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JEREMIAH 17:5-10

5Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his arm, whose heart turns away from the LORD. 6He is like a shrub in the desert, and shall not see any good come. He shall dwell in the parched places of the wilderness, in an uninhabited salt land. 7“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose trust is the LORD. 8He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” 9The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately corrupt; who can understand it? 10“I the LORD search the mind and try the heart, to give to every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings.”

Prayers for the nation, the salvation of humanity, and all of us here – lurkers and members – as well as our families, are welcome.


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SSGQ Channel, [04.03.21 09:43]
[Forwarded from The Authority]

Federal Judge Strikes Down CDC’s Lawless Ban: “Although The COVID-19 Pandemic Persists, So Does The Constitution.”


I like this observation. It describes a miracle in a way I had not fully appreciated.
“A miracle, as an extraordinary act of God, essentially has the character of a communication, possessing an intended meaning which is to be discerned by those who apprehend it in faith.”[1]

[1] Jeff Astley, David Brown, and Ann Loades, God in Action: A Reader, Problems in Theology (London; New York: T & T Clark International, 2004), 40.


Profound. Thank you.

A communication of His love and omnipotence. Omnipotent love…


Via Ace of Spades…
The Morning Report – 3/4/21 [J.J. Sefton]—Open Bloggercomment image

Good morning, kids. Thursday, and as the Left continues its purge against Andrew “Angel of Death” Cuomo, albeit to cover up his mass murder of the elderly which would implicate four other key Democrat governors and in essence the party and its policies itself, a number of stories across several categories gel around the much more crucial story: the consolidation of power into absolute power by the Democrat-Leftist-Globalist axis.
First up, late last night the House passed this H.R. 1 bill, the so called “For the People Act” which guts the already festering corpse of the 9th and 10th Amendments by essentially nationalizing elections. I guess by “people” they mean their people. In perpetuity.

The bill creates a nationwide automatic voter registration program, which would likely result in double-registrations and the registration of non-citizens. In fact, H.R. 1 explicitly exempts from prosecution people who are “not eligible to vote in elections for Federal office but [were] automatically registered to vote” (Sec. 1015).
It allows felons who have completed their incarceration to vote. H.R. 1 also includes a new program providing for public financing of federal elections, matching small-dollar donations 6 to 1. The match would kick in for each grassroots contribution to a candidate up to $200. A $200 donation to a House candidate would garner a $1,200 match in public funds for a total contribution of $1,400, for example.The bill would reduce the number of members on the Federal Election Commission from 6 to 5. Democrats argue that this will allow the commission to avoid deadlock and do its job, but Republicans warn that this would make the FEC a “partisan weapon.”
The bill would also require politically-active organizations, including 401(c)3 nonprofits, to disclose donors who give $10,000 or more; expand the definition of election-related communication; and reduce the influence of independent expenditure-only “super PACs.” Such campaign finance regulations would limit Americans’ ability to band together to advocate political causes they believe in.
While Democrats’ railing against “dark money” has convinced Americans there is something inherently sleazy about groups of Americans spending money to advocate for causes they believe in, Americans do not lose their right to free speech when they enter the political arena. The mandated disclosure of an organization’s donors, in particular, undercuts this fundamental right.

con’t reading

Reminder: tons of headlines follow the article


oops, wrong link, below is correct one


Double Standard? Gillibrand in Spotlight After Cuomo Scandal
Kirsten Gillibrand became the first Democratic senator to call for her colleague Al Franken’s resignation as he faced allegations of sexual misconduct in 2017.

— it’s not rape-rape


“Why are parents desperate to return their precious offspring to the degenerate hands of the public-school system?”

The Case for Closing Public Schools… Indefinitely


A BILL has been introduced into the Colorado State Senate which presumes to LICENSE WEB SITES and impose Misdemeanor fines of $5,000 a day for failing to register.

The BILL would allow “Hearings” and presumably administrative actions against “. . . practices that promote hate speech; undermine election integrity; disseminate intentional disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news . . .


Demoncrat tyranny.

Demoncrats going full commie.

And of course it would be Demoncrats who get to decide what constitutes…”hate speech; undermines election integrity; disseminates intentional disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news”.


You need to play by their rules.

find out when they eat and show up in force with bull horns and paint.


Tempting, for sure.


It’s very similar to what Chy na has imposed.


YouTube has suspended RSBN – again.

More than likely, they suspended RSBN for having nearly 4 million views of the speech!

That was more than the other media outlets – and more than any Biden speech or event !

ALSO – the leftist social media will not tolerate any mention of the obvious massive proven election fraud – that President Trump addressed at length in his speech!


Guess RSBN shouldn’t have bothered to shut down My Pillow Guy – Youtube will find a way to censor them anyway. No making Youtube happy so why try?!


Camp Pelosi – the new military base in the heart of DC……


It is fueled by the sillies claiming 3/4 theories in President Trump taking office and wild interpretations of 1871 bill regarding DC. That stuff is passed around and some believe it and the Dems/Deep state have an excuse … yet they probably planted it. Or are just taking advantage of those pushing such stuff.

We all need to do our part to try our best to only share factual information so as not to increase the Deep state’s excuse to act on fake news pushed on conservative sites.


I could not agree more. One day I said to myself this is fake info to psy-up Trump followers create problems. I assume it spread to so many conservative sites that it sounded believable. Sometimes giving hope where there is not. there is a blessing for not knowing much because one does not fall for all these
I do not blame people who see this over and over and hang on hope and that it is true.


We all do our best. Even the best of us get taken in at times.

Learning curve…


True we learn all time.


There’s a better chance that a precedent by precedent progression of rulings in the lower courts might just shame our scurrilous SCOTUS into calling for a re-do of the 2020 election.


That would be a miracle 🙂


Yes – I’m tired of ‘our side’ pumping out hokum, rumors and fiction for clicks, cash and celebrity.


Wray’s Fascist FBI Gestapo went all Roger Stone on Dr. Simone Gold for participating on 6 Jan.

In mid-January Dr. Simone Gold was arrested after she was filmed inside the US Capitol on January 6th. Dr. Simone is not Antifa. She did not cause any damage. She stood with a megaphone and spoke out against the insane US Covid policies.

Now Dr. Simone Gold is speaking out about her ordeal with the FBI henchmen.

It is worse than we thought.

FBI thugs gave her the Roger Stone treatment.

Life Site News reported:

In a recent interview with Michelle Malkin, Dr. Simone Gold, founder of American Frontline Doctors (AFLD) discussed the lack of authentic informed consent with regards to experimental vaccines, censorship as a “crime against humanity,” and how she was subjected to a massive swat team raid upon her home by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in order to arrest her for being present in the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6th.

In describing this incident, Gold said, “I was paid a visit by the FBI in a Roger Stone kind of take down moment, which is quite uncalled for. You know, if anybody wanted to get a hold of me, they could have picked up the phone and called. I’m very easy to find. But there were literally twenty guys with guns blazing, [and they] broke down my door,” Gold said.

“It was dramatic and what I want to say is that I weep for our country. If you can pull in a person like me … [and] have the FBI break down your door with 20 guns, shackle you [in] handcuffs [and] drag you off, I mean it was really terrible … I’m telling you America, this can happen to you.”

Frontline Doctor: FBI ‘broke down my door’ in swat team raid of 20 men | News | LifeSite (

Frontline Doctor: FBI ‘broke down my door’ in swat team raid of 20 men

Dr. Simone Gold related the nature of her arrest, how the distribution of experimental vaccines violates the Nuremburg Code, and why COVID-19 censorship is a ‘crime against humanity


Too bad she didn’t think to hang various noose and slip knots on her windows.

heard that just like vampires and garlic, fbi can’t figure them out.


It is shocking how far America has fallen. The FBI are members of our society and culture . They have parents who come from all walks of life. They are a cross section and by their KGB behavior tells us how sick our society has become. These people are mothers and fathers they have mothers and fathers.
How do they justify their fascist behavior? Are they justifying it “that all they did is fallow orders?” That would sound Nazi like. What is their punishment when we move back to a Democrat Republic? Will we have the strength to do the right thing?


Yes! No matter how many times I shake my head in disgust or disbelief the truth is that people that have lived in the wonderful country that afforded all freedom have made an internal decision to support the ideals that 100 % contradict it all.

Surely they all weren’t secretly steeped in Marxist beliefs. Trump is gone so it’s not TDS anymore. I also don’t in my heart believe that every Supreme Judge and all the others..Barr, Sessions, Wray, etc etc have been threatened into being traitors. At least one of them would’ve been brave enough to take a stand.

It defies all logic to me.


I am here in the US since 1964. That was a different people different culture. Somehow things changed slowly when mothers had to work to make eds meet. When teachers were in the Union. Maybe at first they had too because they were paid so little. Most women who were the brightest became teachers. We lost something when families fell apart and extended family was not much of children’s lives. The school became the character builders. The socialists far left saw an opportunity to influence children through education.


Adolf Hitler believed that the support of the youth was vital to the future of the third Reich and aimed, through the Hitler Youth programme, to produce a generation of loyal supporters of Nazi views.

MTV won the election for clinton and obama.

psycho woman pressly(?) wants to let 16 year olds vote,
who they gonna vote for?
whom ever their teachers tell them to.


Yes it is always the youth that are vulnerable.
A 16 year old does not have the wisdom they do not can sort their own stuff at that age . I believe when young people can stand on their own two feet and contribute to society they should be able to vote. Everything seems to be given to them without lifting a finger. At least in the past many 18 year old went into the military and many into a job and paid taxes. I guess I am a Neanderthal 🙂


I guess I am a Neanderthal 

If you are, then we should all be!

Yes, only those who understand what it means to make their own way and, ideally, how much the government takes from their paycheck, should be allowed to vote.


I did not allow my kids to drive until they were able to pay their own car insurance. Later I helped them out when still in college with car insurance but they worked in summer and while going though University. That would be a good exchange taxes and vote. No tax no vote. Never would be tolerated. 🙂


They are carefully picked and groomed for their ability to obey orders and justify their actions and behavior.

Deplorable Patriot

Yes. Those with weaknesses who will do anything asked to get ahead and be part of the “in” crowd.

Why does this remind me of middle school?


So true !


comment image


Evil walks among us…and we must never give up our fight against it.
 🙏  😔 



Don’t need to go to big events like games or concert.

cut off their control and start resisting.


I haven’t read all of HIPAA, but I thought its purpose was to keep our medical records private.


Private only from yourself….


The slippery slope…first it’s the cv vax. Then they might add “restrictions” based on weight or other diagnoses like not being allowed to buy junk food or even interstate travel in your own vehicle. Would every citizen be required to own a smart phone?
This is a death knell for freedom


This is how China controls its population.


First the rumor mill was 1/6 and then between 1/6 & 1/20 and then on 1/20 and then … just never stops. Always a carrot of a new date when it is all going to happen and then its moved and explained in a new way, always excuses of why the predictions didn’t come true but we should trust them that their next predictions will come true.

I trust Trump. Period.

President Trump clearly tells us, repeatedly, that he is the former President and Biden is the current POTUS in office.

From President Trump’s speech Sunday:

Joe Biden has had the most disastrous first month of any President in modern history, that’s true. Already the Biden administration has proved that they are anti-jobs, anti-family anti-borders, anti-energy, anti-women, and anti-science. In just one short month we have gone from America first to America last.”

“Biden has failed in his number one duty as chief executive, enforcing America’s laws. This alone should be reason enough for Democrats to suffer withering losses in the midterms and to lose the white house decisively four years from now.”

When I left office, and we’re very proud of this because this was something that they said could not be done…”

Note: Biden is in office as POTUS and is the Chief Executive – according to President Trump. “When I left office…”

“Last year, I predicted to you that the extremist corruption and incompetence of the Biden administration would be literally unprecedented in American history. Unfortunately, he has proven me 100% right. Already, as president, Biden has urged [inaudible 00:32:19] legislation shredding your second amendment.”

President Trump predicted Biden and his admin would be a disaster and Biden and his administration are now a disaster – it is Biden’s administration.

When I left office, we had virtually ended the endless wars.”

“And by the way, not one American soldier has been killed in Afghanistan in over a year. Think of that. Not one. Those troops have largely come home. At the same time, the new administration unilaterally withdrew our crippling sanctions on Iran, foolishly giving away all of America’s leverage before negotiations have even begun. Leave the sanctions, negotiate.”

“And in one of his (Biden) first official acts, which was incredible, because again, he talked about energy.”

“I’ve said to some of them, I said, “You know, during the Obama years, and now during Biden {Biden’s years} , if you spent the same energy on attacking them, you’d actually be successful as you do on attacking me in many cases.”

Note: in context he is speaking of the Biden years in context with them being the same as the Obama years, their years as POTUS and with us having Dem Administrations.

Yes, President Trump said all of these things – that he left office, that the Dems are indeed in a “Biden Administration”, that they are the “new administration”, and that Biden is acting officially as the POTUS.

At some point, we move one while never agreeing that Biden legitimately won and refusing to stop asserting that the 2020 “win” of Biden’s was 100% fraudulant.

Why? Because that is what President Trump is doing.

Trust Trump. Stand with Trump. Follow Trump’s lead. Trust Trump.


In the same speech President Trump said it was time to focus on 2022 and 2024, GOP Primaries, Making the GOP Great Again (ie finish taking over the GOP from the NeoCons/RINOs) & beating the Dems because that is what President Trump has said is the way forward and what he has said he is doing.

Of coure, he didn’t legitimately loose 2020 … but neither is he in office. It was by fraud that Biden “won”, by fraudulant voter totals, but those totals are being allowed to stand. President Trump won the real totals and yet Biden won the fraudulant totals which are the totals being counted. 🙁 All avenues for redress have been closed and now President Trump is focused on 2022 and 2024 – cleaning out the RINOs/GOPe during the Primaries and winning against the Dems in general elections.

From Sunday’s speech by President Trump:

“If you want to help us take back the future of our country, go to

There’s only one way to contribute to our efforts, to elect America first Republican conservatives. And in turn, to make America great again. And that’s through Save America PAC and So go out there and do whatever you can because we’re going to help a lot of great people.

We know the right people to help. … We are going to win. Ultimately we always win. And when we do, history will show that this was the moment when we could have given up, when we could have despaired, but instead we chose to keep on pushing forward. The greater the challenge and tougher the task, the more determined we must be to pull through to triumph. We have to have triumph. We have to have victory.

With the talent and dedication of everyone here today…We will go on to victory. We will summon the spirit of generations of American patriots before us, like those heroes who crossed the Delaware, conquered the Rockies, stormed the beaches, won the battles and tamed the unknown frontiers. We will persist and we will prevail. We’re tougher than they are. We’re stronger than they are. Together, in the coming years, we will carry forward the torch of American liberty.

We will lead the conservative movement and the Republican Party back to a totally conclusive victory. And we’ve had tremendous victories. Don’t ever forget it. With your help, we will take back the House. We will win the Senate. And then a Republican President will make a triumphant return to the White House.”

President Trump’s PLAN?
“With your help, we will take back the House. We will win the Senate. And then a Republican President will make a triumphant return to the White House.”

That is the plan that I will trust. Tough part is, as he repeatedly says, we have a big role to play and much work to do in His Plan. MAGA conservatives will donate & will volunteer & will work and we will help President Trump fulfill his plan to take back the House, win the Senate and make a triumphant return to the White House” in 2022 and 2024. Trust Trump’s Plan.


President Trump’s plan involves his own PAC, Save America, instead of the RNC. Are you on board with that as well? You consistently state that we must follow PDJT’s lead. Are you willing to do that?

Deplorable Patriot



I follow no mortal blindly.
The more I’m hammered to suspend my own reason and intuition, the less I trust the hammer.


Personally I’m looking forward to seeing what the hopium kingpins start pushing once March 4 is in the rearview mirror.


It’s curious also that the hopium distributor’s messages dovetail with the Pelosi/ Wray “white nationalist” fear porn that perpetuates the police state in DC.

I do think some of the hopium messages are from a real belief that things simply just cannot be what they really are but it’s beginning to fuel dangerous propaganda by the Dems such as ~ . Replying to @AP
Defense officials say the Pentagon is reviewing the proposal to extend the National Guard’s mission at the U.S. Capitol by 60 days. The more than 5,000 Guard members currently in Washington, D.C., are currently slated to go home on March 12


I’ve about had a bellyful of this bullshit.


You are not alone.

Deplorable Patriot

So, don’t consume any more. No one is forcing you.


Dang! You seem to like creating a disturbance in The Force.

Deplorable Patriot

I like keeping all my options open. You should see my hands when I play Gin.


At some point, we move one while never agreeing that Biden legitimately won and refusing to stop asserting that the 2020 “win” of Biden’s was 100% fraudulant.

Why do you keep reiterating something that people are aware of?


Some people haven’t moved on. They’re following the hopium that Trump will swoop in one day and be President and magically undo everything.

The man couldn’t defeat the swamp while in office, but somehow he’ll manage it out of office.


Some people haven’t moved on.


They’re following the hopium that Trump will swoop in one day and be President and magically undo everything.

I might not be fully aware, but I can’t name one person who believes that, and only that, as the way forward. There are people here who keep an open mind and post all kinds of “hopium,” which Wolf allows. There are also those who *hope* PDJT or someone (the military?) will swoop in with a plan, but who realize that is highly unlikely.

The ones who want to hope and believe something is still going to happen are not going to be changed by someone constantly telling them to change. Do people understand that? It’s not gonna happen. The lectures and preaching and, yes, admonishment do no good whatsoever, and they are tiresome in the extreme. It’s best to leave people alone and let them come to things on their own terms.

No one has been appointed arbiter of who can believe what, or of what people are required to believe and say and do, in order to post here or to be part of the MAGA movement. Quite the opposite.

I suggest that, if someone is so concerned about someone else’s beliefs and supposed inaction that they feel the need to post about it every few days, they take it up directly with that person(s) and spare the rest of us the tedium of reading the repetitive posts.

Alternatively, there are other, much more effective, ways to influence, inform, and help shape people’s thinking rather than hitting them on the head every few days with “we have to move on” and “follow Trump’s lead.”

Posting about one’s own actions is being done here and is positive, IMO, when it is done without the preaching and obvious attempts to influence. People will be much more inclined to want to learn more and follow the lead when they don’t feel they are being coerced into something they can’t stomach at present (e.g., working with the RNC).


No one has to do anything here and does have to fallow a lead.
I never felt that way and take everything as information.

I am happy you shared your thoughts that is what this site is about 🙂
Some things I I skip and I am glad I did not skip your post and take it to heart. I will do my part part and watch what and how I post. Sometimes I need a reminder or two 🙂 Sometimes we become to comfortable and forget we are all strangers with differ ideas
and background. I am sorry if I have offended anyone 


I doubt you have offended anyone; certainly not me! 😊 I value your input and ideas that are a product of your unique background. 😀


Good to know. Tensions run high at times when there are sensitive topics. II know even I at times feel the stress from the whole election cheating and then the new KGB(FBI) going after deplorable.
I have to say I entertained lots of people on other forums with my misspelling 🙂


“It’s best to leave people alone and let them come to things on their own terms.”

This. 👆👆👆


I do not think Trump expected that the whole legal system was in on the election coup. The things that should have gone right went wrong. The CIA in my opinion was very effective because we do not think the way they do. Now we know and now Trump knows. He also found out who worked against him. Who would ever think that lawyers were doxed and threatened and if they still wanted a profession had to distant themselves from Trump? Pence was the last hope to do the right thing and he failed. This is now the reality Biden is in Harris will be next. As I said before 2020 will be a bloodbath we need to fight now to get the reforms needed to have fair elections.


I’m not blaming Trump; he got screwed (and us along with him).

It’s the people today feeding fantasies about Biden being on a movie stage and Trump swooping in and being president again as if by magic…that has nothing to do with what happened to Trump. It has nothing to do with reality, actually.

I am beginning to suspect that whoever shovels this shit originally, isn’t someone on our side.

Deplorable Patriot

Somewhere in all the hopium that I consume I came across a tidbit that NO COURT has heard evidence in voter fraud cases in almost a decade.

That HAD to be known, and part of the conversation when POTUS was recruited to run. And I think the wooing of him started decades ago including one late former president – another tidbit picked up from hopium consumption – coaching PDJT on just how bad it is/was. And this former president passed away almost 30 years ago. There is known correspondence between them.

There’s stuff going on behind the scenes. What we are presented on MSM is not going to be anything that is behind the scenes. The reality is we are not going to know what is really happening until it is all over.


I agree. I o along to a certain point and then it gets real for me. Reality is Biden is in Harris is next and Trump and we are out. It is painful for me that good people have been misled and hoped for a better outcome. The longer one clings on that the less one is prepared what is ahead.


That’s where I’m coming from too.

Too many people take the hopium dead seriously, and the longer it goes on the more palpably ridiculous it gets. And otherwise rational people believe it.


Yes, but on the other hand, the commie takeover is reaching ridiculous levels of The Big Lie.

The hysterical behavior is indicative of losing the center, as in “The center cannot hold.”

There is a RUSH to complete that seems to me to have a desperate tinge, not a triumphant one.


Very true. Makes me question if this is how it always goes when an empire falls or how it goes when the takeover is too brittle and psychotic to hold ?

Praying that it’s the latter.


We all can fall into the trap. I just do not work that way that is because my husband taught some computer ethics courses and knows the ways he calls trolls. He repeatedly warns me when I share something that does not seem right.


I am beginning to suspect that whoever shovels this shit originally, isn’t someone on our side.

^^^ Nov/Dec this notion popped in my head. Jan, ^^^ I became quite sure hopium is being injected and pushed by lefty dopes laughing at us…trying to wish our way out of a stolen election. At times, living in our news bubble simply feeds false hope.

^^^ Not a whole lot different from, we’ll get indictments after 18 election. After muh Mueller. After the primaries. After the convention. After Horowitz… OH YEA, REALLY BELIEVE Bull Durham WILL deliver.

Criminal that all we got was Clinesmith, who essentially walked.

Supposedly we’ll get three indictments out of Durham’s farcicle investigation. Should have been dozens of indictments long, long ago.


That might lead one to believe that Q was not on our side. I don’t know about that, but for us to believe this post Q pablum is not in anyone’s interest but theirs.




singing..I found this link over at .win. It’s pretty good.


Thank you. I take a look tomorrow

Deplorable Patriot

And the half empty glass is really twice the size it needs to be.

Got it.


Move on…

Go right ahead. 😁



-Some have not moved on

-Some who read here don’t read here every day (I see news I have posted posted again on the same day, sometimes even the same page and certainly see things posted again the next day or even the next couple of days so I know that not even all regular posters/commenters read all of the comments. I usually scan through but once I have scanned through a page, I rarely go back to scan for additional conversation/comments so I might also miss new things if they are posted under older comments)

-Some who read here don’t comment here so no way to know that all who read here are aware so I do not write with only the frequent commenters in mind or any specific comments in mind.

-What I posted today is Brand New (as of Sunday & I started the above post on Monday but have been so busy just posted it today) Information in that I President Trump’s Own Words. Several days ago I posted the same but was soundly told that I was posting only my own opinion and had no way to know what President Trump is thinking. Now we know.

It is an important point to follow President Trump’s plan v. other people’s plans. Those who are waiting on …. fill in the blank are often the same people who feed the rumor mill and then

-the rumor mill is a distraction and time waster

-the rumor mill serves someone else’s purposes – someone that is Not President Trump … Being USED by the opposition

-the rumor mill prevents people from focusing on real ways to impact and make a difference due to opportunity costs of time on the internet gather info and learning
which prevents people from taking real political actions such as attending county GOP meetings, joining county GOPs, learning more about how things work so as to make a difference in the county GOPs, state GOPs, the RNC, the GOP primaries, making phone calls on issues, showing up in person to protest, writing letters, learning about how the Board of Elections/Election Commissions work, or some combination of all of the above.

Every TN county is having GOP officer elections. I don’t know when other states do the same but if we aren’t attending the meetings then how do we know for whom to vote? If we aren’t attending then we aren’t voting either so we get the GOP that those who show up to vote give us. One example of how being distracted impacts real actions.

I know too many in our own state and county who can tell me all about this rumor and that rumor but have no idea when the GOP meets in their county, who the officers are, who is running for new officers, how the State Executive Committee is chosen, who they are, who their RNC members are, etc. Knowing and doing something about those things has real impact.

We will be voting on whether or not to censure our TN Senators in the near future. Even that idea being brought up 100% depending on MAGA conservatives being involved and present. How the vote goes is not even up to the MAGA conservatives who have been involved enough to be in leadership. Who will attend the meeting and how will they vote? Just one little example and there are many more.

How the counties and the state committee goes is how the state GOP will go and determines if the primaries will be fair which leads us to whether we will have MAGA conservatives or GOPe. Being focused on President Trump’s plan matters.


-Some have not moved on

So what? Let them come to things in their own time and on their own terms. I guarantee that what you’re doing isn’t working.

-the rumor mill is a distraction and time waster

Wolf allows all views here. Why don’t you?

As for time-wasters, one could also say that repeating the same things over and over wastes people’s time. And please don’t place all the responsibility on the reader by saying “scroll on by.” By the time one gets into the meat of the post and realizes what it is, it’s too late.

It’s not incumbent upon any of us to tell others how to think or what to pay attention to. (To correct mistakes in reporting, yes.)

As for PDJT’s plan, we all knew it was to promote MAGA candidates for Congress. That is nothing new. None of us knows all the details of his plan or his entire plan, however. That is something to look forward to.

Please set your mind at rest: No one here needs to read even one more time that we need to be following PDJT and his plan. All MAGA conservatives will do that by default. Everyone is watching him and following his lead.

I’m sure you’re doing good work. If you just shared what you’re doing without trying to change people, it would have a much more positive effect. We all benefit from the knowledge of others.


No, many thought President Trump’s plan included actually being President right now, dramatic events at his Senate trial, dramtic events on 1/20, etc.


You write: “Wolf allows all views here. Why don’t you?”

… as you tell me what to post and what not to post …  😂 


Bravo, TT!


Joe Biden’s National Director for African-American Engagement, Trey Baker, has authored a number of anti-white tweets, including quoting people instructing him to not “bring a white girl home,” The National Pulse can reveal.


comment image


Dr. Seuss, 1942: “Racism is bad”

Leftists, 2021: “Dr. Seuss is racist! Canceled!”
comment image


 Mississippi Gov Fires Back After Biden Mocks Lifting Lockdowns As ‘Neanderthal Thinking.’ “Mississippians don’t need handlers. As numbers drop, they can assess their choices and listen to experts. I guess I just think we should trust Americans, not insult them.”


Pure gold!


Four Christians stabbed, have crosses carved into their skin, and are forced to eat Bible pages in Venezuela
“The cutting of crosses into the bodies of these young Christians, and the forced eating of pages of the Bible is deeply disturbing,” said Dr. David Landrum, the director of advocacy and public affairs for Open Doors.

“This premeditated attack has all the hallmarks of the local ‘collectives’ of the Maduro regime. This shows how Venezuela has become a dictatorial narco-state which is violently opposed to the drugs rehabilitation work of the church,” he added.


Gold, Silver and platinum taking a beating today.

Silver at 25.34 (down 83 cents), gold is under 1700 bucks (!!!!) at 1695, down 16.20, platinum at 1122, down $45.

Palladium is at 2406, down six bucks (not much), rhodium at 28,000 (up $500).


Ah, to be back in the good old days — when gold was $35/ounce and a nugget the size of your fist would let you live like a king. For a short period of time.


A nugget the size of your fist will still let you do that.

$35 times its weight in troy ounces, on the other hand…won’t.

Valerie Curren

Another new American–rejoice!
comment image


He worked for it so he will value it.


He’s not only carrying a flag, he’s dressed in red, white, and blue.


THREAD — just me, but I recommend we trash any recommendation the traitor makes

Time to REALLY get involved here if you live in KY

There are some interesting comments… click the tweet

The Intercept
The list is topped by his protégé, state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, and also includes former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft, whose husband is a major McConnell donor, as well as Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a former McConnell Scholar.
The Intercept
Under current law, the power to appoint McConnell’s replacement falls to Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. But new legislation McConnell is pushing in the Kentucky General Assembly would strip the governor of that power and put it into the hands of the state GOP.
The Intercept
The bill alters current state statute that allows the governor to appoint a replacement in the event of a vacancy to the U.S. Senate.
The Intercept
If the bill becomes law, the appointment to fill a vacancy will be selected from a list of three names submitted by the state executive committee of the same political party as the senator who held the vacant seat.
The Intercept
Multiple sources say it is McConnell who is pushing this bill, but the claimed reasons for why he is pushing the legislation vary from health concerns to the makeup of the upper chamber.


preparing for the possibility that he does not serve out his full term

promises promises
don’t tease us mitch,
hurry up and stroke out
spend the next 20: years pissing and shitting yourself


He’s already in his 80s if I recall correctly.


He just turned 79.


I stand corrected!


Not my intention; you just made me curious, so I looked it up!


Thanks, nevertheless!


His wife has resigned her position… I think Mitch is in trouble…BIGLY


Yep, let the RINO infested GOP leadership nominate his successor (even if it’s a list of three, guarantee you it won’t make a difference which of the three is picked).

Then when it comes time to have an election, the RINO puke has the advantage of incumbency.


I don’t think incumbency is as much of an advantage as it used to be.


I disagree, obviously.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Murkowski got primaried…and won as a write in candidate. Incumbency. Name Recognition.

And she’s a horrid RINO See You Next Tuesday and Joe Biden didn’t win.


Well, alrighty then, LOL. I agree about incumbents and name recognition. It’s still a problem.


I expect that PDJT’s Save America PAC will have its own list of candidates.


If McConnell quits, and (thanks to the passage of the bill in question) it’s now up to some individual to appoint his replacement from a list the GOPE provides, the PAC has nothing to say about it.

Put it in front of voters and that’s another thing, but this is designed to ensure it WON’T go up in front of voters.


I stand corrected! Thanks for that reminder.


GOP is going into preserve mode.


DIM Gov picks replacement atm…

New legislation would allow GOP-controlled KY Legislature to pick – are they Trump Supporters?


Select in McConnell’s image ? (S)


Are you sure that’s what it says?

The original comment was that the Kentucky GOP leadership (or if it should be a dem senator, which right now it isn’t; the Kentucky Democommie leadership) would get to make a short list.

I can’t think of a better way to lock the RINOs into perpetual ownership of that seat.


Tweet by The Intercept says Gov – I posted it, part of Thread…


No, I wasn’t talking about who gets to do it now (it’s the gov…now) but who will get to do it if the bill passes. Not the legislature but rather the KY GOPe leadership.

Rather, they get to make a list. Someone gets to pick from it. But if they get to make the list it doesn’t matter who gets to pick from it.

Last edited 1 year ago by SteveInCO

Just what I was coming here to post.

And, darn! I thought Cameron was a MAGA Conservative … and he might be. however, if he is beholden to Mitch he will vote this way and he is tainted.

SD has a theory about why now …

Others say it could just be his health or his age or the reality that we never know the future with Rand Paul’s attack from his neighbor being a good example.

No matter who replaces him, I will be glad to see him gone as his replacement will not be able to replace his influence in the Senate even if his replacement votes and operates as he does.

However, this makes me wonder who he thinks he is putting in place as his replacement as “leader” in the Senate … ???


Just read the news that youtube deleted President Trump’s cpac speech.
I had it posted on fb so updated it with cspan which has the full speech.


Will fb now delete cspan links? Who knows … smh … so much censorship


My idea of using a copy center to color copy the Seuss books just went down in flames.
Staples is $0.58 a page!!!!!! Ups store is $0.46 a page. Incredible and way over priced.
I just bought ink for my computer for $20.
How do these places make money?


All-in-one scanner/printers are about $300 or so. Of course you’d have to disassemble the book but the color scanned copies are superb. And the color print quality is amazing.

A pack of clear sleeves (one for two pages) and a three ring binder for less than $10 and you’re off to the races.

Staples is the most expensive supply store, courtesy of vulture Mittens.

Last edited 1 year ago by pgroup2

Ive just done 2 books here at home. I cant take the books apart but the copies are the best im going to get. Its slower going but its a copy!
We cannot go inside the library here still. I had to order online and can pick up at the door, otherwise the copies in the library are cheap.
I think ill look at just the sleeves. That a good budget idea.
There is a teacher supply store with a laminating machine that ill check on cost also.


If you have an iphone you can photograph the pages and use it to clean up, send to printer


No maam. Android. The copies are ok so far. Digital would be nice but ill take what I get.


You actually get pretty good scans if you always keep the spine away from the lid’s hinge (which makes half the scans upside-down).

In Linux, there are utilities for flipping pdfs (or rotating), and also for combining multiple pdf’s into one large pdf.

JW in Germany

We normally sell our DocuMovies, but we are allowing the world to stream Brainwashed America, Part One for FREE because of the serious threats facing America.

We must inform the American people of the ultimate weapon of disinformation, information operations, psychological warfare or what is commonly called, ‘brainwashing.’

Great documovie!

Last edited 1 year ago by JW in Germany

Many thanks. I love the Qtreepers.

JW in Germany

Always for you GT!


Just when we are learning the facts about facial recognition we learn that China has emotional recognition tech. Horrifying. What will the come up with next?


Wow…mood ring in camera mode


Wonder if the FBI used it to sort out people in the crowed on the Jan 6?


The stuff of nightmares is becoming reality.


Anal prints.


OMG. 😂😂😂


Via instapundit

EBAY BANNING SALES OF NOW-FORBIDDEN DR. SEUSS BOOKS. This isn’t normal or reasonable and don’t let them gaslight you into thinking it is. This is warped and un-American and the people pushing it should be ashamed


The Planning Commission of Fairfax County, Virginia is currently weighing a plan to limit the size of flags that homeowners may flag to 24 square feet, lower the maximum height of flagpoles to 25 feet, and set a limit of 2 flags.

On February 10th, zoning administrator Leslie Johnson said that her agency came up with the plan because the county believes that it may not treat the American flag differently from banners displaying political opinions. She said that “somebody may want to fly the Confederate flag, the American flag, the QAnon flag.” Johnson continued by admitting that they do not get a lot of complaints on the issue, but that they would be “remiss if we didn’t at least look at this and put some kind of regulation.”

Adriene Whyte, a resident of the county, said that it seems like a solution “in search of a problem.”

Certainly can’t have people let their freak flags fly..Trump flags,Gadsen, POW/MIA, Thin Blue Line. Flags painted on barns ? Flags cut into fields?


What is a ‘Q Anon flag’?


hahaha good question. There are Q flags but qanon..If there is I’ve never seen one




H the K:

Kissinger: Biden Must Uphold Trump Admin’s ‘Brilliant’ Success in the Middle East

Henry Kissinger said President Joe Biden should uphold the “brilliant” realignment in Middle Eastern politics achieved under the Trump administration during a Tuesday event.

Kissinger praised the Trump administration’s diplomatic corps for its strategy of pitting major Sunni Muslim countries in the Middle East against Iran. The strategy, Kissinger said, served to isolate Tehran and opened the door to a new approach to Middle Eastern foreign policy that advances American interests.

“I think that one of the great successes of the previous administration [past 4 DECADES] was … that they had achieved two things in the Middle East.… One, to separate the Palestinian problem from all of the other problems so that it did not become a veto over everything else – and secondly, of lining up the Sunni states in actual or potential combination against the Shiite states.… I think that this was a brilliant concept. We were just at the beginning of it.…” 

The Biden administration has shown little interest in heeding Kissinger’s advice…

Last edited 1 year ago by yucki

Kissinger is part of the Cabal………………….


Even a stopped clock is accurate…


Yes, twice a day… just commenting on Kissinger.


Obviously Kissenger hadn’t checked in with the cabal when he made the comment. Expect a modifying statement soon followed by news of his untimely demise.


Untimely? The guy’s a f’ing dinosaur. Way past his sell-by date.


He’s sharp as a tack.


It’s unlikely H the K is close to this cabal.
They’re just too clumsy.


Even a stopped clock is accurate twice a day.
He’s right here. Arabs follow the Strong Horse.

The cabal occupying the WH is intentionally causing the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia to lose FACE. Slights that appear trivial to Western observers have played big in the region. They continue, day after day.

Remember in 2009, it was 0’s speech in Cairo that precipitated the fall of Mubarak, our ally for thirty years. That was the signal to the MB waiting in the wings. The counterpart in the Gulf is poised to pounce on the KSA. The ensuing havoc would not be contained in the Sandbox this time. Not by a long shot.

(I’m not crazy about any of these critters, personally, but…) 

Our President created an image for MbS that would sell here. The most brilliant PR in the world, his own masterpiece. Right down to a team in Riyadh “leaking” tidbits to social influencers popular with conservatives.

Why? This one is the LEAST unfriendly. The LEAST contaminated by the MB that’s infiltrated every institution in THIS country. He’s also popular at home, a different image altogether.

PTrump set the table for the best possible game from Day 1, his top priority. A Strong Horse, a winning team of “moderate” Sunnis, i.e. NOT political Islamists.

Kissenger sees this, Netanyahu and al-Sisi see this.

That’s why MB operatives set up the Khashoggi info op in 2018. To upset PT’s table and set the world on fire. 

MbS is guided by the much more savvy ruler of the UAE. If these guys see themselves losing too much FACE, if their domestic position as the Strong Horse seems to be faltering, they’ll think the Shah, Mubarak, Ghadafi. 

And they’ll say hello Mr. Putin, hello Mr. Xi.


Khaled Abu Toameh:

  • The Biden administration, some Arab writers have said, “has adopted a policy of “antagonizing allies while appeasing enemies.”
  • [Syrian journalist Abduljalil] Alsaeid said he believed that former Obama administration officials, who are now part of the Biden administration, are intentionally trying to damage US-Saudi relations.
  • “The Obama wing inside the ruling Democratic Party accepts the Iranian regime and turns a blind eye to Iran’s terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon.” — Abduljalil Alsaeid, Syrian journalist, Al-Ain, March 2, 2021.
  • “President Biden has the right to talk about America’s democratic values, but why have these values ​​not been expanded to hold Hezbollah accountable for …[blah,blah]
  • The Biden administration was “rewarding Iranian despotism while punishing Saudi Arabia.” — Emad El Din Adeeb, a prominent Egyptian businessman and famous political television show host, elsharkonline com, March 3, 2021.
  • The Biden administration was dealing harshly with Riyadh “because of one crime, the killing of Khashoggi, while rehabilitating Tehran, which has carried out a million crimes worse than Khashoggi’s crime.” — Emad El Din Adeeb,, March 3, 2021.
  • Adeeb pointed out that Iran was continuing with its human rights violations while Saudi Arabia has in recent years embarked on large-scale reforms.
  • According to al-Sawafi, the release of the report on the slain Saudi journalist was a SIGN that the Biden administration “stands against the aspirations of the Saudi and Gulf people in achieving reform and stability.…
  • The last three years of the Obama presidency were “catastrophic in every sense of this word,” al-Harthi said. “Will Biden fall into the same trap? Washington’s standing declined during the Obama presidency. Will Biden repeat Obama’s fatal mistakes? The US dealings at the time with regional issues were a source of ridicule, as Washington delivered Iraq and Afghanistan on a golden platter to Iran and supported the Muslim Brotherhood.” — Zuhair Al-Harthi, Al-Arabiya, February 27, 2021.


Terrific background by Eli Lake on what was going on behind the scenes in our {spit} intelligence agencies:

New Report On Khashoggi Murder Is a Dud, Official Warns

Assessments targeting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman offer no proof, are instead “an abuse of the intelligence community’s power”

So why would the Biden administration throw a wrench in the U.S.-Saudi relationship? One answer is that the administration wishes to distance the United States from Saudi Arabia. Strategically, the administration’s announced intention to draw closer to Iran by reentering a 2015 nuclear deal necessarily means widening the distance between America and the Saudis—who fear and loathe the Iranian regime with whom they are currently fighting a proxy war in Yemen.

“The release of the assessment came after the Biden administration announced that it would stop supplying arms to Saudi allies in Yemen and would no longer list their Houthi opponents as terrorists. 

“From the CIA’s perspective, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman humiliated the agency in 2017 when he named MBS his heir. The agency had a long and fruitful relationship with Muhammad bin Nayef, who was crown prince from 2015 to 2017 [John “Abdul” BRENNAN’s pick of the litter].

“When MBS was named as crown prince, bin Nayef was stripped of his titles and government duties. MBS, in an effort to consolidate his power, then targeted bin Nayef and other rivals to the throne, seizing his bank accounts in 2017 and last year ordering his arrest—greatly diminishing the CIA’s influence networks within the kingdom…”


Kayleigh McEnany Jabs Jen Psaki: I Never Had To ‘Circle Back’
MARCH 4, 2021 AT 1:12PM

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took a jab at her successor Jen Psaki, saying she didn’t need to do a “ton of circling back” with reporters because she did a lot of research and had access to her boss.

McEnany, who was recently announced as a Fox News contributor, made the comments during an interview with “Fox & Friends.” 

And while she said she wishes President Biden’s press secretary well, there was certainly an unmistakable air of reasoning on why McEnany was more forthright with answers during her tenure at the White House.

“I wish Jen Psaki all the best, it is a very hard job,” McEnany said. “But that being said, we took great pains in our administration to do hours and hours of research beforehand, days sometimes.”

She proceeded to note that President Trump was far more accessible than Biden, who seems to be kept under wraps.

“I always knew where my boss stood. Unlike other press secretaries who maybe didn’t have walk-in privileges, I could walk in at any time,” she boasted.

“I always knew where his head was at, so I didn’t have to a ton of circling back because President Trump gave a lot of access to me.”

[See Video at Link]

Gail Combs

Well the Green New Deal is now up as a bill 😫 

The Green New Deal Bill:

….The CLEAN Future Act would achieve net zero greenhouse gas pollution no later than 2050, with an interim target of reducing pollution by 50 percent from 2005 levels no later than 2030. The targets come from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has said we must cut carbon pollution to net zero by 2050 to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change….

♫♪ 1700s here I come,
Right back where we started from,
Where babies and oldsters starve in the sun,
Each morning at dawning serfs are planting everything.
Overseer screams “Don’t be late.”
That’s why I can hardly wait,
So hurry-up and pass that bill, 1700s here I COME!


The only thing I can think of is to demand a ‘PROOF of CONCEPT’

Bernie ran a poll a decade or so ago showing Vermont was all for Green Energy, I think we should use Vermont. (ALL the counties voted Democrat too.)

  • Move all the Academics and the teens who BELIEVE to Vermont and have them SHOW US how this new economic model will work.
  • NO CO2 producing energy.
  • No Co2 manufacture or food growing
  • No importing of Non-green products. In fact shut down ALL rail, air traffic and roads.

Then open her up in 5 years and we will see what they have come up with.

Shall we start a campaign to get this idea of a ‘Proof of Concept’ to our Congress Critters?
How do we make it go viral?

After the incredible failure of Texas Green energy policies, I think we have the RIGHT to ask for ‘Proof of Concept’ just like we insist the medicines are tested before being released to the public..


Welcome back.


No text to the bill as of yet. Likely sometime next week.

Scary. Since there is no crisis and America’s health and welfare will likely be put at risk with the passage of whatever the heck is in this thing.

H.R.1512 – To build a clean and prosperous future by addressing the climate crisis, protecting the health and welfare of all Americans, and putting the Nation on the path to a net-zero greenhouse gas economy by 2050, and for other purposes.

“Bills are generally sent to the Library of Congress from GPO, the Government Publishing Office, a day or two after they are introduced on the floor of the House or Senate. Delays can occur when there are a large number of bills to prepare or when a very large bill has to be printed.”

Last edited 1 year ago by para59r

Nice to see you  😀 


OMG! You’re still with us!

I have to call the WH and tell them their troubles are NOT over.


Very happy and relieved to see you back.


👋 👋 👋
🤗 🤩 🤗 🥰 💝


Great to see you, Gail! Hope all is well.


Wow. Looks as if J H Kunstler, a sceptical Dem at the moment, could be right after all.

He predicted a dystopia many years ago and still has his website up and running. He has also written about a time similar to what is described in the Biden administration plan.

I would give the address but it includes a four-letter word, so here’s a somewhat less offensive route in:

Last edited 1 year ago by churchmouse

You’ve been in my thoughts Gail.
Nice to see your 24K Gold commentary again. 🙂


You need to produce a note from your Mommy to explain your absence.


SSGQ Channel, [04.03.21 14:39]
[Forwarded from Police frequency]

Biden’s US-Mexico border pullback creating ‘roads for the cartels,’ Arizona sheriff says (

The U.S.-Mexico border region in Arizona is becoming less secure since President Biden took office, a sheriff is alleging, according to a report.

“We just built roads for the cartels,” Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said, according to the Washington Times.

Dannels explained that by halting work on the border wall championed by former President Donald Trump, the Biden administration has left intact the high-speed roads that were built to help Border Patrol agents manage the region – but is failing to follow through with the barrier that was planned to keep illegal immigrants and smugglers of humans and drugs out of the U.S.


Kos tries to deny that anyone is cancelling Dr. Seuss . . . or even that cancel culture is a real thing


Dr. Seuss’s work has faced increasing scrutiny over the years, but not because anyone is trying to cancel the cartoonist’s work.

Meanwhile, eBay removes listings of Dr. Seuss:


Online retailer eBay is removing several Dr. Seuss books from its website that are no longer being published.

A spokeswoman for the website told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that it would no longer be allowing sellers to list six books that have been deemed by Dr. Seuss Enterprises, the company that preserves Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel’s legacy, as containing racially insensitive imagery.

“At eBay, we have a strict policy against hate and discrimination to ensure our platform remains a safe, trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of buyers and sellers,” eBay Corporate Communications Specialist Parmita Choudhury said. “We’re currently sweeping our marketplace to remove these items. It can take some time to review all existing listings and provide education to impacted users. We’re also monitoring the newly published list to be reviewed.”

Meanwhile, other well known offensive books continue to be sold on eBay:

eBay cancels Dr. Seuss books as ‘offensive material’
But internet auction giant still offers Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’
Bob Unruh By Bob Unruh
Published March 4, 2021 at 3:12pm

And don’t forget – Dr. Seuss books were explicitly removed from the Read Across America program in the Virginia School System . . .

While Universal Orlando virtue signals to the Twitter mob:

Universal Orlando ‘evaluating’ Dr. Seuss attractions
by Haley Victory Smith, Breaking News Reporter |  | March 03, 2021 01:36 PM
 | Updated Mar 03, 2021, 02:08 PM

So much for the notion that “cancel culture” is some kind of urban legend
comment image


This Dr. Suess business has to be the “Look Squirrel” event they need to pass all these atrocious bills they have currently lined up.


Yeah that pretty much sums up my thoughts on it.

That said, the left needs to own it. “You made this mess.”


Apropos of nothing at all, but I’ve been getting a ton of spam calls (like over ten apiece) from three numbers (and they usually don’t repeat the same number)

(202) 949-6988
(202) 967-1831
(855) 421-4712

These people need to get a life.


202 is a D.C. area code.


Yeah, so I wonder if some GOPe pukes are trying to get through.

I can’t get any specific info about this from the usual online “who called me” sites.


I do not answer my calls and if it is important it can go into my voice mail.
Sorry you get spammed like that also.


Little known fact – customers can get ‘spoof’ numbers that show on Caller ID. Why the phone companies allow this is beyond my understanding since I cannot see a legitimate purpose for it.


Oh, yeah, the overwhelming majority of numbers are totally bogus. Which is why this is so unusual; generally they don’t use the same number even twice.

I know at least at one point there was a guy who would set up a fly-by night telephone company, and some shell company (likely also him) in Belize would contract with them. Robocallers would then call through those numbers, and he made money even if no one answered. How? Because when a number shows up on caller ID, the company that owns that number is entitled to something called a “dip fee”, which I think is 3/4 of a cent (or 3/40ths, I don’t remember). So he was happy to have the robocallers make a ton of callers using his phone numbers. He probably WAS the robocaller, actually, via some corporate gimcrackery.

Of course the FCC fined him six figures, he declared bankruptcy and didn’t have to pay a dime…then off to the next scam.

I’d love to pass a law that says “one million counts of a misdemeanor=death penalty.”


Actually there’s a semi-legit purpose, but it’s within such a small circle (physically) it should be allowed there and no where else.

Companies with a bunch of phones in them want every call out to appear as though it’s from their main number, rather than giving out the direct dial number if the person calling. For example when I get calls from my customer’s facility they all appear to come from the main number; when I answer I find out who it is (and often already know their real number, but that’s beside the point).

Companies get very, very unhappy when people talk about tightening things up so numbers can’t be spoofed.

Last edited 1 year ago by SteveInCO
Deplorable Patriot



Looks like an escort for someone who is still very high profile and under constant threats.


Florida ia doing a good job protecting a former President?

Deplorable Patriot

Florida may have provided some of the police, but they didn’t arrange it.


Psaki says Biden’s “Neanderthal” comments reflect “his frustration and exasperation” with governors who aren’t listening to public health experts

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 4, 2021

Texas Governor Abbott to Biden: Don’t Tell Me Not To Open the State When You’re Flooding Texas With Covid-Positive Illegal Aliens—Ace

circle jerk gotta be getting tired of those reach arounds


Create Fake Narrative around Buffalo Jump
Defund the Police
Hype fake narrative about looming activity
Create False Flag
Blame the political opposition
Put the jack book to anyone they like
Crush the Tea Party and MAGA once and for all

Democrats Spread 2nd ‘Insurrection’ Threat Hoping To Add Credibility To “Extremist Trump Supporters

Democrats quaking in their boots and slippers at home, rather than behind a razor-edged fence in the Capitol and a 10,000-member strong National Guard presence, need the masses to believe that they were at risk from another Jan. 6, 2021 type breach of the Capitol today.

The Dems desperately need folk to believe this spin mainly because they have to somehow come up with more credence for the misleading spectre that over-zealous Donald Trump supporters sent them fleeing in fear from their offices on what they repeatedly call ‘Insurrection’ Day.

This is the gist of the story they’re telling through the media for what they expect to happen between today and March 6: ‘The deplorables are coming for us a second time, so we’re not going to be on duty at Congress today.’

. . . Meanwhile, the plain truth is that the Democrats and the media have been “perpetuating the big lie and other disinformation” ever since Election Night, Nov. 3, 2020.

. . . MORE . . .


Need to ridicule them relentlessly for this. Hiding under the bed wetting themselves memes. 😂


House Cancels Votes in Make-Believe Fear

Like COVID-19, the Capitol Riot was too helpful to the liberal establishment ever to let go. That’s why we are subjected to this political theater of the absurd:

House leadership announced that it would adjourn legislative business for the week on March 3, after Capitol Police announced that a militia group possibly posed a threat to the Capitol’s security on March 4. The Senate will still be in session.

The impending right-wing terrorist attack on the Capitol apparently poses no risk to the Senate.

The cancellation comes after Capitol Police announced that it would increase security around the Capitol building following reports of a possible threat on March 4. The Capitol Police received intelligence that a militia group, which it did not name, was possibly plotting actions against the Capitol.

The so-called intelligence likely consisted of a drunken tweet.

“It’s unclear why the House decided to cancel votes when the Senate plans to be in session all day and voting in the Capitol all day tomorrow,” a senior Republican Senate aide told the Daily Caller.

Sure it’s clear why. Legislators have to give the media something to work with. It is important to create the absurd impression that the country is under siege by fascist terrorists, requiring draconian restrictions of our freedoms.

Why today?

March 4 is a day considered important by some QAnon conspiracy theorists. Followers of the conspiracy theory believe that former President Donald Trump will be sworn into his second term of office on March 4, since presidents were inaugurated on March 4 before Franklin Roosevelt’s second inauguration in 1937, according to USA Today.

With such a serious threat hanging over the nation, it is surprising they don’t declare martial law.

The Capitol Riot occurred because a scandalous lack of security permitted a handful of deranged yahoos to trespass and make fools of themselves. Now a high fence topped with razor wire protects the Capitol. The building is defended by 5,200 National Guard troops.

There is zero chance that QAnon conspiracy theorists will storm the Capitol and install Donald Trump as dictator. But there is every chance that Democrats and the media will exploit the farcical occurrence on January 6 for years to come.

Deplorable Patriot

“Like COVID-19, the Capitol Riot was too helpful to the liberal establishment ever to let go. ”

There is a good point here.


All this for a LARP?🙄

Deplorable Patriot

No $#!+.


Wouldn’t you think that the greatest intel organizations in the world would have Q solved by now? Some plausible explanation for who or what creates those posts.


Probably. And if they don’t talk about it, it’s probably b/c they realize it is in their NATSEC interest to NOT talk about.


That’s why they (media) never ever talk about Q. They only talk about q anon who can be anyone, anyone that they can manufacture as a prop for their narrative.
They don’t want to delve into Q because then the real questions AND answers begin that are too dicey to explain.


If this had passed, it would have turned High Schools from leftist indoctrination centers to political activist fronts. No learning would be possible because High Schools would be pumped for votes – just like the left does on college campuses today.

But for the left, tomorrow’s another day . . .

Amendment to lower voting age to 16 fails, despite majority of Democrats supporting
by Peter Heck · Mar 4th, 2021 8:41 am

The House of Representatives voted down an amendment offered by Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) that sought to lower the voting age in the United States to 16. Though the final vote tally was 125-302, a majority of House Democrats voted in favor of the legislation, 125-93.

Speaking in favor of her amendment, Pressley argued that 16-year-olds now had the maturity necessary to justify voting rights.

“A sixteen-year-old in 2021 possesses a wisdom and a maturity that comes from 2021 challenges, 2021 hardships, and 2021 threats,” Pressley said. “Now is the time for us to demonstrate the courage that matches the challenges of the modern-day sixteen- and seventeen-year-old.”

Pressley has pressed this case before, telling anti-racism activist and author Ibram X. Kendi in a Facebook Live conversation that she was “shocked” that her idea engendered so much opposition.

“Our young people deserve to have a stakeholder in our democracy,” she said to Kendi.
Even though the federal legislation failed, some states like Hawaii have introduced their own bills to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 within their own jurisdiction.


I’m surprised it didn’t pass. I guess there are a few Dems with a small modicum of sense in the House.


My personal take is they should raise the voting age to thirty, unless you are a property owner or military personnel. Even then, the age should be twenty-five. People need some life experience and preferably a dog in the hunt before they are deciding the future of the country.

I’m sure this won’t be a popular position, but the Founders didn’t let just anyone vote, and I don’t think we should, either.


IIRC there used to be state by state age requirements of 21 years, and of course early on there were requirements to be a male and a landowner (ie, shouldering responsibility).

The left wants to expand voting to any and all manipulable demographic groups. If they could get 8 year olds to vote they would. Not to mention illegal aliens, and the deceased.

The only people the left doesn’t want to vote are Republicans and unborn babies.


Howie Carr was discussing this today and ran a listener poll on it.

He would definitely agree with you.

Personally, I would move it back to 21.

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I’m not even fond of giving people citizenship (and hence a vote) just because they’re born here. For similar reasons.

Both your reform and mine would require constitutional amendment(s).


Don’t fret, it’s not over yet, there’s already another attempt in the pipeline.  :wpds_envy:   :wpds_evil: 


Company responsible for designing CPAC stage is owned by a “very liberal” woman
 by Jenny Mount · Mar 3rd, 2021 4:09 pm

Liberals are claiming that the stage used at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) resembled German Nazi symbols, even though the stage was actually designed by a liberal President Biden supporter.

The Maryland-based company that designed the stage for the CPAC has also designed stages for Biden. The design company, Design Foundry, said the stage was made to make the best use of the conference space.

Design Foundry said it “had no idea that the design resembled any symbol, nor was there any intention to create something that did.”

Journalist Yashar Ali claims that Design Foundry has worked with Biden and that its owner is “very liberal.”

“I know Design Foundry because they handle design for many events in DC for companies like MSNBC & Target. They oversaw the design for the Biden Cancer Summit in 2018. The owner, Annie, is very liberal and was so excited for Biden’s victory. Great work conspiracy theorists,” Ali said.

CPAC has said that it will no longer work with Design Foundry.

“It’s clear that the company we retained designed a stage that has become an unwelcome distraction. As a result, we will not be using that company’s services going forward at future events,” said Director of Communications for the ACU and CPAC Ian Walters.


Good – they can just as easily use a company owned by conservatives


Here is a perfect example of what Andrew Torba and I myself have been advocating:


Check out the political position of a company before you use them for ANYTHING.

Why support people who hate and despise you?


“Why support people who hate and despise you?”

Because you are CPAC Big Club Conservatives and haven’t needed to think through these issues yet 😉


Goya, Whole Foods, and Forbes: Companies that refuse to bow to cancel culture
by Joseph Simonson, Political Reporter |  | March 04, 2021 07:00 AM

Seemingly every day, the world’s biggest corporations dramatically announce a change to their business practices, product offerings, or marketing strategies because a vocal few on the Left create a fuss.

Whether it’s demands for users to play as transgender children in the latest Harry Potter video game or forcing white employees to undergo internal human resource struggle sessions, the marketplace increasingly appears to operate at the mercy of the allegedly offended.

But some in the business community have had enough and continue standing athwart the outraged, yelling “enough.”

. . .

Goya Foods
Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods
Forbes Magazine
Hyatt Hotels


How the Woke Stole Childhood
The campaign against Theodor Geisel takes cancel culture to new lows.
Steven Malanga
March 3, 2021


The Library, [04.03.21 16:23]

We have listed the previous 5 months of our “Monthly Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens” reports below.

We were able to document a total of 94 illegal aliens who committed 596 separate acts of child rape/child sexual assault on the children of North Carolina.

With the current administration policies in DC, it will only get worse.

Each link below takes you to a separate monthly report however, if you wish to view all of our monthly reports since 2013, please visit our website at

(We are constantly asked “How do you know they are illegal aliens?”. The answer to that is, we personally contact the arresting agency and ask; as arrest records are public information in NC.)

2021 Monthly Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens
February 2021 – 33 illegal aliens arrested for 100 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC   here
January 2021 – 17 illegal aliens arrested for 55 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC   here
2020 Monthly Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens
December 2020 – 21 illegal aliens arrested for 379 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC   here
November 2020 – 8 illegal aliens arrested for 23 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC   here
October 2020 – 15 illegal aliens arrested for 39 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC   here




“reparations scam?”

Fixed it for you 😉


X22Report Official

General Flynn: “…understand what’s about to happen. It ain’t happening on March 4th. It’s gonna happen over a period of time… “ 😎


Flynn definitely being careful in his wording to not let anyone know what he thinks is going to happen.


As he should be, right Michael? But… he didn’t have to say anything. I’m inclined to think he did so as to keep us “holding the line” … which I am doing and will con’t to do…

Deplorable Patriot

All of the hopium sorts worth their salt are careful that way.


Well well well.

Legislation informally referred to as the Daniel Cameron Election Bill is moving through the Kentucky General Assembly.
Nick StormNick Storm
March 4 2021, 5:00 a.m.

SENATE MINORITY LEADER Mitch McConnell has compiled a short list of successors in his home state of Kentucky, preparing for the possibility that he does not serve out his full term, Kentucky Republicans tell The Intercept.

The list is topped by his protégé, state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, and also includes former United Nations Ambassador Kelly Craft, whose billionaire coal magnate husband is a major McConnell donor, as well as Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a former McConnell Scholar.

Under current law, the power to appoint McConnell’s replacement falls to Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. But new legislation McConnell is pushing in the Kentucky General Assembly would strip the governor of that power and put it into the hands of the state GOP. 

SD notes: “following the election, the business model of selling votes is no longer as lucrative.”

Yeah it’s kinda hard to sell votes when the Senate is this close to being permanently rigged.


Did you post this at Marica’s? They will certainly be interested.


Just did 😉

I try not to mess with the SNR at Marica’s place too much.

[For the engineers here, that would actually be “NSR” 😉 as in, allow the girls to have their girl talk . . . ]


Michael! You know they always love to hear from you! They ain’t those new-fangled man-hating womyn.


Eric Metaxas Reads His Own Dr. Seuss Parody Which Addresses The Nonsense Of The Cancel Culture

September 11, 2017

As I walked to the bus stop one morning last May
at the loveliest hour of a perfect spring day
I was bursting with joy, so I followed my feet
and I took a long shortcut past Mulberry Street.

But something (I couldn’t say what) gave me pause…
If I had to say what I’d’ve said “just because!”
— But O! What a big mammaluc’ that I was!

‘Cause I didn’t turn back, I still followed my feet
Till I came to the sign that reads Mulberry Street.
And I spoke to a grizzled oldtimer named “Pops”
(whose job was to keep a sharp lookout for cops.)

He told me I shouldn’t be seen there that day!
If I knew what was good I’d stay out of the way!
— but just as I started to go, who’d I meet?
But the capo of capos on Mulberry Street!

. . . LOL, MOAR!!! . . .


YouTube Deletes All Copies of President Trump’s CPAC Speech, Suspends RSBN for Two Weeks
By Kristinn Taylor
Published March 4, 2021 at 12:21pm

YouTube has deleted all copies of President Trump’s speech to CPAC given last Sunday in Orlando and has suspended the account of Right Side Broadcasting Network for two weeks as apparent punishment for live streaming the speech in which Trump reiterated his belief the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

YouTube took down videos from mainstream outlets including the U.K. Independent which had over one million views as well as Fox, Fox Business, ABC News and the U.K. Sun. A search of YouTube that earlier this week showed several channels with archived live streams of the speech now shows all archived live streams have been taken down.

. . . While hard to find on Twitter, a Periscope feed survives as of now:


All the lefty scum were JEALOUS – because Trump’s speech on RSBN had nearly 4 MILLION VIEWS!!!


Dr. Seuss was target before ‘Cancel Culture’ caught upThursday, March 4, 2021 | Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl (

The warning is out for anyone not listening: The so-called “Cancel Culture” that claimed Dr. Seuss as its latest trophy will never, ever be satisfied because white supremacists are supposedly hiding everywhere, not just on Mulberry Street.

Confronted over art work that depicts racial stereotypes, Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced March 2 it was ceasing publication of six books: And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry StreetIf I Ran the Zoo; McElligot’s Pool; On Beyond Zebra!; Scrambled Eggs Super!; and The Cat’s Quizzer

“These books,” the statement reads, “portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong.”
Those images range from a “Chinese man who eats with sticks” in Mulberry Street, the very first children’s book, to shirtless, shoeless African tribesmen depicted in If I Ran the Zoo, published in 1950.

The announcement was published this week on the birthday of the author, Theodore Seuss Geisel.

Although most of the public never equated Dr. Seuss with racism, Geisel’s legacy has been in trouble for years. His books have been denounced by left-wing academia for decades over the racial stereotyping and now, more recently, that criticism was gaining speed as academia embraced and taught Critical Race Theory, and everywhere from colleges to corporations are instructing white employees to admit their “white privilege” and acknowledge “systemic racism.”

“In Dr. Seuss’ books,” a children’s literature professor told NBC News, “we have a kind of sensibility which is oriented toward centering the white child and decentering everyone else.”

“There’s no stopping point for these people. They are totally insane,” Dr. Carol Swain, responding to the controversy, told Fox News this week.

Swain made her comments at approximately the same time online retailer eBay, citing the Enterprise announcement, announced it was forcing online sellers to drop the sale of the six books. That decision only added fire to accusations of a “Cancel Culture” that goes on and on.

Swain, a black professor whose conservative views were unwelcomed at Vanderbilt University, went on to warn that no white author is “truly safe” from “social justice warriors” who see racism everywhere.

In a fate similar to Dr. Seuss, in fact, public school districts across the U.S. have run from the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird in recent years. The depiction of Jim Crow-era racism made the Pulitzer-winning book an enemy of English teachers and school boards despite Atticus Finch defending Tom Robinson, and despite Harper Lee’s overt theme of racial equality.

Little House on the Prairie and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn have suffered the safe fate, and even Uncle Tom’s Cabin — credited by Abraham Lincoln for awakening the North to the evils of slavery — has also been banned by some schools for its depictions of racism.
Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation of Virginia tells One News Now the cancellation of Dr. Seuss has one benefit: Parents who have learned about left-wing school curriculum during COVID-mandated shutdowns are witnessing how school leaders view the popular Dr. Seuss books.

“They’re obsessed with race,” Swain said of Dr. Seuss’s detractors, “and they are the true racists.”


The most likely motivation behind a typical ‘Cancel Culture’ activist is…(Choose up to two)
Marxism disguised as equality
 40.98% (109 votes)
Blind to any other viewpoint
 21.05% (56 votes)
Anger birthed on college campus
 16.17% (43 votes)
Racism masked by a PhD
 8.65% (23 votes)
Hate hiding behind hashtags
 6.77% (18 votes)
Grift that relies on white guilt
 6.38% (17 votes)
Total Votes: 266


Each time the cancel culture gets a win they build on that to take another win if it is book, person, business they do not care. They are blackmailing a society you do this and we show you by doing that. They are on a power trip but someone is behind that just as someone is behind Antifa.


X22 Report Official, [04.03.21 16:39]
[Forwarded from Breaking911]

LIVESTREAM: Vote on Biden’s massive $1.9T ‘COVID relief’ bill will be delayed for hours after GOP Senator Ron Johnson demanded the 700-page bill to be read aloud.


Good for Ron Johnson because in the past to many senators voted without reading what they vote on.


This is a primary I have been waiting for since 2010!!!

I will FIND time to personally get involved as 2010 was dirty pool and Mitch welcomed her back with open arms after stabbing the GOP voters in the back. Was 1 of my firt wake ups that someone should get involved in the GOP parties to make sure the primaries were fairly operated & won.

Then 2012 with Paul (who I did not support but saw how unfairly he was treated in many state primaries) and 2014 in Miss.

Then, by 2015/16 I had finally figured out that there was no “they” or “someone” who ought to do something about it. The “they” was me, was us, was all of the GOP voters. Up to us to be the GOP and make sure the primaries are fair.

But you were all reading SD at OT for all of those years, watcing the same primaries along with me & all of the other OT readers and realizing this same things.

And I am just itchin’ for this one to get started!!!