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Dodging Digital Serfdom Tuesday

First let’s start with the kind of powerful words that motivated America’s founding fathers to create the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore,
and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

We know it’s going to require a decision on our part to “stand firm” and “not submit again” before we are going to take this seriously. But we have the help of God and the support of our President with his team.
So let’s be happy even as we fight for our right to a place at the table.

What? We are Digital Serfs? How? 

In his latest newsletter, our fellow freedom fighter, Martin Geddes, announces:

I have created a new portal for myself and my patriot, scientist, and artist activities. This removes my dependence upon fickle social media services.

His newsletter goes on to explain. If you have the time, I recommend reading it even if you don’t get every nuance. (Newsletter text emphasis added by me.) If we are to neutralize this threat, we must understand what it is and why it matters. I highly recommend subscribing to his newsletter.

New Martin Geddes personal portal

(and why we have to take responsibility for our own virtual identity)

From around 2013 to 2015 a lot of my professional energy was dedicated to the Hypervoice Consortium, looking at the future of “smart voice” communications, and the ethical use of such personal data. The notable thing about voice is that it is intimate biosensed data: it isn’t just what we say that is private, but also:

  • our voice “security print”,
  • our current mood,
  • our background location noise privacy leakage, and
  • even things like our state of mental health (that can be inferred via machine learning).

A core conclusion was the need for self-sovereign identity systems, since our virtual self cannot be separated from our physical being. You can change a password, but you cannot change your voice, face, or fingerprint. The result of this research endeavour was a vision for the Guardian Avatar. (VideoPresentationReport.)
Back in February of 2017, I had a series of interactions with LinkedIn — where my “professional avatar” lived — that told me they were not a company whose values I shared or wished to be associated with. Having “talked the talk” on privacy and ethics, I felt obligated to “walk the walk”.
So I torched my account, together with 4000+ connections, and all the content I had created there. It has probably cost me some business, and I don’t regret acting on my conscience.
However, not being keen on professional suicide, I first grabbed my career history, endorsements, and other data and created my own site for my “personal identity” ( as distinct from my corporate consulting one ( For the last few years this has stood in place of a LinkedIn profile as my “professional avatar”. When people send me their LinkedIn profile to read, I inform them it is sadly inaccessible to me as a non-member.
In the interim years, I have become more acutely aware of how over-dependency on these social media behemoths is a risky and unwise proposition. I have been deplatformed by Medium for writing on endemic corruption, with no reaction from my hypocritical liberal-minded friends about this free speech crime.
Right now Twitter is stopping me from gaining followers, nailing my count at just under 79,000 with it hardly varying no matter how much engagement I get. (My impressions are around 13-15 million a month.) This is completely contrary to my experience over 10+ years on the platform. Many tell me they are being unfollowed without permission, or don’t see my tweets in their timeline. I am also being “reply banned” as part of their ongoing censorship regime:


My domain names are mostly hosted with a provider that has already deplatformed a perfectly legal free speech site. How far would they go in getting rid of customers whose content they disapprove of? Am I at risk? Hard to know until the “unthinkable” has happened.
My corporate website uses WordPress technology, and they have censored Westerners for breaking Pakistani Sharia Law. I could be kicked off this Mailchimp platform without redress for “hateful content” (whatever that is), and equally dumped by Squarespace for similar thougtcrime against political correctness.
Incidentally, Squarespace’s terms break the “do (not do) unto others” ethics golden rule, and would have been a good use case for a Guardian Avatar “lawyerbot” to catch:


We are presently digital serfs tending our subsistence plots on the virtual lord of the manor’s properties. But that doesn’t mean we have to consent to our condition. Withdrawing consent from being abused requires us to take responsibility for our own virtual identity. We can construct our own portals and avatars that are not vulnerable to the whims and policies of tyrants, censors, or free speech hypocrites.
And with that, to my main purpose in sending this newsletter to you. I have refreshed my “personal portal” to encompass more of my activities — as a “patriot” (i.e. honest citizen journalist), a computer scientist, and as an artist too (a huge surprise to the Martin of yore!). This is the presentation layer of my “Guardian Avatar”, and it protects my outward identity.
Enjoy — and maybe take inspiration on how you too can take back control over your online identity, even if it costs you some time, money, and convenience to do so. Because “free” and “easy” can be exceedingly costly to your liberty.


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ThomasWic Hey, look what I found on wikipedia about the favorite topic of the Left.
Gosh, I wonder why no one is mad about natives enslaving each other?
Slavery among Native Americans in the United States – Wikipedia
Kambeii @Kambeii
“captives were also sometimes tortured as part of religious rites, and these sometimes involved ritual cannibalism.”
Fascinating! I don’t recall any white slave owners eating their slaves, but I guess native slavery is still superior to the white man slavery because of reasons.
AitchJay @hejoural
Perhaps this is why the soft and cowardly present-day “missionaries” don’t bother to baptize anymore. So much for the great commission
“Mocking baptism, the Iroquois poured boiling water over their heads to scald them. They then cut off the nose, ears, lips, and other body parts of de Brebeuf, smashed his teeth with a club, put red hot hatchet blades on his shoulders, put hot coals on top of his head, and then smashed his skull with a tomahawk ..”
The Martyrdom of St. John de Brebeuf
Catholic Exchange
LinnieH @Linnie
@hejoural @Kambeii @ThomasWic
Unbelievable story. The savagery of these tortuous acts.
Thomas Wictor
@Linnie @hejoural @Kambeii
Watch as the daughter suddenly understands what it means that the Indians are on their way.

The Searchers (1956) – The Raid Scene (2/10) | Movieclips


Wilbarger’s classic “Indian Depradations in Texas” was a real eye opener for me.
Since they haven’t yet banned it, it’s usually always advertised with disclaimers that it was written from the “White’s point of view.” 🙄
LinnieH @Linnie
Thank you. I just looked it up. Wow!
trueblueTEX @trueblueTEX
Here ’tis:
@ThomasWic @Linnie @hejoural @Kambeii
Indian depredations in Texas : reliable accounts of battles, wars, adventures, forays, murders, massacres, etc., together with biographical sketches of many of the most noted Indian fighters and frontiersmen of Texas : Wilbarger, J. W. (John Wesley), b. 1806 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


Paging Liawatha for comments passed down from her ancestors…


“Although the Nexplanon (birth control) implant was inserted into her daughter’s body without Lambert’s knowledge, a doctor could not remove it without Lambert’s consent.”


comment image


comment image

The tides are changing. People can’t stay in denial anymore


This is great news………………


Gagliano: “They have tarnished the badge and forever stained an agency…I am ashamed. The…damage Comey’s team has done to the FBI will take a generation to reverse.”


You can feel that guys pain. It’s like finding out your beloved wife has been cheating from the go get and you’re raising her play dates kids

Plain Jane




Kubuki Theatre…………………….. they’re done, “stick a fork in ’em”


comment image


comment image


comment image


Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars, continues to hang on! Last night he had only 20 pts total of the remaining 7 contestants. Thanks to all the “deplorable” voters, he is safe again, regardless of having little talent for dancing.
He is an example of how the popular vote for someone of little talent can win. This is parallels Hillary Clinton of little talent getting the popular, but thank goodness, didn’t win.
You don’t have to watch the show to vote. Voting has to be done while the show is on, so go to for Dancing With the Stars, sign up to Vote. 10 votes per email address plus 10 texting votes. This is how Sean Spicer is hanging on and the rants about him still competing are hilarious. I am doing this just to watch their hair catch on fire and go crazy!
So please vote next Monday from 8-9 pm to keep Sean Spicer in.

Deplorable Patriot

Unless it’s a tetanus booster, no thanks.

Plain Jane

Same here, no matter how much they hound me. I believe pretty soon us holdouts will be written up for psychiatric problems because we don’t buy their bull.

Deplorable Patriot

I’m well, but living in flood town USA, aka the confluence of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Meramec Rivers among the Illinois, Des Peres and others, tetanus is a real deal. That’s the one thing I will tolerate a booster given the agony in the left shoulder when I actually get a shot.

Plain Jane

My friend almost got sepsis. She had pneumonia, literally almost died. In the hospital two times. Lost a bunch of weight also. She gets her pneumonia vacs every year because she got a really bad bout of it when she was a kid. Her doc’s response….”well, they don’t always work.”


Just saw a reference to this Vice documentary from 2012:
The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)
“The cartels of Juarez, Mexico, are at war with a group of Mormons, some of whom are related to Mitt Romney. We went there to document the conflict, meet Romney’s Mormon family, and find out more about how US policy is impacting the war on drugs.”


Certianly fills in a lot of gaps between the Lebaron’s vs the cartels.


Yes. They have a long history of opposition to the cartels. My question is who were the adults in the room. Ffs why were they in Mexico. Potus offered Mexico help to destroy the cartels. Military help. But Mexico said no. Rex suggested posse commitas might apply.
The family has long stood up to the cartels and recently armed themselves.
This is the cartels’ way of saying that owning weapons doesn’t matter.
Notice that the cartels went after unarmed women and children, not armed men.


comment image
From Harold Finch in The Library on Telegram: