UK Gov Stats Show COVID Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Death by Delta Scariant

Don’t Believe Me? The Links are Right Here.

OK, people – I’m being conservative here. There MAY be evidence of immune enhancement in the UK data, but I’m not seeing it. What I am seeing, however, is that – viewed very roughly – deaths from COVID in the UK are now pretty much independent of vaccination status.

And these are THEIR numbers, not mine.

And presumably, this is due to IMMUNE ESCAPE. As predicted by that Italian vaccine expert (see below) who used to work for Bill Gates and CEPI (same thing), who came out on Twitter and said “don’t mass vaccinate in a pandemic”.

And presumably also predicted by Bill Gates and other vaccine pushers with hidden agendas, but that’s all speculation as to motive. The DATA, however, is not speculation.

I was led to this data by an interesting path that is worth documenting.

First, I was reading comments on one of the most excellent articles ever written on Coronavirus fascism and the push back against it.

I absolutely urge you to read this article. It is a CALL TO ARMS. LINKED ARMS.

People are rising up against the LIES of the Corona Commies, and this article documents all the flip-flop lies.

Back to the story. THIS story. Unpacking one more lie.

There was a comment on the article that I found very interesting.

AL Tru

Research Reveals Vaccinated People More Vulnerable to Delta Variant Than Unvaccinated:

“ The UK government agency Public Health England published a report on Friday that officials who are trying to push the Covid-19 vaccine upon the rest of the world do not want people to see. Data contained within their report revealed people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine are more vulnerable to the Delta variant than those who have not been vaccinated. Their briefing titled “SARS-Cov-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England,” investigated every variant of covid-19 that is currently known. The information contained in the report showed that people who received the covid-19 shot are more than three times likely to die than those who have not received the vaccine.
Out of 117 people who died over a time period of four weeks, 73 of them had received the covid-19 vaccine. That means 63 percent of those who died from the Delta variant had been vaccinated. Information within the chart that can be found on pages 13 and 14 of the report revealed that one of the people who died received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine within three weeks of when they died. 19 of them had been vaccinated more than three weeks before they died. 50 of the people who died during the four week time span had received both doses of the covid-19 vaccine.”

MOLOGIC Corp. – Bill Gates and George $oros. the new Covid rapid test.

$oylent Greed

There was no link, but bypassing this problem by a handy method which you may guess but which I will not reveal, I found the source.


This blog post was not afraid to link to sources (thank you), even though I remain skeptical of the post itself (more on that in a moment), since I think the conclusions may not be warranted, and without the author showing work, I do NOT come to the same conclusions.

Well, there are LINKS right in the article to the ACTUAL DATA, so why not check it out?



There is a LOT of interesting data here, and I think that guys like Alex Berensen will get a LOT out of it.

I don’t see how the data prove a factor of three worse for the vaccinated. Let me show what is said.

The key claim is this:

The information contained in the report showed that people who received the covid-19 shot are more than three times likely to die than those who have not received the vaccine.

Out of 117 people who died over a time period of four weeks, 73 of them had received the covid-19 vaccine. That means 63 percent of those who died from the Delta variant had been vaccinated. Information within the chart that can be found on pages 13 and 14 of the report revealed that one of the people who died received their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine within three weeks of when they died. 19 of them had been vaccinated more than three weeks before they died. 50 of the people who died during the four week time span had received both doses of the covid-19 vaccine.

Here is the data itself, from the UK report.

Without digging too deeply, some thoughts.

  • the “3-fold” assertion by the author doesn’t seem to account for the fact that most people in England are vaccinated, even though the level is not as high as Israel (roughly 70% vs. roughly 90%). Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but I’m just not seeing it.
  • Even the correlation with numbers of shots seems merely to reflect numbers of the fully and partially vaccinated available for infection (I’m just guessing at rough numbers for any cumulative process).
  • However, very shockingly, I’m not seeing any kind of protection from death, by vaccination status, either way. THAT matches immune escape.
  • England is mostly delta variant now, so the assertion by authorities and Branch Covidians that people are protected against death from delta by the vaccines seems sketchy if we’re kind, FRAUDULENT if we’re more blunt, and most likely propaganda to keep vaccinating.
  • the “3-fold” assertion DOES in fact match the roughly 3-fold ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated in the UK (documented HERE by the UK authorities), and thus one can make a very simple argument that the data are showing UK nakedness to the delta variant when the metric is simply DEATH by COVID.
  • I sure would love to see data on not just the unvaccinated, but the RECOVERED, because I suspect they’re like the Israeli data showing the superiority of disease-conferred immunity – otherwise known as the 1970’s logic that you don’t create vaccines for colds – you catch them, treat them, and don’t use them cynically to install “communism with Western characteristics”.
  • Sweden is looking good – WHY? – my guess is because of large numbers of the NATURALLY IMMUNE. Lockdown stalled natural immunity elsewhere. This even explains the “corrected” Australian data. The world is a laboratory now, rich in data.

Bottom line, I think we need to go back to that virologist / epidemiologist with ties to CEPI (Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche) who posted on Twitter – the guy who said that mass vaccination into a pandemic was a mistake.

We are DEFINITELY seeing immune escape. Put all your money on it.

Are we also seeing immune enhancement? I am tempted to bet big on THAT, too. And even if NOT right now, it only takes one Wuhan Institute and one nearby Chinese prison full of human guinea pigs to find the perfect variant to make immune enhancement a fast and effective reality.

Sociobiological warfare is a bit slower than flat-out biological warfare, but it’s very hard to stop.

I believe that Dr. Vanden Bossche was being honest, and now I believe he was RIGHT.

Excellent updates on his website – I urge you to check them out (specific links below).



His most recent video:

His original statement:

His First Big Interview:


Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants. (opens PDF of letter to WHO)

A last word of caution to all those pretending the Covid-19 pandemic is toning down

Response to Dr. Bhakdi

Not Covid-19 vaccine-mediated but naturally acquired immunity enables herd immunity

OH – and one final note.

If you don’t TRUST the UK stats, there is one more possibility. They could be HIDING immune enhancement by selectively dropping out data. I view it as entirely possible that they chose to hide the vaccine-halting horrors of immune enhancement by quietly admitting to mere immune escape, and hoping we would pick that up, as I have done here. I have no proof, nor any indications, but others may find some telltale evidence in the data, or elsewhere.

Don’t trust liars is my advice.


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Gail Combs

immune escape???

So I searched the term and came up with this:

The Lambda variant: is it more infectious, and can it escape vaccines? A virologist explains
July 21, 2021 3.27am EDT

The search blurb says:
This mutation in Delta not only increases the ability of the virus to infect cells, but also PROMOTES IMMUNE ESCAPE meaning the antibodies vaccines generate are less likely to recognise it.”

“…Preliminary data on the Lambda spike protein suggests it has increased infectivity, meaning it’s more easily able to infect cells than the original Wuhan virus and the Alpha and Gamma variants. These early studies also suggest antibodies generated in people receiving the CoronaVac vaccine (developed by Chinese biotech Sinovac) were less potent at neutralising the spike protein of Lambda than they were the Wuhan, Alpha or Gamma variants….

A separate small study, also yet to be reviewed by the scientific community, suggests the L452Q mutation in the Lambda spike protein is responsible for its increased ability to infect cells. Like the L452R mutation in the Delta variant, this study suggests the L452Q mutation means Lambda may bind more easily to the “ACE2 receptor”, which is the gateway for SARS-CoV-2 to enter our cells.

This preliminary study suggests Lambda’s spike protein mutations reduce the ability of antibodies generated by both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines to neutralise the virus. Also, one mutation was shown to resist neutralisation by antibodies from antibody therapy to some extent….”

Concerned Virginian

Hi, Gail Combs! Good to see you!
My questions revolve around the TESTING AGENT that was used to “isolate” this new “Lambda” variant. What diagnostic test was used to “isolate” this new “variant”? If the PCR test is basically useless for diagnostic purposes, are there more-specific / accurate tests that are being used only be research professionals?
And how on Earth can these “variants” crop up so quickly? Unless they’re being “seeded” into certain populations (like the “Delta” cropping in India, the “Beta” cropping up in England, among other places)? Which would then mean that these “variants” are being developed somewhere?


Interesting that Lambda is more infective than Delta, which was more infective than the original Alpha. Though we haven’t seen whether Lambda also generally causes less severe sickness, but the usual virus behavior of becoming more infective and causing less severe sickness might be expected.

And the vaccines that narrowly focus on antibodies against the spike protein part of the virus that now appear to have not been able to follow the moving target. Heh, makes me think that the designers of the initial virus and vaccine (timing issues suggest they were created together) forgot that viruses do what viruses do, never mind whether they were initially natural or engineered. They mutate.

It is as if this has become another version of the story of the sorcerer’s apprentice, that it started out with the engineered virus and vaccine, the planned pandemic (plandemic) and its associated large-scale panic, which should result in world domination or some such. But then the combined effects of nature, both human and viral, causes loss of control, and now the whole enterprise is sliding towards something resembling a supersized Jonestown.


I have a question from my limited scientific mind;

IF the vaccine did absolutely NOTHING in relation to the covid virus (maybe it did something, but nothing to do with covid), would we see anything different than what we are currently seeing?

Because my ignorant guess is NO. What is happening would be the same, because the “vax” does NOTHING in regards to covid.

It’s for something ELSE.


Bingo. That’s my suspicion as well. That’s why they are so insistent that everyone gets it.



Gail Combs

The Covid PLANdemic was orchestrated AS AN EXCUSE to get AMERICANS (and Europeans) to take the gab.

My guess is it is ALL ABOUT getting people to take a STERILITY JAB. This is certainly not the first time that a ‘Vaccine’ has been used to administer sterility jabs.

2014: Is The WHO Using Vaccines To Secretly Sterilize Women In Africa?

eons ago I looked into this ‘rumor’ and found INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION! An indepth WHO report on African birth rates. What was interesting was the fact the author wrote, that while lower birth rates was to be expected in cities that were modernizing, he was ALL SEEING LOWER BIRTH RATES IN RURAL BACKWARDS AREAS!!! In a farming community. Children are ‘free’ labor (and can also be sold) so you generally see very high birth rates but that was NOT what the author was seeing.

(Sorry the references were stored on a computer 2 computers ago.)

Also as I have said, if we are headed into either glaciation or the ‘mad house’ bordering glaciation, then the Elite want to kill off a LOT of excess humans.


To answer  Wolfie’s question from June 12, 2021 11:36

“….Why are they deliberately misleading human science and the actions based upon it, at such a grand scale?….”

As usual my answer is long since we have to look at the history over the last few centuries to understand what is actually happening.

The short answer is, based on the 1974 CIA report:
“A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems”

And the events surrounding it, I think the Sun & the planet Earth, gave the Elite a real scare and they changed their long range plans for recapturing the serf class. This meant they had to lie their butts off. (aka GASLIGHTING!)

A short seven years after the above CIA Report, CIA Director William Casey said:

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”

The word COMPLETE means this was a plan that was already in place. Actually the plan was put in place by the financiers and Oligarchs in 1915 and the CIA joined in a few decades later.

Source: Barbara Honegger

email to Greg Smith

On Sep 21, 2014, at 8:59 PM, Barbara Honegger wrote:

> Seriously — I personally was the Source

> for that William Casey quote. He said it

> at an early Feb. 1981 meeting in the

> Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of

> the White House which I attended, and

> I immediately told my close friend and

> political godmother Senior White House

> Correspondent Sarah McClendon, who

> then went public with it without naming

> the source …

And then there is Operation Mockingbird…

  • Operation Mockingbird was a clandestine CIA media infiltration campaign launched in 1948 under the Office of Special Projects. The CIA spent about one-third of its budget on bribes to hundreds of journalists who published fake stories at the CIA’s request
  • However, infiltration and manipulation of the media has been a routine occurrence since 1915, when J.P. Morgan interests, including the steel and shipbuilding industries, purchased editorial control of 25 of the most influential newspapers, thereby allowing them to control news about military preparedness, financial policies and other news that were crucial to their private and corporate interests
  • Operation Mockingbird was the CIA’s effort to consolidate and expand this secret hold over the media some three decades later
  • While the propaganda messages change with the times, the basic modus operandi remains the same to this day. If anything, the system has only gotten more efficient and effective, as the number of major media outlets have shrunk and a vast majority of journalists simply parrot what’s reported by the three global news agencies

It is interesting to note that USA SCIENTISTS DID THE MOST LYING!!!

SEE: US scientists significantly more likely to publish fake research, study finds

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

Source: BMJ-British Medical Journal


US scientists are significantly more likely to publish fake research than scientists from elsewhere, finds a trawl of officially withdrawn (retracted) studies.

Fraudsters are also more likely to be “repeat offenders,” the study shows.

The study author searched the PubMed database for every scientific research paper that had been withdrawn — and therefore officially expunged from the public record — between 2000 and 2010.

A total of 788 papers had been retracted during this period. Around three quarters of these papers had been withdrawn because of a serious error (545); the rest of the retractions were attributed to fraud (data fabrication or falsification).

The highest number of retracted papers were written by US first authors (260), accounting for a third of the total. One in three of these was attributed to fraud….

So HOW did the Elite get control??


In 1913 the USA got a European run Central bank AND the federal government’s ability to TAX wages to pay off the debts they ran up with that bank (Federal Reserve)

In 1915, JP Morgan and the ‘Munitions’ companies (Think Rockefeller and Bush) got control of the mass Media. >>> WWI and WWII.

This lead to the CAPTURE of the Scientific community BY THE GOVERNMENT. No longer can ordinary people fund research (60-80% of their earnings are confiscated via taxes) so ONLY the Government and Oligarchs determine WHAT AND WHO gets GRANT MONEY.

Song from 1947:

Take Away Your Billion Dollars

by Arthur Roberts (1946)
sung by Arthur Roberts and the Chorus of the Iowa State University Department of Physics

Up on the lawns of Washington the physicists assemble

From all the land are men at hand, their wisdom to exchange.

A great man stands to speak, and with applause the rafters tremble.

“My friends,” says he,

“you all can see that physics now must change.

“Now in my lab we had our plans, but these we’ll now expand,

Research right now is useless, we have come to understand.

We now propose constructing at an ancient Army base,

The best electro-nuclear machine in any place.

“Oh – it will cost a billion dollars, ten billion volts ‘twill give,

It will take five thousand scholars seven years to make it live.

All the generals approve it, all the moneys now at hand,

And to help advance our program, teaching students now we’ve banned.”

“We have chartered transportation, we provide a weekly dance.

Our motto’s integration, there is nothing left to chance.

This machine is just a model for a bigger one of course.

That’s the future road for physics, as I’m sure you’ll all endorse.”

And as the halls with cheers resound and praises fill the air,

one single man remains aloof and silent in his chair.

And when the room is quiet and the crowd has ceased to cheer,

he rises up and thunders forth an answer loud and clear.

“It seems that I’m a failure, just a piddling dilettante.

Within six months a mere 10,000 bucks is all I’ve spent.

With love and string and sealing wax was physics kept alive.

Let not the wealth of Midas hide the gold for which we strive.”It seems that I’m a failure, just a piddling dilettante.

Within six months a mere 10,000 bucks is all I’ve spent.

With love and string and sealing wax was physics kept alive.

Let not the wealth of Midas hide the gold for which we strive.

“Oh – take away your billion dollars, take away your tainted gold.

You can keep your damn ten billion volts; my soul will not be sold.

Take away your army generals, their kiss is death I’m sure.

Everything I build is mine, every volt I make is pure.

Take away your integration and let us learn and let us teach.

For beware this epidemic, for colitis I beseech.

“Oh, dammit – engineering isn’t physics – isn’t that plain?

Take, oh take your billion dollars. Let’s be physicists again.”


Nice song, and GREAT information! Thanks!

Brave and Free

Gail you’re a wealth of information Thank you! This battle will be won with the help of people like you and everyone else here who dig and uncover the lies. We’ve learned well from the boss ………. Howling at the moon

Concerned Virginian

The “in fact may drive the organism to real virulence” is what all these “all of a sudden new variant X was discovered” is about — the search, literally in real time, to come up with a ‘master virus”? Hence the “designed to fail” option for the current “vaccines’?


Well, see that’s what I wonder. Is the “vax” actually working at all? Not designed to FAIL, designed to do nothing to covid.

Are people not getting covid, not getting as sick, or whatever, because of the fake vax, or is what is happening what would have happened with NO fake vax at all?

I think they are trying to convince people that a shot they are getting is preventing/treating/helping, when in actual fact that is a LIE. The shot doesn’t do anything for ANY variant, including the original. But it DOES do something. And the scary part is, what does it DO?

Brave and Free

Great question! That would definitely explain the push to “Stab” everyone.


Of course not. But the vaccine doesn’t have to work against covid. People have to believe it does.

And that is what propaganda is for.

Also, that is why they want most people vaccinated, because psychologically it is really hard to admit you’ve been HAD.


I believe that either sterility or miscarriage was the primary goal of the vaccine all along. These people are SICK. They want fewer humans, and they don’t care what they have to do to achieve that goal, up to and including FAKING a pandemic.



I agree, it is craftier.

I am just not positive they are as crafty as YOU 😉


Well, Grandmaintexas commented that you are kicking derriere, and I agree!


I think you’re both right, Aubergine’s is the blunt truth of it and WM’s is how they may have smoothed off the rough edges.
Bottom line is, natural immunity is the only way out. More casualities sans HCQ and Ivermectin but that’s something they’ll have to answer for at a later date, hopefully.


“Also, that is why they want most people vaccinated, because psychologically it is really hard to admit you’ve been HAD.”


Unless there are money damages available, and someone like Al Sharpton or Creepy Porn Lawyer or Gloria All-Red shows up at your door with a big smile on their face and a Class Action lawsuit document to become a party to.

Then it’s easy to admit you’ve been had.

So much so, that people want to tell the whole world they’ve been had, even and especially under oath in a court of law.

So that vaxx ‘liability waiver’ is very convenient…

Not just financially, but without the prospect to recover money damages, then as you said, people will not want to admit they’ve been had.

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

Be like every country in the world sueing their respective governments, who have no money but what they take, so be like asking for a total refund. Simply just fire the bloody lot.

Last edited 1 year ago by RAC

Iceland had the right idea. They didn’t scold the bankers…..they jailed ’em.


They needed to go one step further.




“But it DOES do something. And the scary part is, what does it DO?”


And whatever the answer to that question is, we didn’t ask for it, we don’t want it, and we did not consent to it.

And causing people to inject something into their bodies under false pretenses could not be a more profound violation, of every type and kind.


Government rape.


I haven’t paid attention to flu shots for some years now, but if I remember correctly, every year they (TPTB) have to guess at which ‘variant’ is likely to be the major problem during the coming flu season.

So they take their best wild guess, and the sheep get all vaxxed-up, and then flu season hits.

Invariably TPTB guessed wrong, and some variant other than the one the sheep were vaxxed for ends up being the dominant flu strain for that flu season.

As a result, the people who took the flu shot have mild immunity at best, and most of them who encounter the dominant flu variant (the one for which they were not vaxxed) get sick with the flu.

Supposedly, the saving grace is that even though they still got sick, we’re told that they would have gotten a lot more sick if they had not been vaxxed at all, because even the wrong flu shot leads to a milder case of flu than if the sheep had received no flu shot at all.

That is the basic ‘narrative’ that I recall hearing, year after year after year, back when I had cable TV and heard the annual propaganda.

Do I have that more or less correct?

If my recollection is more or less an accurate representation of the seasonal flu narrative and process, then how is the Covid narrative substantively different (different in fact, as opposed to narrative)?

We have all these mutated variants now (whether naturally occurring mutations or patented variants released on schedule by TPTB), just like we have multiple seasonal flu variants.

The current Covid vaccines (ModeRNA, Pfizer, J&J) appear to be the wrong vaxx for ANY of the current variants, in the same way that if TPTB guess wrong on which seasonal flu variant will be dominant in a given year (which they always do guess wrong) and cook up a vat of Wrong-Vaxx for that season’s flu, it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do either, because it’s the wrong vaxx for whatever turns out to be the dominant seasonal flu virus that year.

Except what normally happens with seasonal flu is TPTB already have their flu shot $$$ (which is all they cared about anyway), so they just say “Whoops! We blew it again! 50th year in a row! But you’ll still get partial immunity, or at least your flu will only be half as bad as it would have been otherwise!”

And everybody gets sick, and recovers, rinse and repeat next flu season.

But with Covid, they changed the narrative.

With Covid, they’re saying TPTB need to guess RIGHT every time (they never will), and when the data shows they guessed WRONG and their vaxx does NOT treat the latest dominant variant, they’re NOT just going to say “Oh well, we blew it again, see you next year!“.

This time, they’re not going to just let it go until next flu season, they want us (the whole planet) to get re-vaxxed right away with blind guess #2 vaxx (which they’ll call a ‘booster shot’).

And when the data shows that Blind Guess Vaxx #2 is no good against new Covid dominant variant Sigma (or Zeta, or Epsilon, or whatever), then we’ll have to rush right away into Blind Guess Vaxx #3 booster shot.

And so on, and so on, always ‘chasing’ the latest Variant De Jour, and there will always be a new variant spreading while the Vaxx for the currently dominant Variant is being prepared and administered.

Is that what it looks like is happening, or am I way off base?

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467
Brave and Free

Exactly correct IMO Scott. Lots of $$$$ to be made on those flu shoots don’t ya know……
Looks like a great money maker to me. Everyone on the yearly jab merry go round.
Now there’re adding a little something “extra” to the cocktail is all, under the cover of a plandemic.

Valerie Curren

even though they still got sick, we’re told that they would have gotten a lot more sick if they had not been vaxxed at all”

for some reason that reminds me of aka BHO’s bogus “jobs saved or created” BS  🙄 


I’m starting to wonder if these variants are even real, or if the “vaccine” is what is actually giving these people COVID. Maybe the talk about variants is just to shift the blame to the unvaccinated.


comment image


Quote from the linked article at Burning Platform:

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.” – George Orwell 1984

It reminds me of “The truth can only be what it is. So even if the the whole world stands against the Truth, the Truth will still stand.”

Also the general concept that if we allow ourselves to become unmoored from truth, if we are ‘tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine’ (cf. Eph 4:14), that way madness lies (cf. Shakespeare, King Lear).

Hence my regular references to insanity and the insane.

What prevents us from being carried away into the insanity of the Marixist narrative is searching, finding and clinging to Truth.


edit / correction: Marxist narrative, not Marixist… 😁

Valerie Curren

You shall know the Truth & the Truth will set you free!

Followed closely by Jesus is the Way, the Truth, & the Life (& the Light) 🙂

Cuppa Covfefe


Valerie Curren



Funny, George Carlin knew this stuff seven years ago.
H/T Mark Levin, played the full 7:39 on his Friday show for a wider point, but this comment at 6:30 certainly stood out.


Was HIV their first attempt at what they’re doing now.
It didn’t work out just as they hoped and chicom flu is the new attack vecter.


And, note, that with HIV the little runt Fauci wasted untold $$$ and (through lack of effective action) untold lives trying to drive a vaccine solution that never happened. Instead, new classes of drugs and multi-drug cocktails managed to make HIV something other than a death sentence.

How anyone could know his HIV history and trust him with more than a burnt match, I just cannot fathom.



July 27, 2021 at 12:56 am
Whistle Blower Files in US Court over False Numbers of Vaccine Deaths Being Reported. Oath Sworn Under Penalty of Perjury. 45,000 deaths from the vaccines and climbing.

July 27, 2021 at 1:05 am
Full Document of Court Filing over cover up of thousands of deaths from the Vaccines. Media not reporting this, please share.

Last edited 1 year ago by barkerjim

I wonder if this has any bearing on the decision to do away with the PCR tests.
Last paragraph page 4 plus page 5


Put it into his Gab feed.


Thanks for this post and for the links, Wolf.

We are told that the vaccines are effective against Delta, although the over-50s might need boosters beginning as soon as September. They won’t be AstraZeneca, either, but one of the mRNA ‘vaccines’. I use the word advisedly.

Then there is talk about vaccine passports, too, with which I expect scope creep. It’s supposed to be for nightclubs, but what will stop the Government from extending it to public transport or restaurants? (sighs deeply)

Meanwhile, right now, the English population has anywhere between 80% and 90% ‘herd immunity’. I put that in quotes because the health experts attribute that to the vaccination take-up, whereas I still think of herd immunity in the traditional sense of the word: natural.

I do not know what to make of this anymore. I’m just tired of it.