20191104: Schiff Releases Testimony

Here we go. First one is Marie Yovanovitch. I understand Fiona Hill is coming.


Bottom of Page 288, Yovanovitch admits to asking State Dept to monitor certain US citizens.

Pages 224 and onward for several pages, fired Ambassador Yovanovitch claims she didn’t think the prosecution of Sytnyk and Leshchenko was worth a conversation to the State Dept. The trial was a HUGE DEAL in Ukraine. They were found guilty of meddling in our 2016 election by leaking 2 pages of a black box ledger from the Party of Regions. Docs suddenly appeared, mysteriously, and were thought to be forged. These two pages being released are the reason why Manafort resigned as head of Trump Campaign in August of 2016. The ledger claimed Manafort received between 9-27 million dollars in cash and carried it across 4 international borders… yet Mueller didn’t find it, and strangely Mueller dropped all reference to Ukraine. Gates, who handled the books for Manafort’s firm and admitted embezzling from Manafort, never shows an entry for the ADDITIONAL millions allegedly received from The Party of Regions.

Yovanovitch claims the prosecution was political and the courts in Ukraine “lack credibility” because they haven’t been reformed. No one asked her about the audio tape of Leshchenko bragging about helping Hillary Clinton. In the trial, 4 were indicted in Ukraine and two were found guilty, the Head of Anti-corruption bureau and a rabid Member of Parliament. A higher court acquitted the two on “statute of limitations” and “entity bringing the case didn’t have proper standing”.

Therefore, for the two years the case progressed through the court system in Ukraine, and with all the world wide media focused on Trump/Russia/Mueller, are we to believe Ambassador Yovanovitch merely ignored the whole thing?

Page 316: MR. ZELDIN: Are you aware of a policy where aid from the United States to Ukraine was linked to investigating the B’idens?

145. YOVAN0VITCH: No, I am not. An official policy. There’ s no off i c i al pol i cy . MR. ZELDIN: Are you aware of an unofficial policy? MS. YOVANOVITCH: We11, I mean, reading the texts and so forth, it made me wonder whether there was an unofficial po1 i cy.

OMG, Zeldin is completely effing with her. LOOK at this exchange, pages 316-317. Sure would have loved to have seen the look on her face.

MR. ZELDiN: Now, Ambassador Volker’s testimony when he was here, he was test’if yi ng that B j tl Taylor’s text was as a fo1low-up to a Politico story that he had read that he was concerned about. The texts that you reference also include responses to Ambassador Taylor where it says, the President has been absolutely crystal clear there’s no quid pro quo. So with regards to the texts, are you talking about some of the texts or all of the texts in saying that there was an unofficial policy? I’lS .

YOVAN0VITCH: I think that I probably should decl i ne to answer that question, because I was not in the policy world at that point. I’1R. ZELDIN: That’s a fantastic answer, and I ‘m glad you’re giving that answer, because I wouldn’t say that there would be an unofficial policy without having a1l of your information to be able to say there actually was an unofficial policy. So I think that I would have no further questions based off of that answer to the last question.

Pages 316-317

Ohhhhhh, looky here. The press has been lying to us. The press gives us the impression the Javelins were necessary to protect Ukraine. Remember Bill Taylor’s text message where he traveled to a forward position, could see Russians, and was worried Ukrainians MIGHT DIE? Well, as it turns out, this aid had nothing to do with the Javelins and are on a completely separate track/purchase timeline. The media misled the public.

MR. MEADOWS: A11 right. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Ambassador, there’s been, and Chairman Schiff kind of alluded to this, and when we start talking about Javelins and foreign aid, for the record, I want to make sure that we’re clear. The foreign aid that was has been reported as being held up, it doesn’t relate to Javelins, does it? l4S.

Y0VAN0VITCH: No. At least I’m not aware that it does.

MR. MEADOWS: Because foreign military sales, or FMS , as you would call it, js rea1ly a totally separate track, is it not? Foreign military sales get approved, but they’re actually a purchase that happens with, in this case, it would have been Ukraine. Is that correct?

MS . YOVAN0VITCH: So, yes . President Zelensky was talking about a purchase. But separately, as I understand it, and, again, this is from news accounts, the security assistance that was being held up was security assistance, it wasn’t the FMS.

MR. l’IEAD0WS: But ‘i t was actually ai d that had been appropriated and it had nothing to do with Javelins. Would you agree with that?

MS. YOVANOVITCH: That’s my understanding.

MR. MEAD0WS: Yeah. Because it’s critically important in this context when he says, “We’re almost ready for the Javelins, ” that happens on cycles that are not necessarily just appropriation cycles. In your history as a foreign service diplomat, you’ve seen that, I assume, over and over again. Is that correct?

MS. YOVAN0VITCH: Yeah. I assumed that what it meant is that, you know, they were getting paperwork together, et cetera, and working with our military colleagues.

MR. MEAD0WS: And when the a’id ultimately came through, ‘it didn’t impact the purchase of those Javelins even when the aid ultimately was approved. Would you agree?

MS. YOVAN0VITCH: Not to my not to my knowledge.

MR. MEAD0WS: Right.

Pages 314-315
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This is all a Farce.
READ the transcript for what was said….
No need for anyone elses “Ideas” of what was said.
Case closed.


Yes, read the freakin’ transcript of the call! Can anybody on the Left read with comprehension anymore!!!
All mention of Biden and Ukraine’s interference goes back to 2016–nothing has anything to do with Biden as a candidate in 2020! Duh!!!
But now the Dems have moved the goalposts—now, it’s all about the President obstructing their faux impeachment “inquiry”! Deja Vu—Mueller probe!


Yes, it certainly is a farce. WTH is she doing testifying about what the NEWS REPORTS say????? Who gives a flying fuck what the news says???? Completely irrelevant!


Give ‘em hell, Filly!!!!!!!


right off, gotta ask…
page 2 and 3 are those REDACTED?


The FAKE NEWS is a critical component of ALL THE FAKES. FAKE IC and FAKE MIL and FAKE STATE cannot pull off their BULLSHIT without FAKE NEWS getting the YIELD WITHOUT THE EVENTS.
FAKE NEWS works better with ACTUAL FAKE EVENTS, but even without FAKE EVENTS, the ALINSKY FEAR of MADE-UP EVENTS, play-acted by FAKE IC, FAKE MIL, and FAKE STATE, works wonders.
FAKE NEWS is the KEY COMPONENT, and allows a short-circuit to FAKE POLITICS (like PHONY IMPEACHMENT) to work.
None of this shit is real, and yet we all react to it.
All this EFFORT over NOTHING. Why in the hell should we elect ANY of these FAKERS again?


Is this a trick question, wolf? Unless, of course, we did not elect them in the first place – maybe?

Steve in Lewes

Again, we see a few more examples why shitty schiffty will control the questions and muzzle Repubs….the Gop eats lying sacks of schiffty ‘witnesses’ for midday snacks!
These people are sick!


skipping over the dem bullshit questions and suck up praise for the recalled ambassador…but got to the part where the repubs asking her why Kent (from State Dept I think) called and discussed the conversation of 2 head of states when she was no longer Ambassador to Ukraine and asked if Kent told her her name was mentioned in the call? she conveniently doesn’t recall and mixes up dates and doesn’t understand things when the repubs question her…
was he discussing classified info at that point?
she admits she’s half Russian…LOL


And what in the Hell is with the “yeah” answers from a so-called Ambassador! SMH here.


Yeah baby!


can’t imagine why she got recalled…duh


The song Send in the Clowns is the perfect music for this -hit show …. 🤡🤚
They do not even have the decency to be embarrassed … 😑🤚‼️


If there going to continue with this charade all the witness’s need to be recalled. Not enough will ever read the transcripts and the vast majority of low information types will just go with what the lying media reports. This obviously should not stand as is.

Concerned Virginian

Well, what I read in the “transcript” is a mixture of SNOWFLAKE INDIGNATION plus ENTRENCHED ARROGANCE from Yovanovitch and the DemocratCommunists, with Rep. Zeldin interjecting some reality and common sense.
It is plain to me that ADAM SCHIFF believes that HE is above the President of the United States!
Any “testimony release” and/or “report” that he is involved in are nothing but a tissue of “I think” / “I feel” / “I was alarmed” / “my opinion is”, cr@p that he’ll try to use to create a SNOWFLAKE IMPEACHMENT effort on POTUS.


Yes, ‘“I think” / “I feel” / “I was alarmed” / “my opinion is”’ is typical post-modernist way of thinking, it is based on subjective rather than objective reality and it has been a large part of the modern education system sadly.


An ambassador serves at the pleasure of the POTUS! They can be dismissed or recalled by the President for whatever reason he desires. The Dems are wetting their depends because she was recalled (for good reasons!) by Orange Man Bad! So sad—too bad. Should have happened way sooner!


There are limits, however.
The president can’t shoot them on Fifth Avenue (even if it was deserved).


It is becoming more clear to me as to why the President let so many Obungler holdovers remain in his administration……
Fire them and catch Hell from the Dims and MSM?…..
Keep ’em and set them up to expose themselves.



Ambassador Yovanovitch.
Nellie Ohr.
Add them together and they still rank below “butt ugly”.
…just sayin’…

Rodney Short

Seems to be a strong trait for Democrats

Cuppa Covfefe

Indeterminate gender…
The goal of Feminazism… and the alphabet-soup gang…

Cuppa Covfefe

Yuck. That’s the Bohemian (read: greens and libtards, but I repeat myself) thing over here. It’s a wonder they don’t make it into braids… too much work, probably…
No wonder the birth rate is sinking precipitously. Of course Merde-Kuh’s Misanthropic Military-aged Moslems will mount anything, so there are some savage suitors for the “Boho (un)babes”…

Elizabeth Carter

daughn, Thank you so much for posting this. You are doing the really hard work for us and sending the best to us gift wrapped and ready to use.
With respect and appreciation,


“I was the US Ambassador to the Ukraine when several progeny of US Democrats became enriched for no apparent lawful reasons. The President then said that he lost confidence in me. It must be because he’s a nasty poo-poo head that deserves to be impeached.”