Dear KAG: 20210406 Open Thread

Cover image: McSorley’s Line Up by Clyde Singer, 1961. Ashcan School, Midwestern Museum of American Art.

So, I was on my weekly date with God, and I opened a book that I read from time to time and chose a chapter having to do with Pope Paul VI’s most famous – and hardly ever read – Encyclical from 1968, Humanae Vitae. The truth of the matter having to do with that particular Encyclical is that Paul VI turned out to be right in the end, even if he was vilified for putting his thoughts in writing and not putting the Catholic Church on even footing “with the real world.” That’s a subject for another post.

However, in reading the last chapter in the book I read from time to time, I came to the realization that what we are seeing at this point with the attempts to limit population numbers, and diminish the food supply in both quantity and quality has its roots in – and please don’t attack the messenger – The Enlightenment.

Yes. Sorry to say, but the ORIGINAL work on population growth observations as presented by the authors of the book I read from time to time comes to us from Thomas Malthus, an English philosopher and clergyman who first penned his observations in 1798. (Paul Ehrlich’s ideas in The Population Bomb weren’t exactly original.) Wiki describes the gist of it thus:

In his 1798 book An Essay on the Principle of Population, Malthus observed that an increase in a nation’s food production improved the well-being of the population, but the improvement was temporary because it led to population growth, which in turn restored the original per capita production level. In other words, humans had a propensity to utilize abundance for population growth rather than for maintaining a high standard of living, a view that has become known as the “Malthusian trap” or the “Malthusian spectre”. Populations had a tendency to grow until the lower class suffered hardship, want and greater susceptibility to famine and disease, a view that is sometimes referred to as a Malthusian catastrophe. Malthus wrote in opposition to the popular view in 18th-century Europe that saw society as improving and in principle as perfectible.[3]

Malthus saw population growth as being inevitable whenever conditions improved, thereby precluding real progress towards a utopian society: “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man”.[4] As an Anglican cleric, he saw this situation as divinely imposed to teach virtuous behaviour.[5] Malthus wrote that “the increase of population is necessarily limited by the means of subsistence”; “population does invariably increase when the means of subsistence increase”; and “the superior power of population is repressed by moral restraint, vice and misery”.[6]

Malthus criticized the Poor Laws for leading to inflation rather than improving the well-being of the poor.[7] He supported taxes on grain imports (the Corn Laws).[8] His views became influential and controversial across economic, political, social and scientific thought. Pioneers of evolutionary biology read him, notably Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.[9][10] Malthus’ failure to predict the industrial revolution was a frequent criticism of his theories.[11]

Malthus laid the “…theoretical foundation of the conventional wisdom that has dominated the debate, both scientifically and ideologically,[12] on global hunger and famines for almost two centuries.[13]” He remains a much-debated writer.

Debated, yes, but his observations remain, to an extent, true…and can be seen in a way as a basis for the argument in favor of limiting population growth, and all the “save the planet” rhetoric that keeps changing keywords and virtue signaling. Yes, as a clergyman, Malthus saw it as a duty to look after the poor, but there really isn’t much in the way of the Divine in how he presented his findings.

Food for thought when the movement known as “The Enlightenment” is revered among so many.


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May 19 2020 15:23:22 (EST)>>9241646
It’s a marathon not a sprint.

Just a reminder:

Of course, this does not mean committing felonies, but standing up to the forces that want to tear this nation – and humanity apart. The very people XVII told us will be destroyed by the time this movie comes to an end are currently roaming the halls of power…supposedly. It’s a sickening sight.

And now for something completely different.

Your weekly reminder to take the pledge:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

And now for the nitty gritty of the Q Tree 5 minute, stand up, Tuesday morning meeting version of the Daily Thread.


Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out with anyone who happens to still be hanging out there. There is also a “rescue” thread there for members of the Tree to rendezvous if the main site goes kablooey.

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

And Auntie DePat’s requests as we are all, ahem, adults, although some of us are beginning to wonder what the threshold for true adulthood is:

If you see something has not been posted, do us all a favor, and post it. Please, do not complain that it has not been done yet.

The scroll wheel on your mouse can be your friend. As mature adults, please use it here in the same manner you would in avoiding online porn.

Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


Psalm 32/33

Rejoice in the Lord, O ye just: praise becometh the upright. [2] Give praise to the Lord on the harp; sing to him with the psaltery, the instrument of ten strings. [3] Sing to him a new canticle, sing well unto him with a loud noise. [4] For the word of the Lord is right, and all his works are done with faithfulness. [5] He loveth mercy and judgment; the earth is full of the mercy of the Lord.

[6] By the word of the Lord the heavens were established; and all the power of them by the spirit of his mouth: [7] Gathering together the waters of the sea, as in a vessel; laying up the depths in storehouses. [8] Let all the earth fear the Lord, and let all the inhabitants of the world be in awe of him. [9] For he spoke and they were made: he commanded and they were created. [10] The Lord bringeth to naught the counsels of nations; and he rejecteth the devices of people, and casteth away the counsels of princes.

[11] But the counsel of the Lord standeth for ever: the thoughts of his heart to all generations. [12] Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord: the people whom he hath chosen for his inheritance. [13] The Lord hath looked from heaven: he hath beheld all the sons of men. [14] From his habitation which he hath prepared, he hath looked upon all that dwell on the earth. [15] He who hath made the hearts of every one of them: who understandeth all their works.

[16] The king is not saved by a great army: nor shall the giant be saved by his own great strength. [17] Vain is the horse for safety: neither shall he be saved by the abundance of his strength. [18] Behold the eyes of the Lord are on them that fear him: and on them that hope in his mercy. [19] To deliver their souls from death; and feed them in famine. [20] Our soul waiteth for the Lord: for he is our helper and protector.

[21] For in him our heart shall rejoice: and in his holy name we have trusted. [22] Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, as we have hoped in thee.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

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Valerie Curren

restraint on globullists?

comment image
NTD News

Russian President Vladimir #Putin on Monday signed a law allowing him to potentially hold onto power until 2036.

The 68-year-old president, who has been in power for more than 2 decades—longer than any other Kremlin leader since #Soviet dictator #Stalin.
Putin Signs Law That Could Keep Him in Kremlin Until 2036
MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law allowing him to potentially hold onto power until 2036, …


I have watched a couple of lengthy Putin interviews, and he impressed me a lot.

The last thing TPTB wanted was our President and Putin cooperating, and they succeeded.

Valerie Curren

so it appears, though hopefully only for a little bit longer–hopium fix craved 🙂

Valerie Curren

J & J vax horror
comment image

comment image
Patriot Girl – TX

Man’s skin ‘peeled off’ in reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID shot
Man’s skin ‘peeled off’ in rare reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine
A Virginia man suffered a rare reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine that caused a painful rash to spread across his entire body and skin to peel off, doctors said. Richard Terrell, 74, of Goochland

Valerie Curren

conditioned response
comment image


Lin Wood on Telegram:

Lin Wood
Join me LIVE at 5 p.m. ET today! I will be speaking with fellow Patriots at a MAGA RALLY in the SC Upstate. Watch LIVE at or at

Thanks to all the great members of the United Patriots Alliance for also leading the charge to rebuild the GOP in South Carolina. I am honored to be Candidate for SC GOP Chair. It is time for change. It is time for honest elections. It is time for We The People to take back the power and control of the Republican Party, the State of South Carolina, and our country.

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful afternoon!

We are going to have some fun in South Carolina!

Valerie Curren

fakebook enables trafficking

comment image
Ken Duffy #TWGRP

Why does Facebook censor US citizens posts while allowing illegal human trafficking’s to be done on its platform?

Human Smugglers Use Facebook to Advertise ‘100 Percent Safe‘ U.S. Border Crossings… via @BreitbartNews
Human Smugglers Use Facebook to Advertise ‘100 Percent Safe’ U.S. Border Crossings
Facebook appears to allow human smugglers to advertise their services with false promises of “100 percent safety” and easy

Valerie Curren

Whoops that was meant as a stand alone comment, not in reply to Lin Wood’s stuff…


You Are Witnessing The Offensive,They Are Divided,There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel- Ep. 2446 
 April 6, 2021  x22report

Everything the [CB] has kept hidden is now out in the light. Everyone can now see the true agenda of the [CB]. The corrupt politicians are going along with this and as they push taxes and their agenda it becomes more and more obvious that it does not benefit the people. The patriots have divided the [DS], each faction is now pushing against each other. This is the offensive. People are waking up and more are on the cusp of waking up. As this continues the people will know who the real enemy is. The patriots have planned this a long time ago. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but the people must reach the precipice and see the truth, the truth of treason, sedition, crimes against humanity, the border, the economy and the pandemic hoax. It’s all about to implode on the [DS].


Ep. 2446a – The People Will Finally See Through The [CB] Narrative, Planned A Long Time Ago
X22 Report Published  April 6, 2021


Ep. 2446b-You Are Witnessing The Offensive,They Are Divided,There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel
X22 Report Published  April 6, 2021

Valerie Curren

I really want all this to be true, but it sounds an awful lot like Hopium 🙂


As hard as I try, I cannot relate to ‘hopium’ – Dave is a financial analyst and political strategist – he also uses Q research in his analysis – however – it is ‘his’ opinion – thus, one can either ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ it.

I have followed him for years – because he is ‘honest’ and does not get into the ‘ridiculous’ – he makes sense to me – unlike others who are out there selling themselves rather than rational thought.

Valerie Curren

Thanks for that info Duchess & for sharing the many items you consistently do–Blessings!


Most welcome, Val!!! Angels watching over you as God showers His Blessings on you!!!

Valerie Curren

Amen, God is so good all the time, even when we’re too blind to see or distracted to notice…


He isnt going to reopen…its conditioning.

Note: vaccine supply includes for UNDER 18.

Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) Tweeted:
Spokesman for the Newsom recall effort responds to this announcement:

Last edited 1 year ago by gil00

Scott “Damnatio Memoriae Democraticae” (@ScottC20012) Tweeted:
Translation: He follows the Political Science, and Kamala told him he wasn’t going to be Senator, so he needs to keep his day job…


Good Grief! What’s the next recall step?


Suppised to be verifying the signatures then put on ballot.


But likely to be court. Which is stupid. When the Mussolini or Ceaucescu methods are quicker, easier, and less painful than doing a recall, they will likely become the preferred methods…..’cause they’re a LOT more final.

It’d be smarter for the Ruling Class to make recalls quicker, easier, and as painless as possible — then, just Dominion the results.

Wolf Moon

Interesting. The fact that they’re NOT “easing it to Dominion” says something. Maybe the heat is on Dominion more than we realize – so much that “cheat mode” is now being blocked to regain cover.


I’d like to think they’re losing faith in Dominioning things….except they’ve always fought recalls tooth and nail.


Yes. I remember actually seeing the Romanian video and thought they had is coming. Its will happen here at one point. Btw, Bidens gun grab begins tomorrow.

Valerie Curren

fake freak fraudulence

Valerie Curren

Life lines
comment image

Valerie Curren

“woke” companies to avoid

comment image
Jim Pelican

This article hyperlinks a list of 200 companies who haven’t read the GA voting bill, to correct the most compromised election process twice in 2020.

It should be a definitive list of companies to avoid.

Let them rot.

200 Companies Speak Out Against Election Reform Efforts, Including PayPal, Dow, HP, Microsoft,…
200 companies, including PayPal, Dow, Estee Lauder, HP, Microsoft, Uber, and Under Armour have signed a joint statement condemning election reform efforts in Texas, Georgia, and other states. “There…

Valerie Curren

numbers game!!!
comment image

comment image VandenBerghe

Biden’s vaccine visit live stream earlier. 424 watching on White House channel with 1.9 MILLION subscribers. 139 likes & 2700 DISLIKES!


As I shared last night, I attended a county GOP monthly meeting at which Congressman Mark Green was the guest speaker.

He was just great and shared so much info.

One point that really stuck wiht me was that he pointed out how close we (GOP) are to taking the House (impressive how many seats we gained when we were supposed to loose a large number of seats).

He also pointed out that for a very few seats, donors gave 32 Million, seats that we didn’t have a change to win because they are very far left districts. The conservatives running against the squad didn’t have a chance and that $ would have been Much better donated to close races that are not as exciting.

He asked attendees to donate to close races in which there is a good chance of winning and flipping seats.

If Republicans had sent their donations to close seats v. to races against the squad that had no chance, we might have won enough seats to have the House … and, even if RINOS, a GOP House would mean:
-we would not have had the 1/6 security issues
-HR1 and all of the other bills being passed by the House as the GOP would have controlled the legislative agenda
-no 2nd impeachment
-and so much more as the control of the House determines so

Congressman Green also shared that since his Congressional district is very safely red and his seat was, knock on wood, safe (and he is correct as he won 70/30) he actually took donations made to his campaign and donated to close races. Each candidate that he helped with both donations and campaigning in their district/state for them won.

He suggested that if individuals didn’t know which races were best to donate to him knowing that he donates to close races whatever he doesn’t need to win his race (and this was in his own district) or to call his campaign office and ask, that they would be happy to give advice and are fine with people donating to close races v. his own campaign.

I thought that idea was so smart!

While it is motivating and enjoyable to donate to the Dem Squad’s opponents or the GOP candidate running against Nancy or other big name dems, their districts are so far left there is little chance of winning and that same money could make the difference in the very close races to maintain a GOP seat or to flip a Dem to a GOP seat.

He also said that people like AOC are some of the last people to defeat beause
a) their districts are so far left
and b) they are the dems who motivate the middle and almost middle Rs to vote R and to donate and to volunteer.

When I think that we are only 7 seats from holding the majority … so Close!

I thought this was a good tip of how we as individuals donate money to candidates in upcoming cycles – not just exciting and feel good donations but donations to those who have a solid chance of beating the Dem with just a little more funding for campaigning. Same with donating our time.


Of the 6 seats needed, really need only 5 more as 1 of the current empty seats will almost certainly go GOP in the general election (Texas 6). {the question on that district is will it be RINO/GOPe or MAGA conservative as I commented about several days ago btu didn’t get insight from anyone in Texas or who knows more about Texas politics. Wish we did as we might know if a MAGA conservative candidate needs help to win)

LA 2, FL 20 & OH 11 – all overwhelmingly Dem, too far left to try to flip at this time

(FL 20 just opened up today when Congressman Hastings passed away of cancer)

NM 1 – strong Dem (not as far left as the above 2 districts by Biden won with 60% and the presidential race has not been close in this district since 2000)

5 seats – so close and mid terms are coming quickly. We will gain at least the # needed to take back the House + more, esp. as Biden’s policies are so damaging.


First I just wanted to share Congressman Green’s donation suggestions for conservative donors to send their $ to close races.

Then I started poking around the current House status … and started motivating myself by accident.

Now I am looking at 2022 maps and found this article out just today:

“The initial target list from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee includes one open seat and only 21 Republican-held districts where the party will be focusing its resources over the next two years. The list, one of the DCCC’s first official strategy memos this year, is notably shorter than its initial announcement for the 2020 cycle and comes comparatively later. Last cycle’s list of 33 targeted seats was released in January 2019.

Democratic campaign officials said they will spend the coming months reminding constituents in the targeted districts that their Republican representatives voted against President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan, which passed the House and the Senate without GOP support but has been popular across the political spectrum, according to opinion polls. 

“Every single Republican on this list voted against putting checks in pockets and shots in arms, and we’re going to make sure voters in their district know it,” DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney said in a statement. “The DCCC is prepared to protect our majority by recruiting compelling candidates and empowering their campaigns with the resources they need to draw the contrast between Democrats’ record of fighting for the middle class and Republicans’ toxic brand of defending conspiratorial insurrectionists and opposing direct relief for working families.”

The Democrats’ targets are centered on suburban districts where demographic changes and the leftward shift of white, college-educated voters contributed to the blue wave in the 2018 midterms and to Biden’s {“win”} in November. The list also includes nine districts carried by Biden won but where the Democratic House nominee lost by narrow margins.

Only two of the targeted districts are in Texas — a state that has remained stubbornly difficult for Democrats to crack in spite of demographic trends that have worked in their favor in other parts of the country. The DCCC’s initial target list in the 2020 cycle included six Texas seats. 

The new list also leaves out several districts that Democrats lost in November, including New York’s 11th, New Mexico’s 2nd, Oklahoma’s 5th, Minnesota’s 7th and South Carolina’s 1st.

Republicans, who need a net gain of five seats in 2022 to take the majority, seized on those omissions as a sign of Democrats’ vulnerability and of successful GOP messaging around issues such as protecting oil and gas industry jobs from Democratic climate initiatives. 

“The DCCC confirmed what we already knew: Democrats are on defense because they have to defend a toxic socialist agenda focused on raising taxes, opening borders, closing schools and killing jobs,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Michael McAdams said in a statement.

House Democrats lost a net of 11 seats in the 2020 election. Thirteen of their incumbents were defeated, while they also lost an open Democratic seat and picked up three open GOP seats. No House Republican incumbent lost last cycle.”

Very interesting. Only targeting 21 GOP held seats {+ current Dem held seats that are vulnerable} which tells us that they don’t think their winning message has very broad appeal &/or that it will take all of their resources to shore up many currently Dem held seats + maybe flip a few GOP held seats at best.

We know their messaging – good! We can fight against it on specifics + hammer home so many talking points against the Dems.


Which districts the RNC is targeting:

Key take away to me as far as our time between now and the GOP Primary in each of these states is to make sure that MAGA candidates win in the GOP Primary so that the GOP candidates the RNC has to push in the general election against the Dems are Rs we Want to Win!

Right now is the time to vet and recruit potential MAGA candidates &/or vet those already declaring (many are declaring very early this election cycle).


List Dems are targeting:
AZ-02 – open/retiring Dem
AZ-06 – David Schweikert
   CA-21 – David Valadao
CA 25- Mike Garcia
   CA-39 – Young Kim
   CA-48 – Michelle Steel
   FL-26 – Carlos Gimenez
   FL-27 – María Elvira Salazar
   IA-01 – Ashley Hinson
   IA-02 – Mariannette Miller-Meeks
   IN-05 – Victoria Spartz
   MO-02 – Ann Wagner
   NE-02 – Don Bacon
   NY-02 – Andrew Garbarino
   NY-22 – Claudia Tenney
   NY-24 – John Katko
   OH-01 – Steve Chabot
   PA-01 – Brian Fitzpatrick
   PA-10 – Scott Perry
   TX-23 – Tony Gonzales
   TX-24 – Beth Van Duyne
   UT-04 – Burgess Owens

For the “boring” left brain types like me who think details are fun …

AZ-02 – Open seat (Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick is retiring) Voted red in presidential from 2000 until 2016. Was close in 2012 but still red. 2012:50/48
2016: 50/45

2020: 55/44 Interesting – recent Congressional:
GOP: 2002-2012

Dem: 2012 – 2014
GOP: 2014 -2018 — McSally’s district
Dem: 2018 & 2020

McSally winning in the same district as that Clinton won in 2016 explains why we get squishy middle of the road GOP politicians … they barely squeak by in some moderate to left leaning districts and if they were more conservative would have lost to the Dem.

{Doesn’t mean I approve of RINOs/Middle of the roaders and yes, still good to run MAGA conservatives EVERYWHERE/EVERY district! Just saying that this might be a district that it is better to have a GOP seat to count toward the total than no GOP victory at all}

(I also think that in some districts the GOP running looses votes by GOP voters who stay home because the candidate isn’t conservative enough to motivate voters to go vote. However, that is hard to argue in this district as President Trump also lost.)

It has the potential to flip … maybe? GOP was winning there until the last 2 elections and then losses have not been marginal so IDK …

CA-25 – Mike Garcia

I love that we have this seat – it was Katie Hill’s seat and we flipped it during the special election after she “left” due to issues.

He beat Christy Smith 56/45 in the special election

However, he only won against Christy Smith 50.05/49.95

This is a realist flip goal for Dems and a seat the GOP must fight to save/hold on to so as to increase our total seats.

Time is up as son’s martial arts is over. Might poke around at the rest of the dem target list later and will share in case others are wondering where are the close races to invest time/money for 2022 House (of course, that is only after we have donated time/money to our own local, state and federal races!)


None of that matters if voter fraud isn’t dealt with. California has been doing fraudulent elections for decades. They’re not going to stop to let the GOP take back the house. Same in way too many other places. Steve is right. Without a plan to fix the fraud, you have no plan.


Absolutely correct. Unless 11/3 is rectified all this is for naught. It’s just a way to kick the can down the road. And no money.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gingersmom2009

To be fair, both need to be dealt with. If you fix the voting and have crap candidates it is all for nothing.


We need Clay Higgins x100.

Brave and Free

Cliff notes please

Valerie Curren

If the 2020 fraud is not rectified there’s no reason to believe that 2022 won’t also be a fraud-fest!

Valerie Curren

It’s entirely possible that if the 2020 fraud is ever addressed & rectified that the GOP May have actually already legitimately won the House, like they surely took the Senate w/ John James in MI who’s victory was stolen along w/ Trumps, & perhaps some others.

Some fraud analysts have claimed that POTUS won All 50 states!!! If that’s actually true it is likely that there are more red rep wins too. When considering the fractional vote fraud that is practiced more on red counties than blue (1 Trump vote counts as .75 & 1 Biden vote counts as 1.25) it is highly likely that there were more legit GOP wins!

Oh & I believe Perdue Actually won his original Senate race so the runoff fraud was unnecessary…

Last edited 1 year ago by Valerie Curren
Valerie Curren

My leftie Brit correspondent engages on this one…usually he’s fixated on Trump…


Ask the Brit if he’d date it

Valerie Curren

LOL! Well, he didn’t chastise me for using the word “tranny” & used it himself so I’d guess not 🙂


Sad puppy and immature.
I knew a transgender woman who used to be male. She behaved totally different.


People with mental issues have always entertained all kinds of notions. And now we validate these notions.


No joke!

When the guy in the mental hospital thought he was Jesus, did we crucify him? NO, we got him some serious meds and therapy.

We need to stop humoring this kind of thing, and treating it instead.


Those people right now have more clout in the public square (mainstream) than any one of us could ever dream of. The inmates are running the asylum

Valerie Curren



Maybe we should bring in a cross and some nails and pretend that we’re going to crucify him. I bet as soon as we lay him on the cross, his mind will get right (mostly).



Valerie Curren

appearance of “woman” perhaps but still male regardless…very sad…


When I first moved to the Bay Area, I lived in an apartment on the second floor. My across-the-staircase neighbor was living as a woman.


Yes this has been going on for a long time on a small scale.
The problem i have is indoctrinating children and harming them before they find themselves. It is not my place to ruling over other adults how they want to live. Do I have to approve it no but realize it is not for me.

Valerie Curren

in related news



Former President Donald Trump joins Newsmax TV

Valerie Curren

vax in pieces???

Hope Wolfie sees this one…hmmm

comment image
Matt Couch

So now these idiots are saying the Vaccine only lasts 6 months…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… My God if you got this damn thing, you were totally played like a fiddle… Unreal…




comment image

Replying to @RealMattCouch
It’s in pieces.

Once you have about 6 of the pieces in you, they conglomerate to make a digital platform.
6:05 PM · Apr 6, 2021·Twitter for Android

Valerie Curren

more vax crap

See new Tweets
Conversationcomment image
Matt Couch

So now these idiots are saying the Vaccine only lasts 6 months…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… My God if you got this damn thing, you were totally played like a fiddle… Unreal…




comment image
Valerie Curren


Quote Tweet
This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules. Learn more




comment image
President Elect Bethany

Replying to
and @RealMattCouch
They are totally dependent upon emergency order to be able to distribute the vaccine. Since it’s already surpassed the vaccine injury threshold cap it will never be approved by FDA.
6:11 PM · Apr 6, 2021·Twitter for Android


Texas Senate passes bill protecting users from Big Tech political censorship –

(Natural News) Lawmakers in the Texas Senate have passed a bill that safeguards Americans from political censorship on social media platforms. Under Senate Bill 12, which passed on April 1, social media firms with at least 100 million users per month are prohibited from blocking, banning, demonetizing or discriminating any user simply because of their political views. The lawmaker behind the bill said the measure is designed to “get Texans back online.”

Republican State Sen. Bryan Hughes said the measure would apply to YouTube, Facebook and other platforms. The state lawmaker said in a video posted on Twitter: “I think we all have to acknowledge [that] these social media companies are the new town square, [and] a small group of people in San Francisco can’t dictate free speech for the rest of us. It needs to be an open exchange of ideas, and Senate Bill 12 is going to get Texas back online.”

Two companion bills have also been sent to the state’s lower chamber.

The new law’s provisions mandate that Big Tech companies to publicize their moderation policies. They will also be required to publish reports about the blocked content on their platforms and set up an appeals process for content that had been taken down. Hughes added that the bill is now on its way to the Texas House of Representatives, and projected an optimistic outcome for it. He also expressed hope that Gov. Greg Abbott will sign it into law soon. However, the state senator conceded that the law will most likely face legal challenges.

Speaking to the Texas Tribune, Hughes explained: “Even though they’re private actors, because they are common carriers … [and] they chose to enter this business and offer their services, then they are bound by certain rules.” While he acknowledged that the problem “cries out for a federal solution,” he believed that the bill would serve as a benchmark for other states to follow and eventually become the basis for a federal mandate.

While Hughes acknowledged the possible legal challenges facing Senate Bill 12, he remarked that he and his team of lawyers are prepared to take the fight to court. He told NTD back in February: “We know we’re going to be sued if we pass this bill. Facebook, Google and Twitter have armies of lawyers and lobbyists who will be fighting us on this. But we’re on the right side, the law is on our side. We expect to see this bill pass [and] put in place [to protect] Texans’ free speech.”

Hughes is not the only lawmaker from Texas standing up to Big Tech censorships. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has been actively fighting the wanton censorship implemented by technology giants on conservatives from his position at Capitol Hill.

Back in 2019, Cruz put forward three solutions to Big Tech censorship during an April 2019 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Those solutions included amending Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1990, antitrust measures to break up Big Tech monopoly and immediate action on potential fraud and deception cases. According to Cruz, the current technology monopoly has more power than the Standard Oil and AT&T monopolies of yesteryears.

First, Cruz explained the rationale behind amending Section 230. The provision granted “special immunity” to social media companies back in the 1990s, with the understanding that these “neutral public forums” will host content. However, this did not include regulating content uploaded on their platforms. “If Big Tech wants to be partisan and political speakers, it has that right. [But] it has no entitlement to a special immunity from liability under Section 230 … that nobody else enjoys,” Cruz said.

Second, Cruz suggested the use of antitrust laws against technology firms to address their dominant status on the internet. He explained: “Applying the antitrust laws is complicated because the Big Tech companies are larger and more powerful than Standard Oil and AT&T when they were broken up. If we have tech companies using their monopoly to censor political speech, I think that raises real antitrust issues.” (Related: Sen. Ted Cruz: Big Tech censorship “greatest threat to free speech and democracy.”)

Lastly, the U.S. senator proposed investigating potential fraudulent behavior on social media platforms. “Most users of Facebook, Twitter [or] Google – when they use those services – they don’t envision they’re participating in a biased forum. [They] believe that when they speak, [the] people that choose to follow them will hear what they say – and there are distressing pieces of evidence that suggest that’s not the case,” he commented. Cruz added that the Federal Trade Commission can litigate potential cases of fraud and deceptive behavior, and slap fines on firms proven to engage in such activity.


Russia gets it…

Russia warns of anti-white aggression in the US –

(Natural News) A senior Russian official warned of “anti-white aggression” in the United States. According to Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, racism against white people appears to be building in the U.S. Russia’s top diplomat also warned that political correctness “taken to the extreme” would have severe repercussions in the long run.

In an April 1 televised interview, Lavrov said the country had long backed a worldwide trend of countries wanting to get rid of racism. He boasted that Russia kick-started efforts toward this endeavor. “We were pioneers of the movement promoting equal rights of people of any skin color,” he remarked.

But Lavrov stressed it was important “not to switch to the other extreme.” He explained that this other extreme involved “aggression against white people … [who are] U.S. citizens,” which was prevalent during the Black Lives Matter protests in May 2020. BLM protests became widespread across the U.S. following the death of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement that month.

The Russian foreign minister accused the U.S. of seeking to spread what he dubbed a “cultural revolution” worldwide. “Hollywood is now also changing its rules so that everything reflects the diversity of modern society,” Lavrov explained. The official branded this pandering to diversity as “a form of censorship “and added that Hollywood had “colossal possibilities” for it.

“You see, this is absurd. Political correctness taken to the point of absurdity will not end well,” the foreign minister remarked. He continued: “I’ve seen Black people play [roles] in Shakespeare’s comedies. Only I don’t know when there will be a white Othello.” 


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@MZHemingway @AsaHutchinson Sarah Sanders won’t be Governor soon enough


Buh-bye, Asa.

Go castrate yourself.


If he can find ’em.

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LOL more than a “winter string” required

Wolf Moon

OMG – Texas may be on the list now! Do y’all have Constitutional carry now?


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Yes you are. And your feet stink and your mother smelt of elderberries.




That’s nice, gently ease NASA people into socialism…they can do grunt work for the regime “voluntarily”. They’ve got NG babysitting Congress.


Disgusting but not surprising.


Bowser’s brown shirts…pathetic.
For us millions and millions who abhor what’s happening and we have no voice to make it stop kills me inside.
If only our side had loud mouth activist representatives to make a stink .

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USSR tactics not American values. How deranged our society has become. No soul no ethical compass void of character.


They’ve completely twisted everything about that rally so that if anyone says one word of support for anyone involved the person must confess their own intent of insurrection/treason. It’s ridiculous and scary.
Trump has been effectively silenced. A former POTUS silenced..that’s where we’re at.


Yes it it almost unbelievable until one accepts what we are dealing with.

Wolf Moon

This is the result of TEACHING hatred of whites.


I hope he sues the absolute CRAP out of them.

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Yup. Even if it’s taxpayer money, it’s JUSTICE.




According to the government the Covid19 vaccine…

• does not provide immunity
• does not eliminate the virus
• does not guarantee you won’t get it
• does not stop you from passing it on to others
• does not eliminate the need for travel bans
• does not eliminate the need for business closures
• does not eliminate the need for lockdowns
• does not eliminate the need for social distancing
• does not eliminate the need for masks

And if you experience a severe adverse reaction, long term effects (still unknown) or die from the vaccine there will be no compensation from the vaccine manufacturer or the government as they have 100% zero liability.


Valerie Curren

so besides virtue signaling the point of the mask is what???


I was walking by the living room and there was a news segment on Google’s new San Jose plan “Downtown West” and the fiancee and I talked about it. We both remembered the Apple HQ at One Infinite Loop, and their current HQ at the Flying Saucer, and their previous ubiquity in the Valley when their HQ was on Mariani. And how various companies had built various temples to weirdness here.

But it all goes back to Borland, which had a quick lesson about hubris when Philipe Kahn, their founder and CEO, succumbed to “The Edifice Complex”. He got so wrapped-up in the creation of a brilliant and beautiful new HQ complex that he completely lost track of his core business for almost two years…..and Borland never recovered.

By contrast, I am always reminded of one of the most brilliant CFOs I ever worked for…. Paul Rogan. One of the cofounders of Equipe, a company that was ultimately sold to PRI Automation. I learned so much from him.

When in negotiations with PRI, the leases on a bunch of Equipe’s nondescript tilt-up buildings were up for renegotiation. Paul had found a candidate that was dirt cheap in Silicon Valley and was salivating at the prospect of reducing overhead. The new space didn’t even have insulation on most of the roof — which Paul didn’t mind, as robot parts are pretty much immune from heat or cold.

Well, he was just about to sign up for this new space when he had one of his meetings with PRI, and he came out of a meeting fuming. “They told me I couldn’t sign the deal. They wanted something with ‘curb appeal’,” he sneered. Then, spitting the words out like curses, “Curb. Appeal.” Paul was about as anti-“Edifice Complex” as I’ve ever seen.


april 6, 2021 the marshall report

I have shared with some that in 1994 I was among the first people in the USA to use a light therapy machine to advance healing. This technology was released by Pevonia International who adapted the technology used in sports medicine for bone healing out of London. Originally it was to be used to those in my industry for skin healing and anti-aging as it put the cells back into balance and created a fibroblast activity phase that allowed the cells to heal 5x faster or more, depending on the age and health of the person. At the time NASA had announced that it was coming close to being able to capture the light emitting diodes from the sun and use them in the same type of technology…but Pevonia was proud to make the claim that their technology beat NASA! Based on the results this technology produced, I knew the day was coming when someone could just step into a unit, like a sauna (I thought at the time) and get their daily dose of Sun and everything they needed for optimal health. Now, all these years later, Tesla has brought this technology to tExhe people. No longer just for professional use, or limited to Space Based programs. The advancements are phenomenal.

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…