Dear KMAG: 20221017 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

AND our beautiful REALFLOTUS.

The Qth of October, 2022

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread remains open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

And indeed, it’s Monday…again.

But we WILL get through it!

We’ll deal with any obstacles as needed…..

We may have a bit of fun…..

Maybe a bit too much fun!



by Duchess01

Please forgive us, Wheatie, we did not know
That you had left us with armor in tow
We had no idea with what you dealt
We did not know the pain you felt
And now we can only imagine
With you what really did happen
Cause rarely did you complain 
And/or share your personal pain
Of one thing we are most certain
You are flying high behind the curtain
Watching over us above the crowds
Our Warrior Angel above the clouds
Thank You, Wheatie, for caring for us
While you were here among the fuss
We miss you dear you have no idea
Since time began in the pangaea
With you there was no time
In your wisdom you would chime
To clarify and magnify
The what where how and why
We did not question when you left
We were not slightly bereft
But over time we wondered why
You did not at least stop by
Now we know where you have gone
With the break of this new dawn
We could be angry but are not
Tho with an arrow we’ve been shot
Rest peacefully Warrior Angel dear
Send us a sign that you are near
A butterfly a flower a kiss of rain
From your love do not refrain
God sends Angels to watch over us
And now we have an Angel Plus
A Warrior Angel of Magnificence
From today and forward hence


The Rules


Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Boilerplate, more or less, but worth reading again and again, if only for the minor changes, and to stay out of moderation.

The bottom line is Free Speech. Theories and ideas you don’t agree with must be WELCOME here, and you must be part of that welcoming. But you do NOT need to be part of any agreement.

Bottom line – respect other people’s FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.

Our only additional requirement is that you do so NICELY. Or at least try to make some effort in that direction.


We must endeavor to persevere to love our frenemies – even here.

Those who cannot deal with this easy requirement will be forced to jump the hoops of moderation, so that specific comments impugning other posters and violating the minimal rules can be sorted out and tossed in the trash.

In Wheatie’s words, “We’re on the same side here so let’s not engage in friendly fire.”

That includes the life skill of just ignoring certain other posters.

We do have a site – The U Tree – where civility is not a requirement. Interestingly, people don’t really go there much. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in an “argument” that can’t really stay civil, please feel free to “take it to the U Tree”. The U Tree is also a good place to report any technical difficulties, if you’re unable to report them here. Please post your comment there on one of Wolf’s posts, or in reply to one of Wolf’s comments, to make sure he sees it (though it may take a few hours).

We also have a backup site, called The Q Tree as well, which is really The Q Tree 579486807. You might call it “Second Tree”. The URL for that site is If this site ( ever goes down, please reassemble at the Second Tree.

If the Second Tree goes down, please go to The U Tree, or to our Gab Group, which is located at

We also have some “old rules” and important guidelines, outlined here, in a very early post, on our first New Year’s Day, in 2019. The main point is not to make violent threats against people, which then have to be taken seriously by law enforcement, and which can be used as a PRETEXT by enemies of this site.

In the words of Wheatie, “Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.”

A Moment of Prayer

Our policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and anywhere.

Thus, please pray for our real President, the one who actually won the election.

You may also pray for our nation, our world, and even our enemies.

Musical Interlude

In honor of dear Wheatie, we now present some music to soothe, inspire, invigorate, or relax.

Or amaze, drop the jaw, or roll the eye.

This time, some Lucinda Williams, whose music I still thank Smiley for introducing me to.

Now, here’s ANOTHER special treat I stumbled upon. This is Lucinda before all the “living” took its toll. Just take a listen. WOW.

My advice is stop on that video. THAT is some good music. 1981.

But for you musical diehards, we can move on to some deep trivia.

After speaking of a “toll”, I went looking for a nearly unknown post-Devo Ohio band called “The Toll” which did a very weird and “so PC it’s not PC” style of narrative vocals back in the late 80s and early 90s, but could only find a very limited record of their existence. Here is an example.

This band actually got signed to a major label, but never came through with a publicly recognized album. To understand why this band couldn’t make it, just read the Wikipedia entry, and watch this video.

In the process of finding THAT, I accidentally found THIS – an album called “The Toll”, by an Austrian metal band called “Dusk”.

It sounds tight but……. FAMILIAR.

I think that’s enough music for a Monday!

That will be $2.50 in quarters, please!

Call To Battle

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

Daily outrage and epic phuckery abound.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

And we will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Wolfie’s Wheatie’s Word of the Day Year Week:

puberty blocker

compound noun

Puberty blockers, also called puberty inhibitors or hormone blockers, are medicines used to postpone puberty in children. The most commonly used puberty blockers are gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists, which suppress the production of sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogen.[1][2][3] In addition to their various other medical uses, puberty blockers are used for transgender children to delay the development of unwanted sex characteristics,[4] so as to allow transgender youth more time to explore their identity.[5]

The use of puberty blockers in transgender youth is supported by seven American medical associations,[6][7][8][9][10][11][12] four Australian medical associations,[13] the British Medical Association,[14] and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).[15] In Europe, some medical groups and countries have discouraged or limited the use of puberty blockers,[16][17] including Sweden‘s National Board of Health and Welfare and Finland.[17][18]

Used in multiple sentences:

Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria. Although puberty blockers are known to be safe and physically reversible treatment if stopped in the short term, it is also not known whether hormone blockers affect the development of factors like bone mineral density, brain development and fertility in transgender patients.[24][25][26][27]

Puberty blockers have not received FDA approval for use on children who are transgender.[17] The practice of off-label prescription is common in children’s medicine, and does not indicate an improper, illegal, or experimental use of medicine.[28] According to Dr Brad Miller, pharmaceutical companies that make puberty blocker drugs for children with gender dysphoria have refused to submit them for FDA approval because doing so would cost too much money and “because (transgender treatment) was a political hot potato.”[17]

Used In Several Videos:

Summary of Trans Issues by a Doctor at Heritage Foundation:

Is Reversibility Even Possible?

Tucker’s Viewpoint:

A Christian Perspective on Puberty Blockers:

A Very Geeky Christian Discussion of Gender Science:

Contextualized in a Humorous Video:


Have another great week!


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One of my favorite concepts for a band (not that I’ve ever seen them or heard their songs) was The Lumpen, who were the house band of the Black Panthers.

They’re barely mentioned here —


The thing that boggles the mind is that the Black Panther Party felt they needed a house band. There was a local radio program talking about how it started with random party members jamming, but soon they were relieved of other tasks and assigned to work on The Lumpen full-time.


I don’t think they ever made any money with it. They had The Lumpen play at their rallies.


I think it would have been pocket change compared to the protection money and drugs. And they weren’t primarily outlaws — they branded themselves as commie revolutionaries.


Hope you snagged a copy.


Just like BLM.

Kanye’s got it, and TPTB are desperate to shut him the fuck up.


Being a Marxist collective, the members worked where they were assigned to work. And they were pulled out of other tasks to work on music.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Who said that?


Yep, on first.


I didn’t know that. I love them growing up. Watched their movies every Saturday morning.

Last edited 1 year ago by holly08

Of course, here in CA there are complications….our mail carrier used to be “Hu”.


Cousin of, Wu.


The Lumpenproletariat — — was the “rabble proletariat” devoid of class consciousness. Criminals, vagabonds, and prostitutes were included.

While the MAGA crowd is Deplorables to the Uniparty, the Lumpen are deplorable to Marxists.

Again, you don’t have to be a commie or a supporter of the Black Panthers to recognize this stuff as funny.


ct…try this. kea posted earlier. Way TOO much fun! Start from the beginning!


I have a nephew that has done all sorts of marching band, playing a variety of brass. Been there, done that.


Oh, and this band makes BIG money!!!!! Precision like a chip!


… YAY‼️‼️‼️ … 😉👍😎🤚 …. Dr. my assssp 🐍 ..

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️


I’m looking forward to watching those videos. The “Puberty Blockers Song” is very well done and is both funny and creepy when you remember that it’s a situation we’re really facing.

This is conjecture, but as a layperson I’m wondering about it. I have read over the years that taking birth control pills increases the risk of some forms of cancer in women. So how do we know that the hormonal treatments of all kinds given to “transitioners” aren’t increasing their risk of cancer? I don’t see any proponents talking about longterm effects of what I consider to be experimental hormone treatments.


You are most likely correct about the cancer risk. On top of everything else. This is just so sick and wrong.

Barb Meier

The premise might be true if you are a trout or a bluegill.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Or a bearded dragon.

Valerie Curren

After watching some of that video yesterday it now says it’s private.

Valerie Curren

Not surprising, sadly. We are accustomed to the tyranny & now just seemingly shrug at the numerous depredations on our (& other’s) freedoms 🙁


Wolf Moon
Interesting that the linked article mentions that Mr. Goldman had no lymphoma before getting the Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 “vaccine.” Also interesting that after getting the BNT162n2 “booster shot”, he then developed a large mass on the right side of his neck (sounds like John Fetterman’s situation, perhaps).

Then, there’s this:
Yours Truly: Apparently, “all of a sudden”, doctors are finding new and aggressive cases of cancers among people under age 50. The article quotes Dr. Suneel Kamath, an oncologist of the Cleveland Clinic: “The number of people that are presenting with advanced and unfortunately often incurable cancers in their 20s and 30s definitely seems to be skyrocketing.”
Of course, the “establishment medical” opinion is that lifestyle, obesity, smoking, eating too much processed food, and alcohol consumption are to blame.
Here’s a linked paper on the subject:
“Is early-onset cancer an emerging global epidemic? Current evidence and future implications”
There is not a single word in this paper about exposure to the enhanced mRNA spike protein from the COVID-19 “vaccines” perhaps playing any role in the increase of cancer cases among people under the age of 50.
Meanwhile, there are multiple entities working on mRNA-based “vaccines” against various types of cancer. Here’s an article about one such entity, Memorial Sloan-Kettering:

Last edited 1 year ago by RDS

the “establishment medical” opinion is that lifestyle, obesity, smoking, eating too much processed food, and alcohol consumption are to blame.

To my knowledge, the combined effects of doing those things usually catch up with people after middle age, not in their 20s or 30s.

There is not a single word in this paper about exposure to the enhanced mRNA spike protein from the COVID-19 “vaccines” perhaps playing any role in the increase of cancer cases among people under the age of 50.

For a while, before COVID, we could not trust the medical establishment to give us the best advice on dietary supplements, for example, because it just dealt with prescriptions. But now things are much worse; they are ignoring the elephant in the room, giving unscientific advice, and steering people in directions that can harm and even kill them. How are we supposed to trust anything they say?


Robert Malone is as shrewd and canny about politics and the left as Archbishop Vigano.


Yep. Appreciate Malone greatly. I suspect, many of his beliefs have shifted mightily, perhaps 180 of what they were three years ago.


Once Elon expressed his master app, slow guy figured, I want nothing to do with Elon. Elon is fundamentally evil.


Musk has may give lip service to “free speech” but I have yet to hear him draw a direct reference to the constitution.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

One really shouldn’t have to, the right precedes the constitution, which only protects it.

But in today’s environment I find references to the Bill of Rights more reassuring than ignoring the BOR.


We live in times where there is a minimal “enlightened electorate.”Civics as we know it is rarely taught in government schools.
The truth that “the right precedes the constitution” is lost on vast numbers of Americans.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA



Damn white Africans.



Well…there you have it in a nutshell!


Twitter, X, that description of musks dream sounds more like Multivac if I remember the stories correctly.


Multivac? Thanks.

Cuppa Covfefe

Skynet? 😀


Isaac Asimov’s SF stories.


Panic, run around screaming, freak out, whatever.



Pull out clumps of hair. Makes identifying them easier.




Random animal video…..

We did a whale-watching tour out of Victoria BC, near where this incident took place. The orcas are quite aware of people.

Our particular boat had this youngster jumping out of the water repeatedly, while mom shadowed him underneath, just breathing at the surface occasionally. We saw them at quite a distance, and the youngster was coming directly perpendicular to the boat — jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump — and just when his next jump would have landed him across the middle of the boat, he ducked under….and he and mom swam under the boat together. They know about people, they know about boats, and they have a sense of humor.

And, every so often, humans and orcas will do favors for each other.


In 2018, near the same area, a 20-year-old J pod female named Tahlequah (AKA J35) gave birth to a calf….that died within the hour. She then carried its body with her for 17 days while traveling over a thousand miles, before it finally slipped away from her into the depths. While behaviorists consistently maintain that animals and people are not the same, that looked very much like grief.

Fortunately, there is better news from 2020 —

Last edited 1 year ago by cthulhu

Watching Columbo S10 E9…all are great! Sometimes we need distractions!


Columbo episodes are fun! As a bonus, they show the triumph of the little guy over the rich and famous and those who look down on him. The ones who think they are so much smarter always lose in the end.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Oh, just one more thing…


comment image

Hi guys, gals.



Blackmailing US politicians is a hugely profitable enterprise-hobby-vocation.

Last edited 1 year ago by GA/FL

Non natø source…

“Mass protests on the streets of Paris due to rising prices, the cost of living. The main outcome of the rallies was the declared general strike of workers from 18 October”


They’ve called her bluff…

“French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne warned striking oil industry workers on Sunday, October 16, that the government might once again use its requisition powers to force workers back to their posts to ease fuel shortages. Left-wing leader Jean-Luc Melenchon meanwhile backed calls by some trade unions for a general strike on Tuesday.”


Those would, presumably, be magic “requisition powers” that don’t require people to actually acknowledge them.


Non natø source…

“There are very few of us and we have a lot of inexperienced fighters” – a whole group of Ukrainian intelligence officers was taken prisoner near Kharkov

Viktor Berezhnoy, one of the prisoners, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine worked near Kharkov under the strict guidance of at least 100 foreign hired thugs, including officers from the United States, Britain and Poland.”


Cartoon 3 i/2 minutes



FROM CTH – Rumble Video Group and Creator SteveWillDoIt Donates a Convoy of 12 Trailers and Generators to Displaced Families in Southwest Florida
Rumble is the go-to site for conservatives. Whenever I am looking for a current truth-telling video – Rumble always has it! Google often suppresses the inconvenient anti-leftist TRUTH.


Ain’t technology wunnerful?


Iron Doors – “2 Minutes to L.A.”


Sean McDermott is the head coach of the Buffalo Bills. After the past couple of games, during his post-game press conference, near the beginning, McDermott has softly, casually, but definitively declared: “All Glory to God.” There has been no response by the media, nor has it been noted in any Bills news I read.

McDermott is otherwise also a level-headed, low-key type of guy. He and the general manager, Brandon Beane, have methodically and rather brilliantly built a great team the past few years. The fundamental requirement in their assessment of a player is “character,” which makes all kinds of good sense to me. And, it turns out, the Bills players who have a distinct public image always come across as respectful and gracious.

No big point to this post. It was just to comment on an aspect of this crazy world which is wonderful and admirable. And the Bills winning is a separate but also wonderful thing for the Bills fans.


Nice observation. Hope the coaches perspective, starts trending.

Valerie Curren




comment image


comment image


comment image

comment image



Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow, that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.


comment image



comment image

comment image

comment image


Amen goes right there, Wolf!!! 🧚🧚🧚


IMO Cashill is one of only 2.5 valuable writers at American Thinker (Widburg is another, and Noel = .5). Cashill gives a very simple yet comprehensive summary of what has happened in the Danchenko trial:

Cashill is 100% correct in his conclusion, that Durham has now presented solid evidence necessarily requiring a full RICO prosecution, a prosecution which should have been done a long time ago. There is a LOT more to the prosecution, but what Durham has presented, combined with what we also know from public sources, is enough to proceed. A RICO prosecution is not just warranted, it is DEMANDED by justice.

It is impossible to know what will happen. But it is entirely factual to say: Durham understands and KNOWS that a RICO prosecution is DEMANDED by justice, starting with the key initial crime – – the DNC “hack” fabrication – – and including the FBI and DOJ corruption.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tonawanda

Are there any legal intricacies that stop it happening after 2024.


There’s always some BS but not the statute of limitations.


Based on above, Durham MUST GO ROGUE – GO PUBLIC.

Durham MUST splain in a very public presser with ALL of the facts, supporting a RICO prosecution.

Zero chance DOJ or FIB will allow a RICO, unless they are publicly “forced” to do so.

NOT holding my breath.

Valerie Curren

I also think Clarice Feldman & Lloyd Marcus are worth reading at AT


IIRC Lloyd passed away a couple of years ago.

Valerie Curren

Shows how long it’s been since I’ve read much at AT. Sorry to hear he’s gone.


Well, Yours Truly thinks this is ** interesting ** on a couple of fronts:
In the past, Duke Energy (NC) had workers come and visually inspect things like the power lines close to property and road, how close were trees to the lines, etc. This went on in the entire neighborhood.
Today, just got a text message from Duke Energy (NC): “As a preliminary step to help improve the reliability of service to your community, our FAA licensed Aviation Services will soon be flying drones to inspect the overhead lines & other electrical equipment in your area.”
One wonders if Duke Energy (NC) is perhaps experiencing a shortage of actual workers to visually inspect lines, proximity of trees, etc.
One wonders if Duke Energy (NC) is going to store the drone information gathered on some kind of database, ready for access by the gubmint if so requested “for other reasons.”


Maybe tax collectors are interested in property improvements. Permitted improvements? Increase taxes levied.


I believe tax collectors already do this, or at least use satellite data as part of their assessments. The extent that they use drones or tap into satellite feeds (more likely) might be up to question, but you can pretty much count on either/or for the bigger tax jurisdictions.

Hey, separate subject on property taxes and tax protests in particular.

Situation: Our property taxes went up significantly for this coming tax season. Many people filed protests. We had the option to file and be adjudicated electronically or go in person. I’ve done the in person thing before, but it’s a bit of pain both for travel and committing to a date, so I chose to file my protest electronically on line. It wasn’t a difficult process and allowed you to submit everything you needed to before their deadline.

My intent was two fold. Fight increase with reputable data and because the State had just put into place a permanent freeze on home assessment for Over 65 (wife is and you only need one per household to qualify) that applied to school taxing jurisdictions, (maybe some of the minor ones as well, but that one makes up the largest portion of the tax) I was wanting to establish the lowest home assessment base possible going forward.

Anyway, I had checked every month to see what the status of my tax protest was. Always no action, but everything was there waiting for them to adjudicate. Anyway, about two months ago I went and checked and my tax protest was gone. Puff, disappeared. Okay, I call the tax accessors office and they say they took all of those online protests down and they would be handled individually, that someone would notify me on how the protest would be handled.

Now two months have passed and no one has contacted me to settle my protest. Now is about the time that they finalize the tax assessment. I just looked at my protest rights and the only thing that seems to apply is file forms if I don’t think the assessor followed procedures. I suspect the tax folk are trying to dodge a whole bunch of us. Hopes I’m wrong. It would seem the additional forms thing applies to individual situations and that ignoring multiple tax protests is a blatant attempt to ignore our rights.

I think I’ll give them a call today to find out what’s happening.



Every minute you wait is a minute that makes victory harder to get.

Just do it.


Doing it now, seems the appraisal district has revamped their phone system, but finally tracked down a number that goes to a person, but the person is out. Also went on line and sees they’ve finalized their numbers for the year and it’s the same number that I protested so they obviously ignored the protest and likely many others and did not follow through on promise to contact and set up another means for us/me to do the protest.

Back when I first became aware that the all the tax protests filed on line had been taken down, I put out an alarm for the community using “Next Door”. It appeared to post properly, but I could never find it after, meaning the moderators disallowed it. I tried that several times, with same result.

It’s lunch time here, so I’ll try her again in an hour.
I relooked the “file forms” thing and it appears to have fees and sets one up for Limited Binding Arbitration with the Appeals Review Board (ARB) . I’ll have to dig deeper to see if they are applicable in this situation, also they seem to have dead lines also, but in this situation where they just take the tax protest and trash it, it’s like I never had a protest in. Anyway, will see what the lady says soonish.

Note. I still have the pin# they assigned me after accepting my online protest.

Last edited 1 year ago by para59r

Consider drawing up a declaration about the situation and sending it certified mail return receipt requested.

Always make the record.


Will consider. Ty.

Talked with them on the phone. Says it’s normal for them to take down the online existing protests in August of each year. This year they had on unusually high level of protests. He says we are still in the loop (though I have nothing to show for it, except “Jeff” says so) for being scheduled for a hearing with the ARB despite the posting of the final assessments. He has no idea when that board hearing might be though because of their current back log.

Meanwhile did look at fees associated with doing the Limited Binding Arbitration thing ($500.00) and that would exceed any savings I’d get through winning the protest, so that seems to be a non starter unless such fees could be waived, but that is a State thing and I’m dealing with the county.

Akkk. will wait and see what comes first. Them contacting me or the due date for the current taxes.


Good Lord, what’s up with this charging a fee of any type, let alone a hefty one, to go through a process to protest egregious property tax increases??
Does your jurisdiction have a “Homestead Law” that removes a certain amount of value from the property of a primary residence for real estate tax purposes? Pennsylvania has places with Homestead Laws.


Yes, looks like the fee is there to disincentivize. Meanwhile we do have the Home Stead and over 65 exemptions (via wife). Plus new law froze appraisals in certain taxing jurisdictions from rising when over 65. But that doesn’t take effect until next year. Was hoping to lock our rate in at the lowest possible number this year.


Pursue it, as you have been. Squeaky wheel gets greased – wins.

After posting about the tax collector / assessor, I meant to go back. They likely use Google Earth.


Whoever controls this country, IMO, has too much invested in their current destruction of America to permit or even risk a Red Wave in a couple weeks. Not that Republicans would do much, or anything, to reverse much or anything of significance, but the others side’s ability to continue to implement the destruction would be severely, detrimentally affected, both psychologically and practically. IMO it is essential for their nonsense, their absurd pretenses, not be interrupted.

True, widespread chaos and violence would again be unleashed in response to a Red Wave as a continuing program to change the subject, and to block rational discourse, as well as to destroy. It would be Plan B in the War to Destroy America, but a far, far inferior and potentially counterproductive plan.

Too much of the malignant power used against lies outside political intuitions, and that will not change with a Red Wave. But there is a genuine potential from their perspective that some things could change, and a huge advantage removed, with a Red Wave.

Heaven knows what will happen. But whatever it is could include anything, up to and including nuclear, which seems more plausible as this article argues:

Last edited 1 year ago by Tonawanda

3 weeks until rejection day


That gay guy doing the off-key “Locomotion” song has his own agenda, but I completely support his efforts. Even if he thinks that most of the kids who are gender-confused are actually gay kids, which I don’t believe. Most kids, if left alone, will come through puberty as your average heterosexual.

Transgenderism is a fad just like pet rocks, but with more money and extreme ideology involved.


I was told by a therapist I trust and admire that she had never treated a homosexual person, male or female, without some type of sexual trauma in their past. Not ONE.

What does THAT tell you?

Sometimes “reading the manual” comes after the engine has been blown up by some asshole who should never have been driving the car, if you catch my drift.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Now THAT would be a very interesting study. We’d want to consider the sheer number of homosexuals, what percentage have had the trauma (it may not be 100 percent for all therapists, but I suspect it’s very high), and also…as a control…what percentage of heterosexuals have similar traumas (remember this is a therapist’s patient list; that percentage will likely be higher than the general population).

It’s possible that SOME people with sexual traumas in the past respond with homosexuality and some do not; it’s possible that some homosexuals have no identifiable sexual trauma in their past.

But let’s assume that what you’re saying turns out, on careful examination, to be true.

Maybe this is why past sexual trauma is portrayed as being ubiquitous in the culture. Think about who writes that stuff: A disproportionately high percentage of cultural creators are…homosexual. And talking to each other, they’ll conclude that that shit happens to everyone. Since it happens to everyone (they will reason), it can’t possibly be the reason they turned out homosexual, or everyone would be! (Which, mind you, would be fallacious even if it did turn out everyone had sexual traumas in their past. A is necessary for B to happen does not mean that A absolutely always causes B.)


It would be a very interesting study, indeed. And birds of a feather do absolutely flock together. Survivors of sexual molestation find each other a lot.


Lots of media chatter about how this year will be a very bad flu season. Telling the elderly to get the revved up flu shots with ‘special ingredients”. Laying the groundwork.


Wolf Moon
If one is reading Denninger’s article correctly, it’s the S protein in any COVID-19 or Omicron “vaccine” that’s the culprit. It looks like anybody who took the “primary series” COVID-19 “vaccines” was basically set up to get further damage to their immune system from any other COVID-19 and/or Omicron “vaccine” that has an S protein.
Here are some items Yours Truly found:
“Distinguishing features of current COVID-19 vaccines: knowns and unknowns of antigen presentation and modes of action”
“A self-assembled trimeric protein vaccine induces protective immunity against Omicron variant”
“BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5 escape antibodies elicited by Omicron infection”

One hates to say this, but IMO, it appears that UN-“vaccinated” people may well need to start thinking about the following: First, how to resist the pressure, coercion, and/or “other measures” that may be implemented to “vaccinate” them; and, Second, coming to terms with the real possibility of losing their “vaccinated” friends and family, especially if they get any more S protein “booster shots” of any type.


Yes, it is and has been the likely outcome since the beginning of all this. We talk depop on here all the time. That’s not for just lip service. Think through the reality of what they looks like when it is happening in real time.


Via Lavrov

An assassination attempt is being prepared on Vladimir Putin , political analyst Sergei Markov is sure.

They can try to eliminate the Russian leader at a meeting of the G20 countries:

“ These are the people who are hitting the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. These are the people who blew up the gas pipeline [Nord Stream]. These are the people who demonize Putin to a huge extent. People who want to carry out a coup d’état and hope that in the event of Putin’s death, they will be able to appoint some of their own.

You know, there are a lot of pro-Western and liberal people surrounded by Mikhail Mishustin. In the event that Vladimir Putin dies, then Mikhail Mishustin [becomes] acting. They hope that he can become such a pro-Western politician.

Therefore, the likelihood of an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, it seems to me, is very high. Therefore, I personally ask: Vladimir Vladimirovich, you don’t have to go anywhere.”


Agree, use skype or some such, the fake news will jump on it but F em, there’s too much at stake.


15 October 2022 by Larry Johnson 125 Comments

If you take the time to watch Vladimir Putin’s press conference yesterday (Friday) in Astana and then watch any recent cluster fark by Joe Biden, you will understand why the Russians are so calm in dealing with Ukraine. Putin is remarkable. Low key, well informed, articulate and not afraid of tough questions. He did not get any softballs here and, in fact, faced some tough questions. So much for the myth that Russia is a totalitarian state that brokers no dissent and requires everyone to toe a party line. That characterization more aptly describes the United States under the demented Joe Biden.

con’t reading


Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday warned Israel against sending weaponry to Ukraine, saying it would destroy relations between Jerusalem and Moscow.
“It seems Israel will supply weapons to the Kyiv regime. A very reckless move. It will destroy all diplomatic relations between our countries,” Medvedev wrote on Telegram.



If Israel can afford to send weapons to Ukraine that is prima facie evidence that the US can reduce foreign aid to Israel. It is bad enough that American taxpayers are funding the bank accounts of the elite all over the globe. We do not need to take the Fast and Furious model global.




NOT defending Israel.

Smoke and Mirrors in play.

At the request of the USG. Israel is sending modern weapons to Ukraine. Rather than the US, further deplete its dwindling stock of modern weapons.


16 October 2022 by Larry Johnson 80 Comments

In the face of Western reports that Russia is on its heels and retreating, the facts on the ground tell a different story. For starters, Russian allies with embassies still operating in Kiev are shutting down and ordering their personnel to leave Ukraine. This includes China, Tajikistan, Krygyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkenistan,Serbia, Belarus, India and Egypt. Note that these embassies have remained open during the last seven months of the war with Russia. The decisions to cutback or cease operations is one indicator that these countries expect a major escalation in the war on the part of Russia in the near future.

Another piece of evidence that implies Russia is beefing up for a new offensive comes via Belarus. Russia is moving a large number of trucks, armored personnel carriers and tanks to Belarus. Take a look at these two videos.


SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Sounds like a big pincer is in the works. Look at a map, where is Belarus in relation to the four oblasts Russia has annexed? What is in between them?


Part of the operation began in an effort to protect Belarus from terrorist attacks they learned were being planned… for Belarus.


All directly to the east of Belarus, one after another.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Not quite east west; it’s more of a northwest/southeast thing. The four Oblsts run from the NE corner of Ukraine, to the middle of the southern border. So they average southeast.

Belarus is to the northwest of Ukraine. Essentially they are on the north border of Ukraine…but only on the western side of the northern border. (Like laying a domino horizontally, then putting another one adjacent to the first, on the left hand side, but along the top of the domino.) (To the west of Ukraine is southeastern Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary though it could be argued Hungary is a southern, not western neighbor.)

What’s in between is the part of Ukraine Russia did not annex,,,including Kiev.


Steve, here’s a map at T’Gram … showing some of what you are talking about, and then some


Non natø source…

“The Chinese authorities ordered large state-owned companies to stop the resale of liquefied natural gas to Europe and other Asian countries in order to ensure the winter heating season in China itself, writes Bloomberg.

China’s move to secure its own supplies could cut supplies to Europe and exacerbate the region’s energy crisis, writes Bloomberg.

China has large contracts to buy LNG from exporters like the US, with Asian traders diverting some of those supplies to Europe this year due to weak domestic demand.”


China’s move to secure its own supplies could cut supplies to Europe and exacerbate the region’s energy crisis

It’s getting worse and worse, and the effects spread from local people not having enough heat, to effects on farmers, to the global food supply — as just one example.


Non natø source…

“Houses ABLAZE in Yeysk, West Russia, as airplane reported to have CRASHED into residential building.

UPDATE: Russian Defense MInistry CONFIRMS SU-34 aircraft crashed while climbing to perform a training flight from military airfield near Yeysk, stating cause of crash was fire in 1 of plane’s engines during takeoff, and fire in residential building began when aircraft’s fuel IGNITED.”

Yeysk emergency services say SU-34 Russian military aircraft has CRASHED into residential building in city, with unverified sources reporting combat aircraft was FULLY equipped with missiles before it went down.

UPDATE: Locals report at least 4 floors of residential building ABLAZE after plane crash, with unverified sources saying aircraft’s engine FAILED in flight, and it was flying with ammo for its mounted cannon but NO missiles.

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comment image


Maybe, but that really doesn’t give me the warmth and fuzzies.


Me either Linda.


From the Dr. Malone posted here earlier by Wolf:

Musk’s vision for Twitter is “one stop shopping.” E-commerce. He intends to bring social media, banking, auto loans, Amazon type buying, insurance, paying loans and utility bills, medical insurance, service estimates, you name it- under the umbrella of Twitter. Everything you do, buy, need – could be bought on the Twitter website. This is about power and money.

Why does he care about bot accounts? Because what he is buying is access to you, to me, to each and everyone of us on Twitter now or on Twitter in the future. He wants to know the exact number of warm bodies to sell to his investors. Remember – with the purchase of Twitter, he will have a client base maybe in the billions – before he even launches a single product! That client base includes some of the most influential, wealthy and educated people on the planet.

Having a super app for commerce and social media means that the risk of getting kicked off Twitter becomes not just a question of free speech and censorship, but of financial risk to each and every person who relies of Twitter as a complete, one-stop e-commerce app. 

All it would take is the tiniest pressure or threat of removing someone’s ability to pay a bill or collect a debt and the need to censor would go away as self- censorship would become de-rigueur. The amount of power such a corporation would hold over individuals, industries, even whole nations would be enormous. 

Full stop – integrating a huge “social media” platform – in this case the most influential social media company in the world, with a complete e-commerce and financial services app is a very bad idea.

After all we’ve seen with accounts and followers being purged, if people can’t see the dangers of doing all their business with a “platform,” especially one that can cancel them on a whim (despite what might be said now), then they deserve what they get.

Also, Musk has criticized the name “Truth Social.” He likes to use “X,” which is easy to remember but conveys nothing.


I know people who buy everything on Amazon. They think it’s looking out for them and appreciate the “based on your browsing history” recommendations. They call it “the Zon” like it’s their friend. They don’t get it.


A bit off subject but a friend recently was bragging about his adult kid using some app that will completely rewrite essays/proposals…basically anything. You provide and outline and the cyber brain goes to work.

My question was along the lines of that’s dishonest and gives whomever is the recipient the notion that the person actually knows what they’re talking about.
I got one of those ‘whut, huh’ kind of looks.


Then there will be an app to determine whose work was written using an app. And the employer will decide we don’t need you people anymore. We have an app.

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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

What will have to be done is an occasional test in person, to ensure the student can actually write well enough in draft to assure one that he could have written the paper he turned in.

If it’s an incoherent ramble that shows no thought at all, then he couldn’t have written the first draft for his polished essay. If it’s rough around the edges but shows a thought process…then maybe he did.


True that. This particular guy is a grown man and most of his “business” is online, various schemes and “ventures”. LOL love that coming from someone about 2 hops away from living in a basement.




Take Elon out of the picture.

I’m good with Trump and KW.


Non natø source…

“US diplomat says Washington’s ready for PROMPT start of negotiations with Russia on treaty to replace START III – bilateral arms control treaty between Moscow and Washington, intended to reduce number of NUCLEAR weapons fielded by 2 countries.”

Now is a really good time to start that /s
It will though provide some good virtuous copy for the fake news.


Instructions must have come in the last diplomatic pouch from Beijing.

Valerie Curren

LOL. 😡


A war Russia set to win – MK Bhadrakumar / Tribune India


Plainly put, the Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans. India should take note of the US’ sense of entitlement. Basically, the Biden administration created a contrived energy crisis whose real aim is war profiteering.

India should expect the defeat of the US and NATO, which completes the transition to a multipolar world order. 

Entire article is interesting … imo …


Now this is remarkable…

Turks with the Turkish flag at the voluntary enlisted personnel of the Russian Armed Forces.


Isn’t Turkey part of NATO? Does this throw sand into the gears of the narrative?

“I’m sooo confused. ”
— Spiccoli

Last edited 1 year ago by pgroup2

Yes, is a member but I think sittin’ on the fence atm … (fence sitters are at risk to get splinters!) … Erdogan up for re-election next year … he will probably leave NATO at some point…


Turkey enjoys tweaking NATO schmucks. Does it well. Turkey gets what they want.


Trump rally Saturday! 🇺🇸

Trump to hold weekend Texas rally, touts his ’33-0′ endorsement record in state

Former President Donald Trump will hold a rally Saturday on Texas’s Gulf Coast, where Republican are focused on winning Democrat-held seats.

…Trump said in the email announcement that he will delivers remarks on his “unprecedented effort to advance the MAGA agenda by energizing voters and highlighting the slate of 33-0 Trump Endorsed America First candidates in the Great State of Texas.”

The rally will be in Robstown, at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds. Trump is scheduled to speak at about 7 p.m. local time.


The Financial Times, citing senior sources in the Conservative Party, assures that Lisa Truss will be fired within two weeks. You have to manage to fall so quickly!

via The Guardian

New chancellor shreds PM’s economic plans in unprecedented U-turn
Jeremy Hunt tells Commons there will be tax rises and spending cuts, as Liz Truss dodges urgent question


My money is on THIS week …


Not sure about this at all, but think the new chancellor is removing financial assistance from energy bills next April, that will cause massive hate on the government. So they may keep her in place till after that, so she gets the flak and not the next guy who pulls the short straw.


Non natø source…

“The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has officially called Iran “an accomplice in Russia’s crimes against Ukraine.”

This is stated in a statement published on the website of the ministry.

For some reason, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry did not dare to call the United States, Britain, Germany, France and other Western countries accomplices in Ukraine’s crimes against Russia.”


“Russia completely excludes the demilitarization of the ZNPP and the perimeter around it, the facility cannot remain unguarded.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation”




I’m going with JAB.

The trail of perfectly healthy people dropping dead or having phantom debilitating ailments is growing.


‘Lovely’ man dies suddenly as investigation launched into unexplained death
Liverpool Echo on…

British woman dies suddenly on shore after finishing swim on holiday in Sicily
Birmingham Mail on…

Co Antrim minister dies suddenly just weeks before first anniversary of death of wife
The Irish News

Australian lithium miner IGO says chief executive dies suddenly
Oct 17 (Reuters) – Australian nickel-lithium miner IGO Ltd (IGO.AX) said on Monday its Chief Executive Officer Peter Bradford died suddenly on Saturday.

Found these in a quick “died suddenly” search. There actually is a twitter acct diedsuddenly. I’m going to watch that one

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J A B?
J A B?
J A B?
J A B?


So much for American (and elsewhere) life expectancy being so long because of our wealth and excellent medical care…buhbye to all of it


Just reading about a local lady who died at 38 of an “unbelievably aggressive” cancer. Diagnosed in June, dead by early October. Leaves behind husband, 4 year old and 18 month old. So many sad stories.


Dusty hill died in July from infections dt chronic bursitis.


Hmmm article posted 5 hours ago. Said he died in his sleep. No date in the article. Wonder why it’s just posting now.




Mr. Stevens and Mr. Cuervo — J A B
Mr. Hill — underlying health issues possibly complicated / aggravated by J A B

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

There’s discussion that George Floyd’s family might sue Ye for claiming Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose.


Oh brutha


Playing off of (BS) law suit nailing Alex Jones?


I read today that Ye is the world’s richest black man. Deep pockets make him a target.


And he knows it, having survived the Kardashian’s.


Except he DID die of a fentanyl overdose:

Blood samples collected at 9:00 p.m. on May 25th, before Floyd died, tested positive for the following, the autopsy report states. (Quantities are given for those who are medically inclined.)

  • Fentanyl 11 ng/mL
  • Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL
  • 4-ANPP 0.65 ng/mL
  • Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL
  • Various types of THC: 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/mL; Delta-9 Carboxy THC 42 ng/mL; Delta-9 THC 2.9 ng/mL
  • Cotinine positive
  • Caffeine positive

A urine drug screen tested positive for presumptive positive for cannabinoids, amphetamines, and fentanyl/metabolite.
A urine drug screen also confirmed free morphine of 86 ng/mL.


The life and death of St George right there


Yep. In black and white.


They flunked math. 17 million bucks does not equal 2 billion bucks.

Long odds on this one.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

comment image



Surprise (NOT), Saudi is NOT intimidated by BiteMe, and his criminal goons.

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Yeah, they look pissed. Wonder how much of Congress they have in their pockets.


Huge MIC contracts in play…laundering millions.


Slow guy missed another memo. Thought we were already in a recession.

Quite likely headed for a depression.


Bloomberg: Odds of A Recession Hit 100% in ‘Blow to Biden’
The U.S. economy is effectively certain to enter a recession in the next 12 months, according to model projections from Bloomberg Economics.

Bloomberg News described this as “a blow to President Joe Biden’s economic messaging ahead of the November elections.”

The probability models maintained by Bloomberg economists Anna Wong and Eliza Winger had earlier shown just a 65 percent chance of a recession over the coming 12 months.


We’ve been in a recession for 9 months and it is getting worse, not better. So, yeah, depression on the horizon at which time the scum will begin bottom feeding on our misery. The Fed jacking up rates for fake, governmental caused inflation instead of prices being driven up by demand. BRICS is about to become BRICSS. Our own politicians and media are traitors to our country. Sell outs to communists, globohomos and corporate evil doers.

Other than that everything is just hunky dory.

I really don’t have a better way to describe it. I pray for the Lord’s return daily.


Pretty good summation.

Clearly Bloomberg is a card carrying member of, Pravda News.


I might be a nuts (that’s rhetorical, of course, lol), but I am a little excited.

To explain: I was mostly raised by my grandmother who I called Nanny.

Nanny was born in 1918, so she obviously lived through the Great Depression. She was the biggest influence in my life. I adored her, and realize almost every day some trait I have that I got from her. I painted her portrait when I was 13 or so, and it hangs in my kitchen (her natural habitat) so I can talk to her while I cook, can, and preserve. She was the most capable homemaker I have ever known, in the most practical way. She could walk into a kitchen where you would swear there was nothing to eat, and come out with a delicious four-course meal, dessert included.

Anyway, now I get to see if I can make her proud of what she raised. And I am going to do my utmost. She did it, and she taught me skills to do it, too. I have been honing those skills since she died almost forty years ago. She is my inspiration to be prepared. I’m gonna kick a depression’s ass in her honor.


Thanks, Wolf.

Valerie Curren

Breathtakingly beautiful and hopeful too–TY!


Thanks, Valerie.

Valerie Curren

Thanks for sharing your heart & passion here!!!