DEAR MAGA: Open Thread 20240620

Okay, the story on the Idaho farmers needing to give up water rights. There might be an answer:

Watch the video. The guy went to the ground and got answers. In addition:

DOD Enters Agreement to Expand Domestic Manufacturing and Strengthen U.S. Cobalt Supply Chains

Badlands News Brief – June 19, 2024

Smoking Gun Email: Burisma Owner Demanded Devon Archer Ask US Government to Stop Probe of Burisma – So Joe Biden Forced Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor

70% of Unionized Daily Beast Staffers Take Buyouts as Layoffs Loom | Exclusive


America is Riding on this Supreme Court Decision

The left is repeating the most shameful episode in U.S. history

Harsh as it was, that episode in American history gave us one of the finest architects of the 20th century, Gyo Obata. He came here to STL to escape the camps in California and gave us some of the country’s greatest buildings in the aftermath, including the Air & Space Museum in Washington. I’ve had the privilege of singing in his award winning St. Anselm at St. Louis Priory…a soprano’s room if ever there was one. Massively awesome. And, I can personally attest, he was a great gentleman. Got stuck in an elevator with him multiple times.

Heck of a game tonight in Heaven

The Say Hey Kid is up there with Stan Musial and a small number of others, that’s for sure.

CNN drools over Steve Bannon serving time next to violent criminals and sex offenders…

Sex offenders should try it with Steve Bannon. His personal grooming leaves a lot to be desired, but I wouldn’t put it past that old man to know how to knock teeth out.

How ‘All in the Family’ Explains Biden’s Strength Among Seniors

And those liberal seniors are hanging out at the pool, too. Don’t really want to see that.

‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Biden ‘Cheap Fakes’ Circulated by Right-Wing Media: ‘They Lie About Their Lies’ | Video

Mika needs a drink.

DEVELOPING: America’s most dangerous volcano is recharging – 43 years after catastrophic eruption that was the worst in US history

I’ve been watching this. Yeah…. Doesn’t look good.

Gold At $3000/Oz In Sight As Central Banks Continue To Buy

Central Banks are buying gold? Something is in the wind. Your guess is as good as mine.


And…he refused a central bank.


Yep. The third floor lavatory. All others went to the gazebo by the convent.

Any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I carried dark chocolate from Holland for four weeks to bring home it was that good.

Not going there.

I’d eat there, food snob or not.

I hate it when that happens…not that I watch all that much TV.

This has always reminded me of Duran Duran, but it isn’t.


And now for the business portion.

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Fellow tree dweller, the late Wheatie, gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights
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  3. If you bring snacks, be sure they are made with bacon

Auntie DePat’s requests as we are all supposedly adults and don’t just play them on TV like the body doubles pretending to be the squatter in chief:

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The scroll wheel on your mouse can be your friend. As mature adults, please use it here in the same manner you would in avoiding online porn.

Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


SIRACH 48:1-14

1Then the prophet Elijah arose like a fire, and his word burned like a torch. 2He brought a famine upon them, and by his zeal he made them few in number. 3By the word of the Lord he shut up the heavens, and also three times brought down fire. 4How glorious you were, O Elijah, in your wondrous deeds! And who has the right to boast which you have? 5You who raised a corpse from death and from Hades, by the word of the Most High; 6who brought kings down to destruction, and famous men from their beds; 7who heard rebuke at Sinai and judgments of vengeance at Horeb; 8who anointed kings to inflict retribution, and prophets to succeed you. 9You who were taken up by a whirlwind of fire, in a chariot with horses of fire; 10you who are ready at the appointed time, it is written, to calm the wrath of God before it breaks out in fury, to turn the heart of the father to the son, and to restore the tribes of Jacob. 11Blessed are those who saw you, and those who have been adorned in love; for we also shall surely live. 12It was Elijah who was covered by the whirlwind, and Elisha was filled with his spirit; in all his days he did not tremble before any ruler, and no one brought him into subjection. 13Nothing was too hard for him, and when he was dead his body prophesied. 14As in his life he did wonders, so in death his deeds were marvelous.

PSALMS 97:1-7

1The LORD reigns; let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad! 2Clouds and thick darkness are round about him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. 3Fire goes before him, and burns up his adversaries round about. 4His lightnings lighten the world; the earth sees and trembles. 5The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth. 6The heavens proclaim his righteousness; and all the peoples behold his glory. 7All worshipers of images are put to shame, who make their boast in worthless idols; all gods bow down before him.

MATTHEW 6:7-15

7“And in praying do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think that they will be heard for their many words. 8Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. 9Pray then like this: Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. 11Give us this day our daily bread; 12And forgive us our debts, As we also have forgiven our debtors; 13And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. 14For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father also will forgive you; 15but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Every day.



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Thanks for a thoroughly thoughtful, theatrical Thursday post, dear De Pat!

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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Re Johnson BBQ with the Tshirt quoting their favorite Yelp review: a complaint about nothing for vegans there:

I bought a meal from a lunch truck, once, and they had a section of the menu labeled “Rabbit Food”. This was where the salads, etc were listed (as opposed to the meat dishes).

I told the guy my household was so hard core we have to buy food for our pet food. Which was true, the bugs fed to Darwin sometimes themselves had to be fed or they’d die before he could get to them.

Last edited 1 month ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I know many of us want to drop this subject, but I just thought of something after talking to Pat Frederick, who reminded me how often some of what WE regard as “conspiracy theories” turn out to be factual.

We know that the Democrats CHEAT in debates just like they cheat in elections.

Well, IF they had a “perfect” double of Biden, who was not demented, and their “ground rules” in the debate prevent close inspection of that double, then it presents a real opportunity for them to reverse opinions about the man, and to keep control of the White House, making their cheat more plausible.

I’m just saying. Spending literally millions of dollars on the perfect double would be easily worth it for the CIA. Not like the cheap Kamala double. I mean millions of dollars – like a big budget Hollywood film – all designed to retain control of the White House.

And then they make the “doubles” stuff look stupid, as part of the budget, to protect the operation.

I’m just saying – if I was a project manager in the CIA, trying to hold onto power, and had the budget, plus a guy who started out as a spitting image of Biden, I’d sure try it.


I don’t put anything past them … can never forget David Plouffe’s infamous quote.


I’m not asking you to answer this. It’s just a thought that was triggered.

Is there anything that is impossible for *them* to do?

If the answer is no, nothing is impossible for them and everything is within the realm of possibility, then we are powerless and might as well throw in the towel because they have powers beyond what humans have ever been able to accomplish. There is no way to defeat an enemy that can cause weather events, substitute one person for another with no one the wiser, and do supernatural things.

It’s curious that no one on our side is ever said to have similar powers, even with Trump’s 3-D chess ability, with Musk’s tech savvy and innovation, and with all the brilliant scientists and investors who are conservative-minded.

A defeatist mindset is exactly what the enemy wants us to have. I will not subscribe to it, and I will not be gas-lit by our own side.

George Orwell applies to us as well:
“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”― George Orwell, 1984

Now it’s our own side telling us we can’t trust the evidence of our eyes and ears. These are extremely dangerous times.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think you’re being excessive in saying there’s no way to defeat advanced stuff, but yes – while it was possible for American Indians to drive off the Vikings, and to win some battles against 1490s-era Europeans (Salt Bay), it was impossible for the Indians to defeat the 1800s globalist invaders.

It’s not being defeatist to stand up to our intelligence agencies, but it is very realistic to understand how they operate against us with our own tax dollars, and how they have abused secrecy to create a tech differential in their favor.

We CAN beat them, but the first step is always admitting when they screw us in some way, and then building an understanding of it, that gets us ahead of their tricks, and allows us to catch them in some way.

We will have to do that for the election – I think doing it for the debate is important, too.

Real Biden on drugs is one way they’ll do it.

Fake Biden may be another.


I think you’re being excessive in saying there’s no way to defeat advanced stuff

But that’s not what I said. I said that if nothing is impossible for them and everything is within the realm of possibility, then we are powerless and might as well throw in the towel because they have powers beyond what humans have ever been able to accomplish.”

I agree that we have to understand what they’re doing and get ahead of it, but we’d better be on the right track. Which takes me back to another comment: I never hear of our side using the same technologies and powers to fool people for political purposes. Maybe it’s all kept under wraps, but I would think the Left would be screaming about it.

It is highly possible, IMO, that they are sending people on a wild goose chase while they’re actually doing something else. I stand by my comment that I will not be gas-lit.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OK – well then let me say that “I agree with postulate” and move away from it.

So that this:

But that’s not what I said. I said that if “nothing is impossible for them and everything is within the realm of possibility, then we are powerless and might as well throw in the towel because they have powers beyond what humans have ever been able to accomplish.”

“Nothing is impossible for them” is basically “God level” – as in violating even the most fundamental rules of nature. Who’s saying that? Even if I thought advanced alien civilizations and their off-world human gophers were trying to run the show, and it wasn’t just the evil Demmunists and Bidenazis we were fighting, they’re quite limited by science, and we know it. So don’t worry – nobody has to throw in the towel even for a globohomo gay pedo alien invasion.

Same goes for “everything is in the realm of possibility”. No – I would say “everything reasonable by science, including some things we are not privy to” is what we’re dealing with.

All things are possible with God – not with these jokers.

We already know that the government didn’t tell Trump about a LOT of things. Well, my guess is that a lot of what they refused to tell him about was technical. VERY LIKELY BECAUSE SOME OF IT WAS USED AGAINST HIM. Which is most ironic!!!


“Nothing is impossible for them” is basically “God level” – as in violating even the most fundamental rules of nature. Who’s saying that?

IMO, stating that someone has died and someone else has successfully taken their place, interacting closely, intimately, and at length with people who know the person well, is “God level” and violates the most fundamental rules of nature. There is at least one person here who is saying that, as well as others on the internet. And then other people become convinced that “anything is possible” and “we don’t know what they’re capable of,” etc.

The ideas get conflated. This very discussion will trigger some people to doubt reality and think the “God level” happening is possible because if someone can make a mask that good, then supposedly someone can use it to pretend they’re a dead guy and convince others of it. That has already been stated here.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

To me, it’s impossible to bust the enemy schemes without being very realistic – as in how, exactly, would *I* do it. Nebulous generalities don’t work for discerning reality. It’s the programmer in me. CAN IT BE DONE – REALLY – IN REALITY? Not “vaporware”. Can it really be done?

Anyway, I’m going to sleep on the problem! And the question of – if it’s true – how do we bust it?


To me, it’s impossible to bust the enemy schemes without being very realistic – as in how, exactly, would *I* do it. Nebulous generalities don’t work for discerning reality.

Yes. I’ve asked people numerous times to flesh out their theories, and it hasn’t happened yet. How, exactly, could it be done? How would it affect all the various people involved? Which ones would be in on it and which ones wouldn’t? How would the family members be dealing with it? the staff? the Secret Service? Congress? the media? foreign dignitaries?

Of the ones not in on it, how are they being fooled? Why hasn’t one credible person in the universe noticed and said something? And on and on. That’s the opposite of nebulous generalities, which are all I’ve ever seen. “It could happen” and “people need to understand how theater works” don’t explain anything.


“How, exactly, could it be done?”


The mask part is old hat by now for the intelligence agencies, if a mask is being used.

Suppose a mask isn’t being used, and it’s really a body double.

In that scenario, how long has it been since the public has seen the ‘real’ Joe Biden, in order to notice the difference?

Beyond that, we know he gets plugs, so that means the hairline cannot be definitive.

He has probably had plastic surgery to look younger, so there goes the comparisons to earlier photos and video.

As for general body language, gait, etc., changes to those aspects can all be conveniently blamed (insinuated) on the never mentioned dementia.

The ear is much harder to fool than the eye, so it seems that mimicking the voice would be the hardest part.

His appearance changes from day to day, and his voice changes from paragraph to paragraph as he reads from the teleprompter.

So the problem becomes, where is the baseline?

It’s all over the place 😂


“How would it affect all the various people involved? Which ones would be in on it and which ones wouldn’t?”


Everyone who actually knows him would have to be in on it, because they would recognize the fake.

Heads of state would certainly be aware of it, due to their own intelligence agencies, even if FJB’s handlers weren’t cluing them in (which I’m sure they would be. The leaders of the G7, U.N., E.U., they’re all in cahoots with Hussein / Billy G / Sorass, et al.

People who don’t actually know Dirty Joe wouldn’t have any reason to question whether the person in the room with them was the real Brandon or not. They’re just excited to be in close proximity to the POTUS.


“How would the family members be dealing with it?”


They’re all criminals, their access to affluence (not to mention all the blackmail and potential for prosecution hanging over their heads) depends on going along with whatever program there is, so go along they certainly will.


“the staff?”


General staff would probably be the weakest link, because they are transitory and low enough level to not be completely enmeshed in the bribery / blackmail control schemes. But they would also not be in a position to know the real FJB from an impostor, either.

Close staff (e.g., chief of staff) would know, but anyone that close is probably a true believer in the cause, and certainly controlled by blackmail.


“the Secret Service?”


Corrupt. They’re Praetorian Guard. They cover up crimes, they don’t reveal them.




Is there any group more subject to bribery and blackmail in the world?

Besides, going along with the charade must come with amazing perks. It’s not all stick. A good control scheme requires plenty of carrots too.


“the media?”


Those Leftist media have turned lying into a religion.

The conservative grifter media won’t jeopardize their grift over something they have no way to prove.


“foreign dignitaries?”


There’s an oxymoron.

Like the foreign leaders mentioned above, they would certainly know.

Why would they blow the whistle on the biggest gravy train the world has ever seen?

We live like poor people, while the criminal political-class exfiltrates American wealth all over the globe, to enrich themselves via kickbacks and to buy influence.

Which foreign dignitaries are going to kill the goose that lays the slimy eggs?

They have America bent over a barrel. The entire federal government is a rat’s nest of foreign influence and infiltration and spying.

Who would want to upset that apple cart, by exposing an impostor POTUS?

Cui bono?

And even if they did want to expose it, how would they go about doing it?

If the ambassador of Timbuktu comes forward with accusations that FJB isn’t really FJB, how much effort would it take the 39+ intel agencies to discredit that ambassador, and mock everyone who believes him as ‘conspiracy theorists’?

I’m not arguing that this is what is actually taking place, I’m just saying it’s more plausible than it might first appear.

Everything is a con with these people. They’re practiced at the art of corruption. It’s a well oiled machine.

They wouldn’t be flying by the seat of their pants, they wouldn’t be reinventing the wheel every other day, they would be doing what they already know works, because it has always worked.

Gail Combs

ALSO, Obama spent 8 years ‘remaking’ the US government so most conservatives were PURGED well before Trump took office. The Unions then made sure the Commies embeds could not be removed by Trump.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes – and the “conservatives” that remain as Washington insiders tend to be assimilated to the narratives, and accept the “Washington normal” as a given.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

A key summary point here is that the combination of an agreed lie for the knowing and internal deception for the rest, enforced by media lies and normalization – from both the knowing and the unknowing – is NORMAL in DC.

I find any double theory most credible when….

  • Biden is alive
  • there’s only one double
  • the double is a “national security resource”, protected as classified
  • the TLAs are abusing the classified asset

Then it begins to make sense, as it matches all their other abuse.

Gail Combs
  • Biden is alive
  • there’s only one double
  • the double is a “national security resource”, protected as classified

That would then go back to the Obama Admin so the ‘double’ has been around since Obama took office in 2009. That is 15 years of PRACTICE…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes – maybe even replacement by a better double along the way. Also at a higher level as VP than as a senator. That’s why it was Kamala’s double (not as good) who got caught, although I suspect that Loomer got an intelligence tip.


Somehow, I missed the Kamala double. Do you have a photo?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

There was more info at the time of this article. Basically, the real Kamala was known to be somewhere else, too distant, at the time, and that’s how Loomer supposedly knew this one was fake.



To my artist eyes, that woman looks almost nothing like Kamala Harris. Even with the mask, she would not fool me.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Eyes are wrong.




If you aren’t writing the script for the next Mission Impossible movie, you should be.  😆 


“IMO, stating that someone has died and someone else has successfully taken their place, interacting closely, intimately, and at length with people who know the person well, is “God level” and violates the most fundamental rules of nature.”


A much more plausible scenario is that the people who know (knew) Brandon well are in the loop and going along with the plan.

A week or so ago we saw the swimming pool video of the topless WNBA Griner tranny. If I remember correctly, that video was several years old.

If Griner is a dude (supposedly raised as a girl), keeping that a secret would necessarily involve thousands of people.

Including coaches, staff, team mates, competitors, administrations (school and professional), friends, family, corporate sponsors, league officals, etc., etc.

And yet it appears that is exactly what is happening.

Everyone (especially the MSM) covers for Griner. The Potemkin Village construct is comprehensive and practically perfect.

The only fly in the tranny ointment is the viewers’ lying eyes.

And for what?

To protect their idol worship of perversion.

If they so easily construct false reality for Griner (and more importantly, for their ideology), then what lengths would they not go to, in order to prevent Orange Man Bad from being president again?

What would they not do?

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Griner is actually a VERY good example of the mass psychology of the lie, which the socialists ADORE as “success of messaging”.

It’s a dude. Everybody knows it. And yet most people continue to USE the absurd female name that is a LIE, LIE, LIE.

Media reinforcement is incredibly powerful for any lie. Incredibly powerful.

Robert Baker

Apparently, what is needed to resolve this debate is some Russian disinformation.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Robert Baker

It is not just an offhand comment. Griner was in detention for drug possession in Russia during the Trump years. I am all but certain that the Russians good end the debate about Griner’s sex.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Your description actually validates the Israelites’ worship of the golden calf. It was a psyop and amazingly … it still works.  😮  🙃 


They certainly do worship the lie. Lots of lies.

It is infuriating, because without truth, no one can make good decisions.

When everyone is caught up in lies, everyone is prevented from making good (rational) decisions about their own daily affairs and their future.

If the lies become pervasive enough, a sort of Twilight Zone existence emerges, where no one can be sure of what is real and what isn’t.

We are there now.


“Your description actually validates the Israelites’ worship of the golden calf. It was a psyop and amazingly … it still works.”


Or like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Book of Daniel.

The golden image was created, and everyone was commanded to fall down and worship the golden image.

The golden image was a lie, and everyone knew it was a lie, it was just a gold statue — but everyone was compelled to observe the lie and fall down and worship it, everyone was required to recognize Nebuchadnezzar’s absolute power and authority over reality itself, or be burned alive.

It was essentially a truth and power test.

Could Nebuchadnezzar compel the People to do whatever he wanted, even something as objectively and publicly humiliating and absurd as falling down and worshipping a golden image he had built?

Would the People agree to it, and go along with it?

Nebuchadnezzar was a tyrant with absolute power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So yes he could do that, and prove it to himself, and more importantly, prove it to the People.

Is there anything more humiliating and degrading, than being forced to publicly acknowledge that you and your family and everyone you know are slaves — and not slaves to a benevolent tyrant, but slaves to a monster, someone who will burn you and your family alive, simply for not saying ‘how high’ when he says ‘Jump!’?

Nebuchadnezzar had the power to create a literal false reality and make everyone observe it, under pain of fiery death. The People were nothing more to him than court jesters, commanded to dance to whatever tune he played.

Why wouldn’t organized, systemic (and probably ritualized) blackmail of public figures be the modern equivalent of absolute power today?

Something along the lines of “You will do what you are told, or we expose the video from Epstein’s Island, the one you agreed to do, and have recorded, in exchange for a seat in the U.S. Senate, and all the power and perks that come with it.

You sold your soul, and now we own it. Now fall down and worship the image of yourself doing what you did to that child on this tape, the same image the whole world is going to see, if you don’t do what you’re told. Obey, and keep obeying, no matter what you are told to do, and you get to keep your very nice life and family and friends.

Or you get exposed, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and spend the rest of your life in prison as a pedophile.”

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused the lie from the outset. They chose to be burned alive if need be, rather than accept Nebuchadnezzar’s false reality and control over their free will, in perpetuity.


Worship of the Image Refused
“Wherefore at that time certain Chaldeans came near, and accused the Jews. [9] They spake and said to the king Nebuchadnezzar, O king, live for ever. [10] Thou, O king, hast made a decree, that every man that shall hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, shall fall down and worship the golden image:

[11] And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth, that he should be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. [12] There are certain Jews whom thou hast set over the affairs of the province of Babylon, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; these men, O king, have not regarded thee: they serve not thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

[13] Then Nebuchadnezzar in his rage and fury commanded to bring Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Then they brought these men before the king. [14] Nebuchadnezzar spake and said unto them, Is it true, O Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, do not ye serve my gods, nor worship the golden image which I have set up?

[15] Now if ye be ready that at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, ye fall down and worship the image which I have made; well: but if ye worship not, ye shall be cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace; and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?

[16] Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.

[17] If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.

[18] But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.” (Daniel 3:8-18, KJV)


Well done!

Valerie Curren

An old pastor of mine used to say “we may burn but we won’t bow” 🙂

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

A much more plausible scenario is that the people who know (knew) Brandon well are in the loop and going along with the plan.

That is far more plausible than any claim that white hats are controlling the double.

We actually have two possible claims here: a body double under the control of white hats, or a body double under the control of black hats.

The latter is far more plausible (though I don’t agree with any claim that we only ever see the double), but then it’s not something that would comfort patriots who cannot face reality, as Aubergine seems to think is the psychology at play here.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I tend to agree with Aubergine about the psychology, based on the history of the Biden double claims. These claims were entirely an outgrowth of the “Trump is still in control” stuff that sprouted after it was clear Trump was leaving the White House. It was all an extension of “patriots are in control”.

The basic premise that it’s white hats in control is the foundation underneath all the sketchy claims.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I agree that that’s how it started, and that in that context Aubergine’s hypothesis makes sense.

It seems to have taken on a life of its own, however.

Valerie Curren

We already know that the government didn’t tell Trump about a LOT of things. Well, my guess is that a lot of what they refused to tell him about was technical. VERY LIKELY BECAUSE SOME OF IT WAS USED AGAINST HIM. Which is most ironic!!!”

So even during the (overt) Trump years the Obamunist coup was still operational  😡 



Deep State / IC did NOT take a four year holiday while Trump was President.

They actively worked against Trump every day of Trump’s four years in office.

Valerie Curren

Even knowing/believing that it’s practically incomprehensible–Horrifying AND unconstitutional!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Washington is a CANCER – a PARASITE – on OCCUPATION – an INVASION – and yes – it is the real INSURRECTION.

Gail Combs

It was taken over in 1913, and the take over was implemented by FDR with his confiscation of privately owned gold and his ‘New Deal’ aka COMMUNISM.

Valerie Curren

Yes   :wpds_evil: 

Gail Combs

Wolfie, we already KNOW the government has advanced tech they do not tell the Great Unwashed about.

In regards to Biden that could be medicine or it could be a ‘perfect’ body double.

Let’s not forget they have had EIGHT YEARS to sculpt and train Biden’s double(s) It would also explain why Biden is not seen in public very much. That would make swapping in a double as needed a lot easier.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

It could be drugs, too, combined with a lot of other deceptions.

He did WAY too well in the debate against Trump in 2020.

Gail Combs

 medicine = drugs.

I found with hubby what he eats MATTERS. Beef every day, plus Coconut oil plus Lion’s mane mushroom and his balance problems have gotten much better.

On the Coconut oil, I found the ‘organic’ stinks of coconuts and is therefore only usable in certain applications. The refined, from Big Lots, has no odor so I can slip it in where ever you would use butter or olive oil.

If just those three changes got my 81 yr old Hubby OFF a cane and making a lot more sense when he talks, I wonder what other medication is known to the elite but not us.


This is great news on your hubby, Gail. I have begun Lion’s Main supplements for hubs and me. We already eat beef & use coconut oil.

In addition to the foods & supplements you mention, I’d suggest looking into balancing exercises via youtube etc. From my long history as a ballet, jazz & tap dancer, I can attest that BALANCE can be a learned movement as well as be practiced daily.

Ballet & jazz taught me how to intentionally ground myself through the soles of my feet – best learned barefoot to understand it incorporates whole foot from toes to heels. It is a concept of pushing into the floor while contemporaneously lifting your body to full height and centering your upper body correctly atop your hips.

Once you grasp that concept, balancing on one foot at a time, in various positions, can be correctly practiced because your foot/feet are stable and body centered.

Also standing/walking with eyes closed while feeling centered.

many ways to practice and improve balance 🩷🩷


Interesting information. Thanks.


You’re welcome!

Gail Combs


I told Hubby and at his instruction saved your comment Off line for him to read later.


I’ll post some links to exercises at top of tomorrow’s thread in case you’re done reading today 😁

Gail Combs

Thanks for that.

I generally try to read all the comments each day.


Very good advice. Yoga is great for this.


Really good info, Gail. Thanks.


You are on the right track.

There are cures/treatments for cancer (RBG), diabetes (Sotomayor), and dementia/Alzheimer’s that they have and will not tell us about. But they use them. You can bet Biden gets all kinds of shit we could only dream of, not to mention whatever dietary changes are necessary.

They prop him up for events that are really important. But they can’t do it all the time or they would fry him. That’s what I think.

Gail Combs

Flowers for Algernon…


“I never hear of our side using the same technologies and powers to fool people for political purposes. Maybe it’s all kept under wraps, but I would think the Left would be screaming about it.”


Our ‘side’ doesn’t do it, not in the sense that it’s ‘our side’.

The criminal race-baiter and traitor Haley Barbour would do anything the Devilcrats do, but he’s not on ‘our side’.

Krooked Karl Rove would do anything the Disastercrats would do, but he’s not on our side either.

Crying Adam Kinzinger, Lurch Thune, Joni the pig castrator Ernst, Barasso, Cocaine ‘Mr. Roboto’ Mitch, they’d all do what the Baalcrats do, but none of them are on our side.

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Excellent points. And Krying Kinzinger / Cheating Cheney even sat on the Demmunist Krazy Kangaroo Kourt against We The People. Not on our side.


“Is there anything that is impossible for *them* to do?”


They just have to count the votes.

Which they will.


TT A typical reader might infer from my statement that I meant I don’t put anything past them TO TRY and just scrolled on by.

Thoughtful of you to say you weren’t asking me to answer, but how you jump to your IF statement and ensuing comments about a defeatist attitude, etc. is beyond me, feels like a lecture, and frankly why I choose to ignore most of what you post on this forum. You expressed great frustration yesterday that more of us don’t express opinions or “engage” with you when you post your comments. Wolfie’s freedom of speech rules are “say anything but say it with a civil tone.” I extrapolate that to mean I’m also free to avoid certain styles and tones of discussion.


I use the same method, Alison. Sometimes it is better to disappear and move on to another time.

Just my opinion, sometimes we get laser focused on here about a thing that is a created thing by the evil doers. We forget we have an offense and spend all of our time on defense against the thing and those who created it.

It is said the best defense is a good offense. I strongly believe in that statement. The frustration of Scott and others on here is we do not believe we see that in action. Yet, it is in action. It is in action in every mind that perceives the evil as well as in real activities none of us seem to want to notice or see.

Which is just one more reason why leaving God out of the offense is defeatist. You do not even have to believe in God to understand that. You just have to agree that the code for living and dealing with others that arises from humanity’s best, will eventually dictate the winners and losers. Where have all the evil and murderous leaders and their cronies of the past gone? Yet, here sits mankind on this planet with an improvement in living standards over past points in history.

Just my opinion again, we don’t always have to agree with each other. That is how contentious things get fleshed out. However, we should all be respectful and have each other’s backs.

Tone of post matters.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Well said!

The American Revolution happened when enough good, God-fearing people stood together against tyranny in whatever ways they believed moral and felt comfortable, while obeying God as they perceived that duty. Some chose fighting, others not, but the sea change of culture is what ultimately won, and made Britain give up on a direct assault.

The core canon of the Q psy-op is still spot on, and is still awakening people. It’s not “going out of style”.

People can argue about Godwin’s law, but the GOD WINS law is the one I count on, and the one that has been working for thousands of years.


while obeying God as they perceived that duty.

I’ve always believed that the Founders and Framers chose “Creator” in order to reflect precisely this concept.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

They were REALLY in tune with the Bible at an extraordinary level which would survive the test of time. Their amazing philosophy of God-given freedom and justice continues to anger the unjust, the corrupt, and the merciless to this day!



Exactly. I personally perceive it to be Christianity driven, however, it does not have to be for the “united” support of the consensual philosophy to apply that honors the sanctity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The American way.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I see Americanism as almost a spin-off of Christianity. Yes, to the liberals – America is not “Christian” per se – but there is a reason it was the product of a “diverse” group of mostly Christians – and why today it still appeals around the world to many non-Christians! Christians learning to get along with each other, created an excellent model to get along with others, too.


Americanism is definitely a spin-off of Christianity.

They earliest Americans were mostly “acceptable” Christians. Later, though, sects like the Quakers, Dunker Baptists, and Puritans came.

These groups were very sensitive to the idea of religious freedom, as they came here from being persecuted. Thus, they were much more religiously tolerant than the European peoples they fled.

This tolerance was baked in from the beginning of America, and it has influenced us ever since.

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Spot on, pgroup! It left interpretation of Creator up to the reader.


Great comments – agree completely.




ThanQ for a pragmatic statement of truths that is easily overlaid upon many different situations. It should be copied and put on a desktop sticky for daily reminding.


Thank you for honoring me with your support and comments, pgroup. It means a lot to me.


It is my humble service.

Pleased to be of value to you.


I do my best to be nice, even when I vehemently disagree. Sometimes I am sure I fail.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

We saw how much leftist effort went into preparing for 2020. Which even included a pandemic! Remember all the zoom meetings? Trying to plan to resist Trump?

They will do whatever it takes.


Do you think Trump would be fooled? and everyone in his inner circle?

Do you think a “perfect” double is possible? One with the exact same tone and timbre of voice, mannerisms, speech patterns, gait, height, knowledge base, etc.?

Do you think you would be fooled? and others?

Why wait until the debate to bring out this specimen? Dems are losing ground now. The contrast between what JB has become and a “perfect double” who performs well would be obvious.

One of the current arguments is that the dementia-ridden guy we see now is not JB. So this is confusing: If the current guy is a double with a mask on, would that same double be used for the debate but just act more cognizant? Or would a different double be brought out for the debate (again showing a noticeable difference), raising quesitons about drugs and — body doubles.

reminded me how often some of what WE regard as “conspiracy theories” turn out to be factual.

And some do not.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I would be a total SCIENTIST and a MAGICIAN about it, if I was doing it.

That guy would have already completed harder and harder public missions – literally faking it with people who know Biden. We might allow some close calls, but no failures. The guy would have to never be made as a double.

And almost NOBODY would know about it – to keep control of the secret.

There is NO WAY that I would send him into a debate unless he was fooling everybody ALREADY and doing so regularly and WELL.

I’m not saying this would be easy. And I definitely don’t believe they could have a bunch of doubles – that crazy idea is part of the discreditation chaff they’re infecting our side with – no matter what.

BUT – if they had one guy who can routinely pass for Biden, and they not only have him well-practiced in public, but even filling the media record with nearly identical images and videos of HIMSELF and not Biden – his fakery would literally become part of the reality.

It would be an intelligence COUP.

I’m not thinking this IS true. But if we are wrong about it not being possible, it explains why Biden did better than expected last time – and will do better than expected this time.

It’s also more reliable than drugging Biden, IMO.


There is NO WAY that I would send him into a debate unless he was fooling everybody ALREADY and doing so regularly and WELL.

Biden is a senile dementia patient, so anyone doubling for him and theoretically “fooling everybody ALREADY and doing so regularly and WELL” is also acting like a senile dementia patient, or people would become suspicious. So if a guy shows up at the debate who is cognizant, that would not be realistic at all, IMO.

So if there is a guy who is currently fooling people “regularly and well,” and said guy is going to be capable of debating Donald Trump, why aren’t we seeing this version of JB now?

And is the JB that we see a double, or not?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

You’re asking all the right questions!

Strategically, we DO want to see him now, but we do NOT want him to act any differently from Biden – until it is critical that he do so – such as the debate – but even then still show some “authentic” senility – but not too much. If he can just be exactly like 4 years ago, that would be perfect. He can just have “Biden’s best day in months”, where he “comes through under pressure” and the Dems can all tell themselves that Biden is still OK and re-electable.

What if the “Dark Brandon” speech was the double? Just as an example.

But by this theory, Biden’s double will have already done stuff that most of us think is really Biden.


Are you theorizing this:
They’ve been prepping a double specifically for the debate, someone who hasn’t taken the place of JB in everyday life and therefore doesn’t have to “be” him by interacting with those who know JB well but who will be able to “be” JB on the debate stage because people won’t be close to him and doing small talk and the like?

If so, that is completely different than the idea of JB being dead and a double having taken his place with no one the wiser.

Under what I’m calling your theory, JB is himself, a senile dementia patient who fraudulently took over the WH. Under the other theory, we are asked to believe the impossible, because I don’t care how good a mask is or how good an actor is or how much theater work someone has been involved with, they can’t impersonate someone well known to others and fool them in close, extended, everyday contact. You would have to switch their brains. I’d like for someone who believes this is possible to provide an example of its having happened.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I would amend this slightly:

Are you theorizing this:

They’ve been prepping a double specifically for the debate, someone who hasn’t taken the place of JB in everyday life and therefore doesn’t have to “be” him by interacting with those who know JB well but who will be able to “be” JB on the debate stage because people won’t be close to him and doing small talk and the like?

I would say that in this (“my”) theory, they prepped the double mostly for the debates, but also for any other contingency where the double might be needed. Even – possibly – if he died.

More importantly, in this theory the double IS almost undetectable, and HAS interacted with people who know Joe well, but possibly not with ALL of the people who know him well, and particularly not with those who might pose a risk to the plan.

I think this person would have succeeded in tests of his ability to make small talk, etc. And that this was done specifically to reduce the dangers of discovery. The CLOSER to real Joe, the SAFER for everybody involved.


I think this person would have succeeded in tests of his ability to make small talk, etc. 

I might be the onliy person here who thinks this, but I continue to believe that to be impossible without suspicion and detection.


If it is possible, then it would be most likely in someone very like an elderly dementia patient — who has “good days and bad days.”


Interesting point. Do you believe it’s possible?


It took a great leap forward towards the plausible when they ran out the Kamala double.

I think it’s very possible in some situations.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I agree – that incident changed the equation for me. Not completely, but it made me look at more possible terms!


It really blew away the “they wouldn’t dare!” theory.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

YES. And I’m figuring that we could only bust a single-digit percentage of their doubles ops, or they would not dare.

I think Kamala ABUSED her national security double, just like Joe and Obama are doing, but shes an idiot, and fucked up.

Valerie Curren

I’ve seen pictures/videos of Hitlery lately where she looks way better & younger than she has in years…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Surgery, Botox and Omar-The-Tent-Maker selling lots material these days.

For me. Hildabeast never fails to look like crap.

Valerie Curren

definitely ugly clear to the bone!


Then, again —

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

LMAO!!! 64D chess for sure!!! Maybe 128D!!!


The Kamala double showed that they want to do it. It didn’t show that it can be done. It failed. And it failed with people who don’t know Kamala except through the media.

I know the arguments: technology is always advancing, the Kamala double probably wasn’t wearing a mask, etc. But here is the conflation of ideas again. If the Kamala double had been wearing the most realistic mask possible, maybe she would have fooled some (or more) people who don’t know Kamala personally, some of whom probably only saw her at a distance that day. But she wouldn’t have fooled those who know Kamala. There is not one record of that having ever happened, up close and personal, talking and associating intimately and at length with people who know the person. But some are pushing us to believe that it’s already taking place in the WH.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think Kamala’s incident was the tail of the stinky dog that got caught in the door, for a variety of reasons. One reason – Kamala was relatively new to federal government, having only been a senator for a short time, and a VP candidate for even less. “They” dared to do some practice runs which were abusive (e.g., to help her get elected), and only got caught because of Laura Loomer – who IMO is getting intel from good sources. Also, I don’t think her double is as good as Joe’s, mostly due to time. But I strongly suspect it’s the same “national security” program.


I think it’s very possible in some situations.

I think body doubles are possible to use successfully in some temporary situations as well. But I don’t believe JB has died and a body double in a mask has taken his place.

I’m speaking generally here, not about you: Getting people to think that through and to state what they believe is next to impossible. It’s much easier to state vague generalities. It’s okay not to know things and to suspect that things can be possible, but IMO not thinking it through and remaining in a state of uncertainty that often makes no sense whatsoever is to be in a state of weakness and vulnerability that our enemy loves to see.


I would tend to disagree. As a financial auditor, I’m used to having things “not proven” for substanial periods of time.

I see little to be gained by swearing fealty to any side of the “FJB’s a dup” issue.


I know that things can remain unproven for ages. That’s why I qualified my statement by saying “remaining in a state of uncertainty that often makes no sense whatsoever.” Even uncertainty can make sense in various ways, so it’s not the uncertainty that’s the issue. It’s the lack of thinking things through, of asking and answering questions, of actually investigating whatever the theory is instead of being in a weak state of “I just think it could happen.”

Valerie Curren

I see little to be gained by swearing fealty to any side of the “FJB’s a dup” issue.”

Ditto…maybe, maybe not…in some ways, who cares? Ultimately the Dems are (promoting) evil & out to destroy US in any & every way they can. They will make any & every effort to do so  😡 


Therein lies a problem though, suspicion of anything to do with him ( or any govt scheme) is roundly denied and dismissed espeecially with help from media to the point of having FIB agents show up on your doorstep

Gail Combs


Who in Hades is going to rat out the Biden Double when he is surrounded by Globalist/CIA assets?


If they could pull off the Buffalo Jump on Jan 6th, a double for Biden is a piece of cake.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Bear in mind that it’s probably illegal as hell to disclose anything about the national security doubles, who are likely protected by all sorts of classification. And THAT is what opens them up to abuse. Whistle-blowing about a security double is likely punishable by years and years of jail, and this horrible administration (and KAPO GARLAND in particular) protects the abuse of them in that way.

Gail Combs

Well that would certainly be a excellent SHUT-UP!

It would also go for most of the MSM since a lot of them are already CIA assets to begin with.

Gail Combs


The double would be prepped to do things like the State of the Union and such.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That would be a REALLY TOUGH job. For example, there is no way that Kamala’s known double could have been used in such an op, IMO.

We need to keep a REALLY GOOD eye on this debate. Joe Biden looked very different for his debate, as I recall, and most of us thought it was due to drugs. This time, we need to keep an even more open mind, IMO.


My mother watches FOX news a lot. She is baffled by how Biden seems coherent and sharp one minute and a doddering old fool the next.


Almost like watching a doper.

Alternating high and dopey, or normal.

Or say a drunk…

Easily answered. D R U G S.


Rich Little came close, doing Richard Nixon.


That’s part of their plan to date..Biden acts every inch the senile man that he is, then they deny, Press spokes shag denies, media claims cheap fake ( actually coining a new term)
So in the public and “official record” FJB is just fine, no dementia.

There have been a couple of instances that he mnanged to give a normal sounding speech which I chalked up to better drugs


…adding a PS…the recent Ca. fundraiser where Ozero led him off the stage. Thousand or so maybe more people at the event..haven’t read of any of them speaking up about Biden’s senilty.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

To me, that latter point is how effective mass psychology is in making people speak up or shut up. And PROGGIE DEMS are absolutely the worst about “checking the rules” before taking a position on ANYTHING.


For the lefty loons listening to Briben incoherent yammering.


See that. No. Problem.

Gail Combs

Given, they probably never heard the guy speak until the 2020 debates, (If then) to them it IS NORMAL BRIBEN!


DJT’s team better come up with a few test questions which only the real Crooked Joe would know, and at the same time, be questions that he could not plausibly refuse to answer, especially when being challenged.

That, or trick him into a response where he has to reveal something only Dementia Joe would have any reason to know, forcing the double to make something up, and then confront him with the evidence of his error.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good thinking! I like it.


From having the same background story as Neil Kinnock to his uncle being eaten by cannibals, the things Biden “knows” are infinitely malleable. I doubt he can be “cornered’ in such a way — he’ll just spin another yarn.


“I doubt he can be “cornered’ in such a way — he’ll just spin another yarn.”


No doubt, but the only reason he gets away with it is because news junkies are the only ones who pay attention. I think most people KNOW that FJB is far from right in the head, but in their day to day lives, most normies are incentivized to go along with the Big Lie.

On debate night, I expect Super Bowl numbers to tune in for the spectacle.

With that many people watching, it will be impossible for the MSM to do their Baghdad Bob spin routine without everyone recognizing Baghdad Bob 😁


When I heard about the debate my first thought was why would Biden’s team agree to this?



  1. Why is Briben’s team going along with 90 minutes of standing.
  2. This was NOT the Briben requirement and Trump agreed to going in.
  3. Who or What authorized CNN to change the rules.
  4. No Briben Team pushback?


  1. THEN. No notes? Briben malfunctions with notes.
  2. This was never mentioned in the initial agreement.
  3. WHERE did this one come from. No Briben Team pushback?

For the record, I 100% do not buy into Briben has croaked and been replaced.

Nor do I buy into all of this body double stuff.

  :wpds_arrow:  BUT, something is clearly up with this “debate”.

  • CNN is a willing participant.
  • Another possibility. I’m guessing Wolf’s going in way up thread.
  • A one time body double inserted in a debate with no audience. Comes out with an ability to string more than two sentences together. Stand for 90 minutes. Demonstrate a grasp of current truth and daily events.

  :wpds_arrow:  BUT, IF Briben comes out in great debate form, drugs a strong possibility. One off body double of sorts, also a possibility.

  • CNN and Pravda commentators will be primed to buttress Briben is healthy…
  • Trump Will detect it. MUST call it out with accusations. Assertions of phony Joe. Gotcha questions at the ready. Otherwise Shag AND Pravda News will shout it down.

  :wpds_arrow:  I am still figuring Briben is being thrown under the bus for his departure.

  • hussein has determined Hoe is ready for further Service.

Great points. I think you’re right. He’s being thrown under the bus.


This Blaze article says the CNN rules benefit Biden. Some of the points are good. It’s not really even a debate.


Interesting take.

It will be a test to see if Briben is drugged up enough to string sentences together. Speak coherently.

Stand for 90 minutes. <<< I’d bet, Briben has NOT stood for 90 minutes in a decade or more.

Gail Combs

I am in my 70s and I could not stand for 90 minutes! (Walk yes but stand? HECK NO!)


Do we normally stand for 90 minutes in one spot, no.

But, betcha we both could stand for 90 minutes in a stand up talk scenario. An unlikely scenario for either of us.

My estimate.

  • Trump rarely if ever walks for 90 minutes. But he sure can stand for 90 minutes anytime he chooses to do so. As in rallies.
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Biden will have all the questions in advance for sure. So his answers will ALL be very practiced. THAT is one of the simplest intelligence operations ever. Even if giving him the answers was not approved at the top, TDS and “fear of Trump” guarantee that somebody gives the Dems the questions by one route or another.


100% believe Briben will have or already has the questions.

Would be hilarious if somehow some or all of the questions got changed at the last minute.


“TDS and “fear of Trump” guarantee that somebody gives the Dems the questions by one route or another.”


Team Briben almost certainly wrote the questions and gave them to CNN.

Gail Combs

That is my take, although I think it was probably the CIA that did the actual writing.

Brave and Free

That would explain the sudden up tick in the various “it’s a body double videos.” As you eluded to the other day, what better way to discredit and distract.
Then use the double when it’s most useful.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

THAT is exactly how they play stuff. Discredit their own strawman version of the truth, better still when it is delivered from the mouth of the enemy.

Gail Combs


You start out with someone with acting talent and a similar voice & accent or who can mimic an accent perfectly.

As long as they are within an inch or 2 in height and has the same eye color and head shape, you can use plastic surgery for the rest if needed. The guy does not have to be “a spitting image of Biden” if you can MAKE him the spiting image. That would really open up the number of possibles.

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Throw millions of dollars at something and problems go away.

Valerie Curren

Here’s an example from Gab

comment image

The Pirate Queen


I think the real Joe died years ago and these are various actors wearing those CIA masks.

Last edited 1 month ago by Valerie Curren
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

If that IS a different person, they really paid a lot of attention to the details, and IMO most AI will say it’s the same guy. I would say it’s the same guy, too. But I’m trying to “beat” my own algorithm, and I think it’s possible.


I agree. See my comment to Valerie.

For the record, while I think there may be a double or two they use for distance viewing occasionally, I don’t believe at all that they are using one for close encounters.


Not necessarily to you, Aubergine. Just interjecting into this discussion.

Why is everybody assuming Biden is senile? He has practiced for years for plausible deniability to protect his criminal enterprises. Seems everybody desires to believe he is incapable of playing a Stage 4, 5 or 6 dementia patient at various times as needed, but cannot possibly be the real Biden when placed in a controlled setting.

This bunch has sent our nation’s wealth to Ukraine in an undeclared war to shelter nazis that were helping develop bioweapons through our federal “health” orgs while leading and contributing to a worldwide depopulation effort. Nothing is below these people.

IMO, the guy has been a devious criminal POS for most of his life. There are countless devious POS’s in the clowns, FIB, worldwide intel agencies, foreign governments to assist him and the cabal he is in. They have all sorts of things they can do that we do not have a clue about on here. They can still trot out body doubles as needed, shoot the real guy up to addle his brain functions temporarily, etc. He disappears from the scene regularly only to be rolled out as needed so nobody can get a real bead on him to take him down.

Not one thing is mutually exclusive of the other things. It would be great if he really was senile and exposed for the world to see during the debate. Just not buying the hopium yet.

This whole DNC replacement thing playing out or not will soon reveal the game.


Good points. The recent G7 event with all the other foreign dignitaries, Biden wandered off distracted by the paratroopers. The faces of the others registered bewilderment and then they all moved over a few feet to where the woman guided him back over to again stand with the group.
I can definitely see him cultivating a US version of dementia man but it’s so hard for me to believe he’d carry it on as a ruse on a worldwide stage.

Gail Combs

He would if it meant he was not hanged for treason!

I am not sure what the DemonRats plans are, I just know they HAVE THEM.

Gail Combs

“…This whole DNC replacement thing…”


The window on that is closing very very quickly. You have to get the person ON the ballot, have the ballots printed… All in time for early voting.

I saw someone go thru the time line….

Just doing a Quicky Dig, I have the feeling you have to register for the PRIMARY for a major party and that is in April or May. Independents are later in the year.

FROM ballotpedia

So it looks like end of June is the Drop Dead date for state filing.

List of registered 2024 presidential candidates
There are a TON listed but Gavin Newscum, Hitlery and MOOoooShell are not listed.

Just picking a state out of thin air:
Indiana filing deadline for an independent: 7/1/24

EXCEPTION: Candidates for President and Vice President of the United States or Governor and Lt. Governor are elected as a ticket. An independent candidate for President may include their running mate for Vice President on the same petition of nomination. An independent candidate for Governor must include their running mate for Lt. Governor on the same petition of nomination (IC 3-8-1-9.5; IC 3-8-6-4) If no Democratic or Republican party candidate filed to run for an office in the May primary election, the ballot vacancy may be filled after the date of the primary election but before noon (prevailing local time), July 3, 2024.

A candidate may also withdraw from the ballot for any reason not later than noon (prevailing local time), July 15, 2024, and may only withdraw after the July 15 deadline if the candidate is disqualified for a reason like death, a move out of the election district, 👉or upon conviction of a felony.👈 Information about filling ballot vacancies can be found in later chapters of this Guide…


That’s the same guy.

On the left, the lighting is soft and ambient. On the right, he’s down-lit.

On the left, he’s not smiling, on the right he is. Changing the cheeks and chin.

The forehead lines are the same, the one-down-and-one-up eyebrows are the same, the lower lip is the same, the jowls are the same. The weird square-shaped left eye and triangular-shaped right eye are the same.

I’m a lifelong artist and painter. I am trained to observe details absent my preconception of what I think I’m looking at. Both of these photos are Joe Biden.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly! Now – here is the next problem for CIA. How do you beat that algorithm? How do you hit all the “tells”?

It’s basically the problem of “deep fakes” – and IMO they’ve been working on it for years. Deep fakes accept the challenge and try to take it on.

Sidney Gottlieb (CIA, MKULTRA) was a stable genius of Oppenheimer abilities, who portrayed himself as a fool in his legacy, for the benefit of the agency. He’s the one who brought in magicians back in the 1940s. I think his legacy of success hiding under faked failure lives on.


“How do you beat that algorithm? How do you hit all the “tells”?”

I don’t think you can. I don’t think anyone can. Because that would mean duplicating a human being that has a God-given soul. No man can replicate that.

You know that saying “the eyes are the window to the soul?” Well, they are, and it is visible. Good, bad, or evil.

Valerie Curren

I was thinking the one on the right, with the shinier, fuller face could have been after recent botox or skin peeling…


Getting older. Tyranny of time on the human body.

Valerie Curren

yup AND the evil soul there


Thanks, DPat!! Intrigued to read more about a new-to-me architect Gyo Obata, and smiled to hear your impressions of performing in one of his buildings. I’ll look up some of his buildings tomorrow.


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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

BEWARE the return of CANKLES!!!


It is unthinkable, a nightmare worse than the scariest horror movie ever.


Another loss in Hildabeast’s record book.


Beware of the return of the two time loser Cankles.

What makes her think she can beat a proven deliverer? Nobody has to take DJT’s word on anything – he already showed what he does with the office.

This is a Look! squirrel Cankles operation.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

LOL! I think you’re right!


Exactly. D-Rats are not so stoopid or delusional to believe Hildabeast could win.

They know, Hildabeast IS a loser.


If they know they’re going to lose, they need a fall guy. A fall guy in the movie business has to not only be gymnastic in nature but also must make it look real (it’s called acting).

On your resume, what are the qualifications to be a fall guy?

Experience in the type of performance needed for the script.

There’s only one who fits the 11/5/24 script perfectly.

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Valerie Curren

Cankles vs Cackles vs Butt Crackles   :wpds_twisted: 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

“C’mon, man!”

Valerie Curren



She emulates a buzzard. If blood and guts cling to her feet she urinates to clean them off. Think about it.


You’ve generated an interesting mental pic in my geezer brain.  😂 


Could explain why Hildabeast wear bags for clothes, rather than pant suits these days.

Beyond a puddle of sorts, no one would know.

  :wpds_sad:    :wpds_unamused:    :wpds_shock:    :wpds_chuckle:    :wpds_razz:    :wpds_lol: 

Gail Combs

Certainly would hide the Adult Diapers she probably wears now. She is 76 and I doubt she bothered to do the exercises need to prevent old lady leakage.


No way Hussein wants to deal with Hitlery for his fourth term.

No one wants to deal with Hitlery, not even her supposed supporters and sycophants.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Hussein picked CACKLES specifically to have somebody as dumb and infantile as Joe Biden, who can still “fuck up anything”, as Obama put it. On the other hand, Hitlery is guaranteed to connive and scheme anything into a disaster, hence the nickname “Twister” in Arkansas.


She’s also greedy and ambitious. She doesn’t seem to be the type to follow the orders from obama


You are correct. She will only go along with Soetoro if it benefits her interests.

Gail Combs

Loose Cannon… ARMED AND DANGEROUS Loose Cannon.


She is legit psychopath.


Daily laughs if D-Rats allow Hildabeast to be the candidate.


A-men, brother!!!!!!

Valerie Curren

I just noticed the double microphones sort of look like breast pumps   :wpds_envy: 


That’s fairly disgusting.



Valerie Curren



you have GOT to be kidding me … climate change now blamed for rise of populist politicians 😂😅🤣


Because they want us to believe anything.


Precisely. Testing the waters for what the uninformed fools will accept.


Climate change affected the waters.


Why not?

Too many dumb asses believe in Global Warming, Climate Change, Green New Deal lies.

This is just another lie.

IF Pravda picks it up, it’ll have traction.


Valerie Curren

hope it shows here

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy




Soon they’ll declare our face palms are heating up the atmosphere … or causing THUNDER storms … 😁

Gail Combs

Rising temperatures???

It was 61F this morning!!!

And it has barely gone over 90F so far this year unlike the 100F in APRIL I saw one year.

From my old notes:

Central North Carolina Monthly temps over 90F for yrs 2004 & 2010 & 2013
.April 2004 (6)……..April 2010 (1)……….April 2013 (0)
2 days – 91F…………1day – 91F……………..(high 86F)
4 days – 93F……………………………………….

In April 2004 we had 2 days – 91F. and 4 days – 93F. With 17 days over 90F and a high of 98 for the month of May.

In 2011 the April highs ranged from 55F to 87F we did not see temps over 90F until May23th (91F)

In 2012 the April highs ranged from 51F to 86F (five over 80F) we did not see temps over 90F until May2th (91F)

In 2013 the April highs ranged from 45F to 86F (seven over 80F) we did not see temps 90F or over til Jun 12th. (3 days, 90F, 90F, 95F for the entire month of June)

In 2014 the April highs ranged from 52F to 85F we did not see temps over 90F or over til May 15th. One day @ 91F for the entire month.

May 2004 (17)……….May 2010 (4)………May 2013 (0)
6 days – 91F………….4day……. – 91…….. (2 days 88)
6 days – 93F…………………………………….
2 days – 95F…………………………………….
1 days – 96F……………………………………
2 days – 98F…………………………………….

June 2004 (11)……..June 2010 (18)……June 2013 (3)
1 days – 91F…………5 day – 91F……….. 90F – 2
7 days – 93F………….5 days – 93F………
none …………………..2 days – 95F………..95 F – 1
2 days – 96…………..2 days – 96F……….
1 days – 98F………….4 days – 98F……….

Jul 2004 (24)….Jul 2010 (15)…..Jul 2013 (7)
……………………………………………….90F – 3
4 day – 91F 91F – 4…………91F – 1
11 days – 93F 93F – 4………..92F – 3
1 days – 95F. 95F – 2
days – 96F 96F – 2
7days – 98F 98F – 2
………………………….100F – 1

Aug 2004 (12)….Aug 2010 (13)….Aug 2013 (4)
……………………………………………….90F – 1
1 day – 91F 91F – 4………….91F – 2
8 days – 93F 93F – 3………….92F – 1
3 days – 95F 95F – 5
0days – 96F 96F – 1

Sept 2004 (0)…..Sept 2010 (11)….Sept 2013 (1)
0 days – 91F 91F – 5…………91F – 1
0 days – 93F 93F – 3………..
0 days – 95F 95F – 1
0 days – 96F 96F – 2

I count 43 day over ninety F for 2004 by July tenth vs 26 days for 2010, and four days of 98F in 2010 vs nine days of 98F


More info:
This is a regular survey

Last Friday (the 21st of August) I was again up on the North Face of Ben Nevis to do some surveying. This time I was helping with the Ben Nevis part of the annual Scottish snowpatch survey.

The Scottish snowpatch survey occurs each year in mid/late August,and basically involves people wandering around the hills counting and measuring the remaining snowpatches. I have been involved most years since 2008, and it is something I have written about on my blog a few times. This year I was joined by three fellow snowpatch enthusiasts; Iain Cameron, Mark Atkinson and Al Todd.

As expected given the snowy winter and cool spring/summer, there was a lot of snow on the Ben. In fact there was far more than I had seen at this time of the year before…

Scotland was where glaciers formed during the Wisconsin Ice Age and not in Siberia which was a polar desert as were parts of Alaska. The other area where glaciers formed was the eastern part of North America. According to WIKI Hudson Bay was the growth center for the main ice sheet that covered northern North America during the last Ice Age.

Polar Bear Science reported on August 13, 2015: 2nd highest ice coverage for Hudson Bay since 1971 at mid-August – only 1992 higher
Directly south of Hudson Bay are the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes obliterated all records for springtime ice last year, and this year. The Daily Mail (UK) reported that in mid October 2014 “Water temperature of the Great Lakes is over 6 degrees colder than normal ”

I would think, given the shape of the ice sheets during the Wisconsin Ice Age, that meridional jets and not necessarily temperature, are indicative of cooling weather at least at the beginning of the switch. Meridonal jets allow the mixing of polar air with moisture laden tropical air. This allows blizzards to dump massive snow amounts on various areas as we saw in the last few years.

Slow spring melting will then allow the ground and lakes to remain cooler heading into summer. For the last three years here in mid North Carolina it has been so cool my white clover has bloomed all summer. The is the first time I have seen the clover not die in the summer in the over 20 years I have lived here. According to Clemson Univ (S.C.) “White clover (Trifolium repens), also known as Dutch clover, is a cool-season perennial… It grows best when temperatures range from 50 to 85 °F.” Normally we see summer temperatures in the 95 to above 100 °F range but not the last few years.


My white clover is doing very very well so far this year. For the last few years it has NOT turned into crispy critters as it did more than a decade ago when we were routinely hitting 95F-100+F.


Not to mention most people are in a climate controlled environment except for walking to their car. It’s not like these people are hanging outside for hours daily.

Gail Combs

When you spend a summer walking ponies in 95F to 100F YOU REMEMBER!!

It has just not been that hot since the Grand Solar Maximum ended.

Valerie Curren

I was going to say, iirc, you have shared data about a Grand Solar Minimum for like the next four decades I believe…

Gail Combs

Of note is the changes in high-latitude circulation patterns’ this would be the change from zonal jet stream to ‘loopy’ jets that brings erratic weather AND MORE SNOW as polar air clashes with warm tropical air.

2018: Ultraviolet Flux Decrease Under a Grand Minimum from IUE Short-wavelength Observation of Solar Analogs


Over the past decade there has been increasing realization and concern that the steady and high solar luminosity of the past century may transition to greater variability later this century (Abreu et al. 2008; Feulner & Rahmstorf 2010; Lockwood 2010).

Specifically, the Sun may descend into a period of low magnetic activity analogous to the historical Maunder minimum (MM; circa 1640–1715; Eddy 1976). A resulting decrease in total solar irradiance (TSI) impacting the terrestrial lower atmosphere energy budget is linked to changes in high-latitude circulation patterns that strongly influence the climate of Europe and the Atlantic sector of the Arctic and sub-Arctic (Song et al. 2010; Meehl et al. 2013), and may also influence Antarctic climate (Orsi et al. 2012).

Studies have also shown the importance of stratospheric response to a grand minimum (e.g., Gray et al. 2010; Bolduc et al. 2015; Maycock et al. 2015). Over a solar cycle and certainly in response to a future grand minimum, irradiance variability at middle ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths that drive oxygen photolysis and ozone chemistry is much larger that that of the TSI. Resulting changes to stratospheric ozone abundance alter the stratosphere–troposphere temperature gradient and feed back to tropospheric planetary wave refraction, further altering climatically relevant circulation patterns (Maycock et al. 2015).

With this realization that both direct radiative and indirect stratospheric influences affect terrestrial climate under a solar grand minimum, it is important to understand how UV irradiance would respond to such a large and prolonged change in solar magnetic activity….


We have identified a sample of 33 Sun-like stars observed by the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) with the short-wavelength spectrographs that have ground-based detections of chromospheric Ca ii H+K activity. Our objective is to determine if these observations can provide an estimate of the decrease in ultraviolet (UV) surface flux associated with a transition from a normal stellar cycle to a grand-minimum state…

From this linear regression we estimate a range in UV flux of 9.3% over solar cycle 22 and a reduction of 6.9% below solar cycle minimum under a grand minimum. The 95% confidence interval in this grand-minimum estimate is 5.5%–8.4%. An alternative estimate is provided by the IUE observations of τ Cet (HD 10700), a star having strong evidence of being in a grand-minimum state, and this star’s normalized surface flux is 23.0 ± 5.7% lower than solar cycle minimum.


Makes sense. People recognize that there is no such thing as human-caused climate change and therefore they get more upset the more they hear the term.

This causes germination of the populism seeds in the brains of humans.

 🤔  😮  😟 


I blame fake climate change for rise in nazis so…

Valerie Curren



BREAKING NEWS: In 2023, The LANCET censored & CANCELLED a ground-breaking COVID-19 Vaccine Injury & Autopsy paper within 24hr after 100,000s downloads

It has just passed peer review & will be PUBLISHED!

74% of sudden deaths due to COVID-19 Vaccine!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Someone at Lancet buried their credibility in an unmarked grave, never to be seen again 😁

Barb Meier

I don’t remember sudden deaths being a thing pre-covid except for suicides, accidental deaths, or murders. I wonder how the 26% break down by cause.


26% likely in the causes you list and whatever they could not attribute clearly.

Hope we get to see this report.


I think they were there, they just weren’t notable. Like heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, and stuff like that.


^^^ This.


Hoping we get a copy of that one.


HERE ARE THE FIRST 3 PAGES OF THE ORIGINAL PAPER IN THE LANCET, JULY 2023. Yours Truly downloaded the paper right when one saw it online. One presented it on the board here, IIRC.

Page 1:
comment image

Page 2:
comment image

Page 3:
comment image


comment image

Yours Truly is NOT “patting oneself on the back” for downloading the original paper right away.
Yours Truly is again urging interested persons to DOWNLOAD and SAVE a paper or article written and/or published by doctors and scientists who are telling the truth about the DANGEROUS AND DEADLY COVID-19 “vaccines.” Even if it’s a paper or article that are “dense” or not easily “accessible.” Even if it’s a paper or article that doesn’t interest a reader at the moment.

Here’s the deal, IMO: Yes, Dr. Makis is correct — the TRUTH TSUNAMI about how DANGEROUS AND DEADLY these “vaccines” are is rolling out. This is a real reason why the Lancet, Cureus, and other medical/scientific publishers will be under ENORMOUS PRESSURE from their owners/funders, from governments, from Big Pharma, from the WEF, etc., to Retract, Withdraw, or Remove such papers and articles; or, to have them Re-issued with “new conclusions” that reflect these pressures.

IMO, Dr. Makis is also correct when he says that politicians need to get “out in front” of the TRUTH TSUNAMI that’s rolling. This, IMO, may include President Trump. IMO, a fair argument can be made that the DeepState / WEF / Soro$ Cabal / Big Pharma / DNC, etc., will try to hold President Trump “responsible” for every COVID-19 “vaccine”-induced injury, illness, disability, and death, since December 2020 — and that “President Biden rode to the rescue” in some way.

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



That is hilarious.

Make it a pocket T in another color, and I’ll buy one.


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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



He should do it, he should threaten to cancel them when he wins, just for the entertainment value alone 😂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Joy Behar foaming at the mouth and uttering fresh irrationalities is always a pleasure!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Joy Behar is the AOC of Barbara Streisands, and thus a uniquely American national treasure, like Rocky Mountain spotted fever.


I ‘View’ her more as a herpes virus!!!