DEAR KAG: 2021-03-05 Freeman Edition

“Oh thus be it ever when freemen shall stand

Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation;

Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land

Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust!’

O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!”

Francis Scott Key

Welcome to Wolf’s Pub! It’s Freemen Friday and today we fight.

They aren’t going to win. They think Might makes Right.

“Let us have faith that right makes might; and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

Abraham Lincoln

The globalists and communists picked a fight with the Real America this time around. They have gone all in. It’s winner take all. But we are freemen and we hold the lantern of liberty aloft.

Remember us? We love our homes, we are loath to fight unless forced to it, we HATE having our blood and treasure spilled in foreign lands. We HATE cancel culture. We HATE that they seek to divide us, that they tax us without representing us. We just wanted to be left alone to pursue our lives, our liberty, and our happiness.

We’ve been patient. We’ve put up with a “Long Train of Abuses and Usurpations” from enemies foreign and domestic. We know that the communists and globalists within our own government spy on us— sovereign citizens of these United States; that they are making an enemies list of American citizens who support President Trump. That they mean to makes us afraid and keep us cowering in our homes.

We know that they have sold out to China and other foreign nations for filthy lucre; that they do not honor their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They have installed a senile old pervert in the White House, which shows their contempt for this great nation and its people.

They are comfortable in their positions of power. They probably even feel justified in all they have done to destroy our great republic. Theirs is a “high and lonely destiny” to quote Uncle Andrew in The Magician’s Nephew, a book I highly recommend to any of them left with a modicum of conscience.

But I also know this: evil ideologies and those who carry them out always lose in the end. I don’t know what, when, where, or how, but I do know that evil has a limited lifespan and it will be defeated. It is inherently self-destructive.

Wild bergamot is the herb that is the featured image above. I was out in my garden yesterday and noticed that the bergamot was peeking through the dead growth from last year. The Dark Winter we went through did not kill it. It is coming back thicker than ever. And so will America.

And I further know that it will be God who defeats this evil that bedevils our nation. He will use Gideon’s three hundred, but it will be God to whom the glory belongs. Glory to God in the highest!

House Rules

Before we go further, visit here to review the Rules. No friendly fire. We’re gonna stick together like glue, even when we disagree. Disagreements allowed, just keep it civil and buy each other a drink. You can catch more bees with honey than vinegar. Brawling only allowed at the UTree.

Speaking of drinks, today’s special is Jack Daniels, that iconic American bourbon.

Here is a video featuring patriotic drinks made with Jack Daniels whiskey. Scrumptious!

If you peruse the Jack Daniels website you will see that its history involves slavery. But we don’t cancel our history, we learn from it.

Battle Plans

“Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.”

James Madison

I’ve noticed that alternative media is on the rise and beginning to come into its own. Important that we visit and support and SHARE WITH OTHERS. I’m compiling a list of these alternative sites and I’m going to share them with friends. So many of our fellow citizens continue to be stuck in the loop of the propaganda MSM.

Let us help free them with the help of a truly FREE PRESS.

I’m even thinking about printing up small cards with all these websites on them to pass out to people, to put on public bulletin boards and wherever they might do good. I guess I’m getting stuck on the “Kilroy was here” tactic. It was immensely successful.

Tools of the Trade for Patriots

Here’s some of my favorites. Please add your own in the comments, as I know I’ve missed a lot. The more we undercut the reach of the Fake News Media with true news and information, the faster we own them. And they will be ours. Oh yes, they will be ours.




War Room Pandemic

Revolver News

The Epoch Times

America’s Voice News

National File

Populist Press

Social Media






Defending the Republic

The Precinct Project

Look Ahead America

Scott Presler

The Green Papers

Navarro Report

Lindell TV

Uncover DC


Fight Back

Sidney Powell


Save America PAC

Defending the Republic PAC

Support Our Own

Lin Wood, who has the Fight Back law website, is under attack (see here) for sharing a transcript of some pretty heavy stuff by a whistleblower. The communist/globalist cabal is going to try and commit lawfare on him. Let’s show them that we support and seek to protect our own. God keep you and bless you and make His face to shine upon you, Mr. Wood!

Monday was the anniversary of the great culture warrior Andrew Breitbart’s death. Twitter, in a fit of spite, took his account’s blue checkmark away the other day. He is still getting to them. Oh, it must give him a great sense of satisfaction to know that!

We have all seen this short video of Andrew. See that steel in his eyes? Yeah, that’s the Real America. That’s the America they will never defeat. We will never give in. We will never give up. We will win.


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OK, the Utree was mentioned, so….

There is a bearded Spock version of this site at . This site is supposed to be civil, supportive, and respectful. If you want to put someone in the Agonizer, shiv them in the back, or meddle with their StarFleet Personnel records, there is ample opportunity to do so over there.

That said, there is an official “rescue” thread at the Utree in case you become accidentally disassociated with the Qtree. This is not for being banned or stomping off in a huff (or a minute and a huff, for that matter), this is for when you wake up some morning and none of the clever things that you normally do to read/comment at qtree are working….

And, as our Fearless Leader tells us: “Likewise, The U Tree is a great place to throw rocks at Wolf’s window here at The Q Tree if the front door won’t open.”

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



I’m hoping that authors will include it in their templates. In the meantime, though….

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

AH – I feel better already!

Rough day – sorry I was away for most of it.

comment image

OMG, I just love that one!!!  😃 

Jack Black is a favorite of mine. I rarely have it – maybe a whiskey’s age between shots – but it doth PLEASE THE WOLF.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks! I think it will be. I’m chillin’ out right now. And I needed a stiff does of patriotism after researching a lot of unenjoyable leftist stuff. UGH. No fun! But much better now!!! 😀


OMG, G’ma!!!! You’re in full “glutton for punishment” mode.

Do we all need to chip in to get you to a shrink?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Oh, this makes so much sense!!!


Please share your journey though the books I love your book reports. You do them so well 🙂
There so many gifted people here you are one of them 🙂
You are a special lady 


You are welcome 🙂


No she needs no shrink we are here love when grandma sharers her book readings. 🙂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG, this site has created an OPPO MONSTER!!!  😍 


GM, a whole dollar?

Ouch ! ..cabal not getting much return on their laundering return on that one .
Here, have a medicinal shot of JD on me, before you started on it.  😂 


Welcome back Wolf!

Good to see you back soon. I was feeling pretty despondent late in the day today.

I need to think over some things – BUT that will need to wait until I’ve had a night to sleep on it. It’s not a good idea to trade sleeping for thinking – makes for clouded thinking and lack of sleep.

IMO the good news is I think we’re winning. The March 4 dramafest in DC was a massive DUD! The Dems are finding out it is harder to shove things through Congress than they thought. McConnell is a sinking ship. Trump scorched Karl Rove so bad he’ll probably never recover. Biden(2?) is a national embarrassment. MCM ratings are in the tank. They are losing control so they are DESPERATE, censoring everything they can – but it can’t stop 31M viewers for Trump’s CPAC speech. Texas is opening up, Abbott is flailing, the TX PUC head is gone, and the ERCOT head is GONE! A record 10% of U.S. schoolchildren are homeschooling, some 6 million students, triple before the Great Pandemic o’ 20, while teachers unions continue to expose themselves as at war against parents, science, and the children’s interests. Commies are such idiots.


P.S. We’re bogged down in the Normandy offensive.

We need Patton to lead the 3rd Army!
comment image


He looks familiar…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I like that look on his face.

Kinda like…. “I SEE…..” right before KABOOM.


Exactly! You don’t want to mess with that face.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks! I was hit by a case of the glums lately, but I feel much peppier after Grandma’s post tonight – like a shot of Jack Black!  😅 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks! Don’t look downthread – I got pissed at the Doug Band stuff. That turd is back faking again, and I’m not falling for it. Just pisses me off the way these people play us – OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Sorry. I left a mess. I’m really not trying to drive people away from here, but I cannot fake that it’s all gonna be OK.

They feed us this CRAP and we believe it!


“Lucy! You pulled the football! AGAIN!!!”

LOL! OK, now I can laugh at myself. All better.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

What they’re doing is keeping us from being PROPERLY PISSED.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

WOW. Can’t say I’ve ever even heard that one preached about, so I’m just guessing here.


All the preachers said it one way and then a new age gal found God, read these words of Jesus … without anyone telling her how to understand it and when she published books on her method of using it in prayer it blew my mind.

We bind ourselves to God and His goodness. Like husbands and wives become one.

We lose the hold of evil from ourselves, our loved ones, our nation. Like dismantling evil structures at the subatomic level.

Her books are fun to read as they include story after story of the powerful effects of this kind of prayer.

Liberty Savard


Sample prayer given to me:

Father, I choose to bind my mind to the mind of Christ, my will to Your will, my emotions to Your heart, my body to the purposes of Heaven.

Let your Kingdom Come and your will be done in me as it is in Heaven.



Deplorable Patriot

That appears in more than one Gospel and is known as The Great Commission. It’s the institution of the Sacrament of Penance (Confession), but not many people understand that.


Yes, this is TRUE.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I use it all the time, one of the MOST powerful tools Jesus gave us.

1 – Draw a bloodline. The enemy cannot cross the blood of Jesus.
2 – Bind the evil, Loose the Spirit of the Lord
3 – Speak to the Mountain, Command it to be moved!!
4 – Believe it, Receive it … Pray in Faith Believing, IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN!

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS….IT’S ALL ABOUT THE WORDS…. In the Beginning was the WORD….God SPOKE the world into existence…



The Word is a double-edged sword!

Deplorable Patriot

Here’s the problem: we’re all primed to fight, and are willing to do so, we just don’t know where the battle field is other than being online.

And the battlefield owners are busy banning the warriors. And other warriors are all self-righteous about joining the sites because of privacy which is more of a joke in this country than we all will admit.

This is bigger than any one of us, and you have to pick your way through all the information. That’s what 30 years of following all of this tells me. I see people giving up and giving into despair when the signs are telling my it’s unwarranted, and it’s very depressing.


We all fight different. Some who can give money to the cause others get involved as distasteful as it can be in local politics others like you offer to be an author here on the forum.

We all mourn differently. I am one who goes to mourning quick I like the Jewish way 7 days?
The faster I go through the quicker I get to the other site the shorter the pain.
Not everyone can do that and it is pushing off reality. Anger is misdirected to the people we love the most . For some people time is the healer and I pray for each who is struggling.
The whole Biden slap is a pain because Trump won but the whole system let not only him down they let us down.
God Blessings

Last edited 1 year ago by singingsoul1
Valerie Curren

Well said, Singing. Thank you for these encouragements!


You are welcome 🙂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes. OAN in airports is so much winning, people have no idea!

Valerie Curren

Glad that the tweet sharing this OAN info was one small part of improving your day. Hang in there boss, God is still on the throne & on the move in the affairs of men.
comment image
comment image
comment image

I hope these scriptural encouragements will show & lift your spirits. God Bless YOU Wolf!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Oh, I’m hanging in there. I feel awesome, actually. But I’m tearing my pockets over the ability of the other side to mislead us with FAKE hopium. I’m gonna have to get rough, and it WILL drive some people away.

The real hopium is a mixed bag. The FAKE stuff is either hopanyl or worse.

We have to distinguish REAL WINNING from FAKE.

Valerie Curren

Sounds like the makings of an epic post!

It would be amazing if we had “scientific” opinion auditors, like Rush would always tout, claiming he was right 98.7% of the time or something.

Did you notice Grandma’s source list at the end of today’s post? That is a great idea & worth eventually tweaking & even getting in the sidebar of the site, imo.

Enjoy the bloody struggle like all great predators–you were made for such a battle!
comment image
comment image
comment image

Deplorable Patriot

 The March 4 dramafest in DC was a massive DUD! 

Frankly, for the MSM it was pretty embarrassing, IMO. The Company is trying to paint us as wild-eyed “conspiracy theorists” who answer Pavlov’s bell with extreme salivation, and the truth is that we’re laughing at their efforts.


” A record 10% of U.S. schoolchildren are homeschooling, some 6 million students, triple before the Great Pandemic o’ 20, while teachers unions continue to expose themselves as at war against parents, science, and the children’s interests. Commies are such idiots. “


What an Awesome observation .
I can hardly think of a better target to concentrate our forces/efforts on,
..An already broken, Comie-weakened and failing public education system.

The commies have already broken and abandoned it..
We just need to flood in and RE-occupy it with OUR forces.
Then , later maybe simply dissolve it ,and RE-allocate the tax funds to local homeschooling efforts.
At the very minimum the abandoned public schools should be re-occupied with the more ‘accountable’ homeschool instructors.

“Find something Commie and break it”  😁 


Hey Grandma I have a liqueur request. Galliano. I have a bottle for some reason and i dont know what to do with it.

Last edited 1 year ago by gil00

Maybe you could do a generic on the subject of liqueurs….?




Cucumber elderflower drink sounds interesting. Ty


Elderberries are an excellent source of quercetin! Make yourself some elderberry syrup for winter, and you are all set!

Cuppa Covfefe

Harvey Wallbanger? (shades of the 1970s 🙂 )…

Elizabeth Carter

Thanks for posting all the links. It is hard to keep up with people since so many are being taken down.


As it turns out, Tennessee whiskey must be produced in Tennessee, but not all whiskey produced in Tennessee is Tennessee whiskey…..


I particularly liked the thing about all Tennessee distilleries making authentic Tennessee whiskey must use the “Lincoln County” process…..except the one actually located in Lincoln County.


Of course that would appeal to you.




One thing out of place catches the attention of computer nerds. So the exception caught your attention because you’re a ‘puter nerd.


Heh. I was a fan of Lewis Carroll, Lovecraft, and Zelazny before I’d logged much time on computers….paradox and chaos are treasured companions. I didn’t object to the characterization, I just wondered how you got there.

Valerie Curren

If a Star Trek fan & enjoying the multi-verse concept the book Imzadi is a fun read. The Jet Li movie, The One, is also a distracting action-packed multi-verse entertainment.

Well, I think the STNG novel w/ the multiverse was Q-Squared. Both Imzadi & Q-Squared have wiki pages, fyi.

Deplorable Patriot

“Whiskey” comes from Ireland. “Whisky” is all other sorts. “Bourbon” comes only from Bourbon County, Kentucky.


Interesting. I have visited some KY distilleries but never Tennessee. Visited several in Scotland.
I am not a whiskey person because when I was 16 I got stone drunk on Rye Schnaps.
My parents friend had a birthday and he handed out little shots. In Germany I could drink at 14 if parents were present. They were and this guy said you cannot stand on on leg you need another one. Needless to say I do not remember how many I had and do not remember how I got home and into bed. I cannot even smell any kind of hard liquor.
My parents though it was funny.
Even today I never can drink more than one glass wine or Beer very seldom I drink a second.
My husband like Woodford Reserve.


Toured Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg. Fascinating process and story.

Based on the great information last week, have added a tour of Yuengling in Pottsville, PA to my bucket list.

Last edited 1 year ago by kalbokalbs

That sounds like a good trip. I do not know a thing about Yuengling need to look into that.


Yuengling Lager is one of my favorites.
Their Black and Tan is a treat too.  😀 

Elizabeth Carter

Here is a link to The Right Side with Doug Billings


“Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved complicit press, and a disarmed populace.”

James Madison


Two outta three ain’t bad, eh Jimbo?

I guess Jimmy didn’t count on a press that openly and eagerly facilitated the tyrants. But that’s 6 of 1 or a half dozen of the other, the number still adds up to new math.

We might consider putting a call in to the military of Myanmar.

Sure, they’re much smaller than our own former military.

But they actually fight the corrupt political-class the old fashioned way — with guns.

Unlike our former military, which at this point can’t even fairly be called a national military — it would more properly be called whatever an armed government force is called, that protects and defends a tyrannical government.


I’m sure they’re just following orders.

Isn’t that what the protectors and facilitators of tyrants always say?


The bigger problem is that the rank and file never tested the brass.

Apparently there’s a new oath, and everybody observes it with steely eyed commitment.

It’s not an oath to the Constitution.

It’s an oath to CYA.

The same oath all tyrannies follow.


The troops have all the guns.

And they outnumber the brass by tens of thousands to one.

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

When East Germans rose up the East German military refused to shoot at them. The people were protesting for weeks after assembling in churches he taking to the streets peacefully. When the higher ups saw that the military did not shoot they gave the order to stand down. The rest is history the wall came down.
I wonder would Pelosi’s boys shoot?


The same thing happened in the Philippines when the people rose up to Marcos. The Philippine military and police would not harm the Filipinos. Marcos fled in the night.


That is how it should be. The military comes from the people they are the sons and brothers.


You can say that again


Sadly so true Scott.
The military has become the enforcer of the tyrants and oligarchs.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎


Citizen Free Press posted this article, too:

Bill Clinton ‘Bagman’ Doug Band Provides Evidence To Feds Investigating Ties To Epstein ‘Madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell

Bill Clinton’s former body-man-turned-aide Doug Band has turned whistleblower in the federal sex trafficking investigation involving Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein — and provided Justice Department officials with evidence that could implicate his one-time boss.

The notoriously tight-lipped Band, 48, stunned Clintonworld by agreeing to an interview with Gabriel Sherman for Vanity Fair‘s December issue. In addition to detailing his ties to Epstein and Maxwell, he also confirmed that the 42nd president of the United States visited Epstein at his hedonistic compound in the Caribbean — known to many as “Pedophile Island.”

Clinton travelled to Little St. James With Epstein in January 2003, according to Band — just a few months after the two men spent 10 days touring Africa.

More at the link. I wish Hillary could be implicated too because I think her evil deeds are legion.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



What do you get when you cross a pig and a centipede?
bacon and legs 🥓😀

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I appreciate the news, but I was taken in by the last time Doug Band did this.

He is an EXPERT at faking his own “flippage” – that’s what he did last time, and that’s why it’s so believable.

The man is a scoundrel – every bit as bad as Beelzebubba and Ma Cankles.


Wow. I didn’t realize he had a history. I knew not to get my hopes up too much.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Me either. Me too.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Of course, he could “really” flip this time, and it’s actually easier because he faked it last time, but it was pretty astounding, when at the end of it all, he shows up and says it was all BS, and laughs at it.

It was back during all the Huber fakage. “Doug Band has disappeared! He flipped on the Clintons! He’s giving the feds everything about the Clinton Foundation!”

All lies, and Band was totally aware of it, feeding it by staying out of sight. Double effective, because he avoids what few journalists will cross the Clintons.

Let me find a link…..

This explains Doug Band, but most of the crap clickbait from back then has disappeared by now.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Remember – Huber is a fucking Nazi and I’m glad he’s leaving. Another piece of Deep State Schitt that cheered the FBI getting friends and family to inform on their fellow citizens, who just went to Washington DC because they were CHEATED by those GODDAMN CROOKS.



The biggest “tell” that Huber is a POS swamp agent IS, we damn well should have had indictments throughout last year. Continuous indictments.

ALL of the BS about catching them all was a ruse. Gotta wait until after the election is, in itself proof they never planned to take the cabal down. Or anyone else for that matter.

yea, latest rumor is we’ll get at least three indictments. B F D. Who says they’ll ever get to court.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Biden can just pardon them – AND HE WILL, if they are indicted.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Always an angle with these creeps.

Video says his name was on the flight logs too. Wonder what the tapes show that Dougie was doing on the island? Sounds like he made a deal to give up Bubba in order to save his own sorry hide.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think he’s trolling us.

I’m done with the other side’s bullshit. They hand me the hopium, I set it on fire with a propane torch and put it in their pockets and watch them sweat and squirm.

Wolf is PISSED. More Doug Band crap. I remember how they fooled us last time, and I say to hell with these communist liars.

I won’t be fooled again.


Thanks for letting us know. We need to stay informed. I don’t think I was aware of whatever it was last time.


Story has potential but as it stands there’s not much there now.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That’s the way these stories ALL ARE, and we never get smart.

I’m really starting to get into their disinformation head now. I’m seeing how the UniParty plays us.

I know that there are a lot of good people who want to simply feel good first and fight second, but I cannot do that any longer.

Biden needs to know that if these bastards try to take our freedoms, there will be justice that shakes this planet to the CORE.


“I appreciate the news, but I was taken in by the last time Doug Band did this.
He is an EXPERT at faking his own “flippage” – that’s what he did last time, and that’s why it’s so believable.”


According to the audio, he ‘flipped’ and talked to the SDNY.

Whether that means Southern District of New York or Satan’s Demonic Nancy-boy Yodel-monkeys is pretty much a distinction without a difference.

Excluding FibDoj, if there is any law enforcement / prosecutor’s office more corrupt than SDNY, what would that be?

So Doug Band ‘flipping’ by talking to SDNY is like saying Al Capone ‘flipped’ and talked to the Mob.

It’s not actually a ‘flip’ or anything like it; it’s just the continuation of a long and mutually profitable business relationship.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Satan’s Demonic Nancy-boy Yodel-monkeys.

YES! THAT is the SDNY we know.

Deplorable Patriot

You didn’t think the witnesses were all going to be clergy and choir boys did you?

Getting a group of criminals to turn on each other is what this is all about. That’s how they all stayed “protected” for so long. Everybody had dirt on everybody else. It’s when somebody turns that the show begins.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The criminals have figured out how to rope-a-dope us so well. Nobody turns. NOBODY.

Clinesmith didn’t turn, and got probation. They know how to play. They own DOJ. ALL OF IT. And they never lost any of it.

They own the judiciary, too.

Sessions may have been the only one remotely close to willing to clean it, and they cornered him from the beginning.

John Carlin is back at DOJ.

We have to admit what ground we ACTUALLY HOLD.


Ma Cankles  😂  😂  😂  ..arf arf arf..

Kate Parker aka. Ma Parker.
ma parker gangster at DuckDuckGo
Thanks,now I’ll have Ma Barker in my head all day… LOL

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

LOL! Glad somebody loved that moniker as much as I did! 😀



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Dinesh goes there…..I’m glad he’s on our side.




Such a terrible insult to crooks.

Regular crooks treat the FIB like they do child molesters.

Now we all know why.


Well, we know how to fix those….

Deplorable Patriot

I have a feeling the Bureau has been that way from the beginning. Yes, there are some good people, but for the most part, the place was used as cover for the big boys.

Deplorable Patriot



Everything I need to know about the FIB, I learned from watching The X-files.

I’m serious.


Another gap in my popular culture knowledge base. Add X-files to the list.


And that’s why I wince when people say “Burn it all down”.

I’d like to think that we’ve got some Mulders and Scullys at the FBI…and I don’t want to burn them too.


Yes, but no more time for niceties.
Rule 13 to Rules for Radicals.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. “

FIB is toast. If they want to clean themselves up their big boys and should know how to do it, they after all supposed to be law enforcement.


The crooks ask themselves,
How is this FIB guy trying to play me.?
Then, what’s in it for both of us?
..the Mob was never broken.It was simply Incorporated into the gubmint FIB/DOJ as street level foot soldiers with all the expected protections, benefits, and expanded..
The foundations of the Surveillance State.
Small wonder the budget is so large, that’s a HUGE payroll.  😎 


Found on Gab:

comment image


I had a heck of a time convincing my 90 year old mother NOT to take the vaccine. People her age take everything doctors say as gospel.


My mom, too. I gave up on trying to stop her from the flu shots, even though I think they probably contributed to her having Parkinson’s now. I just hope someone else doesn’t come along and convince her to take that horrible shot.


That’s a great graphic.

I would pass it along, if my credibility hadn’t already been shot, strangled, gassed, poisoned, burnt and buried by the ‘white’ hats 👍😁


and most of my relationships destroyed… didn’t want to forget that part 👍😂🤣😂


Not tired of winning yet!


Valerie Curren

voices crying in the wilderness… 😉


We don’t even need hope, we have guaranteed victory, if the people who are protecting the traitor-class would just get out of our way.

I don’t even want our military to do anything at this point, it would just be giving them an opportunity to redeem themselves, and they don’t deserve it.

All the military has to do is NOT show up for work tomorrow.

And considering their performance since November 3rd, it’s not like that’s a big ask.

Just stop shielding the traitors from We the People, and we’ll do the job they’re too afraid to do.

Should only take about an hour before the political-class starts running. We won’t even have enough time to get to D.C. before they’re all on planes to other countries.

Valerie Curren

Thank you for sharing this important & easy to share info!


My mother was first in line for the Moderna, completely brainwashed by her son. A man of science. So now I watch for trouble. I am the one who takes care of her. He lives in another state.


My son who is in science tries to talk me into taking the vaccine. He is angry with me right now because he does not understand that I listen to fake science to refuse the vaccine 🙂

Holly hope your mom listen to you . Yes the one who is not close does not understand. God Bless you for being so good to your mom,


Thank You singingsoul. In the 10 years since my father died and I have been responsible for my mother, you are the only one, including my family, who has ever offered that kind thought.

It’s a massive responsibility in these complicated times. When I asked my brother for help figuring out some of her affairs his wife sniffed, “It’s the daughter’s responsibility to take care of the mother”.

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Easy way out for sisters in law.
I understand what you are doing and how much it takes.
We took my husband’s mother in husband is only son. I took care of her my husband found ways to super work so he did not have to deal with it. I did get a person in twice a week for 4 hours each so I was able to have a break. The person cleaned her room changed the bed and gave her different company and took her for walks. I appreciated that break so I had the emotional fitness to take care of her 24/7.
Bless you for all you do. I keep you your mother in my prayers

Valerie Curren

Wow, your description reminds me of the “help” we got for a few years from a “preventive services” case that allowed a staff person to come in & watch the kids for a few hours so I could get some down time, or more accurately stuff done without constant interruptions. Our case was because of significant special needs & medical & behavioral crises. Just getting spelled for a few hours can make a big difference in maintaining some degree of sanity in an exhausting, overwhelming situation.

What a blessing You & Holly are to your extended family, including your online “family”, with testimonies of faithfulness, survival, & resilience. Thank you for sharing!


We all need time for ourselves so we can recharge. Today my husband took one car to be serviced in Columbus 2 hour trip. He took our younger dog with him to put him in Pet Palace. Woodford loves the place and I am feeling I have vacation. I got lots on cleaning and washing done and it is peaceful in the house. Woodfford is my my husbands dog.

Valerie Curren

Sounds awesome. It’s funny, but most of the times when I’ve cranked out a Q-Tree post it’s when my husband, & sometimes others living here, are out of town. Must be a connection! 😉


Thank you grandmaintexas. Your kind words are appreciated.


It’s not broken — it has been corrupted.


When i learned what is put in our food it made me retch , so as we ask the our Father to cleanse our food we should pray for those taking a vax that it may be cleansed also.I dont know what else to do these days of evil except pray.


Good thinking!

Deplorable Patriot

My mom is 80 and I sent her all sorts of information and did something I NEVER do with her – I yelled.

There’s so many people anxious for the jab, and they just don’t know the realities that the vaccine manufacturers are immune from prosecution and that they are ALL made using tissue from aborted fetuses. ALL of them except maybe rabies.

If we are really pro-life, we should all be conscientiously objecting, but medical doctors and “experts” supposedly know best. When there’s money involved, think again.


Linda how is your mother after taking shots?

Valerie Curren

Thanks for this excellent image–had to pass that along!


I love that verse of The Star Spangled Banner. 🇺🇸


What is the plant in the header pic – kudzu?


That’s a mint, yes?


Supposed to help regulate blood sugar says my doctor.


Only thing that loves my land more than sages, catnip and rest of mint family is the cilantros and parsleys.


I’ve been able to do salvias (sages) and mints like nobody’s business, but I’ve never “found the recipe” for parsleys.


Alkaline soil.


It is also good for high blood pressure.


Earl Grey tea is flavored with oil of bergamot, which is produced from the rinds of Citrus bergamia, the bergamot orange. Being a true citrus (and a likely hybrid of lemon and bitter orange), it is not a mint.

The mint “bergamot”, otherwise known as Monarda, is in a genus of mints (Lamiaceae) native to North America. Bee balm, bergamot, and horsemint are in the same genus, and may refer to the same species.

As may be imagined, the herb being citrus-y and good for tea allowed it to muscle-in to the real stuff.


You should see about domesticating a hive — either the ones you have, or new ones (you can do cool things with various queens).

Valerie Curren

Home brew version of Honey Jack, like in your featured video today?


Ah, thank you. Mixed the two together I did.


Well, it’s not like they have the same……well, son-of-a…..

Barb Meier

This is good to know! I thought bergamot was a real orange. LOL




Twitter is a dang CCP bot farm and Jack knows it, designed to manipulate opinion and cultural influencers with CCP propaganda – specifically weaponized woke ideology, partnering w/ their buddies in WEF and their Great Reset to assure a millenia of CCP supremacy, fulfilling their “mandate of heaven”. That’s why DJT took the gattling gun of truth pills to it to shred their mind control machine with a flood of reality and co-prop. They had to shut him down so CCP leaned on Jack hard. But we’re not done yet.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



This is excellent!!!

Valerie Curren

LOL !!



How funny  😂 

Valerie Curren

For some reason this one makes me think of my brother’s tale of riding bikes w/ his best friend around the neighborhood after a heavy rain. They would fly through the puddles to raise a big splash. There was a huge puddle at the end of a driveway & Moose was peddling furiously to get through. My brother happened to be watching as Moose hit the puddle & was immediately submerged over his head! Apparently there were no warning signs or guards or anything for a 5 foot hole that had just filled with rainwater. Every time Mike tells this tale he completely cracks the room up!

comment image
James Woods


Can anybody explain why this is so funny? I literally cried laughing. And I have no idea why.

0:01 / 0:15

From The Cultured Ruffian




comment image

Because it’s just so innocent, Fourth of July parade, cotton candy, corn dogs, the carnival 10 minutes away and the concert in the park. #Innocence #WhenKidsWereKids

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Me too! It’s wonderful!

This is why boys are boys!

Valerie Curren

Snakes & snails & puppy dogs tails!


kids are sooo trippy…

a real source of laughter, as a person gets into the twilight years.

always amazes me how in the moment most little kids are….

sweet bird of youth.

Valerie Curren

That childhood craziness lingers in our household with our mid-20s autistic son. He does provide the gift of mayhem…& joy!!!


crazy kids being crazy kids, lol…geez

goggle kid so curious about the wet mud splatter that he sits there and sticks his face in it while big brother merrily merrily churns the mud with his trusty bike, lolol !

it’s funny and we LOL bc, thankfully, we can still remember that youthful feeling of pure bliss when we were so righteously silly…and got away with it.


Valerie Curren