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May 2 2020 17:34:06 (EST)
What would have happened if POTUS challenged the COVID-19 narrative from the beginning?
Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth.

Who benefits the most?
They do not care about your well-being.
You are simply in the way.
This is about regaining POWER.
Every asset deployed.
Win by any means necessary.

Well, well, well. It’s starting.

US will temporarily halt use of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine

By Yaron Steinbuch and Lia Eustachewich

April 13, 2021 | 7:14am | Updated

Federal health agencies will temporarily stop using Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine after six women developed blood clots, including one who died, according to officials and a new report Tuesday. 

The Food and Drug Adminstration announced the pause, saying there’ve been a half-dozen reports of a “rare & severe type of blood clot” in patients who received the vaccine. 

The clots were observed along with reduced platelet counts, making the usual treatment for blood clots — the blood thinner heparin — potentially “dangerous.”

“Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare,” the agency tweeted in a joint statement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Right now, the low numbers of the victims cited in the original article is being used as the “well, it’s just women of child bearing years who have the same complications as the pill,” and not more than that, but still….

One prick down, a few to go, although there have been rumblings that three more shots are on the list for suspension.

This is what happens when you cut corners, and stop clinical trials before getting FDA approval…which begs the question: last year when he promised the vaccines as soon as possible on an emergency basis, did President Trump rush the manufacturers’ timeline, and force their hand early? With no FDA approval, just emergency use in place, do these “vaccines” fall under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? Are the manufacturers FINALLY open to class action lawsuits? The World Health Organization says that the pandemic, such as it was, is over.

So why are we going through this exercise? Could it be twenty years worth of investment in the concept and the money people behind all of it don’t want it to be for naught?

Or, could it be….

Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter OnlineFox Reply to  scott467 April 13, 2021 15:29

Scott, I read a comment on an article that makes a lot of sense to me.
Steven said: The NWO must be pissed that Trump came out with the vaccine so early ensuring it would have the status as “experimental” & therefore could not be mandated.
What if he had intelligence that a mandated vaccine was a core part of the NWO 2030 Agenda all along?
Like going back as far as the 322 clubs origin (C=3 V=22)
How many wrenches did he throw into their machine? Just me looking for the big picture and how Trump destabilized the NWO’s plan. Trump’s actions ensured that anybody that didn’t want the vax, doesn’t have to take it.

Given the statement from President Trump, that is certainly on the table for discussion.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

The Biden Administration did a terrible disservice to people throughout the world by allowing the FDA and CDC to call a “pause” in the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. The results of this vaccine have been extraordinary but now it’s reputation will be permanently challenged. The people who have already taken the vaccine will be up in arms, and perhaps all of this was done for politics or perhaps it’s the FDA’s love for Pfizer. The FDA, especially with long time bureaucrats within, has to be controlled. They should not be able to do such damage for possibly political reasons, or maybe because their friends at Pfizer have suggested it. They’ll do things like this to make themselves look important. Remember, it was the FDA working with Pfizer, who announced the vaccine approval two days after the 2020 Presidential Election. They didn’t like me very much because I pushed them extremely hard. But if I didn’t, you wouldn’t have a vaccine for 3-5 years, or maybe not at all. It takes them years to act! Do your testing, clean up the record, and get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine back online quickly. The only way we defeat the China Virus is with our great vaccines!

So, did President Trump manage to get the FDA, Fauci, and all the rest to expose themselves by getting them to jump early, and goad them into this mess?

Maybe someday we will find out.

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JOHN 3:16-21

16For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. 17For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. 18He who believes in him is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. 19And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 21But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

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Plastic people are eligible to pose nekkid for Playboy? Don’t tell Zappa.

Cuppa Covfefe

Due to the size of the cover, the entire magazine is a fold-out…

(Anyone remember Mad Magazine’s “Fold-Ins” ??? )…..


The good ol’ days.

Cuppa Covfefe

Large-print edition???

(OK, OK, off to me corner I go…)…..


Once in a while it really hits me what this whole covid nightmare has done to me.

Today in the grocery store checkout line, I cried.

An old man was struggling with his card in the reader. He was wearing a mask, of course I was not, so I was far behind him, waiting. He couldn’t figure out all the hoops he had to jump through.

Eighteen months ago, I would have jumped to help the old guy navigate the stupid card reader. Today I had to just stand there and cry, until finally the clerk was able to get him through it.

I hate this shit.

Wolf Moon

This is how they sabotaged our humanity.


We should sabotage their sabotage 😁




I’m sorry you cried today, Aubergine.

You know what might be a good idea… you could have a mask with you, in your pocket. If you are ever in a situation like that again, where you would normally help someone, and it’s someone wearing a mask like today (so they are mask-conscious)…

You could whip out your mask, flash a big smile first, then put on the mask, and help them out.

Then, just like DJT did that time when he returned to the WH and had a mask on, make a big production out of removing your mask and putting it back in your pocket.

That’s like a DOUBLE WHAMMY to the mask Nazis.

Showing them that you actually have a mask, but you choose not to wear it, unless you are selflessly helping others, and then when you’re done helping someone, you’re done with the mask too 👍

Total power and control — only wearing the mask when YOU want to, and even then, only out of consideration for someone else who actually cares about the mask, which you know because he or she was wearing one.

That way, you get to help people as you are naturally inclined to do, and even better than just going maskless, you get to demonstrate the freedom of not wearing a mask, putting the mask on for temporary aid to others, and demonstrate the freedom of REMOVING the mask, all by your own free will and God-given American rights 👍 😁 👍

Total victory!

Last edited 24 days ago by scott467
Wolf Moon

That is actually a really great idea.


Well don’t sound so surprised! 😂🤣😂


Aubergine, another view to consider adopting…

MANY older folks in my neck of the woods. Mobility issues and simply not at the top of their game so to speak.

Sadly, these damn masks truly have the older folks scared. Their life is truly more difficult these days. I do feel bad for these folks.

Although I am without a mask, I always offer to assist when I see they are having difficulties. EVERYONE of them accepts and appreciates the offer to assist. If perchance they appeared nervous with my being without a mask, I’d get a store type to assist. On the positive side, this particular store, Smith’s is keenly aware of older folks and go out of their way to assist.

On a fun note. The other day an old dude in a motorized shopping cart needed help returning a case of beer to the cooler. Then needed to retrieve another brand. Seems his wife favors a brand of beer, that isn’t his brand. I suggested he get a case of both beers. He laughed and declined.


I feel terrible for how afraid they all are.


Stoic and proud they rightfully are. A smile. A gesture. A helping hand. Whatever we can do is appropriate. A mask for two minutes as Scott suggests or simply offer to assist.


Plus a lot of them can’t hear what’s being said because the mask muffles speech. They can’t hear and they can’t see if the person is sympathetic or perturbed. It’s so messed up


^^^ 🙂 ^^^ Exactly. More reason for those of us withOUT a mask… A smile goes much further. A greeting received clearly.


Yes, completely. I feel it. I am partially deaf from many years of ear problems, and I don’t even attempt to engage people wearing masks in conversation. I can’t understand so much of what they are saying, it just dissolves into “huh, what?” every other sentence.

And I can’t read people’s faces, which makes me distrustful. I hate it.

In Scott’s helpful scenario, I think I would smile at the old guy from a distance first, and then proceed.


I went to the post office today to drop off a package, without a mask, like always.

There was no one there besides two clerks and myself, so no line.

The woman who usually helps me, and who is always sweet to me, was occupied with some kind of paperwork, so she waved and said hi, while a guy I’ve never seen before helped me.

They both wore the full face shields, and there is a plexiglass wall sitting on top of the counter, with intermittent gaps to hand packages around, so it’s even more useless than an unbroken sheet of plexiglass that stretched from wall to wall.

The guy who helped me was clearly afraid and tense because I was not wearing a mask, but he didn’t say a word. He stood back away from the plexiglass as far as he could, while still being able to reach the computer keyboard, and he had a semi-panicked look in his eyes.

I started feeling sorry for him!

I was polite as always, made small talk while I paid for my postage, and he was kind in return, but clearly uncomfortable. The woman who usually helps me wasn’t uncomfortable, she brought a pen over to me when I needed to sign something.

The important thing though, is NOBODY said a single WORD about not having a mask on.

Nobody. 👍😁


. 100% Natural Born American .
……… and Vaccine Free!………..

Wolf Moon

Excellent!  😎 


Same as our local post office. Have been in there three or four times since Dopey Joe said masks mandatory in federal buildings.

Employees wore their masks. Other customers did also. except me. No one said a word during any of my visits to the post office.

Local grocery store doesn’t even have the goof at the door playing mask Nazi. Most folks are trained and wear their mask. More and more below their nose or on their chin. Usually see two to four others, in addition to me without a mask.

Am always sure to nod, smile or greet the masked folks. Wishing they’d wake the hell up.


Mine won’t even allow us in keeps a door monitor too. We arent allowed to take letter mail inside to “protect” the mail carrier. We have to put it in the drop box.




Strength In Numbers, The Power Of The People, Trump Sends Message, Plus, Plus, Plus – Ep. 2452 
 April 14, 2021  x22report

The Biden Admin is now showing all of America that America is last, the US will now spend $352 to house illegals in hotels. The entire economy is now out of control, fuel prices are skyrocketing, lumber prices are increasing rapidly. The [CB] panics, their system is imploding and now they call for more stimulus. The people are now seeing the [CB] fiat system for the first time, the people begin to transition. The [DS] is now losing its power. The people are now flexing their muscles, there is strength in numbers, the power of the people are returning. Step back and look at what is going on, look at the entire plan from a 40,000 foot view, you can see what’s really happening. Trump sends a message, we are not going to take it anymore.


Ep. 2452a – [CB] Panics, System Imploding, Millions Of People Begin The Transition
X22 Report Published  April 14, 2021


Ep. 2452b – Strength In Numbers, The Power Of The People, Trump Sends Message, Plus, Plus, Plus
X22 Report Published  April 14, 2021

Wolf Moon

Here it comes. The Commies are trying to lock it in.

Disco reposted

comment image



House and Senate Democrats are getting ready to unveil a bill this week to add 4 seats to pack the U.S Supreme Court.



Oh, Wolf – you are such a sucker for a pretty face – lol

This was their plan all along – lots of luck with this court packing – and judge rotation

Unfortunately, we cannot trust too many in the House and Senate to derail this.

Wolf Moon

She’s “the other MTG!!!”  😃 


LOL – Foxy Lady!!!

Wolf Moon

She’s got good teeth. I’m a sucker for jerky-grade teeth.  😉 


Wolves find good teeth sexy…..noted.


We’ll see if Manchin, Sinema or any other D-rat has the backbone to say hell NO.

Of course, NOTHING says R-Cons are smart enough to vote NO.

Oh yea, I thought Dopey Joe called a committee to justify for (not) Supremes. Supposed to report back in 60 or 180 days or some random number.

Last edited 24 days ago by kalbokalbs
Wolf Moon

This should make it very clear that these people have ZERO intention to let us vote our way out of communism. NONE. Even if we had 90% of the vote, there is no way out now, IMO.


“We’ll see if Manchin, Sinema or any other D-rat has the backbone to say hell NO.”


They won’t.

Why would they?

It’s a hassle to keep holding the mask up for the public. Now that the Uniparty has been exposed, I expect more and more of them to stop bothering with the pretense, drop the public mask completely, and go full Stalin.


The Bidenese are up to something. They’ve chosen to follow Trump’s plan and withdraw from Afghanistan. Apparently the date set is September 11th. Trump had a 1 May deadline but apparently Slow Joe needs more time and wants to make it look as bad for the USA as possible.
September 11th 😠

Last edited 24 days ago by para59r

Same old hold and delay – they have no intention of leaving – their agenda is getting so obvious – from now until September – there is time to plan an event that will require them to stay longer – or an excuse to remain.

Wolf Moon

I think DOMESTIC. Some kind of false flag to echo a “new 9/11”.


I thought of that, too,Wolf – the date is a dead giveaway!!!

Those devils and their creepy number games!!!

Wolf Moon

Check it out. They’re starting to arrest people who were trying to STOP violence, who were up to close to the front lines on January 6.

Yeah, this gal bumped into riot shields. And it looks like they’re using any kind of path to arrests that they can.

I suspect the Bidenazis will eventually go after everybody. They just need to increase narratives against the non-violent. This looks like they’re just cranking away. Low-hanging fruit first. Eventually every Trump supporter they can process.

Even people who have been cleared now will be reinterviewed and harassed later. COUNT ON IT.

How do I know?

Mom told me all about the Gestapo. They come back. They ALWAYS come back.

JcKohl69 reposted

comment image

Bob #FightForAmerica

Wyatt Gang

This is sick!

Of course, fraud elections do have a cost.

Biden-Harris is no different than a third-world dictatorship trying to instill terror into its citizens.

God, help us…

comment image

OUTRAGEOUS! Single Mother Of Four Who Tried To Stop Protesters From Breaking Windows, R…

SAD! This is no longer America…


View Link Feed



“they come back. They always come back.”

^^^ THIS, I 100% believe.

It is NOT an exageration when FIB is LIKENED to the Gestapo. Dodge is the enabler. FIB the enforcer. ALL levels of IC feed Dodge and FIB intel on Patriots. Courts are willfully BLIND.

Wolf Moon

The courts turned worthless FASTER under Hitler than they typically do in Latin American countries, which is a bit surprising, but nonetheless they provided very little protection. Once the commies pack the Supreme Court, it’s over. Dodge will grant itself powers like the Soviets had, and PROGSCOTUS will find them peachy keen.


Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab:

comment image

Andrew Torba

“They said that they were in ‘make money mode’ and were focused on how they could financially benefit from Gab and change our free speech stance,” he told me. “All I wanted to do was give the president his voice back, but Kushner and others in the president’s orbit expected me to hand the keys to the kingdom over to them and change the core mission of Gab,” Torba added. “I wasn’t going to let that happen.”


We have always heard this kind of ‘stuff’ about Kushner, but this is the first time I recall where someone who makes his living fighting for truth and freedom of speech laying it out like this.

I don’t know anything about Kushner, and as far as I know, nobody else does either.

I know a lot more about Andrew Torba.

I trust Andrew is telling it like it is.

The next questions are:

1) why is Kushner et al in “make money mode”, like they don’t already have enough money?

2) why were they focused on how Gab could financially benefit them? Makes the Trump orbiters sound like the Dutchess of Suffix, who glommed on to Harry like he was an E-ticket to Disneyland.

3) if Kushner and the rest of DJT’s entourage were intent on changing Gab’s FREE SPEECH STANCE, what were they wanting to change it to?!?

Just what ‘improvements’ did Kushner have in mind for the 1st Amendment?


Odd. the Kushner stuff IS odd. IMO.

For four years, or a bit longer, Trump and his family lost millions. Perhaps a billion, Trump alone. He reportedly lost 1/3 of his wealth while president.

There have been no substantiated reports of Ivanka, Jared or Don jr making money off of Trump’s presidency. Some BS assertions from fake news. Nothing substantiated.

Have NEVER seen Trump or his family try to stomp on Free Speech.

I know nothing of Torba / Gab beyond offers to give Trump a platform.

Rather sure Trump had his reasons to NOT get on Gab. After January 6th, Trump knew his presidency was down to days. The American system absolutely betrayed Trump at EVERY level. Trump recognized reality – the election was stolen and NOTHING was going to change that fact.

IMO, Trump had NOTHING to gain from going on Gab. I don’t like this perspective. But I feel it is accurate.


“For four years, or a bit longer, Trump and his family lost millions. Perhaps a billion, Trump alone. He reportedly lost 1/3 of his wealth while president.”


That’s the story, but why would that be true?

All of his accounts were supposed to be managed by a trustee weren’t they?

The stock market did great (mostly) while DJT was president.

Property prices were up.

Precious metals were up.

Bitcoin is to the moon, and Ethereum too.

Same with natural resources, and basically all of the commodities.

What did DJT’s portfolio manager invest in, two-legged stools?


No idea what Trump’s portfolio manager invested in. I do believe Trump favors “owning things” as opposed to stocks. Perhaps he is heavily invested on two legged stools.

Torba may be spot on regarding Kushner, but I am not buying it.


Agreed about the stocks, and Trump has said before that he loves gold.

Gold is doing fine. Gold was at $1,290 an ounce on April 1, 2016:

Today it’s at $1,735 so it’s up $445 an ounce, or about 34%.

He claimed to have $10 billion during the 2016 debates, but I think the NYT analysis was able to account for about $4.5 billion.

Assuming someone who doesn’t like stocks and who loves gold has AT LEAST 5% of his net worth in gold, that would be $225,000,000 at a minimum.

$225 million plus 34% is $301.5 million.

If he had just 10% of his net worth in gold — and no other precious metals — it’s worth $603 million now.

So even if he lost everything else, he still has $300 to $600 million in the safest safe-haven asset in the history of the world. He’s about 74 years old, and already has everything he could ever want.

And he still has all of his real property, plus who knows how many pieces of valuable art and other non-paper assets.

But no one is claiming he lost everything except $600 million, only that he lost a billion or two, which even by the NYT estimates, still leaves $2.5 to $3.5 billion.

Two and a half thousand million to three and half thousand million dollars.

He’s gonna be just fine.

Even I could get by on two or three thousand million dollars, if I really had to… put myself on a budget maybe… 😁


“After January 6th, Trump knew his presidency was down to days.”


It never makes any sense to me.

I can’t put myself in that position, and ever see how it ends the way it has (so far).

First, there’s no way January 6th ever happens as a surprise to DJT.

A) if Pence is a traitor, DJT knew it long before January 6th, probably before he chose him for VP, and had four years to plan for this scenario

B) if Pence is doing what DJT wants him to do, then DJT is still in control of everything

C) the President is the most powerful man on earth, in control of the most powerful military on earth. If the President of the United States had the evidence for massive election fraud (which he did), and he did NOT go to a military court to get the election corrected when the civil courts failed, it was only for one reason: he didn’t WANT to


“The American system absolutely betrayed Trump at EVERY level.”


Which he 100% absolutely had to know, long before it ever happened. We knew Roberts was corrupt, we knew the (not)Supreme Court was going to punt, just like all the other corrupt courts, because we knew the judicial branch was every bit as corrupt as the legislative branch, just like the FIB and DoJ and all the other fascist agencies.

And if we knew, then DJT knew a whole lot sooner and a whole lot more.

So DJT had to be prepared for it, not the possibility of it, but the certainty of it.

And the most powerful man on earth, particularly a VSG, doesn’t plan for a certainty, and fail.

He’s not a victim.

He has never been a victim.

He doesn’t even know how to be a victim, even if he wanted to!

So whatever he’s doing right now, it’s not because he was blindsided or taken by surprise, by anything. There’s just no way to reconcile that with who he is.

It’s like saying Mike Tyson was knocked out 50 times in a row.

Maybe so, but if he was, it’s because he allowed it.


“Trump recognized reality – the election was stolen and NOTHING was going to change that fact.”


I just don’t buy it, I don’t even know how to buy it, even if I wanted to.

Even based on public domain information, it’s just not credible.

They knew about the election fraud in 2016. They had observers and cameras and inside people (moles) in place to document the entire election fraud process for the 2018 midterms, and let the fraud happen, to observe exactly how it was done, and by whom.

So not only did they have the massive incontrovertible evidence for the 2020 election, but they had it for the 2018 midterm elections, too.

Military intelligence had to be running the observation/sting operation, because all of the civilian intelligence agencies were so corrupt and compromised that even Helen Keller could see it.

Which means that DJT wouldn’t even have to persuade the military leadership, they had all the facts and evidence before even Trump did. They were briefing the President, not the other way around.

And DJT is not an idiot, so he would not have left Obamabots in positions of military leadership. He had four years to move them out, so if he didn’t, then he planned to fail. I don’t know what other conclusion can be reached.

Since DJT is not in the habit of planning to fail, I have to assume he didn’t.

Which means we’re back where we always end up.

Trump won, the military knows it, the military leadership can’t be traitors (because DJT had four years reveal and replace traitors), and yet for some inexplicable reason, the military (so far) has done absolutely nothing, besides put a blue mask on the Navy Eagle logo.

So as ridiculous as it sounds, the idea that Trump is still in control and the military is doing something in the background before eventually springing the trap and setting things right, is the least stupid hypothesis.

Because the other hypothesis, in a nutshell, is that Trump is Chauncey Gardiner.

And Trump is not Chauncey Gardiner.


Would that be in the novel, “Being Trump”?



Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) Tweeted:
Man part of CNN crew for CNN reporter @miguelmarquez was hit in the head by a protester at the #BLM protest in Brooklyn Center, Minn. He falls to the ground from the assault. #antifa

Elizabeth Carter

Roots of the ‘Civilizational Crisis’ Facing the West—Dr Stephen Blackwood | American Thought Leaders American Thought Leaders Published April 13, 2021


Please listen. Ive had this in my playlist for years.


He is spot on.


I thought so. Its unfortunate there arent enough thoughtful brave professors like him atm.

Elizabeth Carter

giloo, I was surprised and pleased when Yeagley said that what sets white Americans apart is that in the whole world, we are the people that have a conscience.

Websters Dictionary 1828 – Webster’s Dictionary 1828 – Conscience
CONSCIENCE, noun [Latin , to know, to be privy to.]
1. Internal or self-knowledge, or judgment of right and wrong; or the faculty, power or principle within us, which decides on the lawfulness or unlawfulness of our own actions and affections, and instantly approves or condemns them. conscience is called by some writers the moral sense, and considered as an original faculty of our nature. Others question the propriety of considering conscience as a distinct faculty or principle. The consider it rather as the general principle of moral approbation or disapprobation, applied to ones own conduct and affections; alledging that our notions of right and wrong are not to be deduced from a single principle or faculty, but from various powers of the understanding and will.
Being convicted by their own conscience they went out one by one. John 8:9.
The conscience manifests itself in the feeling of obligation we experience, which precedes, attends and follows our actions.
CONSCIENCE is first occupied in ascertaining our duty, before we proceed to action; then in judging of our actions when performed.
2. The estimate or determination of conscience; justice; honesty.
What you require cannot, in conscience be deferred.
3. Real sentiment; private thought; truth; as, do you in conscience believe the story?
4. Consciousness; knowledge of our own actions or thought.
The sweetest cordial we receive at last, is conscience of our virtuous actions past.
[This primary sense of the word is nearly, perhaps wholly obsolete.]
5. Knowledge of the actions of others.
6. In ludicrous language, reason or reasonableness.
Half a dozen fools are, in all conscience as many as you should require.
To make conscience or a matter of conscience is to act according to the dictates of conscience or to scruple to act contrary to its dictates.
Court of conscience a court established for the recovery of small debts in London and other trading cities and districts.


And therefore wallowing in guilt.
That was a very significant statement. Not likely to be heard much.

Wolf Moon

Yeah, I totally get this guy.


I did too. Was a good teacher imo.

Elizabeth Carter

It was nice to see Bongino speak up instead of letting Geraldo control the narrative. I will watch it again a few times. It is so rare, it needs to be fully appreciated and remembered.


Dan was right, show us your proof. Where are the bodies of all the black men that the police are supposed to be killing nightly??? Geraldo is just parroting the false rhetoric that’s fueling the burning down of America. It’s irresponsible, shameful. He disgusts me.


“He disgusts me.”


That is his primary purpose and skill in life, to disgust people.

He’s great at it!

NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff on Jerry Rivera: “There are two words that serve as a signal that you’re operating in an area of questionable taste. Those words are ‘Geraldo Rivera.’


Dan had the perfect reply to drama queen Geraldo’s verbal attack.

Dan just laughed at him and said “You wouldn’t tell me that to my face” 😂 🤣 😂


Sadie Slays

Interesting timing considering the current riots, upcoming Chauvin verdict, and Satanic sacrifice season. Was it white hats weakening ANTIFA at a critical time, or someone tipping off the rest of ANTIFA before the big show that they’ve been infiltrated?


I’ll be pleasantly surprised IF there is a white hat looking to take Antifa down. It really can’t be that hard. LE, at all levels, have continuously ignored and down played Antifa criminal behavior.

Sadie Slays

LEOs know ANTIFA is an intelligence agency creation. Either they don’t want to get suicided, or they’re getting told it’s a federal jurisdiction national security issue and they can’t act without the feds. Actually, I’m now wondering how much of the public inaction is due to them getting hit with classified PATRIOT ACT bullshit where the feds come after you and you’re aren’t even legally allowed to talk about it. Sure, ANTIFA/CIA’s got its sympathizers in law enforcement and courts, but “at all levels”? I’m not so sure I buy that.


All levels. Yea. It may be an exaggeration.

BUT, Antifa seemingly can, and DOES – Burn, loot, Murder with total IMPUNITY. Local LE, state and Feds are, from my view, doing NOTHING to stop Antifa. Hell, LE downplays Antifa criminal behavior.

Too slow to really follow your post. Commonly, you figure stuff out way before I can imagine it. Will reread again in the morning.

Wolf Moon

Yeah, I was thinking just this evening that ANTIFA is not just being protected by the FBI – they’re the blackshirts of the same beast of which FBI is the Gestapo./Cheka. They’re on the same team is the real problem.


“Eyewitness testimony from a Portland police informant is one of prosecutors’ strongest pieces of evidence in charging a 19-year-old woman with arson for allegedly setting fire to a police union hall.”


To what end, I wonder?

Why would the prosecutor bother to charge this lovely young arsonophile, if he’s just going to release the arsonist — who lit a POLICE UNION HALL on fire — without bail?

And why would the police bother with inserting an informant into panti-fa, knowing that the prosecutor is just going to release the criminals without bail?

And why does panti-fa and BLM want to defund the police, when they could skip the middleman and just defund the prosecutor’s office?

It has to be hard to go after a whole civilian army of cops. By contrast, going after the prosecutors would be easy.

If you chase/scare all the prosecutors away from government employment, you don’t have to worry about the cops anymore.

And once the cops realize nobody worries about the cops anymore, the cops won’t worry about arresting anybody anymore.

These BLM and panti-fa clowns have been focusing their attacks on the hardest target, instead of the soft underbelly of the prosecutors.

And it’s not like anyone should care, because the political-class of Portland — which includes the prosecutors — is corrupt anyway.

After all, they just let someone ‘charged’ with committing felony arson against the POLICE Dept. go free without bail.

A legitimate prosecutor never does that in a thousand million lifetimes.


I’m finding some 80’s music sounds different lately….

Sadie Slays



I dare you to present a coherent argument for getting an untested vaccine from NWO Inc., when even the corrupt CDC says the survival rate is over 99%, and when multiple cheap and effective treatments are readily available.

I double dog dare you 😂 🤣 😂