:23 EDT, 24 August 2022

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Ain’t that special. They allegedly threw 2016 to Trump by talking about Hitlary, so they went after Trump (Russiagate). Now they won’t touch Biden.

Notice which side gets screwed…both times.


THIS gets the “side-eye” from me :

“FBI leadership told employees… that the FBI is “not going to change the outcome of the election again’ “

(“Let’s see what happens…”)

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



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.. admission the fib already interfered and changed it once before. and it’s l too hot an issue to interfere again so soon.
.. getting a little warm in the kitchen cookin up so much BS ?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Chris – all your posts are dumping into the bin because you have errors in your login. Wrong email (two letters added) and an invalid website (four letters). Remove those six letters and you will log in OK.


Well it would be burdensome to get into the laptop stuff while planning the J6 false flag…that wasn’t spur of the moment. it took time to organize


Liars, Gonna Lie.


comment imageThe Epoch Times


The #DOJ released a 2019 memo that revealed why former President Trump should not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice in connection to then-special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.
comment imageDepartment of Justice Releases Robert Mueller-Era Memo on TrumpThe Justice Department on Wednesday released a 2019 memo that revealed why former President Donald Trump should not be …



“We conclude that the evidence described in Volume II of the Report is not, in our judgment, sufficient to support a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt that the President violated the obstruction-of-justice statutes,” said the unredacted document, released to several major news outlets and posted online. “In addition, we believe that certain of the conduct examined by the Special Counsel could not, as a matter of law, support an obstruction charge under the circumstances.”

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Comment lifted:

… “The West has no intention of ever paying any of the government debt back that they borrowed over the last 50 years. They borrow more money to pay off expiring debt and to fund new spending. The US 30 year bond price has fallen from $161 to 136 so far this year as interest rates rose. That’s capital loses for bond investors and the 30 year bond price is below it’s 200 month moving average for the first time since the late 70’s/early 80’s. That will just keep trending downwards for a few decades.

The West has shat it’s debt wad and jumped the shark in Ukraine. This is why the west declared war on the working and middle class and used propaganda and vaccine mandates to commit genocide on their own people using mRNA gene therapy to solve their debt problems. They need to kill people collecting retirement or disability pensions to keep the ponzi scheme going a little longer.”


Sounds about right….

Gail Combs

SOunds about right. Clinton raided Social Security and put it into the general fund to make his ‘Debt’ numbers look better.

OH1Bummer spent like a drunken sailor.


not surprising but from ground reports in here and other places there doesn’t seem to be an unusual amount of over 65 yrs deaths. The unusual deaths are younger people. Are we not noticing older people dying ?
The nursing home deaths were from covid and lack of proper treatment

Barb Meier

New Intellectual Froglegs: “Breaking the Matrix” – by the way, Joe Dan got moved, rebuilt his studio, got Aunt Jean moved, and is a new grandpa! Enjoy:


Thank You !

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Chris – all your posts are dumping into the bin because you have errors in your login. Wrong email (two letters added) and an invalid website (four letters). Remove those six letters and you will log in OK.


Thanks for bringing Barb … I luv Joe Dan

Barb Meier

Me too phoenixrising! I’m in the credits using my real name. Can’t always, but can sometimes. -happy dance-


Good for you… my dancing days are over, but I enjoyed!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Oh, this is a GREAT episode!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Adding video here to make sure people watch!

Barb Meier

Thank you, Wolf!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

“There was never any fact-checkers until the truth started getting out.”


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


They’re going to install another FAUCI PUPPET like Alinsky Walensky.

That means it’s WORSE. Walensky is an even WORSE depopper than Fauci. She’s more BRAZEN – more able to pull off nasty crap.

This is very important. Fauci is still going to control the depopulation strategy!!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

They’re not backing down – they’re not even hiding – they’re ACCELERATING the depop moves!!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Sorry – just saw this!

If it ever gets past 15 minutes past the posting time, and it’s still not out, then just kick it out.

And now that we know the data on the kicker outer, please feel free to kick posts out any time you want.

Cuppa Covfefe

Kick It Out 😀 (Incomparable Heart from 1977, has the look of a bootleg 🙂 )….

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Enjoy a second round!!!

Cuppa Covfefe

I had an obnoxiously overpowered stereo in my car (15″ Kicker subs, 10″ Pioneer woofers, four mids, 2**n-1 tweeters, couple of equalizers and 8 amplifiers with some stiffening caps, CD changer, etc.) more money than sense back then.

But I’d listen to Heart with the volume up, and the subs would have the car shaking (and me too). Ahhh, those were the days. “Barracuda” was also a good tune too. And “Sylvan Song” and the other one that went with it had great sibilants that, erm, tweeted quite well, great frequency response (back when I could hear it 😀 )…

Cool thing, it was a great system for classical, too. Brahms cello sextets never sounded better… One time I was stopped at an intersection and a boom car was vomiting out “Ace of Bass” or something at the red light.

I cued up the cannon fire in the 1812 overture just before the light changed and let ‘er rip. Their expressions were priceless. Good thing there weren’t any cops nearby (those being the days when Kalifornistan actually had real LEOs and laws)…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good old days!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

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