20200221: Dear KMAG Open Thread

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  • What a week we’ve had in Trump time.
  • It was just last Friday we got the news of “No Charges against McCabe”, which sent us all into a fury.
  • We left Daytona on Sunday, before the horrible accident of Ryan Newman (prayers up).
  • The President came back to DC to proceed with more swamp draining (Get the feeling something is going on behind the scenes?)
  • Coming out of the NH primary, Bloomberg dwarfed Liz Warren/Pete/Biden/and Amy with his money and the Dems are eating each other alive.
  • Rich Grennell as Acting DNI!!!!!
  • Meanwhile, the President took off for the west coast to meet with Larry Ellison, Bakersfield Water Board, Prisoners graduating, and rallies in AZ, CO, and Vegas.
  • Now, the President is headed to India….. a full State visit.
Our President knows how to make an entrance. Here, he arrives in England. We can wait to see the Trump delegation arrive in India!

Does the President and the Administration seem a little different to you lately? With ShaMMMpeachment in the review mirror, the President’s approval numbers are up. Heck, the REPUBLICANS approval numbers are soaring. The resistance from the Repub side, which worked against Trump in 2016, has all but evaporated. Now, the Congressmen and Admin are traveling together, campaigning for each other. There will always be sniping (Mitt Romney), but there is definitely a new Espirit de Corps! It’s as though his foot is off the brake, the way the President always intended. Clock is ticking and there are GREAT THINGS yet to be done.

Great things…………… Hmmmm…………….. it’s been a while.

Our President is an impatient man and in these few months, we will could see extraordinary things which used to be commonplace in America. No doubt, Donald Trump is a big thinker, strategic, and “impossible” is his starting point. Funny, we used to ALL think that way as Americans. Can you imagine what would happen in the USA if 1%, or 5%, or 10%, of our population adopted the same mindset? Why can’t we?

Tesla, a man way ahead of his time, sits quietly, undisturbed, while electricity bounds around him.

Let’s face it, most people don’t have the same kind of far-reaching vision of a man like President Trump. We can’t imagine something until we see it. And when it happens, when we see it, everything changes.

1948, little boy in Germany sees a television for the first time. Look at the expression on his face.

Where does determination come from? What makes a man excel, despite all odds, and stand tall – against a storm of opposition? What is the source for such courage? Faith, grit, perseverance? We all have it, we need to use it, more.

Jessie Owens at the Berlin Olympics. We were so proud of him!

As Americans, we used to never quit. We’re defiant warriors. We used to ALL be that way. Nothing stopped us. When did “giving up” become an option? When did “managed decline” enter the American vocabulary? We voted for Trump because we LIKE the idea of WINNING

Man during the Great Depression, determined to find a job.

We didn’t complain when weather was bad. We didn’t use the weather to control governments, the world, our economy. And we didn’t turn bad weather into a substitute for religion by using bad modeling with questionable data sets in order to get a government grant. When did American start whining? We found a way to dig out, help neighbors, and go back to work. We didn’t have time to fight with each other.

Record snowfall in the Rockies in 1966, over 200 people lost their lives.

We did great things. As Americans, there was no reason we couldn’t.

Actual photo of the NYCSkyline in 1931 after the Empire State Bldg was completed. It dominated the skies as a symbol of what America could do.

And we took that “can-do” attitude from coast to coast, all across America.

1936, the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Yet today, the refurbishment of the Golden Gate Bridge is being done by a Chinese company. How did we let that happen? WHY would we let it happen? The Americans are the ones who innovate and build!

It took FOUR strong men from IBM to load a 5MB hard drive into a truck for transport – from 1956.

Sometimes, it took a few of us to come together to solve big problems…. to accomplish GREAT things, but we did it. Do you think this guys would have kicked someone off their team because of political affiliation? Of course not!!

NASA Engineers working on calculations in 1961.

We did our duty. We admire talent, wherever it comes from. After all, it takes ALL Americans to accomplish great things. It makes no sense to exclude people and make the USA weaker.

Jimmy Hendrix, playing in the Army band, 1962, Ft Campbell, KY

Because when America wins, we all win. We can save the world from tyrants. We can change the world with innovation. We can travel to the moon and explore the stars. There is no limit. We can do these kinds of things again, and President Donald Trump knows it. Deep down, we know it as well. Way back in our memory, we can remember what it feels like to be proud, walk tall, work hard, and stretch.

It’s why attending a Trump Rally feels so good.

Yet, we cannot be divided. We have to work together as Americans. No room for petty animosity. Do you suppose the media admonished these soldiers? Shamed people to curtail the celebration? Do you suppose teachers removed the American flags so as to …. “not offend anyone”?

American Soldiers aboard the QE2, coming home from WW2, as they entered New York Harbor.

“Q” has often said, “they want you divided”.

Who is “they”? Because that is the “they” we need to go after with all our might.

THAT is the “they”, which stands in the way, …….. of Great Things.

We’re headed higher, if we can work together, following the guy who has the vision to Keep America Great.

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People.” Candidate Donald J Trump

Remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

See you all tomorrow morning at Wheatie’s treehouse!

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Wolf Moon

I think she’s really onto something here. I think this is how Epstein and the “alliance of occult forces” try to stay on the leading edge to both stay in power and stay in control.


Most definitely, Wolf – they have it all figured out – how to twist the narrative to their advantage – as Q frequently says – there are NO coincidences!


Brad Parscale – Text TRUMP to 88022
Excellent quick rally this afternoon in Las Vegas before heading home!
White heavy check mark 15,079 Voters Identified (73% from NV)
White heavy check mark 32% Didn’t Vote in 2016 (4,743 voters) Wow!
White heavy check mark 27% Blacks, Latinos or Non-white
White heavy check mark 18% Democrat


rian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn Medium star Medium star Medium star Retweeted
Caleb Hull
Trump just mocked “Mini Mike” and his inability to see over the podium

Wolf Moon


My absolute favoritest moment!!!! I was crying laughing OUT LOUD!!!
I left rally thread looking for video. Asked Karluska for it too. Posted 2 videos.
Thanks PR!! 🥰


Brian Cates // Digital Soldier for Flynn Medium star Medium star Medium star Retweeted
DeAnna for CongressFlag of United Statesvs Nancy
We just remove Corruption now


l E T 17
EU running out of money???
EU leaders argue into the early hours in bruising budget talks
The UK’s departure has left the bloc with a €75billion (£63billion) hole in its finances and the budget battle has exposed bitter divisions between EU members.


Man Merkel looks like Stasi. I remember when on the train between East and Wast Germany these women would enter the train interrogating everyone. So glad I was a kid not harassed until I was about 17. They were the ugliest nastiest B…..women I ever saw.
Merkel looks just like them all that is missing the gun and a rifle over her shoulder.

Wolf Moon

She does look a bit familiar. Made one visit there before the wall fell. Saw a few ladies that – yeah – familiar. 😉

Gail Combs

I would not be surprised if she was one. Although I think she was higher up the food chain.




Donald Trump Jr.
Looks like Bloomberg LP took over the Nevada Democratic Party.
Is Liz gonna be looking for scalps or is she ok with it since it’s clearly designed to screw Bernie???
Quote Tweet
Shimon Prokupecz
· 3h
CNN: The Nevada State Democratic Party is asking site leaders to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to one volunteer who had planned to help with Saturday’s caucuses but quit because he didn’t want to sign the document.
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Looks like Richard Grenell is already cleaning up and some people don’t like it. 🙂

Wolf Moon

Yeah, put this in context. CLOWN CAR JANITOR, cleaning up the failed LIES of the Hillary-Obama-Brennan-Morell CIA.comment image

Rodney Short

That thing has the typical BATSHIT CRAZY look…..

Cuppa Covfefe

And, as we say out here (or said out there), On Da Hoof…



Wolf Moon

“These people are CRAZY!!!”

Concerned Virginian

Per the Chiefio blog on the Wuhan Coronavirus:
“Coronavirus Cases in the United States Reach 34, and More are Expected”
by Denise Grady
February 21, 2020
Takeaway quote:
“The contagion “REPRESENTS A TREMENDOUS PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT”, said one federal health official.”
(capitals mine)
So — what about that DR. NANCY MESSONIER, of the CDC, saying that there’s “no real health threat” and that the CDC itself say there are ONLY 16 CASES of the virus in the United States?
While TODAY, I heard that same Dr. Messonier say on a FoxNews Radio news report (1PM Eastern Time) that “schools and businesses [in the United States] may have to be closed down if the situation gets more serious”?
WHY is she talking out of both sides of her mouth?
So — what about the JOHNS HOPKINS data on the virus, with THEIR stats saying there are fewer than 20 U.S. cases?
And what about the BURGEONING spread of the virus in ITALY, with 20 cases in VENICE alone?

Elizabeth Carter

President Trump is taking our History back. Wonderful.

Deplorable Patriot

Restoring what was neglected.


I woke up a short while ago from a lengthy nap. As I was in the process of waking up I began thinking about how the cabal could try to regain power by way of the COVID-19/ Coronavirus crisis through a declared national emergency.
The main thrust of my thoughts are of what legal mechanism, if any, would allow the indefinite postponing of the November 3rd election.
Who has the constitutional authority besides President Trump to declare a national emergency? Does the director of the CDC (Nancy Messonnier) have any legal authority to shut down public gatherings such as places of voting at precincts?
Can a constitutional crisis be manufactured if, for instance, congress (think Nancy Pelosi) declares a national emergency?
What if both Democrat president and vice-president candidates become incapacitated (perhaps falsely) in the days leading up to November 3rd?
In the interest of ‘fairness’ can a ‘bipartisan’ governing body be appointed to govern in President Trumps place until gatherings for voting in are deemed safe to? Supreme Court involvement?
Bottom line, can the cabal use the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis to make a legally justified power grab?
One of the hazards of any plan that would wait until after the November election to bring on the main thrust of justice.

Gail Combs

It would be President Trump.
Nancy Messonnier is head of the National Center for IMMUNIZATION and Respiratory Diseases, appointed by Obama and likely a Senior Exec Service. She is a department head under a Deputy Director for infectious diseases who is under the CDC Director.
The CDC is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services. The head of the Department of Health and Human Services is appointed and confirmed by the Senate.
The CDC Director, is appointed by the president and does not require Senate approval.
As of 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had 10,796 employees. 29 are Senior Executive Service.comment image


“It would be President Trump.”
Okay, what if the November 3rd election was postponed indefinitely due to a national health emergency? January 20th rolls around and still no election. Trump and Pence are legally out of office. Who then steps in as President? Pelosi, as third in line to the Presidency?
There is a recent Washington Post article stating that elites should have more say in choosing the president. Setting the stage?


A criminal justice consultant who worked on Bernie Sanders’ campaign has been arrested for allegedly planting guns and ammunition in a detention center to help inmates escape. https://t.co/fBh9GpCbyY https://t.co/K8dUUHBDfF


TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb
Here’s Randy saying he is the Backchannel to Wikileaks. Roger Stone was convicted simply for saying Credico was his Backchannel. I will be on a big outlet’s news show tonight at 9:00. More later. We don’t want to give the disrupters too much info just yet.

Randy Credico Admits He Was the “Guy Between Roger Stone and Assange”…
Randy Credico denied on MSNBC and other left-wing media that he confirmed for Roger Stone info from @wikileaks about Democrat document dumps in 2016. In fact…
TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb
February 20, 2020 Roger Stone Defense – The Unseen Evidence
*https://youtu.be/1gmTpU0U8QQ via @YouTube
TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb
Roger Stone was convicted yesterday because the Govt contended that Roger Stone lied when he said Randy Credico Was the “Backchannel to Wikileaks. Here is Randy Credico getting thrown out of the WH Writer Dinner for constantly screaming “I AM THE BACKCHANNEL TO WIKILEAKS”.


Q 3854. Backchannels are important.

Gail Combs

Concerned Virginian heard this on the radio and reported a couple pages earlier.

FoxNewsRadio news report, 1PM Eastern:
DR. NANCY MESSONIER, of the CDC, has just stated that, due to the “SUDDEN” INCREASE of Wuhan Coronavirus cases in the United States, that “schools and businesses may have to be closed” if the situation gets more serious.

jim2 @ Chiefio dug out the actual quote for us.

Here it is:
“She said the “day may come” here where we have to shut down schools and businesses like China has done. ”

So it looks like a prepping statement so it is not such a shock when they have to do it.


She should get her own show on the Weather Channel.

Gail Combs

In Gitmo…


Maybe it would be easier if she just fell victim to the virus.



DIMs are doing to Bernie what they did to POTUS (well, certainly not the degree of muh Russia! as to Trump, BUT they are turning on him with the same pattern … DIMs are not very smart, are they. Same incredible MO over and over…


I don’t remember FBI agents going to DJT and telling him that the Russians were targeting him. I remember that they decided he was a bad guy and started to investigate him. Seems very different to me.

CDC recording. The day may come when we need to shutdown schools, businesses…..


Sounds like fun! Bring popcorn


I wish I could go 🥰

Gail Combs

E.M.Smith (ChiefIO himself) says:
22 February 2020 at 12:51 am

Part of why USA cases are bogus? Seems they sent out broken test kits (only 3 States have working kits) AND you don’t even get tested unless you have traveled to China or had contact with a proven known case. So by definition, community transmisdion can’t be found…

Also finds US numbers have issues and that Iran, Korea, and Japan are now out of control epidemics.


Sketchy as hell….shades of Casey Anthony in this crazy “mother”. Pray this baby is alright


Will pray for Evelyn’s return Vol… so sad.


She’s such a beautiful little thing….this is getting close to home turf. The pics I have seen of some of the other family members…..😬 sketchy looking bunch. I got the amber alert through my phone the other day and have been semi following.


Well now, what have we here?
“U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) counterterrorism analyst Henry Kyle Frese pleaded guilty on Thursday to leaking information to the press in 2018 and 2019.
According to a DIA press release, Frese faces up to 10 years in prison for leaking sensitive military information from five separate classified documents. Frese was employed by the DIA as either a contractor or employee from January 2017 to October 2019.
Over the course of two years, Frese illegally obtained and distributed classified military intelligence information to two journalists. But court filings state that the information was published in eight articles written by the same journalist — Amanda Macias, a national security reporter for CNBC, and Frese’s girlfriend at the time…..”


This should be getting a LOT of attention.
Almost identical to SSCI leaker James Wolfe and his concubine Ali Watkins OIG Buzzfeed.


of Buzzfeed

Bloomberg has no shame about how he spends his money…


Roscoe B Davis🎖Medium starMedium starMedium star
So @BernieSanders tries to shrug off his wealth as no big deal while he rails on the rich wanting to take all their money calling it immoral. Let’s remember when Bernie paid less % of tax than @realDonaldTrump according to his financial disclosures & according to Maddow’s leak.
But yes Bernie let’s look hard at your wealth. You first off have never has never held a steady, full-time job.outside of a paper route you had as a kid & a couple of odd jobs part time right after you graduated from college for a couple of months.
Until 1981 Bernie remanded on and off welfare & financial assistance for years. Bernie graduated from college in 1964 so Sanders didn’t collect a steady paycheck before being elected to office as mayor of Burlington, Vt., in 1981. That’s 17 years.
He did live in a Hippie commune in the 60’s, but was asked to leave for being too lazy and not doing his part.
In those 17 years Bernie ran for various local political offices and lost. Nobody was voting for the carpetbagger deadbeat from the Brooklyn.
But in 1981 Bernie finally was elected Mayor, got on the Taxpayer payroll after multiple tries.
But he couldn’t leave out the deadbeat spouse Jane, so from 1981 to 1991, She served as Director of the Mayor’s Youth Office & Department Head in the City of Burlington Bernie created
So living off the taxpayers is a family affair.
But more on Jane later involving bank fraud amongst other things.
In 1991 Bernie came to Washington, got himself elected to the House. Jane lost her cushy invented job back in Burlington since the Bern was no longer Mayor.
So since 1991 Bernie has been on the Federal Taxpayer dime.
29 years and what has the taxpayer got for that dime? let’s look at that.


It’s will be easy because Bernie hasn’t done much since he’s been in DC.
H.J.Res. 132 (102nd): To designate March 4, 1991, as Vermont Bicentennial Day.
H.R. 1353 (102nd): Entitled the “Taconic Mountains Protection Act of 1991.”
H.J.Res. 129 (104th): Granting the consent of Congress to the Vermont-New Hampshire Interstate Public Water Supply Compact
H.R. 5245 (109th): To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 1 Marble Street in Fair Haven, Vermont, as the “Matthew Lyon Post Office Building.”
S. 893 (113th): Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2013.
S. 2782 (113th): A bill to amend title 36, United States Code, to improve the Federal charter for the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.
S. 885 (113th): A bill to designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 35 Park Street in Danville, Vermont, as the “Thaddeus Stevens Post Office.”
That’s it folks taxpayers made Bernie a millionaire and that’s what they got.
Let’s see what Bernie Got:
First there’s Bernie’s house back in Burlington VT
Two story 5 bedroom home built in 1981 appraised at $1.2 MM
Bernie paid $405K in 2009, not bad Bernie for a congressman
In 1992 Bernie bought a town home on Washington Row built in the late 1800s in the District of Columbia. It’s a one bedroom, one and a half bath with a brick exterior. Cost? In 1991 it was $512K, currently appraised at $900k


The lake house is located in a community called North Hero. It’s a “summer samp,” purchased by Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane, for $575,000 in cash in 2016, right after he folded at the DNC to Hillary. The home has four bedrooms and 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront.
Now when there was a huge stink about where Sanders got the cash to buy this Lake House in 2016, the stories never lined up. First Bernie claimed it was book proceeds that he didn’t have. Then they claimed Jane sold a lake home in Maine that her family had owned since 1900
Now Bernie got a $100k advance on a book he hadn’t yet written, & she sold her share of her family’s vacation home in Bridgton, Maine, to her brother for $150K added some money from her “retirement account” to come up with the money.
HmmThinking face
Retirement account, retirement account from what?
Oh wait!
In 2004, Jane Sanders was named President of Burlington College, a private, “non-profit” liberal arts school founded in 1972 in Vermont. Non-Profit. Let’s look into this a bit more.
During her tenure as President, Burlington had an endowment of “about $150,000”, and fundraising revenue had increased from about $25,000 when Sanders first arrived to $1.25 million by 2011.
This little school had about 180-200 students.
In 2010, Sanders oversaw the purchase of property formerly owned & occupied by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. The College based the real estate purchase on projections that enrollment would rapidly grow from fewer than 200 to as many as 750 students, Jane told the bank
In 2011, the College’s Board of Trustees, while crediting Sanders with acquiring a permanent campus for the 200‑student college, called a meeting for September 2011 to request and accepted Sanders’s resignation.
“We reached a decision which I believe is best for both the College and me,” Sanders said after the meeting, “The board and I have different visions for the future and that’s perfectly fine.
On departure, she received the title of President Emeritus and a $200,000 severance, consisting of one year’s pay, along with certain retirement and bonus payments.
So she had $200k in her “retirement account”
Okay so Bernie had $100k book deal advance. Jane sold her share of the family house $150k. And her “retirement account” had $200K. So we have $450K they had in cash
About $125k short on the cash based on their source they claimed they got the cash from.
But we won’t quibble over it, you know an old Socialist like Bernie is bound to have an extra $125k stuffed under one of his mattresses right? Thinking face


Back to Griter Jane Sanders
In 2016, Burlington College announced it was closing its doors effective May 27, 2016 due to “longstanding financial woes”, in particular the “crushing weight of the debt” undertaken to buy the Diocese property, purchased by then President Jane Sanders.
In 2016 the FBI began looking into allegations of possible bank fraud in connection with a $10 million loan Sanders helped Burlington College obtain in 2010 to purchase 33 acres of land from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. The investigation was launched after complaints were filed with the FBI in 2016 by Brady Toensing, chair of the Vermont Republican Party. The complaint alleged Jane Sanders had misrepresented the college’s donor levels and pledges in the loan application.
Well that’s subjective I guess, she said the enrollment would increase to 750 and the tuitions would help cover the note. Well that never happened the schools enrollment never got above 200.
On November 13, 2018, the U.S. Attorney in Vermont closed its investigation of the college land deal involving her and decided not to bring charges. One can argue whether or not that’s fair, but the bank took on the note based on her projection, that never came to fruition. Bottom line was the grifter ran the little school into the ground ad out of business.
But Bernie has assets of a little over two million and change and has never written a bestseller book, so he’s managed to be the millionaire socialist that is so against capitalism
Bottom line Bernie is a fraud. He sells the youth snake oil that he will not take himself.
He promises shit he will never deliver on.
And I hope the DNC is stupid enough to let him be their front runner because @realDonaldTrump will smoke his ass like like the idiot he is.


Roscoe dug all this up… he failed to mention that Bernie and a college gf got pregnant, so Bernie has a son. I doubt he contributed financially to the child’s maintenance. So, we can add deadbeat father to fraud…etc.
I realize the info is lengthy, but it’s important. Roscoe didn’t “thread” his posts so I couldn’t compile a thread with date stamp. Again, it’s important to get info out. I have seen this info in partial bits several places, and I have no doubt Roscoe has done his homework.

Wolf Moon

Good stuff!!!


There were 2 triple homicides just a couple cities and days apart from each other in socal this week.
1st one was at a cemetery, 3 dead men. They announced a suspect and yeah its a cartel assassination.
2nd one, a home with 3 dead women. That obe, they took in a “poor unhoused neighbor” who turned out to be a major problem(anyone with half a brain could figure it out) and when she was pissed about being kicked out murdered the 3 with her boyfriend’s help.
2 very clear cases highlighting major problems within California. They are both warnings to the country.

Wolf Moon

Gab meme….comment image


Speed queen

Deplorable Patriot

I can’t imagine doing laundry in heels.

Wolf Moon



Gail Combs

Coronavirus Cases in the United States Reach 34, and More Are Expected
By Denise Grady February 21, 2020
The contagion “represents a tremendous public health threat,” said one federal health official.

Gail Combs

All of a sudden, the J.H. dashboard has the US at 35 cases. This seems to correlate with other sources.
It just jumped from 15 to 35.
Makes you go HMMmmm

Wolf Moon

Now – figure out who can be bribed for uranium – figure who bribes for uranium – figure who spent decades helping lower the price of the uranium for who…. OMG – what a weird coincidence that the people who want the uranium help the people who give it away by creating penny-ante “evidence” for the Demmunist media.


So Sidney Powell’s legal strategy has caused AG Barr to order a DoJ review of all the particulars in the Flynn prosecution, eh?
Yeah. Grossly Incompetent was the accusation against her. Remember that?

Gail Combs

Oh, Yes. I figured she was shining a YUGE SPOTLIGHT on the corruption in the DOJ
I think it was part of the long term strategy.


I maintain that Gen. Flynn intentionally and with forethought retained Eric Holder’s law firm with Sidney Powell’s consultation knowing they would screw him over. He had Sidney Powell on deck the whole time, just waiting for the right moment to fire Covington & Burling and replace them with Powell.
This is EXACTLY the kind of bait and switch that spymasters pull off like putting their shoes on.

Wolf Moon

If this is correct, and I think it probably is, then it is very likely that Flynn did not seek out C&B immediately, but rather “allowed” himself to be set up with them. I will wager C&B were strongly suggested to him through different channels – that he was baited in, and that he played along.
The Clintons loved to do this to their enemies – to set them up with “their” lawyers.


Hmm…could be.
And Sidney had published that book, ‘License to Lie’, about the corruption in the DOJ.
So she was well versed on what was going on.

Gail Combs

And she really despises Wiessmann. She was probably salivating at the idea of having a go at him.

Wolf Moon

comment image


The storm is almost here….comment image

Wolf Moon

Didn’t she beat somebody or – wasn’t there something unusual about her taking that seat?

Wolf Moon

In other words, maybe there was more skulduggery than just against the other Dems.


IIRC she was part of that “sweep” in the midterms in Cali….not sure how many times they recounted those votes, or how many were found in car trunks to get to that conclusion though

Wolf Moon

Yes – that was it. It was a seat that had been in R hands forever. Yup. I’ll bet there was cheating.


Whistleblower on Øbominable admin. found shot to death.