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JEREMIAH 17:5-10

5Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his arm, whose heart turns away from the LORD. 6He is like a shrub in the desert, and shall not see any good come. He shall dwell in the parched places of the wilderness, in an uninhabited salt land. 7“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose trust is the LORD. 8He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” 9The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately corrupt; who can understand it? 10“I the LORD search the mind and try the heart, to give to every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his doings.”

Prayers for the nation, the salvation of humanity, and all of us here – lurkers and members – as well as our families, are welcome.


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Some enterprising young person could make a bundle designing, producing and selling a bumper sticker that says



FBI Director Wray has twice made obviously, brazenly made false narrative statements to Congress:
1. That ‘white nationalists’ were the cause of the most violence, etc. – while BLM and Antifa were burning and looting Democrat-ruined cities and 
2. That Antifa wasn’t involved in the Jan 6 false flag ‘insurrection’ when they have the leader of Antifa in custody
The psy-ops and propaganda are getting harder for even the leftist media to pass as credible.
Wray, Pence, Barr, Durham, Huber, McConnell and a whole bunch of Generals have really disappointed me.


Amen Georgia…


More on Cuomo, and those behind his curtain…

CoMo Consortium (Covid 19 International Modeling Consortium)

According to Kenneth Raske’s testimony to the NYS Senate, NYS “engeged” CoMo Consortium in March 2020. CoMo’s models informed Cuomo’s policies related to hospital beds.

Co Mo’s documentation warns of the need to shelter the elderly. Wonder what happened?


For one thing…there was no way in hell that they could let POTUS Trump get recognition for providing medical care and shelter through the med ships or other mobile hospitals in the other areas where the elderly were sent to death camp nursing homes.

They hated him so much that they were willing to sacrifice our loved ones.


This is their science behind the policy. Supported by WHO, developed by Cornell and Oxford. The models projected a shortage of hospital beds. I doubt that the hospital ship was part of the calculation. These models are still informing lockdowns. Masks don’t appear to be part of the calculation. See .pdf linked in the article, and also the WHO video.


Somehow this so called science was the data, that drove the worst possible outcome. Where is the accountability?


Almost. Trump saw off the USS Comfort on the 28th of March bound for NYC. Cuomo ordered over 4,300 recovering COVID-19 patients to be sent to nursing homes that would kill significantly more elderly on 25 March.

Cuomo’s actions have cabal written all over it for the reasons you say. They’d do absolutely anything to make Trump look bad, to include kill off the elderly since that also paid off the dividend of a reduced burden to the state. The left has no real soul.

Listen to a replay of the Dr. Elaine Healy’s call alerting Mark Levin what is about to happen in NY. Call starts at appox 2:37. The call takes place a day after the Cuomo’s directive was signed and was the first alert to the American public.


TheStormHasArrived17💀, [04.03.21 12:40]
[ Video ]

The People’s General calls out Kevin McCarthy, Cocaine Mitch and Lindsey Graham.
“They stabbed President Trump in the back…”


I cannot see the video. Who is the Peoples General?


Flynn, no doubt.


Gen Flynn SingingSoul… click the post I linked to and I think the video will open… it’s short


Thank you sweet lady 🙂


Most welcome SingingSoul



Violation Against Israel So Egregious Even Biden Admin Condemns It


With ACLJ’s Latest Filing, Supreme Court Can Now Cancel “Cancel Culture”


Why would they cancel it?

There are all kinds of things the Supreme Traitors could do, and they haven’t done any of them. They’re corrupt. Lawless renegades, traitors or compromised tools of the enemy.

Why would they do something right now?


No reason – when in captivity – there is not much you can do – all three branches of government are null and void.

Cuppa Covfefe

Perhaps Bye, Done considers himself to be “The Very Model Of A Modern Major General” 🙂 [H/T for vid on chiefio’s site]


Love Gilbert and Sullivan!


Every so often my husband sings this  😂  He has it memorized.


I have this one by heart:


Not the next one [As some day it may happen….]?

[AKA “I’ve got a little list.”]

Last edited 1 month ago by cthulhu

When I say “I’ve got a little list, I’ve got a little list,” people think I mean Joe McCarthy!


Interesting 🙂


Bye-Done is irrelevant – he is a puppet – perhaps, the Puppet Masters have to tread lightly lest they end up where they send others to be judged.


Will be so happy when the Fed Reserve and the Central BANKSTERS are destroyed.



Putin is seeing what is happening to the US. Child trafficking and child sexual abuse is not the norm in a civilized society. We have become moral corrupted. Putin can do this because he is a dictator.


“We have become moral corrupted.”


I don’t think anyone here has become morally corrupted.

Our country has had moral corruption forced down our throats.

The treasonous political-class and Big Tech + entertainment industry facilitated it, and the derelict military allowed it.

And they are both going to be held accountable, one way or the other.

Even if we have to call in a strike on our own position to do it.

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

I agree we are here not morally corrupted. I speak in general terms not of people here.
I saw a video someone speaking of sex trafficking the person said “USA are the largest consumer.” That was a shock.
I know in Europe sex trafficking has been going on from Eastern Europe to other parts of Europe.


“I saw a video someone speaking of sex trafficking the person said “USA are the largest consumer.” That was a shock.”


If USA is defined as the political-class, Big Tech + entertainment and news media, academia, Chamber of Commerce and all their cronies, along with the lawfare-class and the military leadership.

Coincidentally the exact same traitors who have been forcing corruption and perversion down everyone’s throat.

I wouldn’t have the first clue where to find some sex traffic for sale, any more than I would know where to buy drugs.

I’m sure all of the groups mentioned above know where to find either one on a moment’s notice.

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

Same here. I would not know where to buy drugs even when my neighbors were always stoned. A guy in the church I attendet one of the with the founders last name was busted on child porn of his own daughters several years ago. I was shocked since it had turnend mostly into a family church.
The young man was lower middle class . My son in Michigan worked with a German guy who had three young daughters he did horrible things to them. The police took him away in handcuffs.
Both were connected to a large connected porno group.
I always thought these are hidden things but they seem to get joy of sharing photos and their perversion with other perverts.


Please pray for Texas children. We have had a number of child abductions over the last 48 hours.


How sad yes prayers .


Not judging Putin’s move but dictators, benevolent or otherwise, can get away with these things now that the morale force (USA) has left the field of morality. Should the US oppose this move the laughing will be heard around the world.


I am sure it would.
Dictators are interesting they can do some good among their deranged other violations they do to stay in power.


Will that not bring hardship and collapse of our Dollar? I am only asking because I do not know a thing about those thinks.


“Will that not bring hardship and collapse of our Dollar?”


The only reason our Dollar currently exists is because a majority of people imagine that it does.

It’s just (and literally) fiat. Debt-based fractional reserve fiat. I have heard several times recently that 40% of all the dollars in the world have been created in the last 12 months.

I’m sure that’s not inflationary, how could it be?

What could go wrong?

History, shmistory.

And the precious metals markets are all DOWN on this news… so we have a manipulated (fake) commodities market too, which only makes sense, considering everything else about our country is fake.

Most of our current existence is an illusion. Illusion of value, illusion of lawful authority, illusion of representative government, illusion of justice, etc.

It’s all a lie.

Presumably DJT has a triple double-D chess plan to convert our fake financial system to a new bi-metal (gold and silver) backed currency, as we had at the beginning.

But we’ve presumed a lot of things about DJT’s plan that haven’t exactly panned out, so there’s that.

And we always have French liberators as a fall back plan… 😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 1 month ago by scott467

Personally, I’m trusting the Boomers. They were smart enough to get us in this mess, so I’m sure they have an incredible plan to get us out.

Going by Juan O Savin’s telling, everyone younger than Boomers like himself only exist to mow his lawns and stock his shelves, while he goes around buying expensive stuff so the little people can eat.

He’s a saint.


All we can do at this point wait and see.


We can take heart that even us plebes are seeing behind the curtain.

Valerie Curren

triple double-D chess” mis-read that as Chest & thought WGTTs 😉



Misreading happens to me many times specially when I am tired. It cracks me up  😀 

Valerie Curren



The term was inspired by a Blu-ray movie cover that is frequently listed in the ‘on sale’ section of the homepage of

comment image

Valerie Curren

Nice 🙂


The “Petro Dollar” is a Cabal invention… Central Banksters tool… we need to destroy their system and replace it… others here can explain that better than I esp at this time of night Sundowners for me…


And Here We Go: Now There Is “Intelligence” That the Coup That Didn’t Happen Today Will Instead Happen on March 20th, Or Maybe April 15th, Or… Maybe a Randomly Selected Day Every Month Until The End of Time—Ace

The House of Representatives canceled its scheduled votes for Thursday 
Capitol police confirmed they received an intelligence report that of a far-right militia plot to breach the Capitol this Thursday 

‘We have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group on Thursday, March 4,’ USCP said
No specific group mentioned and USCP said intelligence was too ‘sensitive’ to reveal more details 

Security has been beefed up around Capitol buildings as the National Guard patrol
The Capitol is being guarded by almost 5,000 troops ahead of Thursday’s threat 
There is speculation that March 20 – when the Republican party was founded – and April 15 – federal income tax day – may also pose a threat


Or maybe it’s a case of crying “wolf” too much on purpose.


Yeah, because we’re definitely NOT. Serious, patriotic, and determined, yes.


I think there should be a never-ending campaign to make them scared of random ☠️DANGER☠️ dates that never come to fruition. They make it too easy.


Love it.


They are playing this stuff as far as they can. Makes me laugh. They cannot inflame patriots so they make up all kinds of shite.

They look like absolute idiots.


Breaking: Far Left Seeks Massive Power Grab in Senate


And what is McCarthy doing about it? He acts as if he is a victim he is not. He needs to fight that is why he is in Congress.

Brave and Free

He’s doing what they’ve always done. Saying, acting like he cares and then caving because there’s nothing they can do. “There the minority” Totally smoke and mirrors game as always. Then they all get together for cocktails later. Scum there all scum.

Brave and Free

The thing of it is, if you were to have the D’s and R’s put on uniforms and play each other on opposite teams they’d ALL HAVE THE SAME JERSEYS!


McCarthy does not even come over as honest? He needs to take some acting lessons from Mitch . McCarthy comes over as shallow and fake.


Used car salesman.


Bingo 🙂

Cuppa Covfefe

Just look at Kalifornistan…

DEMONRATS running against DEMONRATS in “jungle primaries”, etc. (oddly fitting, considering the fetid mess that is Kalifornia… breaks my heart, because 60 years ago it was quite different…)…..


I’m still thinking about RGB
comment image

There was a lot of color added to the story throughout 2019 and 2020 that still makes me suspicious of the timing of things . . .

Probably somebody knows
comment image


He is a fighter! Beautiful statement and excellent supplementary graphs by gateway


Appears to be FA 18.


I wounder if your father knew my husband because he worked 26 years in the St Louise Airplane company 🙂


Why not wear a full bodysuit.

This hateful,actually privileged, hunk of wasted carbon is doing everything he can to spite everyone.

Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) Tweeted:
NEW: Governor Newsom says Californians should wear two masks when going out in public.


He’s an idiot.


Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) Tweeted:
“So you think all this national attention may have emboldened him?” O’Donnell asked.

“Absolutely. I think he felt like he was untouchable in a lot of ways,” Bennett replied.

She is clearly blaming the media here for feeding the ego of a powerful Democratic governor.


Wolf alert.

Looks like the left has a new weapon: Leftist Business Sabotage.

Not just the CPAC stage, but attacking the Papa John CEO too.

These people really are sick.

DAY OF RECKONING: Papa John claims vindication after ad firm caught on tape conspiring to make him look racist
Jason Stein, Laundry Service’s CEO at the time, said that he hoped Schnatter “gets f***ing sent out to the pasture with this s**t.”

A federal court unsealed a complaint that alleged a “secret plot” against the former CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, John Schnatter, that leadership at ad agency Laundry Service, including former CEO Jason Stein, conspired to make the pizza chain founder look racist and damage his brand.

According to the compliant, which was ordered to be unsealed by the US District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, the branding company hired which was hired by Papa John’s to improve its image, was caught on a “hot mic” brainstorming ways in which it could use comments made by Schnatter to damage his image.

Schnatter left his role as Papa John’s chairman after a Forbes article in July 2018 alleged he used the n-word during a media training call with Laundry Service in May 2018.

In 2019, Schnatter sued Laundry Service and its parent company, Wasserman Media Group. In December 2020, Schnatter claimed he had a recording of the company’s executives “plotting to damage” his image.

Schnatter has been trying to restore his reputation since the Forbes article. In December, Schnatter published a report from former FBI Director Louis Freeh which found no credible evidence of racially insensitive words or actions by Schnatter.

“With this and the evidence coming forth in our litigation, it’s time for Laundry Service to be held accountable, and for Papa John’s to correct the record and apologize to me for validating the media frenzy that led to my forced departure as the company Chairman,” Schnatter said in his statement.


Way to go RedState for that headline. Not the Bee would be proud.

House Passes “Permanent Democrat Rule Act” by a Vote of 220-210 in an Effort to Create a US Politburo and One-Party Government
By Shipwreckedcrew | Mar 04, 2021 12:00 PM ET

It is telling that the legislation titled “HR1” introduced by the Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats in the House is a power grab dressed up as “election reform,” the provisions of which are all intended to create more Democrat candidate votes in upcoming elections in order to secure a permanent Democrat Party control of Congress and the White House. Passage of this legislation was their first priority — it is numbered ahead of all other proposals because securing power unto themselves in the form of hegemony over the institutions of government is how Marxists and socialists transform the countries they seek to control.

HR1 is a collection of election law “reforms” meant to dictate to states the manner by which all states shall conduct their elections in the future, mandating certain voting practices be followed while making other voting practices illegal.

You can fit the classifications into two categories: 1) changes in voting processes and procedures that are designed to increase the gross total of votes cast in each election; and 2) changes in voting practices and procedures designed to eliminate any effort to improve or protect ballot integrity. Here is a general summary of the key provisions with regard to voting procedures mandated and prohibited:


“No excuse” mail-in voting for all voters in all states.

15 days of early voting for any election including federal offices.

Automatic voter registration — unless the individual opts out — upon the submission of personal information (name, address) to any state agency for any purpose.

Online voter registration up to and including on election day.

Automatic restoration of voting rights to felons.

Allowing “ballot harvesting” by third parties.

Counting of illegal aliens among state populations for purpose of determining number of congressional districts in each state.

Public financing by creating “$6 to $1” match of federal funds against small-donor campaign contributions of $200 or less.


No voter ID requirements.

No purging of voter rolls.

No signature matching for mail-in ballots.

No redistricting by legislative bodies in the States — only by non-partisan commissions.

No disqualification of ballots for “out of precinct” voting.

. . . The “filibuster” rule is a procedural rule in the Senate; it is not a statute or part of the Constitution. Several years ago, Harry Reid, as Senate Majority Leader, established the precedent that Senate Rules could be amended during a legislative session by majority vote. In order to get HR1 brought to a vote in the Senate, Majority Leader Schumer will need to amend the legislative “filibuster” rule to eliminate the 60 vote requirement to end debate — that change would take only 51 votes. VP Harris could break a 50-50 tie and cast the 51st vote to amend the rules and eliminate the filibuster, and that would potentially allow passage of HR1 on a party-line vote — in both Houses of Congress.

Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have expressed opposition to eliminating the filibuster, with Manchin being the most adamant in his position. Earlier this week, he was again asked by members of the media about his prior position that he would “never” change his mind about ending the filibuster.


I really appreciate the headlines.
Enemedia have made an art of deceptive headlines and ledes.


comment image


What in the fiery hockey sticks is she saying?????

Breaking911 (@Breaking911) Tweeted:
Pelosi tells bizarre story that her young grandchildren are “longtime friends of Joe Biden” and they have a magic word: “Open Biden.”


Genetically just like her idiot


Its a nonstop parade of it from our state. I need a vacay….


Surprisingly the amount of recall signatures is very encouraging and did you read down in Bill’s twitter…another surprise how many parents are speaking up about school opening. There’s one where LA being accused of being racist to white families and middle eastern while black parents are saying..wait,,we want schools open too.

But anyhoo…you deserve a vacay with all that you do and getting your health back to best shape!

PS~ even if the recall fails..they have to feelz how many people are sick of him, sick of failed Dem crap, sick of it all…..and nobody is laying back down like we were before

Last edited 1 month ago by mollypitcher5

OANN just reported deadline to print, sign and mail in is really 3/10 so they can get them verified in time. Verify rate is currently 85%. If that holds, they’ll be golden. 85% of 1.9M = 1.6M+ The more the MERRIER!🤩 Buh bye Gruesome!! 👋🤡


We all are. Parents really are saying how utla is a problem. The teachers are too…yet they voted these people in.
I really want a mommy spa weekend, but spas and room service arent around and open.


her young grandchildren are “longtime friends of Joe Biden”

Does he sniff them? Get in the pool with them? Let them play with the hair on his legs?


Ugh….he probably drools on them and babbles..


[VIDEO] CPAC organizer explains WHAT HAPPENED with that alleged, ‘hate symbol’ stage

Who designed the CPAC stage the leftist media now claims was based off a hate symbol? Did anybody in the design process know about the history behind the symbol? Did CPAC leaders push the design company, Design Foundry, to make a statement as soon as bad press began? Was CPAC potentially…sabotaged?! Chairman of American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, joins Glenn to set the record straight. He describes EXACTLY what happened.


I understand what Schlapp is saying, and I realize how, when you’re planning an event that takes many months of preparation, you get caught up in the details and can get blindsided. I hope this is a lesson that we have to be proactive and diligent. After seeing the Left let down all barriers and show their true colors due to Trump Derangement Syndrome, we can’t be passive or trusting, and we can’t do business as usual. We have to hit first, and harder than they would have. We have to deny business opportunities to those who serve the Left or who support leftists who want to harm us. This will be impossible for many Repubs to do, unfortunately. Patriots are lightyears ahead of so many of them in our understanding.


IF . . . IF it were truly an accident.

A conservative organization would have stood by their design, and NOT thrown CPAC under the bus.

We’ve known it here – we have to VET EVERYTHING WE BUY.

Frankly, this is part of Security Architecture and Enterprise Architecture – EVERY business relationship and partner has to be thoroughly vetted for their solvency, reliability, ability to deliver, security practices, background checked, insight into their business model and customer base, nationality and general makeup of the board and executive suite . . . This is simply FAILURE.

This still feels completely like a TRAP, that could have been avoided. (Like the Papa John’s pizza CEO who fought back against bogus allegations.)

Aside from that, CPAC is still the swamp.


Hopium mixed with Clue By Four, actually. . . and there’s a lot of people who need the Clue By Four more than the hopium!


Please explain Clue By Four


LOL!!! Well, you’ve just made my day. Here we go.


Also found in: Dictionary, Encyclopedia.
Related to clue-by-four: LART, Cluebat, Two by four

A metaphorical stick one uses to “beat” correct information into an ignorant, incompetent, or slow-learning person (i.e., to help them “get a clue”). A pun on the term “two-by-four,” a piece of timber that measures 2 by 4 inches (5 by 10 cm) in height and width.

I hate reading comments on online news articles—there are so many stupid people out there that I just want to get a big clue-by-four and knock some sense into them with it!


Thanks, Michael H. Now I understand. But I still don’t see any sign that QTH is dying or anything wrong with the blog.


Ga, its the reason alot of us aren’t here anymore…….. might even stop lurking.

Its a clue by four why Qtree is dying actually



What I am seeing people want free speech for me but not for thee.
We are becoming intolerant like the left of differences. One thing should bind us together is MAGA America first movement.
Sensitivities are high because some of us waited for something to happen that put Trump back in office.
Accepting people as they are not as I wish they were is work but worth it.
I am here as long as I am not kicked out.


FWIW, don’t take my comments personally 😉

They are NEVER meant personally.


I’m sorry to see this sentiment. I don’t know that the QTree is dying. Wolf allows all viewpoints to be posted, but some of them seem so outlandish that it’s hard to imagine their having any credibility.

I apologize if this seems harsh or discouraging or quelling because I don’t mean it that way at all, and I certainly am not saying anything personal:
I read that Wictor column with my jaw open at how outlandish it seems. The only discussion I could have of it would be to ask the million questions it raises. For example, he says:

Trump convinced Congress that he had the votes to be president, but he also told them that he was willing to support “devolution.”

Are we to believe that, even with the courts refusing to hear all key election fraud cases, Congress somehow was led to believe that PDJT had the upper hand and that they’d better cooperate with him?

It is exactly the opposite: The Left knows it has the upper hand on these matters. That doesn’t mean there are not plans to hit back hard in other ways, but I don’t believe Wictor’s theory in the least. If people disagree, that’s fine. And if someone can explain how Wictor’s theory would work, credibly, with some detail, I will listen.


Frankly, I preferred it when you were here.

But I don’t think the qtree is dying.


I still don’t understand.


BTW – There is no sign nor symptom that QTH is dying.

Q itself may be no longer active, however.


Just out of wild curiosity, who has left besides you?


I don’t think QTH is dying.

I think the people who aren’t commenting have just stepped away for some soul searching.

Who knows what the percentage is that put a ton of hope and prayer into Jan 6 and Mar 4 as Trump’s DDay style invastion?

Apparently nanXi must have put some real belief in that invasion because she’s acting completely out of fear right now.

I think Mitch finally shut up long enough to realize his Trump hate killed his usefulness as well as his sanity.

I still see most of the same names commenting here so the extras have just hopefully stepped away to let their ‘heartache’ heal?

If you look at CTH which I still monitor from having been there for 6 years, the majority of posters are all new. The 5 percent or so, that comment daily are only a year or two old. When sundance had his dream burst last August, he quit commenting on his daily thread and people started dropping like flies. After the Nov election, his numbers dropped and the vile of new posters seems to have taken over his board.

I’ve seen people snipe at one another here but nothing like CTH.

I don’t think this board is dying?

I certainly try to post info and give clicks as often as I can.


Ben Garrison
comment image

The effort on the ‘woke’ left to ban Dr. Seuss would be ridiculous if it weren’t for the possibility that they could be successful.

The leftists’ ‘cancel culture’ is branding Dr. Seuss as racist, even though he was a liberal who penned books design to end racism. So what’s this really about?

It’s about destroying American culture.

The Marxists want not only Seuss destroyed but also Shakespeare, classic movies, and even math. They especially hate Christians and the Bible. The deconstruction-minded left sees it as hate speech. Christians and patriots are seen as terrorists and they must be silenced and replaced with transexual celebrations. They want American culture destroyed so it can be ‘built back better.’ That means socialism.

Most children of all races grew up reading Dr. Seuss. He was inclusive. His illustrations didn’t portray race. The creatures weren’t even human most of the time. Instead, they they were creative, multi-colored creatures that appealed to everyone. I was very young when I read my first Dr. Seuss book. It was titled “Bartholomew and the Oobleck.” I can’t remember how old I was exactly, but it was the first book I read on my own and I was fascinated by it. I read more of his books after that and in retrospect I realize that Dr. Seuss opened the door to reading for many young children while helping to instill within them a love of books.

Now the left wants his books destroyed along with Mark Twain and ‘white’ western literature in general. Dr. Seuss was also an excellent editorial cartoonist. A case could be made for racism in some of his depictions of the Japanese in cartoons he drew during World War II, but he drew many more that spoke out against racism. I found myself cringing a bit over his promotion of war. He hated isolationists. He railed against the ‘America First’ mentality and naturally I disagreed with him on that.

Still, his political cartoons were first-rate. Let’s not let the Bolsheviks kill the ‘Cat In The Hat.’

— Ben Garrison

Cuppa Covfefe

THIS right here!

The Marxists want not only Seuss destroyed but also Shakespeare, classic movies, and even math. They especially hate Christians and the Bible. The deconstruction-minded left sees it as hate speech. Christians and patriots are seen as terrorists and they must be silenced and replaced with transexual celebrations. They want American culture destroyed so it can be ‘built back better.’ That means socialism.

It’s the communists’ goal, and it’s happening in ALL countries in the west, making them hate themselves (crikey, they’ve been doing it here since 1945: every night on TV some mea culpa, mea maxima culpa self-hating propaganda about WWII, etc.). Any hint of loving one’s country or culture is branded as right-wing radical nationalism, which of course can then be labeled as NAZISM (NAtionalsoZIalismus). So, they paint a love of country with a label of a leftist horror that they re-categoized as right-wing.

Typical DEMONRATS and Satanic Globalists: always redefining words to meet their needs…..

Maybe they want all of us to be illiterate and innumerate (like them) so they can foist “Kommon Kommie Kore” on us and our children, and numb us to the draconian reality they have in store for us…


Neanderthals Having Fun Night Out While Civilized People Hide In Caves
March 4th, 2021

DALLAS, TX—Only hours after Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to lift the Texas mask mandate, thousands of Neanderthals descended on downtown Dallas for a fun night of eating, drinking, and dancing. Meanwhile, thousands of civilized, progressive Texans hid in dark caves to protect themselves from coronavirus. 

“Oog like steak! Oog like beer! Oog like loud music at concert!” said Oog, a Neanderthal. “Oog dance and sing with best friends! Oog happy!”

“This is so reckless and irresponsible,” said local progressive Florian Von Cinnamon from beneath his 7 masks as he huddled in a damp cave. “Neanderthal thinking will literally kill us all. I’m literally shaking right now– because I’m cold. How do you make fire again?”

Experts warn that if things continue, the state may be overrun by happy Neanderthals as all the civilized people move back to California.


For Texas, continue the fight against HB3! Some great insight into the bill below.

Via Grassroots Texans We The People:

Last week, we promised you more details on the horrific HB 3 filed by State Rep. Dustin Burrows. Thank you, Nathanael Ferguson with Texas Action for this most excellent analysis!

Bill Alert: HB 3 Creates Sweeping New Executive Authority

HB 3, currently under consideration by the House of Representatives, is an item of serious concern for all Texans. In its current form, this bill grants sweeping new pandemic emergency authority to the governor and creates narrow and nearly meaningless liability protection for Texas businesses.

Sweeping Executive Power
One of the many lessons we have learned during the spread of COVID-19 is that governments at all levels can wield too much power over the lives of people simply by declaring an emergency. The legislature should be curtailing rather than broadening emergency powers vested in the office of the governor.

Specifically, HB 3 would allow the governor to make long-term emergency declarations that carry the force and effect of law. The governor’s emergency power would include the ability to commandeer private property, control movement in declared disaster areas (which could include the entire state), and declare martial law.

In short, this bill would allow a Texas governor to create a virtual police state based solely upon his or her pandemic disaster declaration with no meaningful legislative oversight.

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Coming soon! More information on the RIGHT bills filed by Senator Brian Birdwell, SD 22. 

For now, this is a very brief summary:   
Today Texas Sen. Brian Birdwell (R-SD 22) filed two important bills to rebalance legislative and executive responsibilities during a declared disaster or emergency!

SB 1025 ensures the TX Governor cannot suspend law or make law without the legislature! 

SJR 45 allows any sitting legislator at the time of the disaster to challenge the Governor in the Supreme Court of Texas if the governor fails to convene the legislature after a qualifying disaster or emergency declaration.


Judge Orders New Election After Discovering Unsettling Truth About Majority of Absentee Ballots
By Elizabeth Stauffer
Published March 4, 2021 at 1:09pm

A Mississippi judge has ordered a new runoff election to be held for the alderman seat in Aberdeen’s Ward 1.

Special Judge Jeff Weill cited “evidence of fraud and criminal activity in how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place” in a 64-page order, according to WCBI-TV.

In the Democratic runoff election last June, Nicholas Holliday defeated his opponent, Robert Devaull, by 37 votes. Devaull then challenged the results in court.

The judge said that 66 of the 84 absentee ballots cast were not valid and should never have been counted, WCBI reported. That represents 78.5 percent of the absentee ballots.

The report said that after discovering numerous irregularities, the judge issued a bench warrant for Dallas Jones, who notarized the absentee ballots. She was arrested and charged with voter fraud, WCBI reported.


But nothing’s happening, quite literally.

I don’t know who these QAnon people are, but apparently they don’t really exist.

National Guard surprised by extension request and find no QAnon-inspired protesters
by Abraham Mahshie, Defense Reporter |  | March 04, 2021 05:49 PM

National Guard troops surrounding the U.S. Capitol were surprised to learn Thursday they may be staying in Washington well into the spring — despite a peaceful day after senior law enforcement officials had warned of possible QAnon-inspired violence.

Their shock came after Pentagon officials confirmed they had received a request to extend the Guard mission for a reported 60 days despite an unclear threat, with GOP lawmakers railing at what they believe is an unnecessary militarization of the capital city. Republicans contend the Biden administration and Democratic congressional leaders are using the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and continued troop presence to make former President Donald Trump and his supporters look bad.

“Oh, really?” one Pennsylvania National Guard member said when informed of the extension by the Washington Examiner through a vast Capitol perimeter fence at 2nd Street NE.

“We signed on the dotted line. We do what we’re told,” he added from behind Oakley-style sunglasses while clutching a Bang energy drink.

The sentiment reflected the same obedient acceptance as numerous Guard members who reacted to the extension throughout the day.

Cuppa Covfefe

This REALLY looks like Red Chinese propaganda, lock, stock, and barrel (full of lies)…


those troops have been vetted by nanXi’s truth and honor guard.

No patriotic or conservative blood runs through their veins.

The person who talked to the NG troop will soon be renditioned per nanXi’s Uyghur removal specialist affiliate.


Brad Johnson:The Turkish Situation
In a battle of wills, Erdogan faces Putin in a battle for Crimea. Putin seized Crimea for its access to major shipping routes. Erdogan, the instigator, now claims for Turkey. Brad, CIA Chief of Station (Ret) gives his analysis of this growing Middle East problem.


And of course, Zero let Putin take Crimea from Ukraine, because, well, Ukraine color revolution.


Thing is, Crimea is Russia. An ethnic mixed bag, like Russia itself.

Disclosure: My SO is Russian. We visited one of his sons who lives with his family in Kiev.
It’s confusing. More so with global corruptocrats playing capture-the-flag.


The filthy Turk spends vast sums lobbying here. That’s cash from Qatar, vast holdings of D.C. real estate, just for starters. (Throw in Lindsey Graham. Throw him in head first, deeply.)


This sultan-wannabe represents MB, Global, Inc.
Allied with Iran and the Iran Lobby, USA. Biggest bundlers for the Kamel-Hoe.

The think-tanks, the blob.
The cabal behind 0 and the Pretender.


Graham seems involved with lots of shady dealings. I remember him tied to Ukraine.
Turkey is a force also in Germany because of so many Turks that live there.
Wonder why Trump tolerates that weasel?


High pain threshold?

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Tolerant of people yes high pain threshold.
Overlooking a persons weakness ?

Cuppa Covfefe

One might call it (or expect sometime in the future from Bye,Done and company):
The Great Fake of Kiev…
(i.e. a FF of some sort)…


Tarters are only 10.8% of the population of Crimera.
Russians are 65.3% of Crimea.
Ukranians are 15.1% of Crimea.
Other are 7% of Crimea.

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Ha ha ha! Now that’s a comeback!


The Library, [04.03.21 20:29]
[Forwarded from The Post Millennial]

RT @BarrettWilson6: BREAKING: Portland city councilwoman and BLM activist allegedly fled scene after hitting driver


The Library, [04.03.21 20:36]
[Forwarded from Tierney Real News]

The business model of selling votes is no longer as lucrative. McConnell and Harry Reid created and then held the UniParty power system as a system for affluence and influence.  However, McConnell’s signature legacy item will be his role in eliminating the filibuster and turning the senate into a simple majority system. In order to give the appearance of his opposition to this move, despite his years of working earnestly toward it, McConnell will exit very soon after the filibuster is eliminated. He will then blame the elimination of the filibuster as the excuse for his departure. This is the Machiavellian way he operates.


Heard there’s another Dem agreeing w/Manchin to keep it. Don’t know if the rest of the RINOs hold the line????


Yep. Manchin has stated he’ll NEVER will he support ending the filibuster. Sinema, AZ has also said to to ending the filibuster.

Guessing RINO maroons like Pierre DeLecto, MSki, Collins and the like will hold the line.

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And she thinks merely resigning her position will protect her from criminal charges?


Betting Elaine or her handlers have already greased the skids. No charges. She resigned so in Fed speak, case closed.


We The Media (IET)]

Phone Records Prove House Sergeant-at-Arms DID Ignore Pleas for Backup: Capitol Police Chief

The acting Capitol Police chief has directly contradicted testimony from former House sergeant-at-arms Paul Irving.

The acting chief of the U.S. Capitol Police just came with the receipts.


NanXi ordered him fired.
She won’t look at ‘evidence”.
Won’t allow evidence.
Doesn’t care about evidence.

Any and MSM that carries that story any further will suffer greatly as a confirmed
“qanon” supporter.